but i don't like the watermark


Recently someone from tumblr decided to repost my art on Instagram, I guess because they thought I don’t have one?? The issue has been resolved but under no circumstances do I allow people to steal my art and claim it as theirs. If someone claims that I gave them permission then they’re lying.


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”


Suicide Squad | Behind The Scenes + Jared Leto


I very much love Garcia Flynn. Definitely too much. We don’t deserve a character so complex and tragic. But also yes I do. Give me more. I earned this. I’ve sat through so many black and white characters. Give me all those shades of gray.

As for the group picture near the end, you know I’m on the Lucy is Flynn’s wife train. All aboard. I will hold out for this until they blatantly tell me no. Probably not even then really. And if it isn’t true, boy, do I have enough observations and theories to make a kickin AU.

What should Dan and Phil play? Night in the Woods!
What are they most likely not gonna play? Night in the Woods!

(i was thinking of drawing them as other game-they-should-play characters so this might become a series. i say might ‘cause i’m a total trash mammal)


How ‘bout some Greek god Zoro

I’m so tired but Cap Tadashi insisted on being drawn.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever draw something so hard like an anime character with a mouse before?

Yeah, I used to draw with my mouse before (when I just started to draw, so at the very beginning). I think I did a lot of drawings using vectors. I was using GIMP back then and it was really hard and tiring. 

I just did this one for fun. xd

And this one with vectors but still with my mouse:

Colors with my mouse (no vectors):

And I took so much time for this, wtf. I hate using my mouse. OTL


In the Dominion of Rubrum, there exists a legendary class of cadets: Class Zero… This young man stands at the helm of the twelve chosen ones; on a field of violence and horror, he hums a comforting lullaby…