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hello! got a idea/suggestion for fanfic but i'm dreadful at writing (unlike you)! alternate universe malec and magnus reveals/shows/tells alec he's a warlock?!✨✨✨ don't worry if you don't want to xx

thank you :x i didnt know whether u meant any au or the season 1 au, so i improvised i hope you like it!

The rain glowed neon in the city light, pouring from the grey clouds that overtook the sky. The sound of it meeting the ground drowned out all other noise, creating isolation out of soothing chaos. Magnus couldn’t help but think of how fitting it was. That today of all days would see nature announce its sorrow.

It had been months now since that fateful party. Since Magnus had regained his magic and his heart. Since he met the boy in blue. He could still remember Alec asking him to stay, how the confidence had made Magnus hesitate until he noticed the careful urgency radiating off Alec. Therefore, body still brimming with new-found life, he had agreed, and felt his heart skip at the smile that lit up Alec’s face.

After that it had been meetings between clients, late night texts, laughter shared across food, fingers intertwined, and lips pressed to cheeks. Being with Alec was exhilarating, the energy between them palpable. Every date felt like they were caught in their own personal gravity, pulled closer and closer together with each smile.

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Faking It - part 2

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 2.1k

A/N: As requested here is part 2! i went a little overboard on this, but trust me you guys it’s gonna get better! I might add a smut part, cause everyone digs that. If you want to be tagged, ask and I will kindly do so and if I forgot to tag you please tell me. *Gif isn’t mine

Part 1 


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“And remember my Mother loves it when men are absolute gentleman,” You said as you stopped the car in front of your family beach house.

“Y/N, I grew up in the 1900s, I’m probably more of a gentleman that every single one of those men in that house combined,” Bucky insisted as he tugged down his long sleeved gray henly.

Sadness washed over you as you realized that he was trying to conceal his metal arm. It dawned on you, Bucky was probably struggling with himself about this whole situation. For your sake, he went along with the plan and it made your heart swell.

You reached out and stopped his hand, instead you rolled up the sleeves on both of his arms and smiled, “You don’t have to do that.”

“But won’t your family be afraid?” He asked.

You shrugged, “Does it look like I care what they think? We’re dating, well fake dating, and when you’re fake dating, you love that person unconditionally. Even if they have a metal arm.”

He smiled slyly at you. “Then let’s get in there and fake the shit out of this.”

You stepped out of the car and breathed in the Californian air. The sea breeze engulfed your senses and you were suddenly a teenager again. An angsty one, but a teenager nonetheless. Memories of you sitting on the warm sand with the sun beating down on you flooded your mind. You missed it.

“Go in without me, I’ll be there in a bit,” Bucky said.

“What?” You snapped your head in his direction. “We’re supposed to go in together.”

“Trust me,” He added. “Have a little faith in me, doll.”

You groaned, “Just hurry up.”

With a last deep breath, you walked towards the house. You smoothed down your black striped t-shirt dress and made sure your black boots were spotless. The noise was heard even before you got inside. Your family was loud, so it would be a surprise if you got through the night without an argument breaking out. You spoke too soon.

“The pot is mine!” You recognized the voice as your Aunt Nancy.

“Nuh uh!” Your Aunt Betty remarked. “See that dent right there! Susie made is when she dropped it on the floor! Now give it here you old hag.”

Bickering followed quickly and you heard your Mother trying to break the fight between her two sisters. You opened the door, knowing it would be unlocked and stepped inside. All eyes were on you. The entire family was there. Your grandpa was there from your Mother’s side as well as both your grandparents from your dad’s side of the family. Your mother had three siblings. Your Aunt Nancy and Betty were her sisters and Uncle Matt was her brother. Nancy, Betty, and Matt were all married. Nancy has two kids, Betty has five and Matt has one.

Your Dad’s side of the family was much bigger. He has five siblings. Your Uncle Danny, Joel, and Freddy. Aunt Hazel is the second to youngest and the only girl. Uncle Joel is the youngest and constantly getting a new partner. It would be no surprise if he has a new boyfriend or girlfriend by next week. Danny has four kids, Freddy and Hazel both have two. By the looks of it, Aunt Hazel has a third one on the way.

“Y/N!” Your Mother exclaimed in glee. “I can’t believe you were able to make it!” She pulled you into a hug. “It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, well I left California for a reason,” You mumbled and hugged her back.

It’s true. No matter how much you missed your Mother and Father, there was a great reason as to why you left in the first place. It was your aunts. Mostly from your Mother’s side. They were such hypocrites and always had something to day about you.

“Ha! See, I told you she was still single Flor,” Your Aunt Betty told your Mother.

“Oh quiet you,” Your mom shut her up. “It’s alright, I understand.”

Before you could say anything, your sister spoke up.

“Still dressing in black I can see,” She remarked and embraced you.

“Missed you, Erika,” You smiled. “Let me see the rock.”

Erika flashed you her engagement ring that was on her finger. No doubt waiting for the exact moment in which she could show you her new jewelry. After all the greeting and embraces from family that actually missed you, the comments began.

“Did you gain weight?” Aunt Nancy asked.

“Yes, it’s called muscle, something you don’t know about,” You shot back.

“Well, would you look at that? The girl grew a backbone,” Betty laughed. “Yet she couldn’t find a man.”

You were being torn apart by your aunts and you were at that breaking point. Just as you were about to snap at them, a voice form behind saved you.


Everyone turned their attention to Bucky who walked into the house. He held a bouquet of flowers and you silently thanked him. He walked over and planted a long kiss on your lips. You weren’t expecting it, but were quick to melt under his touch.  

When you faced your family once again, they were all gawking at the man that just entered the house. Your Mother smiled widely and you sister seemed to nod in approval.

“James Barnes,” He greeted.

“This is my boyfriend,” You added.

“These are for you Mrs. Y/L/N,” Bucky gave the flowers to your Mother. “I wasn’t sure what flowers you liked so I decided to go with Y/N’s  favorite; asters.”

You didn’t know how he found out that those were your favorite flowers, but at that moment, you didn’t care. He just made himself look like a gentleman, and that’s all you cared about.

Bucky shook hands with all the men of the family and hugged each woman. You couldn’t help but notice Aunt Betty’s glance at his metal arm, you knew immediately that she was going to give you shit about it.

“Let’s eat!” Your father announced.

“So James, where’d you meet Y/N,” Your Mother asks.

“Please, call me Bucky,” He smiled before looking at you. “We met at work.”

“As you all know, I am Tony Stark’s secretary,” You added. “And Steve Rogers happens to be a close friend of mine. He introduced us.”

“You know Captain America?” One of your nephews asked.

You nodded, “Bucky here is his best friend.”

“He and I go way, way back,” He chuckled.

