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hi! I requested that imagine about Draco and the reader living with him for the summer and I would love it so much if you could write another part. if you aren't feeling it don't worry, but i really like what you wrote, thank you so so much!!

With pleasure! I am so glad you liked it)) I am thinking of making series, I like the idea so much)))) Hope you don’t mind.

Name: Plans for the summer Part 2. Hogwarts-Express
Part 1

“Ready?” Malfoy appears next to you, as you are standing with the Golden Trio, saying the last ‘bye’ before leaving. Everyone stops talking, turning to you. Then to Malfoy, as if he was a poisonous snake. Or three.

“Malfoy? What did you forget here?” finally asks Ron, his face purple from the hatred that he just can’t control, no matter what happens.

“Y/N is spending the summer with me, Weasley,” calmly explain Draco, bored from the fact that he is talking to the Weasley. “Are you coming?”

“She is not!”

“Ron, I am,” you murmur. “He offered me to…”

“Y/N, you are drunk,” Ron offers the solution. “He must have drugged you. It is Malfoy!”

“I know. That’s why she is spending the summer with me, not with you,” giggles Draco, taking your elbow and pulling you away from the group. “We have to go,” you nod and follow him under the contemptuous glances of the entire school. You would stay and explain to them that you really don’t want to go home, but then you recall that not even one of your ‘friends’ thought of recalling that you hate being home. No one offered any help.

“That was… Why did you do it? Why not just meet in London?” you ask quietly. “Now everyone will know that you are spending the summer with me.”

“And you are afraid of it?” you shrug your shoulders. “Don’t be. It was a political move,” Draco notices that you frown, so he starts laughing, amused by the fact that you trusted it. “I am joking. It would be a deadly move, killing my reputation. And yours. And then mine again. You see… I am the bad guy, nothing will fix this reputation. Becoming friends with Potter’s friends… It will be frowned upon, seen as betrayal from the both sides.”

“Then why are you doing it?” he stops smiling, closing the compartment, so that no one else would join you.

“Because I just want to, Y/N,” you see that he is lying, but let it go - you still have two months of spending time together, he will at some point let it out.

“So…” you break the silence, as the train starts moving, leaving Hogwarts behind. “Does the summer plan include people? Either your people or mine?”

“No,” he smiles at you, then sees that you still want to know more. “It’s ok. I have no plan. It’s just spending the summer together. Peace, comfort, nice company. I do not want to pull you into the circle of Death Eaters, if that is what you are afraid of,” Draco takes out a book and pays all his attention to it, totally neglecting you. For the following four hours, you sit together in the compartment, both quite confused about how you are supposed to act, even though you both just read your books and are quite comfortable this way. Every once in a while, one of you looks at another one, but you never know.

“Fine,” Draco suddenly puts the book away and turns to you. “Tell me.”


“Whatever it is you are thinking about. As long as it is not connected to the Gryffindor,” you put the legs on the seat and sigh.

“I was thinking about how stupid our world is,” he grins, running his fingers through his hair. “I mean… people try to be logical, at the same time they never are. Humans are just annoying. Why are you smiling?”

“You sound like someone who’s lost hope… What, you broke up with someone?” you roll your eyes. “I’m kidding. I would know. You just sound desperate.”

“So do you,” you murmur, and Malfoy frowns. “Come on, another way you wouldn’t invite a Gryffindor spend summer with you.”

“True… Maybe,” he smiles, as if he knows something that you don’t know. “You’ll never know, will you?”

“Merlin, Malfoy! How many secrets are you hiding?”

“Just a few,” he answers calmly, as the Trolley Witch passes by, offering you sweets. You simply ignore her. “The question is… why did you come with me? You could ask Weasley or Granger, or anyone from your own House to take you in… Yet you agreed to the offer of the Malfoy.”

“Then why did you offer?” you ask him back.

“Touché,” he smiles. “I will know why, Y/N.”

“So will I,” you promise, but the atmosphere doesn’t get tensed or nervous at all, as it would if Potter was here - you feel more like you should be joking around, annoying each other a little. “Where are we going at least?”

“Oh, the Malfoy mansion… Not the manor, I hate that place. We have a house next to a small lake in the forest, one of my ancestors built it for his wife. It is beautiful, given that there is a spell to push away the mosquitos,” the last sentence he adds quieter. “It was hateful before.”

“So… we are spending the summer in the lake house?” you smile.

“Yes, yes… I was supposed to ‘bring some friends’, but you may know that I am not a fan of either one of the school groups.”

“What, Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince, is not fond of his House?” you mock him, then get serious. “Why?”

“I love my House, Y/N. Just that they are a little… overwhelmed. And acting on emotions. And that is a shame.”

“Being emotional is a shame?” you get interested. “Not that I am arguing, but what about good emotions? Or you all just block everything?”

“Oh, no! No, Y/N, please… Slytherin is the ambitious and extremely smart House, but in no way are we not loyal. We are, just it’s not our most famous quality,” Draco unbuttons his robe and pushes it inside his bag, really not as neat as you would expect him to be. “Slytherin is cunning. But also loyal. But we have to be, as all other Houses hate us so much, they hardly consider the option of befriending a first-year from Slytherin. How do you think the kids feel when they get sorted in Slytherin, and the whole school reacts with this face of Dumbledore when he has to give points to Slytherin?”

“I never thought about it,” you murmur.

“I know,” he acts like nothing is happening, when you suddenly reach out for him and carefully stroke his clenched fist.

“I am sorry. Looks like by we are not such a great school as Dumbledore says we are.”

“Right,” Draco laughs, but doesn’t take the hand away, as you keep stroking the cold skin with your fingertips. “You’d better take the robe off. We do not apparate.”

“We don’t?”

“No. We take another train, the muggle one, and make it to the closest town,” you don’t really trust your ears. “Y/N, the fact that I am a pureblood does not mean that I do not understand some advantages of the muggle transport. I am not my father, so obsessed with the blood.”

“I’ve noticed. I just never expected to hear you plan taking muggle train.”

“Did you expect me to even be here with you?” you both smile, understanding how absurd all of it is. “Just accept it. You don’t know me.”

“So true… So true,” you whisper, staring at him, trying to understand who the hell this person is. Malfoy smiles, as you take the robe off and put it in the beg. You really want to know why he offered you to spend the summer with him, why he is nice, and why you are here at all, but you know that he will avoid the answer again. So you give up for now.

“Wake up,” Draco stands up. “We are here. Let me show you how well the Malfoy you don’t know acts in the muggle world,” he offers you his hand, obviously acting it, so well-mannered, with a huge grin on his face. “May I lead, my lady?”

“Why, yes, noble sir,” you grin back, taking his hand and standing up. “I will be happy to follow you.”

Don't Wanna Be All By Myself- Chris Evans One Shot

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: Chris gets wasted one night and tells the world about your secret relationship.

Word Count: 1110

Warning: drinking (if that counts)


You laid in bed at a quarter to midnight, catching up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Your phone rang from beside you, alerting you that someone was calling you. You picked up the phone and smiled when you read the screen. It was Chris, your secret boyfriend of five months. You two didn’t want to announce your relationship quite yet, due to the immense media coverage Chris was getting from his Marvel movies. Everyone who wasn’t close to you believed that you two were just best friends (maybe something a bit more).

“Hello, Chris.” You answered your phone.

“Hi, baby.” He replied in a slurred voice. You knew he had gone out drinking with friends, but it appeared now that he was drunk.

“Chris, are you wasted?” You asked, already knowing the answer.

“Maybe.” He held out the word.

“I’m coming down there to get you.” You said, turning off your show and getting out of bed.

“I miss you too, darling.” He mumbled.

“Stay put. I’m headed there now.” You put your shoes on and headed out the door.

“Wait, baby, don’t leave me.” He whined.

“I’m going to you. Give me five minutes.” You hung up the phone, praying he was still at the bar with his friends and not wandering the streets of Boston completely wasted. You pulled up to the bar and sighed seeing the paparazzi surrounding it. You kept your head down, ignoring their calls as you entered the bar.

The bar smelled like beer and smoke, what else did you expect. It was loud from the football game highlights playing on the TV and from the karaoke going on. You looked up at the karaoke stage with a laugh. You knew your boyfriend loved doing karaoke, but you’d never thought you’d see him drunkenly singing Eric Carmen.

“All by myself
Don’t want to be all by myself anymore
All by myself
Don’t want to live all by myself anymore” He slurred his words as he sang ‘All By Myself’. The majority of the other drunk people were dancing along to it. His friends, hammered as well, sang with him; but Chris was alone singing and dancing on the stage.

“Y/N! Hi baby!” He smiled at you mid-line. He stumbled off the stage and over to you. He hugged you and you could smell the alcohol radiating off him.

“I missed you.” He muttered, sloppily kissing your cheek.

“I missed you, too. We need to go home now.” You said, trying to lead him towards the door.

“Can I get pizza? I want pizza.” He asked.

“Yes, you can. Let’s just get you home first.”

“Can I get cuddles too? Come cuddle with me. I don’t want to go home. The night’s still young. I want another drink.” He turned to the bartender, “Can we get another round?”

“No, no more for you.” You said, pulling him away from the bar. “Say goodbye, Chris. We’re going.”

“But I don’t want to.” Chris’ lips slumped into a pout.

“You’ll get cuddles and pizza at home. Come on.” You grabbed his hand and successfully got him outside. You groaned as the flashing of cameras began. You had almost completely forgotten about the paparazzi waiting outside for him.

“Chris, what’s your next project?”

“Is it true that you will retire?”

“Are you two official?” The questions began to fly around as you tried to get your stumbling boyfriend to your car.

“Yes.” Chris smiled and your eyes widened, “This is my beautiful girlfriend. I don’t care what you all think-I am in love with her.” His words came out clearer than they had earlier. The press began to go crazy, asking even more questions. You got Chris sealed in the car before he could answer anymore questions. You started to drive the car back to your apartment and saw out of the corner of your eye as Chris repeatedly blinked for a few moments.

“How did I end up in here?” He mumbled, looking around the car with squinted eyes.one of his hands reached out and stroked your cheek, “You’re so beautiful. Can we cuddle?” You put your arm out to prevent him from getting far in his attempts to cuddle with you. Luckily, he was out of it enough to forget how to undo the seatbelt that was restraining him.

“I’m driving. We can cuddle soon.”

“But I want my cuddles now.” He whined as if he was a baby.

He passed out on the sofa the moment he entered your house. You placed a blanket on him-deciding against ordering a pizza at one AM. You snuggled into the second couch, ready to catch some rest.


The next morning you stood in the kitchen, preparing a cup of coffee for you and some pain killers for Chris. The silence in the house was interrupted by a loud groan mixed with a whine. You chuckled to yourself and took the hangover “medicine” into the other room.

“Good morning.” You smiled, setting down the medication and glass of water in front of Chris on the table. He sat up slowly with a hand covering his eyes.

“Thank you.” He mumbled, drinking the water, “How hammered was I?”

“You called me at midnight and then when I got to the bar, you were singing 'Al By Myself’ by Eric Carmen. I gotta say-I don’t think I’ve seen anything funnier than that from a drunken person.” You laughed as he let out another groan.

“That’s gotta be everywhere online now.” Chris said.

“That’s probably not the biggest news on social media from last night.” You replied and he frowned in confusion, “The paps were outside the bar and you kinda told them about us.”

“Oh God, really? I’m sorry. You said you wanted to wait and I just completely screwed up.”

“I’m not worried about the media anymore. I’m more worried about if you meant it.”

“Meant what?”

“Last night-you said that I was your girlfriend and that you love me, no matter what anyone else says. Is that true?” You asked. You two had been together for six months, but the topic of love wasn’t something you discussed. You loved Chris, but you had never told him those three little words and he had not either.

“I really hoped to tell you in a more romantic way, but yes. I love you, Y/N. I love you a lot.” Chris stated.

“I love you too.” You smiled. He leaned in to kiss you, but you stopped him, “Sorry, but your alcohol morning breath kinda ruins the moment.”

“Right.” He laughed.

Falling Stars – Part 2

Originally based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit. Part one is here. You can also read it on AO3.

Characters: Reader, Dwalin, Balin, Fili, Kili, Thorin, Nori, Bofur, Gandalf, Radagast, the company
Location: A forest along the quest, after trolls, before Rivendell
Warnings: FLUFF. Danger, cursing, awkward!heroic!Dwalin, oblivious!modern!Reader
Word Count: 4014

Okay. This story straight up exploded. Hope you guys like Dwalin because there’s a ton more. :D

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How would Moriarty return? (1)

“John, take a deep breath, we’ve just brought in a suspect that was trying to kill Sherlock.” John shot Mycroft a look that said ‘and why are they still alive’. Mycroft held up a hand, “I haven’t ‘talked’ to them yet. I’m as clueless as you but they said it was a code 10.” John’s face dropped. Code 10 meant possible world end. World domination. A whole continent might be in danger. This person, whoever they were could kill them all in a second if not properly restrained and Mycroft knew these people were goldfish and even they were supposed to be the best of the best. John was there to protect Mycroft, he’d had a feeling two men would be needed. Their feet hammered down on the cold metal floor before stopping outside the interrogation room. Mycroft looked to John. “Ready?” 

