but i dont hate him either

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Hey uh what's your least YOI character? (If you have one at least)

((As people,, all of them are cool but from an actual character standpoint I would say probably Otabek? Like he’s just kinda.. thrown in there for the last 3 eps and is used as ladder for Yurio’s character development and we learn like nothing about him? Even in his routine he only thinks about Yurio. There wasn’t any build up to his character so he didn’t present as a threat to any of the competitors like JJ either. Idk, I dont HATE Otabek but I feel like his character should have been handled differently.))


((I would also like to point out that this is the most hideous costume I have ever seen it looks like a child drew a treasure map and threw some glitter on it this is so offensive to my eyes))

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unpopular opinion:I would hate to have a v ending romanticly. yes, I want to save him but it's clear he loved her. He did so much for her, he just wanted tobsee her happy. I'm not defending the hella abusive relationship, I just dont see him falling at MC's feet like everyone else in two weeks. Now,the route I'd love to see is Vanderwood.

yeah, he’d definitely need waaaaay more time- years, even- to get over everything, and be ready for something new. romantically, I don’t think the two week span of the game would fit, either; a modification or dlc where time passes would be absolutely needed. and I’d also love to know more about my NB Pal Vandy!

Some thoughts

I really hope “remember that” was a warning along the lines of “good luck” from 3x05.

Optimistic view:

Eds faking it again. He realized before that hug that Oswald is the only person who really cares about him, and hes not actually going to hurt him. He decided babs and tabs and butch are a threat that needs to be taken care of, and he needs Oswald to play along while he does it. Babs tabs and butch need to buy it; Oswalds reactions have to be genuine.

Pessimistic view:

Ed really does hate Oswald and is really turning against him. Everything will be angsty and terrible, bye.

The way cms plays ed is always ambiguous: it’s hard to tell what his real intentions are. Technically we dont actually know his plan right now, we just know what the other characters know. Which is very little.

Either way, I’m currently dead. See you all in January ✌ 🐧❓

when the sun rises tomorrow
you will still be broken
and bruised
but unlike yesterday
you won’t be alone
and that has to count for something.
you finally found a family
worth fighting for.

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the peeps who hate hanzo mostly hate him because the fans turn hanzo into a do no wrong type of person. like we all get that he has a lot of stress and trauma but it doesn't excuse his actions. or maybe it's just me. I mean I really liked him as a character but then the majority of the fandom started to attack anyone who see hanzo in a negative light. :/ the point is that people don't hate hanzo because of his character but instead because the fans.

like…..i dont really care abt han.zo like, at all but a lot of fans turn him (and basically every other character) into a one dimensional, 1 trait only kind of person, so they like, only focus on either how Shit of a person he is because he ‘killed’ genji, OR they turn him into a ‘literally did nothing wrong uwu’ and its like……………no………hes….a complex character with a LOT of trauma..you cant just do that……

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Help. Im having a crisis. I love keith. I love his character and hes also rly nice to look at. But also I hate keith. I hate looking at him. Im completely, utterly, jealous of keith kogane and im a LADY and. I dont know what to do because I always feel boiling jealousy but also pride whenever I see keith, its tiring. I cant stand his bom suit bc why cant I look like that, fuck off kogane. But i cant stop staring either. Is this what lance feels like. Because bless lance.

It’s scary how much I relate to this. Sometimes I look at him and I just start internally screaming because he is SO. PRETTY. And every time someone reblogs art or screencaps of him in the BoM suit, I actually emit sounds never before heard by man or beast. He is perfect and I’d die for him.


One Day & Thank You

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“I have a bad feeling about him, i dont know if its his clothing, his Zaun originis, or the fact that he looks like a sadist, he probably is someone i’d either fight or hate, but im judging only by looks… i dont actually know him”

//For some reasons Greeb reminds me of Monopoly… DONT ASK WHY I DONT KNOW

Types of Perfection (Monsta X Ver.)

Shownu: awkward dad perfection

Wonho: shirtless (are we really gonna argue on this, the boy never wears a shirt) ramen perfection

Minhyuk: hyper don’t-sleep-on-him-please perfection

Kihyun: vocal “mom” perfection

Hyungwon: sleepy don’t-sleep-on-him-either meme perfection

Jooheon: aegyo perfection

I.M.: Maknae-that-doesn’t-really-look-like-the-maknae perfection (lol this was all of us don’t even start)

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As much as I dont like Britt as long as Dylan is happy, that's what matters the most. Plus if she was using him dont you think she'd get tired after 5 years of being in a relationship, I would get so tired of it. Its like being in the public eye & having to be perfect w/no screw ups. I cant do that because if I was a celebrity & paparazzi was all in my face especially if I asked for some space & they don't listen I'd be hitting bitches left & right. Id be the most loved & hated celebrity

