but i dont hate him either

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so i'm (afro) cuban but for whatever reason (melanin) people like to act like they dont believe me when i tell them this so the other day one of my coworkers told me he hates it when i say "pero like" and when i asked him why he said "bc you're not spanish you're just black" & i told him i was cuban and he laughed and said, "this is gonna be like when you told me you're gay, i don't believe either one" -__-

Like do people not know Cuba is in the caribbean and that the caribbean is filled with Black people? Like girlll. This is basic history. Cuba is fucking mixed as hell lmao And even without the knowledge of how people ended up in the caribbean, people have a hard time believing afro-latinx exist because of racism in the media which paints a picture that all Latinx look the same, and whitewashing/colorism which presents itself when spanish novelas only show European looking latinx people. It’s sad. Especially since afro-latinx have contributed so much to latinx culture. I listen to african music and I see where it made its mark on caribbean latinx music like Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton etc. But people not giving Black people their proper credit, what else is new.

jk and tae both HATE jimin

listen here, im here to prove to all of you once and for all that these two despise jimin. like, you’ll see in just a second how the hate rolls off them in waves. anyways, starting off with the maknae

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listen to me, this is exactly how i look at someone i hate

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LOOK. jk’s giving us all pointers on how to show your hatred towards someone through your eyes. take notes peeps.

now, THIS is how you do it. look at him shoot hearts daggers with his eyes. anyways, let’s move on to tae bc im already losing it

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tae be like…”jimin get your frickin small hands away from me. i dont like you jimin, i dont like your small hands either i dont find them cute at all”

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tae: “wow, i hate jimin with every fibre of my being…” look at those daggers hes shooting at jimin. damn. can you feel the hate yet?

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what you’re seeing above is NOT vmin cuddling. fuck no.

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dont even get me started on this jealousy…thing bc thats a separate post can you feel me rolling my eyes yet

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


HI ARMY'S! #NamjoonStanSpeaking

I just want to remind you that Namjoon dropped his single “Change” along with Wale & I want ARMYS to hype him up as much as you hyped up Yoongi & Agust D. As you can till this moment notice that Namjoon as member,talented person & mainly leader is being extremely ignored & rather hated & called ugly than loved & for what? I really dont know myself….I guess because people can’t come at him for not being talented so they go for his looks.[ Which I don’t get either because hallooo are yall blind? The boy is drop-dead gorgeous tf ]

Yes I am aware of the fact he is in fact not the only member NOT being treated the way they deserve to [like Jin or Hobi…] but Hobi has been in spotlight more for a while since BS&T era,Jin has gained better feedback since his variety shows & dad jokes😂.

I don’t really see any improvement in Joon’s area. I know it’s not the members fault but the only thing on my dash in a while now has been mainly Maknae Line & here & there some Hobi or Suga. And Im honestly really dissapointed because what is the reason for someone not to respect all the members equally.

I don’t know, it was just bothering me for a while now that it’s a few new eras in & I see the other members being more in spotlight but still no results in Joon’s area. Like I see such a beautiful,talented,kind & intelligent person but some fans just don’t see it & it’s so…sad to be honest. So please show him some love,even if you are not Namjoon stan,just let’s all show him we care & that we love him.💞

Thanks ARMY✌

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y u hate jiraiya

bc of the obvious reasons ?? his character is the gross pervert old man trope, he makes naruto do the sexy jutsu for him when hes twelve years old and makes naruto incredibly uncomfortable. i remember he said how he thought konan would be hot when she was older. he had once stolen all of narutos money and used it on drinks and women. sakura doesnt like him either.

hes technically narutos godfather and closest thing to a family member and yet he doesnt come back to konoha to raise him even tho he knew narutos parents both had died 

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what are your thoughts on the big bads of homestuck?