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okay, but: yuri on ice soulmates au, the kind where you have their first words on your body somewhere. 

the banquet happens as in canon, but viktor is EVEN MORE lovestruck, because this adorably drunk japanese studmuffin is his soulmate. he has always wondered about the future of his career, knowing that his soulmate would ask him to coach them, but he is unprepared for just how much he wants to throw himself headlong into doing everything he can for this cutie.

only yuuri, blackout drunk as he was, not only doesn’t remember, but also runs away from him the next day.

viktor is pretty crushed about this, thinking that his soulmate doesn’t want him, and nearly quits skating himself. until the stay close to me video. that, to viktor, reads as “i’m sorry for running away, but i’m ready now.” obviously, he immediately rushes off to hasetsu. and hey- yuuri wanted him to coach him, so viktor can kill two birds with one stone!! brilliant!!!

meanwhile, yuuri goes through the exact same freakout as in canon, but with the added stress of trying not to fall for viktor because he’s not his soulmate, damn it! viktor is crushed to find his efforts rebuffed, but tries to give yuuri whatever space he needs- after all, yuuri is the one who reached out and called him to japan. so maybe this is just him being scared of rushing into things- fine, viktor can respect that. they can totally just take things slowly. they don’t have to act like soulmates yet- they can just be boyfriends! 

and sure enough, they grow together over time. china happens, and their relationship takes a huge leap forward. (viktor doesn’t even THINK about threatening to leave yuuri, let alone actually do it, but they still have a much-needed talk in that parking lot.) they make it to barcelona, where they independently buy each other rings. viktor is thrilled beyond belief- finally, he can show his love for yuuri to the world!

(yuuri protests to himself -even harder than in canon- that they’re just good luck charms. so what if he’s been looking up stories of soulmates that didn’t work out. and of purely platonic soulmates. and non-soulmate couples. and every conceivable type of non-traditional relationsh- OKAY, HE’LL ADMIT IT, HE’S GOT IT BAD.)

finally, we get to that scene in the restaurant, where viktor just about has an aneurism. because holy. fucking. shit. HIS SOULMATE HAD NO IDEA THAT THEY HAD ALREADY EXCHANGED WORDS. all of his efforts at being coy, at respecting yuuri’s not wanting to talk about their relationship; it’s all completely backfired. all he’s done is hurt yuuri all this time. he’s the worst soulmate ever, god, how can he ever look yuuri in the face again?!? 

meanwhile, yuuri.exe has crashed. he could have had this AGES ago. EVERYBODY IN THE ENTIRE SKATING COMMUNITY KNEW EXCEPT HIM. why did nobody ever mention- oh god, this explained so many weird comments! chris even has pictures of them posing with their words! (he is a dead man.)

yuuri goes on to win the gold at the grand prix, and he and viktor get married in the most disgustingly adorable ceremony the world has ever seen. the triplets gleefully inform the internet of the whole convoluted story. everyone lives happily ever after. 

In Hiatus I have read like twenty fics a week, so here is my version of a malec fic rec :) 

** are personal favorites :)

In the Sin Bin **
11/? | 66,863 | E

As the goalie for the New York City Blazing Angels, Alec Lightwood thinks he’s finally found the team he can go all the way to the championship cup with. Then his agent and financial advisor are arrested for stealing their clients’ money, and Alec is forced to take on a side job doing endorsement deals, plus find a way to trust his new agent–Magnus Bane.

Alec hates Magnus the first time he sets eyes on him.

Magnus hates Alec more.

But they’re going to have to find some way to work together if Alec is going to make it to the championship.

Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things (series) **
4/4 works | 37,529 | E

In which Alec Lightwood confronts a lifetime of issues about his appearance, and slowly, with a lot of help, learns that he’s allowed to be pretty.

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You're childhood dream is real! You are a Jedi! You are constantly using your psychic abilities and you don't even know it!

- INTRODUCTION: Everyone has access to psychic abilities. Mediumship, visions of the future, manifestation, empathetic sensory, even telekinesis is all within your reach! This post is dedicated to spreading awareness around these abilities, and will go through several step by steps to help you develop your own.

Part 1 is an explanation of these inherent affinities, why they work and why every one possesses them. If you are already aware of these abilities and are having difficulty practicing the next section is for you. Part 2 will go into detail about using these abilities and will outline specific instructions and concepts that will help in learning to control and manifest these new sensations.

- PART 1: What makes me so sure that you have psychic abilities? If you had them you’d certainly be aware of them right? What if I told you that you are already using them every day, in every moment you live your life?

We have been given two spiritual paths in society. If you know that there is more to reality than meets the eye, if you know there is a higher force orchestrating the world, you are given the option of organized religion. If you see the lies, manipulation, and the inherent ignorance preached by organized religion you are handed the scientific religion of Newtonian physics based atheism where the universe is portrayed as dead matter crashing together like billiard balls. Both of these paths hold their truths, wisdoms, and fallacies… And both keep you blind to this side of life.

We are all God in the sense that each one of our individual cells in our body is us. The true source of everything is consciousness, awareness. Without an awareness of a reality the reality can’t exist. You are an extension of this universal consciousness and because of it you are deeply connected with everything that is. What we are, what we really are, is the whole picture, the entire universe, and in order to know ourselves we are experiencing ourself subjectively. But this reality is an information retrieval system, as the old proverb goes “ask and thou shalt receive”, the universe is inclined to show you what you’re seeking(though it may not always be what you expect).

What we call psychic abilities are nothing special, they are simply other senses in addition to the 5 we regularly use, other means of receiving information. And if you approach these concepts with a healthy level of open minded skepticism, you will begin to discover you’re true potential via your own means and experience. If you are ready to change your world view ^_^ continue to Part 2.

- PART 2: I haven’t written a post with as much information as this one before. I will be discussing 2 preliminary practices that will increase your sensitivity in all psi abilities, lucid dreaming, manifestation, and intuitive empathy, and telekinesis.

Meditation: Consciousness is a platform in which games of countless variables, rules, and relationships can take place within, the physical matter reality we experience is just part of this whole game. Meditation allows us to expand our awareness and sense more of the world by quieting down our minds. Think of it as a battle of noises, the stimuli for your extra senses at first is very quiet, like a whisper, and in order to hear it you have to quit talking over it.

How to meditate - Find a quiet comfortable place to sit or lay down in. There is no wrong way to position yourself, just make sure you are comfortable and won’t have to move for at least 20 minutes. Close your eyes and begin to notice all the tension within your muscles. Slowly starting from your toes release the tension in your muscles and allow them to surrender to the pull of gravity. Continue through your ankles, calves thighs, back, waist, etc until you’ve your entire body is relaxed. Then simply focus on your breathing and observe what’s going on. Meditation is unique in the sense there is no purpose or point to it. It is the most pointless activity you can do, yet just so happens to provide many benefits. “The key of meditation is to do nothing, without trying not to do anything.” As soon as you are trying to clear your mind or get some spiritual enlightenment you are ceasing to meditate and are dwelling in your thoughts. Therefore It’s a bit of a tricky concept to understand, but I assure you it’s not something you fully get until you begin practicing. I would recommend meditating for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, an hour though If you are so inclined is preferable.

Beginners Tips: Don’t get frustrated if you are having trouble calming your thoughts, your entire life your head has been filled with ceaseless chatter and inner dialogue, it is a hard habit to break. Instead of getting frustrated try to listen to your thoughts as if they were sound coming from a television. Don’t try to control them, let them say what they want to say and let them fade away as they pass, this is the key to quieting them. Secondly approach each meditation with no expectations. Don’t try envision what it is you are supposed to be feeling or seeing, you are trying to take in everything that is nothing more.

Aura Control: We live in an energetic universe, everything has an electromagnetic field surrounding itself, but this field also extends beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. Some spiritual groups have called this field an Aura, and the aura contains an incredible amount of information. It extends from your body and is constantly influencing the world around you. This aura is comprised of thought, as everything in this holographic universe is thought, and thusly so you can directly influence it with your thoughts as you normal do unconsciously.

How To Control You’re Aura: The outermost layer of your aura that falls under your conscious control usually extends 1-3 inches from your body. But the shape and size is completely amorphous and is in a state of constant fluctuations reacting to your thoughts and emotions. In this exercise you will be utilizing a unique feature of the subconscious mind; The inability to tell the difference between imagination and reality. Rather than an evolutionary defect this phenomenon has a purpose, as your subconscious acts as a middleman between your individual consciousness the experiences the world, and the universal consciousness that creates it. Simply by visualizing the aura around your body you can change it (as most psychic abilities have to do with your ability to visualize).

Sit down in a chair and visualize the aura extending 1-3 inches from your body, what color is it? Does it have a color, it may not? Is there any texture to it? Is it misty and cloud-like, possibly more watery and churning in its nature? This is YOUR aura and you will see it in your own unique form. Once you’ve visualized the energy around your body pick a point in space and visualize your aura expanding around you to fill the space between your center and its new radius. Personally I gradually expand my aura from 2 inches to 3 feet in radius, and continue to 7 and 10 feet until it forms a sphere around me. Hold your aura in its new position for several moments then do the same in reverse bringing it back close to your body. After several sessions of this practice and perhaps the first you will begin to feel the space around your body physically expand and contract, which is something quite indescribable. Like a muscle learning to expand and contract your aura will strengthen it and give you more control and familiarity with the process.

Beginners Tips: Don’t force detail into your aura, allow its image to just come to you. Focusing on your breath allows you to be present in the current moment which will help you focus on your visualization. The clearer you can see the expansion and retraction in your head the more clearly you will begin to physically feel it. Lastly remember practice makes perfect, you won’t be a super fantastical wonder at first, you are a novice first learning the ropes of your consciousness. Like all practices discipline is required to hone your talents, this i just a learning process like any other.

Preliminary Practices: The 2 practices described above will carry on into your other psychic abilities. Meditation teaches you how to listen and how to see, not with your eyes and ears but your mind. In meditating you are learning to let go of your preconceived perceptions and bring awareness to all the information at your disposal. Controlling your aura helps in several ways, firstly it improves your visualization capabilities which will be one of your greatest assets. Secondly our bodies are wired to experience any variation of reality imaginable. DNA is a universal structure in all life that determines what we can and can’t experience and how our being manifests itself. The primary difference in your DNA from any other organism is which codons are turned on and which are turned off. Despite popular misconception your DNA is constantly rewriting itself and this process is rewriting your code to experience one of the many extra senses available to you. You have nerves throughout your entire body that unconsciously take in electromagnetic information, since you are unaware of this stimuli(because you’ve never thought about it) this information is run by your subconscious, you are simply bringing it into the conscious mind.

Lucid Dreaming: You may not classify this as a psychic ability, but it is an exploration of your own consciousness and can be a great tool for any budding psychic. Lucid dreaming put simply is the conscious control of your dreams, you can do anything within them; fly over Paris, swim with dolphins, create multiple moons in the sky, literally anything.

How To Lucid Dream: There are multitudes of ways to induce lucid dreaming, but in this post I’ll be teaching to hand in hand practices that in my opinion work beautifully. First you will be reprogramming your mind, your mind works very much like a computer system and its code is comprised of habitual patterns. Throughout your day you are going to be performing reality checks. Take a moment to stop and truly ask yourself if you are dreaming or not, can you remember how you got to where you are now? What did you do from the moment you woke up until now? Is there a high level of detail in the environment or is it more vague? Chances are when you perform these checks you will be in normal reality where everything is crisp, detailed, and makes sense chronologically. If you do this multiple times a day(the more the better) what you are doing is writing a reality check program into your mental process that will carry over into your dreams. Soon you will perform a reality check while in a dream since it is something you usually do. Once you realize you are dreaming you can take immediate control of it. The second method is a more direct approach, as you are going to be and laying down, close your eyes and meditate until you fall asleep. Go through the same processes letting go of your muscle tensions and slowly allow your body to go numb. You have one goal and one goal only, to stay consciously aware as you slip into sleep. If done successful you can drift directly from being awake into a lucid dream. Paired together these practices gave me my first lucid dream within 3 days and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in it. One thing you can do in your dreams is create a persona to represent your unconscious mind, they can be male female, 70 feet tall or a few inches in stature, doesn’t matter how you envision them as long as you know they are representative of your unconscious. You can then engage this persona in a dialogue and discover things about yourself and your mental processes you’d never have come to in your waking state, not easily anyway. There is no limit to what you can do in a lucid dream, be as creative as you can.

IMPORTANT Beginners Tips: Your mind doesn’t specifically want you to be aware you are dreaming, thus when you realize you are dreaming your mind has several ways to circumvent you. Crazy and unexpected events may occur as soon as you realize you are dreaming to distract you and bring you back into the unconscious state. You may experience everything pulling away from you, as if being ripped from the dream and your body will just wake you up ;) but the funny ones are where you will experience a false awakening, where you start to lucid dream, wake up in your room, and think you’ve just lost it when in reality you woke up into another dream xD to avoid this amusing battle between conscious control and unconscious control of the dream here are 2 tips to help you maintain your lucid dream. Immediately after recognizing the dream look at your hands, you will notice they have no fine detail, no creases or prints. Stare at them and envision the creases and detail coming into clarity, say out loud that you demand clarity and the detail will come into focus. If you still find yourself being pulled out of the dream start counting from 1 and on until the dream stabilizes. Your first lucid dreams may only last seconds to a minute, but as you continue to practice they will get longer and longer and you will be able to control them with much more ease.

