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Hi! first of all I'm so glad I found your blog bcs its so inspirational and really helps me a lot with keeping creative :) I plan to write something with the OTP being best friends and noticing there's more behind it but I don't want it to be obvious and suddenly. Do you have any good lines/prompts you could recommend?

- A can’t stop smiling when they think of B. - A smiles even though B is just talking about their day because A just can’t get enough.
- B smiles a bit longer than normal at A’s remark
- They can’t stop thinking about each other
- B catches themself starting at A too long
- A starts sitting closer than usual to B
- They make more excuses to hang out
- “Are you guys dating?” “No that’s ridiculous! We’re just friends!” But the idea of “what if” sticks in A’s head for the rest of the day
- Hugs go longer
- “Were they always that pretty?”
- Flickering glances at the other’s lips
- Realizing that they think of the other as a little more than friends
- B becoming more and more jealous when A talks to other people
- B tries to make A jealous
- Which ends in an argument
- “Why did you do that?” “It’s only fair!” “Wait are you jealous?” “You’d be jealous to if the person you loved was flirting with other people!” “What?” “Nothing”
- But it’s something
- Next time they meet they go to the movies like normal, but this time they hold hands
- Which leads to dates
- And fluff and so on :)

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I just read your manga and this is the first time I'm seeing Jumin cool and handsome but at the same time really cute 💖 I love it.. also the story line seems interesting I hope there's more 💖 one last thing if you don't mind do you have any Jumin pics in that school uniform that I can save for myself :3

Thank you~ :) these were warm ups I did of Jumin before I did the comic. I was testing out what screentones to use, so they’re only his top!! Maybe I will draw more in the future.

Happy birthday @vallanoble!

I’m really hoping I got your birthday right (or at least a day close to it); otherwise, this would be embarrassing, hah. Anyways, I was gonna draw Leon from RF4, buuut he ended up being difficult to draw, so I drew Chrom instead.

It’s not much, but I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me. I hope you have a wonderful day today!


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Don't you just hate that 'he is adopted' line? Do you have any ideas what Thor really would reply in this situation if script writers were not so set upon writing as much funny lines as possible? Sorry if this is abrupt, I rewatched Avengers today and as always this line struck me as so wrong on so many levels, so just not Thor. I just want some fix-it line. Or an explanation. (Hey, maybe it was Thor LMD while real life Thor was locked up somewhere)?

I do hate that line. Almost as much as I hate his ‘The Gates of Hel are filled with his victims!’ line from AoU (spoken right in front of Bruce no less). And let me tell you - I hate that line a lot. They were both cheap lines meant to set up cheap laughs at the expense of the character uttering them (Thor). But I’m wandering off topic a bit.

So. Avengers. Shitty line is shitty. No question. I choose to believe Thor means it as a way to excuse Loki’s lousy kill count, after he’s just identified Loki as of Asgard and his brother. 80 people in 2 days. I am totally okay with believing this is Thor basically responding as ‘it’s not his fault he killed so few people. he tried, okay? it’s not his fault - he’s adopted. he made the effort that’s what counts! and leave my little brother alone or i’ll show you just how many people a blood asgardian can wipe out in two days.’

Or something like that.

If it were me writing the line? It would have gone like this -

Natasha: He killed 80 people in two days.

Thor smiles, dark and unamused: You should count yourself fortunate then. He’s capable of far more.

any dean’s line from that scene where he voices his resentment about having to take care of sam as a child and as an adult > “i like the disease”

