but i ended up loving everything about him

Okay okay but imagine you and michael hate each other and argue about everything, no matter how stupid and illogical they were and the other guys always noticed the tension between you two and one day you two were in a dumb heated argument about halo vs gta and you ended up yelling at each other and are at each others throats and you really set him off this time and he ends up pushing you up against the wall with his lips attached to yours OOPS

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Just imagine having a small pocket Woozi that you could carry around with you every where. He'd complain when you set him on your shoulder and was always nosy about everything. He'd mess with your keyboard and end up finding your blog and probably scroll through it all night. Omg


Thursday night blessings...
  • Netflix. I’m watching Everybody Loves Raymond with the teenager and we can’t stop laughing. It feels good to laugh and just enjoy some time together without worrying about everything else that’s going on. 
  • A really cool color therapy book. Okay, I felt a little overwhelmed because I couldn’t decide on a pattern but then the kiddo helped and we ended up having a good time unleashing our inner artists!
  • The little brother. His cat ruined my mom’s curtains but he very passionately defended his friend and got him off the hook. It was hilarious and I think we might have another lawyer in the family.
  • Dinner. My sister-in-law made the most delicious pasta! It had broccoli and ricotta cheese, so yummy! The little men even asked for seconds and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even notice they were eating veggies!
  • My abuelito is flying in this weekend from Argentina for a few days. I need one of his hugs and cute stories about him and my grandma.
  • The husband. He dragged me out of bed around 5:00am and made me go on a jog. I whined and threatened to divorce him but the exercise did wonders for my mood today–I guess I owe him now ;)
  • My littlest and his sudden love for papaya. I can’t stand papaya (it’s the one food I couldn’t get enough of when I was pregnant with Samuel) but today I ended up eating a couple pieces because the littlest was all about sharing. Not gonna lie, it was actually really sweet and juicy.
  • God. We had a nice talk today and, for the first time in a few days, it felt like He was listening. I know He always hears my prayers but today felt special for some reason and that made my heart happy. 

did u guys kno that sirius gets a tattoo of a moon that waxes and wanes with the real moon, its incredible, he loves his bf and wants to keep an eye on him, also that’s just a sick aesthetic choice, nice work

also it ends up being a way for him to track the passage of time in azkaban which helped him out a bunch probably.. anyways this is Canon

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23. Things you said when you were jealous. Could you make this fluffy or just a happy ending atleast. ^^

Ohh I forgot to say yoonmin. For the jealously thingy

jimin loves his fans. all his fans. every single fan. except this one. 

“yeah! i really like that rapper too,” yoongi’s saying, eyes bright. she nods along as yoongi starts to talk about said rapper and his flow and his style and she’s adding in comments and whatnot and everything is just so – 

“oppa?” jimin whips around to look at the fan in front of him. “oh hi!” she’s his fan. he loves her already and he starts up a conversation but he can’t help looking over every so often to see if yoongi and the only bangtan fan he dislikes are still talking. 

“oppa?” jimin returns his attention to her and feels guilty. she waves his apologies off. “oppa likes yoongi-oppa, it’s okay i know. i need to go now but hwaiting!” he pouts at her and she giggles and pinches his cheek before she’s moving on. 

“did she just pinch your cheek?” yoongi asks when they call a break. “that one fan.” 

jimin blinks. “oh…yeah?” 

yoongi makes a disgusted face. “i don’t like that fan.” 

jimin stares at him. “are you jealous?” 

“no,” yoongi says before he’s stalking away and back to his seat. 

jimin pauses to let that sink in before he’s smiling wide enough to hurt and skipping after yoongi. “hyuuuung, you can pinch my cheeks whenever you want!” 

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hey! I like a boy and this boy likes me too but he has a girlfriend. I don't know what to think but he says that he loves me and I really love him. I gave my first kiss with him! but he stays with his girlfriend and when I see he with her it's break my heart! what should I do? xTSx

My opinion is that  you are his back up plan…  go and tell his gf everything he said to you. No girl deserves to be cheated.If you are thinking of being in a relationship with this guy, there’s a probability he might fall in love with someone else and leave you for her. Do not encourage this guy! He will make you wait for him and hurt your feelings. If he really had feelings for you , he would have long told her about it and let the matter end. If he says he will “die” without you, then  how is he staying in a relationship with someone else? I feel he is taking advantage of your affection towards him. Be wise! Don’t let him control you, he is definitely using you.

