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Kuroo from @eicinic‘s Superman AU. 
Because Gin is amazing and deserves all the Kuroos in the world (so he better save it).

I’ve been listening to this song a lot while drawing, and I think the first verse is awfully fitting

There’s a war we can’t ignore, waging silence on our lives
We will overcome, let the cowards run and hide

We were born to take it back
This is revelational

I am not afraid

– Dillon Francis - Love in the Middle of a Firefight

Little brother! WinkDeep

Note: I got a request to write a little brother Baejin scenario (like 2 weeks ago, im so sorry ) but I had a Jihoon one halfway written out too and since I felt like they were both too short to post separately i’ll post it like this.

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  • The sweetest lil brother 
  • honestly so sweet, sometimes you question if you’re even related
  • only a few years younger than you so you played together a lot
  • when he was born, you always wanted to help take care of him
  • he was just so cute and when your mom used to pick you up from preschool with baby jinyoung in tow, you’d always try to show him off ‘this is my baby brother, he’s 3 years old and really nice and he’s my favorite person now’
  • a strong sibling bond
  • though he does tend to get you in trouble a lot
  • but not out of spite, he’s just a good boy, honest to a fault
  • he’ll get caught taking a cookie before dinner and he’ll say it because he saw you taking some earlier so he thought it was okay
  • which leads to you getting in trouble for ‘setting a bad example’ and being sent to bed earlier
  • and sure you’re always mad when it happens
  • But jinyoung, that sweet boy, comes into your room and apologizes by giving you his favorite stuff animal and pleading to forgive him with tears in his eyes
  • and you can’t stay mad at him for long, you hate when he’s sad
  • now that’s he’s older, he’s learned to keep his mouth shut a bit more but he’ll slip from time to time
  • but again you always forgive him because he’s just so pitiful when he’s upset, he looks better when he’s happy
  • it’s one of your, unofficial duties, to make sure this boy is always happy
  • sometimes you’ll here rumors in school about him because of his looks
  • 'he looks so angry and mysterious all the time’ ’ I heard he’s mean and in a gang, i’d stay away’ 'he’s not in a gang, he hangs out with that sunshine boy from LA and Park 'Jeojang’'Maybe he’s just doesn’t like being here?? Cause Honestly same’ 'Resting bitch face on point’
  • You never say anything to correct people because it’s really funny the things people will make up but if they’re being rude you’re always quick to shut that shit down
  • but he’s just a shy boy that takes some time being comfortable with people
  • and whenever you see him in the hallway you have to stop and tell him 'people think you’re angry and in a gang, Jinyoung. Please smile a lil more’
  • 'If I was in a gang I wouldn’t be hanging out with him’ points over to Daehwi, who’s got colorful pins attached to his uniform 'Hey! I can be tough and angry looking too, you guys don’t know me!’
  • (having Daehwi as your honorary little brother because he’s around so often )
  • basically the ideal little brother

