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A note to h8ters on simblr

I’m going to make gay sims or straight sims

I’m going to put any hair I want on any sim I want

I’ll use or not use CC if I chose to

I won’t buy a game pack/expansion/stuff pack if I don’t want to

I’ll decorate my sims houses however I want

Unfollow me if you don’t agree, but spreading sending hate messages makes YOU the jerk, not me.

Jaejoong's image from 2003 to present
  • 2003: What is talking. Must refrain from spilling true jaejoong. Circle lense queen, kawaii-imnida!!1!
  • 2004: Long hurr dun curr! I am a umma and wifeu
  • 2005: Original ice prince cold face get out of my way chuseyeo debut of Korean nosferatu
  • 2006: pre-debut anime-desu, true self: blabbermouth can't stop won't stop
  • 2007: 50 shades of blond, fully evolved anime-desu
  • 2008-2009: testosterone overload except on face, you got nothing on my muscles, much abs, still no armpit hair much sad :(, tie me up chuseyeo bdsm pls, are you even real
  • 2010: Ayy girl, I no englishie :(, Jiji love me pls
  • 2011: emoshinki all day err day, twitter mess, I miss my members, yunho answer your god damn phone , much depression, I can be manly watch my forehead, I will protect you
  • 2012: Historical drama I can do that, doesn't get the girl once again, still not main character, I cry and spit on my dying father's face :(, bring the boys out, elle model-imnida
  • 2013: Rock, visual kei , still anime-desu, very darkness, nosferatu with wings, bring the owl/dog/snake/crows out, leather fashionista ayy, the next taylor swift heartbroken wae you leave me you just another girl but I will write a song about you, I will kill you with my falling furnitures, stripping is my job, too cool for clothes, half nekkid selcas at your service oh look the outline of my dick is showing w0W tatoos everywhere much deep
  • 2014: fierce, can't be tamed, still a rockstar, watch my hairflips and awkward moves, let me drown you with my tears, stripper as a career
About Onew and his vocal chords...

I was really fucking angry at Sm when he was suddenly withdrawn from Singing In The Rain, and I was really worried when he was missing in Brazil, and angry at the members for not even doing so much as mentioning him.

But now it all makes sense. Why they removed him from the musical, why he wasn’t in Brazil, why the members didn’t say anything. Well, the first two should be obvious for everyone, let me elaborate on the third.

It was better to just spill things once they’re over and they’re sure he will recover and be back to his old self. He had the surgery on June 3rd, but it takes a while to really know. Most of the time, people are not allowed to speak for about a week, and only when the docs make them speak again for the first time they will know for sure how well the surgery went. So it’s likely they did that today and fortunately, it seems the surgery went well.

So I think that’s why the members didn’t say anything. Saying something before the actual surgery would have caused panic in the fandom that would most likely have been - and, as it has now turned out after surgery was successful, would definitely have been - unnecessary. It also is to protect his own privacy, what with stalkers who might bother him and the whole hospital. So yeah.

I’m also incredibly touched cause turns out the night Minho went on Jonghyun’s Blue Night to “offer support” and Jonghyun played Onew’s Moonlight was the night after his surgery. You cannot tell me that out of all the nights they could have chosen to do this, they did it that night and it was coincidence. Nope. Literally cutest. ;; ♥

Also, people it is now time to stop hating on SM. I repeat, now is the time to stop hating on them.

There’s no reason to. You already made yourself look ridiculous when you said “they treated him so bad I bet he filed a lawsuit too”. Turns out that didn’t happen. Don’t make a fool out of yourself unknowingly again.

What? You have arguments? Lemme guess “But he had this since February and he’s only getting surgery now SM IS THE WORST!!!!11!!!”

Nu-uh. If you actually think that, learn to read. READING COMPREHENSION. 

They said he has been having symptoms since February, not that he was diagnosed  in February. How do you even think this works? 

Onew walks into doctor’s office.
Onew: My throat hurts.
Doctor: Oh yeah you have vocal chord polyps OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!

Like really, people, really? That’s not how it works. 

Throat pain is a very unspecific symptomas are all other symptoms of vocal chord polyps. They could all be attributed to a common cold or influenza, or a lot of other diseases with the same symptoms that are far more common. And that’s what doctor’s will do: If they can’t tell, they will go with the most likely option first.

What I’m trying to say is: Him having symptoms since February doesn’t mean he was diagnosed then. Most likely he wasn’t diagnosed until much, much later.

Most likely around the time between mid-April and end of April. Aka between the time they confirmed him for the musical and the time they released pictures without him. “BUT THE MUSICAL REPRESENTATIVE SAID HE DECIDED TO DROP OUT AFTER HIS SYMPTOMS GOT WORSE IN FEBRUARY!”

Uh no? That’s a mistranslation. Now I can’t be 100% sure about this cause this is based on my own Korean skills, but as far as I understood it, it said “he canceled because of the pain which started in February”. Did anyone say he canceled in Februarythough? No. He just did it because of the pain that started in February. Based on what I understand at least. 

