but i don't have any of his lines

keith why
  • ((Lance and Keith have been dating for a while now))
  • Keith: So, um, Lance, I've been thinking, and, we've been like, dating for a while now, so I think- of course, you don't have to say yes, but- I think it's time for us to move on to the next step.
  • Lance: And that is?
  • Keith: Um, space ranger pardners.
  • Lance:
  • Lance: Okay, no. I might have let you go if you said 'partners' like any sane person, but 'pardners'? That's it, you've crossed the line, you've (ranting)
  • Keith:
  • Keith: Y'ain't being too kind 'bout this, y'know?
you and i, forever

Bellamy gets injured trying to save Octavia’s life, and Clarke loses her mind.

They were always supposed to be together. At the end of the day—at the end of the world—it was supposed to be them standing side by side.


Clarke burst through the doors of the tower and counted the rooms she passed, running, until she reached the one Abby told her she would find Bellamy. She didn’t have all the details of what had happened, just that Bellamy ended up with a sword through his abdomen. Abby had radioed her right away.

Scared as she was for what she would see, she quickly opened the door and took in the sight in front of her.

There he was, lying unconscious on a table, his shirt torn open to access the wound, sweat beading on his forehead. Bloody gauze was everywhere. He looked so close to death, his skin paler than she’d ever seen it (including that time Murphy had infected the whole camp with that virus), but there he was. Alive. Barely.

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what overwatch mains are like (at least in my experience)
  • Genji: They never stop moving and jumping around and using their voice lines?? YOSHI!
  • McCree: there's a 99.8% chance they have depression. Not very good aim until they use their ult or stun you.
  • Pharah: The strong silent type. 60% chance of being gay.
  • Reaper: Probably 12 and/or a youtuber/streamer
  • Soldier 76: I refuse to acknowledge his assistance (except for the fact that he's handy if you don't have a healer.)
  • Sombra: Sombra mains are a myth. If there are any, they're almost certainly gay.
  • Tracer: Probably gay. Very friendly but ruthless in combat.
  • Bastion: Never trust a bastion main
  • Hanzo: Not very friendly, but has soothing calming tippy tappy footsteps
  • Junkrat: 80% chance of being gay. 100% chance if they have the junkenstein skin.
  • Mei: Interrupts your ult with her fucking ice wall. Ally meis do this too.
  • Torbjörn: POTG *Torbjorn takes a little nap in the corner while his turret gets a teamkill*
  • Widowmaker: Not very helpful, but will spout attractive french at you while sitting on the highest tower taking wildly inaccurate shots.
  • D.Va: D.va mains are indestructible and will use their ult like 3 times before you have a chance to blink.
  • Orisa: Another rarity. Probably cinnamon rolls though
  • Reinhardt: Reinhardt mains are very friendly and likely to be the backbone of your team. I love them all.
  • Roadhog: If you're wearing his Mako skin i won't even care that you hooked me from halfway across the map since I got to see your beautiful sharky face up close. Mei + Roadhog is a terrifying combo.
  • Winston: Winston mains are practically nonexistent. They're probably very shy, possibly dads.
  • Zarya: 97% chance of being a lesbian. Have better ain than you might expect.
  • Ana: Slightly scary. Will keep you healed always.
  • Lúcio: Too fast too furious. Lucio mains are beautiful people.
  • Mercy: Your new best friend, if you play your cards right. Will probably carry you through the entire match.
  • Symmetra: Symmetra mains are terrifying.
  • Zenyatta: A rare but valuable breed. If you meet a Zenyatta main, hold them close and don't let them go. They are important.

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im just imagining at the end of the game when everyones home and kurama is counting points he gets halfway through the line of kids and "wait. I could have sworn I didn't have this many children a few hours ago" kushina is laughing but also genuinely awed at his ability to just collect children "no really I don't have any uchihas I'm sure... no fuck you kakashi shisui doesn't count idek where they came from"


