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hi charlie! before I ask, I want you to know how in love I am with your work ♥️ I have been wanting to learn how to draw for the longest time but I don't think I have the skill and talent for it. do you think it's too late for me to learn how to draw? (I am 16 years old as of today)

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I realise it’s strange in that it always feels like it’s too late (spoiler: it’s never too late, no matter how old you are) but holy fucking sweet Jesus Christ on a God damn stick. YOU’RE SIXTEEN. I’m almost double your age(!!!) Just think: you could get in 13 years of practice before you hit my age.

It’s never too late, and if you’ve always wanted to do it then get on it! Oh and don’t give a shit about talent, okay? Talent is being born with the voice of an angel or being able to lick your elbow, but… drawing?! It’s like my boy Bob Ross always said: ‘Talent is a pursued interest.’

And nobody messes with Bob.

OKAY LISTEN. BLAME THE HANGOUTS CREW FOR THIS ONE. @beejohnlocked and @librarylock and @astudyinsnoggy ESPECIALLY.



“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.

bedhead ereri and morning kisses!!
(i hope you like it ahh)


Neurotypical Things

So I was chatting with this guy and decided to be open about my disorder; I did not tell him what it was and just told him a couple of symptoms and showed him the diagnostic criteria with the name cut off. 

He asked me a bunch of informative questions, which I thought was cool since he was willing to learn and then he looked at me and said: 

“Haha, I’m glad I didn’t fall in love with you.” 

And legit I froze??? I usually never stand up for myself because I’m terrified of rejection but I had completely gotten too angry at that statement. I told him it was insulting to say that and he should apologise but I also figured that was too good for him so I decided to frame it in a way he’d understand 

Because with neurotypicals everything has to be framed in a way they can’t just accept the shit they say is unacceptable.

People with borderline personality disorder often want to be loved by someone and want to be in relationships, whether it’s platonically or romantically. Of course keep in mind, not all but some do like every person wants/
And honestly I see my community being one of the most scared when it comes to addressing their feelings and keeping things in check, sometimes it literally feels like we’re in water and trying to gather floating seashells together in a tightly knit bag - sometimes we succeed and sometimes the bag breaks.

And the majority, but not all, of people suffering from a PD often come from abusive homes or abusive relationships, or some other form of trauma that left them craving affection and attention. and the reason we can’t control our emotions is because we were brought up in environments that wouldn’t let us express anything other than fear or complete numbness. 

And you tell them to their face that you’re so glad you never fell in love with us, that you’re so happy you dodged that bullet, that you’ve never given a single fucking thought about giving us affection and you assume that this is a laughable statement. 

And then when I frame it like this; you’re offended because it makes you look like an asshole? Like do neurotypical not have any decency to think ‘hey this statement is kinda fucked up to say to a person who clearly shared something intimate with me’ - like even if you didn’t know the person has a PD or is completely fine - who the fuck gives you the right to say that to someone???? 

Do ya’ll have no critical thinking skills to even consider the fact that such a statement may cause someone who has issues with relationships to feel like an unwanted piece of shit??? 

this has been a rant @bpdrotten @accidentaloverload @softgrunge-silverheels this is the bullshit i dealt with today

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A white woman interrupted a black woman's presentation on American prison industrial complex in my class today and said that "its beneficial to the prisoners since even though they get paid little, they don't have to pay rent and they learn new skills". Liberal white women are demons????

I do not trust the vast majority of white liberals or leftists of any stripe lmfao

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Another Eden inspired me to send this but hi. I'm 13 year old Eden. I do art and I've been told to do a web comic by alot of my friends but I think it isn't something I should do when I'm 13, I can barely draw full bodies and backgrounds. Do you think I should try to do one now or like improve upon my current art and then do it later? I also don't have a good drawing tablet.

A lot of adorablu Eden today !  ∩(︶▽︶)∩~ <3

Well first of all.

Your art skills r not important. that should neveh stahp u  to do somethin’. 