Manifestation: All of reality manifests itself from your thoughts, whatever you think about most will come into being. If you think about all the betrayal you’ve experienced in life, your life will unfold with an abnormal level of betrayal and you will find yourself wondering why it all happens to you, when in reality it is due to your focus. Have you ever met people who seem exceptionally lucky regardless of them being “good people” or not? They just seem to get all the breaks. This is simply because they know things will work out and good things will happen to them. Whatever you believe it will show itself in your life.

How To Passively Manifest: Things like good luck and misfortune are primarily determined by your mindset and the language choice used in your thoughts. Pay more attention to your thoughts with the new emphasis on their effect on reality. If you find yourself angry at yourself or someone else try to realize if that’s actually how you want to feel on the subject. Do you talk about yourself positively or negatively in your head. Simply mind your thoughts and make alterations in the language you use. Thoughts are energy and like energy attracts like energy. This process is a tad vague but simply by engaging your thoughts you usually pay little attention to can’t transform the entire plane your life unfolds into.

How To Actively Manifest: Active manifestation can be used for a whole multitude of purposes. You can manifest getting that employment position you’ve been wanting for years. You can use it to find those earbuds you lost 3 months ago and still can’t find. You can use to to find a nice set of bongos at a swap meet. But it’s all the same process. As shown by the infamous Schrödinger and the little famous double slit experiment, reality doesn’t exist in physical form until you observe it and collapse its wave function. The wave function is the range of possibilities something can exhibit until you finally look at it and collapse it into one possibility. What you will be doing is influencing those variables to collapse into your desired possibility. Hypothetically you want a job at “Company A”, to manifest this into being realize that the physical world is likened to a metaphorical expression of the internal. Visualize yourself working at Company A. Do you have a desk? What do your clothes look like? What does it feel like to drive there every day? Declare Company A as your place of employment, it’s not that you don’t have the job and are going to get it. Rather you already have the job and are just waiting for the universe to give you the experience of attaining it. As stated before visualization is one of your greatest assets, and the more you refine it, the more powerful your manifestation ability will become.

Beginners Tips: The structuring of your thoughts greatly influences manifestation and can mean the difference between getting exactly what you desired and the exact opposite. When you manifest come from a place contentment and appreciation for what you already have. It’s not that you are without, you are simply putting in a request to the universe and know that as you are the universe yourself, your request has already been received and granted to you, the manifestation process is more of a formality expressing your intent and thanks for what is being given to you rather than something like a prayer asking for the improbable.

Intuitive Empathy: “What the heck is that?!?!” You may be thinking, put short intuitive empathy is the ability to feel and hear the thoughts and feelings of others. Believe it or not you actually are doing this 24/7. Have you ever been having a great day, meet with a friend or family member and find yourself suddenly depressed or frustrated for no reason? And the only real reason you can come up with is your friend was upset and it rubbed off on you. Well that’s actually exactly what happened but on a deeper level than you realize xD An uncomfortable truth to swallow is that not all of the thoughts and emotions you experience are your own. In this situation you just picked up on the emotional state of someone in close proximity to you. We are all heavily connected and exchange information between each other in ways beyond the 5 senses. A lot of parents can just innately feel when their children are going through a rough time, even if separated by hundreds of miles. This phenomena rather than ability is quite prevalent in current society except it’s not being paid attention to.

How To Intuitive Empathy: This is less of a “how to” and more so a “what to be aware of” segment. As you go about your life just take note of all the similarities between the things you feel/think and those around you. You’ll begin to notice synchronicities appearing everywhere and all the time. The hardest emotions to distinguish are usually negative such as anger and sadness. Simply by being aware of your own emotions and the emotions of others you can protect yourself from adopting other people’s turmoil. If you notice you are picking up on the anger of your mother you’ll notice the anger you were previously experiencing will fade away and you will find yourself at peace in a situation that would normally stress you out. But this works the other way around and your emotions will rub off on other people. You can alleviate other people’s suffering simply by being happy and content with yourself in their presence. The dominant force will always overtake the passive force. The only way to develop this sense and discover ways to implement it into your life is to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, and analyze them for where they come from and how they effect the people around you.

Telekinesis: Yup, here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve decided to detail Telekinesis last because though it is a tantalizing psi ability, it is quite advanced and you would do best to practice it in addition to other disciplines. The universe is just a hologram generated inside your mind. Because of this everything you experience is an extension of you. The concrete sidewalk is just as much you as your hands and feet. If I may I’d like to quote the matrix “Do not try to bend the spoon, that is impossible. Only try to realize the truth, there is no spoon.” The spoon only exists when you are looking at it, it is the manifestation of the wave function collapse your mind has deemed it to collapse into. In reality it has no physical form. That spoon is purely you and your own interpretation of it. Because it is you, you have complete influence over it.

How To Develop Telekinesis: 2+7 = 9, but so does 5+4 & 3+6. There are many ways to perform telekinesis, and what works best for you is determined purely on how you see the world. Because of this I will describe 2 methods, but keep in mind, they are all just methods of understanding the same premise. It is recommended before attempting telekinesis you meditate to clear your mind and bring you to a more aware state. For this example we will be talking about the psi wheel, if you don’t know what a psi wheel is, look it up it’s very simple.

Method 1 - Visualization: Place your hands beneath the psi wheel and stare at a single point on the wheel, visualize the wheel as part of you, know it is you, and try to feel the wheel as if it had nerves and physical sensation. You don’t know how you wiggle your finger, you just do it, and in the same way you are attempting to spin the wheel with that neurological impulse. This method takes a lot of patience but can provide a high degree of control, the key is concentration. The feeling connection to the object is much more important than your intent to move it. In fact if you can feel the connection clearly the wheel will actually begin to spin of its own accord. I have had minimal success with this method but it works well for many people.

Method 2 - The Jedi Method: This is my own self taught adaptation(and in all probability you will find your own weird way of doing this) which I have had much greater success with! For this method you will be using your hands. Take your hands place them 3-4 inches apart with your palms facing one another. With your dominant hand stationary slowly begin to move your other hand in circles in front of your palm. Focus on any and all possible feelings in your hands. Some people(like me) feel something immediately and others take several weeks of practice. Regardless you must be delivery. The sensation your looking for has been described in many ways, some people feel it as heat, some as cold, some feel it as a tingling, personally it feels like the air around my hand has become dense and weighted, there’s a very slight feeling of heat but I liken it to holding two magnets in your hands and feeling them pull and repel off one another. When you start to feel this sensation (the force if you will) you can graduate to movements beyond circles and experiment with the field. Really you just want to get yourself familiar with the electromagnetic field around your hands. Once you can feel it clearly in your hands try to feel the energy around other objects. In the case of the psi wheel use your hands to feel the field around it. Realize that the sensation of the field is you and thus the field is a part of you. The more clearly you can sense the field the more of an effect the energy of your hands will influence the wheel. Just feeling the energy generates the magnetic like sensation of a push and pull. With continued practice you will be able to channel energy into a flow similar to a force push and be able to use “the force” to spin the wheel.

Beginners Tips: Whether you use one of the methods I described, another you’ve researched, or your own, the trick is knowing that the object you wish to influence is part of you, and that it doesn’t actually exist as physical matter.

-In Conclusion: I hope that this article has helped you to gain some insight into whatever psychic abilities you wish to accrue. If you’ve read this entire gargantuan post I thank you for your patience and congratulate you on your dedication to understanding higher reality.

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Yesss! In that case, could you do Kylo + 2, 53, 69, & 44? I think it would make for an interesting one, don't you?

Ooo, indeed it will haha. I also decided to give Emperor Kylo some love, so I hope you enjoy this! 

Emperor Kylo +  “I can smell it! You’re in heat.” +  “You want me to claim you, don’t you?” +  “As an Alpha, I have the right to claim you, the Omega, and you know that, don’t you?” +  “Just because of what I am doesn’t mean I’ll submit to just any alpha”

Your hands shook furiously as you started rummaging through the cabinet in your small quarters. No matter where your eyes wandered or what your hand moved to the side, you had no success.

“Kriff, no, no, no.”

Though it was the middle of the night, your heat had decided to start unexpectedly and you knew you needed your suppressants. If you were going to continue your usual exceptional work in the palace, you needed those suppressants. 

Sighing in frustration you placed your trembling hand to your forehead.


Feeling as though there were no other choice you quickly pulled your robe closer around your frame, making your way to the door. Whether it was allowed or not, you were going to get your restock while you still could. At least with the time, you were sure to not run into anyone who would pick up your scent.

Trembling and aching all over you made your way to the downstairs medbay. Luckily for you, the droids rarely came into the pharmaceutical area and you could easily explain why you were there. If anything, they should have been thanking you for taking the precautions.

Coming across the familiar bottle you were about to reach out for it when you suddenly heard a low baritone voice behind you.

“What are you doing here?”

You froze, feeling your eyes widen and your muscles go stiff. Although you were ready with an explanation, you were not as ready to actually give the explanation as to why you were there. Turning towards the voice you saw a tall man, his pale face adorned with a scar and his attire surprisingly casual for the palace. 

“I-I’m sorry I just need-”


You froze once again, nodding slowly as the man took a step further into the room. The more you looked at him, the more you couldn’t shake the feeling that this individual was familiar. Considering you were a handmaiden however, you only saw so many people in your day. One of them being…

“I can smell it. You’re in heat.”

Having the revelation hit you, you gulped. The alpha standing before you was the unmasked Emperor himself. Out of all the people you were expecting to answer to, he was surely one of the last. Taking another step forward you could see his pupils blow wide under the light, his body faintly trembling as yours had been.

“Your majesty I-I’m sorry, I just, I came to get them so I could work tomorrow. I don’t want to be a hindrance because of my biology.”

He looked you over slowly, finally meeting your eyes again after a moment.

“You’re anything but.”

Your cheeks grew hot as you looked to the floor for a moment, still wanting to turn around and grab those suppressants. Being faced with the Emperor now all you truly wanted to do was run back to your quarters. 

“…It would seem we’re both in need of suppressants….Perhaps we should consider other means.”

As the words passed his lips you got a whiff of his intoxicating scent as well, causing your core to throb. The smell alone made you feel as though the world around you was spinning. Again he took a step closer, his gaze growing far more focused than it had been prior.

“I-I don’t follow your majesty.”

“As an alpha, I have the right to claim you, the omega….and you know that don’t you?”

You gulped as he suddenly stood right before, seeming to loom over you. You had long heard of the palaces attempts to find the Emperor a mate, but no matter what was tried, he remained alone. Now being the Emperor and a fully matured alpha, the last thing he needed was to sit on that regal throne alone. 

“Your majesty…to be quite honest. …Just because of what I am doesn’t mean I’ll submit to just any alpha.”

He smirked faintly, “Oh but I am not just any alpha…and you know it.”

Trying to keep your expression neutral, feeling your heart ram against your chest you attempted to steady your breathing. With how close he stood to you and how overwhelming his scent was, you could feel yourself straining to keep it together.

“I’m the Emperor after all…if I claim you, that would make you the Empress.”

Your eyes went to his, staying focused on him as he began to look you over once again. For a fleeting moment you felt a prick inside your skull, likely coming from his telepathic abilities. 

“You would make a fine Empress too…you hide your knowledge…years worth of studies that you suppress. Desires you have yet to fulfill in your position here. …An undying loyalty to the crown…to me. …I’ve sensed it before.”

Feeling your breath hitch in your throat, Kylo suddenly took a careful hold of your chin, tilting it to force you to look into his eyes. At this point you could see the desire flaring through his irises. His mind was made up, and in all honesty, so was yours. You had always had a connection with the Emperor that you could not explain. Apparently, so had he.

“You want me to claim you…don’t you?”

Feeling your knees begin to wobble under you, you nodded slowly. Kylo smirked as he lowered his hand from your chin.

“Very well then. …Get on the examination table.”

About Nagato

Sometime I get the feeling, this character is greatly misunderstood, and most probably hated for his 180 degree spin of personality at the end of his first fight with Naruto.

So I hope you don’t mind if I make an analysis of his personality. He’s quite a heavy character.

We all know the kid Nagato was gentle and caring, so much that he buried his parents as a small child (probably no more than 8-10) took a dog by his side, despite he didn’t have what to feed him with, didn’t have the power to steal bread for his own hungry stomach. From this age he was a very just and quite independent individual: he only did what was right (what at that age he was taught was right) and never asked for more help than he needed.

Then he accepted and cherished the other two orphans’ company. Take in account that when he joined he was taught to steal to survive, despite earlier not doing so. And this is a mentality that stuck to him: life is a fight for survival and in order to survive you need to take from others, but not more than needed.