doc scratch is and always has been my favorite homestuck antagonist. which isnt to say i like him, rather that hes the only one who manages to inspire any actual feelings of animosity in the reader

lord english, bec noir, the condesce - most of homestucks antagonists arent characters so much as they are forces of nature. english and noir have no coherent motivations other than “blow shit up and take no prisoners”; condys motivation is “break out of lord englishs control and then blow shit up and take no prisoners” which might be marginally more interesting if her working against/around english ever impacted the plot in any visible way. you get the one conversation between grimbark jade and dave where she convinces him to alchemize caledfwlch because its englishs one weakness, but…. dave never fights english and caledfwlch never gets used against him, and that whole conversation got retconned away anyway. theyre not complex characters, theyre not villains with agendas. our heroes may as well be fighting a hurricane. and theyre very destructive and powerful hurricanes, but you never get the sense that they have any depth of character

scratch, though. scratch has a personality, and he has an agenda, and he has enough depth of character to inspire actual emotion in the reader, whether that emotion is fear or disgust or sympathy for his victims. like, you know how in fletcher wortmanns commentary he maintains a fairly objective, academic distance from homestuck, except for all the doc scratch pages where he cannot help but interject his commentary with “fuck this smug motherfucker i hate him so much”? thats what makes a good villain. thats good writing. i dont think hed be considered one of the “big bads”, especially since hes just a subordinate to lord english, but he is the best imo.

i wouldnt actually consider caliborn a big bad either - with english on the list he feels redundant, especially since for most of his character arc hes not actually conflicting with the heroes or even interacting with them at all. ive written meta on caliborn before tho

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sometimes i think about what could have made me like sc*tt. like. s1&s2 sc*tt definitely had his faults- esp. wrt his treatment of derek- but i think he definitely could have developed as a person from there and had a rly interesting character arc? like real personal growth and shit. it gets harder after master plan. is there a way that episode could have gone down the way it did and still made him a likable character after that? is there any apology he could give that would suffice?

cont. - like im not sure of the answer, but id love to see someone manage it. i don’t know if ive ever come across a fic that manages to redeem him from that moment while still acknowledging it. most fics either dont forgive him for it or they just sort of ignore it. for me tho, i think the real breaking point for sc*tt is the true alpha storyline. after that i don’t think there was anything they could have done for him to make him an interesting or likeable character. that storyline ruined it.

I think one of the biggest places where people take issue with Scott –– and this doesn’t mean they hate him or he’s a horrible human being (although some people feel that way too, and are entitled to it), but where many people see Scott falling short as a character is in that the show seems to have decided that “main character” or “hero” should mean perfect, and that’s just… that’s not good for character development, for plot building, or honestly, for a character’s likability.

Characters need to grow to be engaging. And people grow by making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Scott’s mistakes, his flaws as a human being (and yes, he has flaws, everyone does, that’s not character assassination, that’s just fact) are really never addressed. He isn’t made to apologize for the things he does wrong (and why should he, honestly, since no one around him recognizes his problematic behaviors and calls him out on them) or face any apparent payment for them. This compared to the rest of the characters in the series, who are called out on their mistakes –– either by other characters or by consequences in canon. I always use Derek as a comparison, because there are a lot of straightforward parallels, such as the key moments with Isaac. Derek throws a glass at Isaac to get him to leave the loft. We know that’s an absolutely shitty thing to do, it reads immediately on both Isaac and Derek’s faces, and as consequence Derek loses Isaac as a pack member. That’s some hardcore, immediate reaction showing people in the scene and in the audience that This Was Not An Ok Thing To Do. The fact that Derek knew it wasn’t ok as he was doing it, and that he did it on purpose to get Isaac to leave for his own safety, does not make the behavior alright, and Derek acknowledges and pays for that behavior in the permanent loss of Isaac as a housemate and pack member.

When Scott, a short time later, throws Isaac into a wall in a moment of jealousy, it should, on the surface, seem to strike a fairly close parallel. We have Isaac’s Alpha, someone in a position of power over him, physically lashing out at him in some way. But in this instance, neither Scott nor Isaac react much to it, Isaac continues to go on living in Scott’s house and remaining a member of his pack, and there is just… no real follow up to that moment. And while I understand how that can lead some viewers to dismiss the moments as not being parallel (Isaac wasn’t upset there, so clearly Scott’s behavior is acceptable), what I and many viewers are instead left with is the message that Derek lashing out is unexpected and unacceptable, Scott lashing out is expected and acceptable, and that makes him… more heroic?

