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          - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 059
summary : continues the story from part I …
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    “You really did it this time big brother.” sighed Y/N as they headed out of town through one of the back roads of Mystic Falls. “Did – did you do the same for Liv or?”
Kai turned towards her with blank expression on his face. Thought had crossed his mind , he even had an extra vial with vampire blood when he went to see his baby sister but he hadn’t done it. Now he couldn’t stand seeing Y/N’s eyes so red and puffy , specially knowing he was the one who had caused it. Of all the people on this planet his baby sis was the last person he wanted to hurt.
    “I did it again , didn’t I ?” he sighed. “I never wanted to cause you pain sis. You have to know that. It was the only way to for us both to be safe from our father. I promised you to protect you and I did exactly that. I’ll find a way to make it up to you.”
Y/N sniffled looking at the road ahead. It was dark and the headlights were the only thing providing any light. Kai had avoided answering her question , which only confirmed what she already knew.
    “A ‘sorry’ would be a nice start.” she mumbled.
Kai placed his hand on her shoulder , making her turn towards him. His eyes had started to water and he looked like a lost puppy. Seeing Kai like this broke her heart all over again.
    “I am sorry. I should’ve saved Liv she — she wasn’t that bad was she ?” he thought out loud. “Maybe one of your friends got to her and saved her. I hope someone did —”


Living in New Orleans was a lot different than living in Portland. There were a lot more vampires and witches and even werewolfs than Y/N and Kai had originally thought. It didn’t take them long to meet the Originals and that turned Kai into the big overprotective brother after he realised all three brothers took quite the liking to his younger sibling. Ever since the first moment they saw his baby sister Elijah , Kol and Klaus started doing whatever they could to win her over. He would rarely leave them alone and often used magic to cloak himself and make sure they treat his baby sister properly or else.  To Y/N it felt weird at first since no one in her life had ever shown interest in her , specially not like that and definitely not in those proportions.

Three months later the three brothers continued trying to win Y/N’s heart. Klaus would spend hours talking art with her and impressing her with his paintings while Elijah would show off with his book collection and knowledge about classical music. Kol wasn’t further behind - he had figured out Y/N likes all things witch related so he showed her all the dark objects , thought her how to make them and showed her his mother’s grimoars. Every time each of the brothers came up with something new and different , competing for her affections.
Kai and Klaus became good friends after realising they had a lot in common - both their fathers had rejected them because they were born different. Both had had their parents call them an abomination and now they were hybrids , one of the few ones left in the world. They’d often go grab a bite together and get into trouble along with Kol. Elijah was more guarded than the rest of his siblings and Kai didn’t really connect with him but Y/N appeared to like him quite a lot because somehow they’d spend hours and hours together at the library - reading and listening to Bach and Mozart. Kai had no clue his baby sister likes that kind of music but he liked seeing her happy and spending time with the eldest of the Originals had a way to make her smile just with his presence. Kai still couldn’t figure out how that was possible.
One Kol had tried to kiss Y/N and Kai had intervened unsure that’s what his sister wanted. He couldn’t understand why she was upset with him after that but she had explained to him that she feels something for the brother — and not just for him , which had confused Kai more than ever.
      “What – how can you do that ?” he wondered. “Isn’t loving more than one person that way at the same time impossible ?  God , emotions are so confusing. I don’t think I’ll ever understand them.”
Y/N sat next to Kai on her bed , wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Her big brother was learning to deal with emotions but still it was taking time. He was doing better every time but it appeared that just when he thought he got the hang of it - something surprised him.
    “Actually it is but its confusing as hell. ” she laughed. “And what are you talking about? You are doing perfectly fine.” she said softly. “Look at me - I am a mess too when it comes to those things. I don’t know what do to or to say. My head is spinning 24/7 these days.”
Kai laughed placing his hand on his sister’s. “You always know what to say sweet cheeks. I promise not to do that again , but - ” he sighed. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
    “I love you big brother.” she said kissing his cheek. “Come on , Klaus and Elijah are probably waiting for us. Elijah said he has a surprise for me. I wonder what it is.”
    “Maybe another book?” said her brother , getting up from the bed. “I am worried about you sis - you spend so much time reading. When do you have fun?”
    “Reading can be fun — and so is spending time with Elijah.” she said blushing a little.
    “Wait – is he the other ? OH  sis. That would be awkward. Even I know that.” he muttered. “You know , I think Klaus has a thing for you ? He keeps asking me all sorts of things about you - whats your favourite dessert , your favourite colour. It’s annoying really. All he wants to talk about with me is you.”
Y/N stared at her brother for a few moments , starting to laugh. “OH brother. I’m doomed.”