Growing up with this mentality, with Yahiko’s dream of becoming god of Amegakure to stop the war and Jirayia’s ‘parenting’ the original Akatsuki was formed:

All three orphans had a huge spirit of justice rooted inside of them, and Jirayia’s presence gave them the ability to put that justice in place.

At the same time Jirayia helped Nagato define his purpose: protect your friends

follow your dream, no matter where that might lead us.

And he did. He held true to that his whole life.

And it led him to become this man.

This is where the true rant begins, because we all knew the kid Nagato. The adult still is greatly misunderstood. But to get to the adult we needed the child first.

Nagato became god. But not for himself. Yes, he wanted to achieve peace, justice and see the world grow. But it was never his purpose to become god: that was Yahiko’s dream. And Yahiko’s death shattered him in many ways: his best friend was gone, the pillar of his faith and the brother he grew up with (not to mention Nagato might of had a slight man crush on him.) Yahiko needed to become god, but this task was left to him now. So he created Pein. And you need to understand Pein is not him, Nagato. Pein is Yahiko, Pein is a man brought to the ultimate being through him; Pein is absolute. And what Nagato tries to be, not what he thinks he is (although controlling him he is Pein so he is absolute himself) With time Pein became a part of him so that they act similar and yet different.


Canonly Nagato thinks of himself as trash. So to erase his sins, his nothingness, his filth he channeled all that he deemed worthy in Pein, leaving Nagato  (in his opinion) something blank, that didn’t need to exist, but still did, because through it lived Pein. Please also take in account the fact that Nagato was disabled and malnourished, and these disabilities made him think even lesser of himself, because he just lost his independency, now depending on others to take care of him (particularly Konan who he has a very strange relationship with, to be detailed in another rant).

Nagato, to achieve his dream, did became a ruthless person, but that because he cared for those close to him, he acknowledged the fact that the world can’t know peace until people would understand each other completely, and it was pain that connected people. He agreed to shoulder all the world hate on him, by trying to bring pain to others. He deeply understood what war and pain meant and his plan could have worked, and his plan was completely independent from Madara’s. By gaining monopoly over war he would have enslaved the nations, unifying them through pain against him, just the way the fourth Shinobi war did. He was ready to shoulder all of the world’s hate upon himself, until they’ll come before him and understand what he did, because pain connected them now. And even then peace could not be achieved, but for a short period at least people would understand his reasons, his resolve.

And I deem completely admirable that he didn’t give up, despite of his dual, quite unstable personality, of his disability, of having little support in this and knowing he was a criminal. But sacrifices needed to be made in order to survive and to achieve something.

He created the new Akatsuki, only consisted of S-rank criminals. Why? Because only someone of his caliber could understand him and his motives and would join him in his cause. He only chose unique, said to be monstrous, skilled and homeless shinobies around him, not only giving them a purpose, but also a place where they could connect: giving the monster a human side. He could of chosen the new Akatsuki from Ame, he didn’t. Because it was pain that they needed to share.

And now to get to the most disturbng thin in his personality: his ending, his talk to Naruto. It was all for plot sake and to give Naruto the great preacher award again. Nagato isn’t a weak individual; he went through far too much to give up to the words of a boy who was the student of his mentor. A mentor he ended killing to achieve his dream. He would have stopped there if if he was weak hearted. He didn’t. he lost a Path that day, but proceeded to achieve his goal. It hurts me to talk about this moment of his existence, especially because half of his speech showed no sign of wanting to change in front of Naruto. It was definitely bad writing, but I’d still like to give a fan theory about why he could have changed then. No, this won’t give him an excuse for what he did.

Nagato was gentle, but not naive, and he didn’t give up easily. He was gentle when he wished to, to people he cared for. (Konan there is a special case, he wanted to keep her safe thinking she was still the girl who got captured and because of that Yahiko died; it’s a thing that’s constantly on his mind)

External image

An example of Nagato in a good mood: relaxed, smiling, and talking freely.

In that last scene Nagato was far from that; he was tense and angered, oh and tired. Tired because of lack of chakra and because the world around him started falling around him again: Akatsuki numbered only a few members now. And I think the fight with the Nine Tails for Nagato was the all of nothing type of fight: if he won his plan was complete and deserved to be continued; if he lost he needed to die. Why? Because one of the members he cared most for and could of related most to died, around the time he killed Jirayia too, his beloved mentor. So yes, it was a double blow for him, and it was a pain he could no longer stand: the feeling of an empty world. Also, after Itachi’s death he most probably met Sasuke to welcome him in Akatsuki, along with team Taka, so he personally met with Naruto’s McGuffin and the brother Itachi gave his life up for, also seeding in this boy his ideals (which were left clear in the later chapters of the manga). So he had a successor, a potent successor. But Sasuke was naive, unlike him. Naruto somehow strengthened his faith that there might be no need for him, because there were others with his ideals to continue his journey, when he couldn’t go forth anymore. Nagato was broken beyond anything that day, and he just needed a reason to let go of everything, also leaving with a high note this earth.

The edo tensei Nagato is better explained here.

