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It’s a jyushi!! It’s the first time I animate something just cause i wanted to and honestly, it’s so much fun??? I really want to animate something else soon :’)

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!


Injustice 2 Characters in Gameplay Trailers


TFP Knockout

The dazzling shine of the car is what first catches your attention, but it’s your curiosity that draws you to it. You feel almost compelled to approach the silent, sleek sports car that rests along the side of the steet, illuminated by the nearby streetlights. You’re certain that you’ve never seen this car before, and that puzzles you to no end. You live on this street, after all, and to your knowledge none of your neighbors had gotten a new car. You didn’t recognize it from anywhere else in town either, and with how small a place Jasper is, you’re sure you’d remember a car as nice as this one if you had ever seen it around.

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fun fact about how i cope: when someone asks how i’m doing, a strange phenomenon occurs, without fail, each and every time–i’m incapable of replying with pleasantries. even if i don’t trust you. even if you’ve hurt me in the past. even if i can’t even make sense of what exactly is happening…especially if i can’t make sense of what’s happening. you’re going to hear exactly what i can understand, some mixed up mumble about trauma and healing and how “i’ll be fine, i just need some time.” if you’re lucky you’ll get some tears, a real show stopper reserved for only the most vulnerable of moments. 

but i love this about myself. i love that i have to explain this to others looking for a light exchange. i love that i feel everything to the highest degree, because feeling it all…rationalizing it all…moving on from it all…it gives me the richest life. the most genuine, heart-wrenching relationships. the most confusing nights and sleepiest of mornings, maybe six glasses of wine too much and a bad decision made only partly on-purpose. 

i take my open heart and wear it proudly, even when it only hurts to do so. i’m not ashamed of what enables me to exist, to connect, to love..i love myself and my erratic emotions. 

i hope you love what makes you feel unlovable too.

Cassie revealed that Anna is a lesbian. Imagine this convo
  • Anna: Father, mother, I prefer women. Actually I don't like men at all
  • Gabriel: Phew, I thought you were about to say you were in love with a Herondale.
  • Cecily: *glares*
  • Gabriel: I was joking! I love Herondales. Herondales are the best. *sweats*
  • Will *from other room*: Glad we are on the same page Gabbs.
  • Gabriel: Kill me now.
  • Cecily: Gladly *smirks*
  • Gabriel: *gulps*
  • Anna: Dad, run!

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phew, I’ll try-
Humans do their own thing in this world (don’t they always) they travel, trade, try not to die, and have a few major cities. Most of the the fauna they depend on are the giant insects of the world and the ecosystems that surround them. Besides eating them, there’s a lot of cultures where weaving and sewing has a religious aspect to it- so they go through a lot of bug-made silk/thread. 

The area I’m focusing on is around these coastal straits that see a lot of sea-faring trade, so all kinds of mercenary, merchant and secret monster riff-raff make port around these sprawling coastal cities.

Since the practice of weaving gained popularity (the magic kind, the names of my systems are BAD rn, I know) the growth of science and technology has slowed. But there’s been a few efforts to try and reverse this- esp as relying so heavily on weaving seems to be slowly un-doing the planet bit by bit C’:

There are places most people actively avoid- migration areas for some of the nastier insect life, and Tears where the world is loose or unraveling. These areas spawn shifting, mirage-like creatures and draw in witcheaters, making their physical make-up impregnable and sometimes erasing their people-shaped state entirely. Most eaters that stay in these areas for prolonged stretches become less.. reasonable, at the very least.

So yea! An Average Day might be,

  • up n at em gotta catch that fish so you can make that coin
  • fighting off the 8 ft skimmer bugs from stealing your catch, 
  • great job that’s an adequate amount of fish
  • whoo with today’s pay you have enough to get a witch to touch up those water-lungs you had implemented coz they’re getting a bit leaky
  • Neat! that was 5 days pay but you can breathe underwater again, that means more jobs for you.

That’s pretty simplistic but I hope it paints a decent picture.

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