but i doubt it is

Honestly, the Bellarke separation and time jump, and a good portion of their dynamic overall, fall into such a blatantly obvious TV trope for slow burn couples I don’t know how some people still don’t think they’re endgame… I mean… IT’S. SO. FUCKING. OBVIOUS. 

Just look at them compared to (some of) the most mainstream/popular ships in the genre.

Bellamy and Clarke (The 100)

  • 4 condensed seasons (58 episodes) and not explicitly canon
  • partnership dynamic
  • “together”/”i can’t do this without you” moment
  • separation
  • thinks the other is, or could be, dead
  • no other slow burns on the show (besides kabby, but they don’t fit the ep rule)

Canon “Slow Burn” Ships (40 ep or more)

Mulder and Scully (The X-Files)

  • 7 full seasons to kiss, 10 to go “canon” (romance still denied by show runner)
  • partnership dynamic: check
  • “together”/”i can’t do this without you” moment: check (x20)
  • separation: check 
  • thought the other was dead: check
  • no other slow burns on the show

Rick and Michonne (The Walking Dead)

  • 4 condensed seasons to kiss and go canon
  • partner ship dynamic: check
  • “together”/”i can’t do this without you” moment: check
  • separation: check 
  • thought the other was dead: check (for a brief second but also probably assumed dead after the prison attack)
  • no other canon slow burns on the show

Fitz and Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)

  • 3 full seasons to kiss, then go canon
  • partnership dynamic: check 
  • “together”/”i can’t do this without you” moment: check
  • separation: check 
  • thought the other was dead: check
  • no other canon slow burns on the show

Stiles and Lydia (Teen Wolf)

  • 3 full seasons to kiss, 6 to go canon
  • partnership dynamic: check
  • “together”/”i can’t do this without you” moment: check
  • separation: check
  • thought the other was dead: she forgot he existed so… partial check?
  • no other canon slow burns on the show

Emma and Hook (Once Upon a Time)

  • 3 full seasons to kiss and then go canon 
  • partnership dynamic: kinda
  • “together”/”i can’t do this without you” moment: check
  • separation: check (multiple times)
  • thought the other was dead: check
  • no other canon slow burns on the show

I mean HELLO??? 

Just extended separations (especially combined with one thinking or assuming the other could be dead/one never giving up hope of finding them) is such a romantic trope linked with canon romantic couples. Desmond and Penny (Lost), Jamie and Claire (Outlander), Glenn and Maggie (The Walking Dead), again Mulder and Scully (The X-Files) thought the other had died at least once a season. Even books use it: Jane and Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre), Kell and Lila (Shades of Magic series), Kaz and Inej (SoC), Darrow and Mustang (Red Rising), Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games), Buttercup and Wesley (The Princess Bride)???, I mean Odysseus and Penelope for fUCKS SAKE (The Odyssey).

It’s almost as if long separations (where one half thinks the other could be dead) are almost always linked with romantic relationships… interesting… very interesting. It is not a platonic trope, my guys.

They wouldn’t go through the trouble of separating Bellamy and Clarke, and focusing on the specific reactions of Bellamy leaving Clarke (not his sister), and Clarke being without Bellamy (not her mother or other friends) if it wasn’t romantic as fuck and an endgame ship. Platonic my ass….

**Disclaimer, since this is Tumblr and some people like to get mad: this is not me directly comparing Bellarke to any of these ship (besides maybe Mulder and Scully, but I do that anyway). The only thing I’m comparing about these ships are the pace of their progression, and the aspects of their dynamic that are common with slow burn ships. I didn’t pick them for any other reason, other than they were the most popular and longest ships in the category I discussed.

deh headcanons: musical edition

i was wondering all day what the favorite musicals of the deh characters would be, and here are my final answers….

evan hansen - spring awakening, fiddler on the roof, sunday in the park with george

jared kleinman - wicked, the book of mormon, cats

zoe murphy - waitress, once, fun home

alana beck - matilda, legally blonde, a chorus line

connor murphy - next to normal, rent, the phantom of the opera

Switch again !
Abel playing with her tiny boiiis Mikuni, Jeje and Johannes :M

look at Johannes ~ he might be planning some serious shüüüt in the shadows! seriously - the crazy doc knows what’s going on. Be prepaaaared ! ~
And of course the tiny Jeje in a boat :“ ABEL AHOIIIIIIII ! ”
- imagine Jeje shouting that with his deep deeeep voice…. :‘D 

anyway, it's just a random drawing to announce the…
Servamp Meeting on this years Connichi saturdaaaay !~ \(*w*)/ 
( 23. September 2017 )
Time runs fast again and it’s already time to cosplay again!!  I’ll go as Sakuya’s sister. And I know there will be Cosplayer such as a human Abel, the Mother, Lilly…and of course many more people!
Let’s see what kind of photos will be taken this time =v=)b I’m super EXCITEEEEEED ! 
 for those who wanna join this weekend ( in Germany only ofc ;w; ) :
Connichi -> saturday -> 13:00 o'clock right before the entrance -> searching for a nice place to chill in the garden -> HAVING FUN UNTIL WE FAINT.
Every Servamp fan is invited =v=)b !! 
It shall not rain like last year tho ;w;
notwithstanding, hope you like the drawing ;;;3;;)/ !!

1 year!!!

it’s my blog’s very first birthday!!! 😚🌻💞

happy birthday to wizardwritings, hehe. so many amazing memories were made and here’s to many more! shout out to all my followers. bc this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you. :) xx fia

anonymous asked:

Lance and Shiro share a pair of glasses. When they go out to eat, they have to pass the glasses back and forth to look at the menu.

aahhhh that’s so cute!!

imagine them being an old married couple and fighting over who gets to wear them when and at one point they both pull on them and they break in half so lance just goes with it and uses his half like a monocle while shiro makes a note to buy two pairs of glasses next time they’re out

i just remembered that lotor is meant to be an antagonist and will probably be defeated in s4 and now im kinda really sad the struggle of falling for a villain is real lol


I’ve had to sink my teeth into a role that was probably a fried-chicken dinner and make it into a filet mignon.

               Happy Birthday Queen Viola Davis! (11 August 1965)

stranger things but every time someone does something questionable lucas looks into the camera like he’s on the office