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How Klance Breaks Up (True Story)
  • Lance: Keith... I'm sorry, I just don't think this is going to work anymore.
  • Lance: You're just... not who I thought you were.
  • Lance: I don't think I'll ever be able to look at you the same.
  • Keith: *trying not to cry* I get it. I'm part Galra. Clearly, that's not what you signed up for. I'm sorry.
  • Lance: Wait what?
  • Lance: Oh, no I don't care that you're part Galra. I think that's pretty cool actually.
  • Keith: Then wha-
  • Lance: I just can't get over the fact that you're from Texas.
  • Sirius: So Muggles actually believe that little green men come down from the stars and pull them into their flying plates and stick shit up their arses for fun?
  • Remus: .... Pretty much, yeah.
  • Sirius: Where the bloody hell did they come up with that?
  • Remus: There's actually a lot of people who have come out and said they've experienced this kind of encounter.
  • Sirius: IT'S TRUE!!?!
  • James: Wait -- do I go on a date before or after I let them probe me?
  • James: Should I call them after or should they call me? This is important. I don't want to seem needy, Remus.
  • James: What if they think I look fat in these jeans?
  • James: I want to come across as suave but like, not too arrogant...
  • Remus: ...............
Rowan Blanchard On Confronting Biases in Friends
  • Teen Vogue: How do you confront a racist or sexist bias with a friend, instead of just not doing it to avoid conflict? What's your advice on confronting biases you find in other people?
  • Rowan Blanchard: I totally understand that feeling of somebody saying something and you not wanting to upset that person further. Recently, I had a friend who said something along the lines of "I don't want to drive by the hood today," or something. It's that weird moment where you're like "Wait, am I really friends with this person? Should I be doing this?" But I think, when something like that happens, you can just say, "Hey, what do you mean by that?"
  • Because then the person might realize the thing they just said was not acceptable and I think people kind of respond to that. When they get a quick response that's like, "What do you mean by that? Can you just elaborate on what you were trying to say?" I’ve found the person will usually not be able to come up with a response because they realize how racist or sexist the thing that they're trying to actually initiate is.
  • The other thing that I try to do [to educate] inadvertently with friends or family members [is by saying], "Well, let's go see this movie instead of this movie,” with me knowing that the movie is more [education] about the topic that I'm trying to educate that person on.
  • I feel like that's how I use my social media; I'll post if I see a film that I really want people to see, and that's my way of suddenly putting that into their head.

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I love a few things about Ed's quote: He only heard a little bit confirming my thoughts that he's far away from dropping a whole album haha he just wants second opinions, has been creative etc. Ed not knowing when it's gonna come out also speaks against a release before Dunkirk (which I always thought) and also the nice words he said!!im glad all 4 make music, but I also think due to the circumstances (closet, image, Louis stunts), H&L don't seem to be able to plan ahead much & wait for changes!

Yeah-I saw the quote first and then watched the video afterwards.  When I read the quote I second guessed myself thinking–oh–that’s more specific-maybe it will drop soon after all??? But then I watched the video clip and Ed was super chill about it and it sounded more like maybe he heard a little clip or even a song….and no specifics at all about timing.  So I’m still inclined to think that it will be after the Dunkirk premiere, but as always time will tell. Meanwhile, Ed is so lovely, isn’t he?

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so did Lup die before they all forgot?? remembering Gundren's story of how his father locked himself in the vault, Lup would've done the same right?? she died in the red robe while the others don't even have them anymore. so basically either she died thinking that the others would be able to get on the ship and resurrect her or she forgot them while locked in the cave and had to die alone with no clue why or how??



Hear no Bendy, See no Bendy

(So this started off as a short, dumb follow up to Beady Little Eyes, but then it got longer, and I mean waaaay longer.  So uh, yeah.  Fanfic inside @squigglydigglydoo ‘s Toon Henry AU.  I liked the idea of a gag not working out right and wanted to explore how that goes down.)

“Hello?  Is someone out there?”

The familiar voice caught Alice’s attention.  “Bendy?”

“Alice?! Oh boy, are you a sound for sore ears.”  The imp sounded more lighthearted than she’d heard him in a long time.  “Say, could ya be a pal and help me out here?  I think Henry put something in front of the door.  I need you to move it.”

“I suppose that’s one way of putting it.”  Alice replied as she stared at the several wooden boards than had been nailed over the door.  “This might require more than just moving.”

“Whaddaya mean?”

“You’re boarded in there.”

“Ooh.  Wait, what?!”

“Yep, there’s about half-a-dozen two-by-fours between you and freedom.”  Alice gave one an experimental tug; it didn’t budge.

