but i don't like the clothes they put on her

So yeah maybe I ran out of questions but you ran out of answers.
where the fuck were you when i was half drowned in a bottle of whiskey just asking for a text back?
where the fuck were you when life crawled under my skin and tore itself out from the inside?
where the fuck were you when I was going through it last November and you said looking at pain this close made you uncomfortable?
where do you get off with telling me I shouldn’t talk to him and that he’s bad and he only cares about one thing when the only goddamn time you were interested in me is when my clothes were off and yours were too
look at this game we played because it never was that to me but you only just now put your cards down so you could hold her fucking hand and
i can’t be mad about it I can’t feel it in my chest like a jolt of electricity i can’t beg for you to come back when you were never even here so
maybe i ran out of questions
but only when you stopped fucking answering them.
—  so block me again we’re not even friends– lily rain

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Hey, could I have some advice/an opinion? For a while now I have identified as genderfluid, mainly because I dress super girly/feminine a lot. But even when I'm dressed in stereotypical feminine clothing she/her pronouns just don't feel right. I think I might be nonbinary? Can you be nonbinary and still love dressing femininely? I'm so confused. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you!!! I hope you have a great day/week/month. 💗 (PS you are my main nonbinary/non-cis role model)

Oh boy I’ve been waiting for this ask. So I’m nb and I don’t feel like a girl at all, not even a bit and I love love love makeup and fashion and hair and pretty “feminine” things. Whenever I put on pretty makeup and “feminine outfits” it feels like art, it feels like I’m creating a picture on myself and I don’t feel like it reflects my gender at all but it’s still fun. That’s the thing that I wish more people understood, there is no one way to be a gender. You don’t have to be androgynous or dress androgynous to be nb. You don’t have to be feminine or dress feminine to be a girl. You don’t have to be masculine or dress masculine to be a boy. Gender can be expressed through clothes, makeup and hair but you can also just look how ever you want and have fun with it even if it doesn’t express how you identify. Fashion is an art and humans are canvasses and that’s that.

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I remembered Gigi has already posted a colored version of that zigi selfie from Zayn's IG. His hoodie is red, and she put on a bomber jacket to make it seem like a diff day. But Zayn didn't even bother to change his clothes. He does less than a fraction of the work she does to make the relationship look legit. Gigi signed a bad deal don't you think? She comes across as a crazy obsessed fan girl instead of a girlfriend. The good thing is she keeps Zayn in the media spotlight with her thirsty act

Oh that’s right! My mind had cancelled that other Zigi Snapchat Gigith posted due to lack of interest.  You are never going to catch me on a day where I will say “Poor Gigith. The ol’ bearding game’s got her down.” I’m just nahhhht. 

 So basically what we have here is that they  took photos on one day (smart time management Yolanda), but then didn’t bother to change out Zayn’s clothes (what the fuck Yolanda, get your shit together):

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Every pic I see with Claire and Frank they are so put together in their perfect clothes and seemingly lavish settings with perfect looking extras. You'd think Frank was JFK and Claire Jackie Kennedy. Oh and remember Gaellis's 60's mansion from last year? It's like everyone's a millionaire. Were history professors rich back then? I guess Claire was making money as a surgeon, but still. I don't know man, I'm from a poor family so I always imagined more modest things when reading the books.

Geillis had a mansion? When Claire went to Gillian’s house, it was kind of a hot mess. Her speech thing was at the University, not her house.

For Claire and Frank, two of the pictures they’ve released have been from special occasions. Most likely Bree’s high school graduation and Claire’s med school ceremony. So like, of course they’d be dressed up?

But like, in these three they seem pretty average?

I’m guessing Frank makes decent money as a professor, but I don’t think they’d be loaded? (Although the show seems to have them living in the Back Bay, I think I saw Newbury Street on one of the signs in a picture, which is expensive. But it’s also probably like the only neighborhood except the South End that a U.K. neighborhood can stand in for.)

