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Entire Life

Pairings: Rosé × reader

Genre: fluff and (very mild) angst

Words: 2,112

Summary: rosé has a crappy boyfriend, and you protect her from him

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Having a crush sucks, but it sucks almost 10 times more when the crush is on your best friend.

Roseanne Park. She was probably the most gorgeous girl that you’ve ever laid your eyes on, and you’ve seen a lot of pretty girls.

You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but something about Rosé was just so charming. Maybe it was the way that her smile could light up the whole room, or maybe it’s because of her angelic voice that’s able to make anybody sigh in absolute content, or it could be because of the way that she was just so effortlessly nice to every person that she laid her eyes on. Rosé was undoubtedly, the greatest person that you’ve ever met in your entire life.

You didn’t know what exactly made the girl so enticing, but you did know that you were hopelessly in love with her… and that you were stuck in the deep dark pit called the friendzone.

You had met Rosé almost two years ago when you were only in your sophomore year of high school. Even though the time wasn’t very long ago, it feels like you’ve known her for your entire life. The both of you had shared the same art class and ended up bonding over your mutual love for music, and after that you just ended up never leaving each other’s side.

But of course, you weren’t the only that Rosé happened to meet that year.

Park Jimin, a boy that everybody in school seemed to adore. He was good-looking, cute, and basically every (straight) girls dream guy, and that was including Rosé.

Even though Rosé had a crush on Jimin, she never attempted to make a move on him. She was just too shy, and she thought that Jimin would never even give her a chance. That was until Jimin transferred into your art class, and started flirting with Rosé like his life depended on it.

When Jimin transferred into your art class and started talking to Rosé, Rosé became the happiest that you’ve ever seen her, but you couldn’t say the same for yourself. As soon as Jimin joined the class, Jimin was the only thing that Rosé seemed to talk to you about, and whenever she wasn’t talking about him, she was talking to him. She was practically obsessed with him, and it left you heartbroken.

You were even more heartbroken when Rosé and Jimin became official within months of talking. After they became official, Jimin went everywhere with Rosé, you were starting to forget what it was even like to hang out with Rosé when Jimin wasn’t around.

It didn’t help that you didn’t exactly approve of Jimin either. For some reason, every time you talked to him you got nothing but bad vibes off of him. You didn’t want to see Rosé get hurt, and you had a feeling that Jimin would do nothing but hurt Rosé. You brought this up to Rosé once, but it ended with Rosé storming off and ignoring your texts and calls for the next few weeks.

You never mentioned the bad feeling to her after that, no matter how tempting it got

Still, you stayed by her side. It’s not like she was completely ignoring you, or like she was doing it on purpose. You knew that Rosé cared about you, even if it wasn’t in the way that you wished that she did.

But that was all in the past now. You’ve realized now that you’d probably never get a chance with Rosé. You had been terribly friendzoned, and you would just have to live with it.

You were sitting outside of a restaurant, Rosé sitting across of the small table that was separating the two of you.

“So, how have you and Jimin been?” You ask, picking at your food with your fork.

“Oh, um, we’ve been good, I guess. He’s been really busy lately though, so we haven’t been talking as much.” Rosé says with a frown, tapping away on her phone.

You furrow your eyebrows, “Busy? Busy with what?”

Rosé shrugs, “A bunch of things. He’s in student council and stuff, and a few other clubs, so he’s always doing something.”

“I’m shocked. I’m even more shocked that he’s letting you go out without him.”

Rosé looks at you with a frown, “Don’t say that.”

You sigh, and put your fork down, “Don’t say what? The truth? You and I both know that Jimin is way too possessive.”

“No he’s not, Y/N,” Rosé sits up in her chair slightly, adjusting her hair that was blowing wildly from the wind, “Listen, I know that you don’t like him, but Jimin isn’t a bad guy. Sure, he gets a little jealous sometimes, but it’s not like he’s holding me hostage.”  

“Okay Rosé, whatever” You say, rolling your eyes.

Rosé, however, doesn’t seem quite done, “You know what? I’m leaving. I’m really starting to get tired of you bashing on my boyfriend every time you get the chance to. When will you grow up and realize that he makes me happy?” Rosé says, standing up and grabbing her bag.

Your eyes widen, “Where are you going?”

“Home.” Rosé says, walking away from the table that the two of you were sitting at.

You groan, watching as Rosé walked furiously away from you.

This day can’t get any worse.

You spoke too soon.

After leaving the area that the argument took place, you headed to the mall to clear your mind.

You weren’t even there to go shopping, but you just needed to think about something other than Rosé at the moment, and it seemed like the universe just wasn’t having it.

