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What do you think The Empty will be used for later on in the show? Since it's just too interesting a concept to leave, and our Cas is back, what would they use it for?

I personally see it as having served it’s purpose, emptiness is often linked to depression so the literal/metaphorical aspect was excellent and just what I expected for Cas. So I don’t think it has to be revisited at all, but they could use it to bring back other characters who are gone or something. 

I really don’t have a narrative speculation to make based on current canon though like I have for other things because as I say it served it’s purpose and I don’t know how this would be particularly relevant to others other than just as a plot point, which is a possibility too though but less easy to speculate about as it’s just a useful tool rather than a meta/metaphor based point… so I’m open :)

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When I say respect influences my interest in drawing specific things, the rate at which my stuff gets reposted is definitely included. Please, I don’t think I’m asking for much, here.

Net Neutrality is in danger (again)

Normally I don’t partake in politics unless I feel like I need to, but considering the subject matter has been discussed nonstop I feel like I should put up a reminder;

Net Neutrality is under threat once again, and in the following month, unless people are very vocal about it, it will be taken away.

The FCC feels that the current model of the internet is not the best model for them and, just like leeches, they want to find a way to squeeze a bit more money out of you by limiting the accessibility of the internet and various websites with it.

How the internet works currently is free accessibility and anonymity. Anyone can access the internet and anyone can express themselves without repercussions, that’s why websites like 4chan, Reddit, and even Tumblr are so popular to various social groups. However, without Net Neutrality, the internet will be reduced back to the days of AOL, where services are behind a paywall and popular websites will be restricted of access depending on which service you have.

This will affect everyone, especially people who make a living off of the internet apl over the world. Imagine freelance artists who are already struggling financially having to pay to access their main source of income. Imagine not being able to watch your favorite youtubers as often due to having to pay for youtube, which in turn hurts their revenue and they also struggle. Imagine students having to write an essay but being restricted to a shitty internet connection at the library because they themselves can’t afford it due to student loan debt.

The internet is not a free place, that is understandable. That is why you get annoying ads on your frequently used websites. However, without Net Neutrality, you’ll be squeezed out of every penny you have just to see an ad if the FCC get their way this next month

What you can do is contact your local congressman and express your concerns about net neutrality, or better yet, contact the FCC and be vocal about what they are doing and how destructive it will be. The internet is one of the last things people in the US have that exercises their freedom and their right to anonymity. It’s the most revolutionary thing in our existence as a species. If that is controlled by the government, then imagine what else can be controlled

The final date for the FCC’s decision is December 22nd. Contact your local congressman and express your concerns, and don’t forget to reblog and spread the word. This fight isnt over

Fall For You (M) | 02

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 10,272
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, hate to lust to-

Part 01. Part 03 + Drabbles

It wasn’t over.

After your night with Jungkook he was on your mind more than ever. You didn’t go to any parties in the following days, but you couldn’t help but think of him during the evening, of if he was drinking to get drunk or to maintain appearances as he brought another girl to his bed. The idea of him, wrapped around a random girl, his tongue shoved down her throat, didn’t bother you.

No, what angered you was how he continued to consume your thoughts, even though you hated him more than you’d ever hated anyone else.

It wasn’t fair.

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Hi, just swinging by to see how you were doing! Also, wondering if you still have the comic strip advertising commissions (it's more for reference rather than actually commissioning you, sorry!) floating around somewhere? It was a while back and I was thinking of passing it along to a friend for study.

Hey!! I’m doing much better than a few weeks ago, feeling great and dandy, thank you for asking!

I KNOW THE COMIC STRIP THAT YOU ARE REFERRING TO AND it’s probably floating around on other people’s blogs, but I deleted it off of mine because I am no longer taking commissions. But since I had an interesting experience with regards to that specific post and commission period, I’m gonna repost the four pages here and leave some commentary about it.