In season five I believe there finally was a moment between Stiles and Scott where Scott seemed to be being called out on his behavior, but even that came off as very “I’m flawed and you can’t understand that because you’re perfect,” which is… it’s how Scott sees himself, and it’s how the writers seem to see him, but A) that fails to acknowledge the ways in which he is flawed –– meaning that he can’t learn from and improve upon those flaws –– and B) makes for an incredibly un-engaging character. How can we identify with perfection? How can we root for perfection? And how can we fully get on board with someone we are told is perfect, when we can look at them and point out a dozen instances where they weren’t?

This is my major issue with Scott’s character. That we are told he is perfect when we see he isn’t, that he has a double standard of being excused from all of his bad behaviors when the characters around him aren’t, and I do think this connects very much to the True Alpha problem (I got another ask about my thoughts on that so I’ll answer that in more detail separately), because it’s just another level of saying “Scott is a better man, werewolf, and person in general than everyone else.”

Ok, now after all of that, how do I think Scott could have been improved and made more likable for many critical viewers? To be honest, for me it would have been really simple. Include moments where he apologizes for things. That’s… really, honestly, all I would have needed. Because like I said, I’m not looking for perfect characters. Scott acknowledging that he screwed up now and again would make me ecstatic because it would mean that he’s learning and growing and is trying to become better, and that makes for an amazing character arc in any show. If Scott had done the exact same thing in “Master Plan,” except when Derek asked why Scott didn’t tell him Scott had said “I’m sorry… I was afraid if I told anyone then Gerard would find out my plan. And I couldn’t risk that, my mom was in danger” then bam. I would have had a complete turnaround on my attitude toward him in that moment. He would have been humanized, we would have seen that he was in a tough situation, and he would have become more sympathetic by sympathizing with the shitty thing he’d done to Derek. Honestly, that simple.

hate my ways? thats a personal issue. - joji (nsfw)

“Please, it’ll only be for a few hours!” Max whined, bugging you the 3rd time today. You pouted, stomping your foot childishly.
“But why?! Its stupid, he’s stupid, and I dont think he wants me there either!” You yelled.
Ah, yes. One of Max’s friends was having a birthday, and they were throwing a huge party for him. Who was the birthday boy? None other than George Joji Miller.
You had a deep hatred for him, thinking he was way too far up his own ass and too sensitive. Liking one thing one minute, hating it the next.
He found you annoying sometimes, but tried to keep it on a level where you two couldnt have any interaction whatsoever. But then again, you never liked to talk to him, so you didnt know much about his feelings towards you.
But Max, being his best friend, had begged you repeatedly to go. Although you didnt know why, you didnt ask.
Reluctantly you agreed, still kinda upset about Max wanting to drag you here. But you didnt have a choice.
Inside was loud and crowded, and you lost Max right when you got in. Frustrated enough, you went to the bar to get a drink and sat there majority of the time. Some people you knew talked to you, others you didnt know did, but eventually they’d leave for someone else. You swished your cocktail around, resting your chin on your palm. Max never came back to find you, and you were beginning to get real pissed. Here you were, a young woman on her own at a party for a guy she hated more than anything. Sighing, you decided to go look for him. You got up and left your empty glass on the counter, looking through the crowd to find the drunk aussie. You saw many people, but sadly, none of them were Max. You were beginning to lose hope since this was a huge fucking house, and there’d be no way you’d be able to find him on your own. You were about to yell out Max’s name when you were suddenly pushed into a closet. With a yelp, you latched onto the closest thing closest to you. “God damn, your grip is hard.” A deep, smooth voice said. Your eyes widened. “What-why-what am I doing in here with you, George?” You hissed at him. Joji chuckled and pulled you closer to him. His hand was around your waist and the other was gradually going lower. “Its my birthday, Y/N. I saw that you didnt get me a present, but Max did.” He whispered in your ear, making your face flush. “I-I told Max that whatever he bought was coming from the both of us. I didnt get you a present because I dont like you, George.” You said nervously, but coldly to the man holding your waist with his warm hands. Joji smirked and started kissing your neck. You sucked in a breath but didn’t do anything. For a while this happened, and all you did was nothing. “But if you hate me so much, why are you letting this happen?” He asked in between kisses. As if you werent controlling yourself, your fingers on the back his neck curled around his hair, and your head rolled back, letting his lips kiss you. “W-what?” You closed your eyes, small breaths leaving your mouth. “Why are you letting me kiss you…if you hate me?” He asked you again, quieter this time. His tongue grazed the side of your neck, only for his teeth to nip at the spot. He sucked on your collarbone, making a small moan leave your lips. He smirked at that, feeling in control of you. He opened his eyes and looked around for a chair, and spotted one near where he was standing. The hands on your waist went down to cup your ass, and that made you lift a leg up to Joji’s waist. He lifted you up, lips still on your neck, hands still on your ass. He walked over to the chair and sat down, making you straddle him. His hands left your ass and went up to the zipper of your dress, moving it down making you shiver. “Joji…” You moaned out, very unconscious of your words. He successfully got the zipper all the way down, and started to take it off your torso. You helped him, now only being in a lacy bra. He kissed your lips, and you could smell cigarettes, alcohol, and cologne he wore. The smell made but it was very intoxicating. You moaned against his lips, trying to get his baggy hoodie off.

