but i dont wanna unfollow her either

about me

Name: Perry

Age: 20

Location: Maryland

Pronouns: she/her

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Relationship Status: I am clingy and single

Major: Animal Science with a Pre-Vetrinary program tagged on

Where to find me: 

Just send me a message if you wanna know any and wanna talk to me :)

(edit: took my handles off to avoid people i dont know bein creepy)

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  • people who are friends with me may ask for my number/facebook/kik

If I unfollowed you:

Nothing personal! Either your blog had become less twenty one pilots than when I followed you or we may have different opinions I may prefer not to see. This is a pretty strict twenty one pilots blog so my dash being mostly twenty one pilots make things a tad bit easier. 

I still love you though and feel free to ask who or just message me <3

Here is:

my face

things for bad nights: x x x x

(this is another post in progress)