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→ NCT as Horror Movie Character Stereotypes 

→ NCT as Teen Movie Characters

→ NCT as Mythical Creatures

NCT Patronus…Kind Of

NCT Drabble Game Masterlist


→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

• [Taeil] [Hansol] [Johnny] [Taeyong] [Yuta] [Doyoung] [Ten] [Jaehyun] [WinWin

► A-Z: Daddy

→ A-Z: Daddy | Series

• [Taeil] [Hansol] [Johnny] [Taeyong] [Yuta] [Doyoung] [Ten] [Jaehyun] [WinWin]

► Reactions

  1. You cover their cherry bomb choreography
  2. Your gg covers their song (+ you’re the rapper)

► Taeyong

Downtown Girl | bf!taeyong
•  dating rumors really suck

Bubble Bubble | hp!au
•  cuddles with hufflepuff!taeyong

Welcome Home | bf!taeyong
•  tired cuddles with tae

Will You? | we got married!au | Series
•  youre participating in wgm with taeyong, enjoy
→ [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

A New Day | vampire!au | M | Series
•  this happened because i saw the queen of the damned for the first time in years at 2am while i was drinking
→ [1]

Ride Or Die | runaway!taeyong | M | Series
•  taeyongs the weird kid but its all good
→ [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [Final]

Butterfly Effect | Series
•  every choice you make matters so…what do you choose?
→ [Prologue]

Don’t Think Twice | 60′s AU
•   diner workers dont get much more fun that strangers with stories

► Ten

Just One Drop | vampire!au
•  ten really needs to eat even if you have to force him 

Fallen | angel!au | M | Series
•  when you have a mangled and bloodied man on your porch what more can you do that…let him in the house?
→ [1]

► Johnny

There’s Something in the Water | water nymph!au
•  summer break + babysitting + strange dude what could go wrong  

Thieves In The Night | goblin!au
•  stuff just keeps going missing ft. taeyong

Two Sides Of The Same Coin | psychiatrist!au | M |Series
•  i call this the ‘liz cant stop reading dr. crane fanfic’ fanfic
→ [1]

Not All Can See | imaginary friend!au
•  what kid doesn’t conjure up an imaginary friend?

Forgive Me Father |  M |  roleplay!au 
•  halloween got a lil kinky oops

► Yuta

Just A Myth | merman!au
•  discover creatures of the deep blue sea

Why You Little… | bf!yuta
• yuta sucks at video games lol

In The Daylight | hybrid!au | M | Series
•  i watched the film theory  on the blair witch project and this happened. srry
→ [1]

Eyes On You |  M |  gang!yuta ft. 127
•  yuta has an interesting kink…

Call You | brother’s best friend!au
•  it happens to everyone dont lie

Snakes of a Scale Slither Together | hp!au
•  idk man. yuta x doyoung kinda sorta not really

Pretty Kitty |  M |  roleplay!au
•   i should just deactivate

Wet |  M |  domestic!au
•  i wanna play a game. it’s called ‘try not to slip and die in the shower’

► WinWin

Fresh Air Helps | bf!sicheng
•  summer night drives

A Helping Hand | afterlife guide!au
• death isnt the end and youre certainly not alone in it

► Doyoung

Knock Knock | creepypasta!inspired        
•  i ever mentioned i hate mirrors

Final Moments | reaper!au        
•  the only constant was him

► Mark

Found You | hybrid!au
•  happy hunting guys  

Hushed Whispers | shadow people!au
• sometimes stories you tell your kids kinda are true ??

Sweet As Sugar |  hp!au
•  last minute birthday fluff thingie

► Jaehyun

Protection | demon!au
•  sometimes a savior isnt on the side of the angels    

► Taeil

Sweetest Scent | hybrid!au
•  some scents just…sooth the senses  

I’m The One | psychiatrsit!au
• doctors come and doctors go, maybe you can get him to speak

► Haechan

Hands to Myself | idol!au
•  dancing is always easier with a partner

Far Far Away | bf!haechan
•  long distance relationship + skyping  

Those Who Watch | angel!au
• your only job is to watch and protect

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

• [Xiumin] [Luhan] [Kris] [Suho] [Lay] [Chen] [Chanyeol] [Baekhyun] [D.O.] [Kai] [Sehun]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•    [S.Coups] [Jeonghan] [Joshua] [Jun] [Hoshi] [Wonwoo] [Woozi] [DK] [Mingyu] [The8] [Seungkwan] [Vernon] [Dino]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Hyorin] [Bora] [Soyou] [Dasom]

► Hyorin

Lick The Icing Off | M | gf!au
•  birthday smut for my friend <3

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Kyungil] [Dokyun] [Sihyoung] [Jaeho] [Yijeong]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Shownu] [Wonho] [Minhyuk] [Kihyun] [Hyungwon] [Jooheon] [I.M]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Yongguk] [Himchan] [Daehyun] [Youngjae] [Jongup] [Zelo]


→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [EXY] [Seola] [Xuan Yi] [Bona] [Soobin] [Luda] [Dawon] [Eunseo] [Cheng Xiao] [Mei Qi]

► Soobin

Sunday Mornings | M | domestic!au
•   wjsn make me gay. lesbians. strap on. enjoy. 