Oh my god, permission to use this in the fic??? Please. Please

  • Blake: Mom. Dad. I have something I need to tell you.
  • Ghira: What is it sweetie?
  • Kali: You know you can tell us anything.
  • Blake: I know. It's just... This may come as a shock to you both.
  • Kali: Haha. I'm sure we can handle it.
  • Blake: *inhale* Okay... I'm not dating Sun. We are just friends.
  • Ghira: That's more along the lines of relieving new dear.
  • Kali: Ghira.
  • Blake: The reason why I only like him as a friend is because I like, no, love someone else.
  • Kali: Aaaaaaw Sweetie.
  • Ghira: Please tell me it's not any of his other teammate.
  • Blake: No dad. SHE isn't. *Looking a bit more nervous.*
  • Kali: Blake. We know you are bisexual. And we still love you no matter what. After all we knew right away that you and Ilai weren't doing late night combat training.
  • Ghira: We will always love you, Blake. Plus, Now I don't have to warning about early grandkids.
  • Blake/Kali: DAD!/GHIRA!
  • Ghira: I'm kidding. I'm kidding... Partly.
  • Blake: Sigh. Okay that answers a few things but that's not all.
  • Kali: Oh? What else is there?
  • Blake: ...
  • Ghira: Blake. You can tell us.
  • Blake: *She begins to shack with tears in her eyes.*
  • Kali: Sweetie. What's wrong? *Both her and Ghira get up and move to Blake's sides, both hugging her as she she cries.*
  • Blake: She... She saved me from Adam... And... And lost her arm because of me. *sniffle* She has done so much for me. And I left her when she needed me the most to protect her.
  • Kali: Oh honey.
  • Ghira: I'm sure she will understand. Though, I never thought Adam would attack other faun-
  • Blake: She's a human.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: A... Human?
  • Blake: It's part of why I left... Adam said he would destroy everything I love... I was afraid if I stayed with Yang. He or the white fang would go after her. It's why I... I wanted to bring her here, where I thought the white fang wouldn't be but I was afraid... I was afraid that you two would be...
  • Kali: *Pulls Blake into a tight hug.* Blake. My baby girl. We love you no matter what and no matter who you love whether they be a Faunus or a human. I mean, We did start the originally to unity humans and faunus.
  • Blake: *Smiles and hugs her mom.* Thank you mom. *she then turns to her dad who is in deep thought.* Dad?
  • Ghira: ... I'm sorry Blake. *he said as she stood up.*
  • Blake: Dad? *She said with a heart broken look.*
  • Kali: Ghira? *She questioned as they watched him walk to his deck and open a drawer pulling something as he walks back over.*
  • Ghira: You said her name was Yang? As in Yang Xiao-Long? *He asked handing the object to Blake, Kali meanwhile suddenly having a look of realization.*
  • Blake: Y-yes. *She said confused taking the object realizing it was a framed picture.*
  • Ghira: Then I am sorry Blake. But The woman you love isn't just a human. *Ghira told Blake who looked at him confused before looking at the picture as she gasped. The photo showing a younger Ghira and pregnant Kali with a younger Taiyang and pregnant Raven.* She is half faunus.
  • Blake: I don't... I don't understand.
  • Ghira: What I'm saying Blake is... *Deep breath.* Our future Grandchildren have a less chance of getting your ears.
  • Blake: *Blake stared at her fathers serious expression as it slowly breaks into a chuckling smile making her laugh as well as she stands up and hugs her dad.* I'm sure they'll still look lovely.... Thank you. Both of you.
  • Kali: Of course dear. *Kali smiled hugging her husband and daughter.*
  • Ghira: We love you Blake. No matter what... I just hope She doesn't have Tai's taste for terrible puns and jokes.
  • Blake: Uh... Yeah. About that. *Ghira groans*
  • Kali: Oh I like her already.

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Hi ! I honestly don't know if it's been talked about before [couldn't catch up with my dashboard...] and I assume it has. But I was wondering what your thoughts were on the "Good" lines in 12x14 ? Both Mary and Sam say it at the end of the episode when we see Ketch and the "rogue hunter" but Dean also says it in the beginning when Mary says she sees Wally die every night. What kind of meaning could it have ? :/ I've been thinking about it but I don't have any clear idea

Hey! So if it was talked about already I wouldn’t have a clue as I have missed out on three weeks of meta and haven’t yet read a single other episode review of 12x14 except for my own which I hastily typed out over the weekend.

But yeah you raise a good point. The “Good” lines do kinda bookend the episode in a way and it is interesting in the way it separates Mary and Sam from Dean at the moment and their feelings on the situation.

At the beginning we have this exchange:

DEAN: Cas almost died!

SAM: A hunter got killed

MARY: I’m the one who burned his body, I’m the one who told his wife. I watch him die every night.

DEAN: Good.

(enter title card)

Then at the end of the episode this takes place:

SAM: where are you taking him?

KETCH: We have ways of dealing with hunters who go rogue, they aren’t pleasant.

MARY: Good.

SAM: Good.

In the first scene, Dean is being controlled by his emotions. Mary has betrayed and hurt him and the mention of Cas shortly before the story about telling Wally’s wife hits close to home. (We are supposed to associate Cas’s worth to Dean with Wally’s worth to his wife) Dean’s “Good” to Mary is him wanting her to feel that pain as punishment for what she did to Cas as well as to Wally. 