'texts from last night' starters
  • [MSG]: His birthday is on Valentines Day, of course he's getting a blowjob.
  • [MSG]: Where are you and why are you fighting with a bird?
  • [MSG]: Apparently my thong was thrown in the cornfield last night. No one will tell me why.
  • [MSG]: He understood my need for pizza was more important than my need for sex. He's the one.
  • [MSG]: So you don't take a regular pic with her, but you take a selfie with her ass. Interesting...
  • [MSG]: The only reason I have clothes in my overnight bag is to cover up my sex toys.
  • [MSG]: Nothing says "happy birthday" like a negative pregnancy test.
  • [MSG]: Do me a solid and hit me with your car.
  • [MSG]: The night went downhill when he lit her purse on fire and tried putting it out with vodka.
  • [MSG]: As the bouncer was escorting you out, you yelled "keep your filthy dick beaters off me!"
  • [MSG]: I don't think problem is the right word. Problems arent something you enjoy. Life would be too boring without gambling.
  • [MSG]: I don't call her my roommate, that's too cordial. I prefer to refer to her as the whore that was assigned to live with me.
  • [MSG]: Why does every poor decision I make end up with over 1000 likes on YouTube?
  • [MSG]: Oh boy I hope we come out of this alive. And with clean prison records.
  • [MSG]: How do you politely bring up someone's criminal record?
  • [MSG]: I just literally had a dance party in my closet. I've never been this blazed.
  • [MSG]: She kept calling herself DJ McDonalds and said she wanted to make some Egg McMusic.
  • [MSG]: My dad just called from upstairs on the house phone to tell me to bring him a beer. You tell me how I am.
  • [MSG]: Okay, just don't go to jail. I saw your account balance. It can't take that.
  • [MSG]: At what point did you actually think that you could throw knives safely?
  • [MSG]: I'm wayyy too drunk to be in a parade right now.
  • [MSG]: You would be so proud at how green we're being. Re-using last night's jello shot containers.. saving the world one step at a time.
  • [MSG]: Nothing kills the mood quicker than kneeing him in the face during sex.

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Someone should actually tweet or message the stylists about not putting them in attention grabbing clothes because I 1000% agree with you. Their faces and personality are beyond enough and we don't want shit from other artists

If they still have Kim Hyun Ok as their stylist, her instagram is  lovelyok77 . If you want to ask her guys, please do it politely and without spamming her. Something like “Our boys are under your care for the BBMAs too. We really loved the xxxx red carpet. Our boys looked fabulous thanks to you. We hope to see a similar style during the BBMAs too.”. 

Thanks for the ask ^^

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Niles for the send me a character?

First Impression: A rogue who’s also a sadist? no thanks

Impression now: He’s such a good retainer and he’s such a broken guy and he needs love asap also he’s hilarious

Favorite moment: His entire support with Odin because that’s one of the funniest supports I’ve read with how they bicker throughout everything and they both think the other is too unqualified to work for Leo because they both give off such a bad public image lol

Idea for a story: *whispers* birhtright au

Favorite Relationship: His relationship with Nina is so unique compared to how he treats literally everyone else. She’s the light of his life and the only good thing he put into this world and he’s just so genuine with her it’s great.

Favorite Headcanon: super random headcanon but can you imagine him buying cute dresses for nina as a child and helping her put her little tiny shoes on and he probably has baby shoes just hidden away in his clothes somewhere cause he lost them so if he shakes his clothes out baby shoes fall out

