but i doubt that's actually going to happen

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Not saying he would, but what if he just acts the same as he has been and how he was when Another Man came out? He didn't say anything, didn't thank people for their support, didn't talk about the content of the magazine, there was just very very little conveyed outside of the actual magazine. I want to hear every thought he had while putting this album together but I just worry that's never going to happen anymore.

This is about to slightly miss the point but I’m always utterly floored about how people act like he HAS to thank fans… What, are you his 80 year old grandmother??? It just rubs me the wrong way when people essentially demand gratitude on their terms.

Which…the few times Harry has taken to social media recently it’s almost always been to thank fans?? Like he actually does that quite a lot?? I’ve never doubted that he loves and appreciates us?? He’s not obligated to do so the same way that other people do, and if that’s a deal breaker for you then…let it be one.

Anyway. Harry does not have to conduct his public life/how he talks about his work to the approval of some of his fans. It’s OK if you disagree with that. If it gets in the way of you enjoying his work maybe you don’t have to be as dedicated a fan as you were in the past. That would be more productive for everyone involved, if people knew when to step back from celebrities they’ve outgrown or who have changed their styles (and that goes for ALL the boys). Like, if all you’re going to do day in and day out is bemoan what a celebrity ISNT doing to please you, I think it is very much worth reevaluating why you’re spending so much energy on something that’s come to upset you.

What if...

What if, in the next episode, the reason why the sheriff needs to talk to Jughead is because he is broken into some place where he is planning to live, and they find out about Jughead being homeless, so someone need to take him in and take care of him, and that turns out to be the Coopers… 

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i mean, they are crazy and all, but Alice actually seems to like Jughead, for a change, and imagine how cute that would be for Bughead <3

Juggie and Betty walking to school together

Juggie and Betty working on their “murder investigation” in Bettys room

Jughead helping Betty and her dad fix cars

Juggie and Betty going to pops together in the afternoon before going home

Betty writing in her journal, while Juggie is writing on his novel

Jughead sneaking into Bettys room late too say good night…

I mean, i doubt thats going to happen, but the idea of it is still friggin adorable.

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do you think flints actually survived and was reunited with Thomas or was that just the story silver told I mean I wasn't going to doubt the ending but then rackhams monologue about stories and their truthfulness got me all kinds of messed up also: the colours in the reunion scene weren't as vibrant there was this scheme they use for memories (which can one explained by the fact that it happened before John told it to madi so that's why it's like a memory) but still I have my doubts

[takes that open ending concept, violently slam dunks it in the trash, sets the trash on fire and kicks it in the sun] i don’t know what you’re talking about, flint is obviously alive and wrapped up in thomas’ arms somewhere nice and private and they’re peacefully living the rest of their lives together. 

no but seriously, this whole ‘silver lied, the ending is just a made up story, flint died in that forest’ idea is bullshit. i’ve ranted and i’ve ranted about this before and if i had more time now i’d rant again, but i don’t, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this one okay?! he is fine. the writers have more or less confirmed the reunion was real, toby stephens said flint’s ending is satisfying (and between the two supposed endings, im pretty sure the reunion is the satisfying one), and this whole open ending thing was introduced to purposely create confusion because this whole show is a story about stories and our own interpretations of them. jack said it himself ‘’the stories we want to believe those are the ones that survive’‘, so if you believe flint survived, then that’s the truth. the only truth. also re: jack’s speech, a lot of ppl who doubt the ending seem to have missed the obvious. jack literally admitted flint is alive. madam guthrie specifically told jack to kill flint. jack then returned with news that flint has retired. not dead, retired (much to her dismay). why would he lie to her if she clearly wanted to hear he’s dead?! and re: the coloring, the lack of vibrance only adds to the fact that it’s a memory, because they’ve used the same filter on silver and flint’s flashbacks in 409. why would one be real and the other not?! just… he’s alive. dont buy into the devil’s theory. it really makes no sense and it’s just an excuse for homophobes now to deny him his much deserved happy ending. 

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Whats the big thing thats going to happen at the next con? Is the spin off happening

Honestly I don’t know and to be fair this seems to just be fan talk. I haven’t actual seen Dabb or Singer or J2 say there is an announcement, so I think its a whole lot of nothing.

But thats just say it is true (I’m bored sue me.) I bet it’s something dumb and not even worth talking about. I highly doubt it’s another spin off or Wayward Vagina’s but again Dabb and Singer think Claire is a fan favorite so wouldn’t put it past them. 

I would love if they announced Eric was coming back (I know it’s very unlikely.)