As you went around the corner of a Victoria’s Secret, you stopped in your tracks.

Not too far from you stood Jimin- with a girl that was definitely not Rosé- in front of one of the shops.

The girl that he was with looked familiar, it seemed to be Seulgi, a girl that went to the same school as you. You would’ve just walked away if it was anybody else’s boyfriend, but it was Rosé’s boyfriend, and if Jimin was cheating on Rosé, you definitely weren’t going to let it slide.

You weren’t going to jump to conclusions though. Rosé did say Jimin was in student council, he could just be meeting up with Seulgi to discuss business. You doubted that though, they seemed a little too friendly to be talking just business, and you were pretty sure Seulgi wasn’t in the student council.

You quickly hid in a corner, and pulled out your phone, ignoring the strange looks that came your way. You clicked the record button and held it up towards Jimin and Seulgi.

At first, Jimin and Seulgi seemed to be doing nothing but talking, and you almost put your phone away, until you suddenly saw Jimin leaning in to kiss Seulgi on the lips.

Well, they were certainly not having a student council meeting.

“Why are you here at 8 AM?” Rosé says, falling onto her bed sloppily.

“Rosé, please pay attention. This is important.” You sit down next to Rosé on her bread, a frown etched onto your face.

Rosé sits back up with a sigh, “Okay, what’s up?”

“It’s about Jimin.”

Rosé groans and throws her head back, “Really Y/N? Not this again.”

“Listen, I know you’re not going to listen to me because you think that I want to murder Jimin,” You pause, “Which I kind of do, but that’s not the point. Just watch this.”

You throw your phone onto Rosé’s lap, and she picks it up, pressing the play button on the video that you recorded.

“I swear if this is some kind of bull I’ll like, poison your coffee or something. I can’t believe you came here at 8 in the morni-” Rosé stops, her eyes widening in shock.

Rosé clamps her mouth shut, staring at the video playing on the screen.

“When did you take this? And… how?” Rosé asks, not tearing her eyes away from your phone.

“Yesterday. After we got into that argument.” You say quietly.

Rosé nods, then throws your phone back onto the bed and stares at the wall blankly.

“Rosé… say something.” You plead.

Instead of talking, Rosé bursts into tears. You respond quickly, throwing your arms around her and rubbing her back calmly.

“How could I have been so stupid?”

When Rosé sees the clip of Jimin kissing Seulgi, she feels nauseated, humiliated, disgusted, angry, sad, and every other terrible feeling that you could probably name.

But most of all, she just feels so stupid.

Part of Rosé wasn’t even surprised, she had suspected that Jimin was doing something behind her back, but she always pushed it to the back of her head, assuming that her boyfriend - or ex boyfriend - could do no wrong, and that was one of her stupidest mistakes so far.

But the stupidest mistake of all had to he not listening to her best friend, who has been warning her for God knows how long at this point. For the last year and a half, Rosé has done nothing but get angry at you, when all you were doing was looking out for her. Even now, while she was sobbing in your arms, you were there for her. You could’ve easily called her names, called her an idiot, told her ‘I told you so,’ but no, you sat there in silence, comforting her.

Rosé must have done something incredible in one of her past lives to deserve someone like you, because you were, undoubtedly, the greatest person that she’s ever met in her entire life.

It’s been a few months since Rosé found out about Jimin’s affair, and not shockingly, she found out that he actually had more than one affair with other girls.

To say the least, Rosé was heartbroken.

Jimin was her first love, it was expected that she’d be sad about it. If she wasn’t, you would have been concerned. Surprisingly though, Rosé got over the breakup quickly, for one reason and one reason only: you.

You helped Rosé throughout the entire thing, and Rosé had no idea how she would’ve handled it if you weren’t there, but then again, she might have never found out if Jimin was cheating if it weren’t for you.

“Rosé, why did you call me to the middle of the park at 8 AM? It’s too cold for this.” You say with a whine.

“That sounds familiar.” Rosé says with a grin, looking back at you for a second before continuing to drag you around.

“Why are we here?”

Rosé finally stops, and turns around to face you, “I need to tell you something important.”

You frown, “Um, okay. What do you need to tell me?”

Rosé grabs both of your hands, “I know that I haven’t been acting like greatest friend in the whole world, and I want to apologize for that,” Rosé starts.

“You’re going through heartbreak, it’s totally fine.” You say, giving her a small smile to reassure her.

Rosé shakes her head, “I’m not just talking about lately. Ever since Jimin came into our lives, I’ve been neglecting you a lot. I should’ve been treating you better. I just wish I would’ve realized sooner.”