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Things my sister said while playing Endless Summer Book 1 (Part 1)
  • Looking at the cover: Why are they shirtless? Did that volcano at the back burn their clothes off? I don't get why they have to be shirtless. We know you've got a chest and a tummy. Put your shirt back on.
  • Sean appearing onscreen: Why is he wearing dad's shirt. I mean, look dad has a shirt like that, right? RIGHT?
  • Jake calling our MC 'princess': Haha, no. I'm not a princess, mister. I'm a queen. *dabs*
  • Introducing Michelle: *gasps* She's so mean! What did I ever do to her? Is my existence destroying her make-up?
  • At the end of Chapter 1: Wait, what? *puts her phone in front of my face* Did you just see that? Is this like the Hunger Games on an island? IS IT?
  • Start of Chapter 2: Wait, what if aliens came and zapped them all into outer space? It's possible, right?
  • The end of Chapter 2: WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT WEIRD VAMPIRE BAT-ISH THING? Is Batman on this island too?
  • Start of Chapter 3: Why is everyone against me? I just saw a creepy Batman figure on this island and you're all mad at me for ruining your party? WHAAAAAATTT?
  • Finding Furball: Aww, look he's such a cutie. It's an adorable ice fox. <i>Ate</i>, make me a stuffed toy version of this. *tries to guilt me with puppy eyes and fails epically*
  • The end of Chapter 3: Oh, so it isn't Batman. IT'S A CUTE SABERTOOTH THAT I WANT TO HUG. Oh, it wants to kill us? Nevermind.

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Can I request a doodle of Ishizu wearing an Indiana Jones hat and being a cool archaeologist please? If it strikes your fancy

I’m very into everything involving ishizu and the indiana jones hat, honestly!

Here’s her checking over some write-ups at a site!

Real Talk - Becca X MC

Pairing: Becca x MC
Word Count: 542
Universe: The Freshman
Author’s Note: MC trying to get out the pit stop status. She tells Becca what is on her mind and Becca doesn’t know what to do. I am betting there will be a part 2 in the future. 

Lying there with my arms wrapped around a satisfied, or at least I thought she was fulfilled. I closed my eyes thinking about this last year and half of school. If you told me at the beginning of college that it would like this, I would have laughed at you. After, falling in love and watching it all apart. I thought I could handle anything with Kaitlyn but, the more I wanted to hang on to that relationship the faster it seemed to fall apart. This thing with Becca and me was just fun in the sheets, and at the end of the day, I want more. I don’t know where I stand with Becca.

I thought she was asleep but, she turned around and moved, so we were face to face. She asked, “So I know is this not like me but, are you okay?” She started rubbing my side. I felt my heart started racing there was just something about her that does things to me. One touch I could be undone. I replied, “I don’t know if I am and not. What are we doing? We started back up when school started again. Am I still just a pit stop?”

She ran her hand through my hair and pulled me to her and planted a hard kiss on my lips. It was over way too fast. “Did that shut you up? Stop thinking about it and just take it for what it’s worth,” She said while grinning at me. “Sorry, Becca I can’t,” I admitted. I slipped my hand into hers. I continued, “I care about you, and I don’t think I can stay too much longer as your dirty little secret. Are you ashamed of me?”

“No, God no but, there is more to this than just us,” She said. She looked down at our still enjoined hands. She added, “You know I care about you, too, right?” “Really, well now I do,” I said. I shook my head but, she did tell me what this was at the beginning. I continued, “You were honest about what this was at the start. So, I can’t blame you. Right now, I am fooling myself because I should have known I couldn’t change you.”

Becca looked at me, and her mouth opened like she wanted to speak but, she stayed silent. “Hey, it is my fault for developing feelings for you. I know now, what I want that is I want to have something real. I don’t think you can offer that to me right now,” I said as I got off her bed. I went all around her bed trying to find all of my articles of clothes. Becca stayed silent while she sat on her bed.

I was putting my clothes back on, and the reality of the situation hit me. I know without this to keep us together we will drift apart. I know that I would not have any more nights like this. As I walked away, I realized the ball was on her court. I told her what I wanted. I deserved to be happy no matter how these glimpse of her made me feel it would never be the real thing that I wanted.  


“I’ve known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you. And besides, if they have something nice that makes you feel inferior, we can just take it.”

“I like the way you think.”

“Well, and then they’re just, y’know, shit without anything, and you’re… you, with their stuff.”