what overwatch mains are like (at least in my experience)
  • Genji: They never stop moving and jumping around and using their voice lines?? YOSHI!
  • McCree: there's a 99.8% chance they have depression. Not very good aim until they use their ult or stun you.
  • Pharah: The strong silent type. 60% chance of being gay.
  • Reaper: Probably 12 and/or a youtuber/streamer
  • Soldier 76: I refuse to acknowledge his assistance (except for the fact that he's handy if you don't have a healer.)
  • Sombra: Sombra mains are a myth. If there are any, they're almost certainly gay.
  • Tracer: Probably gay. Very friendly but ruthless in combat.
  • Bastion: Never trust a bastion main
  • Hanzo: Not very friendly, but has soothing calming tippy tappy footsteps
  • Junkrat: 80% chance of being gay. 100% chance if they have the junkenstein skin.
  • Mei: Interrupts your ult with her fucking ice wall. Ally meis do this too.
  • Torbjörn: POTG *Torbjorn takes a little nap in the corner while his turret gets a teamkill*
  • Widowmaker: Not very helpful, but will spout attractive french at you while sitting on the highest tower taking wildly inaccurate shots.
  • D.Va: D.va mains are indestructible and will use their ult like 3 times before you have a chance to blink.
  • Orisa: Another rarity. Probably cinnamon rolls though
  • Reinhardt: Reinhardt mains are very friendly and likely to be the backbone of your team. I love them all.
  • Roadhog: If you're wearing his Mako skin i won't even care that you hooked me from halfway across the map since I got to see your beautiful sharky face up close. Mei + Roadhog is a terrifying combo.
  • Winston: Winston mains are practically nonexistent. They're probably very shy, possibly dads.
  • Zarya: 97% chance of being a lesbian. Have better ain than you might expect.
  • Ana: Slightly scary. Will keep you healed always.
  • Lúcio: Too fast too furious. Lucio mains are beautiful people.
  • Mercy: Your new best friend, if you play your cards right. Will probably carry you through the entire match.
  • Symmetra: Symmetra mains are terrifying.
  • Zenyatta: A rare but valuable breed. If you meet a Zenyatta main, hold them close and don't let them go. They are important.
  • I saw someone do this for 17 [I reblogged to the side blog] and decided to do my thoughts then [1st impressions] and now on NCT-
  • Taeil Then: Who? *Inspects 7th Sense MV*
  • Taeil Now: Literally my angel!!! A talent unmatched bitch, that's how he got into Hanyang Uni music program with an odds of 1:400- A kissass who doesn't know kitchen saftety™
  • Hansol Then: ...Does he speak???
  • Hansol Now: Sendin out mixed signals and causing chaos in the fandom :') A cute froggy boi who got hips like no other tho-
  • Johnny Then: Who 2.0????? This basement boy from Chicago with a damn shoelace around his arm in Hide & Freak- ...He fine tho-
  • Johnny Now: A fuckin meme, the type to use gross pick-up lines. He's a dork, but I love him! Y'all heard his soft singin voice?!?!!?!?! A GENTLE GIANT with the best predebut pics.
  • Taeyong Then: Yas, my eyes be open as fuck, you so damn fine boi! And that edgy ass voice... You're going to be the one to send me to the grave-
  • Taeyong Now: A whiny otaku marshmallow who "just wants to be loved"- I don't think there is a sweeter man alive who can transform into TY Darkness™ so damn quick
  • Yuta Then: I don't really know him... *5 months later* OMF DAFUQ HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR?! ...He still pretty hot tho-
  • Yuta Now: My man™ GOD DAMN💦🔞💯 Yas, high-five my Slytherin boiii! Knockin bitches dead left and right
  • Doyoung Then: Ohhh I love that guy! He's handsome... I want him to be my older brother... That thing he does with his voice in the "Oooh yeah" part is my fav-
  • Doyoung Now: A mom. He's annoying- No, I love him actually, such talent and everything~ People be sleeping on his visuals tho...
  • Ten Then: Am I the only one who liked his 7th Sense hair??? I have mixed feelings, he seems thug-
  • Ten Now: A fluffy boi!!! The softest™ Bit of a nasty kiddo who don't wash his hands tho- BFF goals
  • Jaehyun Then: Can't tell if he tol or not... Cool hair tho^^ Knocked over his mic :')
  • Jaehyun Now: Half fuckboi [named Jeffrey] sendin out smirks and winks and half shy boy [Named Jaehyun/Yoonoh] who covers his face in embarrassment after dancing... A real husband, so lovable~
  • Win Then: ...This guy with the fucked up hair? Um? I don't think he had any lines in the song... but he did a flip!
  • Win Now: A pure boi everyone loves! He's so sweet and kind, but has been bewitched by Yuta and is heading down a mysterious path, calling people kissasses... Deserves to be spoiled.
  • Mark Now: The fucking sweetest and kindest, most thoughtful boy who has done more with his life thus far than I will in 20 years... A busy boi who I want to take care of :')
  • Haechan Then: ...He's so young... I didn't know people were born after 2000...
  • Haechan Now: I didn't know people were born after 2000... Got one of those high range voices and is having a fucking Jungkook glow-up- It's happening too fast! Highkey a snake tho, but I'd still spoil him-
keith why
  • ((Lance and Keith have been dating for a while now))
  • Keith: So, um, Lance, I've been thinking, and, we've been like, dating for a while now, so I think- of course, you don't have to say yes, but- I think it's time for us to move on to the next step.
  • Lance: And that is?
  • Keith: Um, space ranger pardners.
  • Lance:
  • Lance: Okay, no. I might have let you go if you said 'partners' like any sane person, but 'pardners'? That's it, you've crossed the line, you've (ranting)
  • Keith:
  • Keith: Y'ain't being too kind 'bout this, y'know?
you and i, forever

Bellamy gets injured trying to save Octavia’s life, and Clarke loses her mind.

They were always supposed to be together. At the end of the day—at the end of the world—it was supposed to be them standing side by side.