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  • too-cool-for-you little brother 
  • definitely got most of the charms in the family 
  • everyone loves him 
  • and you’re just like ????? Why? I don’t get it? 
  • doesn’t want to be seen with you in public 
  • not because he hates you he just wants to be his own person and not feel like he’s being babysat all the time by his older sibling 
  • also, one time one of his friends called you cute and he never wants to here that ever again 
  • but he really just wants to be his own person 
  • hates being compared to you, or anyone else 
  • one time, during middle school he got a teacher that used to have you as a student and she was kept going on about how nice you were and all your accomplishments And how she’s glad to have ‘y/n’s little brother in her class’ 
  • and Jihoon’s response was 'Yeah I’m well aware of everything y/n has done cause I live with them and I’d appreciate if you just call me Jihoon, not 'y/n’s little brother’ because that’s not my identity’ 
  • he got a call home for the sass and when he was getting lectured that night, you threw him a quick thumbs up behind your parents back cause it was pretty cool what he did 
  • not really any sibling rivalry but you two tend to bicker a lot, about anything 
  • both just too stubborn, that’s family for ya 
  • 'Jihoon! What did I tell you about using my body wash!’ 
  • 'Well, I ran out of mine and you know that the bar soap makes my skin dry, y/n’
  • 'I don’t care about your dry skin, you used the rest of it so you buy me more’ ,, 'I used the rest of it, not all of it. I’ll give you a dollar so leave me alone’ 
  • while he has this cool image to him, you live with him, you know the truth 
  • he’s always dancing around the house 
  • and not like good dancing, he just flails into the room, headphones on, limbs everywhere, probably throws finger guns at you then grabs a drink and dances out of the room 
  • a little weirdo 
  • always wants to fight, you’ll be minding your own business and suddenly a pillow hits your head and your like 'wtff??’ And he’s just smirking pillow in hand and ready to go 
  • of course you retaliate, you can’t ever let him win
  • usually ends with one of you being sat on by the other basking in victory or a broken picture frame or vase 
  • you usually end up in trouble for it though cause you’re 'the oldest’ and should be 'more responsible’ and Jihoon usually 'turns on’ the aegyo whenever he gets in trouble 
  • (honestly who can stay mad at jeojang boy?)
  • it sucks but you know you can exploit him and his aegyo when you need to 
  • 'hey y/n can I get a bite of your sandwich?’ 
  • 'Why of course you can my favorite little brother-’ 'I’m your only little brother’ 'if you do the thing’ 
  • 'why do you always do this, I’m not doin-’ 'I’ll give you the rest of my sandwich’ 
  • cue Jihoon pulling out his best aeygo and you with your phone recording the whole thing 'Wow~ the things my brother does for food, What a beggar.. I’m posting this’ 
  • and then you run out of the room before he can catch you and post the video on Instagram
  • he promises to get you back one day and you won’t admit it but you’re a little nervous as to what he might do to you in return, (watch out for those geminis) 
  • the type of siblings that say 'I wish I was an only child’ but don’t really mean it cause without each other life would be pretty dull 

I think I should finally just make a statement about otherkin/fictionkin. 

I don’t think the trend is flattering or cool, and anyone who says “that is literally me” sounds a little pompous and comes across as a bit of an asshole. And hiding behind mental illness only makes it worse for people truly suffering with that mental illness, like BPD or DID. 

But. Listen, I’m 23, when I was 14, I convinced myself I was a half-cat demon because I watched Yu Yu Hakusho and InuYasha a lot. A lot of my friends pretended to be demons, as well, with our own little nicknames. Just like I grew out of the nickname “Tsuki,” I grew out of that phase. It’s a phase - just like being “kin” is now. 

You will get out of this phase. I know, I’m a stupid adult preaching, but it’s true. I guarantee that, years down the line, you will look back on your otherkin phase and cringe just the way I do when I see my old posts going “Nyaaa~ I’m a half-cat demon named Tsuki! Nya! :333″ 

As far as I’m concerned, the adults on this website should just roll our eyes at the kins (or just block) and not harass them because, while annoying, we were most likely the same way at their age. Everyone did cringe-y things as a teen, and realizing you’re being like that is part of growing up.

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You're one of my top fav ST blogs. What are some of your fav blogs/mutuals?

ok first off thank you for saying such a lovely thing !!! that means the world to me !!! :’) <3

and secondly, whERE DO I EVEN BEGIN ???? i have a follow forever i made at the end of last year if you wanna see like,,, all my mutuals (the vast majority of them are ST blogs) but i’ll name some of them here !!!! 

special shout-out to my og squad known as the gain train and my newer squad who doesn’t really have a solid name bc we change our gc name all the goddamn time (love u guys xoxo)