“It’s fine Rosé, really. Let’s just leave all of that in the past now, okay?” You’re about to start dragging Rosé back home, before Rosé pulls you back.

“There’s one more thing,” Rosé says as she pulls you back towards her, “There’s something else that I wish I would have realized sooner.”

“What is it?”

Rosé hesitates, “You’ll never leave me, right? No matter what happens?”

You look at Rosé in bewilderment, “Of course not. Why are you asking me this?”

Rosé sighs, “I should’ve treated you a lot better, and that’s the first thing that I wish I would’ve realized sooner, but the second thing that I wish I would’ve realized sooner is that… I like you, Y/N. A lot. I want to spend the rest of my entire life with you, weather that’d be as best friends or as a couple.”

Rosé is staring at her feet now, refusing to look up at you out of embarrassment.

You were in shock, and surprisingly not as much because of Rosé’s confession, but more because you couldn’t help but think about how breathtaking Rosé seemed to look at only 8 AM in the morning.

“Rosé?” You say, tilting her head up to look at you, “I want to spend the rest of my entire life with you too.”

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Hi,I'm I don't really know how to ask this I'm very shy and awkward. But I'm kinda questioning my sexuality and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to help me figure out what I could be? Like if you don't mind sharing were you always lesbian or did you have like boys too then maybe experimented? I don't really know what to do and how to figure this out by myself.

Okay so basically my gay timeline, I’ve had my fair share of male friends but my highest comfort level was always with females. Right from the start, and I didn’t really know being gay was a thing, because I grew up in north Texas, with my southern baptist family, and no one ever talked about it. I knew that no one talked about girls kissing other girls but I thought about it and I thought that I wouldn’t mind kissing another girl (this was maybe from 5-8 years old), and then I moved from Texas to Tennessee (from conservative…. to more conservative…) when I was 9. About the time I started going on the internet, learning more about political issues, and mostly- learning about the existence of homosexual people. The words “q*eer”, “f*ggot”, “d*ke” were tossed around as insults and with them came the stigma that gay people were inherently bad.

By the time I was 10, the summer after 5th grade, I had my first boyfriend. With him, I had my first kiss. I was nervous, I didn’t really want it. And he told me when I hesitated that it “shouldn’t be this hard”. So I let him kiss me, and it felt wrong, but I was the first of my friends to have a boyfriend, and my first kiss. In all honesty I really liked the attention. I liked it so much that when he broke up with me, I was devastated. I mistook that devastation for heartbreak. By the time I started 6th grade, I started watching degrassi (Canadian high school soap-opera), in it, I was exposed to lesbians. Fiona Coyne, the questioning lesbian, quickly became my favourite character. I became HEAVILY invested in her to the point where I developed my first girl crush. It freaked me out. I stopped watching the show, I shoved my feelings in a box, in the closet, and by the end of 6th grade, I had my second boyfriend. We kissed once, also through coercion. I didn’t enjoy it, and the relationship ended because we both decided that we mistook feelings of friendship for romantic feelings.

By the middle of seventh grade my hetero-posing ass had my 3rd (and last) boyfriend. Mind you this was THE PEAK of my eating disorder and anxiety disorder, and the beginning of my depression. I was desperate for attention and for validation, and because of this, I thought I was in love. I wanted his attention constantly, and I was very upset when he wanted to do other things. Which ended the relationship because he couldn’t provide the kind of attention I was looking for.

So you know my history with boyfriends. What about the actual gay part? I’m getting to that. My best friend from the time I moved (at 9) to this point (12) had been my rock. But in 7th grade, after her father died, the nature of our friendship changed. She became more attached and craved someone to hug and cling to, and THIS is the kind of attention I was after. I quickly, without knowing it, developed a crush on her due to the attention and the validation and physical affection.

So when she started talking to one of her crushes, what did I do? Sabotage their relationship by convincing myself I had a crush on him and sending him nudes (that’s illegal kids don’t do that)? You betcha I did. This put a halt on the relationship, for whatever reason lol. After 3 months of no talking (and still not considering my feelings for my friend and why I was so adamant about needing to send a flat chested tit pic to this 5'1 fuck boy in the making) whatsoever, she decided to forgive me. I apologised, and we moved on. She ended up dating the guy and talking to him constantly, which pissed me off for reason that I couldn’t understand.