Be careful!


‘The hand over my shoulder was so warm, I didn’t want to let go of that hand’.

I cried a lot with this last ep, every couple was breaking up and for a moment I thought Joon wasn’t going to say goodbye… so when I saw him in front of the door I was in tears, they were meant to be together! <3 That scene when he said everything to Man Goo was so beautiful, he really cared about her, he really loved her and even when that could be ‘dangerous’ for his career, he chose her. ♥

The last part was just so sweet, they had a baby & they looked so happy asdkljkdf <3, I was laughing a lot when Joon said to the baby ‘one shot’ & with his post on fb hahaha Some people didn’t like Joon because he was immature but I really like him because he changed through the episodes, I feel like despite the age gap Man Goo & Joon complemented each other.

The And (’:

I’d never forget this drama & Joon weird faces that made laugh like crazy lol (’: I want another season bc i love them so much<3 

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Being married to Jason Dilaurentis would involve? (You're blog is my favourite ily!)

(thank you so much, anon! I love you too!)

Being married to Jason DiLaurentis would involve..

  • having the most pretty ring you can imagine
  • getting to wake up next to him
  • getting to call him your man, your husband
  • him cooking dinner, while you watch
  • having the usual fights, with make out sessions in the end
  • talking about future kids
  • still going on dates because you both like to do that
  • jason being like “that beautiful woman is my wife. I married that princess.” 
  • him taking care you of when there’s a thunderstorm
  • showering together
  • basically doing everything together
Catulli headcanons

Ok, I promised some headcanons about Catullus (Gaius) and his brother.

  • Gaius is the little brother
  • His brother is the exact opposite of him: he’s level-headed, responsible and calm, so he always restrains Gaius’ antics a bit, and always tries to keep him out of troubles (in which Gaius falls very easily)
  • Sometimes they quarrel over Gaius being childish and light-headed about everything, but then, in the end, his brother loves him just like he is, and wouldn’t want him to change for any reason in the world
  • Gaius has always looked up to his big brother, he was really proud of him as a child and used to brag about him with the other children, and his presence had always given him a sense of safety; so when he died, Gaius felt really lost and alone
  • Gaius always asks his brother to proof-read his poetry, but then would always annoy him by changing them a thousand times and wanting him to read them again over and over and he’s like ‘Gaius, it’s fine, it’s perfect…’ ‘nO, IT NEEDS MORE LABOR LIMAE’

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Paris: Describe your favorite kiss.
fourth date with Alex. we’d hardly kissed and I was worried he wasn’t actually interested in me because in the past all my relationships involved heavy physical contact and whatnot….it was just different but he was just being a gentleman. anyways, it was probably ten or eleven at night and i showed him this lake by my house I called the mermaid lake, because a family of ducks lives there and at night you hear them splashing around but can’t see them at all so it sounds like it could be mermaids. and we were sitting on a bench and we weren’t really talking, just listening, and somehow my body ended up on top of his, and his hands ended up on my waist, perfectly, and the way he kissed and moved with me completely took me by surprise because everything about him was eager, wanting, consuming, I loved it.

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I love the image of Tony being that kind of granddad because you know in his 20s and 30s people probably thought he'd die before he ever hit 50 in some sort of reckless accident or overdose without ever settling down and now he's in his 70s and every attempt at having conversation with him ends up with grandbaby pictures and sometimes the younger people in these conversations almost don't believe he's the same Tony Stark from the tabloids of their childhoods.

I imagine him to be like my own granddad tbh - so, absolutely chill and mellow about everything until it comes to his family. Like he’ll be sat in a chair in the corner of a party he’s obliged to go to with his eyes closed, falling asleep, and then he hears someone mention Spider-Man and he just sort of rises from the dead and is smacking everyone in the face with Peter’s baby pictures in the space of moments. 

He’s still competitive as fuck, though. His grandchildren are cuter than anyone else’s and he dares anyone to argue with him. 

