but i dun curr

“- The ██th of ███████, ████

The Princess has been held captive in my own castle for a few days, now. I have not heard from many of my brothers, but it seems that the plumbers have outsmarted Roy, if my sources are correct. It is a shame. I wish him well.
I await them, lest they actually make it past my siblings, somehow.

The Princess, though seemingly (and unsurprisingly) distressed by her current fate, has taken to singing as she sits in the window of her cell room. I can hear it in the late hours of the night, and the earliest of the morning.
I do so wish she would allow me to give her some guidance, and direction, to properly master the skill. Her singing is not bad by any means, but she has the potential for great things. I would like to see what she could do when coupled with a proper band. Perhaps, she could even contribute to one of my own.

But I am not going to ask her. I do not think father would be very favorable towards taking the risk (Much as I’d like to spit in his face, but I must have patience.), and I do not think the Princess would be very favorable to receiving my advice, in the first place.
Maybe one of these days.

Regardless, at least there is some music in these halls that is not my own, for once. It is giving me some inspiration to try a few new things.

~Ludwig Von

I’m probably wayyyy too excited about this.

George Peacham is a moron. GO TEAM PEMBERLEY!

I was really not happy for the first part of the domino video because a) “hey peach”. and then b) “I’m the victim"  blah blah blah. I dun believe you. and stop calling people peach. douchefuck.

Buuuuut. I knew I was going to like this domino app. I KNEW IT. (insert happy dance) Now mr robot newsie king needs to go find him and kick his sorry ass. please & thank you.

(and yes i just watched the video because i was busy. im late to the party. mehh)

My emotions of the day in gifs

Running around in the morning to get ready for interview

Going to interview

Waiting for interview

Doing writing assignment for the first 15 min of the interview

Actual interview part (with like, the questions and three people staring at me)

What I thought they thought of me

What they actually thought of me

And then I got the job

i don't know how to title this | drabble

I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I’ll never let you go.
When all those shadows almost killed your light.
I remember you said don’t leave me here alone.
But all that’s dead and gone and past tonight.

Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift

Slow motion.

Stumbled movements.

Clumsy actions.

Racing hearts.

Silenced lives.

Devastated lovers.

A single cry.


A hushed comfort.

A faded heart.