but i don't see it *weeps*

In case you wanted another feels angle for the ILY SCENE...

I just realized that there’s something else in Sherlocks expression when he utters the second and heart melting ILY. There isn’t just realization…there’s peace. Which sounds crazy, considering the circumstances. Think about that.

The rest of that phone call, before and after his declaration, he is bordering on panic. But in that moment of the second ILY, something visibly shifts. And you can see in his suddenly softer gaze that it’s almost like he’s been transported away from the fear for just the briefest moment. It’s like his words and that accompanying realization physically calms him, even in that horrifying scenario. And if this doesn’t fit with everything else we’ve ever been given of Molly and Sherlock, I don’t know what does.

That love is a force to be reckoned with and nobody can convince me otherwise.

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Yo I don't like Moffat but i do like the weeping angels. Why r they problematic? (Real question, no hate, luv u)

The problem with the weeping angels specifically is that the rules change every time we see them, directly contradicting information we’ve been given in the past. So while they start as some of the strongest and most interesting monsters in the show, by their third appearance, all their dramatic tension is obliterated and meaningless.   

And that is emblematic of Moffat as a whole. Even setting aside is complete inability to write women and minorities with any level of proficiency, he introduces big ~cool~ interesting ideas that he completely fails to follow up on. 

Also the world is always ending, but he can’t actually kill a main character to save his own life, so his plots are inherently devoid of meaningful tension. 

A PSA (Public SaikiK (fic) Appeal

Can someone tell me why the fuck there’s such a lack of Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan fic? DO YOU ALL NOT SEE THE FIC OPPORTUNITIES HERE? Where are my Time-Travel AUs where Saiki goes back in time hoping to regain his peaceful life without his friends only to realize he a) can’t avoid them (It’s set in stone by fate or whatever) or b) he doesn’t want to, and he admits to himself he likes having friends? Where’s there Saiki angst fic about Saiki’s apathy or how he can’t fall in love due to his x-ray vision? Damn it, where are the crossovers! At this point, I’ll even accept a Harry Potter crossover. But like? No crossovers with Bnha, OPM? MP100???? 

No AU’s with personality swaps or fics about Saiki having a breakdown or even fucking Kaidou unlocking powers or something? 

Ooh.. you know what would be really cool? A fic where Dark Reunion is actually real, which could turn out to be horribly tragic or hilariously funny with Kaidou being like “Ha! Told you!” and then cowering, kinda like Usopp. Or those zombie AUs you see in abundance in other fandoms but Saiki just kind of comes in and quickly ends it.

To be fair, there’s a little bit on ff.net and ao3 and a couple of them are damn good! But damn it! The community for it is so good and I want to weep over their Saiki fic!

I’m gonna have to start writing all these myself, aren’t I? If someone can direct me to where all this fic is being held I would be immensely appreciative.

The Dead Men's Interrogation Technique
  • Erskine Ravel: You are of no use to us whatsoever, are you? I don't even see why you went to the trouble of being captured, I really don't. What's the point of being a prisoner if you're not going to divulge secret plans to your captors?
  • Dexter Vex: Defeats the purpose.
  • Erskine Ravel: It does indeed, Dexter. What do you have to say for yourself? Are you suitably ashamed? You should be. If I were you, I'd have a good long think about what a disappointment you've been to us. We had high hopes.
  • Saracen Rue: The highest.
  • Erskine Ravel: That's right, Saracen, the highest. See? You've upset Saracen.
  • Saracen Rue: I just have something in my eye.
  • Erskine Ravel: I have never seen Saracen Rue weep, since this morning, but you've made him weep like a little child. I hope you're proud of yourself.

( lisTEN ! i really need a chuunin exam arc au like idgaf HOW it happens, but i need the akatsuki during the chuunin exams, because ?? it would be so sweet ?? & also babies with underdeveloped ninja techniques getting their butts whooped ?? honestly, the chuunin exam arc is probably my all-time fav ?? i just need them in some alternative universe trying to survive all the phases of the chuunin exams, am I asking for too much?

