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Petition to remove tumblr’s nsfw filter

We’ve all been disappointed so many times by tumblr’s updates, and some of us have put up with them in the past, but their latest nsfw filter is, by far, the worst.

Whilst I can understand tumblr’s efforts in implementing this type of censoring system, it isn’t helpful at all, not to mention their algorithm is inaccurate and 99% of the posts that get marked as nsfw are in reality, SFW. Whereas images of nude photography and pornography aren’t even flagged as sensitive.

We don’t need an apology on what was happening/what tumblr is “working on” to improve things. What tumblr should really do, is remove this function. Because it’s been affecting nothing but innocent posts, for instance photos/gifs of people holding hands, hugging, a character’s face, etc; and it’s also affecting communities like lgbt folks and anime/animation fandoms, where anime/disney edits are getting flagged as NSFW for no logical reason.

If there are people who want to have a clean dash, by all means they could just easily turn on the safe mode on tumblr to avoid seeing [the real] sensitive posts. Tumblr was actually doing better before they installed this nsfw filter, which doesn’t actually serve a purpose. It’s a pain for the most of us who are over 18 as we are no longer able to enjoy reading or post content freely like we used to. 

I don’t think tumblr @staff understands the severity of how it’s affecting a lot of people, especially those edits/graphics makers and tumblr artists who depend on tumblr to post their work online. On top of that, the sensitive review would take days, and it’s exasperating. Instead of launching an algorithm that doesn’t work right, they shouldn’t launch it at all until and unless it works in the right way, or find other solutions that DOES NOT affect graphic makers who post their art/edits online. Beta test your algorithms first before launching them, @staff. Tumblr users aren’t your lab rats. Rolling out such a flawed algorithm is simply unprofessional. Honestly we all love spending time on tumblr but please @staff fix this issue soon so that it doesn’t affect people like this.


Alright, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my luck on Tinder so here is what I do to attract wealthier men on Tinder.


have 5 photos on my profile, 2 being well lit face shots of me wearing natural or minimalistic amounts of makeup. the amount to wear is completely up to you but I prefer to keep it fresh faced. the other 3 of my photos are full body pictures of me wearing various outfits in different locations. The first is of me at a more formal event, wearing a little black dress and heels; you can clearly see the fancy venue behind me. Second picture is on the terrace of a hotel room, I’m in a bikini facing away from the camera and looking at the sunset in the back round. Last photo is me in Bora Bora, sitting under a fern tree in a bikini, looking at straight at the camera and smiling.

   I used these photos in particular because as a whole, they display the lifestyle I’m accustomed to living, and therefore attracts people who are capable and willing tp uphold and expand that lifestyle, but I know what you’re thinking


my answer is; fake that shit girl

get dressed up, find a plain wall or a wall with nice décor on it, and have someone take photos of you, if you’re ever anywhere with a nice view, have someone take a photo with the view in the back (try not to get any unwanted stragglers in the back)


I have been on so many POT dates where men have flat out told me that the reason they liked my profile so much is because of the complete lack of snapchat filter bullshit, newsflash sweetheart, they want to see your actual face. not you as a dog, not you with silver eyes and a flower crown, and not you in some weird greenish filter that contours your face and blurs your crowsfeet. That shit might be cute if you’re looking for an unemployed, basement dwelling 22 year old, but not when you’re trying to attract a successful business man.



you guys are about to be extremely disappointed……

I keep it minimal

first of all I NEVER EVER EVER put the phrase “sugar baby” or “sugar daddy” in my bio, I don’t know I personally find it tacky. I also don’t say anything about wanting something “mutually beneficial” because I let my photos do the talking. I stick to 4 simple little bullet points saying that I’m well traveled, a  fine wine and sushi enthusiast , and how many counties I visited in 2016 (this can easily be substituted by something else that’s more personally fitted) and then at the bottom a simple “Show me the rest of the world?” BOOM I immediately have an inbox weeded of salts (they’ll still appear though, but I’m positive that my profile does shoo some of them away) and instead I’m left with potential daddies and splendas.


I look for men, who have similar profiles as my own;

- well dressed

- exotic/expensive location

-well groomed

-well spoken


I know some men have their jobs in the description of their profiles, I sway towards CEO’s and entrepreneurs (they could be lying so don’t get your hopes too high)

as for my age range, mine goes from 36 to 55+, most POT are over the age of 40 but I shaved a few years off because I’ve seen that some men in their 40′s will lie and say they’re 37-39


girlfriend!hyuna x boyfriend!ravi instagram accounts

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Why has there been a sudden increase in "protect kihyun" posts? He does need to be protected from all the bullfuckery he gets but why the sudden increase in the need to protect?

