but i ended up getting carried away and finished it

long distance bf! donghyuk

mHMhmHm leggo

- lets b real here

- donghyuk would be a great bf

- no matter the distance

- like he makes sure to skype u errday

- nd they always last like 83982 hours

- “babe,,,its been 6 hours,,,,its 3am and i have school,,”

- “shhh babe you know u don’t wanna leave me”

- “,,,,,,im not gonna deny that”

- and u were late 4 school that day

- pretty much everyday

- you always get texts throughout the day from him but sometimes the are like “good morning!” but its 2pm (time difference)

- u guys haven’t rly planned on meeting up

- i mean yes y'all miss each other sm but

- its not really ur first priority

- its not donghyuks either


- so once u were skyping rite

- but his 6 OTHER ROOMATES





- u were blushin but donghyuk wasn’t

- he looked so pissed off

- he was about to say something but-

- “hey!!!! have u seen donghyuk naked???” 



- literally for the next 10 minutes all u heard was chenles dolphin screech n mark trying to calm donghyuk down

- and every 4 second or so someone would run across ur screen

- fun fact : this was ur first time meeting them ever 

- and probs ur only time tbh

- sometimes when ur studying 4 skool or smth

- donghyuk randomly texts u and u get carried away so fast and end up like never finishing whatever u doing but its gucci cause u have donghyuk

- once donghyuk was really sad

- like really sad

- and when u Skyped he would be super quiet


- so ou were asking him what was wrong

- nd then he finally exploded

- and let out all his feelings

- “i really wish you were with me right now. here, in my room”

- your heart shattered 

u know donghyuk is loyal so you have no worries of him cheating on u

- but sometimes when u look t his social media, all deez girls start commenting about how good looking he is and how he should date them

- no!!way!!honey!!

- he shut them down so quickly 

- it was cute bOI

- oH bUt whEn yAALL mET uP agAinnN


- so like

- u secretly flew to korea

- and decided to call him (not Skype)

- and he was like “agh i rly miss u”

- and you were like me 2 but atlas we’ll see each other soon


- he didn’t know what u meant but its ok cause

- literally like 3 seconds later he heres a knock at his door and



- omgomgo he was so happy words cannot express

- he gave u this bone crushing hug and it was all fluffy n cute

- it was such a sweet moment 

- “wait- ew u look terrible whats up with those bags under your eyes and-”


- so den y'all cuddle for a long ass time



- “jiSung lanGUAGE!!!” - taeyong lets b real

- there goes ur alone time wh00pz

- anyway

- any relationship with donghyuk is gr9

- donghyuk is gr9


Traveling With The Chocobros: Camping Headcanons

After three long days I finally managed to finish all my homework before I head out of town this weekend! Anyways I made a pretty long list of headcanons about camping with the boys mainly because I got carried away. Regardless I hope you all enjoy it!!

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Missing You: Chapter 5 (Final Chapter)

Summary: Phil goes away to visit a friend for a few days. Dan misses him and tries to fill the time. Based of Dan’s recent liveshow.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

This Chapter: Dan is very sore after his run, Dan and Phil text, Phil comes home

Word Count (this chapter): 2000

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Nudity (Dan in bath), Minor sex references, Suggestiveness 

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Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

A/N: So my son Rylington came home from school today with the typical signs of an oncoming cold. Being a medic I had a feeling he wasn’t going to go back tomorrow morning. Towards the end of tonight, he spiked a fever, sealing my professional opinion. All my mind has been consumed with is making sure my little boy will be okay (every parent on here would share their sympathies I’m sure lol) Writing always makes me happy, and that’s how this fic was born. Expect at least 3 parts. Hell maybe I could even make this into a full blown series. I always get carried away when writing!

Word Count: 636

Featuring: Family fluff, sick children angst, parents being cute with each other lol (didn’t really want to call them warnings)

Summary: “The Life” long in Baby’s rear-view mirror, Sam and Dean both settled down, now proud husbands and fathers. Dean ended up married Lisa, now runs his own mechanic shop, and he and Lisa gave Ben a little sister named Sabrina. Sam married you, was able to finish his law degree and runs his own law firm, and through your womb he gave you three bustling little boys named Al, Leo, and Ricky. Al comes home sick one day. You and Sam do your best to deal with it when all three boys end up sick. 

A cough was nothing to you.

But it doesn’t always go away. Sometimes it turns into other nasty things.

Al was sent home early from school that day, and you had a feeling it was going to turn into the latter. A notice was sent home from your boys’ school saying the flu was going around. So you knew there was a possibility he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Mama, I don’t feel good” Al whined from the couch, a untouched NutriGrain bar in his hand, laying down watching cartoons.

