but i don't like when jess is in a bad mood

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Sorry but i don't realy know why would Jesse cry?

[puts authorial intent glasses on] i always feel the need to over explain stuff i do so this will do fine

tl;dr if youve never had a happy cry over successful queer role models then im not rly sure what to tell u man

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oh my god?! you would write that?! please that would be AMAZING! i didnt have a particular ship in mind when i was thinking of this au but i really like the idea of stormpilot as the fake dating pair and kylo as the mutual ex (if that doesn't really work for you, you can change it to anyone else i was thinking of him because he's a dbag and his new dbag beau could be hux)! you don't have to feel pressured to write this i already love you forever for suggesting to write this!!!

yoooooooo hope this fits the bill :) (warning for past finn/hux; no one else dated anyone else)

“Oh, kriff,” Finn says suddenly, staring at the living room in wide-eyed horror.

“What?” Jess asks.

Poe leans overs to look, and promptly curses, too. “Isn’t that…”

“Yup,” Finn says tightly. He tries to relax the hand that’s currently trying its best to crush the red solo cup in his hand, but the calm, jovial mood he’s been riding on crashed the moment he laid eyes on Hux. “My terrible, no good ex.”

Jess eyes Hux suspiciously. “You two dated?”

“It’s a long story,” Finn replies, but it’s really not. He just doesn’t want to explain it. There’s still a part of him – a large part – that’s embarrassed to admit that, at one point in his life, he would do anything Hux asked him to do. It was his first real relationship, and it wasn’t good. “We ended on… bad terms.”

Poe frowns. He’s one of the few people that knows exactly how bad the ‘bad terms’ were. “Is there anything we can do?”

“I… I don’t know.” Finn rubs the back of his neck, thinking. He knows for a fact Hux wasn’t invited to Rey’s graduation party, yet here he is. He knows for a fact it wasn’t Rey who extended the invitation. She disliked Hux and made her opinion of him known often; doubly so when he and Finn broke up.

“I’ll kick his ass out,” Jess says suddenly. “Just say the word.”

“Or give us a signal,” Poe says. “Two winks for yes. One wink for yes.”

Finn laughs, suddenly struck with an idea. It’s an outlandish one, ripped straight out of the romance novels he secretly likes to read, but it’s petty and good. “Pretend to date me,” he blurts out, turning beseeching eyes onto Poe. “I don’t want to start a fight, but… I am so down to rub my pretend-perfect life and my perfect pretend-boyfriend in his face, if you are, too.”

Jess lights up. “Do it, Dameron! Help a friend out.”

Poe squints, as if considering, but quickly breaks out into a roguish grin. “Let’s do it.”

And they do. Any doubt niggling in the back of Finn’s mind vanishes as soon as Poe wraps his arm around Finn’s waist and leans into him, like it’s normal and natural. It doesn’t hurt that Poe’s handsome – probably the best-looking guy Finn’s ever laid eyes on, actually – and smart, and terribly funny.

They make a round through the party. No one bats an eye when Poe tucks his hands in the back of Finn’s pant pocket, or when they exchange a brief kiss. They pull away slowly, eyes locked. Something flutters in Finn’s stomach at Poe’s crooked smile. To anyone else, they looked like a couple sharing a small, tender moment. To Finn, it was a light bulb moment coupled with the crushing realization that this was all fake.

“You doing alright?” Poe asks, quiet.

Finn swallows thickly. He’s in trouble. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m alright.”

The rest of the night is filled with more subtle touches and kisses, and conversations where they weave several incredible stories of how they met. They avoid Hux, who seems to be here with Rey’s disaster of a cousin, until the end of the night. It’s one of the worst interactions Finn’s had, ever. Having someone who once looked at you with affection now look at you with a distasteful sneer – it hurt. But Poe was a solid presence at Finn’s side while he tried to be civil (while at the same time getting the potshots in where he could) the entire time, and he survived.

“He’s the worst,” Poe says. “I mean, I knew he was garbage, but I didn’t realize he was that bad.”

Finn shrugs. It’s brisk out, his breath coming out in a puff of white. Poe drove, and offered to give Finn a ride home, but he turned it down. He lives on the other side of town completely, and called a cab instead. Poe insisted on waiting with him at the curb. “Trust me, I can’t believe I actually dated the guy,” he says, and waves off Poe’s subtle wince. “It was a long time ago… I was young. I thought he was cool. Things happen.”

Poe watches him for a long moment. He steps into Finn’s space after a moment, a resolute look on his face. “You’re great, Finn. Really great. And sometimes I wonder how a guy like Hux ever got your attention,” he says, “when a guy like me…”

Finn’s stomach ties into a knot. “A guy like you?” he prompts, hands tingling with the surge of nerves, hope.

Poe leans in instead of explaining, presses his lips against Finn’s like a promise. He pulls back a fraction, but Finn surges forward, and they meet in kind; intense and passionate. Poe’s stubble scrapes against Finn’s chin, and Poe’s hand slips under Finn’s jacket, the heat from his skin bleeding through the layers. It’s the best kiss Finn’s ever shared.