He stifled a giggle, and pulled away from you to get it off. He wasnt wearing a shirt underneath, but hey, that didnt bother you one bit. “Damn..” You bit your lip, checking him out. He bit his lip and smirked at you again, tipping his head up a bit. “Take off your dress and lay down on the floor.” He instructed. You hesitantly nodded, kicking your dress to the side and sitting on the floor. Joji got up from the chair and layed down on his stomach, spreading your thighs. Your arms were stretched out behind you and your palms were on the floor, and as Joji did his thing, you slowly let your back lower to the ground. By the time your panties were off, you were on the floor, fingers gripping Joji’s hair and a moaning mess. “J-Joji! Ah, fuck! Th-there!” Joji sucked on your clit, his tongue licking up and down in a near area. He had three fingers in you, pumping at a rapid pace. You bit your lip and moaned again, his actions and deep moans turning you on. “I’m gonna..cum! Joji, s-stop, I-I’m so close..!” You yelled at him, but not exactly wanting him to stop. He removed his lips from your clit, still pumping his fingers but slowing down a bit. He chuckled at you, the hand that was hooked around your thigh now gripping your breast. “You’re so fucking hot, babe..“ He said to you, making you look away and pout your lip. He chuckled, and you could hear him removing his belt and pulling down his pants so his cock was exposed. Your eyes immediately darted to it, feeling the juices between your legs flow again. Your mouth opened, and you swallowed. He saw this and let out a small laugh. “What? Is it that-” “You have a big cock for a Jap.” You said, blank faced as you zoned out a bit. He laughed again, grabbing your ankle and hoisting your leg over his shoulder. You moved your other, spreading your legs farther apart. “You ready, babygirl?” He asked you, the head of his cock barely touching your entrance. You nodded, letting yourself relax. He pushed into you, making you moan a bit. When he started thrusting, your voice raised in pitch and volume. He let out a shuddery moan, throwing his head back. “Haah..oh, fuck…” You whimpered, covering your mouth with the back of your hand. Joji thrusted in and out of you, gradually going faster and harder. You moaned his name and cursed multiple times, as he did the same. “Oh fuck…Y-Y/N..” He moaned. Your hand went to rub your clit, making you grit your teeth and arch your back. Joji pulled out of you all of a sudden, flipping you over and entering you from behind. The side of your face was pressed against the floor, as Joji fucked you. You wished you had something to grip on, your fists clenched until your knuckles were white. Joji groaned above you, fondling your breasts and pinching your nipples. You bit your lip, feeling your end near. Joji was too, he rammed faster and harder, whimpering a lot more than usual. “C-cum inside me, Joji! Please..” You moaned out, not thinking clearly. He didnt respond, only getting ready to fill you up. “I’m cumming, Y/N..” He said to you, whining and whimpering. He stopped moving, and you questioned why, but gasped loudly when you felt him cum inside you. “Ohh, Joji…” “Y/N..” - You and George came out of the room a bit later, seeing the party was still in full swing. Your hands were pressed together and fingers laced within each other. He told you that Max and Ian were probably upstairs in the other bar, and thats where the both of you were headed. Once you spotted the Australian that dragged you here, you smacked him upside the head. Ian laughed and said hello, side hugging you. “So, do you still hate George now, Y/N?” Max smirked, looking at your hands. George answered his question by pulling you close to him and passionately kissing your lips, gaining attention from everyone else other than Max and Ian. Cheers and hollers were heard all aroundas George kissed you. All the while were your eyes wide open. When he pulled away, flashes were seen out of your peripheral vision, and he whispered in your ear. “You were even better than the birthday cake, Y/N.”
#2 Dylan strome