U’ll improve only if u practice. ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७

If drawing a comic motivates you to draw and practice full bodies/ backgrounds…oh boi,just DO IT !  A drawing tablet is not important at all.

[For the smol story,i tried to draw a comic book few years ago.Like u,i knew nothin’ about that but with the support of two friends, i eventually did it and i had SOO much fun.A real blast. i started on paper first and decided to clean it digitally. (๑꒪▿꒪)* The only thing i regret is that i never had the time to finish it. Skills or not ,digital or traditional,that was cool to create my own characters and make them live through the pages .]

Isn’t that the feeling u’re searchin’ too?  Does skills is that important? U have the chance to get supportive friends. Take this as a huge strength and share your story with them ! ≧(´▽`)≦

While I try to calm the fuck down (who am I kidding, I’ll be screaming about the YOI movie at anyone I meet today), take this offering from me to the YOI gods in form of a VERY fugly digital drawing of crop top Otabek from Unsteady chapter 15 (in the final version of the chapter he ended up with different pants but I didn’t have the skills to draw them so…). I suck at faces so ain’t nobody surprised that there is like zero resemblance whatsoever…OOPS.

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I grew up with very neglectful parents. I rarely went to school, I ate terribly, I was not hygienic, I basically learned almost no life skills. Now I'm trying to get myself together but I don't really know how. Can you help me?

Hi there love :) thank you for messaging us for advice, my name is Shelby and I’m going to help you out today. :)

I’m sorry that you had to go though hard times with neglectful parents, I have a very close friend that is in a similar situation like this. The advice I have for you is the following:

Self Care



Skin Care

Cleansing the body

Hair care

Hand care

Foot care

Oral Care


Once you’ve looked over those links the next set of advice I have for you is some advice on how you can get back on track with not only your self care but life in general.

For starters, I’m not sure how old you are, but I would highly suggest getting into some therapy to help vent and get more help/support about this whole situation.

Then, I’d suggest possibly looking to those around you for some extra help. If you have siblings, look to them and ask them for some help. If you don’t have siblings, then look to your community and see if anyone is willing to help you out with supplying you with basic needs.

Next, I would suggest looking deep in yourself. Often times when children are neglected my their parents, they sort of have to learn things on their own for example what is a healthy meal to eat. & that’s not always easy. I think that you should think about things you did when you were younger and see if any of those decisions made an impact on your life (positive or negative.) & look to changes :)

Keep me updated?

Lots of love,

—Shelby. (:

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Just out of curiosity: What's your opinion on Keisuke Masunaga's artstyle in DBZ? (Feel free to look him up, if you don't know who that is)

I always really liked how much Masunaga’s artwork wanted to fucking murder you. 

Plus as much as he loved to push expressions, he was incredibly skilled at keeping the structure tied down. Nothing feels out of place even though things look wildly ‘off-model’. His animations as well were just as solid, and had very quick and creative movement. 

In my high school days his work was my favorite and I emulated him more than any other artist. Today he still sits at my top five DBZ animation supervisors, and anything I make, have made, or will make in the future will be owed heavily to how much his work inspired me.

