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Boyfriend Hyungwon

A/N: this was requeeeeested bc u can do that guys idk what to write give me ideas pls thank u also nsfw ahead mostly fluff but im always too thirsty for my own good

  • tall lanky bf thats way too good looking
  • Sucks when you got your period bc you cant look at him without crying bc hes so handsome
  • Dunno if youre crying bc youre so happy about being with hyungwon or crying bc hes too handsome and you feel ugly
  • Laughs when you get like that, hugging you against his body
  • Always smells nice so hugging his is really nice
  • So is kissing him
  • Sometimes you will ask for a kiss or hug and hyungwon will walk up to you like hes gonna do it then will dab and walk away laughing
  • Always come back saying sorry tho and making it up to you so you dont punch him in the throat
  • boy has got some nice ass lip they are so thick and pink and are probably soft as hell
  • Tbh makeouts with hyungwon are something that happens often
  • Just sittin on his lap grinding down onto him while his tongue is in your mouth and his hands digging into your skin
  • This got sexual so early whoops lmao
  • Lets keep this goin tho
  • Maaaaan i feel like hyungwon would willing to try anything
  • Like hes not that versed in kinky shit but is down to try anything you wanna try
  • So do ya boy and favor and introduce him to e v e r y t h i n g bc u know hes lowkey freaky he just dont know it yet
  • Or he does he just hasn’t had a chance ;) ;) ;)
  • But when its not like that hes slow and seductive using his good looks against you to turn you to mush
  • Its the worst but the best thing ever
  • Probably enjoys making you suffer aka either teasing the shit outta you and not letting you come or overstimulating you to tears
  • Laughs at you begging and whining pretending like hes doing nothing wrong
  • Highkey loves making you choke on his cock
  • Nice aftercare tho
  • Cleans you up and hugs you close and tries to make you laugh
  • hes so dumb will make stupid faces at you from across the room
  • And you gotta make them back ofc
  • So you two end up looking like idiots making dumb faces at each other and giggling and anybody who happens to witness is just like ?????? What the fuck??????
  • Its cool just pretend like nothing happened hyungwon is good looking so no one else believes it when they see him being normal
  • But then ur sitting there like gdi hyungwon now i look like an idiot by myself how dare u
  • And hyungwons just like mmm get rekt hun ;)
  • Dont take him on fancy dates dont do it he looks too good and will overshadow u
  • I mean do it bc he looks hella good but be prepared for everybody and their mother to be looking at him and forgetting about you
  • Like the waitress comes up all starry eyed focussing on hyungwon asking him what he wants and just being too much
  • And ur sitting like mm yes can i have some fucking respect back tf away hes mine knife emoji
  • Hyungwon laughs but promises to eat u out when u get home for putting up with it
  • Naaaaappppsss
  • Couple naps are a thing
  • Its gr8 bc some days when you dont wanna go out and youre tired hyungwons like yeah lets watch movies and sleep its a date
  • And youre like its not a date but fine im down
  • I read somewhere that napping with someone builds trust so there u go nap a lot with hyungwon and he might pour his soul out to you
  • You gotta take care of him bc hes lowkey useless and a whiny baby
  • I mean he works a lot so its not entirely unwarranted its just annoying
  • Bc when hes sick hes like noooo im fine i dont need u to take care of me im a man i can do it
  • And ur like u sound like ur dying i bet u havent eaten yet bc u dont want to get out of bed
  • He gets quiet at that so u go over and take care of him then he turns into the worst always whining at you and asking u to do things for him and its make u like ugh i knew i shouldve just let u die
  • Which makes hyungwon dramatically gasp that turns into a coughing fit and when its over hes like how dare u say that look i almost died you break my heart
  • And ur just like hyungwon…………. oh my fucking god
  • But when hes not being dramatic or dumb hes being super sweet bc he takes ur relationship seriously
  • Like doesnt forget things at all and always surprises you with nice things bc he has very high standards he holds himself at
  • And ur like hyungwon its cool you dont have to try so hard i really dont mind
  • But hes adamant about being the perfect boyfriend so will pay for you and buy you nice things and take you on nice dates
  • Its almost like a dream honestly
  • But your fave part is when its lowkey between the two of you
  • Like chillin at your place eating takeout with no makeup wearing sweats and talking about everything under the sun
  • Those are the nicest moments bc those are the realest
  • No need to be attractive or act a certain way toward each other
  • Just two people who love each other talking from the heart
  • Thats the first time he said he loved you was in a situation like because you guys were just talking about your relationship
  • Not being overly serious or expecting anything just talking about each other saying what you liked about each other and what annoyed you
  • He accidentally said that he loved the way you liked his stupid side as much as his idol side bc a lot of ppl see him as a pretty face and he does enjoy it but thats not all there is too him
  • And ur heartbroke a little for him but then u were like wait…. u love me?
  • Hyungwon gets all sheepish and starts to blush like ………. yeah i guess i do
  • It feels like your soaring through the heavens and u yell it back at him and accidentally spill your food all over the couch squashing it between the two of you when you go to hug him
  • He immediately tells you he wants to break up for ruining his expensive sweatpants
  • You punch him on the arm
  • Hes kinda the type to hold in his bad feelings so u always gotta break him out of that and make him comfortable so he will tell whats wrong
  • Always does. May take a while but always tells you.
  • Once he trusts you he really does trust you
  • Thats when he becomes serious with you and lets you know hes in it for the long run
  • This highkey made me emotional