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Onew] [Jonghyun] [Key] [Minho] [Taemin]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Eunkwang] [Minhyuk] [Changsub] [Hyunsik] [Peniel] [Ilhoon] [Sungjae]

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appreciation post for that time when wrench could have used girls but decided for the gender of our choice instead

Who you should fight L.I.S ship edition
  • Pricefield: no. pricefield would beat your ass have you even seen them together? dont fight pricefield
  • Marshfield: you could but why would you want to? kate is so small and would probably cry which would make max beat your ass to the 9th dimension dont fight marshfield
  • Pricemarsh: if you enjoy kicking puppies and then getting beat with a rusty metal pipe then go ahead but if not then I strongly suggest not fighting pricemarsh
  • Warren/Brooke: its your choice really. they would insult you with science puns but only they would understand them so it doesnt really matter?? fight Warren/Brooke
  • Caulscott: you could probably take nathan down in the amount of time it takes for max to find a weapon but in the end caulscott would win (purely because of max). for your own safety do not fight caulscott
  • Grahamscott: yes totally fight grahamscott. Warren may get a few punches in but in the end you could probably destroy nathan and warrens ass'. you should fight grahamscott
  • Grahamfield: i guess you could but all of you would just get your ass' wrecked by each other. you probably shouldnt fight grahamfield
  • Chasefield: you could win with muscle but they would win with words. if you value your self-esteem dont fight chasefield
  • Chasescott: no. do not fight chasescott. they would tear you apart with insults and weak punches.
  • Marshgraham: if you fight them you would probably be the most hated person in arcadia bay. never fight marshgraham
  • Marshscott: you would win but at what cost? you would leave them on the ground crying you monster. dont ever fight marshscott
  • Marshchase: why??? there would be nothing but crying and yelling?? dont fight marshchase
  • Chaseprice: immediate death. chloe would beat you up and Vic would beat your self-esteem up. please dont fight Chaseprice
  • Amberprice: why on earth would you even consider fighting chloe and rachel. they would kill you and make it look like an accident. never fight amberprice
  • Amberfield: you would get your ass handed to you on a silver platter dont fight amberfield
  • Amberscott: yes. fight amberscott. you would get seriously hurt but someone needs to fight amberscott


I feel like I’m the only one but I really don’t like dogs. Any time I say anything about it, I get people attacking me for not liking them. I dont like having a mabari thrown into my party and having it seem like I have no choice in the matter. I can typically like the aesthetic of a dog from a distance, but mabari dont even have that going for them. I wish they werent treated like such a crucial part of the games.            

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what is dos2 about

you awaken on a ship, captured & shackled because you have a special power and there are people who believe that people like you (who have a special power) are bringing about essentially demons from hell, and they think that by enslaving everyone with these special powers, they will stop the demons from attacking them. you wake up, starting off by exploring the ship–

i dont want to spoil anything but its a great game. its an old-style rpg with turn-based combat and its so great. you can do literally anything, everything you do actually matters (it isnt just an illusion of choice) and its so satisfying difficult. you have to save/reload constantly, its basically perma-death unless you have rare, expensive res scrolls, it makes every movement count 

its very d&d too in terms of character progression

its a REALLY good game  

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dont praise the the girl phil made a video with too soon. she doesnt agree with gay marriage at all lmao dan and phil have terrible friends choices damn

i don’t agree with shawna at all and it’s a pretty big let down to find out that kind of information after such a nice lighthearted video, but just remember that we really don’t know anything about any of dan and phils friends for that matter. it’s something we have no control over


a sort of emergency commission stream monday the 17th (tomorrow basically!!) 10 slots are open!! reblogs would be very appreciated

i dont normally like doing things like this but i dont really have much choice in the matter rn as im currently still jobless its been pretty hard this

