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💥💥💥Brown weed loving enthusiast💥💥💥

My goal is to follow as many p.o.c stoners, weed enthusiast, tree smokers, weed connoisseur, you get the gist and that’s not to say I don’t wanna see Caucasian,Europeans smokers I just see them all the time on here 😦 it would be dope to see some more beautiful brown people making big clouds on my blog and showing off their glass pieces and tree. you don’t have to follow me I’ll follow you I just want more brown smokers on my dash to share for others. Thanks for reblogging and have a great smoke sesh ✨👽💏 here are some blogs I very much so love! feel free to follow them reblog this things or even simply like a few pics take a toke and enjoy (more blogs to be added as permission is gained and i find more p.o.c) @stoner-vogue @kushunicorn @spaced-queen @stoneyhemptress @veeveeganja @i-dont-really-mind-im-a-victim @elainecarter

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Dear Ghostfruits, My girlfriend doesn't understand why I find you so entertaining. What do I do? Sincerely, Alien in Arizona.

hey like deadass this is gonna sound super fake and diversionary but i tried for a real long time to rock w this, i really did wanna participate in this like, thing, here, but my hands just kept wanting me to type shit abt gucci mane. this isnt me tryna joke, this is me failing to keep this joke afloat and now being forced to let you behind the curtain. i wrote out like 3 different versions of an answer to this and allllll of them circled back to real guwop-centric content and i just like really dont think thats what you were looking for but its all i have to offer you. im sorry. did you know hes saying he can walk on jupiter now. its honestly the tightest shit ive ever seen

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You're so rude for answering other people's questions and not giving me advice on whether I should kill myself or not.

okay but first of all, you shouldn’t be depending on someone answering your question on a website to decide whether you kill yourself. im just a 16 year old girl running a blog and if you’re having serious problems then tell an adult and please do not put that pressure on me. im here for you guys in any way i can be but thats really unfair of you. im sorry i really am but i do get a lot of messages and i try my best to answer them but i either, 1) dont have the time to put the thought into it i would like. 2) am having trouble thinking of anything helpful to say or 3) your message just got buried under a bunch of other messages. i’ll try harder to get through all of them but theres over 1,200.

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ok I'm sorry if I sounded or seemed aggressive in the ask but I really feel that us black people have the right of disliking this, and when we say he should have stayed on his lane is bc we are sick and tired of nonblack people trying to profit off our pain. I know Ezra isn't doing that, but we have the right to dislike this. again I apologize if my tone was deemed as aggressive I really don't mean it that way.

Im not saying you dont have a right too. You are 300% okay to. What I DONT like is that people arent even watching the video but are literally REBLOGGING A SCREENSHOT. He did not profit off of this by the way, it was done for a small segment and the video literally has 166 views. 

People here are reblogging a screenshot of a year old article and havent even watched the video and it just sickens me that no one cares about actually doing research anymore. 

And you know what, y’all can fight me on this, but this was planned. You’re telling me that the days after the JL trailer premiered a YEAR OLD tweet/article surfaced magically? Nah bro, someone dug this up with the explicit purpose of slammin Ezra.

And my reaction to this is because Ezra has been slammed for all sorts of shit (for being jewish, for being queer) and this is honestly just another thing that people wanna hate him for, and I want to clear it up. 

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am kinda curious what makes you like sigiliph? I always thought the design was really busy

I dont think Sigiliph has the best design, I just love The Nazca Lines and am glad that there’s a pokeman based off them

The cluttered details bother me less on sigilph since its meant to be weird and mysterious, and not really a “normal” creature (i mean id still cut down on the amount of detail, i just tolerate it more here).

The “head” and floaty psychic symboly nature of always made me think that it’s some sortof Unovan relative of Unown (maybe they belong to the same clade???) It also reminds me of Claydol for being ancient artifact vague bird things with too many eyes. 