And then one day it hit me. I wanted her to pay that kind of attention to me. I wanted her to talk to me 24/7. But I didn’t like her at all noooo because in the good old state of Tennessee liking people of the same sex is BAD and people who do it are BAD. So no, not gay. Just wanted attention. But then, in February (2015) she landed herself in the psychiatric hospital after a very bad night. In my fear of losing her I realised I wanted a life with her and I loved her and couldn’t live without her. At this point I’m like, “oh. Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck” so again I put those feeling back in the box on the shelf in the closet of gaybie shame (to keep my feelings for Fiona Coyne company). Didn’t talk about. didn’t think about it. Because my friend was straight, right? Right??

WRONG!! Because this friend got drunk one night after her break up with 5'1-fuck-boy (we did bad things okay but that’s not the point) and she said to me “I love you baby” so I’m like???? Yo? What’s up?? Next morning, sober, she wrote it off as “a very maternal need to protect” me. Okay whatever, now I’m onto her. But I don’t say anything. I keep it to myself so I don’t embarrass her or push her to do something she’s not comfortable with. But I’ve got my proof that she’s Down With The Homo, so I’m like okay I can maybe take the Gay Feelings ™ out of the closet. And I process them, and what conclusion. Do I come to? Bisexual. Specifically, heteroflexible. A month later, I tell someone for the very first time. Another month later. (This is actually the same month daddy and I met but she didn’t know about any of this at the time 😚) The friend says to me “I need to tell you something” so I say “okay, I need to tell you something too” and she says “okay” and I say “I’m bisexual” and she says “ME TOO” and I’m rolling my eyes thinking yah old news. We date. We break up, turns out she’s manipulative and emotionally abusive and it’s not a perfect love story and she went back to dating guys and she got pregnant last year and has a new boyfriend every two weeks so that’s how she’s doing in case you’re curious.

I tried dating another girl, didn’t work, I was rebounding, she was immature, she cheated on me. Whatever, didn’t care. Hardly even liked her. And now I’m dating my daddy, third (and hopefully last) girlfriend. And since being with her and feeling how FUCKING GREAT!!! It feels to be with a girl, I wouldn’t go back to guys, of course, I like people not genders so maybe I’d consider it. But I’m primarily attracted to female *cough* anatomy, so it would take a lot of interest for me to pursue a relationship with anyone who isn’t female identifying, (down for all females not just cis ones but I do still have a big preference for female bodies)

Long (loooooong) story short. Always been gay, didn’t always know, do some experimenting, try both (all) sides, get a feel of what you’re into and don’t be afraid (and don’t keep yourself in the damn closet for a decade bc I didn’t make it sound as painful as it was but it really really was painful)

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Your post in response to that anon about why Kanan is a bad mentor for Ezra was really interesting and reasoned, and it's given me a lot of things to think about. If you don't mind the question, could you talk a bit about how Maul would be a better mentor for Ezra? (Or how you'd like Maul to be a better mentor for Ezra, since we're so unlikely to see this from canon?)

(This is a follow-up to this ask about Kanan and Ezra’s relationship).

I have many positive things to say about Maul as Ezra’s mentor, and one issue. Keep in mind again that I have not seen any part of Season 3 of Rebels, so recent events may or may not further complicate and/or adjust my current opinion. (Edit: and also, please don’t send me spoilers on any events that do happen in Season 3, even if you believe they may/may not change my opinion on things. Thank you, it’s appreciated).

Why I like Maul as Ezra’s mentor:

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Sasuke and Naruto having feelings for each other is BS! I don't agree with you fangirls making these straight characters gays, wtf you're trying to insert your own agenda and hating the female characters just to make your gay couple canon. I'm gay and love MadaHashirama that's my otp they both understand each other, Naruto doesn't get Sasuke he doesn't care not even for his revenge or tried to compromise he used violence! Hashimada is superior than SNS is not gay anyways.

It’s funny. When one ignores the unnecessary and hypocritical HashiMada part, you just sound like a typical pro-ender. I bet you are and made said part up, so I won’t call you out on your homophobic crusade. Anyway, let me dismiss all of your baseless claims.

“Sasuke and Naruto having feelings for each other is bullshit!”

Why? Because you say so? Calm down there, Trump.

“I don’t agree with you fangirls making these straight characters gay.”

i) Not everyone who ships or supports SNS is female and a fangirl. This is, in fact, the logical fallacy of hasty generalisations. What you say is flawed because there is a 100% probability of one of us not being female and a fangirl.

ii) By assuming Naruto and Sasuke are heterosexual, you imply homo-, bi-, poly- and pansexual people follow a certain behavioural pattern. According to you, unconventional characteristics belong per se to other sexualities. That is wrong since there aren’t any guidelines to determine one’s sexuality. Further, their sexuality is unknown. No one ever confirmed if they are heterosexual.

iii) Your thought process is quite narrow. You’re using the logical fallacy of a false dichotomy by presenting a situation where exclusively limited options are presented. In this case, it’s the idea that Naruto and Sasuke could be either straight or gay, completely disregarding the possibility of them being bi-, poly-, or pansexual. A false dichotomy can actually arise intentionally to force a certain outcome… in dubio pro reo, Anon.

iv) I don’t agree with you making potential LGBT+ characters straight.