The raw emotion in Dean’s voice and the way this argument was shot meant Dean’s “Good” had a hell of a lot of emotional impact. Also, for the audience, I believe we are supposed to sympathise with Dean here, we are supposed to agree with him and say “Good” along with him. Mary deserves to feel that pain. 

The last scene however, plays with that idea of punishment and what is rightly deserved. Yeah Pierce was a dick for working with the Alpha Vamp and getting innocent people killed, yes he deserves to be punished for his crime. But the audience has had the displeasure of getting to know Ketch and his “methods” and when Ketch says “ways of dealing with hunters who go rogue” it is meant to leave a bad taste in your mouth. It isn’t too difficult for the audience to imagine what Ketch is capable of at this stage, and it certainly isn’t a pleasant thought what might be in store for Pierce. Does anyone really deserve that? Did anyone say “Good” along with Sam and Mary? Or did they grimace slightly at their imaginations conjuring up just what our resident psychopath might mean by “ways of dealing with”?

We don’t instinctively agree with them. We are not supposed to. Their joint “Good” sets them so far apart from Dean and his emotional “Good” from earlier and puts them on the side of cold, psychopathic Ketch. Dean of course, remains silent, which further emphasises how different the two “Good” moments are.

I think this is supposed to show how Sam and Mary are on a dark path and not one that the audience is supposed to sympathise with in the long run. Even though it may not be obvious at this stage. Dean’s “Good” came from a place of emotion, Sam and Mary’s “Good” came from a cold desire for punishment and justice regardless of what that meant. They didn’t even question Ketch’s methods. 

The show has at this point set in motion a course which will separate Dean from Sam and Mary. Their principals are different right now, and I reckon that this difference will grow more evident as time goes by. 

That’s what I think the two “Good” bookends means anyway. 

  • Winwin : whoop whoop
  • SM: well done winwin that was amazing you're done for the day
  • Winwin: don't I get any more lines?
  • SM: what was that wind chime I didn't hear you correctly
  • Winwin: I mean do I get any more lines for the song
  • SM: oh quit complaining wonton you have a schedule to complete
  • Winwin: but i-
  • SM: come on now wish wash lets get hustling

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hi!! i saw that your mother tongue is swedish, so i would like to ask for your help. i've been learning swedish and i became a solid B2. i don't have that much time for it now unfortunately, but i don't want to forget it. do you have any recommondations on what to watch/read? (like youtubers and online newspapers or something among these lines) i would be sooo grateful! thanks and have a nice day😌🕊🌬

oh hi cara! i love helping so get ready for a long list!

youtubers (click on the names)

music(ik you didn’t ask for this but)

  • Kent (my fave, they released their last album in 2016, im crushed)
  • Laleh (also has english songs)
  • Veronica Maggio
  • Jonathan Johansson 
  • Tomas Ledin
  • Danny Saucedo
  • Byz
  • Samir & Viktor(really upbeat music, personally hate them lmao)
  • Linnea Henriksson
  • Ulrik Munther
  • Norlie & KKV
  • Panda Da Panda

newspapers etc.

  • aftonbladet.se
  • expressen.se
  • svt.se/nyheter 
  • hbl.fi (swedish paper in finland)
  • dagen.se
  • check out this page for more newspapers (swedish ones in left column)

(those marked with a ‘*’ are more demanding)

  • Portkod 1525 (should be on youtube?)
  • Portkod 1321(somewhere online)
  • Tusen gånger starkare(youtube)
  • Solsidan*
  • Welcome to Sweden(swedish-american)
  • Beck*
  • Arne Dahl*
  • Camilla Läckeberg*
  • Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar* (broke my heart, 3 episodes on youtube)
  • Wallander*
  • The Moomins ofc (moomins come from finland, not sweden or japan *sigh*)
  • Bron* (swedish-danish)

if someone else has any recs, please reblog and add them! 

jag hoppas den här listan hjälpte dig på något sätt och lycka till med dina fortsatta svenska studier!