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So i just wanted to ask since we're both trans guys n all but i made a trans inquisitor whos gonna romance dorian but i... feel super uncomfortable with it mostly cause of myself? I havent had any surgery yet so im still basically a girl right... and obviously they dont really have anything in thedas so like?? Would dorian not wanna be with a trans guy like that? Idk im so sorry... Even my bf says that the parts dont matter but i dont know!! Im just so tired im so sorry...

my dude! having surgeries or getting on hormones isn’t indicative of what gender you are or not. I was no less of a boy before my top surgery, or before I got on HRT. And I mean, I don’t even plan on bottom surgery? I’m still a boy regardless of my choice. It’s the same thing with trans people who choose to never get surgery or transition. They’re still who they say they are. Some men have boobs and vaginas! Some women have dicks! Some people have both! Reducing people to their genitals in relation to their gender is fairly transphobic for a number of reasons.

As far as dorian goes, part of his character arc is all about acceptance and owning who you are, I can’t see any reason why Dorian wouldn’t romance a trans man just based on the fact he’s trans. 


johnny: it;s still weird 2 me tht u’ve been hangin out with my shitty ex
rowen: lmao why?? r u worried tht she’ll replace u as my best friend??
rowen: bc i really have no choice in tht matter since we’re family
johnny: nah it’s mostly bc she’s a giant manipulative bitch??? tht’s probably why.
rowen: ughhh ur relationship with sasha was so much different than mine is with her. i dont bend 2 her will okay
johnny: then why r u wearing heels
rowen: they’re not heels they’re wedges and it’s bc they make me look taller
johnny: why do u need 2 look taller????
rowen: sasha pointed out tht i was short

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It doesn't really matter if Jon doesn't want the Iron Throne, not if people decide they prefer him over D (and many people will, for both valid and invalid reasons) and rally around him. He didn't want to be named KitN either, but accepted it out of duty, because the people chose him. He similarly won't have much choice if people choose him for the IT. He's the true Targaryen heir, and he'll always be a threat to D for that reason alone, no matter his own wishes.

Jon has never wanted to rule anything. He never asked to be Lord Commander. He never asked to be King in the North.

It’s basically the story of his life at this point.

And both times he was so happy after lol

Which BNHA Characters You Should Fight

Midoriya - Who wins: no one

yeah he looks like a nerd but he could absolutely destroy you in a second. also have you seen him with out a shirt? he is fuckin ripped. But no matter what happens to you he’ll also get at least a broken hand. but really why the fuck would you fight midoriya he is like the sweetest kid ever whats wrong with you

Bakugou - Who wins: I dont care fight him

ok theres like a 99% chance you will die or at least sevearly injured. but do it. he is a terrible terrible person and absolutely deserves it. fucking fight bakugou, its not like you have a choice anyways. hes going to fight you cause thats just the way he is so at least get a few hits in.

Uraraka - Who wins: Uraraka

ok first of all why would you fight her? shes like everything good in this world. she just needs one hit and there you go have fun in the atmosphere. theres no way that she isnt ripped either, she grew up on construction sites and helped build fucking buildings. she scared bakugou. she will wreck you and still be perfect.

Tenya - Who wins: you

unless you are racing or are evil theres no way you can lose. he looks smart but is really not. just tell him some lie or something and he probably wont even try and fight you back. like i dont know why you would want to, but go ahead fight him.

Todoroki - Who wins: Not you

why would you think this would be a good idea. have you seen this guy fight? he will beat your ass and steal your honor. you have a 0% chance of winning. plus even if you dont fight him, he still wins. his backstory will make you cry even if hes beating you. dont do it, do not fight shouto todoroki.

Kirishima - Who wins: Kirishima

this guys a rock. you cant beat a rock. hes cool AND manly. you will not win.

Tsuyu - Who wins: Tsuyu

tsuyu is cute and strong and frogs know no fear. shes cuter than you will ever be and probably smarter. dont fight tsuyu.

All-Might - ???

its really 50/50. if he’s powered up you are going to lose. if he’s not you are going to certainly win. you could take the chance but also hundreds of villains have tried but he also is a twig that throws up blood. its your choice.

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um hi, uh idk if you got my message before (in it i said you dont have to answer so again, you dont have to answer but idk if it went through) um im a female but i have dysphoria about my chest/lower half (somedays worse than others) but idk if im trans because im not sure if i want to transition (idk about the future but i literally cant rn) so idk would i be considered trans?? tbh im just really confused, so opinion on this matter would be nice?? (btw love you and your blog <3)

Dysphoria = trans. It’s not a choice. Whether you want to transition or not doesn’t determine whether you’re trans or not.