Heavenly Commentary: Deathly Hallows Pt1
  • Sirius: I can't believe he broke the mirror.
  • James: Didn't really need it, did he?
  • Sirius: Still. I liked that mirror.
  • ***
  • Lily: That's a nice little tribute.
  • Albus: Yes. Elphias always was a generous man. Although Rita Skeeters is far more thrilling.
  • James: Harry thinks otherwise.
  • Albus: He will learn the truth. That no one is without regret. Rita Skeeter was surprisingly quick.
  • Cedric: Even dead we can't get rid of her.
  • ***
  • James: I never thought I'd see Harry trying so hard to save these people. After everything they’ve done to him.
  • Lily: Our son is better than us both.
  • ***
  • James: That was downright emotional for Dudley.
  • Albus: I imagine that he is beginning to see through the veil of his youth. One’s parents are not always correct.
  • ***
  • James: The guard is all here.
  • Lily: Obviously. Oh yeah. How was Moony’s wedding?
  • Sirius: Simple. You know him. Not an extravagant bone in his body.
  • James: I'm betting Tonks got an extravagant bon-OW!
  • Lily: Shut up!
  • ***
  • Cedric: Seven Harry Potters fly out of a house. What does Voldemort do?
  • Albus: He will assume they will give the real Harry to Alastor. As he is the strongest wizard present. He is unable to understand that strength is not the factor here.
  • Sirius: I don't understand. Who is taking Harry?
  • Albus: Hagrid of course. There is no one there who loves Harry quite like Hagrid.
  • ***
  • James: Even dead you're right.
  • Albus: It appears not all habits die hard.
  • ***
  • Lily: I have a bad feeling. Nothing is ever this easy.
  • James: Oh shit. No!
  • Hedwig: Hoot hoot.
  • Cedric: Trust me. I know.
  • ***
  • James: I thought he was going to die.
  • Lily: How did Harry do that? He didn't look in any shape to defend himself.
  • Albus: I have my theories. But imagine the suspense if I choose not to share them.
  • Sirius: I never said this when we were alive but, you're a dick.
  • Alastor: I said that constantly.
  • Albus: Old friend! It's terrible to see you here. Welcome to the party.
  • Alastor: Where are we?
  • Albus: The next great adventure. Your appearance is rather disconcerting with two normal eyes.
  • ***
  • Lily: Poor George.
  • James: Everyone is going crazy. They've been betrayed.
  • Sirius: And of course Snape cursed his ear off. Part of the plan Albus?
  • Albus: Let's find out.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Grieve later fools. Fight the war now.
  • Cedric: Constant vigilance?
  • Alastor: Exactly.
  • ***
  • James: Remus says Harry is like me and yet he makes it sound like an insult.
  • Lily: Because it was. Something is broken inside of him.
  • ***
  • Sirius: They've done all this?
  • James: They're children going to war. What do you expect?
  • ***
  • Lily: That had the feeling of a kiss goodbye.
  • Alastor: Smart girl.
  • ***
  • James: Happy birthday harry.
  • Lily: He's all grown up now.
  • James: But he's still our boy.
  • ***
  • Sirius: You left them stuff?
  • Albus: But of course. A few trinkets I hope will be of use. Oh Rufus. If only you put this energy into helping me.
  • ***
  • James: The Snitch he swallowed. Damn it but that's genius.
  • Albus: Thank you.
  • Lily: “I open at the close”?
  • Albus: I have always appreciated a healthy use of theatricality.
  • ***
  • Lily: Of course Luna would recognise him. I really do adore that girl.
  • ***
  • James: Do you remember our wedding?
  • Lily: I'll never forget it.
  • James: I wish we could have had something like this. Not the rushed one we had.
  • Lily: It was perfect and I'll never think otherwise.
  • ***
  • Albus: Ah fate. It is always nice to know when one is on the right path.
  • Sirius: ...ok?
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh...Albus is this tr-
  • Alastor: Enough.
  • Cedric: But Prof-
  • Alastor: Enough! There are bigger problems right now.
  • James: The Ministry has fallen.
  • Cedric: Then it's over.
  • Albus: No Mr Diggory. Now it begins.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Excellent Miss Granger. She's prepared.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Why are they being so nice?
  • Sirius: It’s not actually mercy if they can't actually kill them.
  • ***
  • Albus: Charming, Alastor. But those would not stop Severus. Given his innocence they wouldn't need to.
  • Alastor: What?
  • Cedric: I'll fill you in.
  • Hedwig: Hoot.
  • ***
  • James: Oh man, do you remember that picture?
  • Sirius: Last day of our first year. We were children.
  • James: But not for very long
  • ***
  • Lily: I remember that letter. What happened to the rest of it?
  • James: Probably Snape. Greasy bastard.
  • Albus: ...
  • Sirius: Just because he's on a secret mission to save the world doesn't mean he can't be a bastard.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Regulus, oh God. You did...why didn't you tell me?
  • James: Like Hermione said. He was trying to protect you
  • Albus: Did you find your younger brother Mr Black?
  • Sirius: No.
  • Albus: Wherever he is, I honour him. I would never have been able to drink that potion alone.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh Remus...no.
  • James: Why would he...
  • Lily: Har- oh no.
  • Sirius: Moony...
  • James: You did good Harry. You did the right thing.
  • ***
  • James: No. No!
  • ***
  • Alastor: Fools! Do they think these kids are going to school?
  • Sirius: They don't think. Wow, Kreacher looks...happy.
  • Cedric: I guess that's what happens when you're treated with common decency.
  • ***
  • Lily: Do you think they're ready?
  • Alastor: As ready as they'll ever be.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Don't ask a teenage boy what he was doing in the bathroom, Hermione. You may not like the answer.
  • Lily: I swear I will hit you.
  • ***
  • Albus: Let the games begin.
  • ***
  • Lily: Those are muggle bodies. I think I'm going to be sick.
  • ***
  • James: That's why he was so eager to get to work. His wife is on trial.
  • Lily: It’s not a trial. It's a sentencing.
  • ***
  • Lily: Holy shit. It's her!
  • Cedric: Why can't they just take the locket and run?
  • James: Because they don't know if she still has it. And stealth is still needed.
  • Albus: Also because that man is the Minister himself.
  • ***
  • Alastor: I think I preferred it when Crouch Jnr had it.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Mr Weasley is terrifying.
  • James: I think Harry agrees.
  • ***
  • Lily: Well so much for stealth!
  • James: Don't look at me like that! He's your son too!
  • Sirius: They might actually make it out.
  • Lily: Crap! Yaxley has them! He's seen Grimmauld Place!
  • Cedric: So where are we now?
  • ***
  • Lily: Ron must be really afraid if he's stopped saying “Voldemort”.
  • Albus: Perhaps not the most foolish of precautions.
  • ***
  • Alastor: You know why he's after Gregorovitch, don't you Albus.
  • Albus: I do. I'm curious to see if it will work.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Not a Christian but I appreciate the effort Potter.
  • ***
  • James: Ron isn't holding up too well.
  • Alastor: Some people aren't cut out for field work.
  • ***
  • Lily: The sword...?
  • Albus: Indeed.
  • James: So where is it?
  • Albus: Therein lies the question.
  • ***
  • Lily: He left...
  • James: I can't believe it. He's gone...
  • ***
  • Cedric: That's it then. He can't find them. He's really gone.
  • Albus: Perhaps.
  • ***
  • James: He doesn't care about the sword. He wants to go home.
  • Lily: Back to where it all started.
  • ***
  • James: Welcome home Lily.
  • Lily: I never thought th- they built us a statue?
  • James: Damn right they did.
  • Sirius: Where’s my statue? Bastards.
  • James: Why would they build you one idiot? You helped kill us. Remember?
  • ***
  • Cedric: I thought Dumbledore would be here to see his family’s graves. But I'm guessing he's actually with them now so never mind.
  • ***
  • Lily: He's crying...
  • James: So are we...
  • ***
  • James: Do you think they would've gone to all this trouble if Voldemort hadn’t been defeated?
  • Lily: Of course not. We'd have been just three more victims.
  • ***
  • James: Something isn't right. Bathilda was the sharpest woman I've ever met.
  • Lily: And now she looks...dead.
  • Albus: That would be because she is indeed deceased.
  • Sirius: How could you know that?
  • Albus: I just came from visiting her.
  • Cedric: Then who is that?
  • Alastor: What, not who. And that is Bait.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Holy fucking shit!
  • James: Run Harry!
  • Lily: Hermione! That was close. What's wrong with him?
  • Albus: I believe he is trapped inside the memories of Voldemort. The memories associated with the last time he stood there.
  • Lily: Oh...
  • ***
  • James: Grindelwald?!?
  • ***
  • Lily: Do you have anything to say?
  • Albus: Keep watching.
  • ***
  • James: Is that a...
  • Lily: Snape. That's his patronus.
  • Cedric: How do you know?
  • Lily: Because that's mine.
  • ***
  • Lily: Take the Horcrux off. Take the Horcrux off. Take the Horcrux off.
  • James: Dammit Harry.
  • Cedric: This can't end well.
  • ***
  • Cedric: I take that back!
  • Sirius: About damn time Ron!
  • ***
  • Lily: Family.
  • ***
  • James: This is genuinely hilarious.
  • Cedric: Hermione is a badass.
  • Lily: So cute. They're all back together.
  • ***
  • Albus: Ah boys. I wish I was there to help. But alas I am not.
  • ***
  • Alastor: More breadcrumbs Albus? If you trust Severus so much why didn't you just give him a letter to send to them?
  • Albus: Old friend, in this matter, the journey is far more important than the goal itself.
  • ***
  • James: The Deathly Hallows?
  • Lily: What are they?
  • Sirius: A children's story.
  • Albus: I think you'll find, Mr Black, that most children's stories are based on truth.
  • ***
  • Alastor: They should never have come here!
  • Cedric: They took his daughter! He had no choice.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Albus...are the Hallows real?
  • Albus: They are.
  • Sirius: How do you know? How can you be sure?
  • Albus: Because I've held them all.
  • ***
  • Lily: I really hope you haven't just split them apart again.
  • Albus: They are behaving as I expected them to.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh it’s good to hear them again.
  • Sirius: Keep the faith.
  • James: NO! Ah Harry don't use the name.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Stay calm. Stick to your story.
  • Cedric: Too late. They've been found out.
  • James: They're taking him to Voldemort.
  • Lily: I think Harry is with him already.
  • ***
  • Albus: Poor Draco. I tried to help him.
  • Sirius: No you did the bare minimum. If you really tried to help him then we wouldn't be watching this.
  • Albus: I do believe you're right. But necessity demanded.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh God. They're going to torture her.
  • ***
  • James: The mirror?
  • Sirius: What use is that going to be?
  • ***
  • Sirius: Pettigrew! You treacherous bastard!
  • James: Wait! What? No!
  • Lily: ...he's dead. What just happened.
  • Albus: Love. Mercy. Forgiveness. Things such as these can forge terribly great magic. Harry spared Pettigrews life and created a debt. Peter's hand, a construct of pure magic, just repaid it.
  • ***
  • Sirius: He's not here.
  • James: I don't think he wanted to meet the two people he betrayed and the one he blackmailed.
  • Sirius: He's gotten smarter. But I think I'll hunt him down.
  • ***
  • Albus: Oh my...
  • Lily: He's coming! You have to go!
  • James: Woah that was close! DOBBY! Excellent timing!
  • Cedric: Shell Cottage. Nice na- oh no. Don't...
  • Dobby: Master Dumbledore sir. What has happened?
  • James: Dobby. We are Harry Potters parents. We've been watching you help our son for five years. You've been so noble. So brave.
  • Lily: We want you to know, we love you so much Dobby. And you will always be with friends here.
  • Dobby: Kind Miss has Harry Potters eyes.
  • ***
  • Dobby: Such kind words from Sirs and Misses. And Harry Potter is sad.
  • Lily: Of course he is sad. He loved you more than we do. He is your friend.
  • ***
  • James: I don't understand what's going on.
  • Lily: Me neither.
  • Alastor: Then why don't you both shut up and listen to your son explain it all?
  • ***
  • Albus: Harry. You amazing young man. I'm proud of you my boy.
  • James: You had the Elder Wand? You took it from Grindelwald?
  • Albus: I did.
  • Lily: And why not give it to Harry?
  • Albus: You must pay closer attention Mrs Potter.
  • ***
  • Cedric: So we're planning again. But this time to break into Gringotts.
  • James: Should be fun. Did Godric really steal the sword?
  • Albus: It’s quite possible. No human account would ever admit to it. And who's to say the goblin history isn't biased either.
  • Lily: You were a teacher right?
  • ***
  • James: You're back. Moony has a son.
  • Sirius: Well I’ll be dammed. Good for you mate.
  • Lily: He looks so happy.
  • ***
  • Alastor: Weasley. As subtle as ever.
  • Cedric: Hermione is the only one who appreciates subtlety. The other two prefer a wand to the face.
  • ***
  • Albus: Once more unto the breach
  • ***
  • James: I recognise his voice.
  • Lily: Travers is the one who almost killed me. And then you dropped your wand and beat him half to death.
  • Sirius: Potter, your laziness is biting your son in the arse. “Half to death” finish the job!
  • ***
  • Lily: He just used the Imperius Curse...
  • James: It was necessary.
  • Alastor: Be grateful he's managed to avoid killing anyone. What was your bodycount?
  • Lily: More than zero.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Dammit! This is the ministry all over again.
  • James: Onwards. Get the Horcrux.
  • ***
  • Lily: They’ve got i- GODDAMMIT GRIPHOOK!
  • Alastor: They should have never trusted the goblin!
  • James: They had no choice! Time to go son!
  • ***
  • Cedric: They did it. They got the cup.
  • Sirius: Lost the sword.
  • Albus: They did well. But now Tom Riddle will know what they are hunting.
  • James: He already knows. Now what?
  • Lily: To Hogwarts.
  • Dobby: Once again Harry Potter frees a poor and hurt creature. He is truly great.
  • Albus: You are correct Dobby. He really is.
  • ***
  • James: They're in trouble!
  • Sirius: They need to-
  • Albus: Brother.
  • ***
  • Lily: Your brother isn't being helpful.
  • Albus: He's worrying more about their safety than their success. He's a better man than I ever was.
  • ***
  • James: Oh...
  • Lily: Albus...oh Albus I'm so sorry.
  • Albus: I should introduce you to my family. They would like you. But that may have to wait. I believe we are about to go home.
  • ***
  • Alastor: The war came to Hogwarts.
  • Albus: And here it will end. Never tickle a sleeping dragon.
  • ***
  • James: Use them Harry. You need the help
  • ***
  • Sirius: Why would you step out from the cloak?
  • James: He can handle Alecto.
  • Lily: So can Luna.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh good. He's used Cruciatus.
  • James: Let's just hope he doesn't need to use the last one.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Oh great. This dick.
  • James: Oh man! Look at Minnie go! Kick his ass!
  • Lily: They're on the same side!
  • Sirius: So?
  • ***
  • Sirius: I wish I was there. One last battle.
  • James: Me too Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Although...maybe not at this very moment.
  • Lily: This is so awkward. Jeez Fleur, really?
  • ***
  • Lily: Aww they made up.
  • Alastor: Just in time to die.
  • James: Death did not make you any cheerier did it?
  • ***
  • Cedric: See I’m impressed by the visual. But the fact that it’s always Slytherin versus the other three, seems to highlight a major problem in this school.
  • Albus: I agree Mr Diggory. A simple idea that has such permanent consequences.
  • ***
  • James: In the middle of a battle and he forgets what he's doing.
  • Lily: Has your attention span.
  • James: Why is it that every bad thing comes from me?
  • ***
  • Albus: The Grey Lady. Harry you marvelous young man.
  • Dobby: Ghost Miss Ravenclaw has always been kind to me.
  • Albus: Ah of course! Before he met with me. In case I escorted him out.
  • James: But where did he hide it?
  • Albus: I do not know. But I believe Harry does.
  • ***
  • Lily: Even now he is loyal to you.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Chamber of Secrets? Hell of a romantic date Ron.
  • Albus: Aaahh of course. These children are magnificent.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s about damn time!
  • James: They're really going at it.
  • Alastor: Timing. Idiots.
  • ***
  • James: Sirius is following Tonks. Cedric and Alastor have gone to see other people.
  • Lily: I guess it's just us then.
  • Albus: Fitting in a way.
  • Dobby: Yes sir.
  • Hedwig: Hoot.
  • ***
  • Lily: These three again?
  • James: When are old school enemies not welcome?
  • ***
  • James: He just tried to kill Hermione...
  • Lily: Were we like this?
  • James: Probably.
  • ***
  • James: Fucking fiendfyre! You crazy bastard!
  • ***
  • Lily: We would never have tried to save them.
  • James: Speak for yourself. I saved Snape remember.
  • Lily: Oh shut up. They destroyed another Horcrux
  • ***
  • James: Oh no...
  • Lily: Hello Fred.
  • Fred: Blimey. You're the Potters! Professor Dumbledore! Oh hell!
  • James: Yes Fred you are dead. But if it makes you feel better, you can call me Prongs.
  • Fred: But my pare- YOU'RE JOKING!
  • Sirius: No he's not. I'm Padfoot. And this is Moony, who literally can’t duel to save his life.
  • Remus: I’d say it's good to see you Fred bu...James? Lily?
  • James: It’s good to see you old friend.
  • ***
  • Remus: It’s been years.
  • Lily: For you. Where’s Tonks?
  • Remus: Dolohov killed her after he did me. When Padfoot collected us she went to see Teddy.
  • ***
  • James: Let's go end this.
  • ***
  • Fred: This is chaos.
  • Alastor: This is war!
  • Fred: Mad Eye! You’re al- oh yeah I'm dead.
  • Sirius: You get used to it.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Dammit Hagrid!
  • Remus: Wonderful. Giants.
  • ***
  • James: Focus Harry. You can do this.
  • Lily: Luna! Bless your soul.
  • ***
  • Remus: I'm not sure how I feel about Voldemort using this place.
  • ***
  • Lily: Oh God. Snape, run!
  • James: Too late.
  • Remus: What is he doing?
  • Albus: That's a memory.
  • Severus: Albus? Where are w- Lily??
  • Sirius: You sonofa-
  • James: Motherf-
  • Lily: QUIET! No one says a word until we see that memory.
  • Albus: If I may-
  • Lily: Not a word! You have both played with my sons life as if he were a piece in a game! No one has the right to talk until we see that memory!
  • ***
  • Lily: You bullied my son. And his friends. You went out of your way to torture and torment them. But you also risked your life for my son, every day for the last three years.I do not forgive you, but you can stay. For now.
  • Sirius: Wait what?
  • James: You heard her. But I swear, you pine after my wife even once and I'll punch you in the face.
  • Severus: I won't be here long. I want to see how it ends. After that, I will leave.
  • ***
  • Severus: It’s good to see you Lily.
  • Fred: He says after we just watched a montage based on sixteen years of his love for her.
  • Remus: Fred, shut up.
  • ***
  • Cedric: I thought you'd be more disturbed about Harry having to die.
  • Lily: I...
  • James: Don't think for a second that we aren’t being destroyed inside. But there is no choice. Our son has t-...
  • Lily: To defeat Voldemort, our son has to die. And we'll be here to greet him.
  • ***
  • James: He told Neville. About the snake.
  • Lily: Oh. It's Ginny.
  • ***
  • Sirius: The Snitch?
  • Albus: Excellent Harry. I imagine you four should get ready.
  • James: Ready for what?
  • ***
  • Cedric: The Stone! Harry was right!
  • Fred: What the hell is that thing?
  • Albus: Old and powerful magic.
  • ***
  • Lily: He dropped it!
  • James: Harry NO!
  • Lily: Wh-what just happened? Why did Voldemort fall?
  • Severus: What did you do this time you mad old man?
  • Albus: My greatest work! My masterpiece! Engineered from beyond the grave!
  • Lily: Stop patting yourself on the back Dumbledore and tell me what happened to my son!!
  • Albus: Lily! James! Harry is alive! Now, let’s see if this works.
  • James: What? What are you muttering? What-WHERE DID HE GO?
  • ***(Due to Tumblr limits, the rest is under part 2)
  • jin: ok we're making a pizza today
  • rap mon: but we can just ord-
  • jin: right namjoon, ur role today is to read the cooking instructions out loud so ur mouth stays busy
  • jin: jungkook can u work on the pizza base
  • jungkook: of course
  • jimin: can I help him? I have strong arms
  • jk: NO
  • jin: yeah why not. yoongi -
  • suga: i'll lie down and wait for the food while silently judging u
  • jin: i doubt it's gonna be silent. hoseok u take care of the toppings bc u're the only one with clean hands
  • v: what about me
  • jin:
  • v: pls i wanna do something. i can help cut jhope's sausage
  • rm: i don't think he'd appreciate that
  • JH: u can stroke the dough instead
  • jin: stop w the dick jokes for god's sake, we're making food
  • v: i can spin the pizza in the air i saw it on tv
  • jin: just go buy some snacks for later, here's some money
  • s: snacks are all we're gonna have, I can smell your incoming failure from 20 mins away
  • jin: right. namjoon start reading
  • rm: spread the dough thin but not too thin. push it far and not too near. live like it's always ur last day, don't give in to the decay
  • JH: are u rapping right now
  • jk: i got this dont worry JIMIN STOP HOLDING MY HAND IN THE DOUGH
  • jm: i'm helping u spread it thin, ur frail hands can't handle it. see, now this is cute. like dirty dancing
  • rm: keep going on until ur freedom becomes a certainty of the universe, transcending time and space and ur human condition-
  • jk: wtf are u even reading
  • rm: glad you asked! it's Immanuel Kant, I just got this in the post today, I'm so excited
  • jin: where's the cooking book???
  • rm: oh there's no actual cooking book in this house
  • jin:
  • jk: look we dont fking need that, I'm the golden maknae, I can make a goddamn pizza. it's ready to go in the ovenJIMIN STOP PRESSING UR ABS INTO MY BACK OR I'LL THROW U IN THE OVEN TOO
  • jm: that's not my abs
  • v: hey I'm back, i found some snacks specially made for women and i got curious
  • jin: what do u mean snacks for wo -
  • jin:
  • JH: thats not food
  • v: but the packaging is so nice, what is it?
  • rm: when the uterus discharges of its lining, the remains of the potential fetus nest are absorbed by those things u just bought
  • v: is Uterus a foreign country?
  • rm: I wouldn't call it foreign, we've all been there
  • v: i'll just give them to my mom, it's her birthday soon
  • jin: someone take those away from him
  • jk: my perfect pizza is ready
  • s: it's actually impressive, u finished before the delivery guy got here
  • jin: why would u order pizza when we were making pizza???
  • s: I wouldn't trust u to make a sandwich
  • jin: anyway it looks awesome but
  • jk: what now
  • jin: wtf is that smell. what is that green stuff on it hoseok??????
  • JH: basil?
  • JH: oh shit you're right, my bad
  • jin:
  • jk:
  • jin: just throw everything away
  • JH: don't let kim taehyung eat that or we'll have to send him to the moon w his rabbit to shut up
  • v: but it's delicious
  • v: hey do u guys ever think we got it all wrong
  • v: like what if the world is just a ping pong ball no one picked up yet
  • v: and when giants will start playing w it we'll have to dance to places instead of walking to keep up the pace
  • rm: that's quite fascinating. u know kant believed we perceive the world through a conceptual scheme, do u want to read this together?
  • v: i have no idea what u just said but yes
  • s: well my pizza is here at least, enjoy ur tampon snacks and stoned philosophy talk
  • jin: i fucking hate all of u