yesterday theres been some people who feel like its ok to post certain slurs and attack him on a mx vlive chat(which mx can read, mind you), that was not only an insult but racist(some rly sick humour). thats what started this. people were accusing kihyun again of stealing lines and whatnot (this is really old tbh) but personally i wouldn’t say thats all; 

i feel like a lot of their publicity portrays kihyuns surface personality very… extremely, and the fandoms been conditioned to stereotyping him as some savage, rude, mean character(although at the beginning it may have been an inside joke w affection). since there are many new mbb, its “bullfuckery” as you say has been spreading like wildfire as of late, with no filter. there are actually mbb who specifically dont like kihyun, and act on it.

tl:dr, kihyun gets shit he doesn’t deserve and someone finally pushed it too far so the topic was brought onto tumblr. its a new era so a lot of ppl are making posts about leaving derogatory comments behind (for wonho and shownu as well), and it spread, so here we are


hello everybody!! i have survived 2/3 of my exams and i got tagged in the bias selfie tag and i have also been tagged in the selfie tag many times but i have forgotten to do it asdfgh im sorry @performanceunit @dippiindots @taesies @perssphone @daegusoftboys 

im tagging @cuteji98 @kimdaily @irosula @adampairrsh @honeyoghurt @jiminssi @drogonqueen @bbltae 

my opinions on the signs (aries sun/pisces moon/cancer rising/aquarius dom)

super duper biased (im so sorry leos…)

aries: ive only met a few other aries in my life but weve NEVER gotten along. always starting arguments but refusing to finish them.. and they have a tendency to be immature. they have trouble apologizing. every aries ive met has been very defensive and always secretly extremely insecure but youd never be able to tell until you really got to know one. I will say though that they are very passionate about what they care about and if theyre on your side they will defend you even if youre wrong. theyre also adorably spontaneous. brutally honest when theyre angry. dont have much of a filter between their thoughts and their words.

taurus: I have so many tauruses in my life that im extremely close to. the ones i know are HORRIBLE with dates, times, remembering things, being on time, etc. which at first came as a shock because everyone says theyre extremely serious and reliable. oh well! i love them anyways. when a taurus cares about you however, they will be willing to drop everything for you anytime. incredibly giving people with hearts of gold. theyre so silly and sweet and have great senses of humor but theyre serious when need be. are SO passionate about the people they love. such romantics and so incredibly sensual. theyre so protective and great at comforting people. lazy until they absolutely need to get shit done (but somehow they always get it done). Love ‘em.

gemini: I LOVE geminis. my best friend is a gemini and she is by far the sweetest, most understanding, and diplomatic person ive met.
the geminis i have met have always been extremely fair and level headed. some tend to be overly worried about appearance, but others are the exact opposite. when it comes down to it they can internally be very petty but they will very rarely let it sway their opinions externally. every gemini ive met has had lavender as their favorite color?? odd but a cool little fact. tend to be hilariously sarcastic. very reliable. EXTREMELY intelligent.

cancer: yall are FUCKING CRAZY but i cant help but hang out with you guys. quick storytime: one of the cancers i know cut off the top of her sisters finger with scissors because she messed up her drawing, and another cancer i know lit a public toilet on fire and just left the restroom because they were “just really angry that day”. the cancers i know are TERRIFYING PEOPLE. emotionally you guys scare me because you feel everything so intensely. backstabbers to the max. SO FUNNY because theyre constantly roasting the hell out of people but constantly make me so so nervous. so quick to talk shit. i will say though you guys are really interesting and ive had a lot of really deep conversations with cancers. i appreciate them for the way they are and im sure there are some totally sane cancers out there.

leo: im so sorry to all the lovely leos out there but the leos ive met have RUINED this sign for me. they have always matched every leo stereotype. they are so whiny and live for being the center of attention. incredibly dramatic and jealous. some of the biggest gossips ive ever met. they never stop talking and when they are talking its always about themselves! SUCH inflated egos. so self absorbed. just very stereotypical negative leo behavior. im sure not all leos are like this so im sorry to all the amazing ones out there, but wow the ones ive met are just mean.

virgo: Ive never met a virgo???? where are you people? do you exist? youre probably cool. im going to default to saying that i love you guys. virgos = cool probably. idk

libra: I either love or hate libras. on one hand some of them are very fair and thoughtful, bubbly and loved by everyone. on the other hand though theyre a pain in the ass to deal with. they always want the very best, and tend to be extremely rude when that isnt what they recieve. such flirts. some of the libras i know are such good people though, and they give REALLY thoughtful gifts. a reoccuring stereotypical thing ive noticed is that they all love glitter for some reason. very crafty people. they can be super manipulative in order to get what they want. mixed feelings. judgemental as hell but only behind closed doors. the libras i know love making other people happy.