“How did I not hear him puttin’ those up?”  Bendy sounded incredulous.

“I was about to ask the same thing.”  The angel put one hand on her hip and one on her chin.  “I’m gonna need a crowbar.”  She stopped and added with a smile, “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh, listen to the comedian over here,” the words had a tint of good-natured sarcasm.

“Well, one of us has to be funny.”

A genuine laugh came from the other side of the door.  “Alright, alright, credit where it’s due, that was good, sister.”

Hearing the little devil sound like his old self was plenty motivation.  “I’ll be back.” She was almost suspicious with how laid-back Bendy was acting, but with how he’d been recently, she wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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If you think Lance can pilot all the lions why don't you think the same about Keith? They can both pilot two lions, one of them being Red who's the most tempermental. I feel like everyone is ignoring how awesome it is that even though everyone said he's be a horrible leader, Black accepted to pilot her.

Oh, my post wasn’t about leadership ability, it was about a little theory I have about the paladins’ color coding.

Because like: Keith wears red and black and can pilot Red and Black, Hunk wears yellow and can pilot Yellow, Pidge wears green and can pilot Green, etc. Allura’s color coded blue and we’re gonna see her pilot Blue next season. The color coding’s held up pretty well so far, with characters piloting lions based on their outfits. 

But Lance has no red at all in his wardrobe and we see him piloting Red, which doesn’t match the pattern. However, what’s really cool is that Lance’s shirt is white, and white light is a combination of all colors of light. So maybe Lance has white quintessence– ie a little bit of every color of quintessence in him.

Basically I’m thinking that Lance might not have a particular affinity for any one lion– he doesn’t have a “thing,” so to speak, because his thing is that he can fill whatever position needs filling.

As for Keith piloting Black, I don’t think he’d be a horrible leader at all!! I’m interested in seeing how him being in Black will be handled (especially considering his impulsiveness lmao) and I really want to see the shift in team dynamics it’ll cause (plus I’m thinking he and Lance might co-lead so I can’t wait to see what happens!!!). But I don’t think that he can pilot all of the lions, considering Blue doesn’t let her forcefield down for him in the first episode. He might be able to pilot Yellow though, if this color coding theory isn’t bullshit!!

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Wait, I thought she wasn't able to answer because the annoying dog took her phone. And the dog was hanging around in waterfall and other places outside the ruins, so I don't think that can be evidence to say there isn't a faulty signal (although I'm not saying there is). You guys have a post about that, I swear. The dialogue is when you are in the room with the mysterious artifact, and, when you call Toriel, the phone (which is with the dog in your inventory) rings in your pocket.

(undertale spoilers)

Yes, the ringing does come from the dog in Frisk’s inventory in the artifact room. It is a hilarious gag that calls back to the shenanigans in the Ruins when the dog steals Toriel’s phone. However, Toriel manages to recover her phone.

Furthermore, when the dog has the phone, the following is seen when Frisk tries to call Toriel.

This is very different from “Nobody picked up,” which is seen as soon as Toriel leaves the living room to close off the Ruins door. 

While Toriel cheerfully calls Frisk a “silly child” for dialing her while she is sitting in front of them, Toriel refuses to answer the phone after Frisk insists on leaving the Ruins.

Even calling Toriel again in the basement will result in the same text.

  • Ruby: So you two are dating, right?
  • Yang/Blake: *Both spray their drinks out and stare at Ruby whilw muttering.* Huh?
  • Ruby: You two. Dating. *Ruby motioning her hands together.* Each other. Correct?
  • Blake: *Both Yang and Blake look at each other, searching their partners eyes before looking away with a blush.* It's... complicated.
  • Yang: We... We're going through some things Ruby.
  • Ruby: But you both love each other right?
  • Yang: Well... I mean... *Yang began before going silent with a nod.*
  • Blake: *Oddly though, upon seeing this Blake's cat ear shot straight up as she looked at Yang with some surprise.* Wait what? Y-you... With me?
  • Yang: Oh come on Blake. You know I do.
  • Blake: B-but why? I left when you needed me.
  • Ruby: That reminds me.
  • Blake: OW! Why did you kick!?
  • Ruby: Making Yang cry every night?
  • Yang: RUBY!! Don't tell her that!!
  • Blake: Oh God. Yang... I am so sorry.
  • Yang: It's fine.
  • Blake: No its not, Yang. I betrayed you.
  • Yang: You were trying to protect me.
  • Blake: But I didn't tell you!
  • Yang: You think I would have let you leave if you did?
  • Blake: No but I wouldn't be able to leave if I did.
  • Yang: Why?
  • Blake: Because I love you too.
  • Yang: *Yang lightly gasped before tackling Blake with a hug.* Blakey... I love you too.
  • Ruby: So Dating then?