@nagginggargoyle said: 20 bispearl <3

The prompt (from this list) is Bismuth/Pearl: breaking the rules. Oh, you know me all too well.

I currently have no fewer than 23 prompts, oops. Here’s a quick one to start with, after a nap and before bed - I almost managed to keep it under 1000 words. A whole lot of banter practice.

I think this is their idea of a date (I love them).

“Bismuth, hurry! Get in here!”

She did, without a moment’s hesitation. The insides of the ship were far, far less cramped than what the outside of it would suggest - Homeworld technology at its finest. Bismuth leaned against the pilot seat as she watched Pearl rush through the pre-flight preparations.

Always a sight, that. “This is what we’re here for? Stars, Pearl. Dragging me away from my work on the pretext of an “important mission” when I have Rose’s sword to finish… you’re a menace.”

“Oh dear, have I ever heard that one before,” Pearl retorted, so visibly proud and pleased with herself Bismuth could have swooned. “Besides, I’m sure Rose won’t mind my borrowing you for the day.”

“Pfff, I bet she won’t. She can’t bear to frown in your general direction for more than five seconds and you know it.”

“Yes, well, even if such a thing were true, it would be far beneath me to exploit it,” Pearl stated with all the seriousness in the world. “Besides, it was too an important mission. And you need to get out more! The swords can wait.”

Bismuth gaped at her. “Did I grab the wrong Gem by mistake when we fell down that old fuel chute? Who are you and what have you done to Pearl?”

“No, no, no, I don’t think you did! You are most certainly looking at the one and only terrifying renegade pearl, very emphatically not at your service.”

There was almost a wink in there somewhere, Bismuth would have sworn. “Ha! Good one. You’re a treasure, Pearl.”

Even after seeing it a thousand times, the blue blush remained one of the most endearing things Bismuth could think of. She offered Pearl an encouraging smile, and Pearl tossed a suddenly shy one right back. “I- I suppose. So, um… ready to make that daring escape?”

“With you? Always.”

The gaze Pearl shot her was filled with a number of things that were both intense and beautifully right. They’d been at this for centuries, the rebellious handful of them, and the easy, loving familiarity felt more like home than any planet in the universe.

The moment was thoroughly ruined by the comms indicator of the ship’s control panel lighting up and launching into a shrill series of bleeps. Pearl jumped, reached under the console, and both mercilessly and highly precisely yanked a handful of wires out.

The light died down immediately, but the sounds persisted, gradually coalescing into speech. “Dock 7A - we are detecting engine activity on your end and remind you that the station is currently in lockdown due to rebel interference. No takeoff is permitted without security override codes.”

“This is the pearl belonging to Spinel Facet-2F14L Cut-7XE,” Pearl intoned, slowly and demurely, the image of subservient politeness. “Endless apologies - we seem to be having some difficulties with the visual feed. I will fetch my mistress and she will supply the requested codes immediately.”

A rather bored “Acknowledged.” sounded from the speakers, then the signal returned to an idle static.

Bismuth let out a whistle. “Wow. You’re good at that.”

“I’m terrible, actually. But thank you! It does have its uses.”

“So,” Bismuth said, casually leaning against the back of the pilot seat, “what are the codes and how exactly do we send them?”

“Oh, I have absolutely no idea!”

Pearl’s gleeful expression seemed rather at odds with the situation they found themselves in. “What? Pearl, I thought- woah. Heads up: we’ve got company incoming.”

Shouts of They’re here! The rebels! After them! Stop that ship! grew ever louder, until a group of diopside guards was pushing to climb on board. Pearl’s hands flew over the controls faster than Bismuth could follow, and the small craft jumped, straining against its moorings. The walkway beneath them bucked and the diopsides fell over each other in a highly undignified heap, until all it took was an almost-gentle push from Bismuth to send them rolling to the other end of the dock.

“Whoops! I’m very sorry,” Pearl called back after them, detaching the moorings and manoeuvring out of the dock in a series of precise, practised motions, the very opposite of sorry written all over her grinning face. “The inertial dampeners seem to be weaker than I thought they’d be. Honest mistake. You know, you really should get someone actually qualified to pilot these things.”

The trip from the orbital shipyard to their base wasn’t long, even with all the doubling back and winding track-and-heat-signature-covering Pearl insisted was necessary. They didn’t even break the atmosphere that often (certainly, Bismuth knew, not often enough for Pearl’s tastes), but the view was still something to be experienced.

“Nice work out there today,” Bismuth interrupted the comfortable silence that had settled over the cockpit. The familiar sight of the hills surrounding their current base slowly filled the ship’s viewscreen.

“Thank you! You as well. No, but really - we do need more ships for the dropoffs we’re scheduling. This was crucial to our plans.”

“Right. I get you. A very tactical hijacking of direly needed resources and not at all in any sense even slightly a joyride.”

“You’ve absolutely got me,” Pearl nodded. “Should I drop you off at the forge?”

“Hmm,” the very thoughtful hum was punctuated by an arm thrown around Pearl’s shoulders and deliberately gentle fingers ruffling her hair. “You know, I think we still have time before we need to be back. Enough for a few more spins, right?”

She drew Pearl even closer, and the giggling interrupting the mock-outraged cries of Bismuth! I’m trying to pilot a ship here! turned absolutely contagious. A kiss or two or three to the forehead - only barely brushing the gem - did nothing at all to help, and Bismuth was glad.

You Don’t Know Jack (5/?)

Parts One Two Three Four 

By request, another short installment of inebriated Fenton angst. -Hj


Jack sighed and dropped his head into his hands. “Please, son.”

“No,” Danny shook his head, which felt heavy and queasy and not quite on right. “No, no, no, you don’t sit there and call me son, Dad. You know.

“What does he know Danny?” Mom asked softly. She didn’t look angry anymore. She looked frightened.

“Tell her,” Danny insisted. The world kept slipping off to the left, so he leaned hard to the right, gripping the table to keep from sliding off his chair. “Was it fun, huh?! Was it fun watching me s-struggle and fight and try making things work when I didn’t even know what had happened to me?!” 

The words came easily now, pouring out in a burning rush. “Did you get all kinds of data? Were you just going to keep letting me think that some part of me was normal? That I might still be human? Or were you gonna finish me off, whenever I got too…too…” the word wouldn’t form and he waved his arm around instead. Splatters of melted snow dripped off his sleeve.

“Kiddo, I…” Jack heaved a sigh and put his hands on the table. He turned them palms-up, staring at them. “I didn’t know how to say it.”

Coward, Danny thought. He stood up, dragging his chair back so the legs screeched against the tile, planting his own hands on the table and leaning forward. He felt the heat of his own eyes glowing. “Say it now.”

Jack looked up, eyes haggard. “You’re dead.”