“What the fuck, you’re trying to insert your own gay agenda into the characters.”

Hm, see, this rubs me the wrong way. Some of you tend to use political terms of which you do not know the origin of in non-political contexts, unaware what it possibly could imply.

The so-called “homosexual agenda” is a term introduced by the Christian right, primarily in the United States. It’s a political phrase mainly used by Christian conservatives and evangelical fundamentalists who oppose LGBT+ rights.

This is their way of devaluing the LGBT+ movement. They hold the belief that the LGBT+ movement tries to convert people into becoming gay and thusly destroy traditional family values and end marriages. According to them, the LGBT+ movement has a “master plan” to completely shatter family’s, make churches powerless, and give LGBT+ folks more rights (oh, what kind of monster would want to be treated like a fucking human being, amiright?).

“You hate the female characters to make SNS canon.”

You’re confusing cause and effect. X doesn’t necessarily cause Y. There is not a common cause that actually causes both X and Y. More importantly, you are once again hastily generalising people. 

I’ve seen the SNS fandom rarely hating on female characters, but rather criticising their poorly written development. Also, your canon means nothing to me. I ship SNS because they have development; a canon label won’t add anything to their relationship, nor does the absence of the canon label take away from their bond.

“I’m gay.”

No, you’re not.

“I love HashiMada.”

No, you don’t.

“That’s my OTP.”

I don’t care, lol. Why are you telling me this?

“They both understand each other. Naruto doesn’t get Sasuke; he doesn’t care, not even for his revenge.”

Yeah, I fondly remember when Hashirama had no problem giving up Madara because their ideologies clashed. 

Now, one of the most important motifs of the series are bonds, and SNS’ bond is undoubtedly one of the strongest bonds in the entire series. It was established that they don’t only connect on an emotional level through their shared trauma of loneliness, but also form two necessary ideological and philosophical halves of a system of peace.

As Sasuke acknowledges, Naruto does care.

Naruto indeed understands and cares for Sasuke’s revenge, though he chooses to disagree with his ways.

It hurts him seeing Sasuke hurt. 


“Naruto didn’t even try to compromise; he used violence!”

I know, right? I wish he would’ve tried to compromise with Sasuke! As for the use of violence, it’s a battle manga. Fights are one of the main themes if you weren’t aware. Naruto and Sasuke fighting against each other on equal ground shouldn’t surprise you all too much.

“HashiMada is superior, SNS is not gay anyway.”

The sky is blue, I like strawberry ice cream. Using the reason from one argument to support the conclusion of another is the logical fallacy of the non sequitur. It basically creates an inherent weakness and is more used as a form of comedy because of its lack of meaning relative to what preceded it, seeming absurd to the point of being funny.

Get lost. Seriously. 

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I just keep thinking about steve and tony getting sex pollened on some mission and steve's just so blasé about it like, 'it's cool. we're are adults. we can fuck. it's no big deal. plus if we don't, we'll die, so...." meanwhile tony's like "I WILL DIE EITHER WAY, STEVEN."

“Stark, look,” Steve begins, and –

“No no,” Tony says. “Button up that collar. Young man! Button up that collar!” 

“Stark,” says Steve, very seriously, still tugging off his uniform. “I know this isn’t ideal. I don’t really want to do this either. But we’re going to die if we don’t.” 

“I’m going to die either way!” Tony yells. “Because Barnes is going to kill me!” 

“What? No he won’t.”

“Are you fucking blind?” Tony hisses. 

Steve’s uniform top is hanging open and he starts on his belt. It pushes his pecs together. Tony rubs the bridge of his nose. “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die at the young age of 35 –” 

“You’re 42.” 

“At the young age of 35 --” 

Steve heaves a sigh. “This isn’t very sexy.” 

“No fucking kidding!” 

“I’m really…” Steve cringes. “Sorry this is happening.” 

“Thank you,” Tony says, slightly appeased. He gets distracted when Steve strips off the top of his uniform all the way. “Let’s just get it over with,” he says. 

“Stark – Tony,” says Steve. “I don’t want to do it like this.” 

“Don’t have much of a choice, honey.” 

