but i don't want to leave bed

Alright, so in City of Heavenly Fire, since Jace has his magic fire powers he and Clary can’t do anything because he’s afraid of hurting her. I wonder if during that time, Jace is probably really horny, he shrugs thinking “What could possibly go wrong?” and then starts masturbating.

Then the sheets and blankets are on fire and all you hear is:

“Alec! My bedding is on fire!”

“How’d you do that?”

“…I don’t want to talk about it, it’s been really lonely without Clary—JUST HELP ME PUT THIS OUT!”

“By the Angel…”

I always end up really down and depressed for the first few days after leaving a visit with my boyfriend. Won’t see him for weeks now after getting home tonight and I’m just bleh. Laying in bed not wanting to move. I know that’s sad and whiney and pathetic. Long distance relationships just suck. It feels like it gets worse every time now. I need to get a job, get an apartment, and get my freaking life back on track.

I don’t want Ian and Mickey back together. I want Ian to leave Mickey alone. Sorry not sorry.

But since that’s not gonna happen, and since both of theses GAY ass boys have had extremely graphic sex scenes with WOMEN… but not each other, or other boys… they better fuck. And I mean FUCK. Not make love. Not cuddle. Not hold hands or give forehead kisses in bed. Not fade to fucking black.

They need to FUCK. Just like the straight couples in this fuckass show. I don’t even WANT it, but it needs to happen, after all this shit these tptb have pulled. Ian and Mickey need to fuck.

The thing about having a chronic illness is that when I say I’m having a bad day and can’t do anything, people want to know why, they want to know the symptoms, and sometimes it isn’t anything, sometimes I just don’t feel good, sometimes it’s a lifetime of symptoms leaving leftovers behind like crumbs in a toaster, and nothing is wrong exactly, but I still don’t feel good and have to spend the day in bed and try to figure out where my spoons went.

You know what's the worst?

Starting off by talking to someone, just talking not expecting or searching for anything from them. Soon the talking becomes constant and you become friends, friends leads to something more. Someone who finally makes you whole again. Someone who makes you happy to get out of bed on a Monday morning. You learn all his pet peeves and some you do just to drive him crazy. You will know what causes his anxiety, his stress and you will know how to help even if it’s just a little. You will know how he takes his coffee and what kind of jeans he wears. You will know what makes him laugh, smile, and call you a dork. You will know how he moans during sex and how your name followed by curses leaves his lips. You will know what every inch of his body looks like including every birth mark and every scar and you will memorize it just so when you don’t have time to talk you can draw out each part of his body in your mind. You will know how to get him mad and which family members drive him crazy. You will understand his love for his mom and his aggravation toward his brother and father. You will know what he sleeps in and how he gets when he’s tired. You will know how his hands look after he works and what turns him on and do it at the worst times just to fuck with him. You will know his favorite color, food, and show. You will know he likes m&ms in his popcorn and that he watches YouTube videos for hours. And you will understand all of this and love it about him after 8 months but he no longer loves it about you. That is the worst. The worst is seeing his interest slowly peak away. Suddenly he isn’t laughing and smiling at you because you put the stars in the sky but simply because he feels it’s right in the situation. And soon you will know he was too good for you and too good to be true and that will be when you know what pain feels like.

The "This piece of shit ain't worth it. Dreqi kryt ja hangt"-Playlist

Hey bukuroshe,
stop crying. He’s not worth it.
I want you to leave your bed, to wash your face, to put your brightest smile on and to listen to this playlist.
You’re better off without him!
Trust me and love yourself, you’re beautiful.

• Butrint - Ki me lyp
• Mimoza Shkodra - Ki me ni
• Dafina Zeqiri - Adios
• Gili - Edhe pa ty po bojka
• Anxhela Peristeri - Bye Bye
• Tuna - I Asaj
• Dafina Dauti - Ska rendsi
• Capital T - U bo vone
• Flori - Nallane
• Enca - Soul Killa
• Dhurata Ahmetaj - Bone pa mu
• Nora Istrefi - Sje my lifestyle
• Majk - Sjena mo
• Samanta Karavello - As njo si une
• Flori - Pa jete
• Mimoza Shkodra - Ndarja
• Kida - Mke rrejt
• Tuna - Pardon
• Shkurte Gashi - Nuk te fal
• Era - BonBon
• Leonora Jakupi - I harruar
• Arta Bajrami - Nuk prishe pune
• Kaltrina Selimi - Nuk te fal
• Dafina Zeqiri - Be a man once
• Dafina Zeqiri - I pabese
• Capital T - Karma
• Mimoza Shkodra - Burrat nuk jane si ti
• Bertan Asllani - Nuk vjen parasysh
• Kida - O'najr
• Zanfina Ismaili - Ti pa mu nuk mundesh

Now my heart’s wide open
And you’re the reason why
I’ve been broken for the scars that I forgave
I’ve spent a long time running
But I know I’d do it all again 

I finally got a new tablet and I figured why not break it in by drawing these two losers.

Pleeeeeease click on this if you want to view it, tumblr resizing is awful

I got a Zelda vibe from these two in the new episode and was compelled to make this. Halfway through I realized that it wasn’t even that Zelda-ish anymore, but I still think it looks pretty nice! I’m proud.


SO I have to stay up super late (I usually go to bed around 7, ok) to pick up A from the airport at 10 and I can’t leave for like… another hour and a half and I’m dying form exauhstion (I got up at 3am for work) and idk how I’m going to make it

Also my allergies have put so much pressure into my head that the loud throbbing/ringing has reached full volume in my left ear and I’m going to SCREAM if it doesn’t go away

“I don’t want the ‘I love you’ that’s whispered between bedsheets. I don’t want the 'I love you’ whispered into my ear before you leave me to wake up to an empty bed.”

“I want the 'I love you’ when you tell me to drive home safe. I want the 'I love you’ when you kiss me to shut me up. I want it in the way you brush tears from my eyelashes and tuck that loose strand of hair behind my ear.”

“But most of all,” she whispered. “I want you to say 'I love you’ and mean it.”

—  Don’t love me and leave me, 12/02/2015

It’s been four days since I watched Daredevil Season 2 and I’m still really salty about how Karen told Foggy about seeing Elektra. She chokes out how “there was a woman in his bed” and YOU KNOW HOW THAT SOUNDS KAREN. WHY DID YOU LEAVE OUT HOW AN OLD MAN WAS RIGHT THERE TOO, KAREN?! STICK WAS THE ONE WHO YOU LITERALLY SAW FIRST. DO YOU THINK THEY WERE HAVING A WEIRD OCTOGENARIAN INCLUSIVE FULLY CLOTHED THREESOME?! YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS KAREN.

Because of her CONVENIENTLY LEAVING OUT THAT INFORMATION Foggy probably thinks Matt has been cheating on their friend (especially because he knows a little bit about how Matt gets with Elektra), heaping on another problem with their friendship. 

If she was like “Hey, so I’m pissed because there was a woman in Matt’s bed. And a rude old man was there too for some reason” maybe Foggy would’ve connected the dots and been all “AW NO GOTTA GO ASK MATT ABOUT HIS CHILDHOOD MENTOR/ABUSER MAYBE BEING BACK IN TOWN”

Matt screwed up a lot but maybe don’t run around implying to one of his only friends in the world that he’s cheating on you without providing all the information. 

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Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

Imagine staying in bed and cuddling with Woozi all day long when the weather is cold outside.

BONUS: Whenever you try to get out of bed, Woozi will pull you right back and tightens his hold on you because he doesn’t want you to leave.