I dont know why Sigiliph has a soft spot for be, it just kinda does

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Hug me! (If you wanna ;w;)

First of yes i want to, I love getting asks so dont ever be afraid to send an ask, because i will always want to. or something like the hug me! I promise you i will always want to do these because theyre fun! 

Anywho im gonna explain something really quick. I havent said anything about this because its really one of the least popular ships, but i ship oliver and rin and i have for years. SO WHY WOULDNT I TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE RIN FLUSTERED EH? So uh yea, dont mind me, and again this is like the least popular ship and most people ship len with oliver instead of rin. Im serious like ugh ive found like two photos of people shipping them on google images. But yea i just wanted to say that so when you see the photo your not gonna be like why is rin so red??? But yea here you go this is how rin would react

fufufu flustered rin

Really angry Mettaton is what I am here for

Angry Mettaton feeling like he was a jerk to Alphys and distracting his sorrow because of the broken relationship by acting crappy to everyone

Really angry Mettaton being sarcastic and sharp because that’s how he vents out all his stress

Really angry Mettaton trying his absolute best to still try and be a positive role model for his fans, even though he feels horrible about himself, and about the way he treats others, all the time

Really angry Mettaton using makeup and fabulosity to cover up with his looks how he really feels about his past, and his perception of himself

Really angry Mettaton drowning the stress in fancy cocktails and pints of ice cream

Really angry Mettaton dialing alphys’ number at 3 am because he misses her and he needs someone to listen to him as a person, and not as an idol; and then regretting those calls in the morning

Really angry Mettaton breaking tables and small makeup containers against the walls when he is in a rage fit

Just… Mettaton having anger bubble under his skin and flourish from time to time when it gets lonely

Just Some Music - Video Dailymotion
Here are the times for each song 1. Someday We'll Be Together - 0:00 2. Landslide - 3:04 3. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - 6:51 4. Ben - 11:09 5. Cherish / Cherish - 13:54 6. If I Can't Have You - 16:53 7. Come What May - 20:02 8. Take Care Of Yourself - 23:33 9. Our Day Will Come - 26:46

Hey, it’s King here. Um I been on this site for about two years now, (with 2 different blogs, including this one) and it wasn’t until the past month, or even couple of weeks I finally found some really good people on here. Im not saying in those two years I didnt make any friends on here, I did but… this was different. And to find out they are all leaving… It hurts ya know. and I know you all dont want to see a 12 foot beast like me cry… Anyway I was already making something when I wanted to do something for those four turtles… You guys all rock and Im gonna miss you more then you think. I dont know what Im going to do now.

Their are 9 songs, all by Glee. I know most people HATE glee but honestly, character and mun both got though some times with that show and songs, and it has a very very special space in our hearts. so please just listen and try to enjoy…..

@Blueyesofjustice. I know you are already gone, but you were the leader I always saw in the turtles. I keep up the good work my friend, I will miss you and your twerking ways

@orangecrushninja You are what I call a fun night, pizza, a cute guy like you, movies and video games…If we ever meet again, monster movie marathon with all the pizza we can eat… you game?

@purpleproblemsolver I dont know for sure yet if you are leaving as well, but more then likely you are. I always was interested in what you had to say, even if it went over my head. If you ever need a big guy to run some tests, Ill be there for ya buddy.

@theycallmeraph Um… Im not sure what to say. I mean…I… I love ya Raph. Dont let things get to you ok. Dont let that soft side I saw you in when we were alone hide all the time. Be happy.

Love you guys, Until next time. - King

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what episode is that sick icon from? I'm liking that shirt (is it really purple or is it a filter bc I'm down for Bellamy in purple)

thanks, my guy. im in love with this icon. like im never changing from this one. its a++. 

i dont know what ep its from because i didnt make it, but im guessing they changed the color with selective coloring and by messing with the hue. it was made by @clarke-griffin and can be found here

Hope for the Hopeless [DW!AU 3/5(ish)]

For @ripplestitchskein and the two other people who enjoyed it, another part of the DW!AU, this time with bonus ‘aliens made us do it’ (or at least the beginnings of aliens made us do it, this started getting out of hand so there’s no actual doing it here that comes next). I feel like I should warn for the presence of vague alien sex magic roofies, ok? Watch out.

