but i don't feel like lying today

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Caretaker, today is my birthday (I'm 20), and it should be a happy day; but I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going with my life, and it feels like I should when everybody around me is already moving on with their life. I don't feel like I'm enough. I offer a bouquet of daffodils and irises from my yard, a worn copy of my favorite book, the last slice of cake, and a really pretty seashell.


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I recently made some new friends that I rlly like, and I'm worried everything is gonna fall apart?? Someone toxic from my old school has kinda rooted into my relationship w them and she's already screwing shit up by asking out one of the other girls and she will inevitably cheat on her and treat her horribly, just like she did to me and everyone else she's dated. I warned the girl she asked out today because I don't want to see that happen, and I'm relieved to have gotten through to her (pt 1)

But I feel like this is gonna come back and hurt me in a week or so, with the toxic person villainizing me and accusing me of lying to ruin their relationship. Sorry for dumping all this on you but you’re always really understanding (pt 2)


i think you should have some faith in your new friends :O if they’re good pals they should believe you and in your words and stay ykno??? and if they don’t then maybe they wouldn’t be that good in the first place

i feel so bummed and weird and mopey. like i did a bunch of stuff today but now i’ve been lying in bed for a couple hours dicking around and just feel very…..bored by everything. there’s not enough good interesting things in my head so now all i can think about is how lonely i am and how i only have like one friend i see on a regular basis and it’s stupid but all the people i’ve liked on tinder didn’t like me back and that’s just the icing on the shitty lonely lesbian cake

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I am for all purposes, an anti. I've actively engaged in discussions mocking and bullying you guys (not here in tumblr but in forums). But today, with the George Shelley CO "coincidence" of damage control and the TMZ article, I realised I may have been fooled. I acknowledge my mistakes and I'm so sorry for undermining all of you. I've given this band so much of my time through years and now it feels like they don't give a fuck about me and they lied to me this whole time. I'm sorry, Larries.

Wow. Thank you so much for sending me this and for both your self-awareness and your apology.

I can promise you that the boys haven’t been deliberately lying to you and that if it had been in their control, they would have been honest from the beginning. Despite this, I’m confident that they wouldn’t judge you for buying into the lies that were told on their behalf; they might not have liked your past behaviour towards other fans, but they don’t hate you.

There’s nothing wrong with realising that you were wrong and that you want to change how you have acted in the past and it’s very mature of you to own up to both of these things.

Please know that our side of the fandom is very welcoming to people who have recently had that curtain pulled back to revel just how controlled celebrity PR images are, and just how much is hidden. And if you want to watch how the rest of this situation plays out with us, there’s always room for more.


Apple: I have a family that loves me, a blood connected one, all this time I thought I was never wanted, that I was trash…

Woody: It’s a blood bath over there but we are very fashion worthy when it comes to red tones.

Tears started to fall down my face, all the feelings I never in my life expected to have but dreamed off, run down with those tears…

Woody: Oh my feathers, you are crying, look is not that bad, you got cool powers like the super heroes!… Don’t cry, I am going to cry too…I WAS LYING I DON’T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND I AM ALL ALONE.

I stopped crying looking at his tantrum and let out a small laugh.