but i don't want to delete it because of all the effort that went into it

Kuroko no Basket Replace IV: Don't go, Alex!

IM SO SORRY I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE OLD COPY OFF MY BLOG so all links linking back to it doesn’t work. 

Kuroko no Basket Replace IV Novel G3 - Don’t go, Alex! (featuring Kagami, Himuro and Alex)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Translated by me. Edited and proofread by the wonderful animemangadaisuki.

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anonymous asked:

BAAAWWW how dare the pony rape blog be taken down!! Why don't you grow the fuck up and stop raging over a fucking show aimed at little girls. Fuck you bronies are pathetic. Your freedom of speech wasn't violated you fucking moron. The only people who found the rape jokes funny were you sad little virgins. It's not just teh femnazis that wanted the blog taken down, it was everyone who knew rape jokes weren't funny.

I’m sorry if we don’t fit your idealized conformity.

I guess we better start cleaning up society so anons don’t go apeshit.

Well lets start at games…

Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty:

too much violence, can’t have that.

Onward to television…

Family Guy, South Park, how Vulgar is that shit

it will never fit in with YOUR concept of mankind

Cuz people aren’t naturally ‘corrupted’ right, it’s just poor social media isn’t it?

I guess we can’t have punk rock, rap, or speed metal either.

God forbid it might not be ‘discreet’ enough for you.

And while we’re on the topic of pony blogs anyway, we should probably delete Motherly Scootaloo too. An unwed teenage mother might send the wrong impression. The incredible writing doesn’t matter, much less the hope it gives people.

Now I’m not saying Molly was exactly ‘hopeful’, but it was creative nonetheless, and when compared to actual smutblogs you realize it focused on clever comics and the unexpected, not trying to get people jerking off. It was based around a touchy subject, sure, but that’s why it was funny. Not because it was rape specifically, but because it went WAY over the top and stirred up the social justice warriors.

Fucking ‘activists’ I swear. You think that what YOU think is ALWAYS best, and that everyone should bend to your ideals, but your head’s so far up your own ass, you’ve convinced yourself that your shit smells better than everyone else’s. I never reblogged from Molly, I wasn’t even following, But I didn’t take it upon myself to attack it or the people who liked it, however, I will fight to defend it. I will always fight for what’s right. Even if it hurts. I’m just hero like that.

All in all I guess I should be proud of JJ. Molly had a good run, and man did it piss some people off.

You’re not worth the effort I put into this rant.