Kai sneaked into his sister’s room in their apartment. It was around 2AM on her birthday and since he had missed so many , he wanted to make up for them. He pushed the door open , carrying a plate with their favourite cupcakes , candles and a lighter in his pocket. Y/N had curled up on her bed sleeping. Years later he still saw his four year old sister laying there hugging her stuffed bear Beary. A small smile spread across his face and he took a few steps inside , sitting on the bed hiding the cupcakes behind his back.
    “Wake up sweet cheeks.” he said smiling , lightly poking her in the shoulder. “Its your birthday. Waaakkeee uuuppp.”
Y/N stirred in her sleep and he poked her again and again until she woke up. Her eyes opened slowly and then widened seeing the cupcakes with the candles lighting up. Kai couldn’t tear his gaze away - her eyes had lit up just like every time he had sneaked into her room when she as little.
    “Happy Birthday sis.” said Kai. “Sorry , I just couldn’t wait until the morning. It’s been so long since I could say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and I just - I am so excited. Ready to make a wish ?”
Y/N looked at him with a wide smile on her face and closed her eyes blowing out the candles almost at once , making only one wish - for them to always be together. Kai grinned at her leaving the plate on the nightstand and wrapped his arms around her. Eighteen years worth of lonely birthdays , when only Jo cared enough to make something special for her and even that had been behind their father’s back. Now her entire world had fallen completely into place and she couldn’t be happier to spend this most special of days with her most favourite person in the world.
    “I have the best brother in the world.” she smiled , feeling tears gathering in her eyes. “Can’t believe after all this time you still remembered my birthday.”
    “And I can’t believe you didn’t say a word to me or to the Mikaelson’s about it.” teased Kai. “I promise to make this day the happiest most special one ever. There are 18 years worth of birthdays to make up for -”
    “Just having you back is more than enough. I don’t need anything else.” she smiled feeling a tear roll down her cheek.
    “Wh-why is there water pooling in your eyes? Wait – what is this called ? Happy crying ?” he asked. Y/N nodded. Kai wondered what her reaction would be at the end of the day after the big surprise. “Hey , maybe you are right ! I am getting better at this emotions thing. OH and there is something else , but you will have to wait for that till the morning. And — raspberries or strawberries ? Which ones you want on your birthday cake ?”
    “Kai , I already told you I dont –”
    “I am not taking ‘no’ as an answer so - cake ?”
Y/N sighed , yet another thing she and her brother had in common. “Okay. How about chocolate on top of chocolate with extra chocolate?” she said taking one of the cupcakes , swiping some of the frosting with her finger before taking a bite and getting frosting all over her face. “Mmmm … Tell me you made more of those.”
Kai beamed at her , grabbing the tissue box near by her bed , cleaning up the frosting from her face.
    “Every time sweet cheeks. How do you keep doing that?” he laughed. “And yes - I made you two dozens. Thought you might want more of them — and about that cake. Don’t you think that’s too much chocolate?”
    “There is no such thing as 'too much chocolate’. You know that.”
Y/N finished her cupcake and reached for another one while Kai looked at her with wide eyes and a grin on his face. The past few months hadn’t been easy for them and for a while after the wedding , Y/N hadn’t really been talking to him but eventually they had talked and worked things out. All they had was each other and their brother / sister bond only got stronger as time passed.
    “Are you going to eat all of them without offering me one ?” teased Kai. Y/N laughed. “Cuz thats offensive. I spent like 2 hours making you those.”
    “I thought it was my birthday.” she said serious for a moment watching her brother stare at her with an amused expression on his face. “They are not just for me , you know.”
Kai reached for the plate but Y/N grabbed it and moved it out of his grasp , again and again each time he tried.
    “This is payback , for what I did when Kol tried to kiss you isn’t it ?”