“You sure did have a great life in New York,” Erika stated.

You intertwined your fingers with Bucky’s. It was metal arm, he looked at you, as if surprised that you’d do such a daring move. “It’s great! Mr. Stark gave me an amazing room in his tower.”

“But she hardly sleeps in it cause she’s always with me,” Bucky added before the both of you burst into a light chuckled.

“How long have you been together?” Aunt Hazel asked.

“A little over a year,” He replied.

“A year?” Aunt Nancy spoke up. “You mean you’ve been hiding this hunk for over a year?”

You cringed at her statement. Bucky squeezed your hand. You couldn’t wait til this day was over.

“And remember that tomorrow is the barbecue by the beach!” You mother called as you left the house. “Nice meeting you Bucky.”

“Nice meeting you too Mrs. Y/L/N.”

“That was terrible,” You mumbled.

“Did I do something wrong?” Bucky asked, genuinely concerned.

“Oh, no, you did great. Did you see their faces when you came in?” You laughed.

“What’s the deal with your Aunts?” He continued.

You shook your head, “They’ve always been like that. Now you can see why I left. They’re not the best people.” You handed Bucky your phone that had the Google Maps open. “Tony is letting us stay at one of his houses.”

“How much did you have to pay for him to do that?” He mumbled.

“Nothing at all,” You replied matter-oh-factly.

Honestly, Bucky, you surprise me. You had such good manners,“ You smiled. “Is that how you got your reputation as a certified ladies man?”

He laughed. It was a joy-filled laugh and it made you want to hear it again. You weren’t sure if it was because you hardly heard him laugh, but now that you did, you wanted to make him laugh again just so you can hear him. So you can be the reason for that laughter. For that happiness.

“Your family’s pretty cool,” Bucky said, ignoring your question.

You rolled your eyes, “Did you hear my nieces and nephews?” A migraine blossomed into your head at the simple memory of all the screaming and crying that you endured for the past three hours.

“And you’re gonna have to handle that all day tomorrow as well,” He noted as if reading your mind.

“Yes and no,” You paused and scrunched your nose. “We can go, make an appearance then maybe leave the barbecue and come back to the house. It’ll be fun!”

“Whoa,” Your mouth was agape as you stared up at the grand Stark mansion. The house sat on a hill, overlooking the beach that was far below. You were astonished at the trust Tony had in both you and Bucky to stay in his beautiful home.

“Holy shit,” You heard Bucky whisper next to you.

The inside was even better. Tony’s exquisite taste in home décor shone brightly in the interior of this home. Each item, no doubt was hand-picked by Tony. The vibrant colors blended together perfectly. You rushed towards the closed curtains and pulled them apart. Just as you imagined, the windows had a captivating view of the beach. The windows stretched from floor to ceiling, never missing a single detail of the scene that was before your eyes.

Bucky let out a low whistle, “Stark must’ve paid a fortune for this view.”

“Yeah, probably worth than both of us combined. So try not to break anything.”

The two of you began your search for the bedrooms. You considered the idea to call Tony and ask him for directions, but decided against it since it was already late in New York. You found the kitchen, which is equally as glorious as the house itself. You found his tech room, that you decided to keep shut to indicate that it was off limits. Finally you found the bedroom. Turns out, that was the only bedroom there was.

Bucky scratched the back of his neck, “Well, I can take the couch. It must be comfortable as well, right?”

“Are you sure? I can gladly take the couch,” You intervened.

“Y/N,” He said. “I insist.”

“So big of a house and you’d think that Tony would spare rooms,” You exhaled. “But then again, this home was for him and Pepper.”

“At least each room has a spectacular view,” He gazed out into the stretched out view. The sun was just beginning to set. Orange, red and rosy fingers seemed to streaked across the clouds. The colors reflected off the water, adding an even more profound beauty to it all.

You and Bucky spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching whatever was on the TV. The pizza delivery guy seemed to be a bit bummed out when he only received a five dollar tip. Maybe he thought that you and Bucky were cheapskates, considering the fact that you were ‘living’ in a home as magnificent as this one.

After two movies, two boxes of pizza and several mindless conversation, you and Bucky decided to call it a day. You dug through your bag in search for your sleeping shirt. Realization struck you and you dragged your hand down your face as you groaned loudly. You had left you sleeping shirt back at the facility. How could I fucking forget? You mentally scolded yourself.

“Bucky,” His name fell from your lips as a groan and slumped towards the bathroom.

He stood over the sink. His dark locks were pulled back in a bun to keep them out of his face. He looked up and quirked an eyebrow at your state.

“This is gonna sound a bit strange, but do you have a shirt I can borrow? I left mine at the facility.”

He shook his head, “Oh Y/N, always so forgetful.”

“It wasn’t my fault!” You insisted and followed him out of the bathroom.

He reached into his bag and tossed you one of his shirts. You unfolded it and the letters read ‘Pink Floyd 1972 World Tour.’ You shrugged and decided that it will do.

“Thanks, Buck,” You smiled.

“Your welcome and get some sleep! I don’t want you complaining about how tired you are when we’re about to get ten hours of sleep,” He called.

You tossed him a pillow and blanket before standing up straight and saluting, “Yes sir.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled, “You’re the worst fake girlfriend ever.”

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I have a question for you, if you don't mind. How do you keep believing in magic? Not trying to say one shouldn't, or anything, but like I've been doing it for a little while and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't; and sometimes I can kind of convince myself that it did. The thing is, I think of myself as very logical, and I respect science. Hasn't science kind of disproved this long ago? Thanks for any thoughts.

Hello there ~☽♡☾

It’s alright, I can tell that you’re simply being curious :)

Actually, quite the contrary! I also incorporate science into my witchcraft, and found it very easy to do so after knowing what I do. That is: Science has proven many things related to the metaphysical, including the way witchcraft works, to be true ~ 

Witchcraft is a way for one to manipulate the energy of the world around them to make certain outcomes more likely to happen, through the power of the mind. Not at all different from other religions who pray, sing, or leave offerings to gods or spirits. But first off, let’s talk about how powerful the mind can actually be! If you think about it, the brain very powerful. Let’s take sound and light, for example; those things are just caused by waves invisible to the human eye… but the reason most people can see or hear is because the brain tells us we can! The brain tells us that something is a certain color, that a taste is good or bad, etc. I’d like to find you a source, but I can’t seem to find the exact source myself, but you can just do some googling or library searching if you’re still curious ~ In fact, have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Witchcraft isn’t something that is fake, but the effects of a placebo can explain what the mind can do when believing in something. 

The reason many witches try to advise others that the ingredients in spells aren’t as powerful as intent is exactly that. Spells work because you can harness the power of your mind in conjunction with the properties of certain herbs. Have you ever heard somebody say 

“Think positive and positive things will happen.”?