“No, I mean –” Steve’s frustrated. He steps closer to Tony in the little cell and puts a hand on his chest, cringing a little. He takes a breath. “We should…look, we should try to enjoy it. We should…” He leans forward, all blue eyes and plump pink little mouth, his lips parted, his lashes casting long shadows down his cheeks. “I don’t want to remember it bad,” he confesses, their noses brushing. “I don’t want it to be a bad thing if it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.” 

“That’s some – that’s some solid reasoning.” 

“I just,” Steve shrugs, looking down. His smile is heartbreaking up close. “When I fuck my friends I like it to be because we both want it. Obviously.” 

“You fuck your friends?” 

“How do you think Buck and I got started? Stark,” says Steve, “Look, I hate to break it to you, but casual sex has been around for a really long time.”

Tony nods. “Fair enough, that’s fair enough, you know I don’t think I ever really –” 


Tony clears his throat. “Right,” he says, a little strangled. 

“I know we don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I know you, Stark, and I know if I let you fuck me –” 

“Wait, you want to –?” 

Steve’s confused. “What? Sure,” he says, like it’s apparently a foregone conclusion that he’s going to be the one taking it up the ass. God. “But listen, if I let you fuck me and we treat it like a business transaction, you’re gonna hate yourself forever, and I don’t want that.” He gets unsure all of a sudden. “So let’s…look, tell me what you like, or…or I’ll tell you what I like and we can, we can figure this out, right?” 

Tony realizes all of a sudden that Steve is a lot younger than him. Like, a lot. And that he’s a little scared, too. “Right,” Tony affirms. “Definitely right.”

“I like it hard, usually,” Steve says. Is he – oh God, he’s blushing a little. Tony is fascinated and kind of into it. “And I like to, I mean…I’ll do – I’ll do whatever you want. I like doing that. I like doing what other people want. I like most things, actually, I…” his hands are on Tony’s belt. Oh God. They’re on Tony’s belt and his mouth is so hot and sweet-looking and Tony is going to have to confess this to Pepper tomorrow and she’ll probably be kind of into it, actually. 

“Cap, seriously,” Tony murmurs, holding Steve’s slim hips in his hands, “We can just die if you want to. I won’t judge.” 

“I don’t think you wanna die,” Steve chuckles, a low sexy sound. He bites his lip. “I, uh…I kind of think you want to fuck me.” 

“I…kinda think you’re right.”

Steve says, a little playful, “Hey, you think they’ll let us go if I just choke on your dick a little?” 

The door bangs down at the same minute Tony inhales wrong and chokes on his own spit because Captain America is shirtless and wet dream-y and soft and offering to choke on Tony’s dick if he wants, and he has to bend over and wheeze with his hands on his knees while Barnes says to Steve, “Hey.” 

“Well, you’re late,” Steve accuses.

“And you’re naked,” Barnes tells him. He frowns over at Tony. “He okay?” 

Tony gives him a thumbs-up, still coughing. 

“Now, not that I’m complaining –” Barnes starts, looking at Steve’s bare chest. 

“It’s a really long story,” Steve tells him, and pounds Tony on the back. 

“A really long story that absolutely did not end in Rogers blowing me,” Tony wheezes. He wipes a tear from his eye. Barnes looks at him suspiciously. “Seriously,” Tony says. “Interrogate me later. Can we get out of here?” 

“It’s been kind of a weird day,” Steve explains. 

i accidentally cinderella au

I tried many times but I did not succeed so INSTEAD OF WRITING THIS FANFIC I’LL THROW THIS AT THE TAG AND SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT SAVE ME FROM WRITING FANFIC oh my god this was supposed to be a brief plot outline but it’s 2000 words long save me this wasn’t supposed to be long enough to need proofreading THANK YOU NONNIE FROM MY INBOX FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

Okay so: Cinderella Reaper76 AU. Gabe is a spy in an enemy nation where Jack is the youngest prince. People in Jack’s kingdom just kinda casually waltz over to Gabe’s every once in a while and take shit and are generally assholes but it isn’t enough of a problem for the royal family to notice lol it’s mostly just a local thing. Jack may be the youngest prince with the fewest responsibilities but he’s still just a dude who wants to live his life without his bodyguards tailing him all the time (he loves Ana, Reinhardt and Genji to pieces but oh my god let him live you guys)

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I don't think Russian yuri would have had time to actually get a romantic partner, let alone Victor at his age. He seems to be very jealous and angry bc yuuri 'stole' his mentor(he didn't rly, but if I were in his position I'd jump to the same conclusion!). I'm not sure if I'm completely right or just blatantly wrong- what do you think about the situation? -someone who also used to be crazy angry for no big reason at that age

I have so much to say on the Yurio/Viktor dynamic! I love their relationship so much actually. ( I repeat, I do not ship Viktor with this 15 years old Yuuri, omg.I mean this as a friend, mentor, older brother figure, kind of relationship.)

