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oh dear lord yes. liarb fucking changed me,,,, if you had to choose your top three fics, which would you pick? xxx

well first of all, thank you about liarb.  and okay, geez, that is a tough question. i definitely don’t have an official top three, but here are some fics I always come back to and really really super love: 

leave it to the breeze by @hattalove (81k) - this is a gbbo au that i hope most people have already read.  I love so much about it, particularly the sexual tension, but also just the way food and emotions are described.  I’ve reread so many parts of it so often AND listened to the incredible podfic version by @frecklebombfic .    

One For Luck by leavingonatrain (97k) - hahah okay sorry i always rec the same shit, but i just LOVE THIS FIC. it’s a horse jumping au and i’ve said this 80x but it reminds me of jilly cooper in all the best ways.  It’s both funny and a little angsty and totally hot. (incidentally, if you have not yet read the new horse camp au from the summer exchange, please do!!! they both have louis in riding breeches. important! important!) 

little wings on my shoes by @juliusschmidt (39k) - it’s so wonderfully, realistically high school-y.  everyone is so funny in it and they’re all dorks and it’s emotional and i love it.  liam is so liam-y in it, too.  which is the best.  <3 liam <3

I just think all three of these fics have great characterization and really effective emotional content.  

since i’m already talking about fic i just want to also say that right now, basically everything that @horsegirlharry (objectlesson on ao3) writes makes me feel like i’m gonna die.  And okay, i have been saying forever that everyone should read @realname91‘s stuff and I really mean it! particularly Cold and Big Bright World. I don’t think you will regret it!! Especially if you like angst.  ahah like me.  

P.S. I’m going to be sad forever that Butterfly Gun was taken down.  

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You probably don't remember this, but when Matt Smith was still the doctor someone messaged you on anon about how she wanted to play a female doctor someday, and I messaged you about how I wanted to be the female showrunner for her (my url was sunsofgallifrey at the time) and there were all these jokes about shipping me and the anon in a professional working relationship, and now we actually have a female doctor and I remembered that whole thing, and I'm just really happy about this show!

I remember you! That was brilliant. This is amazing, I’m so, so happy about this!


summary: a year in the life of dan and phil after the birth of their daughter.
word count: 1590
warnings: heavy kissing, presmut, drinking (recreational)
prompt: “D & P adopt a child and the different stages/milestones within theirs and the child’s life.”
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what's the update on the person that said they'd slap bex? i don't remember their url

They just started ranting about their anxiety was bad bc people were mad at them they just made out like Bex harassed her and hasn’t posted since like good riddance