@shesavedus, @telekineticeggos, @reedstrangerthings, @themikewheelers, @heaths-ledger, @strangerwhee11ers, @reallylikeseggos, @eggogorgon, @protectmike, @flea-and-the-acrobat, @the-weirdo-on-maple-street, @cloeggo, @strangehorcrux, @elevnns, @supercomsandeggos, @raesberri, @ashy-le-mashy, @stranger-art-things, @cherrysconesandtea, @jemmahearteyessimmons, @valbirch, @scienceisneat, @baileytsample, @matthews-and-hart, @danahscott 

and then like other super cool people that i’m mutuals with that are heavily ST related are @dadharbour, @bichaelwheeler, @theamiableanachronism, @eggos-and-promises, @strangerhypnosis, @upsidesdown, @ghost-grantaire, @justice-for-benny, @femmejenniferhayes, @sstrangerthaneleven, @upsidedownwaffle, @reallyjustaneggoscommercial, @fortheloveofeggos, @protectjonathanbyers, @finnxwheeler, @eggosthings, @m11kee, @miliebobbybrown, @dazzlingtiredeyes, @tinyryder

i literally follow soooo many blogs like you have no idea so this def isn’t all of them just fyi !!!! it’s nothing personal if i forgot your name on the list !! it’s just a lot to remember to name everyoneee lmao 

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i don't know if this was asked yet, but if possible, how would the RFA (+ v and saeran if you could) react to an mc who is trans/nb and coming out to them for the first time? it could be a teary come-out, a slip up, or a "oh hey btw im trans lol", whatever you think suits each character. thank you ^^ have a nice day

hey, love💛 I hope you have a nice day/night too ^^ I hope you like this! And I hope I did it justice ^^; 

im cis so i can only hope;;;; plus i’m, uh..feeling..some kinda way today. so i thought i’d start with something cute


  • mc was not in the mood today
  • for anything, really. they would much prefer to stay in bed all day
  • especially because they really did not want to be misgendered today, as they were bound to be 
  • even by zen, who was as cheerful as everyday, but he didn’t know
  • maybe they should just tell him 
  • “hey, babe” zen said, walking back into the bedroom. “I have breakfast ready, would you like some?” 
  • “…no, i’m okay.” they said from under the blanket. zen pouted, “princess, you know you have to be healthy..”
  • the nickname made mc cringe - and not in the usual ‘zen’s being cheesy’ way
  • he felt mc shift under the covers. “are you alright, hun?”
  • “yeah…” “mc, tell me what’s bothering you.” “zen, I said nothing-” “i can tell when something’s wrong, princess, just tell me”
  • and tbh, they couldn’t handle it anymore
  • “that’s what’s wrong!” mc said, uncovering their face from the blanket. 
  • zen jerked back in surprise, looking at them. mc was tearing up as they spoke again
  • “I know you mean well, god, I know you’re only trying to be good to me. and you are, you really are, I mean that. but I- oh my god- I can’t handle that nickname.”
  • “mc…can I ask why?” now mc was crying. 
  • out with it then, mc. there’s no going back now.
  • “I-” they sigh, “I’m not a girl, Zen. I’m nonbinary.”
  • he was honestly confused, he never heard of that before
  • so the day was spent explaining and being in bed. 
  • zen listened, wiped their tears, brought in that breakfast for both of them. he asked questions, mc answered them. and he understood, in the end
  • “well. now I need a new nickname!” “isn’t ‘babe’ enough?” “no! i want to shower you in adorable nicknames for being an adorable person”


  • it was an accident. 
  • mc ordered a binder and it came in when yoosung checked the mail
  • he saw what was on the package and asked mc about it
  • “hey honey, there was a package for you. something about a binder?”
  • mc froze. oh no.
  • it’s ok mc, damage control. just make something up, it’s fine. he doesn’t need to know what it’s really for.
  • “oh, thanks, honey! I didn’t expect it to come in yet.” “I put it on the bed, okay?” “yeah, of course.”
  • nice save, mc. 
  • “why did you need a binder shipped to you, though mc? can’t you just buy one at the store?”
  • mc laughs, “sure, honey. just buy a binder at the store. I wish I could, so at least I can try it on before buying it. It would help a guy out, you know?”
  • ……….. wA I T
  • “what?” yoosung asks. mc flushes. “oh, um…”
  • “not…that kind of binder, than.” mc freezes again and looks at the ground
  • yoosung stands up and walks over, putting a hand on mc’s cheek 
  • “honey…it’s alright. you can tell me.” mc looked up at him, seeing a soft, warm smile.
  • “…I’m trans.” mc says. yoosung smiles wider, but it looks nothing like a teasing smile. “I’m a guy, yoosung.” 
  • he hugs mc tightly. “you’re the best boy I’ve ever met, honey.”