i got added into a gay group chat today what a great time

the only downside is that i am so awkward i don’t know what to say

The Problem With Today's Older Parents
  • For many of us in our late teens through mid 20's, we have an older generation of parents whom seem to forget what it's like to be young and starting out. They forget the fact that our generation is the generation that's been declared screwed over from the start. For example, back when our parents were our age, the world in general was cheaper when it came to prices and taxes, a bit more flexible when it came to jobs and education standards, and a minimum wage job could get you somewhere. Not everywhere but, you were able to save up to get your own car without a loan; which is something you can't do today unless you want something that'll break down within the hour you first bought and drove it. Then there's the fact that when they were in school, they were actually taught. Not droned. They learned how to work on, fix, and create things, do paperwork, cook, sew, knit, and etc. Skills that prepared you for the adult world, unlike us. We just learned how to press buttons for an answer and maybe half-assed taught maybe two of the above skills I mentioned our parents learned in school. They don't realize that we have been taught nothing at all other than most teachers saying we're shit people, probably not going anywhere in life, and good luck. School doesn't prepare us for life anymore. It prepares us for, hopefully, minimal standards for a job at most. And even then, that doesn't seem to get us anywhere either. Our parents, at most, just needed to pass and graduate high school to get a good, supporting job when they were our age, along with free benefits such as health insurance and etc. Now, in today's society, we can pass through high school and college and still not be eligible to work somewhere that would give us financial stability and benefits (which we now have to pay for as well through our paychecks).
  • Might I add as well that I've also noticed and experienced that older generation parents think we're lazy, don't do anything productive, and don't understand how we can be tired from our jobs? Let me rant on this as well. Parents, 30-40 hours a week jobs DO NOT FUCKING PAY FOR SHIT ANYMORE. Especially when they're minimal wage or close to it! We are literally WORKING OUR ASSES OFF just trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some pay. Then, again, there's that wonderful fact that we are either NOT hired or ELIGIBLE for a job that could financially stabilize us because we are under qualified, over qualified, or people are cheap and don't want to hire nor train anyone anymore like they're SUPPOSED TO! We literally have to get 3-4 shit jobs and run our bodies into the ground before we will be able to achieve financial stability and be able to support ourselves, alone. And once again, that's only if we can get hired at this point. Employers expect us to have 30-50 years of work experience under our belts and have been hired by, what it seems to be,100 places already at the ages of 16-25 years old. Obviously, that's not how it works in the real world. The standards for a job are ridiculous now! We are jumping through hoops and breaking our backs constantly just to get a minimum wage job, and especially for a financially and beneficially stable job! You worked 2 jobs and were able to afford a car and an apartment at the age of 18-20 years old? Good for fucking you. That's not how it works anymore.
  • Parents, let's also remember that if any of us want to even attempt to get anywhere anymore, we have to go to college. College that requires us to cough up 1k-200k EVERY SEMESTER, or take out student loans that'll put us in DEBT for the REST OF OUR LIVES while we work low income jobs with little or no benefits that we're struggling to survive off of IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Yeah, mom and/or dad, it's easy as fuck for us. We're totally lazy low-life fucks just trying to make your life hell.
  • No. That's not what we're trying to do to you. We're sorry we can't afford our own place, afford our own car/health insurances, or to buy our own cars. Life, or in our circumstances, attempts to start a life are harder than ever for us at this point. This world is now stacked against us. We no longer have those happy-go-lucky opportunities waiting for us anymore. It's why we either give up, run our bodies into the ground working, not working, or doing malicious things (drug dealing, stealing, etc) to gain money and make a living off of. Hard work and education no longer seems to pay off/reward/benefit us anymore; or does very little.
  • Stop belittling us. Stop nagging at us. Stop putting us down for things we can't control!
  • We need support! We need a guide! We need love and positivity! Not you screaming at us for being "useless", "worthless", "lazy", and etc!
  • We need understanding parents. Not drill sergeants pushing us to our deaths. If we wanted that, we'd go and get ourselves killed in a war.
  • Respect and love us for our endless and failing attempts. Give us a break. We're under more pressure and stress than you're acknowledging.
  • Sorry, not sorry.
the signs as things my math teacher has said
  • Aries: ... is going 420 mph. Hah, sounds like that's the party plane
  • Taurus: [gesturing at triangle diagram] we want the D
  • Gemini: I'm going to wait to start lecturing until Janae comes back in because I don't want her to be even more lost than usual
  • Cancer: [incredibly exasperated] what is the square root of x squared??????? (everyone: "...x?") [even more enraged] NO
  • Leo: daddy is the domain
  • Virgo: [extremely loud and sudden, almost like a bark] RIGHT
  • Libra: So if we take Tommy and fling him out the second story window at a velocity of 32 mph, when does he hit the ground?
  • Scorpio: [pauses lecture to talk at length about his wife]
  • Sagittarius: Age and treachery overcome youth and skill
  • Aquarius: I might just have to cut the head off a rubber duck...
  • Pisces: do you like emo
EXO   x   MOVIES:     El Dorado /// The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky
The name of El Dorado came to be used metaphorically of any place where wealth could be rapidly acquired.
El Dorado is also sometimes used as a metaphor to represent an ultimate prize or "Holy Grail" that one might spend one's life seeking. It could represent true love, heaven, happiness, or success. It is used sometimes as a figure of speech to represent something much sought after that may not even exist, or, at least, may not ever be found. 