“I know sweetie.” you replied from the kitchen. You were still trying to clean up the mess that had progressively grown over the last few days. You hated doing dishes and only did them when you ran out of cups and plates. “Your brothers should be getting off the school bus anytime now.” as you spoke, you could hear the sound of a bus applying it’s breaks and children laughing. If the sidewalk by your driveway wasn’t a bus stop, you would’ve been out there waiting for your two younger children to get off. Al was 8 and in 2nd grade, Ricky was 6 and in 1st, and Leo was 4 ½ and in preschool. They were good boys who took after their father’s academic excellence, yet had their Uncle Dean’s mischievous streak on occasion. You’d received a parent teacher conference summons when Al played a prank on a female classmate, resulting in her being sent to the nurse’s office for playground sand in her eyes. 

You heard the door open around the same time Sam’s Charger was pulling into the driveway. The boys ran in chasing each other and laughing. Sam followed not too far behind them. All three kids ran up their father and tackled him to the floor, Sam laughing all the way down, holding up his arms in surrender. You came out of the kitchen to greet the handsome men in your life.

“Hi sweetie.” Sam said, getting up to kiss you, causing your sons to groan audibly. You and Sam shared a smile. “How was your day?”

“Eventful, to say the least. The kitchen and dining room are now as spotless as they can be, all the boys’ sheets are in the dryer, and Al came home with a congested cough.” A look of concern came across Sam’s face as he turned to see his oldest son crawling back on the couch, it being clear he exerted what little energy he had left joining his brothers in ambushing their dad.

Sam approached the couch. “Hey sport, how you feeling?”

“Awful, dad.” he laid back down but this time in Sam’s lap. Sam placed a hand gently on his forehead and his concerned look grew.

“Gee kid, you’re on fire.”

“I’ve already called Dr. Schwarts,” you said as you were walking back towards the kitchen. “she said to keep him home from school and keep the fluids coming, give children’s Advil as needed.”

“Okay. Ricky, Leo, try and play among yourselves for the rest of today. Your big brother’s sick,” Sam said to the younger boys.

“But I like germs. Icky things are cool!” Leo exclaimed. Ricky made a face. You were thankful one of your messy boys was something of a germaphobe.

But they obeyed their father and went to play outside. Some of the neighborhood kids were outside too. Sam got out of his business suit and changed into a T-shirt that showed off his incredibly ripped upper body and a pair of jeans and sandals. He followed the boys outside to watch them while you finished wiping down the counters. After putting the spray bottle away you went to the couch where Al had fallen asleep and took the cereal bar from him, covering him with a flat sheet.

Part Two Coming Soon!

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more rough DS art. I started cleaning up that Abyss Watchers piece from before, unsure if I’ll finish it though? 
I also finally got the Faraam set, my fav from the whole series! Ended up getting carried away and cleaning up the sketch completely oops lol
And finally just a little something for fun of my fav boss.

I’ll have non DS art to post soon I swear lol


I was trying silhouettes as a way to get into the flow of drawing then got carried away with klance… I ended up really liking it though but thought the finished product was a little busy so here’s with and without the background. I love when they watch each other’s back ;)

anonymous asked:



They see last nights marks (LH)

After a really long needed night in Luke’s bedroom, you peeled open your eyes and stretched your aching muscles out. Turning to Luke, you saw an empty side of the bed. The time read 11:27am and you could hear the boys in the kitchen.

You had only been with Luke for 5 months but had just gone one month without seeing him. This was the longest break apart you had both had. Due to college, you had to stay home instead of going on the Europe leg of the tour. It was day 4 of being back surrounded by your favourite boys and home felt like home again.

Picking up Luke’s sweatshirt, you tossed it over your head and made your way into the kitchen. “Morning boys” you yawned and stretched as Luke approached you. “Morning baby girl. How was your lazy morning sleep?” he chuckled. “Very needed.” you winked at him. He placed his hands on your cheeks and pecked your squished up lips.

Ashton had grilled breakfast for everyone. They had 2 weeks off before they began the American leg of the tour, and since the college term was almost over, you could go with them. Sitting down at the table, you began to tuck in to your breakfast. Luke was by your side, Calum and Michael sat across from you and Ashton on the end.

“Jees how long has the oven been on, it’s so warm in here” you fanned yourself with your hand as you pulled Luke’s sweatshirt over your head. “Thats better” you sighed, wearing a small vest clinging onto your tiny figure. “Holy fucking shit” Michael spat his food out. “Fuck me” Calum gasped as Ashton followed with “What the fuck did you do to her last night Luke”. Luke raised an eyebrow and turned to you, eyes widening at the sight. You had huge purple marks in a curved line from your lower neck straight to dissapearing down your shirt. “Baby i’m so sorry” Luke put his head in his hands as you took out your phone and flipped it to front camera. You gasped. “Shit Luke”. “I know baby I am truly sorry I didn’t realise.” Luke’s guilt was pouring out of his mouth. “Hey no” you took his hand, “I like them. At least people know I belong to you and nobody else” you smiled, making Luke feel better about himself. “I have to say, you do look fucking hot.” He laughed.