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The preview though. Their smiles as they're having dinner together for the first time in 20 years. Can you imagine the absolute joy of that moment for them? They must be terrified for what's about to come and yet so incredibly happy to be reunited. He still seems in disbelief as he's pouring her wine. So much to say, and yet not being able to speak because they still fear it's just a dream. I don't even care about the sex, give me all their tender moments! How can we wait two more weeks now?

I always think back to how Claire has been searching for him, she has time to prepare before she goes through the stones and even a bit of time in the 18th century. Jamie has none. He’s processing Claire being there, learning about Brianna, having Claire as his wife again, everything, and in a very short amount of time. That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to see Jamie’s POV in the next episode. To get an idea of all his feelings and excitement at Claire’s return.

ikon as things i've said
  • Yunhyeong, after waking up: Wow, what a long day, right?? Haha, I'm so tired, goodnight you guys!
  • Bobby: If you touch my food again .... I'll push you over yourself.
  • B.I, playing two notes on a xylophone: I'm a musical genius
  • Donghyuk: Yeah, I don't really think I'm indecisive about things .... or maybe I am .... well no, I guess I'm not ..... actually yes, probably. Wait- no, I actually am
  • Junhoe: I'm like in this perpetual state of judging everyone around me
  • Chanwoo: Listen, I know I look like a tall twelve year old but I'm practically an adult now, I go to bed at 11 now

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I just wanted to tell you how brilliant Always Human is. I'm getting close to the end and it's making me feel depressed but I can't stop reading. The art is unlike anything I've seen before and I wish they had more WEBTOONs like it. This story has me feeling a very special way everytime I finish a chapter and I don't want the feeling to go away when I read the final one. Thanks for this story please continue writing

Awww, thank you so much, you’re very kind <3

I do hope you will enjoy the ending - I think that with a satisfying ending the feelings don’t go away, they just just curl up inside your heart and keep you warm forever. Hopefully I was able to do something like that :)

And I definitely, definitely want to continue writing. I have so many stories I can’t wait to tell!


“Dear Lana, 

By the time you read this, I’ll be back home in Lincoln. I’m scared of what’s ahead, but when I think of you I know I’ll be able to go on. You were right. Memphis isn’t far at all. I’ll be making a trip out on the highway before too long. I’ll be waiting for ya. 

Love always and forever,

Boys Don’t Cry (1999)
dir. Kimberly Peirce

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Hi! Nice to meet you. I don't really think that Beth is coming back. I think she is dead. Btw, I'm not a hater. You know, I think it's good to hear opinions about this, so I just wanted you to convince me about Beth being alive. I'll be waiting for your answer. xoxo

First, Beth had a survivable gunshot wound (GSW). The bullet entered high up on the left side of her forehead, and it exited out the back of her skull. Because TPTB used Dutch angles to film the scene, they were able to make it look like the bullet entered from below Beth’s chin and exited through the back of her head, top-wise. You can see the entry here:

There was no blood on her chin, and in Coda’s BTS video, an SFX worker confirmed that the forehead was the entry wound (X). She was also not shot point blank, as some people think. Depending on the exact angle, the bullet might not have even touched her brain, as it could have skimmed along the inside of her skull. Either way, she would not die immediately, as she sustained no damage to hindbrain or brainstem, which handle primary bodily functions. What would likely kill her is infection if left untreated, and the treatment she would really need is stitches and antibiotics, as the bullet exited. Edwards could treat that. You can read more about Beth’s gunshot here: X.

Beth’s GSW is actually a parallel to comic!Andrea’s GSW. In issue 44, Andrea sustained a graze to the head, resulting in her forehead scar. Her scars are mirrors of Beth’s facial lacerations, which Emily referred to as “scars” long after she should have finished filming. Beth shares many parallels with both versions of Andrea, and many believe that her Grady arc is Gimple fixing Andrea’s Woodbury arc. You can read about the Beth-Andrea parallels here: X.