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piper/calypso in this au tho holy shit

  • calypso teaching her how to braid 
  • percy/sally/tristan’s hair is never the same again
  • calypso usually bandages up the scratches and patches up the tears piper puts in her clothes after playing too rough outside/falling off her tiny skateboard
  • “calypso look i’m doing it cALY YOU’RE NOT LOOKING, LOOK I CAN DO I–OOF–” / [calypso sighing and picking up her first aid kid]
  • piper thanking her by bringing her flowers?? almost constantly?? sometimes it just tiny daisy chains and sometimes it’s boquets of roses/big flowers from around her own house
  • calypso asks her where tf she gets them and piper introduces her to sally, who grows some of them. c: calypso/sally friendship ft. piper making them both clumsy daisy chains and flower crowns while all three of them get to know each other
  • the image of percy walking into the mclean place to see piper and finding calypso sitting at the kitchen table w/ sally, holding piper in her lap, and all three of them being muddy from gardening together is just making me laugh. he just stops and stares for a full minute. 
  • when she leaves piper doesn’t understand at first and thinks she’ll be coming back?? she constantly asks percy SO WHEN IS CALY GETTING BACK?? and percy just. doesn’t know what to say. doesn’t know how to explain that she’s leaving permanently. sally has to explain to her, and the next time (lmao last time) calypso sees piper she is sniffling a little and looks very put out.
  • piper giving calypso the little anchor necklace percy gave her for her birthday and saying “remember us too?”

It was about time to present Zyta, my eldarya OC from the english account! Here goes:

- She’s a child between 8 and 10, who went too close to a circle of mushrooms in the forest near her home and then arrived in Eldarya (basic stuff)

- Problem is, she lost all her memory because of this

- Even forgot her name so when asked about it she could only state what she was, a little girl. Zita. Who people badly spelled as “Zyta”

- Her first companion is a Corko that she named Cactus, cause, he’s green, and she’s very original

- I illustrate two stories for her! First is what actually happens in the game but with her reactions, and the second and more important, is her actual story that I’m writing with a friend, that add their character! Basically, the guard of Eel didn’t get one but two human intruders in the same day who don’t get what’s happening and didn’t accept to be part of the guard so THEY JUST ESCAPED AND STARTED LIVING IN THE WILDERNESS, living adventures, becoming friend with the masked man, and adopting LOTS of companions because Zyta love them (and prob didn’t get the memo that this game is called Eldarya not Pokemon)

The first time Teddy calls Harry dad, it’s an accident. He’s nine, and Harry had just dropped his broom off in his room after he left it at the Burrow. 

“Here’s your broom Ted, I’m not picking it up next time.” 

“Thanks Dad.” 

It happened quickly, and as soon as it came out, Teddy took Harry’s shocked expression for one of dislike. 

“I mean -”

“It’s alright son.” Harry said, a fond smile on his face. “Just remember your broom next time please, otherwise I’ll give it to Victoire.”

Of course, being Harry Potter, he tried to play it off casual, but as soon as he found Ginny, he was all “He called me Dad, Gin!!!!”

Of course, Ginny didn’t quite understand exactly how Harry was feeling, until it happened to her.

“Teddy!” Ginny cried a couple of days later after tripping on a pile of clothes in Teddy’s bedroom as she tried to put away his washing. “I swear to Merlin, if you don’t clean this room by tonight, then you are not coming to my game tomorrow!”

“But Muuum! -” He stops again, worried about his outburst. Ginny isn’t like Harry, instead she just pulls him into a hug, and is reminded by the little boy of her pink haired friend. 