“I have a question and it will be bugging me if I don’t find out.” Calum raised his hand. “Do they end there or not?”. “Cal” you laughed. Luke pulled your shirt forward just so he could see and not anyone else. “Shit stand up”. You placed your fork onto the table and stood up. Lifting up your shirt slightly, they carried on to dissapear into Luke’s sweatpants. Becoming more faded, Luke pulled the elastic on the sweats and your panties, pinging them back straight away. “Okay well they do end I can tell you that but i’m sure you can guess where” Michael chucked. He was a sucker for kinky stuff. You finished off your breakfast and placed a kiss on Luke’s lips. “Baby go get ready we’re all going house viewing today remember” Luke pulled you onto his lap. “The house with the cinema/bar lounge?” you got excited. “Yeah! i’m so pumped” Ashton grinned to himself. Kissing Luke again, you climbed off his lap and hopped in the shower, admiring Luke’s marks.

Bad Luck

Words: 2,891

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader


Hi, can you please do a Spencer Reid x Reader imagine where reader and Spencer are on a date where Reid wants to propose to the reader but everything seems to go wrong for Spencer, like the car brakes down in the rain, their table at a restaurant was given away to someone else, and just all kinds of unlucky stuff. Yet at the end of it all Reid manages to pop the question and apologizes about their night but reader just smiles and tells him she had a blast and that she would love to marry him.

A/N: So, I may have gotten a little carried away with this idea. I just loved it so much and I squealed when I read it. 

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astrolodge  asked:

Hi, in your Neptune post you said: "Academia can become a self-undoing, if you get carried away in your quest for knowledge" about Neptune in the 9th. So being so entranced by the quest for knowledge can end up being detrimental? I'm confused on how this could play out. Like spiritual bypassing? Thank you!!

well I can imagine a number of scenarios where academia could become a self undoing…:

college professors expect students to not have a life and slam them with volumes of assignments and say “no excuses” if you don’t finish them on time, so students end up sacrificing their health, their family, and whatever else in life so they can keep up their grades.

getting so caught up in book smarts and academia that they’re unaware of day to day life or common sense or they lack social intelligence

having a useless degree and not making it in the real world

as far as spiritual bypassing, yeah someone could get self rightcheous about how smart they are that they one up people…

anonymous asked:

General danvers where astra decided to come to alex's apartement while under the influence of red kryptonite

please tell me you sent this with full intention of making my mind swan dive into the gutter. Either way that’s what happened. Because Red K takes away inhibitions so all the feelings Astra clearly had been suppressing will be acted upon. I bet they break nearly every piece of furniture in the apartment. And not just the furniture meant to be sat on, just everything with a flat surface. Astra ends up flying off once it wears off but Alex gets a gift card to a furniture store in the mail a few days later. When she goes to use it Astra is there waiting with the excuse of “I figured I can help bring the furniture up to your apartment, you feeble humans have no strength.” Once up in the apartment Alex makes a snarky comment about coming this far why not finish the job, so Astra helps rearrange the furniture. Of course that leads to both of them watching the other exert themselves and well…they only end up breaking the bed this time.


Is there a reason why you are naked in my bed…..

I had been coming home late from extended studio sessions, always exhausted, usually spending more time immersed in my music than at home.

Lately my friends have been busy with up and coming projects and I’d been so focused on this new album. Recently I decided to come home early; exhausted from working 24/7, I just needed a long break, at least a week to myself.

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kumbanah  asked:

I have a modern AU Stucky headcanon that Steve would be an absolute disaster of a human who always calls 911 and Bucky just knows Steve's number so when he calls he knows its gong to be awful and he picks up, "911 where is your emergency?" and Steve, bless his heart, says, "it's not an emergency (every damn time no matter what's happening), but my stove is on fire." and Bucky has to keep from yelling at human disaster Steve and stay calm to give him directions.

A/N: I love this! Sooooo here you go! This was written on the train to uni, so it’s not formatted (with italics and all), ‘coz of the stupid app! Any mistakes are mine. Enjoy, my lovelies :)

It’s not like Steve meant to get into trouble, it just seemed to find him.

Like okay, so maybe the first few times were his fault, getting into a fight he couldn’t finish, forgetting to carry his asthma pump and leaving his coat undone, so that he ended up in hospital with pneumonia.

But, since then, Steve had done his best to stay away from calling 911 (999 in the U.K., just saying!), from drawing trouble to himself.

It was safe to say that wasn’t working.

In his defence, all he had wanted to do was make himself some dinner. He wasn’t that bad of a cook, but if your cooker bursts into flames within the first five minutes, there’s something wrong. Either that, or Steve was cursed to live a life of accidents.

“Hello, 911 what’s your emergency?”

“Uh, I need the fire brigade,” Steve said into the phone, blushing madly in his living room, as the fire on his stove raged on, despite his many efforts to put it out.

“Okay one moment.”

Steve hung on for a second and was transferred to a firefighter, one that he’d become quite acquainted with, Bucky Barnes.

“Hello? How can I help?”

“Uh, hey Buck. It’s me, Steve.”

“Oh god, Stevie, what have you done this time?”

Steve huffed and muttered, “my kitchen is on fire.”

“Oh my god, Steve!” Bucky shouted, “how’d you manage that?”

“I was tryna make dinner,” Steve replied sheepishly.