Same concept! Your attitude and mind power is the best magickal tool anybody can have. The fact that you are having doubts may be reflecting into your spellwork, so I do hope what I’ve said reassures you!

There are also types of magick where energies combine with your bodys’ energy field, known in the metaphysical community as the “aura”, to produce an outcome or feeling. This has also been proven to produce an outcome, especially with crystals and stones. Crystals/stones specifically emit an energy called piezoelectricity, which may combine with our own natural ones to make somebody feel a certain way. (This is the basis behind crystal healing) It’s also why many people will carry stones with them for depression, emotional imbalance, physical illness or imbalance, etc. The chemical makeup of these minerals mixes with their piezoelectric properties, and produces a specific result when mixed with our own.

Those are just the things that I can remember for now, but feel free to come off anon and let me know if you’d like to talk about it more! I assure you that you may still practice witchcraft while respecting science ~ I just hope I do not get any upset witches because of posting this, as many people believe in many different things, and this is simply my views on the topic.

Edit: Thecosmosinmycoffee told me a very lovely quote to go along with this:

Magick is just science that hasn’t been discovered yet

➺ Rainy

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I don't know why so many people start to attack Rick after all he has done. He has listened and worked so hard at inclusion that was in no way necessary. Yet he embraced his audience and educated himself. Please keep in mind how little authors do this. Also, I noticed your post about subtext. With all due respect, please remember that this is his book. He wrote and invented the subtext of everything you love.

like i just want to be clear that your answer is so painfully, banally predictable and i and numerous others have, in fact, answered it dozens of times today alone, not to mention over the past two days, so keep in mind that you lack basic reading comprehension skills and are immensely, massively annoying.

but i guess u caught me at a good time so i’ll actually answer this bc why not i have time and i’m bored.

  1. the crux of your argument boils down to “beg for scraps from authors, because that’s all you deserve, and they’re gracious for giving them to you.”
  2. inclusion is necessary. inclusion is indisputably very much necessary for lgbt kids. it’s a moral obligation. not carving out a space for lgbt kids to exist is inherently homophobic and transphobic. it is your duty to make sure lgbt kids have places where they know they are heard, can see themselves, and feel comfortable existing. once again: it is not a suggestion, or an important thing to keep in mind, it is a moral obligation. if you do not feel it is a moral obligation to make sure your job (in rick’s case, writing books) is inclusive of lgbt people, you are inherently homophobic and transphobic.
  3. he did not embrace his audience, and he did not work hard. nico’s outing was violent, triggering, and sloppy. solangelo is rushed and underdeveloped. alex fierro gets kicked out of her house and dies as a teenager. apollo’s boyfriends are heartbreakingly tragic and murdered brutally. emmie and jo get kicked out of their home, lucky to have escaped with their lives, and then their daughter is taken from them. this is not good representation, and a very quick google search could tell you that the number one trope lgbt people are begging, literally begging, not to see anymore is “make your lgbt characters have lives full of suffering for being lgbt.” this is not a difficult trope to avoid, and rick has never bothered, because he does not care enough to try and avoid it.
  4. he wrote and invented the subtext, yeah, he did. and then he denied that it was there, said he never put it there and doesn’t see it. but it’s there. we know it’s there, HE knows it’s there, because he dug himself into a hole where he had to say “yes i consulted lesbians and bi women about not applying this trope to reyna”, which means he knows that reyna is lesbian/bi-coded. he also claimed that making reyna gay would invoke lesbian stereotypes, which would be impossible if a character was not strongly implied to be a lesbian. how is it a damaging stereotype to make a character a lesbian, if this character has no similarities to a lesbian? that is how subtext works. you parallel a character to a lesbian, give her experiences that are common for lesbians in fiction, but never make them a reality and claim she’s straight at the end of the day. that is called queerbaiting.
  5. authors who build their brand on representing lgbt kids, accept stonewall awards for their work in accepting lgbt kids, give a speech asking lgbt kids to correct him when they screw up, and vow to keep listening to lgbt kids, are holding themselves to a higher standard than mainstream authors. they are stepping up to the plate and saying “i understand that this is important and this is my duty, and i am willing to do better, do more, be better, learn, work harder.” he chose to accept that standard. he showed up in person and gave a speech on it. he put it on his website. he got his name engraved on the award. once you hold yourself to that standard, that means you expect, even request that others hold you to this standard as well. so what, exactly, gives, in this warped fandom, where we’re all suddenly completely off our rockers for daring to bite the hand that feeds us scraps from his half-assed books? it’s not a felony for me to not go into the navy. it is a felony if i register myself in the navy and then desert when they expect me to show up to bootcamp. i can’t get fired from a job i didn’t accept. i can get fired if i accept the job and then can’t fulfill the job requirements that i swore i would when i was hired. that’s just how the world bloody fucking works.
  6. demanding an apology is not an attack. tweeting “this is unacceptable” is not an attack. writing lengthy posts about why he’s wrong is not an attack. memeing out of exasperation is not an attack. saying “fuck him” or “i hate him” could technically scrape a pass as an attack, although that’s a weak argument, since this is all happening on tumblr and a bunch of people with blogs and twitters pose no threat to a rich man who is directly profiting off of us, nor have we threatened anything beyond “i’m not touching anything with his name on it anymore” (and most people haven’t even said that). holding someone accountable for their actions is not an attack.

we have explained, time and time again, why we are angry, why we are hurt, why this isn’t fair, why he should apologize. but i’ll do it again. in a nutshell, this is why we’re “attacking” him even after “all he’s done”:

  1. he invoked stereotypes about lesbians and bi women, of which he is neither, and then proceeded to lecture lesbian and bi women on our own stereotypes.
  2. when called on this, his apology boiled down to “sorry i hurt your feelings, but i stand by what i said and won’t revise it *[even though lesbians and bi girls have assuredly told me i am wrong, which is obviously what happened, considering i know people were upset at me].”
  3. the stereotypes he mentioned were misinterpreted, and much less harmful than some of the other stereotypes that he is keeping in place by NOT allowing reyna to be canonically gay or bi. namely: queerbaiting, bc as i said, the subtext is there. that warrants a whole separate post, but it’s there, and that’s WHY it became such a popular interpretation of her in the first place. another stereotype would be “beating up your lesbian-coded tough latina girl but refusing to give her an arc about happiness/healing”, and yet another stereotype would be “gay-coded mentor never gets a love interest”.
  4. he knew what he said was going to be received badly, which is why he wrote a disclaimer at the beginning about saying it anyway “at the risk of having things thrown” at him. that should be a clue that maybe you need to revise what you’re going to say, before you start telling lesbians and bi girls about our own stereotypes.
  5. none of his books, of which there are now five series and over 15 books, have a lesbian or bi girl in them. there is one lesbian couple, and they are older women, and minor characters. this is a kids series, if he claims to know that representation for lgbt kids is so desperately important, then why aren’t there any lesbian or bi girls who are his target audience’s ages, and why aren’t they main characters?
  6. in his shitty apology, he referenced that this older lesbian couple were based on real life experiences. aka, “i already wrote a lesbian couple what more could you possibly want from me?” well, rick, we want a lesbian main character, and/or a bi girl who is a main character. is that really so hard? is that really so shocking?
  7. as numerous people have pointed out, a stereotypical lesbian character (who, btw, wouldn’t even be stereotypical, she would just be realistic lmao, like it’s not a stereotype that “lesbians can’t do heterosexual relationships” that’s the fucking definition of a lesbian) would, in this case, be a hell of a lot less harmful than not having a lesbian character at all. bc in this case, the subtext is plainly there, and readers are picking up on it.
  8. he says that we can interpret it however we want, which is actually one thing he did remotely right in this whole mess. but it’s still a mostly empty gesture that i see more as an attempt to cover his ass than as a heartfelt desire to make sure that lesbians and bi girls felt respected and heard. and this is why: he said, “you can interpret it however you want, but i think giving her a girlfriend would be playing into bad stereotypes.” so, basically, rick says that he’ll think you’re playing into bad stereotypes if you imagine this character with a girl.
  9. he also said “just because i think she’s straight doesn’t mean she is”, which is the only other thing he did right. but it’s also backhanded, because he also said “i wrote her to be straight and i can’t see the subtext”. even though it’s there, and he knows it’s there, and we know it’s there. he knows it’s there because like i said, he was aware enough of what he was doing to know “hey, this story arc that i gave reyna seems like a lesbian stereotype, better not give her a girlfriend, then” lmao, and he apparently talked to bi women and lesbians that he knows about it. so, basically, the author is saying “do whatever you want but i think you’re wrong” and that’s….i mean, yeah, i get it, fiction is a living piece of work and the author is dead and blah blah blah, but we all KNOW that what the author says has meaning and holds weight. it makes us seem like he thinks we’re delusional, and i don’t appreciate that.
  10. the stereotype that he’s trying to avoid is a common experience for lesbians and bi girls. by saying “it would be a bad stereotype to make her date girls because she’s liked boys” he’s 1. ignoring how this is true for many lesbians 2. literally operating on the assumption that bi girls do not exist.
  11. a fan asked him to give reyna a girlfriend and he immediately started going on about lesbian stereotypes and how he wrote her to be straight. that was unnecessary, callously dismissive of bi girls, and insulting to his lesbian fans.
  12. we deserve better.
Games that Do Exist/"Cut(e) things are cute."
  • Me: Have you played Kirby 64?
  • Mendelpalace: I have. Played it as kid.
  • Me: Looking back, something about it was kinda...off.
  • Me: The Dark Matter, for one thing.
  • Me: That game was the third of three games with Dark Matter as the main antagonist.
  • Me: They were called the "Dark Matter Trilogy,"
  • Me: and they were all directed by a guy named Shinichi Shimomura,
  • Me: who is a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, inside an enigma.
  • Mendelpalace: Right, cursory google search says he MIGHT be dead, but people aren't even sure.
  • Me: Apparently he was a drifter who showed up to make some games and then disappeared.
  • Me: And the games he did are full of...
  • Me: You remember the factory level?
  • Mendelpalace: Yeah, the dead earth.
  • Me: It gets weirder.
  • Me: There's a sound in the sound test that threw me off balance when I discovered it as a kid.
  • Me: It sounds like a sped up tape.
  • Me: I was tormented not knowing what it was or what it meant.
  • Me: Well, the good news is that somebody finally slowed it down and figured out what it was saying!
  • Me: The bad news is...
  • Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlOiygwv2B0
  • Me: They're lines from a Japanese [children's?!] poem called "Iroha."
  • Mendelpalace: Oh yeah, I heard that mentioned in a YT video a while back.
  • Mendelpalace: "Even the blossoming flowers will eventually scatter."
  • Me: Imagine that, playing on repeat, [on the static TVs in the empty shopping mall level.]
  • Me: I *really* like this guy.
  • Me: What his games do, is that they use the exaggerated cuteness of the Kirby series (which he plays up big time with the soft, crayon art style,) and uses them as an emotional baseline off which to bounce...stuff like that.
  • Me: That is. That is very clever.
  • Mendelpalace: His games basically seemed to cement the stereotype of "Kirby Game: Level 1 - Happy Fun Candy Land"
  • Mendelpalace: Kirby Game: Final Level - Demonic Otherwordly Hellscape"
  • Mendelpalace: Which kinda existed before him, but his games seemed to take that even further in tonal shifts.
  • Me: I mean, the backstory to Dark Matter is that it was perpetually miserable and attacked the Dreamlanders out of spite, because it hated seeing them happy while it was not.
  • Me: Which as far as motivations go, is pretty monstrous, even outside a Kirby game.
  • Me: Corrupt something pure because its purity makes you hate yourself for not being like it.
  • Mendelpalace: That vaguely reminds me of a comic I saw once.... DC Comic, where a guy was on a suicide hotline because Superman's sheer goodness made him feel like nothing.
  • Me: I can relate to that.
  • Me: -minus the suicide.
  • Me: I remember when I first got into writing about games, I compared myself to EVERYONE.
  • Me: Oh, I just realized.
  • Me: Ha.
  • Mendelpalace: Hmm?
  • Me: Dark Matter is the Gen Urobuchi
  • Me: To Kirby 64's Magical Girl show.
  • Me: Corrupt something pure
  • Me: Because you find its purity disgusting.
  • Mendelpalace: Except in this case, the purity punches Urobichi in the face and sends him on his way?
  • Me: That would be nice.
  • Me: Ms. Wrist would like that joke.
  • Me: Also, "the blossoming flowers" refers to civilization.
  • Me: "Even the blossoming flowers will eventually scatter."
  • Me: Rated E for Everyone!
  • Mendelpalace: I think she'd like anything related to that dude getting knocked upside the head.
  • Me: *chuckles*
  • Me: Yeah he seems like he was displaced from a timeline in which Watchmen was released in Japan and they had to put up with the fallout of the gritty '90s.
  • Me: I think the worst thing about Madoka Magica is the way it tries so hard to grab you by the throat emotionally.
  • Me: It does that same thing where you use cuteness as a baseline to make the not-cute parts pop.
  • Me: But where Shimomura restricted his use of that technique to occasional nihilistic giggle,
  • Me: Urobuchi takes it in a dark, extremely indulgent direction.
  • Me: It makes the not-cute parts pop!
  • Me: Pop!
  • Me: POP!
  • Me: It tries so hard to make you feeeeel something.
  • Me: "Look at these adorable highschoolers! Aren't they precious?"
  • Me: "Won't you cry, if we rip them to shreds?"
  • Me: "Do you want us to do it again? Will you cry then? Will you?"
  • Me: "Won't you cry? Won't you cry, cry, cry? Won't you love them even more?"
  • Mendelpalace: You already used that trick, pal. Repeat performances get diminished returns.
  • Me: It feels...cheap. Overwrought. Psychological potato chips and emotional cola.
  • Me: But it also seems...kinda scary.
  • Mendelpalace: Well, as Ms. Tara is one to say... "what are you trying to kill?"
  • Me: "Adorable highschool girls" is sort of a short cut, right?
  • Me: It's way to try to make you care about a character without having to do tiresome work of...gasp...characterization!
  • Me: Speaking through shorthand instead.
  • Mendelpalace: I mean shorthand HELPS, but over rely on that and it can come off as cheap.
  • Me: If a story is entirely shorthand, then there's no substance.
  • Me: I remember reading "Otaku: Japan's Database Animals" by Hiroki Azuma.
  • Me: According to him, what otaku do is break down the things they like into "elements" that can be chased independently of context,
  • Me: in hopes of getting the same reaction.
  • Me: So somebody sees Rei Ayanami, and as a result searches out characters with blue hair.
  • Me: And they associate the blue hair with that reaction.
  • Me: And they feel that reaction in response to blue hair as a result.
  • Me: And from a Pavlovian perspective, that makes sense, but...
  • Me: It creates problems when sharing stories with people who don't have the same experiences and don't respond to the same dinner bell.
  • Mendelpalace: That's a good way to explain it that I hadn't thought of.
  • Me: But now everything has been reduced to an impenetrable shorthand.
  • Mendelpalace: See this is part of why i don't get why I inspire you, you're so much smarter than me.
  • Me: I don't know if I've ever said this, but you're like, the big brother I never had.
  • Mendelpalace: That's actually super touching, thank you.
  • Mendelpalace: I don't think so, necessary.
  • Me: .-_-. u welcome
  • Me: When see too many otaku elements on a single character, they can feel kind of unnatural, or shmushed together.
  • Me: And that unnaturalness can short-circuit any kind of emotional connection you *might* have had, otherwise.
  • Mendelpalace: Well yeah, they become a container of tropes.
  • Me: But the hypothetical otaku points to this and says:
  • Me: "How can you not see it?"
  • Me: "She has cat ears AND an ahoge AND blue hair AND a maid outfit AND a tsundere streak like what more to want to stack on toppa this quarter pounder?"
  • Mendelpalace: That's people filling in blanks that don't even have outlines yet.
  • Me: But at a certain point, the tropes become so removed from any context that all they do is point back at themselves.
  • Mendelpalace: Granted for some people that's an appeal in of itself. Defined enough to have a SENSE of a character, but vague enough you can fill in what you want in what's left.
  • Me: You could argue that Madoka is a fun watch if you're into, like, getting your heart ripped out, chewed up, spit out, stomped on.
  • Me: Laughed at.
  • Me: But it just begs the question:
  • Me: Why would anyone think they had to try so hard?
  • Me: Why would anyone think they had to try this way?
  • Me: What kind of person is so emotionally numb that they need to see 14-year-old girls get their heads ripped off to FEEL ANYTHING?
  • Me: The problem with moe [isn't] that its proponents respond to it.
  • Me: Cut things are cute.
  • Me: *Cute*
  • Me: It's that they don't respond to anything else.
  • Mendelpalace: There's a Freudian slip somewhere there.
  • Me: This is sooo going in a chat post.
  • Mendelpalace: What's the trope name? Break the Cutie? It IS a recurring thing.
  • Mendelpalace: Fine by me.
  • Mendelpalace: Always glad to help.