Actual Convo that took place after Chris got the Season Finale scripts
  • Chris: Umm Julie I don't mean to bother you, but I have a question.
  • Julie: Yes, you beautiful piece of man meat.
  • Chris: Whoa totally inappropriate but I just can't understand why Kai would do this?
  • Julie: Do what?
  • Chris: Slaughter everyone Red wedding style, like why would I kill Jo and her babies that's just fucked up. I mean yeah I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones and this would be awesome but it doesn't make any sense. Oh and you do realize this is a pretty much a rip off from Game of Thrones, right?
  • Julie: You can't copyright a scenario, you beautiful fool. And it makes sense you're a psychopath, unless you've forgotten?
  • Chris: No I remember. It's just did you forget that I had a whole redemption arc?
  • Julie: Yeah but that was all bs.
  • Chris: No it wasn't, Luke is still a part of me. And plus I had that huge crush on Bonnie. I'm sure you've heard about us being called Bonkai.
  • Julie: Don't speak to me about Bonkai!
  • Chris: I just thought we we're going in that direction, considering it makes sense and Kat and I love working together.
  • Julie (whining): Kat, Kat, Kat everyone wants to work with Kat because she's just so great. "I want Kat to be my romantic interest next season." Jesus you sound just like Ian and everyone else who seems to be stuffed up Kat's ass.
  • Chris has a small mental lapse: Have you seen her ass?..... I mean...
  • Julie: Yes I know it's huge, why do you think we don't allow her in skimpy clothing the viewers wouldn't be able to handle it. And don't tell me,you have a crush on her too.
  • Chris: ...But you put Elena in skimpy things.
  • Julie: Are you judging me because I don't like being judged.
  • Chris: ... No.
  • Julie: You know what Chris just figure out the script on your own your a smart boy and on top of that your a good boy. Pretty good boys I keep in my pocket, and you know what happens to bad boys?
  • Chris: ... No.
  • Julie: Well do you see Nate Buzz who also had a crush on Kat around here?
  • Chris: No.
  • Julie: Exactly.

“The Wrong Jedi” was aired in 2013.

Three years later I still don’t know why Anakin would even ask Ahsoka to come back to Jedi Order. Like, seriously? After what happened and how Council gave up on her (while only Anakin and Padme worked hard to prove her innocence) you want me to believe Anakin would want Ahsoka to return into community that mistreated her and - from a certain point of view - betrayed too?

Through the years, he alone didn’t feel really welcome in Jedi Order and  wanted to leave Order one day (and if not for Padme who insisted Republic/Jedi need him right now because the war, he probably would do that much sooner). And you want me believe this man would ask his little sister protege to come back to Order that made them both miserable in various ways?

Anakin was manipulated into taking padawan - something he was against since war is not a place for a young, unexperienced kid - but he cared for Ahsoka. And you want me to believe that after everything was done and said (no official apology from Yoda, the head of Council), Anakin would be so hurt and sad that his padawan didn’t feel obligate to give Jedi a second chance and chose to leave behind Order that hurted her and broke her trust in the first place?

Like, really?

random pearlmethyst thoughts

  • amethyst being a shit and demanding that pearl carry her around, pearl grumbles and complains but won’t put her down when she asks
  • conversely amethyst will pick up pearl completely without warning and carry her around or turn into purple puma and bench press her
  • amethyst doing housework to impress pearl like “look babe i did the laundry aren’t u proud” but she put all of their clothes together with steven’s so now the crystal gems all wear pink
  • when they’re out with steven people think they’re his parents
  • pearl trying to imitate human courtship rituals like “i read that humans give each other plants and chocolate as a sign of affection. that seemed inefficient so i brought you this cacao tree”
  • when they’re both more comfortable being affectionate around other people amethyst just puts her head on pearl’s lap (or vice versa) automatically when the gems are all chillin and watching tv together in steven’s room

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Reynabeth headcanons please? I know you're a hardcore Percabeth shipper but I just need more reynabeth and you are awesome. If you don't want to do romantic at least platonic please? Thank you!

ok i’ll try! i’m gonna do it romantic

  • they both love being the little spoon (but it’s usually Reyna actually)
  • Annabeth’s witty, sarcastic comments always crack Reyna up
  • Reyna puts her hands on her hips a lot, especially when she’s gonna tell someone off, and Annabeth secretly thinks it’s really cute
  • Reyna in tight clothes. Annabeth c a n n o t
  • they vent to each other a lot
  • Annabeth doesn’t like to say she can dance, but she really can when she gets into the music and Reyna is always just like. hot damn. wtf.
  • honestly they have the same sense of humour and it’s just too good
  • again. nose kisses.
  • Reyna really likes to hold Annabeth’s hand and press kisses against her knuckles
  • Annabeth blushes more than you think
  • they love wearing each other’s clothes. especially Annabeth
  • sometimes Annabeth lays her head on Reyna’s shoulder and closes her eyes. and Reyna sings. they both treasure moments like those