but i don't see it *weeps*

In case you wanted another feels angle for the ILY SCENE...

I just realized that there’s something else in Sherlocks expression when he utters the second and heart melting ILY. There isn’t just realization…there’s peace. Which sounds crazy, considering the circumstances. Think about that.

The rest of that phone call, before and after his declaration, he is bordering on panic. But in that moment of the second ILY, something visibly shifts. And you can see in his suddenly softer gaze that it’s almost like he’s been transported away from the fear for just the briefest moment. It’s like his words and that accompanying realization physically calms him, even in that horrifying scenario. And if this doesn’t fit with everything else we’ve ever been given of Molly and Sherlock, I don’t know what does.

That love is a force to be reckoned with and nobody can convince me otherwise.

White people I am begging you one last time:


Forget about congress. Focus on your local government. See previous post for information.

 I need you to cast your whiteness and shield me by having Nazi’s hear them through your face. To help drown me out as I am shouting, with this constant fear that I will be silenced by your brethren.

And instead of taking action you will weep for me and sigh and move on.
So look at me. Look at what you’ve done. Look at the choices I am being forced to make. I challenge you to make them for yourself even in the littlest ways.

March with your words as well as your bodies. 

Hate speech is the lowest but most powerful form of Fascism. You normalize it. You joke about it. It has impact because your whiteness is so powerful it gives it impact.

Give your voice productive imact. Know that poc and jewish people and muslim people and people with disabilities, and lgbtq+ people already know this. And we defy fascism with our existence but now we are vulnerable. 


People marched in Germany. They marched on Hitler, but you stopped. And your white gentileness condoned it. And Jewish people, and people of all related intersections died for it. Because as much as we shout your voice will always overpower mine because of your whiteness.


I challenge you to use it now, like you are dying. I need you to step outside yourself enough to know your neighbor is about to die if they haven’t already. Know that I could possibly die for imploring you to FEEL MY HUMANITY. You’ve co-opted my stories in media. You used white faces. Even when poc are in it we are shunted and ignored and broken. I am dangerous to Nazi’s because I am challenging you to unlearn and resist fascism in every breath by FEELING MY HUMANITY.

But Fascists at their cores are cowards. They will hide until you are silent. Their whole movement and ideology is based on you using your whiteness not to shame them, until you condone it with your actions. You are always the last to know, so I need to do what yu can to wake others up cause so many of you are still sleeping. And you let your friends sleep. And you reward bigots with your friendship. And tell me that’s their opinion. YOU STILL EXPOSE ME WITH THAT DANGER.

I am still waiting for your silence. I am still waiting for you to turn me in because you think using violence to protect myself and my neighbor is the same as violence itself. I am waiting for you to use MLK as a trope and tell me to sacrifice myself cause it makes you sad to think about. And know I will drop you. Do not burden me with your white guilt cause if I find out you voted for Trump I will drop you. Because of the risks you are forcing me take just by speaking out.

And know if you are silent now. I will be mad as hell. I don’t care if you take my words. Use them. Adopt them. Mess up. Unlearn. TRY AGAIN. But if you are silent, I will forever believe that whiteness is irredeemable. I will forever believe that you will always prioritize your whiteness over everything else. And if you feel guilty I will relish in it. Because this is your fault. You made this happen.


Again white people. Add your voice. Share this and feel free to add on, change this, break this, shame me, but talk about this. Show me and others you are committed to protecting us. Do not stop trying when you mess up. Where you can. When you can. Be our shields when you can because I have to prepare for the real consequences of your silence. 

When a male actor plays in a very misogynistic movie / scene (if he has enough power to choose his parts, obviously) I immediately stop trusting him forever.

That’s why I viscerally hate Chris Pine, seeing Ryan Reynolds makes me cringe, I want to slap Adam Driver’s face, I weep for the love of Edward Norton I once had, and now I guess I trust….. uhm………………………. Noah Wyle??



I swear that every time a person walks into a movie house, from Leicester to Kansas City, they will see George Banks being saved. They will love him and his kids, they will weep for his cares. They will wring their hands when he loses his job. And when he flies that  k i t e, oh Mrs Travers! 

         They will rejoice, they will sing

                        In movie houses all over the world, in the eyes and the hearts of my kids, and other kids and their mothers and fathers for generations to come, George Banks will be honoured. George Banks will be redeemed. George Banks and all he stands for will be saved.

Oh, mamma mamma

Oh, mamma mamma
Don’t you cry for me
If I never get to see
Another shoreline
By the ocean or the sea

Oh, mamma mamma
Don’t keep yourself up at night
If, after all this time 
I can’t keep up this fight

Oh, mamma mamma
Don’t you lament
at the thought
of all the places we never went

Oh, mamma mamma
Don’t you cry for me
Cry for the things you cannot see
Weep for all the fears
That I must kill
Inside my head
To stop your tears

Oh, mamma mamma
Don’t you cry
Everything will be just fine


Kingsman sketches and WIPs

- ‘Good Morning Mr. Pickle’ rough draft
I need the movie so I can get proper reference for Harry’s bathroom :’<
- Merlin
- Thumbnails/sketches of Eggsy and the explosions from V Day
- Eggsy, his sister, and J.B. <3
- Percival and Roxy
- Lancelot T^T forever weeping over him

Dark Fate Ruki Dark 06 Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02      Dark 03     Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue    Heaven 01

Note:06 is no longer part of the situation chapters. It’s now a storychapter. Also, the love choices are now made in 06-10 while the S/M choices are made in the situation parts (01-05).

-Scene: Tsukinami Guest Room-

Yui: … …Alright. It seems you’ll be fine in no time.

Ruki: That’s what I’ve been telling you. I’m a vampire, it’ll heal on its own.

Yui: True… …but, I’m glad.

Ruki: … …If the wounds are healed, then you don’t need to care for me anymore. Meaning, you’re finally set free.

Yui: Ah, don’t strain yourself though. I mean, your wounds have finally closed… …

Ruki: Since they did, you can leave. If I get agitated with you, the wounds will probably open right back up.

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please watch this i’m crying

Osomatsu is hurting and he IGNORED Totoko. The girl he and his brothers have been CHASING SINCE CHILDHOOD. It’s not her he wants, HE WANTS HIS BROTHERS. Someone hold me, I am wEEPING. He’s not as selfish as some of you paint him out to be–if he were, he would have jumped on Totoko’s invitation, and the fact that he didn’t….I can’t.

I’ve been in the foxhole court fandom for less than 48 hours and i already feel like i’m watching a train wreck happening in front of me. it’s terrible and horrifying but i can’t look away. everything happens in slow motion as i see sad, sad children coming up with the angstier headcanons imaginable. and i’m like, no. no, sweet summer children, why would you do this to yourselves. you have no idea what great thing you have. let me tell the story of how i came to the foxhole court, weeping in agony, and how andreil soothed my aching wounds and dried my tears.

also let me come up with the stupidest post imaginable because damn, somebody has to lighten the mood