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Yoi parents

Ok but??!! Yuri’s parents don’t know about his engagement?!! Unless Mari or Minako told them, which is very likely, but you’d think you would want to hear that from your own child, right? Or else they (and the rest of the world) will get one hell of a surprise when Yuri goes up to skate, shining gold. Is he going to tell them or is he going to surprise them with it??!! Also are we ever going to hear about Victor’s family? Are his parents dead? Did they disown him? Did he disown them? Does he just not talk to them much or??? What??!!

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  • *2.30am, 221B Baker Street*
  • Baby Holmes: *crying*
  • Sherlock: *pacing the flat, rocking his son; yawning* Alright...alright, you win! You can come with me on my cases.
  • Molly: *making coffee; scoffs* I don't think so.
  • Baby Holmes: *still crying*
  • Sherlock: *desperate* It's been an hour, Hamish *sighs* Fine, I'll buy you a car, you can play with John's gun...I'll even give you the entirety of Mycroft's liquor cabinet if you let Mummy and Daddy sleep.
  • Molly: *chuckles* I'd prefer for you to take him on your adventures *places his coffee on the table*
  • Sherlock: *rests Hamish on his shoulder; smirks* I knew you'd come around.
  • Baby Holmes: *snivelling*
  • Molly: *relieved* Oh, thank God. Don't move...I'll get some blankets *hurries to the bedroom*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes; to the baby* Thanks, son.
  • Baby Holmes: *falling asleep*
  • Molly: *returns wiht the blankets and baby monitor; sets them on the sofa* Be careful. Don't wake him up!
  • Sherlock: *gently lowers to the sofa; sighs* Oh, I'll be fine, don't worry about me. Excessive time spent sleeping on the sofa, not to mention supporting our tiny human-
  • Molly: *kisses his forehead* I'll massage you in the morning. Fair?
  • Sherlock: Mmmm.
  • Molly: *ruffles his hair* Happy Anniversary, handsome.
  • Sherlock: *sleepy* Happy Anniversary.

Ssssso I’m going to be opening up for commissions soon. That’s the plan. Hopefully as soon as these next few days/next week already.

I’ve just managed to get a new temporary full-time job tho, among other things, so y’know… art things are going to be mainly for weekends, meaning things are going to get a little slower until I get into the routine of waking up batshit early and not sitting up all night drawing.

But, eh, yeah, I’m not really going anywhere with this. I just wanted to tell you that this is a thing that’s gonna happen and it’s happening soon. I hope those of you who have expressed interest before would still be interested even though I might be a little slow before I get into this new work/sleep/art schedule of mine.

Smooches for yall, and gnight, I’m off to sleep <3

what a lovely way to burn

[update: now also on ao3]

pairing: rhack

summary: Rhys is, sometimes, almost entertaining enough. But he’s also asleep or off-station or working way too often and it’s not like Jack’s bothered by it, no, but he doesn’t sleep or visit Pandora any more and spending all of his time on Helios, as Helios is starting to get to him.

He finds a lone employee at some ass end of the station, orders a loader bot to kick the man in the face, and then decides that he’s bored as dicks and he needs to do something. Like… Rhys. Talk to Rhys, that is. He doesn’t want to… do… well, anyway–


Rhys discovers the chair has a lot of fun drug-injecting buttons. Jack discovers he needs a body, right now, immediately. Rhys’ will do.

notes: so this a Handsome Rhys au of sorts; basically Helios doesn’t fall, Jack and Rhys rule, (i don’t know what happens to the rest of the plot hahh,) the usual. also i have no idea what i’m doing forgive me

content warnings for, oh god, i don’t know? vague mentions of ambiguous Pandoran drugs, soft choking (or strangling, if you prefer), consensual possession(i think???), broadly defined sinning

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22: “I’d abolish all rights and rename them privileges.”

21: “Human rights law should be suspended when dealing with the nation’s security.”

20: “Those who think their privacy is more important than the safety of all of us worry me and I’m glad the government doesn’t listen to them.”

19: “When does free speech become sedition?”

18: “If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide.”

17: “Unless action is taken to root out these fifth columnists the problem can only get worse.”

16: “I would want the state to employ numerous torture techniques, working shifts around the clock.”

15: “If a few terrorist suspects have to be held without trial, deprived of sleep and yes, even water-boarded, to protect the rest of us then so be it.”

14: “We should put armed soldiers on our streets.”

13. “It’s time we ended all this ‘civil liberties’ nonsense.”

12. “Torture is OK.”

11. “If you aren’t doing wrong then you haven’t got anything to worry about.”

10. “Anyone with nothing to hide should have their DNA taken.”

9. “Everyone who lives in our country should give a DNA sample.”

8. “Forget about civil rights, we are at war.”

7. “This country needs a military presence on its streets.”

6. “Anyone who opposes this has something to hide.”

5. “Perhaps Western Christendom needs to declare its very own holy crusade.”

4. “Why not allow the Government total access to all electronic communications? I have nothing to hide.”

3. “If accessing my phone means stronger and greater security for the country, I’m more than happy.”

2. “If, like me, you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about.”

1. “I would have no objection to carrying proof that I am entitled to live in our country.”