scorpio: I dont know many scorpios but i hate seeing how cynical and untrusting the ones i know are. very brutal people. but with the negatives aside, their intensity is invigorating and they turn heads like no other sign. SO intimidating but its only because they seem so well put together, mature, and otherworldly. genuine people though, and they are the most real people ive met. loyal and passionate.

sagittarius: ahhhhh! I know a lot of sags and I love you guys for the most part. always up for a good time and so creative. hands down the most fun sign. so exciting and interesting, intelligent and quirky. honestly, the most fast-thinking sign ive met. the most funny sarcasm out there. the people i know with this sign are such comedians and they live to make people laugh and brighten peoples day. its hard to make them mad because theyll brush you and your lousy opinions off so quickly, but that means theyre really difficult to sway when they believe in something. they tend to be right about things, and always have a “gut feeling” about any situation. just really warm, nice people. sweet smiles, too.

capricorn: some of my closest friends are capricorns. theyre the definition of ride or die friends. most loyal sign ive met. theyre the masters at hiding their emotions and their emotional seriousness has a tendency to scare me a lil bit, but theyre just really cool people. you can come to them with absolutely anything and theyll always want to help. such memes tho. good taste in music. theyre so complex but appear so simple. SO GOOD at storytelling and writing. brutally honest, but in a productive way. doesnt take bullshit. ever.

aquarius: ive only met 2 but theyre such aliens i swear. theyre so cool though. very spacey, cute senses of humor, VERY chill. theyre really clever and creative too. independant as hell and sometimes they just want to be left alone. they always seemed a little detached from reality. cool as a cucumber.

pisces: and the award for most passive-agressive goes to pisces. honestly though i love you guys. youre so empathic and caring, and THE ABSOLUTE BEST to talk to about problems, deep thoughts, or just random stuff with. just the best people to carry on conversations with. the pisces i know arent shy at all, but just naturally quiet. i will say that you guys are so difficult to talk to when youre upset because you have this tendency to shut down and block out the people around you. very sensitive and you tend to take things to heart very easily. extremely intelligent and innovative people. you always seem lost in thought, and im always curious about what youre thinking about.

not to get controversial but this sensitive content filter discourse is being taken way too seriously and personally imo

i know i make a lot of jokes about my posts getting filtered, but, thats what they are, jokes. 

i know its shitty that lgbt posts are getting filtered inherently but lets remember

if you dont use safe search and you type ‘gay’ ‘lesbian’ or ‘transgender’ you’re gonna get flooded with porn, especially with the image-only searches 

tumblr sees those tags as a lot more likely to have pornographic content, so its a lot more likely to slap a ‘sensitive’ filter on something with those tags

its like how when youtube started filtering lgbt content and people got upset but people kinda ignored MANY lgbt youtubers have videos discussing sex, and, like it or not, people discussing their sex lives is not something that is really appropriate for children to view 

it shouldn’t be ‘one bad apple ruins an entire bunch’ but unfortunately that’s how it works. 

also, can we cut tumblr a little slack? i know i like to take the piss with them but  this is a brand new neural network thats getting implemented, OF COURSE, its going to fuck up and do things its not supposed to. at least they gave us a ‘repeal filter’ option, which only takes a few hours to be reviewed, so its not like you’re just permanently locked into NSFW for your posts 

Sleep on me, feel the rhythm in my chest, just breathe
I will stay so the lantern in your heart won’t fade

The secrets you tell me I’ll take to my grave
There’s bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway
And if you have nightmares, we’ll dance on the bed
I know that you love me, love me
Even when I lose my head

laminated-everything replied to your post: laminated-everything help. that is too much…
i though that when people were allistic this kind of knowledge just came to them and they just acted on it without having to stress about it @_@ like for me interactions with people i dont know really well is kind of like your gui but instead of letters everything is ???? and a panicked humming ^^‘


Well, the knowledge does come to them, it is automatically filtered from the environment and presented to allistics by the GUI. That’s what all the pop ups are, the GUI is doing the work of realtime face/voice/body language analysis of the other person and presenting pretty accurate results while running BodyLanguage.exe and SocialNorms.exe in the background.

But even if they know you don’t have the GUI, many allistics expect you to somehow keep track of all of the things presented in the GUI anyway, harvest all the data by hand, analyze them yourself in realtime, and then react exactly as if you had the GUI running in the background instead of just looking at a painstakingly gathered handful of numbers that don’t really make sense. 

So that’s your “???” there - you’re like “uh probably you expect me to have a program running there, how about I fill a word document with crying emojis? That seems about right. How about we take a break, I crunch all three of the numbers I think found in this conversation, and I get back to you with the results?”

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You've probably been asked this before, but do you have any particular Tokka fic suggestions? I find it really hard to scope out any on AO3 or FFnet.


I have a ton…! 

I’m currently in the process of reading my friend 3holmes fanfiction “Choices”. It’s a work in progress! Her characterization of young adult Sokka and Toph are so spot on what I imagine in my head!

