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Injustice 2 Characters in Gameplay Trailers

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Since you guys seemed to like the idea of Gigolas in Star Wars, here you go! I’ve started the damn thing. Hope you like it.

(And hey, now the Gigolas tag has 890 stories. *wink* I’m doing my part)



I’ve been studying immunity all day and feeling kind of sick of it to be honest…heh what a pun

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[meta] On duality/balance in DGM

In this meta I talk about the two sides of the war, and how neither the Exorcists or the Noah worship the ‘true God’ (or, since there are two sides to every coin, they both do). The nature of Innocence and Dark Matter, and the way the two forces interact, point to a single origin for both powers. Also, both sides are comprised of humans – flawed, imperfect, prone to egoism, and capable of forgetting the truth. I also go a bit more into the theme of balance/duality in regards to what a Noah actually is, and in regards to what the Third Side will stand for and what the end of the war will need (or need not) entail.

It’s a long meta, and may in essence have already been written by someone else, but since I haven’t come across it yet I really wanted to get my theories down. I’m always up to discuss, too – what I love about this series is how much there is to talk about, and how much there is to learn from talking with others.

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Fenders doodle before work on some other stuff.

I believe they would always fight and fight. And they would never apologize to each other unless something happens.

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Meeting Room with Darren Criss - Gleek Reunion (transcript under the cut)

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I’ve gotta get something out that’s been bugging me lately (more than just lately) and a few times I’ve let it boil over although I usually just let it simmer but I’ve just gotta rant now.

When you read someone’s fanfiction - something that this person has dedicated hours and hours of their own free time towards - please, please drop them a comment afterwards. something about your favorite part of the chapter. or speculation on what you think/hope will happen next. or even just a simple “I love this, keep up the good work.” because you really have NO IDEA what it means to an author to even just see a little (1) in their inbox. 

the number of views or hits on a fanfiction compared with the number of comments received is sometimes so astronomically disproportionate that it boggles my mind. it’s not an unreasonable assumption to make that many of these people have their own accounts and therefore have commenting capabilities. 

please come out of the shadows. if you’ve bookmarked and kudos-ed a fic, please take that little extra step and leave a comment telling us why you enjoy our work so much. because we do it for you guys. otherwise, why would we post it publicly at all? do you know how freaking great it feels to see how people react as they read your story? it’s pretty damn close to one of the most gratifying feelings in the world. and you really can make a world of difference to the author.