Clarke burst through the doors of the tower and counted the rooms she passed, running, until she reached the one Abby told her she would find Bellamy. She didn’t have all the details of what had happened, just that Bellamy ended up with a sword through his abdomen. Abby had radioed her right away.

Scared as she was for what she would see, she quickly opened the door and took in the sight in front of her.

There he was, lying unconscious on a table, his shirt torn open to access the wound, sweat beading on his forehead. Bloody gauze was everywhere. He looked so close to death, his skin paler than she’d ever seen it (including that time Murphy had infected the whole camp with that virus), but there he was. Alive. Barely.

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I have no idea what the anon is talking about. Tumblr NST are not speculating about MM's whereabouts, squeeing about Sam and MM or speculate if they are engaged. They also don't write fanfics. I looked and they don't do any of this. The anon is stirring the pot.

Nah you’re wrong tho. I made sure to look before I posted that anon. And the fanfic does exist, here’s a snippet from it:

“She was everything he wanted. Blonde, sporty and a calm influence on his ever busy mind. They had met at a party. He was just one of a long line of admirers. ” 😂😂😂😂😂

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Hi! I read that you have ADHD and I was wondering if you could make a post about learning languages with ADHD? Like tips and such? It's okay if you don't want to though! <3

Hello~ ^^) _旦~~

So I might come back and make a better post further down the line, but this is some of the basic things. Of course ADHD presents itself differently in each person, so while these have worked for me they might not work as well for someone else.

Go somewhere else - Studying at home can be especially challenging because all of your stuff is there waiting to distract you. Also ADHDers tend to be messy and you want a clean work-space… and cleaning your own work-space can easily lead to flipping through old note books and then you get a notification on your phone and end up scrolling down your Twitter feed and oh look it’s time to go to bed already! Not helpful when you have things to get done.

Use the Pomodoro technique - There are plenty of apps for this, but you can just use alarms on your phone or a kitchen timer. Set a timer, preferably for 25 minutes and start working. When the timer goes off take a short (5ish minutes) break then do it again. After two or three times take a longer break. The timer helps give you a clear stopping point which can provide motivation to power through the session, and it also reminds you to take a break which is super helpful if you often end up hyperfocusing.

Use a sound track - There are plenty of studyblr music playlists (here are 2 posts to start off with 1  2), but you will have to find what works best for you. Personally I stay away from songs that have lyrics, and generally end up playing MozartStudio Ghibli  or John Williams songs. If you use Youtube to play music then you should probably install an ad-blocker before trying this. 

Fidget - Tap your foot! Click your pen! Fidget cubes! (mine’s pink) It’s not really a secret that fidgeting helps ADHDers stay focused on the task.

Self-care (At this point I’m realizing that most of the stuff I’ve written is really generic lol)- I tend to follow “Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up” that @eponis posted. If you don’t feel like reading through it, How to ADHD has made it into a video 

Use multiple resources - This is of course easier with some languages than others, but if you find your textbook isn’t holding your attention switch to an app or an internet resource for a while. You can always come back to the others later.

Talk to people - Use Hellotalk to start conversations with native speakers or just read and comment on peoples Moments. Even if you’re not using the language you’re still establishing a connection that could be invaluable later down the line. You can also use @langblrpenpalexchange and @languagepartners to try to connect with other langblrs!

Lean into your distraction - If you often find yourself stuck on youtube, follow people who post videos in your target language or about that country. If you get distracted by Instagram, follow people from that country. Put your phone into your target language, so when you accidentally play Stranger Things for ‘just a few minutes’ and end up beating it at least you come out of it knowing how to say things like ‘garden gnome’ and ‘aluminum bat’ in German! And those little things do add up quickly.

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hi!! i saw that your mother tongue is swedish, so i would like to ask for your help. i've been learning swedish and i became a solid B2. i don't have that much time for it now unfortunately, but i don't want to forget it. do you have any recommondations on what to watch/read? (like youtubers and online newspapers or something among these lines) i would be sooo grateful! thanks and have a nice day😌🕊🌬

oh hi cara! i love helping so get ready for a long list!

youtubers (click on the names)

music(ik you didn’t ask for this but)

  • Kent (my fave, they released their last album in 2016, im crushed)
  • Laleh (also has english songs)
  • Veronica Maggio
  • Jonathan Johansson 
  • Tomas Ledin
  • Danny Saucedo
  • Byz
  • Samir & Viktor(really upbeat music, personally hate them lmao)
  • Linnea Henriksson
  • Ulrik Munther
  • Norlie & KKV
  • Panda Da Panda

newspapers etc.