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It would make absolutely zero sense for one of them to come out alone? I you think Harry and Louis are together no way in the world one would come out while the other is still in the closet (because Harry would still have to hide his relationship even though for the public he would be out). I don't get why people are suddenly thinking that considering grimmy literally asked him about dating girls/ladies a week ago. The GP aint gonna know about a pin or green carnations..

yeah i agree i think the rainbow pin is mostly for the fandom. harry can be as vague as he wants in interviews and drop as many hints as he wants in terms of his accessories/outfits but right now the average person checking out the tabloid covers in line at the grocery store thinks haylor and hendall were real relationships and have no fucking clue about any of his closet knocking (or they’ve already forgotten about ‘not that important’ because it happened in 2014 and the yacht from hell was only a year ago and all those pictures were all over the damn place).

i also agree with you that it makes no sense for harry to come out alone because it’s still going to throw a giant spotlight on louis (those larry rumours are never going to die and will just surge back to life) only it’s going to make it seem like louis doesn’t want to come out/is choosing the stunts which is exactly the opposite of what’s actually happening and also plays directly into simon cowell and syco’s hands. 

why would harry go along with something that the very corporation they’ve been fighting against for years actively wants and that casts louis in a terrible light/puts the blame for the situation on him instead of his team and makes it seem like he’s been holding harry back and is so afraid of being perceived as gay that he’s hiding behind two beards and a baby?

i don’t see harry coming out until they’ve cleaned up louis’ situation and i don’t see harry coming out on his own so long as he and louis are still together.

Okay I just want to make clear that I’m not saying Kookie or Jimin or any of the other members should have less lines. I feel like some of you guys are getting that idea from me but that’s not even close to what I’m trying to state. And that is that no matter how many lines a member got in other songs, that’s not an excuse for them not having lines in the tittle track and that no member should “give” his lines for another one to have them. To fit 7 people in a song is not easy but not impossible either.

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" I think people aren’t ready to let Even go and are reaching." I kind of agree with you. I don't think his part in Sana's story won't be as big people want it to be, but why would Julie have Sonja say that line if it won't have any significance later on? We all agree that Julie is very clever when it comes to writing, so if t won't be beought up she could've chosen Sonja to say that he had studied the bible in Latin or whatever.

Yeah I agree with that. I don’t think it’s random that Mikael suddenly is back and that the balloon squad went to Bakka and that he studied the Quran, because you know once is accident twice is coincidence and three… it’s just too many.
But I DONT believe the hype that Sana would be most comfortable around Even, or that they have some secret relationship that they’re hiding from everyone including Isak because why not… that’s too far for me to believe.

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I want to write a story about my main character who is able to go on tour with a very famous singer. She is the official photographer of everything. But I want to do something different. I don't just want a story where normal girl falls in love with someone famous and have that be the main plot (maybe a subplot) but I want it to have meaning behind it (if that makes sense). Maybe focus the story on her personal growth. Bottom line I want to do something different with a cliche story. Any ideas?

Hi! First of all, I like that she’s a photographer, and you’re not using the weird trope of a fan winning a contest to go on tour with him. I’m personally into adventure book; personal growth isn’t my style, but I’ll try to make a good mix of ideas:

• She’s singing/playing an instrument one day while on tour, and he hears. He invites her to perform with him. She agrees and ends up starting a solo career because she realizes that she doesn’t want her job to rely on him. They often collaborate with each other though, and she sometimes still taked pictures of him.

• She’s secretly an assassin sent to kill him, posing as a photographer. She falls in love, so she can’t go through with it and must face the consequences.

• She finds out that he lip sinks. Unknowingly, she tips someone off that she knows. They offer her money if she can get proof.

• She’s offered a different, exciting, well paying job after being on tour with him for awhile because someone else noticed and was impressed with her work. This leads to a hard decision.

• After looking at someone famous from behind a lense for so long, she decides she wants to be the famous one. She does this by crashing one of his concerts and attempting to sing a duet with him on stage.

• Fans are angry that she gets to be around the singer so much. They threaten her and such. He finds out, and he quits the tour as a type of lesson to them. Then, he realizes he likes normal, incognito life with her.

• Adding onto the above, perhaps she realizes that she loved the excitement of the tour. This leads to a stalemate on what to do.

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Hi there! I don't want to be ~that person~ and ask for brushes, SO. Do you have any recommendations for someone who is having a hard time with their own brushes? I feel like something is always wrong - either the line is too thick, too textured, not textured enough, too soft, too hard. AAAAAAAhhhhh. I'm sorry for bugging you with this, your work is just..Phenomenal and i adore your linework

Ahh that’s a little difficult to answer. I actually spent a lot of time learning Photoshop’s (I use PS btw) brush settings, tinkering, experimenting, shifting values etc… I spent a lot of time reverse-engineering kyle webster brushes to suit my own needs. When I work at different sizes, sometimes I’ll adjust my brushes’ settings on the fly to compensate.

It’s something worth looking into! 

As for my brushes, I’d share them but a lot of them are essentially just slightly altered Kyle Webster brushes, so you may as well just pick up his megapack. For drawing lineart, I use my own version of his (free) animator’s pencil. It’s pretty similar.

