but i don't want to work on this anymore

Guess who got a tablet for christmas? *waggles eyebrows* I still have a long way to go before I can be considered proficient at using it, but I’ll get there. I’m looking forward to making the most of the ‘dead’ time during my commutes to and from the office!

things i don't want to see on my dash this era

active swiftie follow trains !!! :)))))) *made by urls i have not seen in 3 years

any type of post that starts with “IMPORTANT please reblog this and tag taylor!!!!one!!!11!!!!!” and shows up five times on my dash (you know the ones)

any post with fifty reblog comments that are variations of the same damn thing

any post that has fifty reblog comments of “@taylorswift YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS LOL”

reposted edits/gifs/graphics. make your own goddamn content you cowards

and while we’re at it don’t send me asks or messages asking me to reblog your posts when i don’t even know you either. (this is exactly why i took out “taylor follows” from my description in the first place)

I think that if we had met under the right circumstances, we would’ve been perfect for each other. But life doesn’t work that way, and I’m always a little too late.

-We could’ve written a love story for the ages.


  • Kara: hey Alex can you help me with this
  • Alex: is that a lamp
  • Kara: yeah well it's supposed to be a red sun lamp but I can't get it to work
  • Alex: why do you need a red sun lamp what are you--
  • Maggie: *smirking* just help the kid out with her red sun lamp, little danvers has plans
  • Kara: *blushing* I- *fixes glasses* want to surprise Lena later ton--
  • Alex: you know what? I don't even wanna know just hand it over
  • Maggie: trying not to break any more of your furniture I see

do u ever hate ur ex-fp so much that you want them to suffer and feel pain for what they did to you and the thought of them being happy makes you seethe because you did so so much for them and you poured your heart out for them and they just dumped you on the streets for someone else and you can’t ever forgive them no matter how hard you try and u really don’t want to


Endless list of Felicity scenes (7/) | Ben & Felicity

The truth is… I can’t be with you like this. - 2.02

rooksrogueone  asked:

hi, sorry to dump this on you, hoping you might have some insight. do you ever feel like quitting therapy? not bc it's not working but bc it's too much effort? i know i need it but i don't want to be the person that needs it. i keep thinking its not that i want to die, i just don't want to be me anymore.

sure, about four times a week for about fifty minutes at a pop. i get it.

and i wish there was a pill, a drink, a button, a switch, a choice, but there’s not, and it’s okay to be mad and or sad and or lost and or despairing because there’s not such a thing. the road to better is long and hard to see, most especially when you’re on it. 

They say in certain rooms that alcoholism is a thing ‘cunning, baffling, and powerful’ and in my experience, mental illness is the same way. Contradictory, mercurial, turbulent, shifting – it’s a disease that attacks its host’s will to be well again. Hold that close. The nature of the thing is to convince you that because you have the thing you are not worth ridding yourself of the thing. Cunning, baffling, powerful.  

So this is me talking to me, not you. i don’t know you, not really, and I can’t tell you what you need or how to fix it. i know my own version of what you’re feeling, though. And if i could follow my own advice my own recovery and maintenance would be so much more easy but i can’t and it isn’t. so i guess the punchline is: you’re not alone. but if i know anything, it’s that stopping attempts to get better will not and can not, by the very virtue and nature of the enemy, help anything to get better no matter how much it promises us - me - that it will.

  • Beca: So... what about this Chicago guy?
  • Chloe: [with a frown] What about him?
  • Beca: I don't know. You look pretty gleeful, since yesterday.
  • Chloe: You think it's because of him?
  • Beca: Isn't it? I mean, what else could it be? You're all around him lately.
  • Chloe: Like how you've been grumpy lately? Why are you so annoyed?
  • Beca: I am not
  • Chloe: ...
  • Beca: It's just who I am.
  • Chloe: You aren't like this. Wait. Are you hiding something from me again?!
  • Fat Amy: [walking past] Just say it to her.
  • Beca: Amy! This time you don't even kn... What are you... I don't even have a thing to say!
  • Chloe: Beca.
  • [Beca looks at her].
  • Beca: I don't want you to go out with him.
  • [Chloe's smile grew slowly]
  • Chloe: So it means my plan worked out?
  • Beca: Huh?
  • Chloe: Making you jealous.
  • Beca: Huh...
  • Chloe: Did it?
  • [Chloe steps closer to a astonished Beca].
  • Chloe: Have it really been affecting you?
  • Beca: Not anymore. *Pulls Chloe to a kiss*
  • Chloe's thought: About time.

my bitter, shriveled little heart grows at LEAST three sizes every time I see an allo person say that a-spec people inherently belong in the LGBT+ community, so hey, if you were wondering how to make your local a-spec folks happy this Pride Month…well, that’s one thing you can do 😘