Omg yay requests are open!! Can you do one with Dylan Strome? Where you two are best friends and when you two are together you’re both very funny and goofy, but then you leave, and all of the Otters chirp him for being super in love with you but never making a move? Haha thanks!

Song suggestion of the day: bull ride by magic city hippies (don’t ask its a good song ok)

Dyl pickle is my favourite nickname bc its so cute. Dont hate on my baby its not his fault he looks like that. Also he looks so cute in this interview im sorry its not my fault i dont make the rules.

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You laughed as Dylan threw his arm around you shoulder and glanced up at him to find him smiling down at you.

“Don’t look at me like that.” you told him with a laugh.

“Oh now I can’t look at you now? Okay.” he replied with a laugh as he watched you shield the side of your face with your hands.

“No pictures, no pictures.” You snickered.

“If either one of us turned out to be a stalker its you.”

you dropped your hands and feinted hurt. “Is this because you’re mad I went through your old facebook posts?” you asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow.

“You sent them to everyone!” He complained.

“Anyone in erie wanna hang out.” you imitated, dropping your voice as low as you could.

“Oh shut up.” he rolled his eyes as you snickered. “you have to be nice to me, I let you borrow my sweatshirt.”

“You let me? You literally wouldn’t let me leave the house till i ‘put on something warmer’” you giggled.

“Same thing.” he laughed. “I felt bad that I completely annihilated you at mario kart.” he reasoned.

“You are a liar and a cheat.” you told him with a stern look as a kid raced past you. “Oh my god, look at sonic go.” you laughed, pressing yourself against Dylan as the kid almost bowled you over.

“Gotta Blast!” Dylan laughed. “Look at him go, thats fucking wild.” he commented as you watched the kid tear down the hall.

“Why he run? Where he go? come back sonic and tell us your secrets.” you lamented.

“Now we shall never know. Goodbye sonic, my sweet prince.”

You snorted at that, pushing open the door to the where the otters had decided they would have a team building cook off. Why? We may never know.

“Look who finally showed up, the dynamic duo themselves.” Alex smirked.

“Decided if we were gonna grace you with our presence, better to do it fashionably late.” You informed them.

You and Dylan were paired up with Dylans teammates Alex and Taylor. Alex was rattling off instructions and trying to keep the three of you from mucking the recipe up.

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"people who LOVE gamzee but hate vriska (like this person) arent triggered by abuse, because they love abusers who target disabled people as long as theyre men" or different things trigger different people. there's plenty of people on tumblr who are triggered by dirk, but not by vriska, or vice versa -- are those homophobia and misogyny respectively? i fucking hate gamzee and don't care about that user but i'm exhausted on feeling like i have to like vriska when she triggers me immensely

you dont have to like vriska, and im sorry if anything ive ever written has made it seem like i think u do. i dont want people to like her, just to understand her, which is the same reason i write about dirk. (and of course nobody is required to like or understand either of those two characters, which is why following me is optional and not, like, mandated by law)

i definitely do find something suspicious in people who like vriska but hate dirk, depending on how they characterize him - “dirk is overrated/boring/annoying” is totally understandable, “dirk is a sexual predator” is homophobia - but normally i dont give a shit about who likes or hates whatever character. thats your business. but this person puts all of their posts in the character tags and wants to make it other peoples business so it doesnt take a genius to see that theyre itching for a fight, ykwim

what follows is anecdotal and personal, so ymmv - im also putting it under a cut

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Ohhh can you do 25 with either clony or taffy.

I think Im gonna do Clony here, I love Taffy but i havnt tried my hand at Clony yet. SO let’s see how this goes.

25 I’m Sick

Tony was sick, and i dont mean a little Cold, I mean a full on throw up your lunch kind of sick. And he hated every single second of it.