I’m also going to go ahead and answer this ask, too, since it’s in the same vein:

Hey there Anon, I usually charged $35 for sketchpage commissions! I fluctuated the amount that I charged for them between $35-$55, and $35 seemed to be where the amount of interest peaked, though that is very much underselling. If I open up commissions again in the future, I will definitely charge much more, since they take a lot of time and involve a lot of drawing. As for the second question, see below for advice and tips/observations I’ve discovered while doing commissions monthly to make rent for the last year and a half, haha!



This particular commission advertisement absolutely exploded, which was completely unexpected to me, and exciting! I guess since people don’t usually present commission prices in this sort of pseudo-narrative style, it was eye-catching.


I didn’t get any business!! This post originally broke at least 1k notes if I remember correctly (it was last year, and my memory is not the greatest), but I managed to attract less business inquiries than I did on my usual, straight-forward commission pages! Which was a huge bummer!! The problem with this advertisement is that it read more as a narrative to be consumed than as a serious call to action, which is interesting, but, again, a bummer.

Most of the reblogs and sharing that happened with this commission advertisement ended up consisting of tags and commentary saying “oh this is sweet” “wow this is really clever” “I’m going to do something like this for my next commission sheet” “I can’t commission this person but this is too cool not to reblog” etc. etc. etc. etc. I mean, I thought it was a cool idea, and I guess it was from how well it gained traction, but it was probably one of the singularly most frustrating experiences of my freelance life, haha!

So my advice would be: don’t make your commissions posts like this if you want to get serious business inquiries. Make your prices and examples as quick to digest as possible. The more simple the page, the more people will jump at it.

I’ve ALSO found that if you’re going to do commissions, you should limit the type of work you’re willing to do and limit the options that commissioners have to consider. That sounds a little backwards when you consider what the average commission post you see looks like, but hear me out on this one.

If someone sees a commission sheet with strong, solid examples of a single type of commission like fullbody sketches, that’s an easy decision to make. Base price of $30 for a fullbody colored sketch? I can afford that! I’ll message them right now!

But if you have separate prices listed out for Headshots, Bustshots, Waistshots, Fullbody shots, and then on TOP of those types you have listed different art styles such as Sketch, Ink, Flats, Full Shading, and Full Illustrations, that’s a LOT of information to process and a LOT of decisions to make on the part of casual browsers. I have found in my own personal experience AS a buyer that I’m less likely to jump on commissioning someone if they have a billion options listed. If I see a post that’s like “hey I’m doing sketches that look like [example] hit me up if you want one they’re $20″ I’ll be a lot more likely to seriously consider it.

So, take for example the above four page commission advertisement comic I did. I offered way too many options, and presented them in a hard-to-digest format. For viewers, it wasn’t clear whether I was making a joke about starving artists, or if I was seriously looking to do work for people.

After that particular commission period, I changed my advertisements to look like this:

Straightforward and to the point. I realized that I really enjoyed doing sketchpage commissions because they let me be flexible with how I drew the character, and they were also my most popular commission option. So I changed my business to ONLY offering sketchpage commissions, so it would be easier for me to keep track of what everyone was getting, and easy for potential clients to know what they were going to get if they commissioned me.

And it worked! I consistently got between 20-30 commissions every single month, and it’s why I was able to survive that first year of living on my own out in the big adult world.

Phew, okay, my fingers are tired, I think that’s all the information I have to share on the subject??! Hopefully that’s helpful for someone out there. Sorry it was so long.

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Hey roshheruu when blending what are some tips I can give me

sup, ya i can try, its going under a read more tho!

1. don’t over use the water colour tool / blur tool to blend things or try and not use it, at all? try and find other brushes, usually with low opacity and high blending and textures that you can use to blend your colours. I use my acrylic brush for this, as seen and better explained here. It gives the image texture.

You see here when I drew satya: 

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anyway, here’s a picture for each currently available chapter of life could be beautiful [v3 spoilers in link!] by @idaate because it is an immensely gorgeous fic!