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Home (Blurb)

Hello lovelies. Hope you’re doing well. So sorry for the lack of imagines/blurbs but I started yet another year of University, so its been kinda hectic. But please please please send me some requests so that it will make the thinking of plots a lot more easier.  Also keep in mind I do imagines based off a character already made up, so if I see ‘y/n’ I will replace it with the name that I have created. But I hope you enjoy

Finally after weeks of not seeing him, I get to see him.
Shawn has been gone for about 3 weeks touring North America doing what he loves, unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit him those 3 weeks because of work so we did what we usually do when he’s gone; Facetime dates.
But its never the same. I truly envy people to get to wake up in their bed and say “I’m going to visit my boyfriend” and able to spend some time, if that’s if you don’t have work or you do and see him after, I envy you; yet wouldn’t want my relationship to change at all.

Today is finally the day where he comes home. I usually wait at Shawn’s condo and not greet him at the airport, because frankly I dont need 50 teenage girls coming up to me.
So I stay and wait for him.

9:05 pm
“Hey! I just landed I’ll see you soon. I MISS YOU" 
I chuckle at the text and finish pouring my tea before responding.
“See you soon. Love you ❤” I press send and sit on the couch sipping my tea, watching some random movie on t.v that doesn’t interest’s me at all.


I finally here the keys and the lock turning. I practically jump off of the white couch and place my tea on the kitchen island and run to greet Shawn at the door.
He comes through the door his body showing he’s completely drained, but his eyes; as soon as they met mine they went wide and a huge smile was plastered on his lips.

I walk up to him and hug him. His arms wrapping around my waist and squeezing me tightly, taking my breath away.
He slightly picks me up where my toes grazing the floor.
He places me down and he looks at me.
His hands slowly traveling up to my cheeks and he looks at my features as if he’s looking to make sure I’m still the same Jaclyn.

“I missed you. A lot.” I chuckle and kiss him lightly. He kisses me back and turn on my heels and grab my tea and he grabs his luggage and we meet by the washer and dryer.

I sit on the bed, sitting on my knees and Shawn watches me as he places his clothes in the washer.
“What are you looking at?” I chuckle while taking another sip.
He shakes his head and shrugs “I just missed your face”

He closes the washer and places a little bit more detergent than normal so he makes sure it gets really clean. He lazily walks over to his bed and takes my mug and I make a pouty face. He takes a big gulp out of it and sighs in relief.
“Want me to make you one?” He chuckles and shakes his head and hands me the mug back.
I take the last sip and leave the room and put the mug in the sink.

I come back and see Shawn sprawled out in his bed looking so comfy.
I walk up to him and straddle him. He takes ahold of my waist and I kiss him.
“I missed these lips” he kisses me again. I lean back and his hands supporting me.
“Well these lips missed you” I come back and kiss him.
We talk about what the other missed until we both fell asleep finally happy that he was home.

Was this bad? I don’t know I’m very indecisive and always think I write horribly so please excuse that.

Hurt (Mark fanfic)

Summary: Your husband Mark hasn’t been coming home so you fight, but eventually make up. This is probably my favorite one i’ve ever written.
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Warning: slight cussing)
Length: 1885

You and Mark had been married for 3 years now, and dating for a long time before that. Your relationship had always been one you were so proud of. But the last couple of months, it had been torturous for you. Mark’s schedule had been so packed, he would come home super tired and want to sleep immediately. Of course you understood, the first few months, you knew how hard it must have been on him. 

But as time progressed more, he seemed to become more and more distant, sometimes not talking to you at all some days. After that, weeks. And then he started coming home late, even staying away at times. You wanted to be supportive, but as you had a busy schedule as well, you just felt alone and hurt. As if he didn’t want to put in any effort at all, and it was always you running after him. 

But this week had just been to much. He hadn’t come home on Monday, which you were starting to get used to by now, but as you called him the next day, he didn’t pick up. Then the next evening he didn’t come home either. This continued the whole week. Today was Saturday, and finally you heard the clinking of the keys in the lock.

“So you decided to come home after all?”
Your voice is cold, icy almost, as if you wanted to cut someone. He looks up at you, dazy eyes from the liquor.
“Yes. I did.”
With his cold answer, you now look up at him, sending him the same ice cold eyes.