“Fuck. Okay, get out of your apartment. Close the kitchen door. Has the fire alarm already been triggered?”

“Yeah,” Steve said, “but I thought I could -

“Put it out yourself?” Bucky snapped, “Steve! You can’t keep doin’ this. Okay, you need to follow the evacuation steps, get out and group everyone at the nearest safe point. So for you, the park.”

“Okay, okay,” Steve nodded, “but you’re comin’ right?”

Bucky chuckled dryly, “yes you stupid punk. Someone’s gotta kick your butt.”

Steve laughed, making his way out of his apartment through the back and down the stairs, “thanks Buck.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky huffed, “we’re already on our way.”

Steve smiled, about to reply when Bucky said cheekily, “you know, if you wanna ask me out, you don’t gotta endanger yourself and others. Just ask.”

But before Steve could reply, the phone line cut off and he was left smiling like an idiot with the rest of his flat mates.

A/N: Have a headcanon/prompt or just wanna talk to me about Stucky? My ask box is always open! 

Or, if you just need to vent, cry, shout, then I’m always here to offer whatever support I can. Even if that’s just listening. 

Love you all <3

Raining Caves

               Thunder boomed outside the small cave Nico and Will were currently sitting in. The two boys were drenched to their toes and shivering from the cool winds that lashed outside their small fortress.

               “I told you we should have gone back the second the dark clouds rolled in.” Will stuttered through chattering teeth. “But who didn’t listen to me? The same guy who likes rain. ‘Oh don’t worry Will, a little water never hurt anybody’. Hah! It might not hurt but it’s cold and unfriendly.” Will pouted cutely as he slouched back against the rock wall he was next to. “I blame you.” Nico rolled his eyes.

               “I know. It isn’t like you haven’t said it about thirty times already. You know, if I didn’t know better, I would think you thought the rain was my fault.” That earned Nico a glare from the blonde. Nico thought it was funny how, even in the dark, Will’s blonde hair brightened the dark hole up, just like his crystal blue eyes.

               “You know the rain isn’t your fault. Us getting stuck in it is.” Another glare from the chattering boy.

               “Hey, how cold are you?” Nico just noticed exactly how Will was sitting with his knees drawn up and hugging himself as tightly as he could.

               “Nico.” Will said, deadpan. “I am soaking wet and the wind is blowing like no one’s business out there. How cold do you think I am?” Nico knew Will got cold easily, it was just his personality. But Nico didn’t know this would freeze him.

               Nico sighed and got up from his place on the other side of the cave-thing. He walked over to Will, whose eyes were glued to him the whole time, and plopped down next to him so they were touching. Nico slid his arm around Will’s shoulders and pulled him closer.

               “This won’t help much, but I’m less wet than you.” Will nodded and immediately curled up next to Nico. It was a bit awkward getting into a comfortable position, given Will was about five inches taller than Nico but they managed.

               The thunder never let up. Nico didn’t know how long Will stayed attached to his side before he finally sat up and looked at him.

               “Nico.” Will whispered.

               “Yeah?” Nico choked due to the closeness of Will and his lips.

               “I’m sorry.” Will leaned in and buried his nose in Nico’s neck, his hot breath warming Nico’s cold skin. Nico slowly wrapped his arms around Will again.

               “What for?”

               “I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

               “I’m sorry I got us into this mess.” Nico murmured against Will’s soft hair. “It should be over soon.” Will nodded and stayed in Nico’s neck. “Then we can go to my house and eat some food.” He could feel Will’s smile on his skin.

               “And watch Hocus Pocus?” Nico smiled.

               “Whatever you want sunshine. Whatever you want.” Nico rubbed his shoulder some more and listened to the rain and thunder. Eventually the thunder let up, but the rain didn’t.

               “It looks like we’re going to get wet again.” Will muttered as the two of them stood on the edge of the cave thing.

               “It’s better than it was a while ago.” Will nodded.

               “Want to make a run for it?”

               “Will. Can you even run in the forest? You can barely run on flat land.” That earned Nico a punch to the shoulder.

               “Fine then. Want to walk really fast for it?” Nico smiled and rolled his eyes.

               “I’ll help you.” They were exploring the woods in Nico’s backyard, so Nico knew the way easily. Will, however, did not. “Come on.” The two of them stepped out of the cave and were hit by the rain pouring down on them. The thin canopy above did little to shield them from the rain, given that the leaves were already starting to fall off.

               Will slipped on some mud and started to fall, but Nico grabbed his hand and yanked Will’s body closer to him.

               “Hold onto my hand, okay?” Nico had to raise his voice from the harsh pounding of the rain on the forest floor. Will smiled and nodded, tightening his grip on Nico’s hand. Nico walked quickly, but not too fast, and the two of them made it to the clearing that Nico’s house was in. Once they were out they ran for the back door, flinging it open and rushing inside.

               “Oh that feels so good.” Will said as rain dripped from his hair, chin and delicate eyelashes. He turned his eyes to Nico. “That’s the last time I ever go exploring with you.” Nico rolled his eyes.