Find the rest of this cluster fuck on ao3:

Part One: A Fixed Point

Part Two: Another Story

She knows a lot about humans. She knows a lot about a lot of things. But she’d never bothered to find out much about their social constructs - the habits, and details, and tiny, terribly important pieces of lives lived so excruciatingly briefly - until now. Until him.

Now she’s floating, her culturally appropriate and hideously impractical white dress bobbing on the surface of the closest thing to Earth’s oceans she could find (and she spent forever looking, each new coordinate more displeasing than the last), letting her eyes roam over his stupidly handsome face, wondering why the pinker his cheeks get the more she wants to bite them, and whether she should tell him to keep the tie on.

He tells her their story - his version anyway - where he stumbled across her on a cold winter’s night, and she smiles and lets him tell it, but he was just a man to her then. Funny, and pretty, and prepared to run, just the way she likes them, but that was all he was. A distraction. A companion.

For her, it came later. That moment where it stopped being him and her, and became something greater and deeper, something that made them different, that whispered of ‘us’ and ‘forever’.

It should never have come at all.

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Heres my (long overdue oops//) half of a art trade with @rosebloom-arts ! I ended up drawing their character Rox who really ended up winning my heart tbh! She is absolutely gorgeous and you gotta love those freckles!

Thank you so much for doing a trade with me and being so patient! I hope you like it! You can find their super cute half of the trade here!

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Hi! I've been your follower for 2mnths now and I really like your blog.=) Hope you dont mind me ranting on your ask box. It's 1AM where I'm from but I can't sleep its bc I'll be seeing BTS this weekend! I'm also on VIP so, I'll be super close to them and I just can't stop thinking about it. I'm having pre-concert jitters (if there's such a thing.lol) What's worse (not really) is that they'll be back here on Sept.3 and I'll be going to that one too. I just feel overwhelmed idk. OTL Sorry for this

Ahhhh, that’s so exciting! Make sure not to pass out and drink lots of water cause I know firsthand how suffocating it is to stand in a sea of ARMYs in a pit. It’s going to be so much fun though and trust me; you will be blown away by how much more beautiful every member is up close! I almost passed out because of Jung Hoseok (you’ll see what I mean when you go to the concert)! Oh, and sing/scream your heart out!!

[Laz here]

Putting this meme here, with my Saint and @laynart‘s Saint.
Well, kinda cheated– since the cosu not really designed by me//ming
//i dont hv that much energy to use a properly designed OC

So yeah, guessin nothing that xtraordinary abt the design leeeel
//coz its just like them Saints changin into another outfit leelll

Somsom wearing Sol’s nice suit & Sol wearing Somsom’s floofy coat.

Zixssom © me
Solestere © @laynart

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i realized i was gay when i was 15 and isnt that too late? i feel dumb and not that valid tbh. also have you come out to anyone and like how was it? im literally so scared i dont think i'll ever ever come out, plus everyone here is homophobic :/

dude you can realise your sexuality at any age, there isn’t an age limit! some people don’t work out their sexuality or come out until they’re in their 40s. hell i’m 18 and i still haven’t properly worked out my sexuality yet. no matter your age, your sexuality is completely valid. and i haven’t ever really came out to anyone, i sometimes bring it up randomly in conversation with friends because most people my age are okay with that, but i’ve never felt the need to come out to my family because i know they wouldn’t understand and my dads really homophobic so i totally understand, don’t come out if you don’t feel safe in doing so x

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OMG thank you for the Jared stuff. I've honestly been looking forward to how he's going to be as the Joker and tumblr has been making me feel awful for thinking he looks interesting. ;u;

yeah like im really excited to see his joker and his will likely be my favorite interpretation, but people on here are being so vile and basically making it hard for anyone to enjoy something that they dont enjoy themselves. Dont feel awful, be excited!! 10 more days!!