We also never saw Beth be buried onscreen, never saw a funeral, or even a grave marker. There is no contextual/canonical evidence that she had one. The opening clip of 5x09 showed what appeared to be Beth’s funeral but was actually was Tyreese’s, which TPTB had no reason to do unless it was to emphasize Beth’s lack of one. Nicotero said on 5x09 TTD that they intentionally misled the audience and you just don’t do that unless there’s something to mislead from. Why not show something? Closure and funereal rituals are very important to the show, as they have been emphasized since season one when Glenn insisted they bury their loves ones, but funerals are especially important to Beth. Instead, we have 17 days unaccounted for, Beth’s body unseen, and a continued, increased focus on closure and honoring the dead. Nicotero at a con supposedly told a fan that Beth was buried offscreen, but that cannot be trusted. He couldn’t say anything else without spoiling the show. These people lie. This is compounded by the fact that the theme song played in her “death” episode, which never happens for a main character’s farewell. For the most part, and always under Gimple’s reign, when a main character dies, they either receive silence or sad music in the ending credits. It would have been especially poignant if Beth received silence, as she represented music. Instead, the theme music played. (Incidentally it also played for Glenn in 6x03, which had the same writer as 5x08).

Regarding Beth’s body, there is a theory that she was left in a car after being brought to Maggie and then taken back to Grady, where she received treatment. Nicotero mentioned filming 800 walkers for 5x08, but they were never seen. In 5x09, twice we saw in Tyreese’s flashback the men running to cars waving their guns. There has been a focus on cars, walkers/people in cars, coupled with cars being connected to Beth. Andrew Lincoln said that going to Virginia was the only physical way to honor Beth. Emily recently said in an interview that Beth would understand not being given a funeral, because Team Family had to leave in a hurry, though that was never indicated at the end of 5x08. A herd of walkers descended on the group and forced to run, had to leave Beth behind in a car, protecting her. When they came back, she was gone. (You can read more about Beth and her lack of funeral here: X. You can read more about the Beth-left-in-a-car-theory here: X).

The 800 walkers are part of many unseen spoilers from season 5 that never made it onscreen. They were too numerous and too large to be cut. A notable example is a pair of white houses that were filmed at in late May 2014. Some of the main cast was spotted/photographed there, including Emily as Beth and Lennie James as Morgan. Security was noted as being tight, and they filmed there for at least a day, though maybe longer, and yet it never aired. Many TDers believe that Emily filmed a large number of scenes, mainly involving what happened to Beth in those 17 days after 5x08, during season 5 so she wouldn’t be spotted by spoiler sites in season 6.

Here is a breakdown of some of the big stuff:

  • Missing body/no funeral
  • Theme song played
  • Survivable gunshot wound
  • Parallels
    • Narratively
    • Characters (Rick, Andrea, Jessie, Denise, etc.)
  • Missing season 5 and 6 spoilers
    • Bethfoot 1 and 2
    • White houses
  • Bethyl promotion
  • Foreshadowing (I am strong; there’s a new sheriff in town; religious symbolism)
  • Clocks
  • Music Box
  • Emily not having done any panels
  • Emily using TWD in present tense, both on her social media and in interviews
  • Boots/Binoculars Bethfoot

If you would like to review any of the pieces of TD’s evidence/theories, you can read more summary posts here (X), and I archive it all here (X).