  • aftonbladet.se
  • expressen.se
  • svt.se/nyheter 
  • hbl.fi (swedish paper in finland)
  • dagen.se
  • check out this page for more newspapers (swedish ones in left column)

(those marked with a ‘*’ are more demanding)

  • Portkod 1525 (should be on youtube?)
  • Portkod 1321(somewhere online)
  • Tusen gånger starkare(youtube)
  • Solsidan*
  • Welcome to Sweden(swedish-american)
  • Beck*
  • Arne Dahl*
  • Camilla Läckeberg*
  • Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar* (broke my heart, 3 episodes on youtube)
  • Wallander*
  • The Moomins ofc (moomins come from finland, not sweden or japan *sigh*)
  • Bron* (swedish-danish)

if someone else has any recs, please reblog and add them! 

jag hoppas den här listan hjälpte dig på något sätt och lycka till med dina fortsatta svenska studier!

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BBC music could know Louis lost his mum some months ago, but his song not only talks about it. I can see with these lyrics that someone who doesn't know Louis so much think: oh, look, another celebrity without any real problem, complaining about how hard the fame is. The don't know about the closet, the manipulation he had and all the bullshit. I believe Louis knew some people was gonna say that. And he knows that, for be taken seriously, he has to speak up, talk directly and not between lines.

Well, he may have anticipated some people would brush over the bigger message. But, frankly, BBC Music shouldn’t be one of them. They should know better. That article was vindictive and petty –– even if the song was “only” about him, personally, they clearly didn’t care about putting a positive spin on it. 

Louis’ spoken up about a lot of things that he’s been through including his insecurities and sense of not having a place in the band, his being reprimanded by Simon in a way that very clearly (to anyone who doesn’t need to be spoon fed) showed a very clear misuse of the power imbalance that existed, and his desire to chuck it all in when his mom was dying. He’s made references to the band having been fucked over financially. What do you want from him? He so clearly CAN’T “speak up, talk directly”. He is up to his eyeballs in NDAs and image clauses. He HAS to speak between the lines. 


If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

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im just imagining at the end of the game when everyones home and kurama is counting points he gets halfway through the line of kids and "wait. I could have sworn I didn't have this many children a few hours ago" kushina is laughing but also genuinely awed at his ability to just collect children "no really I don't have any uchihas I'm sure... no fuck you kakashi shisui doesn't count idek where they came from"


Oh my god, permission to use this in the fic??? Please. Please

  • Blake: Mom. Dad. I have something I need to tell you.
  • Ghira: What is it sweetie?
  • Kali: You know you can tell us anything.
  • Blake: I know. It's just... This may come as a shock to you both.
  • Kali: Haha. I'm sure we can handle it.
  • Blake: *inhale* Okay... I'm not dating Sun. We are just friends.
  • Ghira: That's more along the lines of relieving new dear.
  • Kali: Ghira.
  • Blake: The reason why I only like him as a friend is because I like, no, love someone else.
  • Kali: Aaaaaaw Sweetie.
  • Ghira: Please tell me it's not any of his other teammate.
  • Blake: No dad. SHE isn't. *Looking a bit more nervous.*
  • Kali: Blake. We know you are bisexual. And we still love you no matter what. After all we knew right away that you and Ilai weren't doing late night combat training.
  • Ghira: We will always love you, Blake. Plus, Now I don't have to warning about early grandkids.
  • Blake/Kali: DAD!/GHIRA!
  • Ghira: I'm kidding. I'm kidding... Partly.
  • Blake: Sigh. Okay that answers a few things but that's not all.
  • Kali: Oh? What else is there?
  • Blake: ...
  • Ghira: Blake. You can tell us.
  • Blake: *She begins to shack with tears in her eyes.*
  • Kali: Sweetie. What's wrong? *Both her and Ghira get up and move to Blake's sides, both hugging her as she she cries.*
  • Blake: She... She saved me from Adam... And... And lost her arm because of me. *sniffle* She has done so much for me. And I left her when she needed me the most to protect her.
  • Kali: Oh honey.
  • Ghira: I'm sure she will understand. Though, I never thought Adam would attack other faun-
  • Blake: She's a human.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: A... Human?
  • Blake: It's part of why I left... Adam said he would destroy everything I love... I was afraid if I stayed with Yang. He or the white fang would go after her. It's why I... I wanted to bring her here, where I thought the white fang wouldn't be but I was afraid... I was afraid that you two would be...
  • Kali: *Pulls Blake into a tight hug.* Blake. My baby girl. We love you no matter what and no matter who you love whether they be a Faunus or a human. I mean, We did start the originally to unity humans and faunus.
  • Blake: *Smiles and hugs her mom.* Thank you mom. *she then turns to her dad who is in deep thought.* Dad?
  • Ghira: ... I'm sorry Blake. *he said as she stood up.*
  • Blake: Dad? *She said with a heart broken look.*
  • Kali: Ghira? *She questioned as they watched him walk to his deck and open a drawer pulling something as he walks back over.*
  • Ghira: You said her name was Yang? As in Yang Xiao-Long? *He asked handing the object to Blake, Kali meanwhile suddenly having a look of realization.*
  • Blake: Y-yes. *She said confused taking the object realizing it was a framed picture.*
  • Ghira: Then I am sorry Blake. But The woman you love isn't just a human. *Ghira told Blake who looked at him confused before looking at the picture as she gasped. The photo showing a younger Ghira and pregnant Kali with a younger Taiyang and pregnant Raven.* She is half faunus.
  • Blake: I don't... I don't understand.
  • Ghira: What I'm saying Blake is... *Deep breath.* Our future Grandchildren have a less chance of getting your ears.
  • Blake: *Blake stared at her fathers serious expression as it slowly breaks into a chuckling smile making her laugh as well as she stands up and hugs her dad.* I'm sure they'll still look lovely.... Thank you. Both of you.
  • Kali: Of course dear. *Kali smiled hugging her husband and daughter.*
  • Ghira: We love you Blake. No matter what... I just hope She doesn't have Tai's taste for terrible puns and jokes.
  • Blake: Uh... Yeah. About that. *Ghira groans*
  • Kali: Oh I like her already.

