but i don't think the others would take too long :)

Recently I hit 1000 followers and that’s truly amazing. I never thought that I would ever reach this number, let alone 100 followers. The number alone is great, but the best part about all this is that there are people who are actually enjoying the writing that I put on this website. I started this blog in October of 2016, and at that time, I only did it because I’ve always wanted to write my own works. I tried writing on wattpad before, but only now have I found more interest in it. 

To my mutuals: I’m sorry if I don’t talk to you that much. I really do appreciate every single one of you. You inspire me every day to keep writing and whenever I see you guys succeed, I feel happy. A lot of bad things have happened this year, but I will always be here for you. We are a community, a family, and I hope it continues to be that way. 

To my followers: I really do appreciate every single one of you. I know I’ve been really inactive recently, but I’m going to try to change that. I’ve had a tough year thus far, but I’m grateful that you guys still stuck with me. I do read all the comments you post on my fics and I really do wish that more of you would come talk to me so I can get to know you better. Please don’t be afraid to send in a message whether it’s a simple “hi” or if you need someone to talk to. I’m here for you ♡♡ 


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I really hope I didn’t miss anyone and once again, thank you so much! I would also like to add a special mentions section for the people who I don’t follow, but have consistently given me so much love and support. 

To @elemenoose @im-that-chesire-jax @neouz @blackandwhiteloner, you guys always give me so much support and I’m so grateful for that. Also to my other followers who give me a lot of support, I thank you guys as well. Every like or reblog means a lot and I really do cherish those things :) 


anonymous asked:

Jon pledged himself to dany, he's honorable and a man of his word. His lineage won't change that, and he doesn't even want the throne. Others might push for him to take it tho, but this whole thing is just to make their love story more tragic and dramatic or else it would have been too happy. I don't think the drama will last long. I think jon will put and end to it all by asking dany to marry him bc he does love her. Plus she's def gonna be pregnant. I hate faux drama tho


It’s all to make the story more dramatic (even though they’re fighting two wars, including one that’s practically unwinnable). Isn’t it dramatic enough as it is? Or maybe they just want me to die of angst…it’s kind of like the whole Arya and Sansa dynamic in Season 7-I knew that there wasn’t really a wedge being driven between them and they would gang up on Littlefinger, but it felt annoying and manufactured anyway. And I’ll be really upset if they do that with Jon and Dany because it took SEVEN YEARS to get us to this point and I would be completely happy if season 8 was just them having extended epic boatsex honestly. I don’t see the drama taking too long though. They love each other, she’s going to be pregnant, and a marriage alliance makes sense both personally and strategically. Like…hasn’t their relationship had enough drama? 

And also, Jon might be weirded out at first but incest isn’t all that uncommon in Westeros. Families marry their first cousins all the time, even the Starks-and I think Jon will eventually get over it, especially if (but probably when) Dany gets pregnant. I agree; there will be a marriage and then everything will be resolved. 

I just hope there’s no faux drama. I can’t stand it in a show like this. We only have six episodes left! We don’t have time for it! 

anonymous asked:

hc that if mitch and jo <could biologically> have a daughter, she would have jonas' freckles, mitch's height and both of their powers!! like her eyes and hair change color depending on her emotions and she subconsciously hovers when she's really angry!!

Child: Dad, where did I come from?
Mitch: An angel came down from heaven…
Jonas: ??
Mitch: … And dropkicked you into our laps.
Jonas: MITCH!
Mitch: Jk, we don’t talk about that.

Disregarding the way a Mitjo child would come into existence, gimme Mitjo kids yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!!!! I’d like to see her with Jonas’ big eyes and freckles, Mitch’s body type and a height somewhere between the two. But let’s be honest….. she’d take after Mitch.

The powers on the other hand…. no. I don’t think they would, even if they were biologically Mitch and Jonas’. Personally, I just feel like we don’t know enough about the Mitjo powers to pin powers onto metaphorical children. However, if I were to assign powers to said child…. they’d be weak. The occasional stream of light when laughing, a pen rolling off a desk suddenly during fits of anger, etc, etc.

But hey, hovering is cool too~

  • Aries:
  • *cries and punches the wall*
  • it's a metaphor, i am the wall.
  • Taurus:
  • hello from the other side
  • welcome to the inner workings of my mind
  • don't stay too long or you'll be hurt too
  • *sheds a single tear*
  • Gemini:
  • lol just know i'm better than you k bye
  • Cancer:
  • i need you
  • i want you
  • i hate you
  • but i love you
  • Leo:
  • *vapes and rides away on a automatic scooter without the handlebars* (SMH!)
  • Virgo:
  • i hate everyone
  • don't touch me
  • *snaps consistently*
  • all the rebellious teens love me
  • Libra:
  • *bubblegum princess beat plays*
  • this youth is tortured, like my soul.
  • Scorpio:
  • *freaky sound effects*
  • i'm so alone
  • drugs and sex *blows smoke @ you*
  • just another stereotype...
  • Sagittarius:
  • i take ur girl to the zoo
  • she calls me daddy too
  • i get hoes
  • bang bang
  • Capricorn:
  • everything is gray
  • how about everything is GREY.
  • !!yes i am different!!
  • Aquarius:
  • *hits a trash can*
  • *yodels*
  • mOM IT'S ART
  • Pisces:
  • *sleeps*
  • sleeping is underrated by children
  • it's 8 hours of getting away from your fears

anonymous asked:

I'm going to check out that book about cats/dogs on vegan diets. I'd love to feed my companion animals a vegan diet but I'm really, really sceptical that it can be healthy for them. Apart from that book, do you know of any other good resources that I can look at so I can make a more informed decision? I really don't want to do anything that would harm my dog pals, I couldn't do that to them.


Yeah I posted it for interest sake and for other people to check out! 
I believe that dogs can be vegan whole heartedly and very easily! They are omnivores so they can go either or. 
However, cats are obligate carnivores and can be really finicky so as long as you made sure you got great food for them with all of their nutrients and some L-Taurine protein then I think cats could be vegan too :) It just takes a particular diet for them but its do-able. 

Info for your cute adorable companion dogs: 

How To Feed Your Dog Vegan Youtube- 40 Below Fruity

PETA sucks but has great resources

Vegan Animal Diet Facts

Just do some research anon! Dogs do very very well eating plants(a lot easier than cats I’ve heard??) and thrive on a plant based diet!

th3m3chanicalmadhatt3r-deactiva  asked:

Why did you let the thefts stop you from drawing what you were known for people steal and it's fun to laugh at those who try to steal it because reporting them is kicking them in the teeth:) I will be like you and reborn one day, I am determined to become a professional digital artist. And really I don't care about fnaf drawings I'm just afraid of you being taken out by words and thefts. You said one day you would be a storyboard artist. Don't let a soul take you out -The Mechanical MadHatter.

I feel as if I answered a similar question like this a long time ago, but I’ll try to explain again.

It got too repetitive.

Repetitive in the sense that ever since I started drawing such content, I would see numerous folks trace, redraw, repost, etc. It actually stressed me out for… pretty much the whole time I was submitting FNAF art. And the more I think about, the more I realize that if I hadn’t taken up numerous requests from others to make even more FNAF pieces, I probably would have had one or two, maybe several, pieces to worry about being stolen, traced, etc. in the fandom. More so, if I can be honest, maybe I’d have a few more nice things to say about a chunk, if not the majority, of the fandom and those individuals within it.

As bad as it is, reporting isn’t always that ‘satisfying’. I’m still aware of several of my pieces being up on different art accounts without my permission/consent, even after I have reported them. More so, even if it’s the right thing to do when a case calls for it, I don’t like having to report people.

I’m just foolish for going on as long as I did drawing any of the characters. I can’t say I ultimately regret ever drawing anything from the game(s) in the first place, as… since there’s no other way I can say this without sounding egotistical or selfish, it seemed to attract a lot of people to my work. And more so, I got the pleasure of working on fun projects with others relating to the game. But if it wasn’t for those, I could probably say with confidence it was a mistake I went on with it for several months.

I don’t really let thefts get to me, since a lot of times others can tell that something’s up if the same particular style/interpretation of a single piece is being used with numerous other persons. And this experience definitely hasn’t ‘kept me from submitting as much work as I probably would’. I can assure the art I post still comes at as consistent of a rate as it always has, even before FNAF.

But I took this case more as a sign to just ultimately stop. And considering the flow of thefts has come close to ceasing, I think it’s safe to safe it was a right choice.

(And since I’ve also gotten other questions that kinda relate to this to this: guys, I still like the game. I still like the art/interpretations others make behind it. And if me simply admiring some of the things others happen to create based off the game counts as being in the fandom, then I guess I’m still in the fandom.

Just ‘cause I stopped posting art/more ‘positive’ commentary on it doesn’t mean I ultimately dislike it.

Heh, sorry again guys, this’ll hopefully be the last time I publicly answer long-winded FNAF asks like this for a long while again. <X))

Mission Impossible // Marker

Parker had been pacing back and forth in front of Makara’s apartment for five minutes. Every time he thought he had worked up the courage to go in, he froze for a moment before going back to pacing. He didn’t want to face Mak, the thought made his stomach hurt. Parker couldn’t believe what he had done. Makara was always a, ‘look but don’t touch’ kind of guy and Parker had done a lot  of touching. His feelings for the other Greek were always something he buried away, something that he didn’t think would ever come back up. He was a fucking idiot for thinking otherwise. 

Parker finally knocked on the door lightly, waiting to see if someone would answer. When no one did, he assumed the coast was clear. Taking out the spare key he had copied, Parker unlocked the door and stepped in. This was going to be quick. He needed only a change of clothes and maybe a shower? No, that would probably take too long.