but i dont like this set... its ugly

me @ mcdonald’s: hey can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gotham fans to stop shipping oswald with women and pretending that they’re not homophobic just because they’re not belligerently violent i mean there are lots of forms of homophobia and erasing a gay man’s sexuality so you can imagine it’s you banging him instead of sofia is a pretty basic one

That thing guys do where they approach a girl on the street based on looks is such an ineffective strategy in my experience like its cool to know my outfit is “elegant” but sir I already promise your expectations are wrong the only service I offer is being an awkward meme-loving-fuck you’re literally only signing up for 1am discussions about fanfiction and anime characters and trash jokes

A dude stopped and walked with me last night telling me my outfit reminded him of some fashionista he knew if France and i dont know jack or shit about France or fashion and whatever vibe I was giving off was 100% bullshit because the only thing on my mind was getting on my pjs and watching boku no hero reruns

like whats the right way to communicate “you seem nice but im grappling with the stress of realizing ive somehow set expectation too high and i am in fact 400% more of an awkward loser than you realize and i spent all of middle and high school being super ugly so i really dont know how this ‘lets get coffee’ game works i just wanna watch my japanese cartoons in peace”

Im hungry and delirious at work and i just keep thinking abt how theyre gonna justify these new children. Where did fangelica come from. Did dracula turn her too. Why wasnt she in wtmh and electrified.

The wolf ones are ok but i dont care about them. i care about howleen and clawd and clawdia so where are they

They can do whatever they want w lagoonas siblings because i dont like any of them anyway all of them are ugly. The Blues are just generally ugly except lagoona. I like ebbie better than kelpie SOMEHOW but thats not hard to achieve because ive never liked kelpie

The mummy kids are cleos cousins like i said before so im ok with them now but i still cant believe they thought the gremlin child’s design was okay

At this point they just need to rip the bandaid off and give frankie a set too bc i know its coming at this rate. I bet thats what theyre gonna use the alivia trademark for. And tbh i like that name but shes gonna be ugly i can sense it

Theyre never gonna bring these children up again after this line is over, bc an mh trademark is never bringing things up again, but you bet your ass im not gonna stop nitpicking until theyve left bc thats my job

self care is watching the Jeremy Kyle show in an attempt to feel better about your life

i feel like boys are allowed to have a variety of different facial features and still be considered attractive, but as a girl if you dont have the strict set of soft, small features then youre considered Ugly or people will mock you for it.. could be my own insecurities talking but still

i really hope if overwatch does do an australia level that its not based in the cities cause australian cities are really stock standard. nothin that unique about em. that said i also dont hope they just make up some fake bullshit about australia. itd be cool if it was like super rural australia like ugly as shit red dirt australia. katherine australia. just set it in katherine actually. or alice springs. just anywhere in northern territory i guess northern territory is like the wasteland of australia

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i love being a boy who wears make up because people kinda just assume i have good skin and dont know anything about make up and then they talk about it like 'haha sorry you dont know what im talking about do you' and then i show them my MAD contouring skills like 'you thought sis? ur gender roles got no place on this side of the wild west' its cool its really... its cool beans... just really cool beans dude

omg me. one time this boy at my church was like ‘girls are so lucky they get makeup, because if you’re an ugly boy you’re screwed’ and i was like ‘bro clock the way my concealer is blended to filth and my setting powder keeps that foundation flash-back further away than your repressed femininity, dude’

at work we have this big bin of reject pumpkins that we dont set out for ppl to buy because theyre so ugly. its just a giant collection of hideous pumpkins. sometimes i just wanna climb in there and be like wassup guys i feel u