but i don't really care i'm still learning

when i was a kid i had this huge collection of sailor moon dolls. still have them actually. they’re really small (which i like) and i think i have almost every single one. unfortunately i think those specific dolls aren’t really worth a lot of money out-of-box, but that’s also kind of fortunate because when i was a kid i learnt the Sailor Venus to a friend and it got totally destroyed in like a day, so I can always replace that one if i wanna go for a full set now.


Proud football husband part. 1: Erik

When Charles scores and Erik is there watching the press is on it.

There is much speculation about whether Erik is supposed to be there, but Erik just basically said that, if Charles is playing, and he has an opportunity to watch, he’s going. 

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Alright, I'm sincerly thinking about dressing as you character for halloween but there are two things bothering me: 1. I don't want to cut my hair because curly hair takes ages but I don't think that's a really big issue because my hair is still decently short? But anywho. 2. I don't know which outfit I want to do, so the real question is, what is your most favorite outfit because I'll dress up as whatever you choose I guess because I'm very indecisive.

I think the coolest outfit is definitely Season 3 Rythian, but I have a fondness for Season 2, the Rythian that stopped taking care of himself and stopped caring about anything but power and revenge.

I re-watched the episode and I can’t help but notice Rumple’s reaction after Jekyll and Hyde die. He’s been stuck, helpless, watching as Jekyll goes after Belle and she tries to flee. Then Hook shows up, kicks Jekyll into the harpoon. Cut to Belle, gasping and horrified. Jekyll dies, Hyde dies, and Rumple… gloats. Literally the first thing he does is gloat over Hyde. Then he has a chat with Regina. He glances over to the ship briefly, but his thoughts seem to be on Jekyll and Hyde and what this means for Regina. He doesn’t run over to check on Belle, even though she was just attacked and almost killed and still looks shaken and is now alone with Hook, aka Rumple’s oldest and probably most hated enemy.

I know we needed that chat between Regina and Rumple, and I know Rumple could see that Belle was okay, but still. After the amount of times the heroes have rushed over to someone after they were attacked, to make sure they were okay - Emma does it in this episode, when Charming is attacked - it feels deliberate that Rumple doesn’t. It would’ve been the perfect time to show him being concerned and worried, and it doesn’t happen. They always have the heroes do it, or at least show a reaction shot - but not here. He doesn’t show concern, he gloats. And he didn’t even do anything to defeat Hyde. He didn’t win. Hook won.

Rumple’s focus isn’t on Belle, it’s on his ego. And I don’t think it’s because the people telling this story don’t know what they’re doing. I think this is part of the story being told.

He does not have Belle’s best interests at heart right now. I don’t know if he’s going to learn something and turn it all around, or not, but they’re really hitting us over the head any way they can with the message that as it stands, Rumple is being selfish and controlling rather than caring or concerned.

Okay, this is a serious post. As much as I love seeing the CGs and learning about the events, I'm still really sad that BMP GREE has essentially become an abandoned platform. The same also goes for MSB GREE, even though I've never played it. That being said, here's a serious question that I wish to pose. If Voltage made a Be My Princess Party/My Sweet Bodyguard Party, would you download it, play it, and, when it calls for it, pay money on it? You can like, reblog, both, I don't care. I know the entire Voltage Fandom isn't on tumblr, so it won't be completely accurate, but I just want to see who would seriously participate.



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Hi,I have wanted to be a astrophysicist for so long But my parents say i need to give it up becuse i can't do math well enough., But have existential depression, which i think is the reason why its so hard for me to concentrate so i can try to learn new things. I REALLY want to get better at math but it feels impossible because i feel like i don't care about improving even though i know i really do. I'm so confused.

If you want to be an astrophysicist, then that’s what you should be! And yeah it’ll be hard, because math is hard for you, but you should still keep working at it. It just might take you longer than others but you’ll still get there!

Can I suggest KhanAcademy? It’s got free math programs, and hopefully the lessons will be presented in a way that catches your attention. It might help you improve your math capabilities. You can do it! I’m already super proud of you for knowing what you want in life and wanting to do better even when you have to deal with your depression. That’s great and you’re great.

You’re gonna be an amazing astrophysicist someday!

-Lou the Lobster