               “Just go get dried off and you know where there are some clothes you can wear. I’ll dry your stuff and give it back if you leave today. Which you won’t.” Will shook his head.

               “You know me so well.” Will took his shoes and socks off and waddled up the stairs and into Nico’s room, Nico following right behind him. Will pulled out ‘his’ drawer and took some clothes out of it. Nico went into his bathroom and tossed Will some towels.

               “Do you want bathroom or bedroom?” Will rolled his eyes.

               “Whichever one you don’t want.”            

               “Then I’m staying in here.” Nico shut the door and stripped, dried, and clothes himself in less than five minutes. Which, given how wet he was, was a magical feat. He knocked on the door. “Are you decent?” He called.

               “Yeah.” Nico opened the door to find Will just pulling up his pajama pants, no shirt in sight, his hair still slightly damp. Nico’s eyes went wide and his cheeks flushed red. Will looked over and smiled. “Hocus Pocus time?” Nico nodded. He was afraid of what would come out of his mouth if he opened it. He walked over to the shelf he kept his DVD’s and plucked the purple case out.

               “Here we go.” Nico almost choked on his own words, but managed to get them out. “What do you want to eat?” He turned around to see Will still shirtless, but slipping the shirt over his arms.

               “I don’t know. Whatever you want.” Will shrugged as he slid the shirt over his tan, muscular chest and torso. Nico bit back the tears of disappointment.

               “If you don’t decide then I’m going with pizza.” Will shrugged.

               “Find by me.”

               “The greasy kind.” Nico called. That got Will to flinch a little.

               “Fine.” Nico laughed as he walked to the kitchen and got some left-over mac and cheese out and heated two bowls of it. When he handed Will his bowl he smirked.

               “Thought I was actually going to feed the health nut greasy pizza, did you?” Will smiled and took a bite.

               “Of course not.” He said as the movie started. At the beginning Will finished his food and Nico handed him the rest of his bowl. Nico rarely ever ate more than that. Will had yelled at him enough for it. Will finished the rest of Nico’s bowl and the two of them watched the rest of the movie in silence. When it ended they talked over the credits.

               “I’m tired.” Will said as he snuggled into the blanket Nico got for him. “I’m going to sleep right here.” Nico rolled his eyes.

               “Because that’s a good idea. Come on, get up and go to my bed.”

               “Too lazy.”

               “I will carry you there myself.” Will scoffed weakly.

               “As if you could.” Will curled down and into Nico. “I’m sleepy. Our adventure has taken my energy away from me.”

               “Will, as if it could-.”

               “Sh.” Will shushed him. “Just let me sleep.” Nico shut up and let Will curl up next to him. It was silent for a while, and Nico was relaxed when Will grabbed his arm and yanked him down so Nico was lying next to him.

               “What?” Nico whispered as Will just looked at him with those blue eyes of his. Will brought a hand up and caressed Nico’s cheek ever so softly.

               His lips were even softer than his hands when they caressed Nico’s.


Imagine 29 || Request 11

You know, when I get carried away on making an imagine, usually they end up a mess..especially when I’m listen to something like Jacquie Lee’s Broken Ones. So after a lot of erasing and correcting errors, I finally finished it..gawd I’m a crying mess sometimes ugh… Anyway, here’s your request anon…i’m guessing these two are the same? sorry for any errors coz i fast wrote this.. Hope you guys like it! :D oh and btw..Brett is bi (idk how to feel about that..)


Your eyes widened at what happened.

“Oh, god.” Scott said, sounding just as surprised at what he did and it didn’t help when, though the hallway was filled with students, you felt this particular stare towards your direction.

Turning to the direction where you felt the staring was coming from, your surprise doubled when you saw Isaac looking shocked at what happened-but that didn’t really bothered you what did bother you was the face that he was standing right there.

“Isaac?” you called in a whisper because you still can’t believe that he was right there.

And just like that, the look on his face began to change into what seems to be of betrayal and hurt before he walked away and headed somewhere else and leaving you there looking dumbfounded all the while ignoring the rambling that was coming from Scott.


“How long have you known that he was back from France?” Stiles asked, looking towards the passenger seat beside him. “And you kissed her?” he almost exclaimed, pointing towards you sitting at the back of the jeep.

“Oh my god,” you sighed, feeling more embarrassed.

“I’m just as surprised as you to be honest,” Scott answered.

Once the jeep parked in front of the McCall house, you all got out and made your way inside where Isaac was currently talking to mama McCall. But once Isaac saw you come in with the dynamic duo, he immediately excused himself and headed upstairs where you followed him with a bit of difficulty with his long strides and your short ones.

“Isaac,” you tried to call his attention as you walked into his room, but only getting the silent treatment.

“Lahey!” you called after numerous times of calling him before he looked up to you.

“What?” He said, almost growling at you while he continued to put his clothes in a duffel bag on his bed.

“What do you mean what?” You asked, looking a bit mad at the way he was acting at the moment. “What’s wrong?”

“You know what’s wrong, Y/N.” He answered, going to his drawer and taking a tshirt. “You were kissing Scott.”