Instead of falling asleep again , that night they spent talking and eating cupcakes. Y/N told him about the surprise dinner date Elijah had made for her the day before. The original vampire had turned their favourite room at the compound - the library - into a scene from a fairy tale. Twinkling lights had been hanging all around a small arch mixed with pastel colour flowers and there had been a young mad playing the violin standing near by. Out of all the Mikaelsons , Y/N shared the most special connection with the eldest and however she felt about his brothers , to her Elijah was the one. Y/N didn’t want to choose because she was worried it would draw a rift between the brothers and somehow break their bond - 'Always and Forever’. Though her heart had already chosen.
    “I took pictures… when he wasn’t looking.” smiled Y/N , grabbing her phone from the night stand. “It was so romantic and he was absolutely the sweetest. And the way he looks at me — it makes me feel those butterflies I told you about and - ”
Kai looked at the pictures , swiping one after the other while his sister kept talking. He still didn’t get this whole 'romance’ thing but what Elijah had done looked sweet and his sister apparently liked that sort of stuff. Y/N stopped talking seeing Kai’s face. Her brother was smiling but also looked a bit uncomfortable.
    “This is weird , isn’t it ?” she sighed. “Me talking boys with you?”
    “It’s a little — weird but what in our lives has been normal.” smiled Kai , kissing her forehead. “I know I am still new at that emotions stuff , but I just want you to be happy. If he makes you happy - then I am happy, but if he hurts you-”
    “You are not taking on an original Kai.” she said serious. “ I don’t ever want to lose you again , okay. Plus Elijah would never hurt me but if he does - trust me , there is no way he is getting out unharmed.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “I keep forgetting you are not a toddler anymore. I am making you that cake - what was it 'chocolate with chocolate with extra chocolate’? Though you are not allowed in the house when I do. I want it to be a surprise. You are going to love it !”
    “I am sure that I will , since its you who made it.” she smiled.

Y/N’s day went by as usual - she walked over to her favourite coffee place to get her chai latte and not too long after that Rebekah called about some friend emergency dragging her to the mall on a shopping trip. It was all super strange because somehow Rebekah decided to buy her  a full new closet and had insisted she changes at the mall into one of the white puffy dresses after somehow her outfit had gotten stained with coffee. When Y/N finally got home around 5PM her brother wasn’t there but there were traces of flour and melted chocolate in their kitchen.
    “Oh-kay. So – where is the cake?” she wondered out loud , dropping the bags on the floor when her phone rang. Caller ID saying KAI. “Hey where are you —”
    “Y/N –” groaned Kai. “ — something happened.”
    “Kai ? Are you okay ? Where are you ?” she asked worried , already heading for the door. “Tell me now.
    “At the com-pound. Kol and I had a — little d-disagreement.” groaned Kai , “I can’t – there is a p-piece of wood in my chest c-close to my h-heart.”
    “I’ll be there in a few seconds. Don’t move okay.”
Y/N put her phone in her bag and ran outside , using her vampire speed to get to her brother. Of course he’d do something like that. Just a few hours ago she had specifically warned him not to take on an original and what does her brother do ? Take on an Original.  In moments like these she wondered who is the older sibling - she or her brother.
    “Kai ? W-where are you?” she called out , walking in the compound wondering why it’s so dark in there. “I swear when I get my hands on you and Kol -”
    “SURPRISE!!!” called out everyone - Klaus , Elijah , Kol , her brother , Rebekah , Freya , Hayley , Marcel , Josh — and a bunch of strangers she had never see in her life.
    “W-what – h-ow ?” she stuttered.
A moment later Kai wrapped his arms around her so tight , if she was a human he’d probably break a bone or – ten.  Y/N’s eyes kept darting all around the room - there were multi colour balloons everywhere , twinkling lights over head which somehow blinked like actual stars and a big 2 layer cake. Y/N could smell the chocolate all the way from the doors - and there was so much chocolate.
    “Happy Birthdayyy !!” said Kai smiling widely. “OMG my baby sister is all grown up now. How did that happen ?”
Y/N wrapped her arms around her brother , burying her face in the crook of his neck. How hadn’t she seen this coming? Was she really that distracted in thoughts about Elijah not to pick up on Kai’s tells ? He let go off her , placing his hands on her shoulders studying her face. Y/N was still in a startled haze unable to believe what was happening around her. Technically that was her first real birthday party and everything was so beautiful and perfect. Her gaze fell on Kai , noticing how his eyes sparkled and he looked nervous as if waiting for a tornado to hit or something.
    “You are going to yell at me. Aren’t you?” said Kai smiling nervously looking at his baby sister. “I promised you the happiest , most special birthday – and voila.”
    “I’m not – I’m not going to yell at you.” she said , punching him in the shoulder. “You scared the hell out of me. I thought I was going to lose you. How could you –”
Kai grinned , lightly rubbing his shoulder. Nah , his sister wasn’t mad about the party. There wouldn’t be a smile from ear to ear on her face if she was.
    “On the bright side — you had no idea this was going to happen right ? Rebekah didn’t spill about it today during your crazy shopping trip.”
    “I haven’t spilled anything.” said Rebekah smiling hugging Y/N. “Happy Birthday Y/N.”
    “T-thanks.” smiled Y/N , the next second Kol practically swept her off her feet and then Klaus almost knocked the air out of her lungs with his hug. Freya and Hayley congratulated her too , giving her a hug and then it was Elijah’s turn. He had been waiting for all his siblings to take their turn before him , so he can get the longest hug. As usual he was wearing a suit and he somehow looked hotter than ever with his sideways smile and that glow in his eyes.
    “Happy Birthday Y/N.” he smiled pulling her into his embrace for a long hug , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear right after. “You look so beautiful. A true vision. Would you do me the honnor of giving me the first dance for the night?”
Y/N felt her cheeks flush , even more when her brother put his hands on her back pushing her to the dance floor with Elijah seeing how she had stopped breathing.  Kai knew if his little sister could speak she would say 'yes’. He watched Elijah place his hands on her waist while hers hooked around his neck , dancing to the slow song. His over protective side , as usual objected to anyone ever touching her but he pushed it aside because of her. A sigh left Kai’s lips and he grabbed a glass with champagne from one of the waitresses walking by.
    “It’s so sweet , what you did for her.” said Rebekah , grabbing another one of the champagne glasses. “Look at her smile. Y/N is lucky to have you as a brother.”
    “No. I am lucky to have her as a sister after everything.” replied Kai , looking at his glass with a small smile. “After all the awful things I did - killing our entire family…”
    “You did it to protect her. Y/N told me about your father and everything. She understands why you did it.” smiled Rebekah placing her hand on Kai’s shoulder , kissing him on the cheek. “Do you want to dance ?”
    “I um – I am not good at dancing.” he said awkwardly. “I’ll step on your foot or worse. It’s better if you ask Marcel –”
    “I don’t want to dance with Marcel. I want to dance with you.” said Rebekah , taking his glass, leaving it on one of the empty trays before pulling him onto the dance floor. “Come on.”

