but i dont like this set... its ugly

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i love being a boy who wears make up because people kinda just assume i have good skin and dont know anything about make up and then they talk about it like 'haha sorry you dont know what im talking about do you' and then i show them my MAD contouring skills like 'you thought sis? ur gender roles got no place on this side of the wild west' its cool its really... its cool beans... just really cool beans dude

omg me. one time this boy at my church was like ‘girls are so lucky they get makeup, because if you’re an ugly boy you’re screwed’ and i was like ‘bro clock the way my concealer is blended to filth and my setting powder keeps that foundation flash-back further away than your repressed femininity, dude’

at work we have this big bin of reject pumpkins that we dont set out for ppl to buy because theyre so ugly. its just a giant collection of hideous pumpkins. sometimes i just wanna climb in there and be like wassup guys i feel u 

i really hope if overwatch does do an australia level that its not based in the cities cause australian cities are really stock standard. nothin that unique about em. that said i also dont hope they just make up some fake bullshit about australia. itd be cool if it was like super rural australia like ugly as shit red dirt australia. katherine australia. just set it in katherine actually. or alice springs. just anywhere in northern territory i guess northern territory is like the wasteland of australia