anonymous asked:

In light of SOTF getting deleted, how do you reconcile writing/reading t+c fic? I understand the reasons why she's taking it down, and it's kind of making me feel really bad. But at the same time I don't know if I can stop because reading these stories is like an escape that makes me happy. I guess I just always tried justifying it by thinking they wouldn't care, but now I don't know.

Disclaimer on this: I don’t know if any of this is right, and I very well may change my mind and think I was being terrible for ever engaging with RPF, but this is just how I currently think/feel about it. Also this is probably gonna be long so sorry about that.

For context, I did not always think RPF was okay. I’m not sure if I really thought it was not okay, but I had seen it and felt uneasy about it and not really known why in the past. The thing that actually made me question whether that unease was rational wasn’t ‘traditional RPF’, but was because I was reading the rap genius description of a Hamilton song and it said there was Hamilton the musical fanfic. (Like, had I thought about it, I would have been like, of course Hamilton the Musical fanfic is a thing that exists, because there’s fanfic for everything, and hamilton is very popular. But I hadn’t thought about it, so I realized it reading rap genius.) So then I started thinking about like…is it actually Hamilton (the musical) fanfic, or is it just fanfic about Hamilton (the person) and the other historical figures in the play? (Esp if it’s an AU w different characterizations? Like there’s more historical h*milton/l*urens than muscial h*milton/l*urens.) Then I started thinking about how Hamilton itself is actually historical RPF? Like, there’s a bunch of stuff in that play (or any piece of fiction based on ‘a true story’ or history) that isn’t what actually happened/is fabricated for dramatic effect?

That made me think, basically, why do I think historical fiction using real people’s likenesses and/or lives is okay, but modern RPF isn’t? It’s different, for sure, but why? Madeoflater said they felt like they wondered if they’d wouldn’t feel violated if they knew someone used their likeness in a story like that. And again, I see that. But is the tension really the idea of using someone’s likeness and prescribing feelings and actions to a fictionalized version of them? If so, why don’t we feel that with historical fiction about real people?  I think it’s because a) historical figures will never know it happened and b) we fear we can’t suspend our disbelief enough to not assign things we read about fictional representations of/based on these people from the people themselves.

To illustrate point A, imagine that @5-oclock-somewhere@sar7891, and I had a groupchat or something where we wrote fic and showed it to each other. (Whether or not this actually exists is classified.) Would that cause you the same unease? If that fic was never going to be out in the world, and there was no chance anyone fictionally represented in it or people that knew them would see it, would it not just be a weird but harmless thing that we did for fun? For me, I think I would feel decidedly less weird about that in the first place. Mainly, I don’t want players or people they know to have to see fic about themselves or know it exists. (I guess unless they want to, like they’re allowed to know about it, but I think most if not all of them would rather not.)