i would be the last person y’all would expect to hear this request from, but somebody give me a trashy / d**che white guy name, I am in need of a name for a kid you just really wanna punch in the face with a chair.

Dark's Heart (part 1)

(so I was going to wait awhile for this one but I was too exited and couldn’t help but start it now. This takes place after “Bim’s Date”. Hope you enjoy it. This is how I see Dark dealing with something like this. Lets see how this turns out. *Holds breath*)

Dark looks out the window into the backyard. He watches Bim in his garden tending to the flowers and his date bringing in some new flowers to plant. The date kneels by Bims side holding out the new flower and Bim takes it giving the date a kiss on the cheek. The date smiles and helps dig a little hole for the flower to be placed in. It has been a month since Bim’s date came into his life, it ended up changing a lot of things. Since then the other egos were beginning to become open to dating and Mark encouraged them to try but to still be careful of course.

Willford had been on the most dates, most of them ending in him getting slapped or running scared for their life when he busts out the gun. Ed would from time to time but his main thing he cared about is if they would get along with his son. Silver was too shy to go on a date and said his true love was justice. Dr.Iplier said he wouldn’t mind but he was too busy, but he did go out an a date once or twice. Yandere didn’t go out saying he would not handle having multiple senpis and there can only be one. King of Squirrels said he would need someone to help him rule over his furry subjects and would propose that on every first date. Google was surprised someone asked for a date with him thinking no one wanted a droid including his brothers who also were asked and he went on a couple but said he wanted someone to have a good educational conversation with. Host kept to himself thinking it would be too weird to be seen with him but was told others didn’t care and wanted to anyway, so he was considering it. Dark refused entirely, even if the others told him to be nice and go anyway he denied it.  

Dark watches the couple being happy together. Bim would not stop giving his date kisses on the cheek then head and just wraps an arm around them and kissed them on the lips. Dark looks away rolling his eyes. He makes his way to his office on the first floor and Willford snickers at him, “Jealous much?”

“Of what? Swapping spit with another person. No thank you.” Dark saids and looks back at Willford. “And you? All you get in return is a slap on the face or a possible restraining order.” Willford shrugs, “I just haven’t met the right one you know. And to be fair I only pull out the gun when I know the person is actually a jerk.” Dark sighs annoyed, “ Who do you think has to deal with the aftermath of that and erase memories of any witnesses? Not to mention Mark has to warn people before they want to try to date you and to sign a disclaimer." Willford tugs on his suspenders, ” Not all of them were bad. I had fun and some of them but you know it just didn’t click. But I met some cool scamps and get invited to some parties with them to hang out.“ Dark gets more annoyed, "Again then you cause some disaster at some of these events and I have to deal with it.” Willford laughs, “Come on that last one was fun and everyone laughed. So I got a car into a pool. Did anyone die? No.”

Dark doesn’t have time for this and makes his way to his office when Willford saids something. “You know you could still try to find-” Willford gets cut off as Dark appears infront of him looking very angry, his shell breaking flashing red and blue. “Don’t. Say. Their. Name.” He breathes heavily. “I don’t want anyone near me again!!! I have no time for anyone and no one is worthy of my time.” Dark takes a deep breath and straightens himself up then walks away. Will watches him go and Host walks up to Willford. “You know he doesn’t like to talk about it. Why does Willford insist on it?” Host asks Will. Willford tugs at his suspenders more, “Maybe because it was the one time he was in his own way happy and that meant we didn’t suffer as much from his wrath.”

