but i don't love this

quick and pretty dang small amara piece done real quick! about a 45 minute warmup. i haven’t drawn a ton of ladies recently, and suddenly just had a craving to. PLUS i love amara so it’s a win-win. this was pretty loosely referenced as well–wanted it to have a more stylized look

i also watched a little tutorial on how to freehand smoke, which i’ve always been pretty awful at. so this wasn’t originally supposed to have that effect, but i decided to be brave and practice a little

Since childhood Sherlock has hardly had anyone in his life that liked him, let alone love him, so Molly saying she does really is next level for him and after the events of TFP he makes it a habit of dropping this bit of info into random conversations

“Someone killed my dog I need your help Mr Holmes please”

“Sure but did you know that mollY LOVES ME”


Tom Holland/Harrison Osterfield + Flowercrowns

Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I used to

I’m now finally able to upload the piece I did for that secret Oxenfree project I helped work on, please go check it out everyone put a lot of work into it and it looks so great!

I would like to personally thank @nightschoolstudio again for making such a beautiful game with characters that I feel will never truly leave me. What you created is truly a work of art and a fantastically entertaining game!

Happy Anniversary Oxenfree !

Ten Things We’ve Noticed About Leo

1. Knows who they are and aren’t afraid to show it

2. Likes attention

3. They’ll fight for what they want, no matter how big or small

4. They like Childish Gambino (lol?)

5. They have really pretty eyes

6. Strong personality. You walk into a room and they’re the first people you notice

7. Fantastic swimmers

8. They like to sing whether they’re good at it or not

9. Crave excitement

10. Enjoy reading

We rip
each other
to insignificant shreds,
And call it affection.
—  V.B.//better lovers

If that’s going to be the last episode ever I don’t want to be mad with it. Sherlock has been such an amazing series and I think the excessive hype and build up is what made me feel underwhelmed by the episode. I’m going to have a good sleep and watch it and appreciate it in the morning.

I’ve been seeing things like “we’re all too hard on Lucien because he didn’t fight for Feyre” but erm of course i’m gonna be mad, like he didn’t try at all?? he didn’t even attempt to tell Tamlin to hold the fuck up with all his abusive-ness?? yeah he could’ve been scared of Tamlin himself, but there was a clear line that Tamlin had fucking leaped over overstepped and Lucien did nothing about it

Whatever happens in the season finale, what Flynn and Eve had have it’s fucking real!!!! You will not take that from me!!!!!!!!!

400-year-long kiss 


I love you

Eve’s worried expression when she realized Flynn put himself in danger






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