“Oh and you moving to France without me knowing isn’t wrong?” you retorted, crossing your arms on your chest and looked at him sternly.

“What else was I to do?” He exclaimed, zipping up the bag a big too rough. “Plus you were obviously happy.”

“How would you even know if I was happy just by how I looked a while ago?” You asked as tears began to fill the rim of your eyes, the ache in your chest starting to reveal itself-the same hurt you felt when you knew Isaac left without you knowing.

“Your heart was beating fast because-”

“Because I was with Scott and not with you?” You finished his sentence. “Why not when I saw you, i felt like I was meeting you for the first time again?”

“Or maybe because I was hurting that my mind began to play tricks with me all over again because I was seeing you standing there,” you continued, a tear already escaping.

The expression on Isaac’s face softened when he saw the tears starting to flow uncontrollably, you still rambling to him how hurt you were when he left. And before you knew it, you were enveloped in a tight hug, a hand cupping the back of your head while another rubbing your back in a comforting manner. Isaac knew that a sorry won’t cover what he did and he was determined to make it up to you, no matter how long you’ll make him wait saying that he deserved it after what happened.

Nightmares ~ Barom

This is for Songjoo! I hope that you like this, this is my first scenario for him so let me know what you think!

Request: Can you write a drabble where a girl (her name would be Yejoo if you want to use a name) has woken up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare and she sits by the open window, looking at the rain. That’s when Barom (Rome from C-Clown) would go over to her and ask her what’s wrong and comfort her when she starts to cry.

That’s the idea. c:

Dark clouds rumbled overhead, their thunder rolling quietly as it got louder with its plan of attack. The dense clouds blotted out the moon and the beautiful stars as a horrible storm started to attack. Rain started off at a sprinkle but quickly changed into a downpour that lasted hours. Wind howled outside pushing the wall of water against the exterior with such force that it seemed like it was hailing. Flashes of lightning lit up the sky while the light flashed in your apartment.

Arriving home, you lifted your purse off of your shoulder while your rain soaked jacket stuck to your damp clothes underneath. Peeling the wet article of clothing off, you slipped off your soaking wet shoes, stepping into the living room from the entryway, the lights flickered on.

Looking around, you found it quite strange that the lights would flicker on while you were the only one home. Thinking it was just a sudden, bright flash of lightning outside, you shook the thought from your mind. Shuffling over into your kitchen, your frozen toes clutched the cold tile below while you grabbed some left over noodles from a few nights ago.

Sliding the plastic bowl into the microwave, you pushed the right numbers before you hit ‘start’ and the machine came to life. Walking off to your bedroom, you flipped on your lights only to find that they didn’t turn on. Questioning the electricity in your apartment, you looked out of your door to see the microwave still working. Tilting your head in confusion, you brushed it off as much as you could before you changed into a long sleeved shirt that was loose and covered your hands perfectly, sliding on some cut off sweats that hugged your legs, you walked back out and ran your fingers through your wet hair. Trying to dry your hair, you heard the bell sound on the microwave. Pulling the sleeves of your shirt over your hands, you pulled out the warm meal while the steam rose from the food as you stirred it with your chopsticks.

Carrying it over to the island, you jumped up on top of the counter top, placing the warm food on your covered hand, you stirred it around carefully before you picked up a bite to eat while you blew on it carefully. Guiding the scoop of food to your mouth, a strange creaking noise echoed through your apartment, thinking it was just the wind, you placed the food in your mouth. A few bites later, the lights flickered on and off. Trying to reason with every new sound and sight, you started to think that someone was watching you.

It wasn’t until you felt a slight breeze on your body that you thought that your apartment was haunted. Hearing greetings and compliments around you looked around your apartment, not finding anyone in sight, your heart rate picked up.

“H-Hello?” You called into the thick air around you. Straining your ears, not a sound was heard while you saw some smoke almost vanish from thin air. “I-I-Is someone there?” You called once more.

No one answered although you felt something brush against your hair, once you saw the strands of your hair move, you looked around, seeing the door of the kitchen pantry slowly shake, you slipped from the counter. Moving over to the pantry, you held up your hands to try and be ready for anything. Bending your knees, your hand reached out to the handle, slowly wrapping your fingers around the cool metal, you slowly started to open the door.

A terrible screeching noise was heard while the monster rose above your heard, showed it’s fangs, saliva dripping down while it’s hands reached out to grab you.

Panting heavily, you threw yourself upright as you found your heart racing extremely fast. A soft moan came from the body beside you, looking quickly over your shoulder, you saw your husband, Barom, soundly sleeping next to you. His beautiful skin that was slightly covered by the  navy blue sheets of your bed, his chest slowly rose and fell as your eyes followed his muscular torso to his neck and his peaceful face. His pink lips slightly parted and his black eyelashes fanned out from his eyelids, you couldn’t help but feel slightly calmer, feeling a weight in your lap, you looked down, seeing his arm draped over you, his fingers gently twitched as you smiled and tried to lay back down,

Once your eye lids closed again, your dream played back at that exact moment that fear surged through you again. Opening your eyes wide, you rolled your head over to see the red digital letters on the clock.