Keep reading

  • Ski Lodge Spec Script Scenes 1/2: http://bmwwritinggmw.tumblr.com/post/146443779744/ski-lodge-head-script-reblog-if-you-like-it
  • Ski Lodge Spec Script Scene 3:
  • http: //bmwwritinggmw.tumblr.com/post/146828068669/ski-lodge-head-script-pt-2-reblog-if-you-like
  • Ski Lodge Spec Scene 4: http://bmwwritinggmw.tumblr.com/post/147783629219/new-edited-ski-lodge-spec-script-part-4-reblog
  • Ski Lodge Spec Scene 5:
  • http: //bmwwritinggmw.tumblr.com/post/147837013969/ski-lodge-spec-script-scenes-1-5-in-case-you
  • Ski Lodge Part 6 (Conclusion):
  • : Bus ride home, most kids on the bus already. Josh and Topanga at the front in their seats. Camera angle from back of bus, watching kids get on :
  • : Smackle gets on first quickly, goes to a seat in the back, crosses arms look’s out window:
  • : Maya next, passes by Josh in the first seat, they lightly smirk at one another, Josh breaks gaze by looking down, Maya keeps walking, pleased with herself, sits middle of bus by window:
  • : Lucas next, steamrolls right past Maya:
  • Maya:
  • Oh hey Huckleberry, where ya be-
  • : Lucas keeps going and sits down, leaving Maya looking confused:
  • Riley next on bus, stops, looks at Lucas then looks at Maya, then Lucas, than Maya, Lucas than Maya:
  • : Maya, raises eyebrows and mouths:
  • Come sit down now???
  • : Riley gives one last glance at Lucas and then sits with Maya, looking somber, Maya looking at her slightly concerned:
  • : Farkle comes on, Riley watches him walk by as he goes down and sits with Smackle in the back, not even glancing her way:
  • : Riley sinks her head down, disappointed:
  • : Maya Still looking concerned:
  • : Zay and Cory on the bus last, stop and look at everyone who is totally silent, no one looking at each other:
  • Cory:
  • Uhm, Mr Babineaux?
  • Zay:
  • Yes, Mr. Matthews?
  • Cory:
  • : Pointing to all the kids:
  • What’s going on here, what is this?
  • Zay:
  • Don’t know that yet, sir.
  • Cory:
  • Ya gonna find out?
  • Zay:
  • Plan on it, sir.
  • Cory:
  • It gonna be a huge disaster?
  • Zay:
  • Looks like it, sir.
  • Cory:
  • : Looking disgusted:
  • Nature.
  • : Zay sits down next to Lucas:
  • Cory:
  • : Peppy:
  • Okay well how about a little bus ride entertainment everyone, eh? A little sing along maybe? 99 bottles of cola anyone?
  • Josh:
  • 99 bottles of...cola?
  • Cory:
  • We’re only approved for general audiences
  • : Shrugs:
  • Josh:
  • Ah, okay
  • Cory:
  • So, 99 bottles? She’ll be Comin Round the Mountain?
  • : No one even looks at him:
  • Josh? Ya wanna help me out a little here?
  • Josh:
  • Sorry my brother, you’re on your own with this one.
  • : Puts on headphones:
  • Come on everybody! What’s a road trip without some singin!
  • : Silence, no one looking:
  • How about a little eye spy? License plate game? Truth or dare?
  • Everyone:
  • NO!!!!!
  • : Cory taken aback, looking hurt by everyone yelling at him:
  • Topanga:
  • Okay, Captain Cory, why don’t you just sit down and take a nap.
  • : Cory doesn’t move:
  • Topanga:
  • That’ssss it, alright, come on and just sit down with me.
  • : Cory sits with her, sinking down slowly:
  • Topanga:
  • : Whispers:
  • Let the kids live, remember?
  • Cory:
  • : Humorously frustrated:
  • A bunch of maroons, all of ‘em!
  • Topanga:
  • : Patting Cory on the shoulder:
  • I know Honey, life’s tough. I know. Maybe you should think about getting a helmet.
  • : Cory gives her a dirty look than lays his head on shoulder of Topanga, falls asleep almost instantly and snores his girly snore:
  • : Topanga chuckles to herself:
  • : Flash over to Maya/Riley:
  • Maya:
  • You alright, Honey?
  • Riley:
  • : Fake Riley smile, almost tears in her eyes:
  • Yeah Maya, I’m fine.
  • Maya:
  • : Steadfast in Riley’s eyes:
  • It’s going to be okay. I am here for you. I am ALWAYS here for you. Whenever you're ready to talk about it.
  • Riley:
  • : More tears in her eyes, sits facing forward, matter of factly:
  • Except there’s nothing to talk about.
  • Maya:
  • Like I said, whenever you're ready.
  • : Looks out window:
  • : Pan to Zay/Lucas:
  • Zay:
  • You alright man?
  • Lucas:
  • : Extremely sarcastic/rude:
  • Oh me? Me, am I alright? Yeah, Zay, I’m great. I’m totally fine. I’ve literally never been better.
  • Zay:
  • Dude that couldn’t have been easy to see Ma-
  • Lucas:
  • Not now Zay, OK? Just…Not. Now.
  • : Zay nods, glances over at Maya, then back at Lucas shaking his head slightly, Lucas just looking out the window, angrily:
  • : Pan back to Farkle and Smackle :
  • Farkle:
  • : Jiggles leg nervously, looks over at Smackle, who glances back, both nervously awkwardly smirk at each other and look back down, riding in silence :
  • : Long pause:
  • : Farkle breaks silence:
  • Smackle…Can I ask you something?
  • Smackle:
  • Alright.
  • Farkle:
  • …Why do you flirt with Lucas so much?
  • Smackle:
  • : Glances over hastily:
  • What? Are you trying to accuse me of something? Because after last night-
  • Farkle:
  • No, no of course not, I’m not accusing you of anything. And I’m so sorry if last night made you uncomfortable, but there was no reason to be. I just really want to know...Why do you flirt with Lucas?
  • Smackle:
  • I ….I guess I’m not totally sure I know that answer.
  • Farkle:
  • : Pauses briefly :
  • Well. I think I do.
  • Smackle:
  • You think I like Lucas?
  • Farkle:
  • No, I don’t think you like Lucas.
  • Smackle:
  • Then what? What is it that you think?
  • Farkle:
  • : Takes a deep breath, then looks at her and begins:
  • I think you are Isadora Smackle. One of the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful people in the world. And I think that you never used to know that…how beautiful you are. But I also think that has changed. I think you are starting to understand it, and I think you are learning how to be confident. Not just with me, but with everyone around you. And so you flirt with people like Lucas and Zay because you’ve never been brave enough to do it before.
  • Smackle:
  • I never mean to upset you, Farkle-
  • Farkle:
  • : Very matter of fact, looking at the ground:
  • I know that. But Smackle that’s the thing. I’m not upset that you flirt with them, or anyone. Maybe I should be, but I’m not. I’m actually glad.
  • : Smackle looks taken aback/confused:
  • : Farkle looks straight into her eyes:
  • I care so much about you that there is literally nothing i want more than to see you happy and loving yourself. That’s all that matters to me...Do you understand?
  • Smackle:
  • I think so.
  • Farkle:
  • I like you. Sometimes I think one day I could more than like you. You are the first girl I have ever felt that way about. But you’re changing. We all are. And I don't know exactly how to handle that, but sometimes I think that maybe you and I are better as teammates, then we are at being boyfriend and girlfriend. I just know that I always want to cheer you on, Smackle. I never want to be what holds you back.
  • Smackle:
  • But you aren’t holding me back. You make me want to be better.
  • Farkle:
  • Yea! Yea in math and science and school! You do that for me too. But do you ever think you would be happier having the freedom for new social experiments, without worrying about what I think? Because I think you deserve that, Isadora. I think deep down you want that. And I know you don’t want to hurt me, but you won’t, OK? You can tell me anything and I promise you won't hurt me.
  • Smackle:
  • : Ponders, pauses:
  • Maybe a part of me wants that. Yes. But I care about you, too. And you are right, I do not want to hurt you.
  • : Grabs his hand:
  • You have helped me feel, Farkle Minkus.
  • Farkle:
  • And you have helped me understand love, Isadora Smackle.
  • : Smiling at each other:
  • Farkle:
  • And I’m really sorry about last night. I don’t want to hurt you either. Even though I’m still not quite sure why you were.
  • Smackle:
  • I don’t think I was hurt. I think I was confused. Perhaps in denial. But I’m not anymore.
  • Farkle:
  • : Perplexed:
  • Denial? About you and me?
  • Smackle:
  • No, not you and…me.
  • Farkle:
  • Then what?
  • Smackle:
  • You’ll see.
  • Farkle:
  • : Still perplexed, then looks down, silence:
  • Smackle:
  • So…
  • Farkle:
  • So…
  • Smackle:
  • Did we just…
  • : Using air quotes:
  • Have a “break up”?
  • Farkle:
  • Yes, I think maybe we did.
  • Smackle:
  • Hmm. I have never experienced the end of a romantic relationship before. Do I cry now?
  • Farkle:
  • : Chuckles:
  • I haven’t either. But no Smackle, not if you don’t feel sad.
  • Smackle:
  • Should I feel sad?
  • Farkle:
  • It’s okay if you don’t.
  • Smackle:
  • Maybe a little sad. But mostly I feel…content. Is that an acceptable way to feel?
  • Farkle:
  • : Smiles to himself:
  • Yea, that’s totally acceptable. I think I feel that way as well.
  • : Flash forward to everyone exiting bus, Topanga Cory and Josh standing out on the curb as everyone gets off:
  • : Riley comes out first:
  • Riley:
  • Thanks for taking us skiing, you guys.
  • : Maya comes up behind her Riley:
  • Maya:
  • First of all Riley, you didn't even ski. You realized there were no bunnies on the bunny slope and stayed inside drinking cocoa all day.
  • Riley:
  • They had the mini marshmellows!
  • Maya:
  • I know honey.
  • But yeah, thanks Matthews. It was…interesting.
  • : Josh and Maya smiling coyly at each other:
  • Cory:
  • : Looking back and forth at the two of them, growing concerned:
  • Wait a minute, what’s going on here? what IS this??? What happened this weekend?!
  • Josh:
  • : Quickly, shaking head vigorously:
  • Nothin!
  • Maya:
  • Nothing!
  • : Maya slowly, slyly smiles at Josh again:
  • …Nothing yet, at least.
  • : Winks at Josh, Josh smiles back, sees Cory staring at him angrily, quickly puts on a straight face, Cory looking like he is going to explode:
  • Maya:
  • OK Riles time to go!
  • : Maya quickly pulls Riley by the hand and runs away, Riley stumbling being dragged by her:
  • Cory:
  • : Chasing after them:
  • Maya...Maya! Shawn is NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS!
  • : Zay next to exit, Lucas after:
  • Josh:
  • : Reaches for a pound:
  • See ya later guys, hope you had a fun-
  • Lucas:
  • : Pauses to look at Josh annoyed:
  • ....Oh yeah whatever
  • : Stalks off quickly mumbling:
  • ....creepy creep creep...
  • Josh:
  • : Looks perplexed at Zay:
  • What’s up with that guy?
  • Zay:
  • He uh, yeah he gets that motion sickness thing, ya know. Makes him crabby so…
  • : Salutes Josh:
  • See ya!
  • : Runs off after Lucas:
  • : Farkle and Smackle exit last, wave goodbye to Topanga and Josh, start walking, together:
  • Farkle:
  • : Stops:
  • So…
  • : Reaches hand out to for Smackle to shake:
  • Teammates, then?
  • Smackle:
  • : Looks at hand, then Farkle, grabs him into a hug:
  • Yes. Teammates. And friends.
  • : Pull away from hug:
  • Smackle:
  • : Points finger in Farkle’s face:
  • But just because I have just shattered your Farkle heart to pieces, I mean look at you, you’re a mess-
  • : Gestures up and down at Farkle:
  • : Farkle, surprised looks down at himself, wondering how he is acting/looking like a mess:
  • If you think I am going to go easy on you in debate team, calculus club, or any other activity we may have to compete in- you’ve got another thing coming, buster. You’re just going to have to toughen up.
  • Farkle:
  • Oh, I’ll mend this broken heart, Isadora. And then? I’m gonna bring it.
  • : Silly joking sneer at her:
  • Game on, Nemesis.
  • Smackle:
  • : Sneering back:
  • Game on.
  • : Two start walking away from each other, Smackle turns back around:
  • Smackle:
  • Oh. And Farkle?
  • Farkle:
  • Yea?
  • Smackle:
  • I wasn’t the first girl.
  • Farkle:
  • ????
  • Smackle:
  • The first girl you liked. I was not the first.
  • Farkle:
  • : Getting upset/defensive, starts to walk back towards her:
  • Smackle, what? Yes you we-
  • Smackle:
  • : Puts her hand up to stop him:
  • I told you I was no longer confused after last night. And I am not. I now understand everything. Soon, you will understand also. You are almost as smart as me, after all.
  • : Pats him on the cheek:
  • Farkle:
  • Smackle, what!?
  • Smackle:
  • Like I said…You’ll see.
  • : Smackle walks away, Farkle left standing there, confused:
  • Fandom: I am looking for feed back so please share it with me.
A Purely Intellectual Attraction (Bumbleby)

Reading Yang should have been easy. The girl was, to borrow a colloquialism, an open book.

Written in a language Blake had never seen in her entire life.

The clues were all there, as plain to see and personal to interpret as the shape of a cloud, but the conclusion they all lead to was … absolutely nonsensical. Silly. Ridiculous. Foolish, even.

And yet Blake could almost swear that Yang was …

The most obvious thing was the way Yang held herself around her when they were all alone. It was the same way she held herself in battle. Not “tightly.” Not that, so much as “coiled”, ready to spring into action at any moment. Like she’d already planned out her next move, and the only thing left to decide was where to put the wink and the smile for maximum effect. Like she was already organizing the victory celebration.

But the trick of it was, that didn’t necessarily mean anything significant. It could just mean that Yang was being overcautious in the wake of certain revelations about Blake’s past. It could mean any number of other things. It didn’t have to mean Yang was really, truly, up to anything in that golden-apple head of hers. Probably didn’t, in fact.

Even if “Yang Xiao Long” and “overcautious” were concepts so far removed from each other they required astronomical terms to define their relationship.

Which was what was so puzzling, as sometimes, when Yang looked at Blake, she licked her lips. Really quickly. Usually when she thought Blake wasn’t looking. Glances down at Blake’s mouth weren’t uncommon, either, and Blake didn’t think Yang was aware of them. Restraint. Caution. Like Yang was rattling the bars of the cage she’d built for herself.

But that didn’t necessarily mean anything, either. Just dry lips and blowing things out of proportion. Surely that was so. Yet …

Yet Yang’s touches lingered. Like they were admiring the scenery, and Blake was the kind of sunset artists made masterpieces of. Knuckles brushed along the seam of Blake’s wrist. Palms rested upon the small of her back. Friendly hugs stopped being friendly about one and a half seconds before Yang almost let go, fingers gliding along Blake’s shoulders in a way that made her feel silken and beautiful.

But Yang was a touchy person in general. She hugged everyone. Even flirted with most of them, waggles of the brow and turns of the phrase going hand in hand, appropriately, like lovers. She was naturally physical, in many ways, with many touches. Some people were just like that. That didn’t make Blake … special to her.

Yang played with her hair, though, like counting the riches she’d amassed, every time she spoke with Blake. And no one else. Fingers made loop-de-loops, hands smoothed out the amassed armies her dreams gathered, bangs were brushed from eyesight, and Blake’s own eyes noted every single strand falling into its proper place. Pure gold.

But that didn’t have to mean anything either. Yang looked at Blake’s hair a lot, Blake noticed – she could just be envious, or more conscious of her own hair, somehow, whenever they talked. Or maybe the smell of Blake’s shampoo did something on a subconscious level, reminding Yang to give her own hair its proper attention.

But, but, but. Her pupils dilated when she looked at Blake, sometimes. And everyone knew what that meant: love.

Or hate.

Or simply lust. Or a trick of the light, or the placebo effect, or maybe Yang’s eyes just did that with everyone. Blake wouldn’t know. It certainly wasn’t as though she looked at Yang’s eyes constantly, like they were milky pools with lavender edges, and Blake just couldn’t keep herself from taking a dip. Wasn’t like she was enraptured whenever Yang looked at her, and only her.

(She totally was.)

But that didn’t mean anything either. So Yang’s eyes were a little fascinating. And so her hair shone in the sunlight. And so she had, quite obviously, some curves, and a way of … existing …that made Blake feel like she might actually exist, too. So what? So what if Blake couldn’t keep herself from looking? That could just be because Blake had never met a creature like Yang before. Smiles and kept promises and the kind of optimism that cynicism simply couldn’t explain, because there was so much pain behind the smile. Adventure made manifest, with drive and purpose but not a shred of guilt.

Yang was a, a novelty. That was it. A purely … intellectual attraction. Didn’t have to mean anything.

Nothing had to mean anything.