On point B, imagine that we instead speculated about players’ actual personal lives in that group chat. Gossip is generally seen as an unsavory activity, but we all (whether it’s your mom about the neighbor or twitter about a celebrity) sort of permit it as more or less socially acceptable. Here’s my question: what’s the difference between 1 and 2? There are definitely differences, but what are they? For one, gossip is something we’re socialized to tolerate. For another, fic takes effort and is more deliberate than casual gossip, so it’s more of a choice you’re making when you engage with it. A conversation can accidentally stray into gossip, but it’s hard to accidentally upload to Ao3. On the other hand, fic is (most of the time) a more deliberately fictional construction. Some stories might be positioned as more of a gossipy take on real life, but even those (I think) read as a fictionalized version of real life events, whereas saying “I bet x and y hooked up in college” or “do you think z cheated on w” mostly do not. 

Now, if you’re reading a fic as if it were a depiction of real life events, I think you’re definitely starting to get into problematic territory, but it’s pretty much the same as excessively speculative gossip. If you think one is okay to read/write, then in my mind you’re sanctioning the other. I don’t particularly like either, but really on the list of things we’re all going to hell for, excessively gossiping about someone when they’ll never find out doesn’t rank very high. If you don’t believe there’s a link between fic and the gossipy stuff, just think back to how snippy everyone got during the drought of both “content” and fics. Once people started updating again, even though we haven’t gotten much content lately, people stopped either picking over every little thing or (more often) complaining that people were picking over every little thing. The masses are placated by either, and you can make the determination for yourself whether reading/writing something much more detailed and extra but deliberately fictional is better or worse than reading/writing dubiously fictional speculation on people’s real lives. Or maybe you think either is fine as long, or either are fine as they’re on the DL, which I can see the validity of, I guess, but I really don’t know. 

If, like me, those two things are the reason you feel queasy about stuff, I recommend the following things that I do/have done/try to do:

  1. Send feedback to AO3 and ask if they’ll remove RPF tags from google searches, and if you write fic, go to preferences and click the “Hide my work from search results” button. I generally consider tumblr to be a place where players will only go if they’re looking for trouble, but if you want to be safe, don’t tag fic links with their names. 
  2. Remind yourself that you don’t actually know these people, and even if you did actually know these people, you probably still wouldn’t really understand them, because humans are generally pretty bad at understanding each other. When you read fic, treat it as really fictional fiction. Remember that you’re reading about characters the author made up, who probably more closely resemble composites of them and other people in their real lives (like madeoflater’s old crush) than the players you’re supposed to be reading about. When you gossip about them, either a) don’t or b) imagine them as complicated flawed humans that you still don’t know and grant them as much grace as you’d want if someone were talking about you. It’s (imo) normal to be interested in people you look up to or admire or just think are generally cool, and to wonder what they’re really like, with their friends or their girlfriends or whatever. Just be respectful and kind to them and respectful and kind to everyone else and you’ll be fine.

Also, again, who knows. Maybe in a few months I’ll be like ‘sike rpf is evil i hate it now’ because I, too, am a complicated flawed human, one who doesn’t even understand herself. 

Part of the reason the last chapter of youth took so long was that I started to think more about what I was doing and felt weird about it, but honestly I think what made me stop thinking that was thinking that when people have fic to read they’re less likely to actually wonder/speculate about/look into people’s actual lives. I don’t really think ‘quenching the masses’s gossip thirst in a probably less horrible way than what they might do’ is an actual ethical justification for anything, so I don’t really have the right answer yet and if/when I ever do it might be the same as madeoflater’s. But that’s just where I’m honestly really at right now, which I think is what you asked.

anonymous asked:

Part 1. I don't have anyone to talk to about my dreams and aspirations.. because here in my town, in Russia, what I want is a dream of a child that should be long forgotten. But now that I’m 20 years old, I've gathered up some courage and I’ll admit to myself - I love drawing because I've been doing it as long as I can remember and so I wish to come to America where the best animation is made (here it's pretty much dead) and become a storyboard artist..or concept artist or ANYTHING. I want to be

Part 2. .. involved. That’s all I know. But I’m lost. I know you aren’t supposed to know how to solve this, but any kind of advice now would be.. very special to me. Is getting an art degree in a university my only chance? I googled, didn’t help much. Did you get opportunities through tumblr? Should I concentrate on that and put more stuff out? After all, getting noticed online is easier than to expect that I’ve got a place in America..which now seems..unreachable.

Hey there. To be honest, I was thinking a lot about this question, and I’m not sure if I’m the right person to answer it. I am from America, and I recognize the privilege that comes from being born here, especially with regards to certain parts of the entertainment industry. 

I feel like it would be lazy of me to just say something like, “Keep drawing and eventually you’ll achieve your dreams.” A statement like that negates the amount of research that needs to come along with all the drawing. Really, the best advice I can possibly give you is that you need to do your research. I’m talking WAY beyond a simple Google search. You need to dig.

Research the animation industry in Europe, which most definitely exists. America is not the be-all, end-all of animation. Research other artists/illustrators who live overseas. At least 40 of the artists who participated in Ladies of Literature are international–many of them also hail from Europe, and there are tens of thousands more. Research animation schools or trade conventions that may be nearby, and online classes taught by industry professionals. Research online forums or other spaces, like tumblr and twitter, to put up your work, network, and find opportunities. And of course, keep drawing WHILE you’re discovering all this new information. Information is nothing without action.

I totally get how it might seem impossible to break into the industry when you’re so far away from where it’s all happening, but there are ways around it that don’t always involve going to Calarts or whatever big name art school. So many people in the industry got there by taking alternate paths that they had to carve out themselves. It’s scary, and some of it unfortunately comes from luck, but it’s absolutely possible. It’s up to you to find out how and where and what you can do to be ready when the luck hits you.

I hope this was helpful, and I apologize for being a bit vague. If you come off anon and email me, I can try to give you some advice that’s more specific to your work.

EDITED TO ADD: From ribkadory (who is a rad artist!)

Hey anon, i’m from Russia :) there are at least 3 fields you can work at in Russia: animation (Melnitsa or Wizart Animation), game development (tons and tons of companies to choose from), comic books (BUBBLE). It’s not that bad here in Russia (:

belovedblabber  asked:

I love your concepts and designs fir the Silmarillion and Tolkien stuff in general. It's not like anything else out there. I love the fact that you are outside the box. Most people conform to a similar design, (including me) but you have created your own. Which is so unique and gorgeous. You are my fave Silmarillion artist. I love how many if your designs have darker skin, something you don't see much. What gives you your design ideas?

my brain right now:

Holy shit that’s really incredibly nice of you to say omg

give me a moment INEEDTOBREATHE -FAINTS-

But YEAH uh I’m not really sure how to answer your question (i’m so bad at answering questions like this oh man) BUT I’LL TRY MY BEST

Uh idk for the most part when I was read the Silmarillion I would do quick sketches of how a character would appear to me in my mind when I first read about them. Some of them have changed from how I first imagined them, but for the most of them they’ve stayed the same. 