Y/N saw Kai and Rebekah getting onto the dance floor a few metres away from her and Elijah who hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her since the moment she had arrived. There was a small smile on his face and the way he was looking at her sent butterflies in her stomach like never before. They danced to two - three songs not really talking just gazing longingly into each other’s eyes until all of the sudden he took her hand and pulled her away from the crowd.
    “Where are we going ?”
    “Somewhere private.” he smiled at her , taking her up almost to the attic to the balcony overlooking the city. The sun had started to set and the sky was all shades of red to pink to purple with a few grayish hints from the clouds here and there. “Close your eyes.”
    “Elijah wha-”
    “Close your eyes.” he insisted , waiting for her to do as he asked. After she did , he whooshed himself into the small room next door getting her present. “Open.”
Y/N opened her eyes finding her most favourite Original holding a medium sized box with a giant blue bow on it. She looked at Elijah who was smiling at her , his eyes sparkling like never before then at the box , pulling on the bow until it was untied , her excitement building up with each second. She wondered what could be inside. Carefully the girl opened the box under the excited stare of the vampire. Her eyes widened seeing what’s inside.
    “OH MY GOD!” she covered her mouth with her hands. “Are those –”
    “Yes. Original copies of all your favourite books and a couple of classical records I thought you might like.” said Elijah with a smile on his face. Y/N reached inside the box pulling out one of Dicken’s books - Great Expectations. He watched her trail the cover with her fingers , unable to stop smiling even more after Y/N opened the book and turned a few pages seeing a handwritten message from the author himself. “That one’s your favourite right?”
Y/N nodded , smiling widely. “I - I don’t know what to say. This is the best present ever ! Thank  you.”
Elijah left the box not too far away from them and Y/N practically tackled him with a hug. He wrapped his hands around her tightly gently stroking her hair. Up until that point she had had trouble saying anything about the way she felt but after this there was just no way she’d keep quiet anymore. Slowly she pulled away from the hug , looking up at the original.
    “Elijah , I -”
He brushed his palm against her cheek , gazing lovingly into her eyes. Y/N felt her heart about to leap out of her chest , even more so with the way he was leaning in towards her and was just about to kiss her. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and then their lips met in a gentle kiss , quite literally transporting her to cloud 9. Elijah’s hands remained on her waist , going slightly up but not too low being a true gentleman. Far too soon he pulled away and even after that gentle kiss Y/N felt completely breathless.
    “Would you like to join me for an evening at the theatre?” asked Elijah resting his forehead on hers , smiling at her. His fingers gently brushing against her cheek while his eyes never left hers.
    “Y-you mean like -”
    “ - on our official first date.” he finished for her.
    “I’d love to.” she smiled widely. “When?”
    “Tomorrow sounds perfect.”
    “Hey s-sorry to interrupt, but it’s time for the cake… and I need the birthday girl.” said Kai , popping his head through the door. Y/N looked at Elijah , still feeling his lips on hers and took her brother’s hand who pulled her down the stairs towards the party. “You are not going to hit me again right ? I waited until you two were done with the kissy bit and the other stuff. I - I know I said I wouldn’t interrupt those moments anymore but —”
    “Sorry what ?” she asked suddenly not having a clue what her brother had said.
Kai laughed under his breath. “Tell me you will explain this whole 'love’ emotion to me okay? I know that I love you but the whole romance thing of it all is a bit of a blur.”
Y/N laughed. “Sure thing big bro.”