My wifey Liz ( superliz6 ) wrote an amazing story “The Push and Pull”It’s also a WIP, but OMG SO SO WORTH THE READ! ITS AMAZING! <3

OMG if you’re into smut go see madameatomicbomb

Really theirs so many good stories out there. My bookmarks are filled with them! If you go on fanfiction.net dont click the ‘pairing’ tab when filtering… it excludes a lot of fic that existed before that tab did! I always like to go back and read them from years ago!! (pre korra days when there were endless possibilities)

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Hey!!!! For the ask thingy, can you do all odd numbers? Thanks c:

1.Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?
3.what color are your eyes?
Dark brown!
5.what is your relationship status?
Im single..
7.What color hair do you have?
I have black hair!
9.where do you shop?
I dont really shop anywhere specific but i like the clothes at forever 21, ross and the swap shop!
11.favorit social media account?
13.any siblings?
2 younger brothers
15.favorite snapchat filter?
I dont have a snapchat but i like the dog one i guess :o)
17.how many times a week do you shower?
It depends sometimes 3 or not at all
19.shoe size?
Im 7 ½ or 8
21.sandals or sneakers?
I dont like shoes all that much but i guess sneakers
23.describe your dream date.
Netflix and chill bro
25.what color socks are you wearing?
One pink and ones gray
27.do you have a job?what do you do?
I cant work yet
29.whats the worst thing youve ever done?
Be alive
31.3 favorite boy names
Never thoght about it
33.favorite actor?
Dont have one
35.who is your celebrity crush?
Dont have one
37.do you read alot?whats your favorite book?
I dont read much
39.do you have a nickname?what is it?
Gam and my other nicknames are of my deadname
41.top 10 favorite songs?
Too lazy to list
43.what is your skin type?
Super oily
45.how many kids do you want?
47.what type of house do you live in?
49.what was the last complimentyou received?
Don’t remember
51.how old were you when you found out Santa wasnt real?
Like 4 or 5
53.opinions on smoking?
You do what you gotta do you might get sick but i cant control that
55.what is your dream job?
I wanna be an illustrator for comics and books
57.do you have shampoo/conditioner bottles from hotels?
No their too small
59.do you smile for pictures?
Naw i make silly faces
61.have you ever peed in the woods?
63.do you prefer chicken nuggets from wendys or McDonald’s?
65.what do you wear to bed?
Sometimes nude sometimes fully clothed sometimes im shirtless it all depends
67.what are your hobbies?
69.do you play an instrument?
71.tea or coffee?
73.do you want to get married?
I dont really understand marriage..
75.are you going to change your last name when you get married?
Im probably never goimg to get married and if i do no
77.do you miss anyone right now?
BJ and pluto
79.do you believe im ghost?
81.last person you called?
A good friend
83.regular oreos or golden oreos?
Ive never tasted golden oreos but i bet they taste the same
85.what shirt are you wearing?
My galaxy hoodie👌
87.are you outtgoing or shy?
89.do you like your neighbors?
Idk my neighbors
91.have ever been high?
Id get beat so no
93.last thing you ate?
Dont remember
95.summer or winter?
97.dark, milk, or white chocolate?
99.what is your zodiac sign?


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Above is a highly intelligent and thought-provoking set of top-quality, A grade photographs of me, captured in 2014 by me. The subject matter includes me, and me again. The images are not only breathtakingly full of swag, but hold a much deeper meaning. This is hidden behind the well-thought out and mysterious colour scheme,(courtesy of Instragram ‘Metropolis’ filter) which plays a central role in the composition of these marvellous pieces, in which I ponder the meaning of life and also possibly examine the overwhelming desire I hold to eat many, many chicken nuggets.

Inseong Birthday Video

This is our 3rd Project for Inseong’s Birthday :)

If you want to participate you have to send videos. (maximum: 30 seconds)

Tell Inseong Happy Birthday and tell him what he means to you :) 

You can send the Videos to me :

via E-Mail: sabrinawirths@aol.de

Deadline: June 25th

Please notice:

-Please dont use any filters 

-When you send me the E-Mail please also tell me your First Name and the Country :)

-You can also sing Happy Birthday for Inseong if you want 

-If you have any bloopers, you can send them too, because i will make  blooper section at the end of the video, These are very funny :D )

- Every english video will get translated by @knksubs so Inseong can read the korean subs :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message here or on Twitter: @SabrinaWii :3

I hope many Tinkerbells will send videos :) Lets give Inseong the best Birthday ever :)

THIS WAS SUCH A FUN COMMISSION AHHhh heee i was trying making alien noises the whole time i was drawing it~ Played around with some filters too Mark you’re a very specific man but when you ask me for a cave of Aliens I will give you a cave of aliens~