A few things about Plisetsky- 

Rather than saying he wouldn’t have time to get a partner, it’s also more  that he’s really quite the ambitious little marshmallow right now so he doesn’t really have an interest in a romantic relationship, he wants to win his senior debut, you know?

I think he has three sides to him -

1) The typical “teenager” side 

Look at him, rock up to a whole new place, goes “ugh, gross/creepy!” first thing upon arrival… and … what does he do, take out his phone, snap a pic, and hum a song… realises he can’t upload it onto inst@gram, because Yakov will find him.

but then, he sees a piece of clothing he likes, and he’s like, OH DAMN, THAT’S SO HOT RIGHT NOW 

*instantly instagrams anyway*

This side of him is really really cute.

What’s this face even mean? Is he sick of Yakov’s lectures, is he even a little bit concerned about Yuuri .K ? ಠ_ಠ

Also where he angrily demands food, accommodation, angrily eats Katsu-don, aggressively venerating it’s deliciousness… lol, this boy…

2) Really intense, aggressive side

I think I’d like to know more about this side of him - why he thinks people who are “mediocre” should just quit, why he’s so driven to get to the top. Is he also chasing after Viktor, or something else? He’s so intense, so angry - he needs to calm his farm, but - he is fifteen, and he’s at that age where I think it’s understandable to be so volatile. You want one thing and you chase it down hard, and if things don’t go your way and you feel like you’re losing control over what’s happening, well, I can understand why he is behaving so aggressively.

Also factor in the fact that he is a child genius, his skills were Nikiforov approved ™ so there’s probably a lot of arrogance as well as self expectations, and pressure, there.

(It’s a bit crazy how much he kicks Yuuri .K around, but I also really like the way Japanese Yuuri is handling him. Yuuri doesn’t get angry at this smol russian Yuuri at all and he just sort of takes it all in stride, and I don’t think he’d blame this kid even if Viktor chose to return to Russia. Which of course Vik wouldn’t do that.)

3) His vulnerable, pensive side

See here, he’s told Yakov that he’s been “thinking through a lot of stuff by himself, too.” (I know the english subs by horriblesubs says “I’ve got my own plans” but yeah I like my translation better ;p ) 

He’s quite desperate and vulnerable, actually, and I think he’s scared that he isn’t going to make it without Viktor.

Look at him talk about Viktor - “he had the whole world in his hands, but nothing he does surprises anyone anymore. And if you’re out of inspiration, you’re as good as dead.” 

He’s not some angry vapid kid - He knows what’s up. He’s just told us that Viktor, someone who has been incredibly hard to read (because he’s always so effusive and jubilant on the outside) has actually been in a pretty dark place lately. 

Can he relate to this, is he scared of this happening to him?

I’d also like to know more about this side of Plisetsky. You don’t see this side of him too much but it’s a side that definitely exists - a side that doesn’t consist of anger, spontaneity, and cat related accessories.

His relationship with Viktor

He obviously looks up to Viktor, and I feel they must have a lot in common despite their opposing personalities.

Viktor, and Plisetsky, at this age, both never liked listening much to Yakov, tried to push their skills and bodies to the limit (that quad salchow though) and were probably considered incredibly skilled for their age. 

I think Plisetsky feels “equal” to Viktor in this regard, and they have spent a lot of time together in Russia, so he doesn’t idolise Vik as much as Yuuri. K. This is why he can yell at Viktor and talk to him pretty much however he likes, make demands, etc. 

Despite the fact that Plisetsky comes off as an arrogant teenager, it seems to me like he has at least some degree of insecurity. Why does so much of his debut hinge on Viktor? Does he truly think that he won’t make it without Viktor? He must respect Viktor so, so, so much.

He is probably very jealous, that Viktor, a mentor he’s sort of taken for granted all this time, someone who has made a promise to him, has just up and left, and come to Japan to coach an ice skater who made last place in the last competition they were in ???  Someone so “unworthy”, coached by someone so incredible in Plisetsky’s eyes, at the cost of Viktor not being able to keep his promise. 

You bet he’s mad, and worried. Hell, I’d be pretty annoyed if I were in his place. I think this is where his character growth begins, though - Japanese Yuuri and Smol Russian Yuuri are such diametrically opposing characters, so I hope they can really learn and grow from getting to know each other.

 That’s basically my thoughts on lil’ Yurio for now, I hope we learn more about him in the coming episodes!