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Superhero Pact || Wonderdad

Ive seen a bunch of supermom and bat mom stories and I love them so I figured id try making my own with wonderdad :) 

A little short but feedback for this one would be greatly appreciated. p.s italicized is flashbacks and i am planning on possibly doing a part two if you guys like it.

“Daddy do you  miss being a superhero?”  You turned to look at your daughter who was getting comfortable in her bed that was covered with super girl merchandise. It wasn’t exactly a secret that your daughter loved superhero, having two superhero parents pretty much guaranteed that.

“Sometimes but mommy can totally kick all the bad guys butts all herself. She’s the real superhero” You said tickling your daughter.

“ I wanna be super strong like mommy and super smart like you!” Your daughter said breaking from her laughing fit.

“You do now do you? Well in order to get super strong and smart like mom you have to be 100% committed to take the superhero pact.” You told your daughter catching her attention.

“Superhero pact?” Your daughter said peeking her black curls out of her bed.

“Oh yeah the superhero pact that says you have to eat all your veggies, do al your homework…”

“Daddy thats just regular rules”

“Still important my little warrior.” Diana said walking into the room. Giving her a small smile you stood up letting her take your place next to your daughters bed.

“Mommy why can’t you and daddy both be superhero?” Your daughter asked looking between the both of you.

Looking at Diana for some guidance she stepped up to answer the question.

“Sometimes its important to know when to be a superhero and when to step back.” Diana said with a small smile.

“ This is all in superhero training camp munchkin, but before we go into detail you have to go to bed how else are you going to kick butt tomorrow?” You said one more time as your daughter made herself more comfortable.

“Goodnight daddy, Goodnight mommy.”

“Goodnight princess.” Both Diana and you said before giving her a kiss on the cheek and heading to your room.

“You know we’ve never actually talked about you going back.” Diana said as she started getting ready for bed.

“Your leaving the Justice League?” Batman said a little surprised as you sat across from him.

“Not leaving, ill always be available if drastic  measures are needed but at this time I think i’d do better in a lab instead of the field.

Nodding his head Batman knew there wasn't much he could do talk you out of your decision. You were powerful and if you thought this was best he knew he couldn't argue. Besides he knew you had hit a rough patch and the only way you could work on it was in the lab working.

“ill always be around if you guys need me, but for now I think this is whats best for me.”

“Theres nothing to talk about. Its been years Diana and you guys haven’t needed me yet.”

“If you ever do want to go back..”

“Diana, once a hero always a hero” You said giving her a small smile. 

“Besides I dont think our daughter will stop until she sees us both in action.” 

Letting out a small laugh Diana took a seat on the bed. 

“Who would’ve thought the day I quit being one superhero would lead me to being another to a little princess. She’s totally got the whole wonder woman thing going on Diana you might have some small competition.”

“Give it a couple years and she’ll be fighting off villains left and right.” Diana said glancing at her husband who was now laying down staring at the ceiling.

Walking out of the hall you bumped into Diana.

“I heard about your departure.” She said looking at you.

“Not exactly a departure more like a see you later.” You told her trying to keep a smile on your face.

“What I dont understand is why?” Diana asked confused.

“Thats a story for another day.” You told her sincerely.You had been close friends with Wonder Woman since the moment you were brought into the League and you had come to see her as a friend.

“Then perhaps we should make plans for another day?”

“Perhaps we shall.”

In This World Of Ours P1 of ?





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The Girl

COUPLE : thomas sangster x reader

Thomas sangster and reader where she is a fan and pretends like he has an audition in an old warehouse but then she ties him up and gives him a handjob and he was going to call the police before realizing it’s the best handjob he ever had in his life. They MAKE an agreement that he won’t call the police if she will do that for him every day and promise to take care of his sexual needs (very detailed smut)

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after months of back and forth

im finally settling in on another dumb adventure

which is to say im moving! again! seems like this seb is cursed to live a life of constant moves.

5 months ago i moved back in with my mom for the 3rd time, which of course was horrible. its been a long 5 horrible months. 6 months before that i moved into a room at my friends parents place for a really cheap rent. and once again, this seb is moving.

im going to be moving this time to boston, for a lot of personal reasons i dont really want to get into. but basically by sometime in the next few weeks or month or whatever, ya boy here should be moved into yet another situation.

it really sucks because im going to be giving up my mattress that my grandmother bought me during the summer of last year. (the first bed ive owned in years mind u) and im gonna have to get myself something smaller like a futon or a twin. im hoping on futon cuz that can at least fold out into a larger sleeping area than a twin.

im also gonna have to get rid of my dresser too. but thats not so bad cuz the thing was a piece of crap.