  • this was also an accident, but this time, it was on jaehee’s part
  • she didn’t know how to tell mc, especially since she just figured it out herself too
  • mc was a normal girl..and jaehee was nonbinary
  • but she would accept jaehee. of course she would…right?
  • guess she was about to find out
  • mc got home that day and jaehee spoke, “I need to tell you something, love. come sit with me?”
  • mc nodded, taking her hand and following her to the dining table. “I actually need to tell you something too, jaehee”
  • oh now jaehee was nervous
  • they sat down next to each other and jaehee took a deep breath
  • “you go first, hun.” mc said. jaehee nodded.
  • “mc, i’m…i’m nonbinary” jaehee waited for her reaction
  • mc kept quiet for a bit, staring at her and blinking
  • “…love?” “are you serious?”
  • oh no, there it was. mc was going to break up with her
  • “um, yes-” “i was just going to tell you that I’m trans!”
  • “wait- what?” “I’m a transwoman, jaehee…i couldn’t handle hiding it anymore..”
  • jaehee just pulled mc into a hug. “oh, i love you.” she let out in relief
  • mc chuckled, “i love you too.”


  • ok ok ok we can do this, mc
  • jumin won’t mind, he’s repeatedly told us he loved us for who we are, not for what we look like
  • ….but what if who we are isn’t.. 
  • oh, just do it….no no no don’t
  • the door opens and jumin calls out, “mc, I’m home!”
  • oh no
  • “hi, love! how was your day?” “busy, as always..but I’m glad to be home.”
  • mc, don’t wait any longer, do it now!
  • “um, I need to tell you something, honey bun..” 
  • jumin looked up at them before going to take his shoes off. “go ahead, my love.”
  • before mc could speak, though, they started tearing up
  • they were nervous. too nervous to say anything
  • jumin looked at them again, stopping what he was doing as soon as he saw mc crying
  • “my love, what’s wrong? are you hurt? did someone hurt you or-”
  • “no, no jumin that isn’t it, I’m sorry..” “don’t be sorry, my love. what’s wrong?”
  • “I just…I don’t know how to tell you.” “You can tell me anything, mc. I love you and I trust you.” he’s getting really worried now
  • “I’m..I’m trans, jumin. I’m a male.” 
  • he stops for a second process, but automatically moves to wipe mc’s tears
  • “oh, my love. you scared me…I thought you were really hurt..” 
  • “you don’t mind?” “of course I don’t mind. You are who you are, and I love every bit of that.”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he called mc after he signed them into the rfa
  • “hello? is this the new cutie in the rfa?” 
  • “have you really seen pictures of me?” mc says, making him laugh
  • “straight to the point, then. yeah, I have.” “then you know..”
  • “you’re cute, and I do mean that.” “…i am?”
  • “the cutest girl in the rfa! well, there’s only jaehee. but there’s me sometimes too.”
  • “..what?” “i’m genderfluid. but anymore about me is a secret~” 
  • “huh, alright. then I guess I can just say it.” “if you want to practice with me, sure.”
  • mc smiles. 707 catches it on the CCTV. “I’m trans.” 
  • 707 smiles too, though she can’t see, “atta girl.”
  • the conversation doesn’t stop there, of course
  • the two of them talk for a while, about how they relate to each other, how the rfa reacted to him coming out 
  • he assures her that the rfa is very welcoming, but she can take all the time she needs
  • they confide in each other, which only adds to why they get along so well 