BTS Reaction: Their S/O has to go to a specialist doctor because she's been in pain and she's scared about it.
  • No computer = no gifs I'm sorrryy. I hope you still like it and I wish the anon who requested this the best! Enjoyy💜💜
  • ———————
  • Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • At first he'd think you're just tired and having a random pain, nothing special. It changed when you told you him you'd been in pain for quite some time now and needed to go to a doctor.
  • Jin: Why didn't you tell me? I could've taken care of you.
  • You: I didn't want to worry you, you're busy-
  • Jin: and you think you're health isn't important?
  • Jin: Let me take care of you when you need it. I love you, what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't take care of you?
  • Jin: Let's set up an appointment with the doctor and see what's going on. Whatever happens I'll always take care of you, princess. –He hugs you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and his chin atop of your head–
  • Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • He noticed you'd been in pain for a bit but decided you'd be okay the next day or something but when he saw it wasn't he asked you if you were okay or if you needed a doctor.
  • You: I'm scared, what if I'm not okay? It's been like this for so long and I'm worried I'll be very sick.
  • Yoongi: You don't know anything right now, Y/n. Calm down. Wait till we hear a doctor alright?
  • You: I can't. It's..
  • Yoongi: Baby, Just breathe. Everything will be okay whether you're sick or not. I'll be there, I'll be there to help you and support you.
  • You: Thank you so much, What would I do without you?
  • Yoongi: Panic. -He smiles a little and wraps one arm around your shoulders-
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • He'd be extremely, overly worried about your health. He'd cut off any doubt you had about being okay because he couldn't handle the fact of you may be extremely sick.
  • You: Hoseok, please listen. We have to consider what could be wrong with me.
  • Hobi: No, I refuse. I refuse to listen.
  • You: You're so childish.
  • Hobi: I am. I will be. I want to hear it from the doctor if you're well or not, okay? Understand that I can't handle knowing that you might seriously be unhealthy when I want to believe that you'll be just fine. Just fine.
  • You: Hobi.. I'm so sorry.
  • Hobi: I'm sorry too. Let's not talk about this. Let's watch Disney, sound fine kitten?
  • Hobi: Maybe it'll make you relax and forget some of this for a little.
  • Hobi: I hope you know I want the best for you. I love you and you'll be okay. You'll be fine, it'll just be something small. Believe that.
  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • You guys told eachother everything. There was hardly any secrets between you guys. So you told him what was going on and he listened carefully.
  • RM: First thing I want you to know is don't be scared. We don't know anything about what's happening and we can't just make assumptions.
  • You: But there's so many what ifs..
  • RM: Stop, those are the reason you get scared. They are just what ifs.
  • You: There could be something actually wrong with me.
  • RM: You don't know that nor do I. First let's get this checked out. You might just be in pain and need medicine simple as that. You might be extremely sick and need more care but you'll get better and we'll work together.
  • You: and if I'm not able to get better?
  • RM: Stop it, Y/n. We. Don't. Know. Yet. And I hope that's not the case. Let's look at this situation neutrally. Alright?
  • You: Alright?
  • RM: Don't be too scared. I'll be there with you, honey.
  • Park Jimin:
  • Once he knows he'd be making sure to talk to you, to ask you how you are and wait till your doctors appointment.
  • You: Do you think there's something wrong with me?
  • Jimin: No
  • You: Are you sure?
  • Jimin: Yes
  • You: I could be-
  • Jimin: Y/n stop. Please just be quiet, stop thinking these things. You'll be fine. You have to be fine.
  • You: Are you okay?
  • Jimin: I'm afraid. I don't want you to.. I don't want to lose you like this. I want to do so many things with you and I don't want our time shortened. So please, please stop.
  • You: I'm sorry.
  • Jimin: I know you're scared too. Just express your fear differently. I'll comfort you however I can, gorgeous.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • As he figures out this information he takes care of you every second he can. Super worried but tries not to show it because he wants you to feel safe.
  • You: Taehyung calm down. You don't have to do all this for me.
  • Tae: Aren't you in pain?
  • You: Yes but I feel like you need rest too.
  • Tae: No, I don't. I want to take care of you so let me. Until that appointment comes I'm caring for you.
  • You: What do you think is wrong with me?
  • Tae: I hope there's nothing wrong. I want you to be healthy.
  • You: and if I'm not healthy?
  • Tae: I'll still love and care for you, beautiful. But I believe you'll be fine. You will be okay, nothing will be wrong, and we'll be happy as always.
  • You: Come cuddle with me.
  • Tae: -He gladly agrees and you guys stay in a blanket cuddling and him caring for you hoping you'll be alright-
  • Jeon Jungkook:
  • He'd listen seriously to your explanation, that you have been in pain for awhile now and need a doctors appointment. You even told him how you were scared of what was going to happen.
  • JK: We really don't know anything until we go to that appointment. Let's not worry too much until we have information.
  • You: Are you sure?
  • JK: Yes, I'll care for you until then. You'll be just fine Y/n. I'll kiss it better.
  • You: You're so cheesy.
  • JK: Did I make you smile though? You'll have the golden maknae power to heal you and give you luck.
  • You: You're so cute.
  • JK: I'm not you are. You're an adorable Y/n who will be okay. You will be safe and healthy with me, alright doll?

First of all, I saw this in twitter and I asked the person who tweeted it, if i could use it, and she kindly let me. (@realgodaniel)

I didn’t even knew mmo existed before, so I don’t really know if it’s real or not. But we can never be sure so I saw this and I’m truly confused. Because I know that Eric nam waited a lot before being able to have his solo album and if it’s the same (former) agency, I’m really worried about jisung and daniel’s debut.

We have to support them without thinking that it’s fine now that they’re under the spotlights, if they keeps promoting 2 years then maybe mmo will let them debut after.
I just want them to be happy doing what they love.


So you think our connection is a kind of miracle?

If I were trying to describe this feeling, the sensation of experiencing the warmth of the sun, the smell of jasmine and marigold, while at the same time being soaked by a downpour at an outdoor café, the taste of strong coffee still in my mouth… I would say that the word “miracle sounds particularly appropriate. Wouldn’t you?