i think it should go without much detail to say that, even tho this next move is going to be riddled with a few more sacrafices than the last few moves, it is an absolute necessity that i get the fuck out of my mothers apartment. any place that she comes to rent and live in becomes a toxic disgusting mess of negative energy and literal toxic trash everywhere. it should be a bit evident from my past few months of near inactivity that this has been taking a tremendous toll on me physically, mentally, emotionally.

anyway idk. thats all there is to this i guess i just needed to make this post here to let anyone who cares know whats going on in my stupid shitty life and why ive been so absent from anything. so uhh yeah wish me luck lol

Jongin; Sometimes (M)

 in which Jongin wants you on the countertop
❝It is legitimately 2AM and I woke up for a bathroom break but this was literally in my dream. So, therefore, being a Jongin trash, I just had to write it out before it slips from my mind, it just came aha see what i did there no not really and ahaha I don’t know what happened here but ya’ll can judge me cause I’m going back to sleep.
►1890 words | scenario, smut

Sometimes when Jongin decides that it’s time to pour his love and affection down on you, he has many, oh, he has many ways to show it. Sometimes he likes to take his time and worship your body like a goddess, sometimes he acts like he has all the time in the world and it drives you insane to how much restrain this man has, sometimes he goes for a mad drive and the pleasure comes with the snap of his fingers and sometimes, sometimes, he does it whenever he likes and that includes when you’re cooking in a kitchen where you’re most vulnerable and you don’t even notice he’s staring at you through the glass windows, stalking your every move until you’re done putting aside all the pans into the sink, the dishes are done and kept in a tub because they’re going to be eaten later and you want them to be warm and keeping you warm is exactly what he wants to do right now.

He gently slides the door open, making sure to leave it like that so the steam doesn’t fog up the place and he cautiously maneuvers his way around the area until he’s standing right behind you. He knows you like to cook with music on and man, you’re giving him an easy life. His arms don’t hold back and he’s pulling you towards him when his arms snake around your waist and he feels you stiffen and a scream is trapped in your throat and there’s nothing you can do because your hearing is blocked. He grins and takes a peek at you and you greet him with a glare as there are times when Jongin has done this before and let’s just say that it usually ends on a bad note and a case of scolding. He uses a hand to brush a strand away from your forehead and you go back to cleaning up that you hadn’t notice he pulled out one side of the earplugs to talk to you, “Busy?”

He swears he’s about to burst into a pit of laughter when you scoff a laugh, rolling your eyes as you set one pan aside and you’re going back for the other, “You have eyes, use them,” And your tone, so cute.

“Aw… are you mad that I scared you like that?” He coos, blowing a raspberry and you’re stabbing that berry to death, “Spare me, Jongin, I only have one life to live,” You grumble, setting the other pan aside and just as you’re about to wipe your hands, he wastes no time to hold you in so you can’t move or reach for the cloth, “Jong—I swear to God—can you please let me go?”

“Hm…” He thinks for a moment and you’re taking a good look at him and now you notice that spark in his eyes, “Don’t wanna,” He mumbles and then his lips are nipping your earlobe before he whispers, “I’m hard for you and I want to have you on the countertop,” He tells you his plans and you know, Jongin doesn’t falter once he executes what he tells you. He feels you stiffening once more but this time, it’s with a different feeling. He chuckles, taking this chance to slip your phone with the earplugs attached from you, sliding it onto the other side of the counter. It’s the darkness within his eyes that catches you and you hadn’t realize he’s lured you far away from the sink just to spin you around and this time he catches your lips between his own. 

All initial plans are smothered when your lips meet and it just happens that Jongin is one hell of a kisser—and he knows that. His tongue is always languid, taking its own sweet pace but when he effortlessly sets you on the countertop, your bottom sliding on the cold surface and he harshly tugs you towards him with his iron grip on your waist, his teeth is scraping on your lower lip hard enough to make them bleed.

He pulls away sharply and works his way down, dotting open mouthed kisses as if he’s mapping your body and this is a map he’s traveled many times before. He always starts from the corner of your lips, giving both sides a kiss and he smirks on your skin as he moves to your jaw, all the way down to the side of your neck where he yanks your shirt to the side and you’re mumbling to him to get rid of your clothes. He tells you you’re too impatient and you say fuck you because he’s the cause of all this. He shakes his head and pulls away from your neck, deciding that hey, it’s true and he starts the frenzy of stripping his clothes and you don’t waste your time on that, either. 

