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Any advice for an aspiring artist who is considering art as more than just a hobby but doesn't know if they can have a career in art while also supporting themselves financially?


Tagging a whole load of artists i really hardcore respect because i mega shouldnt just weigh on in this myself, but. I have placed more dependence on my skill as a writer, but my dream since i was a kid has always been to draw for something. My passion has moved more into ‘creating’ something in general, but I think about this all the time. I constantly think that i dont at all have the skill level necessary to ever make any kind of money with art, let alone a living, but the thing is I got better, still not there but better! I’ve put in a lot of hours and worked a lot and made a lot of progress, and with that visible progress does come more confidence. It isnt just a confidence matter obviously, but that is a part of it. You arent an aspiring artist, you’re a artist. trust me took me years to do that (still have trouble with it). It’s always a fight to be practical and safe while also doing what you have passion in. I would never want to enable someone to wreck their life or whatever and just say “Yeah follow your dreams! Quit your job, move to LA, go to the auditions you’re the next movie star, balls to the wall follow your dreams.” Cause that doesnt always work, even if you’re the best in the world there is so much chance involved in that. But that being said never give up on your dreams. Never stop, ever. Always develop your art, always pursue career opportunities, always challenge yourself, always commit to improvement. With that increase of skill (that comes with continued pursuit of improvement, guaranteed. 100%) there is confidence. Don’t be reckless and compromise your economic stability to roll with the starving artist run, I mean you can, but I wouldn’t. You are clearly cautious and looking for second opinions, so i’d say you’re doing pretty okay. Diversify your skill set and become adaptable, there is a LOT of faucets of art, its never quite as simple as we might believe 

however to be completely fair i am at exactly the same juncture that you are, and any artist who would like to weigh in I’d be curious to see. 

i know y’all are trying to be nice in uploading the content from the bundles for free for the people who dont have the means to get it, but really i find it kind of fucked up. the whole purpose of putting out this extra content only available through purchase is partially to help raise funds so that carmilla can make a better movie as kotex hasn’t backed them as far as i know.

a movie they’re making for us.

i understand how badly some of y’all want to see this content. i get it. but once links to the extra content are put out there for free, why would anyone else go and buy it later unless they really just feel like being nice. essentially, in the long run, you’re helping to steal money from both the creators, the crew, and the cast and the movie they’re planning on making.

and i find that pretty fucked up considering the amount of content they have right on youtube for free.

It’s Quiet Uptown Pt. 4

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: language, anxiety

Summary: Post Civil War AU, Steve and Bucky decide to have a child, and experience things they never expected to face.

Author’s Note: Let me know what you guys think of the baby’s name :) also I’m going to be putting the tag list at the bottom from now on so things are less cluttered

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this bitch (me) only got one (1) angle but at least i had more hair colours than that

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2016 sucked dickie but all my tumblor friends made it easier to put up with !!

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again happy 2017 nd i hope it all turns out for the better !!!!

Ive been doing a lot of free one card readings lately and ive been interested in doing a couple larger readings, so i decided to put together a giveaway! What better way to start the new year off right? 

First place will win a free 10 card reading, and second and third place will win a free 3 card reading! 


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  • Each reblog is an entry! You can reblog as many times as you want but please dont spam your followers. Likes dont count but you can like it to bookmark it!

The winners will be chosen at random on January 2nd, 10pm EST! If you win I will send you an ask (you must have your ask box open), if you dont respond within 48 hours i will pick someone else! You can pick any topic for your reading (EXCEPT for medical/health topics!) When your reading is complete, I will compile all the information about the spread, cards, meanings, and an overview into a document and email this to you. Please tag this with ‘got it!’ so i know you read the rules! you must tag it with this to have a chance to win!

Good luck! :)

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Name: Avery

Nicknames: Averu, Avereh, Finish

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5′4

Orientation: Not putting labels on things just yet \__(-_-)__/

Hogwarts house: I don’t know i’ll look into it later

Favourite colour: Plum.

Favourite animal: Elephant shrew

Average sleep hours: 8-10 it just depends

Cat person or dog person: Cat

Favourite fictional character: Newt Scamander 

number of blankets you sleep with: 2 but I have a bunch on the end of my bed XD

Dream Trip: Ireland/britain

Blog created: late 2015 but I became active in halloween 2016

Current number of followers: 89

I tag: @geekygirl0816 @dont-mess-with-my-fandom @mperra @jeaniplier @septicuniverse @jeanmarie504 @puddlejumpingx @markimoochica @jackiesepticeye @musicgirlindiana @justacrankyfan @blooky06 @markseptic @awooshiewoosh @no-gays-no-life @sarcasm-gurl @jackaboy-trash @nerdy-little-potato @nawtson

I hate the idea that if you critique something you must hate it

But if you say you liked parts of something or saw improvement youre a stan who thinks it shits gold and is perfect

Like I can like this thing and still think parts of it are imperfect and be vocal about both parts of how I view it, thank you very much.