As far as clothing goes I usually just kind of draw whatever comes to mind, whatever feels right to their personality and body when I personally think about them. I also don’t really want any of the characters to have to dress a certain way as far as genders go. I feel like people should wear whatever the fuck they want to wear. So I don’t have certain fashions that only females and males have to wear, but differences in the fashion is based more on the culture of that group like maybe this group of people wear a lot of layers with thick fabric or this group wears thin clothes etc.

Haven’t been able to do this enough yet since I’ve been so busy this semester, but I do look at a lot of fashion throughout history and also armor and weapons from around the world (especially armor and weapons just so it makes SENSE and not just some ridiculous design). It’s gonna be tough cause there are certain looks from different cultures that I really appreciate but I really don’t want the attire they wear to be so obviously taken from a culture especially since I’m aware some clothing is sacred to different cultures.

As far as faces go I usually already have an idea of how a character looks and I go hunting for face references of models and actors from around the world who come close to how I imagine the characters (i know there is a beauty issue with using only models and actors, but my biggest reason for that is because they’re gonna have more references available than say just a random person). 

And in some cases the models and actors are just SCARY accurate to how imagine the characters. I’ve written them down and I share my face model for Lúthien and Fëanor

Model: Nan Sheng

The very first picture I ever saw her in is the one below. It took me FOREVER to find out who she was because every picture I saw of this one even when I image searched it on google it would never give her name. I can’t even remember how I eventually found her but I did and I’m so glad. When I first saw the picture below my heart skipped cause she was so perfect as Lúthien and was exactly how I imagined her (minus the grey eyes and skin of course). 


As for Fëanor he was the first character I had found a face model for. 

Model: Douglas Booth

I’ve actually never seen any of his work, but when I was first reading The Silmarillion I had been curious of the new Romeo and Juliet film adaption that he was in as the lead role. I REALLY loved the trailer they had for it so during that time I would constantly watch it over and over again. Without even realizing it (until later) when I starting reading about Fëanor in The Silmarillion I imagined Fëanor with his hair that I draw him with and with Douglas’s face. It was only until after drawing sketches of Fëanor a couple of times did I realize who he looked like when I imagined him. So that’s the story behind his design, and he’s one of the few characters who has gone through basically no further development since the beginning since I have a perfect headcanon for him already (personally for me).

Also look at this shit, just imagine he has the long hair I draw Fëanor with and he’s working in his studio or whatever (I actually just saw this photo earlier this week just yelled “IT’S TOO PERFECT”).

This article dealio has been in the works for a while and I figured I might as well publish it. Underneath the cut I discuss how I run my blog. These tips/tricks/hints can be applied to just about any blog that’s starting out, from a vintage blog to a nature one. Obviously it’s not end all be all guide about how to do it, but it’s how I approach running my blog.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I'm diagnosed with bpd but I don't quite understand it despite reading a lot of stuff about it. What is the difference between bpd and say depression? What are the main characteristics of bpd?

You say you’ve read a lot about it, did you mean the FAQ? If not, you should check it out, because it has a ton of really helpful links and resources.

There are a few disorders that are called depression, but I will explain the differences between BPD and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), also known as major/clinical/unipolar depression. Many people with BPD were misdiagnosed with MDD (and often an anxiety disorder as well) at first. These reasons influence that misdiagnosis:

  • Stigma against BPD, or wanting to spare the patient from stigma
  • Diagnosis was made by a primary care / general practitioner (the kind of doctor you see for a doctor’s note after a sick day) with poor education in mental healthcare
  • We don’t recognise our symptoms as problems, or think that they are our own fault rather than a medical condition
  • We’re too embarrassed, traumatised or anxious to admit how we really think and feel, so we get under-diagnosed
  • Professionals, including mental healthcare professionals, who ignore or deny our symptoms because they think we must be exaggerating
  • MDD with a comorbid anxiety disorder can superficially resemble BPD

It’s also possible and very common for people with BPD to have MDD (and one or more anxiety disorders) comorbid with their BPD.

MDD is a mood disorder. It can appear at any point in a person’s life. Symptoms must be present for a minimum of two weeks. Some people with MDD are rarely or never not depressed, while other people experience episodes some of the time. Some people only experience depressive episodes in response to trauma or stress, and never “at random”.

BPD is a personality disorder, which develops alongside your personality. Often, the symptoms become worst in your late teens or early twenties, but symptoms can appear as early as childhood, and may never fully go away, depending on the person. The symptoms of PDs like BPD are present most of the time, in most situations, for a significant portion of our lives.

All of the symptoms of MDD are also found in BPD, mostly in depressive states, the “low” part of our mood swings. These emotional states can last for a few minutes or for several days. The feeling of emptiness, a symptom of BPD, can also resemble anhedonia, which is a symptom of MDD (and other depressive disorders/states) in which you don’t enjoy the things you normally like anymore.

Many people with BPD have an intense fear of abandonment. It’s so strong that we might feel like we must do something to avoid it. People with MDD often have low self esteem and are concerned that nobody likes them because they’re not “fun”. These symptoms might seem or feel similar, but are a little different.

BPD can contain symptoms of mania, sometimes referred to as euphoria. This is the “high” part of our mood swings. If these symptoms are present most of the time for a week or more, it may be a full manic or hypomanic episode, suggesting bipolar disorder, which is a mood disorder like MDD. For people with BPD, euphoria may last minutes, hours or even days.

BPD can also contain symptoms of psychosis and dissociation in response to stress. MDD can have psychotic features, or if the psychosis is present outside of a depressive episode as well, it might be a schizoaffective disorder. Psychosis/dissociation can also be caused by other schizophrenia spectrum disorders, and dissociation can be caused by dissociative disorders or PTSD.

Splitting, impulsivity and an inability to form a stable identity are symptoms of BPD that are not particularly associated with MDD.

There are a lot of very good free resources online for MDD. Here is a page explaining MDD and other types of depression. If you let Google know your location, then local sites and resources should come up when you search for “depression”.

In summary: BPD can show all the symptoms of depression, but it also has some extra symptoms and is a different type of disorder (a personality disorder, not a mood disorder). Depression can be short-term or long-term, and BPD is always chronic. People with BPD can have depression as well.

