but i ended up doing it anyways

more trans!neil

@menoti asked me for more trans! neil josten and its all ive ever wanted to hear

  • allison doing make up on neil to make his face more masculine
  • at first neil feels ridiculous, but allison knows what shes doing and he ends up looking pretty cool. even andrew thinks he looks hot, but shrugs it off bc he thought neil was hot before
  • as much as the foxes defend him, the guy can handle himself. he doesn’t stop correcting transphobes even on small things and hes like “[deadname]? i dont know her”
  • andrew correcting people on neils pronouns and refusing to let them continue what theyre saying until they correct themselves like “josten, shes a-” “he” “uh yeah anyways shes a great striker bu-” “he is a great striker” “hm uh but i really thi-” “say it” “what?” “neil, he’s a great striker and what?” 
  • andrews kinda terrifying so it works
  • when he first came to palmetto, he was super anxious about passing so wore his binder to his first game, another playing slammed him into the wall, bruising his ribs and punching breath out of him. kevin threatened him, telling him never to wear it again while playing
  • he poked neil’s chest after and said, “this. this better never interfere with your play, because its not what makes you a man, you being 5′3″ and forcing a raquet out of a 6′6″ 250lbs guy’s hand. that makes you a man. don’t fucking injure yourself trying to be what you already are.”
  • imagine andrews eyeroll when he says “doesnt mean i wouldnt blow you” and neil replies “but youre gay” 
  • because the only thing andrew cares about being in neils pants is his hand
  • riko tells neil that hes living a lie and that he knows who neils true self is, and neil just tells riko that hes more of a man than he’ll ever be

!!!!Thank you for 5k!!!!!

As promised, here is what I look like. This is the meme you have been following for the past few days/weeks/months. The reason I was dressed like that was because I was one of Snow White’s dwarves for my dance performance. Exclusive backstage footage. I’m screaming and shaking I honestly- why did I do this- how did it end up like this-

Anyway, I’m so!! damn!! thankful!!!! that you guys stick around to read my fan fictions and leave me such lovely comments. All I wanted to do was make people happy and make people feel emotions, and I guess I’m getting that when all of you tell me that my writing is causing you pain. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago when I was posting really small, poopy one-shots, lol. I really hope I improved! I’ll keep working hard for you guys. I want to keep entertaining people with my stuff because it’s the best I can do hehe. You guys are honestly the sweetest followers I could ask for (literally, I have no drama and I am so so thankful for that. I want nothing but good things on this blog, alright?) I actually have another surprise in store for next week, and it is coming in the middle of the week so like (Wednesday-ish?) And it’s just a huge huge present, a basic combination of things all of you love and find entertaining. I hope you like it!

Stay beautiful, awesome, and healthy~ Thank you for all the love and support! I love you all!


Kimmy’s Talentswap Event!!!

Ultimate Lucky Student, Kaede Akamatsu

Suggested by @ding-dong-grandpa

Sorry for the long wait!!! I actually finished this a while ago (even before I participated in TPG Week), but was hesitating a bit trying to get Prince Hinata posted first. I wanted to do a few touch ups, but unfortunately the app I was using ended up updating the day after I finished Prince Hinata ^^; That means that the brush settings are now completely different than what I was using before, so it’s only a matter of figuring out how to recreate it to the original again (or redraw all the plushies from scratch… the thought horrifies me).

Anyways, Kaede, or really the Ultimate Luckster talent, was a bit of a challenge! But challeneges, once I get an idea, are actually really fun! I went and looked at the other two official Lucksters, Makoto and Nagito, and came up with three things in their design that they have in common: zippers, hoodies, and an overall color scheme of red, green, and black. Makoto’s was primarily black, Nagito’s priarily green, so I decided Kaede’s has to be primarily red, or at least the red should pop out. I gave her shorter sleeves because it just felt better that way. By the way, it saddens me there aren’t any plushies of the V3 kids yet :( I’m holding on to hope that they’ll come out next year!

There’s only one more request to do (Gamer Junko), and then I can finally make a new plushie thing!

Headcanons/Backstory under the cut!!! Special thanks to @rosejiannahasnolife for helping me out with it :) And there aren’t any spoilers from NDRV3′s canon here!