The School For Good and Evil (SPOILER ALERT)
  • author: it's a story about having to choose between your best friend and your boyfriend
  • ------------------------------------
  • female main character 1 (agatha): everyone says i'm ugly
  • female main character 2 (sophie): you're not ugly or nasty you're super cool and i hang out with you all the time and you're basically my only friend and vice versa even though we have very few interests in common we just have this magnetism that's ridiculously strong haha isn't that super-platonic?
  • --------------------------
  • agatha: omg sophie you're so beautiful i am struck dumb by your beauty even when you're transformed into a fox
  • ---------------------------
  • sophie: hey so agatha i've been having dreams about you and i'm obsessed with you and your face is all i see when i sleep
  • sophie: but it's totally because you're my nemesis
  • sophie: okay now I'm going to spend the entire last third or so of the book being ridiculously jealous of the guy who suddenly likes you
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: i don't even want to be at this stupid school i want to be back home with galinda
  • agatha: i mean sophie
  • agatha: bOYS ARE ICKY [repeat for the entire book except a little bit at the end]
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: oh no sophie is dead
  • agatha: i will hold her body close to me and weep and cradle her tenderly and kiss her
  • sophie: hello yes i'm alive now because true love's kiss
  • sophie: "who needs princes in our fairytale?"
  • ------------------------------
  • author: nope totally platonic friends

So this potato went to prom today~ I had a pretty good time! Here I am all done up and in front of the weeping cherry in the backyard~

(Only friends/mutuals reblog, and they/them pronouns please)

read the bartimaeus sequence.
  • nothing has ever made me cry more than ptolemy's gate. the ending obviously had me weeping like a madwoman but the bartimaeus/ptolemy arc and the alexandria parts had me actually bawling my eyes out. i don't want to and will never forget these books. they are not just children's fairytales but a journey of laughs, tears, sort of not liking a character and seeing them redeem their true selves. it was a ride and it was beautiful and i will always remember it. it was so much that was needed in a trilogy and constituted purely platonic relationships. maybe that's why it's not more famous but i'd choose bartimaeus any day over any ya novels.the whole story is just so ... i'm at a loss of words. there's not really a safe haven for our nat like hogwarts or camp half-blood and any comfort he had like mrs underwood or ms lutyens were taken away from him. he became a creature he didn't really want to be and bart saw all those changes but he still saw the good in him, still saw the brightness of the ptolemy he had lost all those years ago. and then, kitty was a whole another dynamic. her friendship with jakob, her hatred of the magicians, her participation in the resistance. it takes a lot knowing that what you set your entire life to was a false hope. and kitty and bart. there was so much that bart saw in kitty that reminded him of ptolemy and you know one of the most important things in the entire series is the ptolemy/bartimaeus bond. his intentions were the best and bartimaeus took time to understand that but he DID and that's why he loved him. loved him as a person who was the first to be different and recognise each and every soul. like seriously, if you haven't yet read it GO READ BARTIMAEUS. i promise it will be a rollercoaster and it WILL be heartbreaking but completely worth it. you're missing out on a lot, so please I IMPLORE YOU, READ THIS WONDERFUL SERIES.

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Hello! I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you, but do you still have interest in the scene kid AU? The reason why I was asking is because there's now NDRV3 (of course, be wary of spoilers), and I was wondering how you would depict the new cast members (especially Gonta, since he's actually my fav!). You can totally delete this if you don't want to do this btw!! On a side note, i played the Enstars fangame, and I loved it so much! You did a great job on it!!!

No bother at all! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I love scene kid au everytime i see or think about it weEP, also thank you sO MUCH im glad you enjoyed the game (*´꒳`*)

As for the NDRV3 kids (as wary of spoilers as im trying to be) id like to do some designs for them theyd all be so cute ahh but since gonta is your fav i think hed be something like this


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“You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.” with Matt pretty pretty please! <3

“You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.” + Matt

Warnings: Swearings, pregnancy

The women on the internet made everything look so beautiful and nice and easy. 

Since you found out you were pregnant, you started looking around pregnancy blogs and websites and everything looked as amazing as ever. 

Matty was happy with it, you were happy with it and you just couldn’t wait until your belly was finally showing so Matt could feel and touch it even though he’d already said he had heard the baby’s heartbeat. 

The morning sickness had been a bitch but once it was over, you felt as normal as it could be. 

Everyone was constantly saying how your tiny bump looked cute with your sundresses and you did felt cute and amazing back then, knowing that a life was growing within you. 

Until it started really growing. Like, non stop growing. 

It was big and roundy and beautiful, yes. But it was also heavy and way too big for your comfort. 

Your clothes didn’t fit anymore, you couldn’t find a perfect position to sleep and it was so damn heavy it hurt your back and your ribs constantly. 

Women on the internet made everything look so easy. 

But that’s what babies do, right? And you were so excited to meet the little Murdock girl that you tried to keep yourself together most of the time. It was just a matter of months, anyway.  

But in that day, Anna decided to wake up moody and take you along with her. 