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Hey, I have a question and I'm not sure if you can help me but I thought I should at least try. I want to get a tattoo of the line "Gotta let it happen" for a while now and I know it's kinda stupid but it would mean a lot to me if I could get Hayley to write the words out for me. But I have no idea how to reach her. I'm going to a Paramore concert in july but I don't think I'll be able to meet her there. Do you or anyone else here have any idea what I could do or how I should contact her?

Hi there!

Firstly, it isn’t stupid. I think it’s a wonderful idea and they’re very touching lyrics to pick to have on your body.

I would say just try to get her attention on social media. She has Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter and you should reach out on them all the best you can. The Parafamily is one of the coolest fanbase families in the world and we know how to spread a message.

If we worked together I’m sure we could get her to notice you and maybe send you a scan of her handwriting?

(Parafam, this is your cue to reblog this and share it around wherever you can.)

@yelyahwilliams @paramore

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Hey! I watched the Truman Show a few months ago and I was wondering if you could tell me what the message of it was because I still don't know??

boy oh boy i could write a 50-page essay on this but it’s 12:27 a.m. so for now i’ll give you this

the “139″ on truman’s sailboat refers to psalm 139

cristoph’s deliberate pause between “i am the creator” and “of a television show” is meant to show you that he believes he is god. and, like, he basically IS god to truman. he controls his entire life.

now the real question of the truman show: is it saying that god actually DOESN’T have any control over our lives (as evidenced by truman’s line, “you never had a camera in my head”), OR is it saying that people (like cristoph) can’t play god because only god is god?

i prefer the first interpretation - that the truman show is an allegory for humans living under god’s control and that god doesn’t actually have full control over humans - but considering how deeply christian jim carrey is, i believe the second interpretation is what’s intended as the message of the movie. that people can’t play god. 

there could also be a third, jonah-like message to the movie that you can’t run away from god. that you can’t just pack up and move to fiji to escape your divine destiny. 

this movie has christian undertones and overtones and regular tones, lemme tell u

Did Jun not get any lines in the title song?

So I just figured out that after staying up late last night  that it was going to be dropped at 10am for me and not 10pm(rookie mistake, I know) and I’ve gone through the music video a few times and I have a few unanswered questions but one of the bigger ones I had to ask was where were Jun’s lines?

I watched the video a few times and listened carefully to hear his voice and yet I couldn’t find it. This left me to wonder if he actually didn’t get and at all, not even one part. At least minghao got an appropriate part that played to his strengths and dino got a decent amount also.

I get that there are thirteen members but I feel like hes the only one who in the performance unit who hasn’t gotten a definitive part between vocals or rap or weird talk singing in the beginning of songs (’slip into the diamond life’, ‘hey baby play with me’).

I’m not asking for a lot of lines in songs but if he’s not going to get any lines, or a small amount of lines, at last give him the dance focus he deserves. If none of the performance unit had gotten parts this would be different, but imagine being in a group and being the only one who doesn’t get their own part. Imagine feeling left out like that.

I keep listening to the song over and over writing this but it just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe somebody with more lines will give up one line during the lives like with what bts did recently and some other groups.

ps, if he did get a line and I didn’t hear it I still stand by the fact that some of the members need more attention and I really do like the comeback though


If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

If we all collectively don’t watch tonight’s episode then Cal doesn’t die and we all (well I can) pretend that he’s off training to be a surgeon because Sam got him a training position in America. Okay? deal? everyone agree?

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Re: the were-thises and were-thats. I got an idea for a crack fic with Jeff Davis as the alpha of a pack comprised of a werechipmunk, wereplatypus, weregiraffe, weregopher... You get the idea. They can't reproduce any more due to screwing up their genetics, so they want to kidnap Derek in order to restore the werewolf line. I don't have all the details worked out other than BAMF magic!Stiles finally exterminates them all for coming after his boo.

OMG anon please, please write this. This is the perfect level of ridiculous, and Jeff as the pack leader who kidnaps Derek to try and force him into hetero ships just adds a whole ‘nother level. I love it. Please link me if you ever post it. <3

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I saw you mention this elsewhere, and I know you've done at least one post on it, but would you mind sharing your thoughts on Len's speech patterns, please? When you have time, of course!

Okay! I’ve been hoping to work on this for a while, but I let other stuff get in the way. Also because, well, I wanted to get it right. I know I write Len a lot so I’m often double-checking dialogue, but then, I wanted to make sure I wrote a post about canon-Len’s speech patterns, not the Len I write in my fics. So, ah, hopefully I accomplished that.

Here we go!

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