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The ONE positive thing about my husband not having a job right now is that I am planning the menu for Mabon dinner and he is going to prepare it with me during the day on thursday which should be fun! 🍂🍂🍂 And even though he is a bit disinterested in all the witchcraft stuff I’m learning, the man is a chef, so he always looks forward to cooking special meals. He and I are going to bake and prep all day, while burning yummy fall candles and letting cool breezes through open windows and sipping our pumpkin spice lattes 🍂☕️🍂


I am sick and feel like garbo and my poor baby has to deal with me being in bed all day which I never do :(

What if LeFou’s birth name genuinely is LeFou? Think about it. He likely came from a family with limited access to education, if his own illiteracy is any testament. The headcanon I’m personally developing is that his family had a copy of King Lear, amidst their flimsy collection of other texts. More like heirlooms, valued for their aesthetic on the shelves and the sentimental bridge they provided between family generations rather than for what lay between the pages.

When they delivered their firstborn son, they decided they would christen him with one of the names nestled within their little library. It would provide a framework for his character. He would go far, with a name out of a book.

And so, leafing through Shakespearean prose they only half-understood, they discovered The Fool–– Le Fou–– his comments and quips prefaced by a fanfare of cursive, artfully tracing out the curls of his name. 

They had settled on Lear initially, but no–– any man could be a king. Royalty was just a messy business of who shared or spilled whose blood. No, true grit could be found in the man who could look upon the worst of the world and still find a reason to laugh. 

i’m just gonna come out and say it. fandom is not a safe space. there’s a reason folks put “18+” and “nsfw” in their blog descriptions. there’s a purpose for tags and, if that fails, a way to block certain words and thus entire posts. what i create is not your responsibility; what you consume is.

i mean. why is this so hard to understand? i don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. that’s why i tag the shit out of everything. but i can’t make people read my tags, or block my words. that’s out of my control.

my writing is my business. it has been so for the past twenty years. fuck, we didn’t even used to have tags and content warnings. it was basically luck of the draw whether you got triggered or not, just like it is when you read a book. which sucks (and sucked) on toast.

i think people should ship what they want, and write what they want, and draw what they want. my hope is that they would do so responsibly and with care, but it’s not my job to police or call people out. we can critique or even be disgusted or angry. ultimately, though, it’s out of our control. if it’s illegal or immoral or unethical, that’s on them.

this is a stance that is probably going to bother or anger some of you, and that’s okay. we can think differently and have different opinions. fandom is a reflection of the world we live in and the genres we consume, even beyond our chosen source. there are going to be corners that are friendlier and safer than others, and it’s perfectly fine to seek those out! you do you, and protect yourself accordingly.

but ultimately, fandom, as a whole, is not a safe space. if i write something you find heinous, it is your job to move on and not read it.


Nia Amur Eiden:

Founder of the Rags to Riches, Billionaire Eiden Rainbowcy


(with apologies to Passenger)


I see a man with chalk dust on his pants
checking if his talk is through.
“It looks like we have the time to see
an idea of the proof.”

He makes a try to justify
via purely geometrical means.
He has already mentioned it works in $n$ dimensions
So he can draw it just for $n=3$.

Now all of that math in his paper
is math on the board
And math being spoken and said.
The organizer stands;
clapping of hands and it’s turning 
into math in my head.

(oh-h ha na)

I know a woman, was reading for her research
When she snapped her pen in two.
She said “all of the work that’s built upon this paper
and the motherfucking ‘theorem’ ain’t true!”

She’s triple-checked, example’s correct
Nobody knows it but her
She said I’ll talk to the author and I’ll write up my notes
We’ll get a paper from this for sure

Now she has some math to be told
Some math to be writing
The mathematics world to awake

Oh, and after it’s done well
Then there’s the fun bit of
Sorting out true math from the fake

Well sometimes you don’t know, and you can’t prove.
And sometimes the thing you want just isn’t true.

Now we’ve got math on our hands
Yeah we got math on our minds
Well we’ve got math, we got math that we’re workin on

Well we’ve got math on our hands
Yeah we’ve got math on our minds
Well we’ve got math, we got math that we’re workin on

Said we got math on our hands
Yeah we got math on our minds
Well we got math, we got math that we’re workin on

Said we got math on our hands
We got math on our minds
We got math, we got math that we’re workin on (nh-ah!)

Said we got math on our hands
We got math on our minds
We got math, we got math that we’re workin on

Said we got math on our hands
Yeah we got math on our minds
Well we’ve got math, we’ve got math that we’re workin on

I just realized one thing the DADs and Joey have in common: they’re the only Harley/English/Crocker/Egbert/Claire’s to NOT have glasses.

Condolences to Thomas Astruc who only wanted to keep things a secret and make the new season a surprise for all of us 😔


Cleaning day

(i sketches some more of my kid AU)