but i don't think it turned out too bad

my blue moon

chapters- on the way home // too long to the weekend // heart shake, bend and break // fire with no smoke // hurt this good // turn it up // all I think about // ?

summary- they’ve known each other since forever, but they’re just finding out that their friendship might not last that long. takes place in a blue neighbourhood/song inspired/suburbia/bestfriend/music au based on troye sivan’s wonderful album with some tweaks and turns.

word count- we’ll see. my history with finishing fics is not good. sorry.

all glory and praise go to the lovely wren @carryondammit who is the absolute best and helps with literally everything

read on ao3 x



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This happened a few weeks ago… somewhere in August maybe? We had two Hanzos in our team so I went try hard mode to be the better Hanzo. Turns out the other Hanzo was hella good too and we both managed to get our character cards up at the end of the match. He got more upvotes than me tho… I think he got PoTG too.

It’s 2015 guys. Why are we still trying to label Makoto as abusive and Makoharu as unhealthy?