One last night (Kai Scenario)

Oooooh ok <3 another beautiful request from out anonymous friend.
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Fluffy love story
Characters: Kai & Reader

Y/N: ¿What’s wrong babe?

Kai: Just.. I need to hang out with the guys ____. It’s nothing.

Originally posted by jonginkai-ah

It’s been a long time since you and Jongin had been dating, but lately his been kinda jerk. He would ignore your texts, or even your calls. What could you do? You even tried giving some surprises, but nothing worked. So that night, you would follow him to the club he said he was going. You checked the adress, and went there with a little jacket disguise. 
Actually, he was there with the exo guys, so a little smile came out of your heart. After some minutes the group entered, you paid your entrance, and start looking for them. You saw Chanyeol with DO, Tao with Chen and Minseok.. Baekhyun with Sehun.. and Luhan with Lay at the bar! But… as you looked… Kai was there, with a girl.

Y/N: *Oh well, they’re just having a drink* (The girl approaches Kai closely) *What?* 

Your teardrops started falling, and you looked at him for several time, until you went home with your car.

The bed that used to be so soft, suddenly felt cold and uncomfortable… The crying got worst and worst. 

*The enty door slams*

Kai walked into your bedroom. As he got his t-shirt off, you heard his phone ringed many times. Just laying there, he got into bed and didn’t even cuddled you.

Originally posted by iamweakandthereforefold

8am. Wake up. Pretend nothing is happening. 

You went to the kitchen to prepare some coffe for both & the usual pancakes that you used to bake with love for him. You didn’t wait for him as usually, and left his breakfast on the table with a note: *I’m going early to work, hope you ha a great night yesterday. See you for dinner* How could you actually leave a note when last night he didn’t say hello or a kiss, or a hug. It was killing you inside.

The day was long. Everything seemed useless, boring or just.. pointless. You called your bestfriend to tell her all about it. How could you didn’t know… or realised it before. *Oh yay, it’s 7pm. Time to get home and see my funny cheating boyfriend* you thought. Travelling home you stopped to buy some fruits and stuff for dinner. *Should I actually care for him? Ugh. Just this night. Tomorrow I’m out of here* . Getting home: *Just put the key and pretend everything is alright*

Kai: Hey ____. I got early from rehearsal cause Lay had to go before. What are we having from dinner?

Y/N: Whatever you want. I brought my own vegetables for a salad. Just ask for some delivery.

Kai: What’s wrong with you? 

Y/N: I don’t know. I’m not the one who’s kissing random people on a bar.

His face went absolutly blank as you run to the room and closed it. 
Kai run to you as fast as he realised he was going to loose you.

Kai: _____, please. Let me in. I want to explain myself. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Y/N: Well you already did. Get the hell out, I don’t want to see you anymore.

*The door opens*
Y/N: How.. how did you opened it?

Kai: I have an extra key, remember? 

*You avoided looking at him as he reached for your hand and got on his knees*

Kai: I’ve done wrong ____. I know that. Yesterday i got to drunk with the guys, and this girl was there. Please, i don’t love her, and you are the only one that I would even touch.

Y/N: You took your time to realize that, right? I saw you Jongin. It wasn’t a 1 second kiss. You liked it.

Kai: You don’t understand. I didn’t like it. I was too drunk, I didn’t even understand what was going on ____. Please, forgive me.

Y/N: I will never forget you Kai. You have been so cold lately, and now this. You hurt me bad.

Kai: But, i love you. She is not even someone that i know! I was too drunk and the guys where not there to control me, you know that i was stressed with the practice and the new tour & it was a mistake to drink too much but i never thought it would come to this!

*You looked at him on the eyes with teardrops again in the eyes*

Kai: Please ____. This girl means nothing for me, I dont even know who she is! It was just a buzz mistake. I didn’t even know it happened before you told me. You are my world, my everything. 

You decided to forgive him. You could see in his eyes, the regret & sadness. 

Kai: You want to know why I have been so cold lately? *you nod without looking at him* I have been thinking, or better said, overthinking about us… And its a big decision… but.. do you think… If i would not love you, do you think i would have the guts to give you this:

Originally posted by pamyuse

Please. Marry me ____

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well i hope you enjoyed it <3. I enjoy writing about Kai so much e.e
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