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anonymous asked:

hi bby! I know you don’t promote eating disorders and you do such a good job at being respectful and giving healthy advice and ugh I love it. but I have a question and I totally understand if you can’t/won’t answer!! so I’m 5’8 and 125lbs right now. I want to get down to 110 but I’m worried I won’t be able to stop myself once I hit that weight from wanting to get lower. do you have advice on how to make myself sTOP losing weight if it comes to that :(( anyways. thank you! I love you.

Hey sweetness.

So one of the hardest parts about this is being able to stop.

What happened to me was, I got to my gw of 90, wasn’t happy and just kept saying I could lose 5 more.
Ended up at 76lbs and almost died.

You have to have incredible strength to make yourself stop, because it becomes addicting.

Nothing makes me happy like stepping on the scale and seeing that I’ve lost weight.

I dont actually know any specific ways to make anyone stop losing, if any if my followers do; help a girl out?

Please stay safe, especially if you’re trying to go so low with your height.

Background radiation

I’m checking in on my friends.

Are they all still okay? Are they all still there?

Are they still fighting?

The same ammunition that’s been recycled since I discovered the battle. Spent fuel that’s never not been dangerous, taking lives by proxy. Keeping people in exile.

They’re fighting for their homeland. Where we grew up. They say we can’t live here. But we can’t leave. We live here now, just like we always have.

I check on my friends, and see how much I can stand. It’s painful being out here. Some days are worse than others.

I know the fight is senseless. Sometimes I end up fighting anyway for awhile before I realize it’s more damaging to me than anyone else, and most of the people here aren’t fighting.

They don’t need to. Neither do I.

I check in while I can tolerate the background radiation.

How damaging is it today?

@belldandy-goddessofthepresent replied to my post, even if Tumblr is being stupid and won’t give me the fancy automatic layout:

*very quietly* Leverage ending? I know you’ve expressed enthusiasm for that kind of thing before. An ending where the boys set up something new, a way to showcase their skills as honorable thieves and Sly and Carmelita can be on level footing  (no lies, both doing what they love and following Carmelita’s epiphany in Sly 4 more or less on the same side) then if there was another game you have a perfect set up for a new plot Any how that’s my 2 cents 


I was gonna make a post on Leverage at some point anyway, so for those of you unaware: Leverage is a show about a band of lovable, humourous, kindhearted criminals extra-legal persons who, having gotten a taste of how nice it feels to help people, decide to do it full-time. They set up “Leverage Consulting”, and pull sweet heists in order to help ordinary people. It’s fucking phenomenal.

Originally posted by leverageepisodegifs

In case that sounds familiar, yes, it is the closest thing you’re gonna get to a live-action Sly Cooper series, and yes, if you’re following this blog chances are you’ll like it. Fantastic characters, inventive setups, a great approach to the heist genre. Evil Wil Wheaton! I adore this show, go check it out.

Anyway, all this to say: yes, I think this would make a fantastic direction for the Gang to go in. I keep saying that I want to see them actively fight for good rather than just focusing on avenging Sly’s family. This emphasizes the Good in “Chaotic Good”, while keeping all the sweet heist action!

It also does open the door for Sly and Carmelita to settle down permanently. My one concern is that for that to work fully, Carmelita would need to undergo an arc that loosens her up in regards to the law. I know Sly 4 made steps in that direction, but given that’s her whole worldview, and it would be for the undeniable end of making her Sly’s wife, it could potentially go very badly. But I’m confident that, handled with care, it could be done. 

And it would be awesome.

My style is up there in my brain but it’s hard to apply because a lot of it kinda calls for me to be on T to avoid being misgendered so I’m just always stuck in too short jeans and hoodies and big t-shirts, but yinz wait I’m gunna be killing it as a deep forest prince sooner or later


Sometimes you just need to hug it out

#potterweekprompts2017, day 7: yer a wizard, harry

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“Like a centipede.”

Little comic with Remington and Emilia (ok?)


tbh I can fully see this a) happening and b) getting seriously out of hand (Houscon 2017)


Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha

ok listen yes i know we all love the headcanon that adrien is as innocent as a newborn baby and is an absolute angel. but i raise you this: adrien “potty mouth” agreste who was taught never to swear but started doing it anyways as a literal “fuck you” to his dad… except from doing it so often he ended up being unable to stop so he has the worst language out of everyone in the ot4

like 24/7 he is just

(and nino is completely unphased because he’s just used to hearing it on the daily)