Recommended reading: What is BPD? / BPD comorbidity / Coping with depressionEpisodic symptoms

- Exo

To address the last part of your question, in my opinion, out of the nine DBM-IV diagnostic criteria characteristics, the symptoms that are most essential to the experience of having BPD (as in, pretty much everyone diagnosed with BPD will have one of these symptoms) are the following: 1) chronic suicidality and self-harm behaviours, 2) extreme and intense emotional dysregulation (meaning rapid moodswings or an extremely volatile mood), 3) extreme impulsivity/poor impulse control, and 4) an unstable or non-existent sense of self or personal identity. At least to me, those are the “core” characteristics of BPD though I sincerely think all of the recognized symptoms of borderline are equally important and essential to the “borderline experience.”

To switch gears now, I remember when we received this question and I was really taken aback, not because it’s a bad question (it’s not!), but because I truly had no idea how to respond because, at least to me, the differences between BPD and depression (particularly MDD) has always been very sharply defined and clearly evident.

This is just an observation, but I think the lack of education about personality disorders likely contributes to how people may not understand what makes BPD and MDD so vastly different even when they share many similar characteristics.  There’s also an issue with the way depression is discussed (particularly on tumblr) where a lot of characteristics are attributed to depression when they’re actually not symptoms of depression at all, but instead are signs of a comorbidity. 

I see this a lot on tumblr and this sort of misattribution of things to depression that are not correct leads to people thinking that depression is more like BPD than it actually is. It gets to the point where some people, because of their lack of understanding of what makes personality disorders unique from other disorders combined with their warped understanding of what it’s like to have depression, wind up looking at two vastly different disorders like BPD and MDD and, instead, seeing two disorders that look indistinguishable to them. That’s why I think the problem lies with education and the way we don’t talk about PDs and the “all encompassing” way we talk about depression.

I think we need better education on mental illness to prevent confusion like this.  I’ve seen so much confusion like this as a result of the way tumblr especially talks about mental illness with a lot of misleading information or “relatable feels” that were originally written about another disorder entirely and has been co-opted by (usually) depression or anxiety.  I worry that since people are getting such warped presentations of various mental illnesses that they won’t be able to make correct assessments of their own mental health and may end up not getting the care they actually need.

I’m not saying this to make anyone feel bad and I hope I’m not giving the impression that I think depression is a “lesser” mental illness than BPD because I absolutely do not think that and am well aware of just how devastating depression has the capacity to be, just like BPD can be. 

I just wanted to add to what Exo has explained in order to point out that we need better education about what it’s like to experiences personality disorders like BPD, and we also need better education about what actually constitutes depression. Because based on what I’ve seen just on tumblr alone, I can absolutely understand how people like the person who asked this question would be unable to see any meaningful difference between BPD and depression.  I can definitely understand how people, as a result of bad information from tumblr or elsewhere, could end up mistaking BPD for depression.

(I hope this isn’t controversial to say. It’s just a trend I’ve been noticing for a while now and I thought this would be an appropriate time to mention it because of its relevance to the question.)

TL;DR: BPD and depression like MDD are very clearly distinct from each other for a variety of reasons.  The confusion of the two, I think, is the result of a problem with mental health education.  I think tumblr has a problem with unintentionally spreading misinformation about depression and misattributing experiences to depression that are actually experiences of a whole different disorder. 

This way that tumblr talks about depression, combined with the lack of education about what life with a personality disorder is like and how PDs are very unique in comparison to other mental illnesses, is leading people to (understandably) have difficulty distinguishing very different disorders from each other. The only way I can see to fix this is to change the way we talk about mental illnesses and be more wary of misattributions that lead to confusion like this.


anonymous asked:

Oh Edwin, you are adorabe. So your version of "publicly bleeding out for all the world to see" is "I don't understand how google works and think everyone gets the same search results as me when they google Harry Styles sexuality but anyway you could find a link saying Harry might fancy Louis". Oh, poor Modest! And when the public look at the management history of 1D they see a band that started as third place finishers on a UK singing competition and are now global superstars. Poor Modest x2!

A Dora Be … what? And Explora? (Couldn’t resist)

If you spend any time reading my blog, you will know that I don’t hate Modest. Far from it, actually. I really do feel sorry for them. When they signed the 3rd place finisher, no one could have ever imagined it would turn into this! And much of “this” does come down to their efficient and effective management in the first year or so. When it comes to regional fame (Uk and Europe), they do quite well. But I do not believe they have the skill or experience to manage on an international scale, and especially not to the level of fame 1D achieved.

For me it all comes down to the the business decisions made just prior to the band’s entrance into the US market. They made two mistakes:

  1. They decided to market to the 12-16 year old demographic, thus the decision to start with iCarley et al.
  2. They made the decision to enforce a solid closet

It can be argued that #1 is not that much of a problem. It does not bode well for longevity; but boybands generally don’t have a long career anyway. As for #2, as I have argued several times, it was the right decision at that time. Things did not change in the LGBTQ political landscape until May 2012. But this is where Modest began to royally fuck up!

Instead of quietly changing course, either by returning to the glass closet of 2011, or planning for a full coming out, the idiots doubled down! Instead of placing their Clients, and thus themselves, on the right side if history, they instead brought us the Bullshit tweet. They made the decision that it was better that their Client be seem as an insensitive raging homophobe than anything other than 100% straight. And when fans called then out on it, when it was noticed that what was being said in print and on twitter was not matching up with what was said in recorded interviews, the idiots doubled down AGAIN! Every time they had the opportunity to repair the public image of their Client, they instead chose to do the opposite. They have done it with both Liam and Louis repeatedly.

Even if both BS tweets came from Louis, any manager worth their salt would shut that shit down immediately! There would be a full court press of PR and damage control. Instead we get crickets, which only serves to fuel speculations that it is Modest that is sabotaging the reputation of their own Clients. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, reputation is everything! And the actions, or lack thereof, of Modest since late 2011 has done nothing to help their reputation as a respectable and trustworthy company.

From a business point of view they seem to have allowed personal opinion (and belief?) to trump wise business sense. As a company, Modest has a serious PR and public perception issue. The “Larry Stylinson Issue” has taken on a life of it’s own, and is inexorably linked to the performance of Modest. Anyone who even has a passing curiosity about the sexuality of Harry and Louis are going to be introduced to the ineptitude of Modest. And anyone looking into the management of 1D is going to be introduced to Larry.

Modest had ample opportunity to correct their course and protect their own reputation. They chose doctrine and stubbornness over professional detachment and doing what is best for business. They are hemorrhaging industry and public credibility at an alarmingly increasing rate. Every day bring something new that they should either be out in front of, or are directly behind (often the same story!). Their silence in the face of attacks upon their Clients is telling. Their silence and complicity in attacks against the LGBTQ community even more so. They had ample opportunity to change with the times, and chose not to. I believe history will not remember them fondly, nor will the free market.