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I am not trying to start trouble. I really want your advice. I love Destiel and Cockles. They are my otps. But I've gotten so much hate from j2 and wincest shippers that Ive started to hate the J2 relationship. its me being bitter, i know. Everything I see posts I roll my eyes and think about all the evil thinks the shippers are saying about us. Example on that fathers day post i saw a j2 shipper say "see there is proof that he doesnt care about misha. wouldnt even wish him a happy father's day"

[part 2] And once upon a time I could shrug it off but now I went from smiling and loving Jensen and Jared to being weary of even reblogging something because the last time i did i ended up reblogging a Sam and Dean post it ended up being from an anti-destiel tumblr. Its just really frustrating because I miss liking their relationship and I hate that I let others ruin it for me but at the same time ive received so much hate and I guess I just wanna know if you recommend anything. Sorry if I bothered you.

Hey there! :) 

First of all; you’re not bothering at all. And I understand what you mean, because it happens in a lot of fandoms; fans of something turning you off from the thing itself, even if it was a thing you used to like. Some people say Destiel shippers turned them off from the Dean/Cas relationship, some say that the Supernatural fandom turned them off from the show, some say Wincest shippers turned them of from the brotherly Sam/Dean bond, etc. 

The problem is that when you encounter a group of haters or crazies, it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth no matter what, even if it’s a small group that doesn’t speak for the rest of the fandom. And I understand your problem specifically because a lot of big J/2 blogs out there are anti Destiel/anti Cas/anti Misha. (I often hear multi shippers complain about this, it being hard to find blogs that they can safely follow without seeing hate for the other thing they love.)

Now personally I’m not much of a J/2 person period (as in; I like Jensen, I like Jared, but the combination of the two doesn’t do much for me and doesn’t get me excited), so I have never actively looked, but I’m 99% sure that there are quality Jensen/Jared blogs out there that are hate free. So my advice to you would be to simply block the hateful ones you encounter without giving it too much thought, and invest some time in finding some decent J/2 blogs to brighten up your dash, so that you’ll know that you don’t have to be afraid to see negativity towards other things that you like. Also maybe a tip; find some good J2M blogs to follow, because they usually post both J/2 and Cockles, and are obviously not hating on the other side. 

So that’s what I would do; stay out of the general J/2 tag for the most part, because as a Cockles/Destiel shipper you will probably not find stuff you like there, and instead find some good positive blogs to follow, so that you will get your fix and can enjoy the J/2 friendship without the negative feelings that come with it. 

I hope this helps, and I’m sorry you’ve gotten hate to begin with. *hugs* 

So, the other day I posted this little thing about Castiel having a camera.

So I have this kind of AU idea where Castiel gets a camera and he literally takes pictures of everything. The pictures are always really bad, and you can see his thumb or index finger in the frame half the time. He always has this camera with him. Always.

He really loves taking pictures of his boyfriend (coughDeancough) and his best friends, Sam, Charlie, and Kevin because everyone is alive.

Dean gets frustrated with him always snapping these pictures, but Cas looks at him with those blue eyes and he ends up smiling ear to ear for the photo anyway.

Sam always tries to entertain Cas’ constant photography and will make stupid faces.

Charlie thinks Cas and his camera are awesome, and sometimes she steals the camera and snaps pictures of Cas with everyone because she wants him to be included.

And Kevin fucking hates Castiel’s damn camera and the photos of Kevin typically include a very angry stare.

He gets all these photos developed and puts them in a book. Under each he writes what was happening or a little thought he has.

Oh, and Castiel won’t say it, but his favorite pictures to look at are the ones that he surprised people by taking. The moments in time where his family is captured being themselves and not putting on a show.

My favorite katdensetsu added somethings about Gabriel snatching Cas’ camera and Crowley pouting when he can’t join in. (because everyone knows he would)

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I fell in love with this guy who was absolutely perfect, he moved away and we still kept in contact, I ended up finally sleeping with him after a while, and at first everything was perfect..: then it just kinda stopped. He doesn't talk to me at all anymore, and I'm trying to get over him... But you can't just forget about someone you love so much :(

He’s an idiot:(

When the phone call ends.