I totally agree what ever makes bae happy. I don’t think Britt is using him either. I think that they’re not together 😂😂 because they haven’t photographed together since??? And she didn’t even go to his cousin’s wedding a few months ago. Some people say “well she was working”. Yeah? So was Dylan and he flew allllll the way from London to be there. Not to mention weddings don’t just happen over night (well some don’t) and they probably had that wedding planned for months if not longer, what’s my point? Is that if Britt was working, she could have told whoever she needed to tell that her boyfriend of 5 years’s cousin was having a wedding that she needed to attend. Because you’re telling me that his family was like “she can’t attend.”? No way, not after them dating that long. Beside, how did she attend the guy that plays Minho’s wedding with Dylan, who by the way she probably barely new, and not go to his blood relatives wedding that was so important to him that he left filming in London to go too. There’s no way they’re together. There’s no way they’re dating.

I love how strongly I feel about this hahaha.

“bob is an moc but bellamy is white because the show is whitewashing him”

do you hear yourself? do you?

bob morley is a biracial filipino man (meaning he has one filipino and one white parent)

similarly, bellamy has a white mother and white half-sister

writers have confirmed he’s the same ethnicity as bob 

writers have also confirmed that his father is filipino

so what are you saying?

writers words don’t count? then we can consider lexa as bi/pan i guess?

the kid playing him for 30 seconds in a flashback was white? so whiteness is such an overriding possibility that 30 seconds of a white kid negates 3 seasons of an moc?

bellamy has to be fully filipino even though the actor who plays him is biracial? sounds an awful lot like you wanna pass your racism off as white male hate really badly but dont have the logic to back it up

his father hasnt been revealed yet? so biracial people dont exist and the default is white? well we haven’t see the parents of characters played by biracial poc either, like raven and lincoln, so i guess they’re white too?

bob is white passing? maybe you need glasses :)

maybe stop reaching and deal with your racism instead lmao

okay, but Jokes Aside?  as you all know the Good Old me, i’ve noticed few smallest details in the cap of this episode, and Pluto Mays is here to tell you just how Important and a Good Friend  /  Person mondo actually is. if anyone on this site hates him, okay, but don’t come to me, because i will  NOT  speak with you. mind you, but i put effort in developing mondo’s character. anyway, here we go.

the immediate little detail i noticed is how mondo is the  ONLY ONE AMONG EVERYONE  who rushes over chihiro and helps him carry the heavy boxes. like, either leon or ishimaru could have dropped everything and helped him, but they were busy wiring up the blockages. or, for all we know, he certainly dropped everything he was doing and went to help a friend. if this isn’t a sign of being a good friend, i have more details i noticed.

notice the look on his face.  HE SEEMS SO GODDAMN FOCUSED TO HELP THIS POOR BOY…….  it isn’t even out of pity or mere sight of how fujisaki is physically meeker than mondo, he wants to FUCKING HELP HIS FRIEND, no matter what. and yes, mondo may or may not have a Weakness for this petite boy, but LISTEN, HE CARES EITHER WAY. another thing i noticed is the look on FUJISAKI’S face, he seems so surprised at this sudden offer, though it just gets him to admire mondo even More because of such cute selfless offer he done, like wow that is so Noble of him, man look how strong this boy is. ( also ishimaru is one strong motherfucker for holding that heavy blockage by himself jesus christ son )

THIS. this is the important cap to me. there are SO MANY details i noticed. first, if you look closely, NOTICE THAT MONDO IS HOLDING A THUMBS UP, that seems to be pointing at himself. it definitely has a meaning of “leave it to me, fujisaki.” , and the assurance of him helping fujisaki, no matter what. secondly, NOTICE THE SMILE MONDO HAS ON HIS FACE. it’s so,,, assuring and comforting, like he wants to let fujisaki know HE CAN BE TRUSTED AND RELIED ON. he’s all “i got you, homie, i’m here for ya” . and THIRDLY, look at this smol boy, look how…. STARRY EYED HE IS @ HIS IDOL…. HE’S ALL “aaaaa my idol look at him oh my GOD teach me all of ur tricks i admire you so much” . all in all, this cap just tells us how pure both of these boys are and are SO GODDAMN WILLING to help one another. 

though, another thing i noticed, seeing that they were AWARE of the tragedy going on outside, because they WERE building up the fences for despairs not be inside, how come mondo wasn’t concerned for his gang? like, was the tragedy still small while they were doing this? it’s obvious their memories weren’t wiped away at this very moment, so why did mondo not go outside and search for his gang he oh so preciously kept together and promised to his brother to keep? maybe he wanted to stick with his friends? or was he just not allowed to go outside? that one slightly confuses me. let me tell you, if mondo were to get out and find his gang, he’d save himself from the horrible fate. 