From A~ Z

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Those I’d like to know better: @minminami @bloody-geisha @phoenix-kiyota @otomeprincessstuff @amigoingbananas @viridian99
A- age: 18 lucky number
B - biggest fear: Dentist 😂😂 I’m really scared of it dont know why (^~^;)ゞ , alone in the dark
C - current time: 10:55 AM
D- drink you last had:Water
e - every day starts with: lying on the bed and daydream for a while, go to battles (MFWP, SLBP), check tumblr
F- favorite song: I have a long list of favourite songs (*´ ˘`*)♡ so i don’t know which one is the top tho 😂😂 but lately is the mystic messenger ending song sang by jumin
G - ghosts, are they real: Yes , but i don’t think they will disturb you unless you offend them…
H - hometown: Johor , Malaysia
I - in love with: SANADA GENJIRO YUKIMURA ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) and some… maybe a lot of other crush in different fandoms 😂😂
J- jealous of: People who can ace everything (ex : good at studies and sports)😂😂
K - killed someone:….. I’m a good girl and good girl dont kill (︶.̮︶✽) so … NO
L- last time you cried: This Monday…. cried almost half day ….
M- middle name: Same like @minminami .. my fathers name is the middle name so… yeah 😂😂
N - number of siblings: 2 younger sisters and 1 brothers~ I’m the eldest daughter.
O- one wish: Live in the otome/anime worlds 😂😂 and be the mc or one of the main characters~ i know is unrealistic …but a girl can dream rite ? and everyone i love will always be happy 😊
P - person you last called/texted: Mom (Called) ; Sis (Txt)
q - questions you’re always asked:“What are you doing?” “Where exactly are you now ?” almost everyday i heard this question 😂😂 “How did you do that?” (My friends)
R - reasons to smile:I’m still alive and healthy lol 😂😂 tumblr trolls , my favourite fandom, anime , family and friends
S- song last sang: Last Cross , Op for katekyo hitman reborn … is humming actually while rewatching khr
T - time you woke up: 8:10 AM
U - underwear color:Dark blue
V - vacation destination:Japan, Europe,Australia
W - worst habit:Procrastinating, biting lip
X - x-rays you’ve had: not sure … maybe 1 ? When i was little ?
Y- your favorite food: I have LOTs of favourite … Sushi, ramen…. anything with eggs lol XD
Z - zodiac sign: Pisces ♓ 🐳🐳 same like yukkin ~~

THANKS EVERYONE ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡~~

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Name: Jacquelyn

Star Sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Height: 5′3 im so fuckcjjv smALL

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Favourite Colours: teal & bright red!

Time Right Now: 4:29 but im drafting this and returning to it later so ill put another time down as well – okay now it its 5:09

Average Hours of Sleep: maybe like 5 or 6

Lucky Numbers: 13! and 7

Last Thing I Googled: ‘worst beach boys song’

Blankets I Sleep with: a lot!!i have a very fluffy bed!

Favourite Fictional Character: this is a bit hard haha!!! maybe lapis or pearl from steven universe bcuz i love them both so MUCH!!!!!

Favourite Bands/Artists: The Beatles, Mac Demarco, Teen Suicide, Pink Floyd, Weezer, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Vandals, Car Seat Headrest, Crywank, The Monkees, and KMFDM! those are just a couple lol

Dream job: idk maybe like a pastry shop???

What I’m Wearing Right Now: big ol red sweater

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OK THAT seems like a lot so i hope thats 20 lol

Five Things

I was tagged by @c-dragon-pirates thank you!!

