but i don't know if i'm ready yet

kinda bummed my ex broke up with me when i wasn’t ready to be done growing with him. we weren’t fully there yet as a couple, i wasn’t 100% comfortable, and he gave up before we could reach it.

friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.

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Can’t stop thinking about Zelda AU with them being childhood friends, sooooo I think imma do a webcomic about it >w< Any excuse to draw the trio happy (and then later on REALLY SAD) is good enough for me >u>

Imagine Sam coming to you for help with Dean's mark of Cain...

Death. It followed the mark like a dog follows a scent. Innocent or guilty, the mark did not distinguish. With it now a part of Dean, he was a danger to anyone he came into contact with. Cain was dead, but the mark still influenced Dean’s every move.

Sam felt sick and by now was at his wits end. Research drew blanks and despite Dean’s latest efforts, willpower could not overcome it permanently.

To Sam, his last idea was to ask you, the woman who Dean pushed away. The woman Dean loved.

So here Sam was, on your doorstep. He tentatively knocked on the door before taking a small step back.

“Sam? My gosh! How are you?… Wait… What’s wrong?” You said, swinging the door wide open suddenly when you saw Sam’s face.

“Y/N, it’s Dean. There’s probably nothing you can do but, please. You might be able to relax him just until we can find a way to stop this. It’s big and I don’t know what you can do but anything is better than nothing… Please.”


“17 Seconds” with commentary from Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell

What were you guys talking about [at the banner-lifting ceremony]? What were the kind of things you were saying to each other?

Shaw: You know, it’s - saying it’s a year we’ll never forget, and let’s go out there and do it again, because we’ve got the team here to do it. (2013)

(Uploading this for those who haven’t seen it before, while the mostly-intact team still remains. :/ )

breakdown of last posted poem

ringlets of red tangled;/ - kind of a metaphor for mortality (red, blood) through hair. which sounds really lame now that i type it out.

hope births sickness, or maybe it’s the other way around./ - when things seemed to be going well & i had hope for the future, my psychosis began, even though people tend to think that happens the other way around

are you tired yet?/ - was she tired of trying to communicate with me?

are you exhausted yet?/ - was she ready to leave me?

there’s a raven on your shoulder/ - my therapist at the time talked about this thing called “death bird”, which was basically the grotesque part of mentally ill people’s minds, that told them to put themselves in fatal situations (i.e. jump out of a moving car, fall from a great height, etc.)

perilous to everyone but you./ - the suicidal part destroyed my relationship with her, but it hasn’t killed me yet

veins lost to blood green & blue,/ - in a book i wrote, green blood was peasant & blue was royal. she was blue, and i was green.

stark wings torn fiery from your shoulder blades./ - she started to lose herself as well, [omitted]. along the way, she stopped having quite the superiority complex.

sisters aren’t forever,/ - she’s a stranger to me now, [omitted].

because nothing is./ everything’s evanescent, but i’m sure you know that.

raven & crimson,/ - black & red hair (death & life).

invigorating with silky hands/ - death & life are two hands with the same touch.

and a call to the sea/ - i have a desire to drown a lot, the call of the sirens, i just don’t want the immensity of the pain before the euphoria.

at dusk./ - the start of a new day, where i no longer know her.


>CS AU Week - Day 4<
(Thank you Zoe once more. Without you I’d be lost)

“Calm down Emma, it’s not a big deal. You fought Evil’s Snow Queen, survived the darkness, you won so many battles.” And here she was with her heart ready to explode and hands trembling, waiting for the Adoption Agent to say something. “It has been 10 minutes, why hasn’t he said anything yet?”.

As if sensing something was wrong, Killian looked at her from his seat. He was by her side, like always had been and always would be. He smiled at her and that moment she knew everything was going to be all right. If something goes wrong they could keep trying. No matter how many times it took.  He knew how much it meant to her, how she had spent the night without sleeping after they get the call saying they had to be at Foster Home at nine o’clock.

Now they are here, in the longest ten minutes of their lives. Waiting for something that would change them forever, and they couldn’t be happier about it. A decision made by heart, from a lost boy and a lost girl. Both have had to grow up alone. Without a home, without love. If today was her lucky day, and fate would smile at her, two lost children would have two (or four) arms to call home.

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. After examining your papers and doing all the legal enquiries, I think now you are the proud parents of Alana and Bryan. I’m going to call them. Congratulations.”

Definitely today was her lucky day. And not even fate’s smile was wider than Emma’s.


The Dead of July by whimsicule

Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

anonymous asked:

So, are you ready for Louis being back on stage? I tell myself that I am, but I'm def not. Love you and your blog btw <3

I CAN ASSURE YOU my dear anon…
I will N E V E R….

…E V E R….

…be FULLY PREPARED - to see Louis on stage again..!!!

I mean… How could I..?????   L O O K  at H I M !!!! 

I mean, are YOU ready…??????  *I think not*

I am so incredibly sad that zayn is leaving. I can’t even put in words on how I really don’t want him to leave, but at the same time I don’t want him to be miserable. I can’t even cry because this doesn’t feel real yet. I know they’re still One Direction but I don’t know… it just doesn’t feel the same.