Last but not least: Why would SM dig their own grave? They aren’t stupid. If he was diagnosed in February and only got surgery now they know they would get backlash, so if that was the case they’d just release a statement saying he only showed first symptoms in April. There’s literally no evidence against that, so they could’ve just made that a statement. Ya know, if that was the case. And if they were as evil as some make them out to be. But they didn’t. Why? Cause they saw no reason to. Cause they don’t think they did anything to upset fans. Cause the diagnosis probably happened much later. And then after that

… you know how it takes a while to get an appointment for surgery if it’s not a life-threatening case? Now you might say: “But he’s a celebrity, priority treatment anyone?” Yes, and no. I’m pretty sure they chose the most renowned surgeon of the field that Korea has to offer, and that surgeon probably only treats patients that would receive priority treatment from other surgeons. How to decide which VIP is more important than the other? That’s right, don’t decide. Just make it fair and square after the logic of first come first served.

That last part about it being a particularly good surgeon is speculation of course, but everything else still stands. You don’t just get a surgery appointment in two days anyways. Plus I’ve read as for this surgery, you need to receive speech technique training before the surgery, too.

In other news: Kara’s Gyuir had the same thing? She still performed in her musical and only got surgery 3 months after diagnosis.Not after the first symptoms, but after diagnosis. And in the meantime between the two she did a musical. BEAST’s Yoseob had a similar problem (vocal nodules), and he was back to singing full force 1-2 months after the surgery. (of course the latter might also happen to Jinki but that’s not the point I’m trying to make, the point I’m trying to make is that SM is not “the worst”)

Is anyone shitting on DSP or Cube? Nope. But SM is “the worst”? You know you’re not making any sense here so just stop. It’s the industry, not SM. 

EDIT: I’ve stumbled across a new argument so let’s just destroy that as well. “Most vocal chord issues can get treated without surgery if Onew just had GOTTEn the treatment.”

First off, a lot of Western artists have vocal polyps surgically removed as well, but I’m sure they have more say in this than Kpop-Artists and they still get them surgically removed. And that is why? I’m going to let the

Harvard Health Publications

speak for me:

  • Vocal cord polyps – With rest, some vocal cord polyps will go away on their own within a few weeks. Most, however, have to be removed surgically.

MOST. DESPITE the rest, MOST have to be removed surgically.Aka, your argument is invalid.

(Source: http://www.drugs.com/health-guide/vocal-cord-disorders.html )

Bottomline: The world is not black and white, people. It’s shades of grey. It’s okay to dislike SM cause they’ve done a lot of shit, and are most likely still doing a lot of shit, but you have to know when it’s time to take a step back and and admit you were wrong and they did nothing bad this time around. I’m not going to defend SM no matter what, as shown by my reaction after I heard about him not doing the musical etc… but it seems that a lot of you people want to BLAME SM no matter what, even if factual evidence like the medical information from HARVARD above speaks against your statements.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say on the matter. As disappointed as I am cause I was hoping to see him this summer when I’m in Korea, the thing that matters most is his recovery. If that means comeback postponement and such, well then I’ll have to deal with it. I’d be happy if he recovers fast and I can see him, but if I can’t then that’s okay as well.

Get Well Soon Jinki. ♥

Breath on a mirror: a little elegy for Eleven

My favorite thing about yesterday’s Doctor Who was how it talked about aging. The theme of passing years was right there in the title: “Time of the Doctor.” (I love how that recalled the final episode of the first Doctor, “The Name of the Doctor.” That one was about passing identities, this one about passing time.) We’re going from the youngest actor ever to play the role to the second-oldest–actually, Peter Capaldi is only four months younger than William Hartnell. That makes this casting a sort of return to origins, a reminder of the crotchety grandfather that was the first Doctor. (And given his legendarily foul mouth, Capaldi may well put the crotch in crotchety. Heh.) (Sorry.)

It was odd to see the Doctor age during his time on Trenzalore, and to see that in the end he can be mortal after all. But gratifying too, because he still carried the same gung-ho drunken-giraffe spirit he started with. Have to say I was a touch disappointed to see that he became young again before saying goodbye to Clara. But that’s who he’d always been for us, so that’s who he returned to. A lot of us growing older still see our younger selves in our heads, misty in the mirror, and sometimes don’t recognize that older person. “I’ll always remember when the Doctor was me.” We will too: seems Eleven’s true self is the shiny young man he started as. That’s nice for fans of my age, because if Twelve starts in a more aged body then that’s who he really is: an older person, wrinkles and all. A little bit of my current self in that mirror.

Wait–this isn’t Twelve, is it? or Thirteen? if it’s his thirteenth regeneration, then this is the Fourteenth Doctor, right? (Like a good hotel, there is no unlucky thirteenth floor.) Hm. Maybe we don’t even know. Maybe he truly is ageless now. For the Doctor defies aging: the very idea of regeneration came about because of William Hartnell’s seniority and failing health. In the end, Doctor Who is a story of generation(s), one of the few shows shared across many decades. (“Who’s your Doctor?” is a way of asking “how old a fan are you?”) For we going-silver fans, yep, seeing a Doctor our age is kinda gratifying. Not to mention hopeful.

Hopeful, because it says it’s okay to be older. It’s okay to change. As Eleven says, “But times change, and so must I… we all change. When you think about it, we are all different people, all through our lives and that’s okay, that’s good! You’ve gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the doctor was me.” As a really old writer (Ovid) put it, “Everything changes, nothing is lost.” Or as the first Doctor said, “no regrets…Just go forward.”


20 minute bounce mix.

All I want to do is aggressively booty shake today.

I am a useless human being.

I look cute tho so i dun curr.