Peter pan imagine

You were always pans lost girl but circumstances and a change of heart made you a goodie once again, an act pans struggling to come to terms. Something he refused to believe because he needs you…or more specifically your heart


That i do but i have one last ingredient i need, from my lost girl, you really attempt to hide from me y/n". You flinched at his words and felt belle’s grip on your arm tighten as Neal stood a little taller to hide you further. “Its futile to hide from me y/n you know that, so what i dont understand is why you are hiding from me”. You couldn’t see him because of Neal but he seemed to be moving away from where you stood. “Your hiding from the inevitable, you know you will come back to me y/n because you belong in Neverland, its in your blood, you’ve done too many things to come here and live happily with you woved ones” he taunted “imagine if they found out what you’re really like”. You pushed your way forwards angry and hurt at his remarks, you wanted him to see your face and know youd changed. He stood across from you leaning on one leg with a smirk plastered across his face. Felix stood with him and from the way he looked at you, you did feel a pang of regret but knew you made the right choice. “Aww there she is…my own lost girl…my little helper…come home y/n come back to my side” he said opening his arms slightly. You knew the others were eying you warily but the look exchanged between you and emma made their worry stop. “No pan my place is here, with my family”. “Family” he spat, you’d angered him. “You honestly call these people your family y/n? Me and felix were your only family, we took you in and cared for you”. You sighed and locked eyes with him making him falter “i know peter and im thankful but whilst you wage war against storybroke and against my blood i must stand against you”. He shook his head and stepped closer to you. “What because your parents loved you? Because theyre sorry for leaving you?please you know they will never love you, not truly, they’ll never love you as much as i do”. That stopped you, pan had never even joked about loving anyone. “What” you breathed staring at him, was this a trick? Was he messing with you?. “Of course i did, how couldn’t you tell? There was only one person in Neverland i tried to keep away from this vermin, who i tried to keep safe and thats you, its always been you”. You faltered and locked eyes with him, you believed him but something felt wrong. “Wait he means to react the curse, if you truly love y/n then you need her heart” emma warned and you saw the truth in both boys eyes as they looked at you. “If you ever loved me back y/n you will understand and give me your heart, i need it as the thing i love most which has always been you”. You backed away slightly but pan followed you and you felt trapped. Felix was behind you and you heard shouts come from the others for him to leave you alone. “I will never help you” you spat and you saw his eyes flash with angry briefly. “Why not? You said your willing to die for those you love so why not me?”. You shook you head dismissively but he continued grabbing your arm “i know you love me, even if you claim you don’t anymore, i know you do just like i know you will give me your heart…or” he said leaning closer so only you two could hear “ill have to rip it out and my feelings for you wont make it any less painful”. His grip on your arm suddenly grew tight and you cried out. Emma and the others ran to your aid but with a flick of his hand they were immobilised. “Let go of her papa” a voice rang out making pan halt inches from your heart. “Laddie, come to stop me have you?” He asked smirking turning from you. Rumples eyes locked with yours and you knew your time was limited. You backed away discreetly and made your way behind felix. With a flick of his hand he had rumple by the throat, you knew rumple was buying you time with his life. You reached up into your chest and seized your heart, “pan” you screamed. He stopped when he saw what you held. “I knew you loved me, i knew you’d make the right choice”. He actually sounded happy which made you hesitate but never doubt what you should do. You nodded and he approached you fast. Both him and felix turned to you ignoring rumple behind them. He reached for it and in a smoke of blue it was gone. “What happened” he yelled at you as you shrugged “i put it somewhere safe you can’t get it”. Pan tried to retaliate but rumple grabbed him and drove the dagger through his back. “Sorry pa pa but thats y/ns heart and your times over”. You seemed to watch in slow motion as rumple let go of pan. He fell to the floor shaking the magic draining out of him and made him ghostly white. But his eyes were still bright and fixated on you. So full of sadness and actual fear. You couldnt help it. You ran to him and his hand soon found yours. You cradled him as best as you could in your arms. “Peter im so sorry” you told him “i had to do this, i had no choice”. It was hard to tell but pan nodded his head in reply before he closed his eyes. You went a bit ecstatic then, you screamed for him and collapsed in tears next to him. Everything pan had said had been true, you were lost, you had no real family apart from him, hed been all you needed. Everyone was stood around you politely, none were sad and most looked relieved. Emma approached but stopped when she saw you brush her away. She said something and everyone went apart from her and belle who waited patiently for you. Thats when you noticed felix. He stood over the two of you, his expression unreadable. “Felix im so sorry, i had to” you muttered looking up to him. He shook his head, “you didnt have to y/n, you couldve chosen us, now you dont mean anything to me”. His voice was so cold it made you gasp. He sunk down next to you and silently cried. You knew this boy too, you knew he was bottling it up. “Felix come here” you ordered reaching for him. “Dont touch me, dont you dare, im fine” he shouted still crying. “No your…” You started when he shouted “y/n don’t, leave me alone, leave me alone”. He repeated the last part over and over again until you couldnt take it. You flung your arms around him and hugged him. He resisted at first before he buried his head in your shoulder and cried too. “What will we do now y/n” he asked shakily in-between sobs “i have nobody now”. You may have had to kill pan but you werent going to loose felix too. He didnt have to die. “Thats not true” you said pulling away to look him in the eye, his gaze was desperate and scared, pan had been the father to him he never had, felix needed you now more than you needed him. “You have me, and ill always protect you and be there for you, i won’t leave you”. He smiled at you and linked your hand. “I didnt mean it, im sorry, you know ill always care for you too” he stated as you clung to each other. You stood up after a while and requested to bury pan. Emma wasn’t pleased and many came to watch unhappily but they let you. You put a small gravestone and grew flowers with your magic. You and felix watched them grow in silence and you felt his hand grip yours. In that moment, despite the grief, you still had your best friend