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

A beat up binder

Beat up folders

A bunch of mechanical pencils with no lead

My planner I don’t use

Lil doodles my friendo draws me  

Five things in my bedroom:


The Jojonium vol of part 1-2

Plush toys


Lots of notebooks everywhere

Five things I want to do in life:


Be a veterinarian

Publish something (book or collection of poetry)

Become a better me

Find a significant other  

Five things that make me happy:


Rohan/Jjba in general

Data/Star Trek NG in general 

Hiruma/Eyeshield 21 in general


Five things I’m currently into:




Hajime no Ippo

Kingdom Hearts

Five things on my to-do list:

Write poetry a lot more

Write a book and finish it

Put more effort in to doing my school work (especially ap human and hw in general) 

Get through my quinceañera and make it at least mediocre 

Go to some more theater stuff and invite my friends

Five things people may not know about me:

Im actually pretty aggressive and super loud

I have super bad memory, but one thing I (sorta) clearly remember is a younger me thinking about how I can’t remember anything and questioning my entire life and how my/the brain works

I say I love food, but I’m actually really picky and hate probably like 70% of all food

I played the cello for one year and was in chorus for 5 years but Im really bad at both 

I had to sing a solo or duet for my chorus teacher and me and my friend rickrolled him  

Five people I’m tagging: I don’t remember if anyone else has done this, so if you’ve already done this and I tagged you, sorry @knoeggi @tormented-velveteen-heart @lisa-lisajoestar @spyro-crash @madradiohead


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I stopped putting my hair up #Character Development
I actually look better with my hair up so my character development didn’t work well T__T

and I don’t have people to tag, just do this if yuo want my dudes

heyo i got tagged by @mattsunflower and @matsinko to do a tag thing!! thank u!!!

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relationship status: single!!

favorite color: seafoam green 

pets: a grumpy cat named felix, an old dachshund named little bit, and a bouncy ball of pupper mello

last song i listened to: uhhh according to spotify it’s laura palmer by bastille but my roommate just had me put on the hamilton soundtrack lol

favorite tv show: i’m not sure if i could name a favorite tbh?? i don’t watch tv all that often……..

first fandom: very very first one was kenichi the mightiest disciple, quickly replaced with death note. we dont talk about the one ktmd fic i wrote lol.

hobbies: overwatch, fanfic, ukulele, rubik’s cubes, and sign language just about covers it!

favorite book(s): i just finished reading we are the ants by shaun hutchinson and it was rly good. i also like catcher in the rye, of mice and men, and flowers for algernon!

i’mma tag @bioloyg @haikyuutm @briochebread @rhodochrodron @thewiselearnfromhistory @voidstarcast and i’m too lazy to do nine so we’ll go with that

in the meme time...

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Pheel, Pheeeeel

Star sign:



5′7 (ok sometimes i put 5′6 and sometimes 5′7. i’ve been measured as both so i dont really know which, so which one i put is entirely mood based xDD)

Time right now:


Favorite music artist:

The Human League

Song stuck in your head:

If I Could Turn Back Time

Last movie watched:

Passengers lol

Last Tv show watched:

Sweet Vicious

What are you wearing right now:

black long sleeve shirt with a faded tiger’s head on it, and blue jeans and white socks

When did you create your blog:

years ago

What kind of stuff do you post:

cool art from people, mostly pokemon and dragons

Do you have any other blogs:

my art blog, my flight rising blog, my arcanine blog, and some abandoned ones xD

Do you get asks regularly:

not really

Why did you choose your URL:

cuz i’m every sinlge pheel*

*there are in fact pheels who aren’t me amazingly

Hogwarts house:

Huff le puff

Pokémon team:

my alola team is Toonami the Primarina, Aguacate the Mandibuzz, Squall the (alola) Sandslash, Chieftain the Kommo-o, Kikuchi the Midnight Lycanroc, and Marple the Vikavolt

Favorite color:

Purple, blue-green, vermilion, chartreuse, jade green, colors are great

Average hours of sleep:


Lucky number:


Favorite character:

Bowser. and kyurem if pokemon count

How many blankets do you sleep with:

1 big one

Dream Job (s):

a job


709 !

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isn't craiicchapel the one who made that edit of Zayn winning an AMA and putting flop on it? She's a grown ass woman mind you...1D fans so juvenile and unfunny. she still talks about Zayn I would know bc she put a nasty tag under that new zaylor picture lmao 💀

if she’s a grown ass woman then i wanna know why she STAY actin like a petty little high schooler n like she ain’t got no hometraining. if she needs some hobbies i’d be glad 2 help :/

i’ve been thinking about this since last night and there’s probably a better way to put this but like. guilty kiss is the sub-unit that’s Team Coping Mechanism (also probably not the exact term im thinking of but i cant think of what fits better rn)

we have yoshiko’s chuuni as her reasoning for the ridiculous amount of bad luck she gets, riko ‘if i dont play then there wont be Expectations’ sakurauchi (she’s gotten better now tho), and then we have mari 'Its Joke’ ohara who’s actually one of the most perceptive (and possibly the most level headed too) in aqours (not that, iirc, its been explained why she does that but i think we can probably guess)