but i don't have permission from everyone

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im just imagining at the end of the game when everyones home and kurama is counting points he gets halfway through the line of kids and "wait. I could have sworn I didn't have this many children a few hours ago" kushina is laughing but also genuinely awed at his ability to just collect children "no really I don't have any uchihas I'm sure... no fuck you kakashi shisui doesn't count idek where they came from"


Oh my god, permission to use this in the fic??? Please. Please

Full video coming soon! =)

I finally finished my latest video now to finish asking all the artists to use their stuff. To celebrate I wanted to show a small part of one of my favorite segments where I already got permission from these artists. Full video is 3 min and 20 sec long and probably close to 200 different pieces of art. Hope you enjoy! Full version coming as soon as I contact and hear back from everyone. Thank you @katieaiko for helping me come up with what song to use!

Bendy voice:  @tablewithamicrophone  source



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Hi! Do you know that painting of Hermione and Belle standing back to back in front of a library? I think you might have reblogged it. I just wanted to let all the Beauty and the Beast blogs know that the original artist is called Apolar, and this piece of work has been stolen from him and put on merchandise without his permission! I'd like to spread the word so that people don't buy this merchandise and support these companies! Thanks!

^ Everyone got that?  This is the picture in question:

It belongs to Apolar!

More TG Art Theft

A few friends and I have been noticing reposters cropping up more and more, and we’re not sure why but PLEASE PLEASE stop supporting them, guys.  The latest one I’ve noticed is @shira-san-ni, who is even blatantly reposting TG fandom famous artists WITH TUMBLR accounts like @azuma04 HERE, @xinorinrin HERE, and @jujuwanko HERE and HERE.  I apologize for making these unpleasant posts, but we have to stand up against this type of behavior by being careful to ONLY reblog from the artists themselves or people clearly reposting with permission.  For the artists I’ve mentioned, and others that this and other art thieves have stolen from, I do know that Tumblr is very good about taking down these reposts when contacted by the artists themselves.  I’d appreciate a signal boost for anyone who wants to support our wonderful fandom artists and also keep this fandom healthy and respectful.  Have a good night, everyone!

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I was wondering, if it still counts as rape if he's my boyfriend and I don't really say "no" .He does this thing where he'll put his hands on me and every time I push them away he tries again until I give up and just lie there.

Yes. Being in a relationship or involved with someone does not give them automatic consent. “Consent means to give permission. It is both people’s responsibility to get consent from their partners. Everyone has the right to decide whether they want to have sex or not. Consent is…Freely given — no pressure, no manipulation, and no asking if it was ok to do halfway through or after the fact. Informed — telling them about any STDs they should know about, being honest about using condoms and birth control, and being honest about whether you’re sexually active with other people. Something you can take back — it’s ok to stop or change your mind at any time. Saying “yes” once doesn’t mean saying “yes” forever, or “yes” to other sexual activities. Enthusiastic — being excited about it, not just letting it happen. When people think about consent, “no means no” often comes to mind. But saying “yes” is really important, too. A straight-up “yes!” means that no one has to guess or assume anything, and you’ll know they’re really into it." 

I am so sorry your boyfriend does that. That is NOT okay. 

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i'm really sorry, i just need to get this off my chest. i'm so anxious about season 3 of carmilla. seeing all these bts pictures and tweets from them getting ready to film, i want to be excited but i just get sick to my stomach. with the stuff Jordan has said in the past about making us suffer, and how she likes hopeful endings but not happy endings, i just don't feel like i can trust her. i don't have faith anymore, this year has beat it out of me.

If you don’t have faith, I’ll have enough faith for you and everyone else. I trust everyone behind Carmilla.

And if I’m wrong, I give you full permission to flick me if you ever see me in public. (But please not too hard, I’m sensitive and a wimp.)

Now go eat some chocolate, look at the pretty sky, and then read Hollstein fanfic fluff! Try not to let the stress of the unknown get to you, anon! ❤️