Imagine au (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Requested: no

A/n: I made myself sad with this :-(

Talking on the phone would always be a bitter sweet moment between you and Ashton. Not that talking to him was ever really a bad thing, since you could hear him talk about everything he’s getting to do, but it was always saying goodbye that was hard. Though you both knew you would most likely get to talk the next day you would find yourselves having trouble with ending the calls. Especially pasted the three week mark when you’re both craving each other and missing each other more than anything. Both of you choking back tears and whines as you said another ‘goodbye’ and the last ‘I love you’ of the night. Ashton would never be the one that would hang up first unless he was already running late to something so you would be the one to click the end button. Some nights would be harder than others, mostly when you could hear him sniffling or when his voice would get an octave higher when he was trying to hold back tears. So you would have to slowly get him to say goodnight before forcing yourself to click off and either heading to sleep or moving forward in your day, depending what time zone he was in that day.


You couldn’t help smile to yourself as Ashton continued on excitingly telling you his story. You hated to interrupt him but you could barely keep yourself from drifting off to sleep. “Baby,” your voice came out quiet and laced with the roughness of sleep. But it was just quiet enough he couldn’t hear you over the sound of his story about the bird he and Calum had spotted the day before. Shifting in your lonely bed once again before trying to be a little louder so he could hear you, “Ashton.”

His words halting, turning into a soft hum to note that you now had his attention. “It’s late here and I have class in the morning.” Your voice rough with sleep as your eyes wandered over to the clock on your nightstand mocking you with it’s '4:26 am’. That little statement earning a whine from your boyfriend who no doubt was now pouting at the thought of you leaving. Only a small 'no’ slipping from his lips in response. Letting out a soft sigh as you brought your free hand up to cover your eyes.

“Yes babe, I need to go.” You wouldn’t be able to catch what he response was due to the lowness of his mumbling but it was probably him trying to get you to talk to him longer. The past few months you had only been able to see Ashton on a few occasions but each time lasting no more than four days. “You know I’ll text you once I’m awake and we can call again tomorrow. But for now I need to sleep.” After this there was a long moments pause, so shuffling on his side, and a small sniff.

“I know, I just miss your beautiful face.” His tone drastically different than the one he was using earlier. This one sad and soft, the kind he would get when he was trying not to cry. “Sleep well angel,” he continued finally. “I love you more than anything.”

“I’ll talk to you soon baby, I love you.” After those hard nine words left your mouth you had to force yourself to click the 'end call’ button before he would say something to get you to talk longer or before you would starts crying again. Your hand gently pressing against his empty spot in bed as you finally let yourself sleep in hopes of seeing him in your dreams.

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i'm not sure if you remember but i sent an ask before saying my crush/best friend has been really distant with me since the last two weeks of school. i talked to him today and it turns out he was only trying to hide the fact that he likes me so he could find a way to tell me, which was by showing up at my house and cuddling on my couch with me and telling me everything he loves about me !!!¡¡¡¡

YEHAHHAAA HYFR HELL TO THE YES!’ im so happy this had a happy ending (◠‿◠✿) i wish u two the best

Love At First Sight(Andy Biersack~Y/N)

Anon asked: Hey :3 I was wondering if you could do an imagine where young Andy Biersak falls in love with the reader, and he wants everything possible so she falls in love with him but Andy is all shy about it. He ends up winning her over and they are like crazy in love but go through some hard times where Andy starts BVB and the reader like gets forgotten because of all of the gigs but everything gets better and in the end of it, it shows Andy proposing to the reader and yeah :3 sorry its so long :3

Written By: Gwen

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Dear Charlie,

Man I’m so fucking in love with my bestfriend. He’s undeniably everything I’ve ever wanted in a person and more. I’d follow him to the end of the world if he asked me to. I think I finally get those posts about being awake at 3 am hopelessly in love, it hurts more than anything I’ve ever experienced. The fucked up paradox about it is considering how shit I feel now, I can’t imagine how I’d cope if I actually got to be with him and he left me. It shadows my life so much I can’t handle anymore.

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So my best friend and I have been going through some tough stuff in the last three years. He told me, he loved me and I said that I don't feel the same and just want him as my best friend- we made out at a class trip one year later and now we don't talk to each other and just ignore each other. He's currently dating someone I don't really like [he knows that btw] and I don't know if I love him or not. I just kinda miss him :(

i think you’re just missing him as a friend! :) break the barrier and talk to him already. invite him to get some coffee and just ask whats up with him lately. let him see that you still care about him and everything and in the end it will be his choice to acknowledge your efforts or not xx