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I think it's crazy that some people think that once Hamilton hits high schools that there won't be white people cast in it. Is it probably not the best choice? Yes, that's white washing, but it's inevitably going to happen. Even professional theatres doing In the Heights have white washed it. I just sincerely doubt all high schools will score enough POC auditioning for roles to cast the whole show, which is a whole other topic all together. So have at your Hamilton Jr. That's rad.

I know for a fact that in my theatre department there are only like 5 people who aren’t white
Our director teacher whatever you want to call it is actually going to make an entire new department specifically for poc, because they make up half the school, but are barely involved in theatre

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Harry is a master at public relations: he never complains, explains, confirms or denies anything, yet he always appears thoughtful and respectful when answering questions. He's got this down to an actual art form. It's so impressive to me. Sometimes I wish he'd cut the bullshit and just tell us what he really thinks about things, but I doubt that's ever going to happen. He is a one of a kind mysterious enigma. It always made me laugh when people thought Zayn was the mysterious one in the group.

He’s a pro, yeah. He confirms and denies at times, but for the most part, he’s a sneak at making you think you got an answer, but you really didn’t, haha. But I think the biggest reason for why he does that lands on the fans, they dissect and twist everything he says. Some fans don’t get his sense of humor either, his dry wit/sarcasm. And the media extrapolates and wants their head lines, you know, so it’s better to not give them much to talk about. 

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Ive been trying to attract money but today I realized the money i want is too big and thats why im having doubts. Im only 17 so theres no way i can get that much money.(i know i shouldnt be thinking about how its gonna happen but i cant help myself)so i thought,can i instead focus on my parents getting money? they'd pay for my everything anyway and money is something they really want(they want it as much as i do) actually theyre the reason the money i want is big. im so confused please help me:(

Nope nope nope nope. Backspace, delete, select all, space bar. Love I’m not really going to answer the question you asked because it’s completely built on false premises. But I will tell you this:

Your belief is the ONLY ONLY ONLY thing that is keeping your abundance from you. Your age cannot stop you. Your social status cannot stop you. Your family cannot stop you. Your government cannot stop you. If you are operating from full positive belief, nothing can stop you. If you are allowing money to come to you, it will come to you. It must because that is how the Law of Attraction works. When you are in alignment, you are creating with the same power that has created every single thing that already exists. There is nothing you cannot do.

If you are grateful for what you have, if you rejoice for others abundance, if you expect abundance to come to you, if you believe you are already abundant, if you consistently offer a vibration that matches abundance, abundance will be delivered. You need to stop focusing on why you want the money and how to get the money and how unlikely it is, because none of that aligns you with the vibration of abundance. F E E L  G O O D. When you are not feeling good you are not helping anybody. Trust the universe. Focus on abundance all around you. There is no limit to the amount of abundance that can be experienced by anybody or everybody anywhere. The only thing that can cut you off from abundance is your own habit of thought.

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Hey Shai! What's your opinion on everything that's happening right now? Do you really think harry signed a solo contract on a yacht? I have loads of harry blogs on my dash mad at him for acting so "tacky"..i am so confused. Dont't know what to think

Hi love :) 

Oh my, there’s a lot of drama going on because of those pictures. I think that’s the sole purpose of those pictures, actually: drama. It’s to rile up rumours and doubts within both fandoms, ours and Kendall’s, too. I’m not sure what the intended aim is, but usually, it doesn’t take long before stunts like this one make sense within the broader picture. 