His shirt is tossed out by the door, his jeans follow not too long after, your apron is coming off and he smiles with his eyes and bites his lip as he watches you remove your shirt. You call him a pervert for staring at you like that and he admits that he is because fuck, you’re beautiful. But then when you’re reaching for your shorts, he brushes your hands away and steps back in between your legs, “Ah, this is my job,”

You’re about to smack him and tell him to stop playing around but then he shows you it’s not a game when he forcefully places your hands around his shoulders because you’re going to need it and he eases one hand around your lower back while his other pops the button open and you’re wondering if you really should take his words to accord. Your eyes close and you feel it rising when he uses a finger to slide it on the waistband of your panties, your breath hitches when he doesn’t hesitate to slide his whole palm over the fabric that’s covering your lips and he smirks when he knows where to add pressure on to make you snap. Your hips buckle when his palm is digging into your clit and your jaw is slack when he continue his assault to feel you through the sheer material, you’re cursing at him for being a tease. He agrees with you as well and tell you that you have hands and you catch on what he means.

He almost rips the thin fabric to shove in two fingers and it’s making you see stars too soon, too soon. You’re feeling the need to get revenge that you pull him by the nape of his neck to get closer and he breathes into your neck heavily and curses when your hand slips down to give him a generous squeeze. He tells you it feels good and you tell him of course it’s fucking good and he doesn’t respond with words but with his fingers because they curl in you, pushing as deep as he can before they move rapidly to make your hand tremble by the line of his boxers. 

He takes a moment to pause, to let you breathe and even though the path to your peak is blocked, you find the will to slip your hand into his boxers and his breath hitches when your thumb is spreading the wetness all over the tip. He’s hard and he’s thick—he’s all ready for you that it really amazes you to how far he can wait just to crack you up first. Then you’re unwilling to wait and neither is he when you tell him to get on with it and he does when his boxers are kicked to the side on the floor and your panties follow not too long after. He promises you that he’s going to put his love all on you later but for now, he’s going to be quick.

You nod and slip your arms around his neck when he slides in and god, it’s driving you insane. He doesn’t give you time to adjust when he knows you’re ready and he’s setting a fast pace to make your breathing erratic. Your hair’s a mess, you’re sweating a lot more than you were when you were cooking and he’s buried his face in your neck, biting and sucking marks that can last for days and he doesn’t hold back. You’re whimpering and holding onto him with all you have and he tells you that he’s got you with one hand still keeping you sitting upright and his other gripping onto your thigh so whenever he enters, it’s hitting the right spot. Your hips instantly shift when he hits it right there and he notices this. He’s making your thigh bend upward and you’re unable to hold back the moans of his name that slip through your mouth because how the fuck does he always get the right spot?

You’re almost to your satisfaction, you’re letting him know that you’re coming, you’re coming, you’re coming. He tells you to come all over him, he tells you to not hold back and he’s there to catch you and he keeps his promises when you shake violently, his name is echoed around the place and it drives him to his destination when you feel the familiar warmth spreading in you and it’s moments like these that he appreciates that you’re on a pill. You hadn’t realize that you were biting his shoulder when he tells you it’s not the best feeling in the world and you mumble a soft apology because yeah, that’s how hard you came. You plant a kiss on his shoulder but remain like that, sinking into the aftermath as he rubs circles on your thigh as its wrapped around his waist, his other pressing on your lower back because he knows how painful and aching it must’ve been.

“Does it hurt?” He asks concernedly, into your ears and you’re smiling, shaking your head, “Not really…”

He decides to take things in his own hands and he literally does as he pulls you until you’re clinging onto him. He has the strength to pick up all your clothes because he knows how you don’t like them messily all over the place and he does it all with you catching it when he tosses it to you despite you just being on him, really on him. Then he reaches the bedroom and you toss everything into the basket with his aid and before he can settle you down on the bed where he’ll let you to sleep because he knows you’re tired, he feels something clenching around him just as he thinks he’s about to go soft.

He cocks an eyebrow at you and you lean away to grin at him when he catches that glint in your eyes, “Aren’t you a naughty angel?” His tone says otherwise as he places you on the bed, his body following you and you do realize that he’s still in you because nah, he doesn’t want to pull out.

“Well… sometimes, angels can be bad, too,”

He pushes the hair back from your forehead and he slides his hands down into yours to make them move over your head, his eyes darkening with another look, his lips curling up into a smile and you’re in for another ride when he says, “I can be a naughty boy too, then.”

GOD I HATE BEING SICK because uh? i slept in until 1:30 this afternoon and then napped from like 3-5:30 and now its only 10:30pm and i fucking? want to go to bed and sleep al;ready? we have a friemnd over i dont want to got o bed yet

hermionegranget  asked:

Unusual asks: 1,4,8,7,12

1: Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?

4: Do you like your name? Why?
-I do like my name actually! My real name is Anastasia and lord knows i love feeling like royalty. also if i go by Stacy, endless “stacy’s mom” jokes. a good convo starter.

7: what color hair do you have?
- I’m a natural brunette but it’s blonde at the moment.