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Any ideas for productive things to do for when you have medium physical&mental energy, you're pretty much broke, and friends are all busy, that don't involve going out? I had a weirdly good day today, but I couldn't do schoolwork. I couldn't do rigorous things either. I really wanted to do something productive though- do something, learn something, learn a skill, something like that.

We’ve reblogged a lot of lists that might help out with this! A lot of them are for when you’re sick or feeling down, but there are a lot of items on them that would apply in this situation.

49 Things To Do When You Are Sick, in Bed and Bored

List of Low Activity Hobbies

Ideas for different moods and situations

Hobbies Masterpost

There are also a bunch of cool educations sites out there, including Codecademy (a great intro to programming) and free language-learning programs. Or, you can do what we did and start a blog ;)

Readers, reblog with your favorite activities and sites!

Well, had the first reptile injury discovered today.  Mars managed to scratch up his little head.  Thorough inspection of his quarantine tub didn’t offer many clues as everything is sterile as possible.  My guess is he ended up putting his whole self into the worm bowl and freaked out trying to get out past the clear beveled edge.  

This guy just doesn’t have many life skills.  

we all think that life is gonna take us till we’re 85 with a husband/wife and grandkids galore. but life holds no mercy. situations come without any warning. we can be 22, slammed by a rare form of cancer that has no survival rate. you never know. hold the ones you love extra tight, everyday. live like today is your last day because we really don’t have tomorrow promised.

Positive ask
  • 1: Who was the last person who made you happy and if they were reading this, what would you say?
  • 2: List 5 things you are grateful for
  • 3: Who is one person you couldn't live without?
  • 4: Last nice thing you did for someone
  • 5: Last nice thing someone did for you
  • 6: Who is a celebrity/youtuber you look up to?
  • 7: Who has made you smile in a text?
  • 8: Who has impacted your life the most?
  • 9: What do you look for in friendship?
  • 10: Are you ok with internet friends?
  • 11: Best internet friends (tag them!)
  • 12: Best IRL friends (tag them too!)
  • 13: What book made you the happiest?
  • 14: Recommend a tv show!
  • 15: What is something you wish to have in a friendship that you don't have yet?
  • 16: What is your favorite breed of cat?
  • 17: What did you last day dream about?
  • 18: What did you learn today?
  • 19: Most memorable meal?
  • 20: Whats your happiest memory?
  • 21: One thing you'd like to achieve in your life?
  • 22: What is one of your unpopular opinions that you are proud of sharing (If you don't have one, What pet would you like?)
  • 23: If you could make a picture book what would it be about?
  • 24: What is your favorite physical quality of yours?
  • 25: What is your favorite skill of yours?
  • 26: What have you done today to make yOU FEEL PROOoooOOUD?
  • 27: What are you going to do tomorrow to make yourself happy?
  • 28: Did you know that I think you are amazing and <sender should insert compliment here>
  • 29: What surprised you today?
  • 30: I think you are amazing, keep being awesome
  • Important side note: If you are to use this ask thing, you must ask the person you reblogged this from some of the questions, and I want you to do this and not be a filthy cheater! Also don't be that guy who just asks 1, 2 and 3 and is done with it please, thank you and have a nice day.