You already didn’t have a good night of sleep because you couldn’t find a comfortable position and she wouldn’t stop kicking and her father was taking a lifetime to come home. 

When you finally decided to get up and shower, your back hurt from Anna’s moving and your constant sitting against the headboard. 

Your clothes was the last drop to the cup for that morning. 

You had tried your favorite skirt – the only one that still fit – and it didn’t get pass your waist because of your bump. 

A crying fit was not what Matt was expecting for that morning. 

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” Matt asked frantically and kneeled between your legs as you sat on the edge of the bed, the damn skirt on resting on your thighs. “Are you hurt? Is Anna–”

Your groan interrupted his worried rant as you tried to weep away the tears but failing miserably as more and more spilled from the corner of your eyes. 

“We’re fine! Goddamn fine, Matt.” You cried out in frustration with the fucking tears and let your hands fall to your thighs in defeat as Matt cupped your face as carefully as ever. 

“Tell me.” Matt pleaded, his eyes glancing at you like he could see it and his fingers brushing away your tears calmly. 

“I don't know! I’m just tired and moody and everything hurts because Anna doesn’t stop kicking for a goddamn second and you took a lifetime to come home today!” You bursted out in a heartbeat, the tears falling even more as you threw the skirt onto Matt’s chest. “And my skirt doesn’t fucking fit me anymore!”

Matt couldn’t hold the smile creeping up on his lips because that was adorable

To any other man (and you) this could feel like hell but he was just so in love with the situation that he couldn’t help but chuckle. He never thought he’d have a chance to live this. 

He never thought he’d even get someone like you. 

But still, there you were, with him and holding his moody daughter he’d die for. 

“(Y/N), that’s okay–” Matt started and smiled again when you interrupted him again with a huff. 

“It’s not! I’m so big and emotional and I don’t wanna go to work when I stubbornly said I would!” You sobbed tiredly and then shrugged, grasping Matt’s hand with yours. “I’m just so tired! And all these women make it look so easy and beautiful!”

“Because it is beautiful.” Matt reassured with a whisper and a tiny smile as got up from his knees, sitting on the bed and pulling you to his lap. “You’re beautiful, (Y/N).”

“You’re gonna make me cry more.” You whined playfully as your head fell to his shoulder and he laughed, tightening his arms around you carefully. 

“But it’s true.” He replied softly and cupped your cheek again, pulling your face up so you could face him properly. A smile on his lips and hazel eyes shining. “You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly and I love you.”

You let out a chuckle and wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face against his skin and sighing deeply, the crying now controlled. 

“My feet hurt, Mattie.” You murmured jokingly to his ear and he laughed, bringing his hand down to rub your thighs. 

“Skip work today.” Matt pleaded and you pulled back to look at him, your noses touching lightly. “Your boss said you didn’t need to go anymore, right?”

“I don’t wanna be alone.” You whispered against his mouth and Matt grinned. 

That was honestly all that he needed to keep an eye on you. 

“Come with me.” He replied and quickly glanced down at your belly, an amused smile curving his lips. “You know Foggy loves to talk with her.”

You giggled and quickly pressed a kiss against Matt’s mouth, pulling his lower lip with your teeth as he groaned. 

“He’s gonna make a crying bubble again.” You warned with a smirk against his mouth and Matt just shrugged nonchalantly, pressing his lips to your jaw quickly. 

“I’ll have back-up to help me.” He said jokingly and then smirked, raising his hand to rest on your bump.  "And she’ll behave. Right, princess?“

As soon as he finished talking, Anna kicked hard against his hand making you chuckle between a pained moan and Matt smile brightly like it was her first ever kick. 

“I love you. Both of you.” You kissed Matt’s cheek softly and smiled when pulled your hand, kissing your knuckles lovingly as he smiled back.  

“I love you.” He pressed another kiss to your jaw and bent down slightly, pressing a kiss to your belly as Anna kicked again. “And I can’t wait to see you.”

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KakaxIruka and KakaGai

Lets play: OTP, BROTP, or NOTP || No longer accepting ||

send me any ship, and I mean ANY ship, and I’ll tell you if its an OTP, BROTP, or NOTP!


OTP Give me the dolphin and Scarecrow I’m all for this. I believe it was my second ship after SasuNaru in the series when I was younger. So when I see art of Naruto, Iruka, and Kakashi I weep. Because I need threads like this. Just full of domestic fluff. hh


BROTP-mild OTP Now this one I hadn’t thought of either. It’s honestly growing on me and I can see it as a plausible one. I’m all up for the eternal youth rivals.