Then again I’m no medical professional, so…

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If you want to raise your child vegan and they don't want to be vegan its their choice, their life, their beliefs, their decisions. Not yours. Remember the people who judged you for being vegan? Don't be that person towards nonvegans. Thanks.

actually nobody who really mattered to me judged me, just a coupe of people behind my back but whatever thx fo talkin bout me.

I won’t be having non vegan food in my household, and I believe an educated child doesn’t have any reason to be non vegan.

parents do what they think is healthy for their child, when I was a child I wanted to drink condensed milk and eat nutella all day - the ‘their life, their decisions’ argument doesn’t really apply to children in regards to unhealthy or immoral decisions

I’m da parent to this hypothetical child so why are you judging my hypothetical household?? dont be that person. thankssssss

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any advice for people getting rejected from their top choices and how to feel better?

hey! i have a few previously answered questions here-

just remember that you are not missing out on anything. picture your life in five, ten, fifteen years– does it really matter that you didn’t get into your top school? of course not. what matters is where you did go, and what you did there. a school will accept you if they think you could do well and make them even better. that’s pretty flattering! you gotta trust that the ones that did accept you knew what they were doing. getting rejected definitely sucks, i know this, i’ve been there, but you get past it. i promise it doesn’t even matter. being human is so much more than that.

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Hi !! First of all, I'm in love with Feast for a king ( even if my friends now think I'm a kinky fuck because of the sex scenes I showed them ) and I absolutely adore your art style!! As for my question, I was wondering if you had any tips for newcomers on creating their own webcomics?? I apologize my writing's all over the place but thank you !! I can't wait for more updates !! Have a nice day

THE SEX SCENES HAVENT EVEN BEEN THAT KINKY YET EVERYONE C’MON!!!!! ITS JUST TENDER DICK IN CHEST WOUNDS. Well thank you for enjoying my comic so much. I don’t really know what advice to offer that isnt the same general things you hear again and again. I know hearing certain things like, assuring u that drawing indulgently is good and all that but I wanna wonder if I can challenge myself to give some more Hardcore Actual Realtalk Advice for making comics. I’m not even sure if this is great for newcomers lmao.. but these are things I try my best to “teach” myself whenever I work. Its more about the mentality of the entire work rather than focusing on one specific aspect of making comics, so, keep that in mind this isnt exactly supposed to be presented as.. well its sorta advice-y… its just.. like.. some major things I think about when I work, things I tell myself and try to improve teaching myself with. In fact, evne trying to articulate this process to you is basically a writing exercise to myself with figuring this shit out.
Its a lot to read but if you want to be my guest!

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I have never done this before, but seeing its #noshameday today, here i am! I’m hearing impaired, almost deaf, in both ears. People often praise me for being able to live “normally” (like a well hearing person) but recently i started struggling more and more, also due to mental issues. 

So my message today is, whatever you’re doing, be proud of it! No matter what other people think of it, because you made that choice. You’re the only one in the whole wide world who really knows what you’re going through. Maybe you dont always know what’s the best thing to do, or what you need and that is okay! no one always knows! 

I choose to calm a couple things down so uni will demand less of my energy and so i can work on getting back to myself again. What do you choose to do for yourself? 

also, fun fact: my name sign is “big eyes” in dutch sign language 

i’m just sad bc like, i know tiffany isn’t that good at the game. and i’m not gonna sit here and pretend like her spilling all her info today was a good game move, but she never had a chance to play without people comparing her every move to vanessa. all they did was shit talk her, ignore her, isolate her and lie to her for 4 straight weeks, 3 of which she’s been nominated for, and they STILL think that she owes them something? they saved her last minute just to send her home this week (that was their plan before she blew up, so dont.) 

like i know she’s not the best player but doesn’t have much to work with. she can’t socialize with people bc they compare her to vanessa. so her social game is down the tube. she doesn’t do well in competitions. and she has never had an alliance that trusted her. 

i’m so sad that she’s targeting day because her and day are my #1 and #2 but it’s like, she really had no choice in the matter. day threw her under the bus for weeks and when she finally woke up and realize tiffany was loyal to her, it was too late because tiffany ended up finding out how unloyal she was to her. and the rest of the house is mad at tiffany for not being grateful? like what does she have to be grateful for? a shit alliance that lied to her and saved her just to send her out the door the next week anyway. then we find out paulie knew about tiffany before hand and already knew he had to target her? like what kind of bullshit.

i really hope she comes back in the buyback and gets immunity so she can maybe, form alliances with people. even tho i’m sure if she came back she’ll be out the second she’s not safe again. it just sucks. she never had a chance and these people left her with no choice.