8: what kind of car do you drive? color?
-i drive the invisible boatmobile because i dont have a car yet sadly but i WANT a pink VW beetle

12: what size bed do you have?
-i have a twin but I’m upgrading to queen soon thank god

This Might Be The Last Time

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.

Chapter summary: Seunghyun gets you an audition, but the excitement has devastating effects. (Feat. a rain soaked Jiyong)

Chapter type: Excitement, Angst, Angst, Angst, and finished with fluff.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.
I’m sorry, its pretty angsty and a bit of a filler chapter, but we’re only 5 chapters till Chapter 25- a.k.a, when shits going down and so we were due a filler! ;)
*I am not insinuating that the real life Kwon Jiyong takes drugs, it is simply a detail of this fictional story*

Also, There’s a lot more too it than you think, kudos to you if you work it out before i reveal it! ;)

Enjoy! ;)

Chapter 20 (Coming soon)

Chapter 19

You were laid in bed with Jiyong around 50 minutes later, laughing as he nuzzled your neck, turning you on once again and you reach for him, your fingers digging into his back when your phone rings and you groan as you turn over to retrieve it from the bedside table.

‘Hello?’ you ask, a slightly annoyed tone to your voice.

'Y/N?’ you recognise Seunghyun’s voice quickly, sitting up and paying attention.


'So, I’ve been talking to my manager and he called round a few people, told them a bit about you, they’ve then rang me and asked what you were like…’


'And i’ve got you a meeting with the director of whats rumoured to be the 'next big kdrama’; 'Last year’ and he wants to meet with you tomorrow!’ he says, excitement clear in his voice and you cant help the squeal of excitement that comes out of your voice, pulling a confused Jiyong to you and hugging him tightly, smashing your lips against his quickly before you respond to Seunghyun who is calling your name down the phone.

'SEUNGHYUN, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!’ you squeal, hearing him laugh down the phone and Jiyong grins at you, nodding his head expectantly trying to work out whats going on, although there is already a bright smile on his face at how happy you look.

'You’re quite welcome, teeny! He said he’d like to talk to you over dinner, so you’ve got to meet him at the restaurant at 8pm.’ he explains and you choke on your breath.

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(1) New Message- The full Niam fanfiction

A/N: This is the fanfiction (1) New Message, which was originally on Insamtion but seeing as I deleted Insamtion and people really seem to love this fic with all of their hearts I decided to post it here for anyone to be able to view. People can put it on other websites again if they wish so long as they keep the credit that I was the one who wrote it. This fic means a lot to me, and it inspired me to become an author, but I will with my own characters.

So here it is and here’s the description: Liam had been depressed for a while, and completely refusing to do anything. He didn’t want to even get out of his bed because he was so upset with himself. But when he talks to stranger he learns that maybe he can be in control. Maybe he can change. — Niall Horan was just enjoying his every day life when he got a random message from a stranger one day. It didn’t take long for him to learn that the stranger needed help. But maybe it’s not the stranger who needs help. Maybe it’s Niall.

A Liam Payne/Niall Horan & Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson fic

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imagine batfam trying to get tim to go to bed because " tim youve had 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days" and tims like "later im close to solving this case" and then jason walks into the room with a sleeping bag and he just. Throws tim over his shoulders and wrestles him into the sleeping bag and next thing you know tims suspended in the air in a sleeping bag cocoon that has a broken zipper. but hes asleep. finally.

“time for bed, pretty boy”

“ah..ok..just give me a mi-”

“Tim. When was the last time you slept?”


“shut up”

“I haven’t sad anything yet!!!”

“you were going to lie”


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Hi can you do a bts reaction to people shipping them with their best friend because they show a lot of skinship, thank you~


“Y/N, what is Jungkook texting me about.”

You look over at Namjoon’s phone to see hundreds of texts from Jungkook saying how he “ships it” after Namjoon sent him a photo of you stuffing your face with popcorn you made earlier.

“What does that mean?” You say turning your body to face namjoon completely.

“It means he wants us to date.” Those words strike you heart and make it beat out of your chest. You’ve thought about you and Namjoon together before but it’s only been a thought, you’ve never actually imagined this would actually happen. I mean, he is your best friend and you’ve shared everything with him, you two are basically an old couple because he constantly spends the night and you always have movie nights where you cuddle up to each other and spend hours on netflix. It wouldn’t be that different.

“What do you think about that?” I say staring into his eyes trying to sense what he is feeling.

Namjoon reaches for the remote and turns off the movie you two were watching and switches from the couch to the coffee table in front of you so he is sitting directly in front of you. You can sense the nerves as he fiddles with his fingers trying to form words.

“Listen, i really did not want to admit this because i thought it would ruin our friendship but it needs to be said now. I like you Y/N. Not just as a friend, but as a girlfriend, i want to be able to call you mine and experience more of life with you. I…” You stop namjoon by placing your lips on his. You feel sparks shoot around you like they describe in the movies. You never want to let go but you need to be able to breath at some point in the next 5 minutes.