He should be out, with his car or his boyfriend or something, but instead he was stuck in bed trying not to throw up on his phone as he texted Clay, letting him know why he couldn’t make it to their date.

Little did he know Clay was already in his house, climbing the stairs.

Well that was until he burst into Tony’s bedroom.

“Why are you still in bed?” Clay asked him completely oblivious to Tony’s illness.

“Im sick you idiot” Tony groaned before throwing up as if to prove his point.

“Oh” Clay said now understanding what was happening, making a deal with himself that he was going to look after Tony until he was better.

Once Tony was done throwing up he gave Clay a look “Dont you fucking Dare-” He started

“Im making you soup” Clay interuppted before going downstairs and to the kitchen like a man in a mission.

“Oh my god” Tony groaned laying back down.

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honestly, the fandom is making me hate lance because klance shippers seem to ignore keith and make him into a lifeless robot

i think its mostly la//nce stans but tbh the kl//ance shippers kinda dont really care abt ke//ith’s character at all and they warp him into some pining boy mess and ughhh also la//nce doesnt get fair treatment either bc his character is completely erased so that hes appealing enough to be shipped w their ooc ke//ith g o d

Today in homeroom I was talking to the kid I like and I was going to say ‘I hate you _’ but I was in a chatroom with Jumin so instead I said 'I hate you Jumin’ and he got so genuinely offended because he knows exactly who Jumin is and now he has changed his name in my phone to Jumin and I am referred to as Weeby and I’ve either made huge progress with him or I’ve just messed everything up hahahah hah
~Peony is cryig

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You know, after reading a lot of comments from antis about otayuri and yurio being more of a main character at season 2, my conclusion is: these people just straight up hate Yuri. And there's nothing we can do but love him more and laugh at their faces when more Yurio shows up everywhere Yoi related... but then again, that's just me...

lmaoo i dont think its something like that, i think they just tend to forget that yuris a main character since the main ship is viktuuri and 95% of the point of view is either yuuri’s or viktor’s

and antis being negative abt ota//yuri is just the norm lmao

How to deal with being called on at school?

Okay so one time in math class my teacher called on me and i didnt know the answer but she just would NOT let me off the hook. I have bad social anxiety so it was agonizing when everyone in the class was just staring at me,including the teacher who was glaring at me. I started to cry in class which made everything even more horrible and finally she let me go but with an angry attitude in her tone. I basically left class with my head hanging down and my face all red, i couldnt even really talk to my friend either and was embarrsed the whole day. Then after that incident i’ve had really bad anxiety whenever the teacher calls on me, even when i know the answer because i just get so scared that im wrong. Litterally my heart starts beating fast and my palms get sweaty. Do you have any tips because schools coming up and i dont want to be so scared in the classroom. My parents arnt really supportive on this either and just say that I’m ‘shy’. But i’ve never been really comfortable in a social situation since i was a kid and hate it. Anyways thanks for your time.


First off, I feel you man. I had the same exact issue with a horrible teacher who made me feel like a complete idiot in front of the entire class. But now looking back at it, I really regret not telling him off or just walking out of class. I’m not saying my anxiety wouldn’t have eaten me alive, but he was a absolute bully and I despise people that have such power and use it to be such assholes. I really hate to encourage a dispute between the teacher/professor, but do tell them you don’t know. Repeat it. And if they tell you to TRY which is usually the case with them, then ask them to at least start you off. – show me the first step, and I’ll try taking it from there. That way at least you gave it a shot, even if its wrong. And not everyone will have the answer, so don’t think you are an idiot for giving the wrong answer. You gave it your best. I think the worst thing you can do is stay quiet because then they’ll interpret it as ‘oh that person isn’t paying attention or doesnt care’ don’t give them that reason to persist. Hang in there! School can be shit, but it will be over one day.

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tomtord is literally the worst fucking ship ever. like it doesnt even matter what either of the characters do? they butchered both Tom and Tord as characters

“oo! Tords smiling! i bet hes thinking about tom”
“!! Tom looked at tord he obviously wants to fuck him”

Like!!! Nooo!!! Calm the fuck down!!!! Its one of the most sexualized ship in eddsworld and the most popular one like?? No they hate eachther they dont want to fuck are you insane??


One Day & Thank You