Dark slams his door shut and sits at his desk. He boots up his computer and tries to work, taking out some papers he needed to look over as well. He reads through them but stops after a while. Without thinking he looks at his computer and goes “that person’s” profile again. They are smiling happily and posted that they were excited for their wedding that day. Dark doesn’t know why he is even looking at this but he is. He tilts his head back and closes his eyes thinking about the first time he saw you.

It was a meet and greet about close to the beginning of the year. “A Date with Markiplier” came out a few days ago and Dark’s had become very popular afterward. The fans wanted a meet up with the egos and after some consideration and many precautions Mark decided to make a meet and greet for them. He rented a room big enough for them to have it in and sent out the word about it. The fans were so excited and the egos were too, happy to meet the fans. Dark was less ecstatic as he sat in his chair unamused.

“Remind me again why I'm here.” Dark crosses his arms looking serious as always. “You are one of us weather you like it of not so just act nice for today. And would it kill you to smile?” Willford saids looking at Dark at his spot next to him. “Yes it will.”, Dark grumbles. “Look you are here now so just deal with it Edgelord.” Willford pokes Dark’s arm making Dark’s aura seep out. 

“Ummmm Will maybe its not the best time to mess with Dark before the fans walk in…” Bim shifts in his seat at his table nervous.

“Boy’s got a point. I rather not die before this thing starts.” Ed leans in his chair.

“I already am going to be busy with this and tending to fans on the verge of fainting or having a large "Fangirl” moment.“ Dr.Iplier has a doctor bag under his table in case someone faints.

"I will be there to save the fans of course!! I am the hero they need.” Silver is jumping in his seat being the most exited.

“Yes it seems we will have quite the crowd today. I can see many people outside are already using that "Facebook Live” to show they are waiting outside.“ Google’s eyes glow as he looks up how popular the event is on the internet.

"The fans are talking happily amongst themselves while there is a threat of chaos that might commence in the building before they arrive.” Host narrates softly, he was nervous about being there but wanted to be nice to the fans.

“I do hope the fans enjoy my loyal subjects and I brought them all peanut butter so we may all run out and embrace the squirrels!!!” The King of Squirrels had boxes of peanut butter behind him.

“I feel like senpi right now… I like it hehehehe.” Yandere laughs to himself feeling powerful to become senpi for a day.

Mark walks in and looks at everyone in their places. He hopes nothing bad happens. “Ok guys we are opening the doors in five minutes so get ready. Katherine is out there with Tyler explaining how this is going to work. You each have your own table and line for yourself. A fan has to go to the line to the one they want to meet. They have at least a minute with you, its fast but we had to so no one can get left behind before the event is over. They do have gifts for you and anything they want you to sign. They will ask for pictures too and please for the love of everything that is holy don’t do anything bad to mess up the building… I cant afford to pay for damages.” Everyone looks at Willford when he saids that. “Cross my heart, but no promises.”, Willford saids happily and Mark worries. “Any you. You need to be nice today. I don’t want anyone running out here crying because of you.” Mark looks at Dark but he feels the dark aura seeping out and shivers. He walks to the entrance where Amy is to help people get to their line and with Ethan at a table where there is t-shirts and other knick knacks of the egos to give away.

“I hope this doesn’t end badly.” Mark takes a deep breath to try to relax as he sits with Ethan. “Come on Mark it will be fine. Its going to be great.”, Ethan saids happily fixing up the merchandise. “Yea don’t worry so much. You know if they act up Kathryn just needs to snap her fingers to get them back in line. That girl knows how to take charge.” , Amy pats Mark’s head playfully. Mark looks up at Amy, “ I know but I still worry you know me. I don't any the fans to get hurt.” Tyler pokes his head out from the door, “Ok its time guys you ready?” Mark takes another deep breath and nods.

The fans walk in jumping and squealing. They walk in to find Mark and Ethan at the merchandise table in the front. They tell them they can get something now if they want for the egos to sign or save it as a gift for after the event. Amy is next by where the lines begin. They are all separated and have a sign at each beginning with the name of the ego for that particular line. She tells them to go through nicely and to wait til it was time for the event to start. The fans filled up the lines fast with more still outside the building. Tyler was at the front of the lines telling everyone they had to stand behind the red tape before they come up to the table and to please be kind to others in line. Once it was time the first people in line walked up to the tables.

Willford was having a blast, taking pictures and grabbing the phones to take a selfie telling them it has to be their phone background. Bim was shy at first but got the hang of it enjoying the fans as they said they wish he had his own show. Ed was pulling in people in for bear hugs when they asked for a hug and signing things with prices for his son. Dr.Iplier smiled at the fans and gave a fast scribble for his signature and if he saw someone looking very nervous he took his time to get them to relax and took deep breaths with them. Silver posed for every photo loving it and feeling loved when they told him he was their favorite hero. Google acted civil to everyone and smiled when the fans said he was the coolest android ever and even gave him gifts for his brothers to take back too. Host thought it was kind of the fans to want to help him find a place sign their things carefully taking his hand and guiding it to where they wanted the signature, he also liked the small conversations they would have. The King signed away delighted when the fans giggled as some squirrels climbed on them, and  asked if anyone was allergic to peanut butter before he gave a jar away. Yandere always added hearts to his signature and giggled when someone said they find him cute.