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I'm glad I made you feel a little better!! So like, I dont know if you are going to sleep or not (hate time differences lmao) but well, either now or once you wake up, could you list the 10 things you love most about Jae? (btw I gave a limit cause I'm pretty sure there is more than 10 thing lol) <3

omg i can’t limit it just to ten wahhh that’s so difficult hmph

I will try though

  • Yoo Youngjae is literally the fluffiest fluffy ball of fluff who is the most precious ray of sunshine who is so kind and sweet and I love him so much because of how cute/adorable/sweet/nice he is
  • His voice is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard; whether he is singing or talking or screaming, it’s beautiful and sweet. I love watching his vlive and just listening to his voice as he talks
  • His laugh! It’s so beautifully sweet! His laugh gives me life
  • Sass. You cannot not love the sass. 
  • His relationship with all the members of B.A.P and how much he cares about them. It’s so sweet how much they all love each other, and I love how Youngjae is with them. I don’t know why exactly, I guess I just find it so nice
  • The love and care he has for the fans. It’s so sweet (I’ve run out of adjectives). The moment when he cried on Private Life killed me. Anytime he cries, it kills me. And it’s mostly because of the love he has for the fans. It’s beautiful.
  • He may be hella cute, but he is also sexy as hell. Oh my god. The Noir era had me completely shook, especially when he wore chokers, bless them. And that bad girl, good girl parody had me completely shook
  • His intelligence. He is so smart, hence why he is B.A.P’s Brain, and he talks so eloquently, I love it. Not to mention how good he is with languages. Bless him, he’s so intelligent!
  • His aegyo is to die for, but even when he isn’t doing aegyo he is adORABLE!!! Like his cute as hell habit of hitting people’s shoulders when he’s excited or happy. Have I mentioned how cute he is when he’s excited? Like a lil energizer bunny
  • How he likes taking photos. I love that so much for some reason. And he looks so happy taking or sharing his photos!

Whoops that’s twelve and honestly I had so much more to say Thanks so much for asking :3 Jae is precious, just look at him:

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I hate myself because I just had an uncool thought. In the promo when Oliver says "you want me, come on" I feel like he's saying that to protect someone else that was in the limo. Either it's Thea and that's uncool because I don't want Thea hurt. But Susan is in the ep and I have a bad feeling she's gonna forgive him and then she will be in the limo w him nd then Oliver is gonna protect her and she's gonna be all "my hero" and everything and more tht i dont wanna think bout and that's just so EW

There’s a little bit of bile in my throat. 

Both scenarios suck… but I honestly think that Thea being with him is more likely. 

The only way I want to see DL in the limo is if she’s three times as injured as Oliver is in the promo. Then 5x16 can be a scene in a hospital bc Oliver is a nice guy. And then 5x18 can be her getting the hell out of Star City with her tail between her legs. 

But who the hell knows what Arrow is up to anymore. 

Paige is NOT a pedophile apologist

I dont know why I’m still seeing that floating around… Okay, so this is basically the rundown of that situation.

  • Griddles was a writer for Bleedman’s comics
  • Paige was a fan in 2010, so she was approx 13 years old
  • Griddles commissioned her to draw some characters (that werent his characters either)
  • Between then and 2012, an underaged girl communicated with Griddles and lied about her age (18+) and acted as a camgirl for him to get free art from Bleedman. He was later convicted in the year 2012.
  • The age of consent is 16 in Australia (where hes from) anyways, and the girl was approx 15 at the time
  • Legally, Griddles is actually not considered a pedophile tho
  • The source for Griddles being convicted is an unofficial wordpress blog
  • Years later, Paige redrew the commission, referring to Griddles as in old friend the same way a lot of people refer to their watchers and followers
  • The girl from before saw the redraw (now 5 or so years later) and decided to bring up the Griddles Case, which naturally drew lots of SJW’s attention.
  • Interactions with the girl revealed that she was still lying and kept changing her story around, so its debatable if shes trustworthy as a source at all. 
  • Zamii, during this entire course of time, had no idea he was really a pedophile (which he actually isnt), (and probably assumed the SJWs were just trying finding a new thing to bother her about). However,when she found out he was truthfully convicted, she did cut ties.
  • TL;DR: Griddles isnt even legally a pedophile, and Zamii is NOT a pedophile apologist

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don't be fake, you always sexualizes to sehun

lmao! i know plus i was thickdicksehun im not blind to that and im sure my followers arent blind to that either but 98% of that posts talks about him as a person and people who treat him like dirt and insult him for laughs and how people are blind to the fact that he IS talented AND the fact that there are people who hate on him for absolutely no reason AND are constantly negative about him and about what he does so please. i dont sit here and constantly sexualize him and i dont degrade him in any way shape or form i absolutely adore him and i agree 100% with that post however and reblogging it doesn’t mean im “fake” 

im thinking about kevin and all his betrayals, as i do, and its interesting how when he turned on generico and chris, he told them he hated them. when he turned on sami, he insisted it wasn’t personal (even if it maybe was) and that when sami won the nxt title, he was genuinely happy for him.