2:13 am

Sighing, you sat back up and carefully lifted his arm from your waist. Cautiously moving off of the bed, you looked down at your outfit, the same long sleeved shirt and shorts that you had in your dream. Tip toeing out of the room, you pulled the door open but closed it all the way once you were in the hallway.

Letting another sigh spill from your lips, you walked down the hall, finding the lights all off and the same weather conditions as in your dream, you couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy at the similarities.

Nonchalantly, you walked over to the window seat in the corner of your apartment. Grasping a soft blanket off of the couch, you pulled it into your arms on your way over to your window seat. Easing yourself down onto the cushions, you pulled a from the side and placed it behind your back. Unfolding the blanket, you draped it over your bent knees, wrapping your arms around your legs, you pulled them into your chest while you watched the water pound against the window. 

Distracting yourself with the racing of droplets down the window, you couldn’t help but think back to your realistic dream. Tracing the trails of the drops along the window, you felt the cold chill through the glass. Wanting to feel the cool air, you pushed the window open, sticking your hand out the open part of the window, rain drop happily crashed against your skin, soon creating a puddle on your hands while the droplets soon dripped off of your hand.

Retracting your hand back inside, you sighed as you happily closed your eyes and tried to sleep with the calming scent of the rain. The constant drips of the water off of the window pane started to ease your worries, until a light flipped on behind you.

Sitting up, you grabbed an extra pillow beside you while you held it in front of you for protection.

“Jagi” A deep, raspy voice called through the darkness. Looking over the fringe of the pillow, you saw a dark figure slowly move into the soft yellow light of the lamp that he recently turned on.

“Is something wrong?” Barom questioned while he rubbed his eyes and looked over at you. Shaking your head, you wrapped your arms around your legs and rested your chin on your knee caps.

Taking the spot in front of you, he yawned and leaned back against the cold windows. Looking over at you, he yawned and shook his head before he leaned over his knees resting on his elbows. Both of you stayed silent for a while as you noticed his eyes dropping off again and his head resting against the window. Leaning back, you watched his breaths get slower and shallower. Hearing one scary noise, you changed your position quickly and curled up against Barom.

One of his strong arms wrapped around you instinctively while his eyes opened and looked down at you all curled up on his side, your knees draping over his thigh while the blanket was ruffled from your movements. Rubbing his fingers along your arm, he dipped his head down trying to see your facial expressions but when he felt your shoulders quiver under his touch.

Quickly wrapping his other arm around you, he lifted you onto his lap while your hand grabbed the fabric on his white tank top before you let your tears fall on his perfect skin. Rocking you from side to side, he tucked your hair under his chin.

“Did I do anything?” He questioned you softly, the shaking of your head gave him a sense of relief. Feeling your wet tears fall on his skin, he shushed you while his lips gently kissed your hair. Giving you all the time in the world, you started to calm down a little before you lifted your head gently causing his head to move off of yours.

“I had a nightmare” You faintly told him

“You did? What was it about?” He requested you to ask him.

“A ghost that haunted out apartment” You replied while your eyes widened and his chocolate eyes looked down into yours. Seeing how frightened and shook up you were from your nightmare, he just kissed your forehead.

“Tell me” He probed wanting to help you all he could.

After an hour or so about talking to your dream, you started to fall asleep to the constant thumping of his heart next to your ear. Your body relaxed as you didn’t get to finish the end of your dream before you were fast asleep in his arms. Looking down at you, your mumbled words were now silenced as he smiled and kissed the crown of your head.

“Don’t worry I will be here to fight all of the ghosts and nightmares away from you” He whispered against your skin before he effortlessly lifted you up into his arms and carried you back to the bedroom. Hopefully for sweeter dreams.

The 5th Floor - Chapter 2

Members: Yoongi and Hoseok focus. All members featured.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Light smut in later chapters

Length: ~2.7k

Blurb:  College/University AU 

Link to all Chapters here


As I take off my hoodie and drop back onto my bed, I listen carefully for a moment. At first I’m not sure, but when I close my eyes, I’m certain. For all his haughtiness, Yoongi did turn the music down.

Just a little, though.

Chapter 2

“Yes! My title is secure once more!” Jungkook shouts gleefully, standing up with his arms raised in triumph.

“Alright, alright. It was close so don’t get cocky!” I throw my controller on the sofa next to me with a sigh of defeat. “I miss back when you were shy with me, you actually apologised the first time you beat me,” I tease, nudging him as I walk over to the table and pick up my backpack.

He takes a glass out of the cupboard and fills is with juice from the fridge. “Don’t be a sore loser, Yuna, you’ve beat me more times than I’ve beat you.”

“Well I do intend to keep it that way,” I smile, pulling on my backpack and checking the time on my phone. “Anyway, I’m off for now, good luck with that essay, hm?”

He groans in response, following me out of the kitchen where we part ways with a wave; him toward his dorm to do some work, and me out of the flat to head into Uni.