Dark was a different story. When fans came to him he just glared at them clearly not wanting to be there. He signed things and just gave them back without a word. Some were brave enough to ask for a picture and Dark allowed it but didn’t smile and didn’t get close to the fan. Someone tried to joke with him and called him Edgelord, Dark’s shell had a small crack enough to make the fan get their signed idem and back away fast. It was coming to a point where people did not want to go near his line even if he had a lot of people wanting to meet him. Some just saw him and gave the gift to Mark at the front to give it to Dark instead. No one came to Dark’s line anymore too afraid of him. He didn’t mind and was glad at the fact. Willford whispered buzzkill to him but Dark didn’t care.

“Well I expected that.” Mark looks over at Dark siting at his table enjoying his empty line. Then you show up almost out of breath. “Im sorry *huff* is the event still going on?” You look at Mark. Mark smiles at you and picks up a water bottle hanging it to you. “Don’t worry your on time. You got a good ten minutes left. If you get in line now you can still make it.” You drink up the water, “Wow I’m so lucky… I thought I wasn’t going to make it and ran half of the way.” You look into the building and see the lines full of people but you stop and see Dark’s empty one. “Ummm excuse me Mark is Dark’s line closed?” You tilt your head. Mark looks back at Dark cracking his neck, “No its not. Everyone eventually got to scared to go near him. He doesn’t seem to mind as you can see.” You look at Dark, he does look very intimidating but you shrug your shoulders, “Well I’m going to burst his bubble.”

You walk to Darks line happily. Everyone from the other lines look at you like you were crazy or had a death wish. But there you go and you stop at the red tape and wait for Dark to call you up. He looks up at you, his eyes looking you up and down. “What are you doing?” He asks placing his arms on the table. You smile at him, “Just waiting to meet you. can I come up?” Dark gives you a look, “You could have just left your gift with Mark like the others.” You hold out your hands, “I don’t got one. I just wanted to meet you.” Dark is now curious he motions you forward. You walk up to the table not afraid and smile at him. “Are you telling me you came here without wanting a signature, bringing a gift, or wanting a picture? Yet here you stand wanting to meet me for what a minute?” Dark raises an eyebrow.

“Pretty much.” You say simply. “I think your an interesting character. I know you are suppose to be evil and all that but I think there is more to you than you are letting on. Deep down I think your longing for something else besides the obvious taking over Mark or making your own deals that benefit you.” You look at your phone. “Well times up I just wanted to tell you that. Bye have a good one.” You make your way out.

“Your not leaving.” Dark looks at you hard. You turn around to find him glaring at you. his dark aura coming out and his shell having cracks slightly. “What do you mean there is more to me? You only know me from Mark’s videos. How can you possibly think you really know who I am? I am a evil ego and am feared by the others and even the fans. They say they love me and all but only because of Mark. You think you know who you are exactly talking to…” Dark’s shell is cracking more. The other egos can feel it and are already preparing to jump in to protect the fans. Mark starts walking up to Dark’s table to take you away before he does something bad.

You start laughing. It makes Dark surprised as well as the others around you. The fans think your asking for it and the egos think Dark’s energy made you go mad. “hahahaha You think your scary. Trust me I have been through some bad things and they are worse than you.” Dark looks at you eyes wide and for once amused. “Dark I know you aren’t the best person ever but you know I think your like this because your acting out. Sure you love using people and you enjoy taking control but I think it is because you actually like people. sure it is to mess with them but to me it is also because you don’t like being alone. You like having someone there to mess with. If you didn’t then what would you do with yourself? You need people weather you like to admit it of not. That’s just my opinion. I should get going I really went over the time limit but since  I’m the only one in line I guess that’s ok.” You turn to leave then walk back. “O one more thing.” You poke Dark’s nose with a boop. “See ya Edgelord.” You wave at him and leave.

Everyone is doesn’t know what to think. The other egos look at Dark eyes wide because he didn’t react to what just happened. Mark stands their dumbfounded and you pass by him. “O by the way love your stuff. Your the best.” You go to the merchandise table and buy a shirt with Dark on it from a very surprised Ethan who saw what happened. you leave with your shirt walking back to your car happily.