“I will, if that’s what you’re asking, let’s date namjoon.” You say.

“You won’t regret this i promise you.” He says giving you his signature smile.

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You enter the boy’s house only to be greeted by the sound of Jin and Jimin running aorund the house yelling at each other.

“TAKE IT BACK JIMIN!!” You hear Jin say as he runs past the front door into the kitchen chasing jimin.

“NO! JUST ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU TWO ARE MY MAIN SHIP” Jimin says as he dodges Jin’s arms and runs into the living room across from you hiding behind the couch.

“I WON’T. SHES MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL AFTER HER!!” Jin says as he runs over to jimin.

“WELL THEN WHY NOT GROW SOME BALLS AND ASK HER ALREADY!!” Jimin says as he stands in front of the TV facing Jin who is behind the couch

“Ask me what?” you finally spit out. Both boys look at your instantly, their faces drop. Jin’s face turns bright red while Jimin is trying to not hold back laughter.

“I was saying how i ship you two together because you two are couple goals and Jin got made because he..”

“DON’T SAY ANY MORE WORDS PARK JIMIN!!” Jin screams at Jimin just as he’s jumping over the couch to attack Jimin.

“WHOAH!! You two stop right now!!!” You say as you run over the the boys wrestling on the ground and force them off of each other.

“Now tell me what’s going on!” You say as you push them both on opposite ends of the couch and you take your place in the front of the room arms crossed over each other.

“Jin likes you” Jimin finally says.

“Jin…” you say feeling your heartbeat 300x faster than normal.

“Fine…..I do…..i didnt want to tell you this way.” He says lowering his head.

“I like you too Jin.” You finally get the courage to speak your heart after 2 years of being best friends with Jin, you finally tell him how you feel.

“Really?!?! Jimin leave so me and Y/N can be alone!!” Jin says as he grabs Jimin’s arm and pulls him outside of the house.

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“Yoongi, what does it mean to be shipped with someone?” You say as you plop yourself onto your best friends bed waking him up from his third nap today. All you hear are moans and groans coming from this pile of blankets on the bed. You pull all the blankets off of him only to reveal a sleeping Yoongi curled up in a ball. You swear every time you see him sleeping you fall madly in love with him. You’ve been in love with him since the first day that you met but he never showed interest in you so you just sat back and watching him grow into who he has become today with you by his side.

“What?” He mumbles out loud.

“What is shipping?” You repeat yourself.

“Why?” He says still not moving from his position.

“People keep tweeting me saying they ship us together.” All of a sudden Yoongi shoots up from the bed just as if someone had come in and shot a gun in the air.

“What do you mean? Who? What? When? How?” He says frantically running around trying to find his pants.

“Why are you so fidgety all of a sudden?” You say getting concerned.

“Huh? Oh? Um… no reason just the whole… um… shipping….thing…..um” He says trying to form words.

“What’s the big deal about it?” You say. Yoongi takes a deep breath and joins you back on the bed.

“Shipping…is…um…when…people want..two people…to be together…in a relationSHIP” He says.

“Oh, um, so, how do you feel about that?” You say scared about what is going to happen next.

“I dont know, i mean, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” He says lowering his face to hide the blood rushing to his cheeks.

“You wanna try it?” You say feeling your heart about to beat out of your chest.

“You…wanna…try dating…me? Um…i guess…sure” He says feeling extremely nervous yet excited at this point.

“This is gonna sound stupid, but I have liked you since the day we met, i was just too scared to ever approach you because you never showed interest in me….” He finally admits.

“Yoongi….i feel the same way.” You say. He shoots his head up to reveal a big smile. You knew you had made his day, possibly his year, by saying those simple words.

“So, do you want to actually try this and make it go canon?”

“You’re gonna have to catch me up on all this lingo but sure, i would love to.”

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Hobi, you’re best friend of 3 years, just slammed the door shut in your apartment and you could hear the deep breath he took all the way in your bedroom down the hall. You could see him from your bed and he looked exhausted. He stood there massaging his cheeks for 2 minutes from smiling so much during the meet. He drops his stuff and heads on over towards you. You go back to your reading and don’t even notice him falling on top of your bed.

“Hobi, are you okay?” You said.

“Jajssnjsnsanamammx” he said back. He was so tired he couldn’t even form words.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, it was a fun day, I love meeting everyone but I’m just so tired” he said shifting his body to where he’s laying on his back now.

“Did you say anything about me to a fan btw” you ask.

“Maybe why?” He said

“Because people won’t stop saying “#ishiphobiandy/n”  you say not noticing Hobi had sat up at this point wide eyed.


“Why are we celebrating this?” You say trying to stop hobi as he is jumping up and down on the bed.

