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hey dear mutuals! I want to ask you if you could add on this post your bdays and fav characters please? I had a list on my google account but idk why it got deleted….. so… please, tell me again guys! Sorry for bothering!

lol my two lady bosses (??? idk if that’s really what they are they’re just sort of higher ranking than me but not in charge of me??) today, first, took me aside to tell me i do not and should not help my technologically challenged co-worker do stuff in photoshop and then later got all up in arms later when i told them i was working on a design project for another of the departments. they get so riled up for me it’s nice

I have observed multiple mutuals here under the age of 18 who are not allowed by their parents to cut/dye/bleach their hair or have piercings. Once upon a time I wasn’t allowed either, and I remember I never really understood why.

Whenever I asked “why not”, my mother would always reply “wait until you’re 18.”, which isn’t really an answer so I asked again; why not?
To which she finally replied (after an unnecessary hissyfit), “because you might regret it.”

Now I had my answer but the thing is, I didn’t see any problem with that. But to avoid any more hilariously aggressive confrontations- I waited. I turned 18 and I pierced my eyebrow, cut my hair short and dyed my hair bright red. And then green. And then pink. And then blue then green and turquoise and purple and orange and pink and then blue. I pierced my tongue and lips and belly button and everything was so fun and exciting because I was finally allowed to do what I was denied as a child.

But then my mother started crying, the poor soul didn’t know what to do. She questioned her parenting and blamed me for her depression and so on and so forth and I was still so damn confused about what the problem was! I had no problem getting a job, and when I joined the army I removed the piercings and temporarily dyed my hair a normal brown again like the responsible adult I was. When I went back to work/school I kept putting fun colors in my hair again and put the piercings back. I encountered exactly zero problems in my adulting, but still my mother was upset!

One day she explained to me that I was now too old to be doing this; she was afraid other parents would blame her for bad parenting and she believed that I should know better now that I was an adult.


Because basically, my mother didn’t want me to dye my hair as a child in fear of me regretting it, and then as an adult I should magically know that i will regret it without having tried it and also I should be aware of the prejudice of other parents (which I never encountered) — which isn’t only extremely backwards logic but it also means in this case she’d rather seem like a good parent to other parents than to be a good parent for her child.

My mother knows better now; she has tattoos and bleached hair and doesn’t care but if her children and friends hadn’t normalized being a little different for her then she never would’ve changed her thinking.

Let kids put fun colors in their hair. Don’t make such a big deal out of such little things.

I’ve hit 1k followers!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that there’s a thousand of y'all out there who put up with my rants and random days of zero activity!!!!!!!!!

seriously though, I can’t begin to explain what this means to me, to know there’s people out there who feel the way I do, who get something out of the posts I make. I am so beyond happy that y'all like this blog, because I honestly didn’t think anyone would benefit from it, and assumed my posts would just fall into the tumblr void unnoticed.

but I’ve gotten message after message from y'all telling me that this blog makes you feel represented and included and makes you smile and that you’re happy there’s finally some pan loving going around, and that just makes me so incredibly happy!!! because that was why I made this blog!!! I wasn’t finding support for pansexuals, so I figured other pans might’ve been struggling with it too, and took it upon myself to be that support.

I honestly just really love y'all, like, so much. I mean, I read all the tags you leave on my posts, because knowing that y'all are smiling and feeling good and represented and loved is what matters, is what this blog is for.

I can’t say it enough, y'all are so important and loved and valid. don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I love y'all and I’m always here for y'all.

Like, yeah okay he said it would be about male x male chemistry but the song uses female pronouns. Maybe to him, that’s what the song is about but it’s not reflected in the MV or the lyrics. What was the context of his quote I need to know


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)

as a gay person i can’t even begin to express how much yoi has done for me and every episode just continue to build the healthiest, most pure relationship I’ve ever seen and the fact that they’re lgtb is honestly changing my life

I will never be able to properly express my gratitude to these characters and the creators of this show im in shock that someone took a gay relationship and presented it as it always should have been presented; as a deep bond between two people that just happens to be of the same sex

I’m in tears thank you so much yuri on ice for showing me that my love is also valuable and worth writing about

  • y'all: i hope 5sos never change, always trust us and love us. they deserve the world, happiness, everything
  • 5sos: are comfortable enough to post pictures with their girlfriends
  • y'all: *send hate to the boys, their girlfriends* lol their relationship is so fake he is obviously not happy