Dark looks after you still trying to piece together what just happened. The event ends and everyone starts to clean up. Dark still sits at his table looking at the doors you left at. “Dark you know you could have left five minutes ago right?” Mark looks at Dark. Dark sits up and walks past Mark, “I’m not doing this thing again…” Mark nods, “Noted.” Dark leaves ahead of everyone. He is the first to arrive home going straight to his room. He changes for the night and lays in bed looking up at the ceiling.

“hu… I don’t get their name.” Dark whispers to himself. He thinks why would he care about learning a name for someone he would most likely never see again but they did do something he never thought anyone could do. They surprised him.

  • Winwin : whoop whoop
  • SM: well done winwin that was amazing you're done for the day
  • Winwin: don't I get any more lines?
  • SM: what was that wind chime I didn't hear you correctly
  • Winwin: I mean do I get any more lines for the song
  • SM: oh quit complaining wonton you have a schedule to complete
  • Winwin: but i-
  • SM: come on now wish wash lets get hustling

anonymous asked:

I really liked your addition to that post about femininity and I don't enjoy when people impose any kind of view on their actual sex life. People blur the lines between fic, projection of their own preferences, and real life all the time in this fandom. I 100% love sub harry because its based on my own reading and interpretation of his body language, but never in a million years would I a) stop reading specific kinds of smut because gimme that shit or b) insist that it had bearing on real life.

Thank you; I agree to some extent. I see a lot of people say stuff like “I have preferences about top/bottom but never ever would let that filter into my real life perception of them” or as you said, “ insist that it had bearing on real life.” And yeah, there’s totally a distinction between fiction and realty, but I think fandom discussion of these roles ends up effecting how REAL PEOPLE perceive  REAL gay relationships, and that when discussion is rooted in homophobic stereotypes or reductions, it lends itself to those stereotypes being upheld and perpetuated in the real world. I, as a queer person who engages in kink play, feel the effect of  this shit in my real life, so it’s not as cut and dry for me?  More under the cut: 

The lines between how I perceive H and L in real life and how I write them probably get blurred more than your average writer because I do write canon fic. I routinely write stuff which requires me to wonder about how they might “really be,” because I’m writing about things that really happened, and attempting to characterize them in an effective and believable way. 

That being said, I do think to a to a certain degree we ALL head canon them or develop our preferences for what we like to read based on close observation of their actual behavior. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having preferences, either, or with interpreting what we observe in different ways. This becomes a problem when: 

1. People observe traits and them make false connections between those traits and what roles sexual roles they imply: i.e., small size, femininity, flamboyance, softness, etc. DO NOT necessarily equate to submission. 

2. people SHAME OTHERS for their preferences by suggesting they’re contributing to or upholding H and L’s closeting/the images we’re being sold by interpreting their behavior in the certain way. This is sort of a symptom of number one, because it stems from the assumption that certain traits mean certain rigid roles in the bedroom, which is fucking absurd and also homophobic and also reveals how little some people in this fandom know about sex, gay sex, kinky sex, and the fluidity of roles in lgbtaq relationships where kink is practiced. 

I have seen, with my own eyes, straight people in this fandom actively and vocally shaming lgbta people for preferring top/dom L, with the justification that people’s only reason for preferring or interpreting his behavior as such is because they “buy into the official narrative/his brand/his closeting, etc.” This is…incomprehensibly fucked up and inappropriate, let alone HARMFUL to lgbta individuals in this fandom who might be trying to parse out and navigate their own sexuality or the sexual roles they’re interested in exploring! Like, real life is so much more messy and complicated and riddled with grey areas than fan fiction and fandom makes it out to be! Tops and bottoms come in all shapes and sizes and dispositions, because believe it or not, LGBTAQ PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE!!!! DIVERSE AND COMPLEX!!! WE HAVE DIVERSE SEX WHERE THERE ARE NO ASSIGNED ROLES!!! Most gay men switch, and are versatile. not all men who prefer to bottom are subs! Subbing and bottoming and topping and domming are NOT mutually exclusive!!! Couples with a D/S dynamic DON’T always play when they fuck! If you think that any of these statements aren’t accurate, YOU’RE HOMOPHOBIC!!! You’re reducing real people to fetishized roles and or imposing heterosexual power dynamics onto queer sex!!! 

If people watch interviews and observe Louis and observe things which lead them to conclude that he’s a dom? There could be a million reasons they arrived at that preference or conclusion which are NOT rooted in any of the bullshit I see “called out” regarding this subject. It’s astounding to me that the same people who condemn others for “buying into his brand/closeting” are the same people who seem to think small, flamboyant, feminine men can only fill a submissive roll???? Like check yourself! Look at what YOU’RE buying into! 

 In conclusion, the discussion that happens in this fandom and other fandoms about topping/bottoming and d/s roles DO INTERACT with real life, and play off of real life behavior we’re observing, and then ultimately relates to how real people perceive real gay men and real gay relationships. I’m hesitant to separate them completely, and this is why.