I press the button to call the lift, and take my headphones out as it whirrs into action. Hearing a door behind me, I look over my shoulder.


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You’re My Heroes! (1/?)

Fandom: X-Men

Ship: None

Length:  900 ish words.

Rating: G

Warnings: None, I don’t think. Unless I should give warnings for blossoming friendships and friendly rivalries that are more my headcanon than anything?? 

You’re sitting in your room, watching the news and hoping for a glimpse of the famous X-Men. Since you live in a small town, where nothing ever happened, watching the X-Men on the news was as close to adventure as you could get. Finally, a segment comes on and you can see everyone doing their thing. Then the reporter says something amazing. She says that they’re in your town! Of course the first thing you do is grab your keys and run out the door. You could meet the actual x-men.

When you get there, it’s all pretty much done and over with. You’re pushing through crowds of people to get as close to your beloved heroes as possible. You’re absolutely ecstatic to be seeing them live an in person. Mystique, Beast, and Nightcrawler are a lot bluer than you on TV… But other than that, everyone is exactly how they’re supposed to be. You’re completely starstruck standing on the sidelines. You think about how this is as close as you’re ever going to get to them. Oh, how you wish you were a mutant.

Before you know it, the crowd dispersed around you, but you’re still there, watching them. The X-Men are about to be on their way when Mystique notices you still there. She holds a very intense gaze on you, one under which you cower a bit. “What are you still doing here? We took care of it, you don’t need to goggle at us like we’re a bunch of freaks.” Instinctively, you flinch at her harsh words. When you try to make your reply, you stutter quite a bit.

“I-I wasn’t staring, I just, I’m, I was—!”

“Aw, c’mon, leave ‘em alone Mystique. They’re not doing any harm,” Quicksilver says. You’re wide-eyed, completely in shock that he’d defend you.

“Quicksilver,” you whisper under your breath. Somehow, he hears you and then he’s at your side.

“Please, call me Peter,” he says, offering to shake your hand. You shake, in complete awe. He looks at you expectantly and you become flustered, realizing you haven’t told him your name.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m (y/n)!” He laughs, amused by how flustered you are.

“So, (y/n), is there anything fun to do around here?” he asks you. Just like that, it was like the veil that cloaked your brain, making you forget you were in the middle of nowhere, suddenly disappeared. You’re back where you’ve grown up your whole life, and all you can think is how badly it sucks.

“No, we’re in the middle of nowhere. There’s only one movie theater here, and that’s about as much entertainment as we get,” you say, rolling your eyes. All of a sudden, Cyclops is walking over.

“Wait, are you saying that there are no malls here?” He looks as though your town has personally offended all of his ancestors.

“Uh, nope. Just that one theater. I think it’s closed by now though…” you say, contemplating whether or not it would be closed right now.

“Okay, so, we need to get you out of this godforsaken town and to a mall. Please don’t tell me you’ve never been to a mall in your life.” Cyclops is practically pleading by now. You didn’t have the heart to tell him that you have not been to a mall so you just shook your head.

“No, no, I’ve been to a mall. Just…it was on a family vacation a while back…” you lied straight through your teeth. Then, to add to the nonsense, Nightcrawler comes over. By now, Mystique has given up on your teenage foolishness and went about doing her leadership thing.

“So, you haven’t been to a mall either?” Nightcrawler says, smiling at you. You can’t lie to him. He seems like such a sweetheart, your own heart was practically melting. You shake your head.

“No, no I haven’t.”

“Well, that’s it. We’ve got to take you to a mall. See, Kurt here went to his first mall a few months ago. He loved it, isn’t that right Kurt?” Cyclops says, looking to Nightcrawler, who nods. “Oh, yeah, by the way, that’s Kurt and Peter and I’m Scott,” he introduces all of them.

“Yeah, hate to break it to you, but I already introduced myself. If anything, I should be the one introducing you guys,” Peter says.

“Well, bit too late for that, isn’t it?” Scott smiles in a smug manner. Peter just gives a fake smile, as if he was amused.

“So, vhen should ve go? And vhat mall?” Kurt interjects, smiling at everyone.

“I think we should talk to Jubilee and Jean because I think they’d want to go too,” Scott says.

“And Ororo, I don’t think she’s been to a mall either,” Peter says.

“What is with you people and not going to malls?!” Scott is exasperated now. He turns to you. “Well, we’ll get back to you. Do you have a phone number or something?” You’re flustered again, digging through your bag for a slip of paper and a pen.

“Oh, yeah, I do. I just need a paper and a—” You’re interrupted by Peter, who ran to find a pen and paper and was back before you could finish your sentence. “—pen.” You write your number down and hand it to them. Scott and Peter practically knock each other over trying to grab it, but Kurt is the one who ends up with it.

“Ve vill call you later!” he says happily. You grin at him.

“Let’s go guys! Move it!” Mystique yells at the boys. They bid their goodbyes and leave with the rest of the X-Men.

And you can’t believe you’re going to get to hang out with the X-Men, with your heroes.

Part 2