but i dont wanna wait to post it lol

if my ocs interacted w each other
  • Benjamin: Yanno, I'm tired of Bobby making up all these au's. I want our main story to begin already.
  • Ezequiel: Hey, at least you're always in the spotlight. What's there to complain about.
  • Amiel: True.
  • Frank: Y'all don't have SHIT to complain about. YET.
  • Amiel: Who are you guys?
  • Benjamin: And why are you all drenched in...blood??
  • Lydia: You don't wanna know.
  • Ezequiel: I wanna know, I'm curious
  • Aiden: *laughs with a dead expression* That's the last thing you want to be. Trust Me.
  • Frank: Imagine waiting a whole ass year to get updated just to find out it's all going downhill from here--
  • Benjamin: No really, why are you guys covered in blood it's freaking me out
  • Alex: Didn't bobby tell you. His oc survivability rate is. Pretty low.
  • Benjamin: WHAT?
  • Amiel: That's concerning
  • Jake: Yeah, no shit.
  • Frank: Leather boy over here looks like a doomed OC.
  • Benjamin: WHO ME? *voice cracks* DOOMED?
  • Aiden: He really does.
  • Ezequiel: *gets defensive* Hey wait a second now. You mean to tell me.....Benjamin could possibly get to be a cool ghost. and Not ME?
  • Benjamin: *sobbing in the background* I DONT WANNA BE DOOMED
  • Amiel: Maybe it's not such a bad thing...you know. Waiting for our main story to begin.
  • Aiden: It's not a bad idea at all.
  • Benjamin: *hiding under Z's sweater, still sobbing* I DON'T WANNA BE A COOL GHOST

My brain is in a constant state of craving physical affection but simultaneously being scared of it because I have so much self hate and anxiety about my body 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Dont mind me just ignoring an essay

Sophia *points to Morgana*: Magic Girlfriend.

Drake: Okay.

S *points to Drake*: Crime-fighting Boyfriend.

D: Good good!

S *points to Splatter Phoenix*: Art Girlfriend.

D: Ye-wait what?

S *points to Liquidator*: Water Boyfriend

D: NO?!

S *trying not to laugh, points at QuackerJack*: Funny Boyfriend. 


S: *stares for a minute, then points at Negaduck*: Evil Boyfriend


anonymous asked:

Besides that one little tutorial, do you have any others or general tips on how to exaggerate facial expressions, how to draw bodies, etc?

yes, yes YES!!! ive been waiting so long for someone to ask this lol. currently i’m working on one MASSIVE tutorial for my portfolio, so once im done ill glady post it!! (dont forget to remind me!!) but if there’s anything specific you wanna know i can probably do a tiny one just for that, but until then-!

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I hate that your trying to uplift black people. black women are beautiful but overall black people in general are just thugs and animals.

You ever notice how its always people of other races who go on anon and try to talk shit about black people? 

Like. We dont do that. We dont care enough to take time and energy and effort out of our multifaceted lives to go to somebody’s personal blog, click anon, say “___ are so smelly lol XDDD” then snicker and refresh their page for 30 minutes waiting for them to post it. 

Just like we dont make whole websites  just to anonymously talk shit about other races because we’re too scared and bored to do it in the open. We dont have time, we’re not that petty, and we just dont care. 

Without us you would be so bored, [I mean most of you dress and talk like us anyways when you wanna be “cool”] you’d have nothing to do but contemplate how inadequate you are to your more successful and more attractive friends. So you’ll cherry pick the black people you dont approve of and go “heehee at least im not black :)” while everybody around you blasts our music and wishes they had our style and our bodies. 

And again. We dont do this “go on the internet and anonymously talk shit to feel better” thing. Because we’re not concerned with anybody else. See, thats the thing about being black I wish you troglodytes would understand. We support eachother, we uplift eachother, and we will collectively shut you down and shut you out [while you go cry that none of the black kids will let you sit with them] because we don’t have time for your petty, jealous, instigating bullshit.

So you can go back to whatever corner of “lolblacks” tumblr you crawled from and circle-jerking your underwhelming e-dick for attention. I’m gonna go back to supporting the best family in the world. Playtime is over Timothy, I’ve entertained you long enough.

Peace & Blessings.