but i don't want people to follow me if they don't like the stuff i post

so i was tagged by @jimmyeatpricefield to do this so !

rules: say five things you like about yourself and tag ten of your favorite followers

1) i like my eyes i guess, like the eye shape and colour

2) i like my face shape?? like my strong chin and jaw and stuff

3) my fashion sense indfifjdk i’m lowkey really interested in fashion and i’m conscious of what i wear

4) i like how i’m able to sit down and listen to someone for hours without my talking and how people are able to get support from me, which is something i actively try and show due to me not experiencing empathy but wanting to make up for that

5) i like the part of me that’s able to pick up how to do something really quickly and my independence 

i tag: @saffronsappho, @lizardz, @wlwpuppy, @cryptidq, @lesbipane, @lesbian-fareeha, @snailkaiju, @agapelester, @jungkookdaddario, @dork-with-a-uke, and anyone else who might want to do this!!!

Who’s your fave? It’s cool, I won’t get jealous if you don’t say me. I say that because I know you’ll say me anyway. I just wanted to play it cool.
—  Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed)

The discourse in the BoB fandom is upsetting me a bit…everyone is walking on eggshells, worried they will offend someone if they post something new. I get where both sides are coming from. But seriously, I think it can all be resolved if we follow some rules…

1) Tag your stuff
2) Blacklist the stuff you don’t want to see

Boom. Done. If you know your post might be something some people don’t like, a ship or a funny textpost, tag it and be consistent with that tag. Then people who don’t like seeing things of that content, you can blacklist the word (get xKit or the chrome/firefox blacklist extension) and then you won’t see it and you won’t get upset.

I have no idea what sparked this whole ordeal. Something about someone making light about someone’s death? I don’t know…I don’t remember seeing something about that unless it is in referral to Webster and sharks, which I have to admit, I am very much of the side that I like to associate all shark posts with Webster. I’m sorry, but I do. If that’s the thing that bothers you, blacklist the word ‘shark’. 

But this is supposed to be a safe for place…for everyone. Last night I almost had a panic attack about if I should have reblogged that text post about Bill Guarnere and the quote from something about internal bleeding and the blood being where it’s supposed to be. Cause I could see that some might get uncomfortable since the real Guarnere went through real trauma…but then again, this is the man that used to drag himself out of water and show his lack of leg and scream about a shark to cause a frenzy…whoops, there I go mentioning sharks again ;P

Anyways, I was worried about reblogging that silly little post that made me laugh because I didn’t want to offend anyone and it sucks. It sucks that people are now second guessing themselves. So I think we can all behave in a civilized manner if we all tag and blacklist stuff.


I can’t believe that all of you lovely people are following my crazy little blog. When did this happen?! I didn’t even think that 10 people would want to stick around but 1.5k that is just crazy! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to each and every single one of you for putting up with the random stuff I post, my slight obsession with Elsa and Captain Swan and for me being terrible at replying. You guys, make my day so much better and it is like another little family for me. I have probably forgotten quite a few people but if I follow you it means I love you so please don’t hate me if you are not here. Anyways…Thank you everyone!

I don’t think I could survive without these seven precious cupcakes below, they mean the world to me (even if they don’t know it). Just their presence makes my day that much better and never fail to make me smile. I love you guys <3

NicoleTaraAnnaAnisa ♕ JareLanaSini

The blogs that are bolded are my lovely mutuals, italics are visited very frequently by me and I think they are amazing and all the rest are ones that I admire from afar. If you are bolded and italics well what can I say but you are awesome <3

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Also I want to make an important note. If you follow me and you don’t ship Shiro/paladins, that is absolutely fine. I more than encourage you to blacklist the ship tags, and if you ever want to know what I call a ship, just send me an ask/message and I’ll give you the terms to block. Ask on anon if you need to

When I go off about haters, I am not talking about people who quietly notp these ships, I am only talking about the antis who send abusive messages, make posts inciting hate or shaming people, and make shitty blogs dedicated to hating on shippers. If you don’t do that stuff, you’re not an anti and I am never talking about you in the posts I make. I also want to stress that I would be equally disdainful of anyone who hates on shippers because they ship klance or het ships or rareships etc.

I know it might be alienating for you guys sometimes to see this kind of stuff on my blog, but please do know that I’m aware I have a lot of followers who don’t ship the same stuff as me and I do think about you guys and I totally understand if you’re uncomfortable with some of the stuff I ship. Please don’t ever feel like I value you less than my other followers because that is not true at all. I love all my followers equally <3 You guys are the best. Thanks for sticking with me