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the first was taken exactly six years before the second, and oh my GOD you guys can see that i was really not at my best in eighth grade. this is a Rachel i’ve tried to erase from my memory, and thankfully literally everything about my face has improved since then. i took the last pic two days ago on my way to work and tbh i think i look great

i’m gonna tag @astreetsussserenade @allstarrnicky @booksandcoffeeandink  @whip-pan @mal-meow8 and @rvburgins, but if you guys don’t want to do this one then no worries!

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Hi! what are your opinions overall on Ouma and Celeste conversation in bonus mode? would they be friends outside the killing game?

I really enjoyed that bonus mode conversation between them! Honestly it was really entertaining to read.

As for whether or not they would be friends… now that’s an interesting question.

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Wow look @ me doing tags soon and stuff. @messyandstressed tagged me to do this homescreen/lockscreen/selfie/song thing so here it is enjoy me being done w school. (It’s kinda bothering me that all the boxes aren’t the same size but it’s bc I took my selfie sideways soz)

I’m gonna tag whoever wants to do it. Post a selfie and tag me in it it’ll be real lit.

Chanyeol + Instruments ♬     ♪  (requested by @queenhyo)

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If you're looking for prompts, some Stan and Dipper bonding is always great! Like maybe playing cards or Stan showing Dipper to box?

Stan taught Dipper how to play Poker, and turns out, he’s really good at it 


i’m sure you can only grow these in the bae area though


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”