but i don't really have a fancast for these guys yet


Guys, I actually just hit 3.5k followers and I just want to thank you so much ?? I love you all so much and I’m really thankful that you are all following me (why do you do this omfg ??). I want to do a few things to celebrate 3.5k and I hope some if you will enjoy these things.


  • mbf this multifandom trash
  • reblog this post
  • blacklist ‘sabrina celebrates’ if you don’t want to see this


  •   for a simple blograte
  • + your name  for a playlist*
  •  + your seflie tag for an hp fancast
  • ♕  + your ‘about me’ page (or informations about you) + a hp era + prefered gender for a hp ship**

format + more information about the ship thing is under the cut

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