They don’t pull away until someone yells out the window. “Oy! I’m going to need an explanation tomorrow!”

Finn squints up and sees Rey hanging out the doorway, Jess hanging behind her girlfriend with a wry smile. “I’ll buy you breakfast and tell you all about it,” he replies.

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I'm in the mood for some serious angst. Do you have any fics where Cas or Dean has a terminal illness like cancer or something? Can have a happy ending or not, I don't really care either way.

Damn this is pretty hard. I mean there’s the usual Twist and Shout, but I’m not going to re-rec it since you can easily find it and other similar fics on our angst tag HERE. Just scroll down until you find an ask that will fit to your needs. We also have a Death tag where you may find something fitting, HERE.

Anyway, there’s a few fics I don’t think you can find from those tags, so here you go. Hope these will make you cry! – Admin A

Title: The courage of stars

Author: unholyseraphs (oncharredwings)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 76,614 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This was pretty good, as far as I can remember. It’s been awhile since I read this and my notes about it were pretty vague :’D Anyway it should fit to your ask pretty nicely!

Summary: Castiel Novak is a seventeen year old boy who is just like every other boy his age… except that he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As Castiel tries to live his usually lonely life in peace, new people that emerge from the shadows begin to change how he looks at his life and what it means to exist on the human level. He makes new friends, which is new since he hasn’t had a friend since the first grade. He even gets to have normal teen experiences, which make him happy to feel “normal”, in a world where normal is not his usual. After his doctor tells him that he is going to be moved from the Children’s Hospital in Boston to the regular hospital for his treatment, Castiel is devastated. Until he meets one inmate of the county jail, Dean Winchester. The handsome man with the charming smile, and even more tragic and secretive backstory, will change Castiel’s life forever.

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Title: The Little Things

Author: AlreadyPainfullyGone

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,885 - Finished

Admin’s assessment:

Admin A’s notes: I usually wouldn’t rec anything with less than two stars… and frankly, I have no idea why I’m reccing this. There’s Dean with cancer if that helps :’D

Summary: Au based on ‘the big C’ in which Dean gets very sick, and deals with it the denial way. Meeting a homeless man on the way.

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Title: Return to Sender

Author: aileenrose, ctrlallt

Rating: Explicit

Words: 47,375 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’ve recced this fic a couple of times before and I’m reccing it again because it’s just that awesome. I love the idea of this fic and how even though Sam is dead, he’s the one that brings all the characters together and is always present no matter what. I loved Dean’s journey to let his brother go while struggling with his feelings for Cas who has Sam’s heart beating in his chest as a constant reminder of his brother, and Cas who has never been able to live his life to the fullest being afraid of being Sam’s replacement in Dean’s heart. Seriously, this is an amazing story and everyone of you should read it! It’s not as angsty as the other fics in this rec though!

Summary: “He’s going to let Cas do this thing for him–he’s going to let Cas make him so fucking happy.” In the first year after Dean loses his brother, Jess comes up with an idea. She wants to meet Cas Novak, the man who has Sam Winchester’s heart in his chest.

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Title: a place only you can go

Author: iamthemagicks

Rating: Mature

Words: 25,609 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I think I made a mistake reading this when I wasn’t in the mood for angst, so I never really got into the feeling of it. It was okay, not earth-shatteringly amazing that would make me cry unless I was really in the right mood. But if you are looking for something angsty and you have just the perfect soundtrack  to get in the right mood, I’m sure you’d love this!

Summary: Castiel Singer has been living with cardiomyopathy since he was fourteen. He lives with his adoptive parent and sister. While gearing up for graduation ( his sister and lifelong friend Sam), his heart starts to decline. He tries to work through the pain the best he can until his boyfriend, Dean ( a fledgling musician) returns home for a tour. But after an'episode’ that lands him in the hospital, Castiel and his family discover that he is in need of a transplant. Castiel has to step back and consider his relationship with Dean ( who sleeps with others man and women on tour and Castiel is aware) and the guilt of causing financial crisis to his family.

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Title: Play My Song

Author: HalfBloodAlchemist-10

Rating: Mature

Words: 15,547 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: It’s been way over a year since I read this and my memory of it is very hazy and the notes I’ve made don’t really give me much to work with, since they literally say: Heartbreaking, cliché ending, not bad. So I guess I didn’t hate it and had some strong emotions at least some point of the story, which is a plus, and apparently the ending wasn’t that good :’D
I really need to write better notes in the future!

Summary: Three years after the world doesn’t end, Dean and Castiel’s life strikes tragedy once again. The ex-angel falls victim to a life threatening disease, and Dean must come to terms that a guardian angel can’t always be there for you.

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And hey, 2K followers! Thank you, guys! We’re so happy! And I feel so bad because I’ve been too busy with work, school and, well, stupid life and I haven’t been able to post or even read anything for a while! Sorry! Thank God Admin A is doing a great job. – Admin J