“Because I’ve never been shipped with someone before and it’s exciting!! We shall celebrate!! GRAB YOUR COAT! DINNER’S ON ME!”

“What happened to ‘i’m so tired’?”

“That was before we got shipped together! Now strap on your seatbelt,” he says as he throws you your coats and a pair of boots, “it’s gonna be one hell of a ride” he says winking at you before running back into the living room.

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“Jimin, why are people shipping us?” You say while making some breakfast for you and your best friend Jimin, Jimin can’t cook and the hyungs are out doing promo things so he called you over to make him food so he wouldn’t starve to death.

“What?” He says choking on his orange juice.

“People are shipping us together.” You say as you plop an egg into the pan.

“Why would they be doing that? That’s gross.” He says.

“Ummm excuse me, dating me would not be gross.” You say trying to defend yourself.

“Yes it would, you’re too….you.” He says scrolling through his twitter feed.

“You take that back Park or I Sweat the egg will get it.” You say threatening his only chance of eating today.

“Make me.” He says winking at you.

You reach over and grab a handful of flour from the pancakes you made earlier and throw it directly at Jimin causing his entire face to go white with all the flour on it.

“Oh, you’re dead.” He says jumping off of the stool chasing you around the kitchen until he latched his arms onto you pulling down to the floor with him along with the box of flour. Now the entire kitchen it’s a representation of what is on Jimin’s face.

“Ow Jimin!” You say as he slams your body into the hardwood floor. You open your eyes to see Jimin staring at your lips. Within seconds of you seeing this his lips are attached to yours in a mix of saliva and flour. He pulls away after a quick second of you two kissing. He quickly picks himself up and reaches a hand forward to help you up.

“You know, maybe dating you wouldn’t be so gross.” He says.

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“TAEHYUNG!!” You tell from your bedroom for the 30th time trying to get tae’s attention from the living room. Your apartment was basically his apartment now because he’s always over here messing with you. What are best friends for huh?

“WHAT?!” He yells back.


You yell noticing the amount of tweets people are sending you saying you and tae would make a cute couple.


Taehyung shouts back. At this point you have gotten up from bed and walked over to the room where he was right as he was yelling bursting your eardrums.

“Oh sorry, was I too loud?” He says actually worried about you.

“Yes, you were, now why are we being shipped together?” You say getting annoyed with having to repeat yourself.

“I may have told an interviewer I thought you were cute.” He says dropping the remote to the TV.


“Listen, y/n, I can’t keep it in any longer, I can’t just sit here and watch you waste your time with all the we idiot men when I’m here and I know I can give you everything you want. I mean, what’s better than dating your best friend huh?” He says raising himself off of the couch and walking towards you.

“Where did all of this come from?” You say.

“I finally had enough of holding it in me and it needed to be said, so, will you please take a chance on me?” He says.

“How could I say no to my best friend”

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“Y/N people are shipping us together and I’m scared?” Jungkook says as he opens the door to your bedroom in your shared apartment and throws his phone on the bed to show you the tweets.

“Why are you scared, am I really that bad?” You say feeling insulted by his words.

“No you’re not, it’s just, now this forces me to tell you how I feel.” He says sitting down in front of you and grabbing your hands.

“Jungkook, what’s going on?” You say getting more nervous by the second. You know what’s coming.so before he can even say anything, you reach forward and grab his face and bring it closer to yours. You latch your lips onto his causing Jungkook to jump out of shock. You pull apart after about 30 seconds and just look at kookie who is now frozen in his tracks.

“You don’t need to say anything, I’ve felt the same way.” You say. Jungkook is still frozen, you press a finger onto his shoulder to see his he would move at your forceful push. Nothing. So much for international playboy. 

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I honestly haven’t been my best lately, and I hate to cry and whine to my friend and family. So I often bottle up and end up crying while i’m drawing late at night. But theres always someone who notices when i’m down even when I don’t want anyone to know and thats my cat Jess.

I swear if it wasn’t for jess i’d be more of a mess than I already am. I love my cat.

I’m going to bed now pf

EXO's reaction to their first sleepover

Xiumin: “Should we just sleep or….”

Luhan: “Do you wanna lie on top of me? I’ll be your bed.”

Kris: *takes up all the space on the bed*

Suho: *poses on the bed* “It’s not my bedtime yet….if you know what I mean..”

Lay: *he’s already asleep, dont worry*

Baekhyun: “Soooo do you wanna *cough* do something?” *cough*

Chen: *laughs at your pjs* “Ahaha is this what you wear when you go to sleep?”

Chanyeol: *moves his cap* “Here, I made space for you.”

D.O: “I want to you to touch me like this.” *demonstrates*

Tao: *purposely turns off the A/C*

Kai: “….this pillow is my pillow…”

Sehun: “Do you wanna….pray before we sleep?” *innocent fetus*