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Louis answered that way about girlfriends because he's tired of the invasion of privacy and he wants to protect Eleanor. He DOESN'T want people writing about her. That's what the sass was about. You guys try to make everything Larry. It's truly ridiculous and sad. Are you mental?

You’re questioning my sanity? That’s a bit much, dear anon. But since turnabout is fair play, I question your comprehension skills. Like I always say, let’s put things into context and try to draw a reasonable conclusion. Let’s go to the tape, shall we?


Start watching from about 16:05. They’re asked about who will be coming to visit while they’re on tour by Dan Wootton of the Sun UK (remember this, I’ll be coming back to it). What even with that question? Is it not self-explanatory to anyone with a lick of sense? Family and friends maybe? What response was Dan expecting, hmmm? The Pope? President Obama? Think about it. Liam immediately side-steps and jokes that he’s bringing Dan. Har de har. Essentially he is, as Dan is there right now—aaalllll the way from the UK (stay with me, this is going somewhere). Next, Niall takes a stab at a sincere answer. He’s bringing family and friends. That’s our Niall, muah. Moving on, Liam comes back in and answers that he will also be bringing friends. Then Louis co-signs that—also bringing friends like the lovely Ginger Oli.

Now here’s the good part: After that, Louis remarks to Dan that he gave a “shit answer” and that it was “awful”. Why? What’s wrong with responding that he’s bringing friends? Liam weighs in with “What did you want us to say?”, which is directed at Dan. Dan responds with something like, “What about girlfriends?” THIS IS IMPORTANT. I think this was the entire point of Dan’s initial question. I think the guys had been coached on what Dan would ask and what the response should be. Liam and Louis went off message. They went rogue. They refused to play along. Why? They’re both so loved up right now, right? Surely they’re both missing their girls and the vaginas they wield with power and purpose? LOL Why wouldn’t the girlfriends be mentioned? To protect their privacy? We already know who they are. And, nobody asked when, so it’s not as if paps would be staking out the tour with an exact girlfriend arrival date noted. Why would they anyway? Who are these women? They aren’t celebrities. Are any other non-famous celeb girlfriends consistently the focus of media attention? Hmmm? I would wait while you try to think of one but gotta keep it moving.

Once Dan asks about the girlfriends, Louis gives an over it kind of response, remarking “Of course…then you can write about it. Yay.” Now given what I’ve just pointed out, in this context, does it seem like Louis is upset about the invasion of privacy for the girlfriend he initially didn’t even mention as a potential visitor during the tour?? Or does it sound like a guy who’s done with being baited with questions to serve a certain narrative by his own PR.

Now this brings me back to Dan Wootton of the Sun UK. Why am I accusing Dan Wootton of asking questions planted by HJPR? Because Simon Jones (1D’s PR flack if you didn’t know) is very friendly with Dan Wootton. If him flying aaalllllll the way to Colombia wasn’t hint enough (he could’ve done his exclusive interview from the UK thanks to technology like phones and computers or even a satellite link—any of those options would’ve been cheaper and less time consuming), here’s a little bit of proof of their relationship:

Wow, they know each other so well, Simon knows Dan’s birthday. He also knows of his celebration plans. Sounds like friendship. So why would a friend ask his friend’s clients a question that would upset them such as invading their girlfriend’s privacy? Wouldn’t friends work that kind of thing out—friend to friend—ahead of time? Ahhh, but see they did. The only ones who didn’t cooperate with the plan were Liam and Louis. Thus they had to be asked very directly. That was the whole point. 

I think looking at everything, I’ve drawn a reasonable conclusion here. 

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Why are people thinking that oliver set felicity up with that plan I i i don't get it, oliver says "I can't get close enough to slade to give him the cure" felicity says "don't let him out think you" and at that moment it seemed like a light went off in their heads,I'm betting she came up with the plan knowing that she might be able to get close enough to slade if she was taken saying the I love you was olivers idea knowing that slade would take her, olicity trust each other with their lives

I have to go back and watch the episode again, to be honest, because I know my brain stopped absorbing information at a certain point out of sheer shock. LOL.

From what I remember, the information as presented, could be interpreted a few ways — either they had the plan together from that Queen Consolidated scene OR Felicity only realized what Oliver was angling toward the moment he pressed the syringe into her hand at the mansion and said, “Do you understand?”

The island stuff at the end seemed to indicate that Felicity didn’t know until that moment (again, I have to go back and watch it), but what I think the important debate is is… was Oliver, at the Queen Mansion, lying when he said what he said to Felicity?  Because I don’t think so, especially not after the way it was done.

(oops! lopping it off here for easy scrolling!)

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