The way Yang cornered Blake in the hallway one day, pushed her up against the wall, pinned her arms above her head, and kissed her, like the world was collapsing around them, didn’t have to mean anything at all.

anonymous asked:

Could you please write something about the progress of andrew and neil's relationship after the king's men? like in the small things, touching, time spent together etc.

people have been telling me things when i wrote out ‘guidelines for loving andrew minyard’ (tumblr, ao3), so this is sort of something like that. poetic prose, all that jazz. i’m pathetic, let me be!!!! p.s. there’s a tfc reference down there so this is not just post-tkm, but rather, the relationship’s progression in general— yeah, i need to stop explaining myself

(neil’s pov, second person, + title’s taken from this song by passenger!)

things that stop you dreaming (ao3)

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anonymous asked:

What about stelena makes them superior to delena? Don't be afraid to spill some tea boo I'm ready to show my de loving friends this response 😂🙌🏻

Oh, damn. You want me to come up with an entirely new post on this, eh? OK so there is going to be a lot of repetition since I have so many different posts and gifsets on this very subject. 

Let’s start with a very simple question:

What is it that Damon and Elena do as a couple? 

Honest to God. From season 4 onward when Elena makes Damon her choice what is it that they do with each other that isn’t them having sex and them simply telling each other that they love one another? 

They call each other soulmates but why? What have they done to get to soulmate status? Elena says that Damon makes her feel “alive” and that she was drawn to his adventurousness and recklessness but what’s an example of them doing something adventurous and reckless? Was it when he took her on a motorcycle ride and she stood on the seat and put her arms in the air? Oh wait, no, that was Stefan. Was it when he took her to a closed amusement park and whisked her to the top of a ferris wheel and made her laugh? Oh wait, no that was Stefan. 

Damon makes her feel alive because … … … …. like I’m waiting. 

Is it because when she was sad and she needed to be reminded of the beauty life offers he took her to the top of a hill to watch a sunset? OH WAIT NO, THAT WAS STEFAN. Because when she thought the pain of losing Alaric was going to devour her and she didn’t want to stop, she didn’t want to think, he took her by the hand and encouraged her to embrace the sorrow because to feel sad is to feel human and to feel human is to feel alive? No, no again that was Stefan. I’m still waiting for receipts, for actions, for moments during their relationship where we see how Damon pushes Elena and thrills Elena and makes her mature because really I just remember watching Elena tell everyone and everyone tell her that he does this for her, I don’t actually see it. 

But with Stelena? When Elena wanted to kill Katherine and didn’t care about risking Bonnie’s life because she channelled all of her emotion to rage it was Stefan who let her know that she can’t burn the world down simply because she feels sad that day. In 2x14 when Stefan finds out that Elena has been making deals with the Originals and resigned herself to the fact that she was going to die, he yells about not allowing her to give up. In 1x03 when Elena calls herself a quitter because she quit the cheerleading team, Stefan tells her that she isn’t a quitter but that she’s making room for a new life and that’s OK. Stefan pushes her, Stefan makes her mature, Stefan is the one who reads her when it comes to things other than him. The only time Damon ever challenges Elena is when it’s about how she feels about him like in 3x02 when he makes her say she cares about him or in 4x01 when he tells her he knows she knows that she remembered him telling her he loved her and doesn’t deserve her. Damon doesn’t push Elena in life. But Stefan does.

And same with what Elena “does” for Damon: 

How could Elena possibly redeem Damon when he responds to her breaking up with him by kidnapping her brother and killing her friends so she can suffer the way he suffers? How could Damon possibly be a better person with Elena when he systemically kills Whitmores when he’s in a relationship with her? How could Elena possibly be the one good thing in his life when they’re in a toxic relationship? That’s right she can’t. 

But with Stefan, Elena actually did make him a better person because his vampiric tendencies settled when he was around her, which is huge because vampiric tendencies for Stefan are ripper tendencies, all of his darkest urges, all of his demons come through with his vampiric urges but being with Elena calmed that. Stefan didn’t just say that Elena made him a better person, we see it with what? Action.

It’s the difference between this:

and this: 

Not to mention, Stefan and Elena’s foundation was hella stronger than Damon and Elena’s; when DE are put to the same tests that SE are, DE always loses. Stefan’s love for Elena was so strong, it was the key to holding on to his humanity, the key to not forgetting himself and giving his way completely to the darkness so he could do this:

But Damon:

In 6x06 Damon was convinced that Elena seeing his face would make her remember their relationship: “I just need to see her, Stefan! Our eyes will meet, fireworks will go off, and the balance of nature will be restored. She loves me!” And what happened was: 

But in 5x03 Elena’s worry over Stefan and her anger that Damon kept his whereabouts from his triggers a compulsion so intense that she would blow up an entire dorm and yet thinking about Stefan, about finding him was enough to break through Silas’ compulsion; her rage disappears: 

Not to mention Stefan and Elena know each other implicitly, which she says repeatedly and throughout different seasons: 

and unlike with Delena there are actual receipts for the things they say to each other. I believe that Stefan knows Elena better than anyone because in 4x21 when she was going through her emotional turmoil because her humanity came rushing back, only he was able to calm her through it: 

In 2x20 he knew that Elena just needed a moment to let it out that she didn’t want to be a vampire but that she was too afraid to admit it: 

In 3x20 he knew exactly the right thing to say to get her to embrace what was happening around her even though what was happening around her sucked:

And I know she knows him better than she knows anyone because of simple details like her knowing without a doubt that he called her in 3x01 even though he didn’t say anything: 

That she had faith that he would save Matt first in 3x22 because he understands what it is to love others deeply and to think of friends and family:

But does she ever say she knows Damon better than anyone, that Damon knows who she really is? What does Damon know about Elena besides the fact that she hates chardonnay? And it gets to the point that in 5x18 this conversation happens: 

And while Stefan may have the stupid retort that you can’t be in love with someone and friends with them (which the writers actually backtrack when it comes to Caroline because the first thing they say they love about each other is that they’re best friends so this was clearly to push DE forward) but even with that, the fact remains that Elena yearns for the same intimacy she has with Stefan with Damon because there’s something missing, she can’t reach this level of vulnerability and intimacy and emotional chemistry with Damon. 

Which leads me to another point. Stefan and Elena never gave up on each other: 

and it’s true because even when Stefan is mad at hell at Elena and at Damon for being together and lying about it, when Elena calls him for help so Jeremy won’t die, he brushes her off initially, but he still comes to her aid even if it is in a self-satisfying way. Stefan and Elena inspire in one another the motivation to never give up in life and to never give up on each other, to always keep fighting for who and what they love but Damon and Elena give up constantly. Stefan is the one who has to tell them both to fight for each other, it’s never something they can do on their own: 

Stefan and Elena awaken passion within one another that goes far beyond simple passion for each other, they awaken passion about living, about being out in the world, being a good sibling, being a good friend, they make each other happy which allows them to be there for those around them. Plus the amount of passion they have for each other is intense if it wasn’t intense then they wouldn’t be able to do what they’ve done for each other. Stefan makes Elena glad to be alive period, Elena only wants to live for Damon, she only wants to make him happy, she only wants to make sure he’s OK, with Damon she’s sanded down to a caretaker and nothing more. That isn’t love. 

Asa Butterfield Enters Adulthood

In August, Asa Butterfield received his A-Level results—national exams that mark the end of high school in the U.K. and dictate a student’s future. “I’m not planning on going to uni anytime soon, I’ve yet to see when it’ll come in handy,” the actor jokes. The 18-year-old North London-native has been acting since the age of eight; he appeared in his first film when he was just nine years old, and was nominated for his first major award (a British Independent Film Award for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) at 11. He’s tried his hand at blockbusters (Ender’s Game with Harrison Ford), children’s films (Nanny McPhee Returns), British indies (Son of Rambow), American indies (10,000 Saints), and television (Merlin).

But Butterfield’s career has not been as clear-cut as it seems on paper. It wasn’t until he filmed Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (2011) that Butterfield knew he would continue to pursue acting into adulthood. “When I started, I definitely wasn’t sure if this was who I wanted to be,” he recalls. “I think being surrounded by so many people who were so good at what they do [on Hugo], being on that set and the scale of it, and being directed by Scorsese, it was a bit unreal,” he continues. “I’ve got all these opportunities, I’d be stupid to not make the most of it.”

Last week saw the release of A Bright Young Mind (titled X+Y in the U.K.), which stars Butterfield as Nathan, a brilliant teenage mathematician somewhere on the autism spectrum, opposite Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins. After premiering at the Toronto Film Festival last year, it earned Butterfield his second BIFA nomination. Next up, he’ll appear in Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with Eva Green and Samuel L. Jackson, and Out of this World, which he will start filming this month in the U.S. with with Britt Robertson and Gary Oldman. “It’s a small story on a massive scale,” he says of the latter.

When we speak with Butterfield over the phone, he is mature and measured—not just for someone who grew up on screen, but for any 18-year-old. He would never play a character he couldn’t connect with, because “then you’re spending three months being someone you don’t want to be, who you don’t want to present, and you can’t give the best performance.” He finds celebrity “weird,” and has only felt star-struck a few times, such as when he met Sir Ian McKellan (“All I could see was Gandolf, even though I was shaking his hand”). In spite of his early success, he’s dealt with rejection: “For every role you get, there are five roles that you don't—more,” he tells us. “You do get used to that. When you really want a role and you really want a character, you become quite close to the script and the project, and it is sad when it doesn’t go your way. But I’ve found there’s always another one, which will be as good if not better. You can’t let your failures bring you down when you’re an actor, because then you can’t get up.”

EMMA BROWN: Did you watch a lot of movies when you were growing up? Is that how you first got your education in cinema?

ASA BUTTERFIELD: I watched films growing up, but no more than the next guy really. Working on Hugo made me appreciate cinema and the art of cinema a lot more. When you’re working in the industry and you’re working with people who are well known and are so regarded, you do just pick up on things. Talking to people and hearing their stories, you learn a lot. Seeing the way that people hold themselves and compose themselves before a scene—it’s inspirational. Ben Kingsley is one that comes to mind particularly. I’ve worked with him twice now and he played two very different characters. Just watching him in the scene, during the take and before the take, is amazing. He’s so in the moment and so ready.

BROWN: Between Nathan in A Brilliant Young Mind and Jude in 10,000 Saints, which character was easier to inhabit?

BUTTERFIELD: Nathan has been the hardest character that I’ve had to play so far, in terms of the time it took me to really understand him and get into his head. It was a long process. And it took me a while, even after we started shooting, before I got into it and could make that transition quite smoothly. He’s so different to me, and because I’d been him for so long, aspects of his character were coming into my own. I was trying to audition for other films and I would notice that I was doing things that Nathan did—his mannerisms and his physicality and things he did with his hands and the way he holds himself. He’s quite contained and quite small in the amount of space he takes up, and I would find myself shrinking a bit. Not physically, obviously. I’m still growing, hopefully.

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spiral-nebula  asked:

Prompt: Regina and Robin are living together. A new curse makes them lose their memories. They wake up on the same bed - it's their bed, but they don't remember that. The last thing Robin remembers is falling asleep next to Roland in the Dark One's castle where the Merry Men decided to stay after the Evil Queen's curse was broken. The last thing Regina remembers is a pain like she's never felt before, and she was sure that man wouldn't stop torturing her until he killed her.

Non-graphic reference to Regina’s torture

“So, you don’t remember anything of these last few years?”

“I think we have established that Charming,” she drawled through a heavy breath, her hands scraping back through her hair as she looked up at the ceiling for strength. This whole thing was ridiculous, the actual notion that she would have entertained these idiots in her life for more than she actually had to was laughable and Emma being her friend, “she was practically your best friend” Snow had told her. “What we haven’t established is just what is going on here.” And even as she swept a hand out to indicate the man sitting opposite her in just as much distress and confusion, she wouldn’t look at him, hadn’t since she’d practically tumbled from her bed in her haste to get away from the man-sized lump she’d found next to her.  

She could hear his son’s babbling from his place behind the sofa, the toys once belonging to Henry had been laid out and ready for him (familiar to him if the way he knew exactly where to find them was anything to go by), one of the only reasons that she had even begun considering that the information she was being told, theories of memory loss spells, could be true. “Well,” Emma began tentatively and Regina had noticed the changes in her the instant she’d entered with the womanising Pirate’s (apparently somewhat redeemed now, as she was apparently) hand pressed against the small of her back in what looked like support, her eyes flighty and skin slightly paler than what the brunette had remembered but she still couldn’t picture her as The Dark One, couldn’t imagine the revered Saviour in the role of evil. “What exactly do you remember?”

Her eyes fell from the blonde at her question as she suppressed a shiver with the rush of memories that instantly prickled to the surface, the burn of the electrodes on her temples, her fingers still painful though now they were nothing more than silvery scars hidden by hair so much longer than she’d ever allowed it to be in this world, it had her looking softer than she was particularly comfortable with in this moment. She could still hear his taunts, still feel his breath on her skin and the glinting of sunlight in the metal hook that had ran the length of her body only hours ago in her mind had her shooting the pirate a heated look filled with an angered fear that had him commenting quietly “I think I could answer that particular question.”

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