I don’t think Harry signed a solo contract on that yacht, no. He may have signed one, but if he has it certainly didn’t happen in swim shorts on a yacht. And if he indeed signed a solo contract, I don’t think it’s a bad thing? Louis kept saying that he’s excited to see what the other boys will do during the break, and as I understood it, that implied that there were solo projects coming. I don’t think he meant he’s excited to see the other three lounging at the beach – that doesn’t make much sense. He was talking of projects, on and off stage. 

Doing something solo doesn’t mean 1D’s end. I think all of them will do solo stuff, even if it’s not music related. They could do TV or radio or go into production. None of the boys is the kind of guy to do nothing for two years. They are young and they have possibilties. Endless possibilities. Let them explore those. 

If Harry’s “tacky”, the other boys are, too. Just because it doesn’t get hightly publicised in the media, doesn’t mean Louis, Liam and Niall aren’t arranging for solo projects, too. We’re al so focused on what Harry does, the announcement of Liam collaborating on Lunchmoney Lewis’ new single will hit out out of the blue because no one saw it coming ;) 

I can’t tell you what to think, love. But I can tell you that it’s not the boys upsetting you. It’s your expectations. 

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I just rewatched the ep and I got a little bit excited because EMMA JUST HAD HER MOMENT OF DOUBT. Like, if they had gotten together or TLK, I would have been expecting her to kinda freak out a little bit and maybe start wondering 'is this too good to be true' after bc that's how these stories usually go. But she's now had it BEFORE they are together, and these stories usually make it so that when you have a moment BEFORE, you're 100% solid/no doubts once it actually happens. In my experience.

This is a really good point - and I also think Hook’s having his moment of doubt. Henry says that heroes always have that, and Hook’s whole arc this season has been about becoming a hero. Emma’s a person who doesn’t willingly trust others - they have to work for it. JMo said Emma makes Hook work for it, and we’re seeing it now. 

It’s probably a good thing for her to look for reasons not to trust him, because that means he’s close to her and he matters to her. People who matter to her have betrayed her in the past. She’s trying to protect herself from that. For her to realize that Hook’s never going to be the person to betray her…that’s going to be better for them in the long run. She has to overcome her abandonment issues before they can be together, and her realization that Hook isn’t going to be like the other people who have betrayed her is crucial to that.

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hey, i'm sorry if you've answered this before, but i was wondering if you think that the writers are going to officially make destiel canon or come out and say that dean is bi? or do you think that's all just a pipe dream and it's never going to actually happen? sometimes i get really discouraged and i don't want to watch supernatural because i feel like the writers are only going to keep queerbaiting us.

Well, I think it will probably be not quite that black and white. What I believe the question will be is *how explicitly textual* Destiel is going to be. I have no doubt that Dean and Cas are absolutely 100% each other’s endgame, but how openly romantic is it going to be? Will it be subtle enough that people can still argue they’re only best friends, or will there be no doubt that they’re in love? That’s what I’m not sure about.

I don’t believe the writers are queerbaiting us. I believe they are telling a story. I think that queerbaiting would be mocking us, leading us on with occasional hints, not literally weaving their story with countless tropes, hints, callbacks, references, and indications through set design, music choice, editing, direction… I mean, on the one hand there are BIG parts of the story that make no sense if Destiel isn’t real, and on the other, there are so many constant tiny, subtle efforts going into the background, the mentions, the set, the costumes, the editing - from the fact that Cas found his grace in Don Quixote, a story about a delusional would-be hero madly in love with someone who doesn’t love him back (this being how Metatron views Cas) to how a shot of Cas faded into Dean’s hand reaching for his beer with the label “a taste of heaven”. These things aren’t accidents. They make those beer labels on purpose, they pick their literary and pop culture references, their props, their colors, their costumes, their music, very very much on purpose. When Dean stops mentioning women and starts making his statements gender-neutral, they know what they’re doing. When it’s openly asked what Dean and Cas want in their lives, they know what they’re doing.

There’s too much for it to be nothing. There’s too much effort and thought and work for it to be a joke, a tease, or anything but an important, intentional part of the story they’re telling. What kind of stupid fuck would waste that kind of time and energy in the making of something if it didn’t mean something? Why would people intentionally antagonize, mislead, and mock the fans their livelihood depends on, ESPECIALLY when the major media has already taken notice? Big websites have already said that Supernatural needs to make it canon already, so if the show ends without them doing SOMETHING? There is going to be blood.

In short, there is no chance this is going nowhere. The question is exactly how far it’s going to go, and only time is going to tell that.

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I personally think when people start doubting over a lack of interaction, esp if it's only been days or a couple weeks, that's when they need to go find something productive to do. Back away from the ship a bit, & focus on their actual life. It will pass the time until VZ do something obvious, which always happen like clockwork.

This is so on point; I completely agree with everything that you said.