v / jihyun

  • it was so casual with jihyun, actually
  • like, mc couldn’t explain why, it just felt so easy to just say it 
  • the two of them were laying on the couch, legs intertwined while they both read a book
  • it was quiet and V was focused, but mc kept getting distracted from their book and kept glancing at him
  • he noticed, but didn’t say anything.
  • it was actually really hard for him not to smile 
  • “hey, jihyun?”
  • “yes angel?” he said, looking up from his book.
  • “i’m nonbinary.” 
  • v smiled and sat up, leaning over to kiss mc’s forehead
  • “alright, my love. i’m glad you decided to tell me, thank you for putting that much trust in me”
  • mc blushed and sat up to kiss his cheek, “you’re so amazing, V. I don’t understand”
  • he chuckled and shook his head, leaning back to his original position
  • “you are mistaken. I’m a simple human. you, however, are an angel”
  • “jihyunnnnn” mc whines
  • “what? it’s true! angels are nonbinary too.” “who told you that, jihyun?” 
  • “every story I’ve heard of them. Plus the person right in front of me right now.”


  • honestly, saeran just had to be taking questionnaires right now
  • and mc was too used to making this damn joke
  • “full name.” saeran says
  • “don’t you know that?” mc answers
  • “true, alright. birthday?”
  • “saerannnn, you know all these things about me. why are you doing these in the first place?”
  • he fills out mc’s birthday before shrugging. “bored. we’re not sending these out anyways”
  • “fine. what other questions are there?”
  • “the usual for now. next is gender”
  • “alien.” mc says 
  • saeran looks back at them. “what?”
  • “i’m an alien, saeran.” “no, mc, like…male and female”
  • “i have to pick??”
  • oh wait, mc, saeran doesn’t know- 
  • “…can you explain?” he asks.
  • “um…i’m nonbinary?” 
  • saeran also needs a little explaining. he has more questions than zen, too
  • but he’s totally understanding
  • “…they should make an ‘alien’ option.” he says after their talk
  • “honestly.” mc says
  • he draws a circle near the ‘male’ and ‘female’ options and marks it as ‘alien’ before filling it in. “there.”

beatrice--baudelaire  asked:

Hi Brenna! Lately I've been doing a lot of writing but one things that's distressing to me is how much my skill does not line up with my passion and ambition. There are stories that are very important to me and I want to write them NOW but I'm afraid I'm not a good enough writer to do them right. I don't want to wait until I'm good enough to do those stories but I also don't want to "ruin" them. Did you ever struggle with that?

Oh. OH man, this is one of those totally-normal/the-absolute-worst things. (Ira Glass actually has a really nice quote about it, which Zen Pencils then made into a really nice comic.)

I think that quote/comic is good advice on its own, but I would just like to add:

In my opinion, you should work on the stories you’re passionate about NOW, even though you might feel like you’re not ready to do them justice. In my experience, people will pretty much always push themselves harder for the things they care about, and that extra dose of investment can really help speed up the process, even if it can’t wave a magic wand and overnight it.

That said, you might still be disappointed with your early efforts, which means it’s really important to remember that you didn’t ruin ANYTHING. You tried to tell a story you care about, and if it doesn’t look right yet, so what? It’s not gone. You didn’t use it up. Even if it turns out well, even if you’re pretty satisfied and it looks pretty story-shaped and you wind up publishing that early attempt somewhere (not required, don’t worry if you don’t)—even IF that happens … if later you get to thinking “oh wow, I wasn’t ready, I could do so much better now” you still get to try again. 

I think we have this idea that as writers, the worst thing we can do is repeat ourselves. But actually, we return to our personal interests and obsessions all the time. Edgar Allan Poe wrote like a million stories about premature burial.  Artists sometimes have whole Blue Periods. I will pretty much never stop writing stories about moral ambiguity and what makes something a monster—that’s just what’s on my mind. Now, the particulars may change as you gain practice and experience, you might plot differently, or decide to play more and more deeply with character, or overhaul your descriptive style, whatever. That’s just artistic development. But you can ALWAYS come back to an idea.

It took me 7 years, start to finish, to write Places No One Knows. I wrote four other books during that time, and in between, I kept coming back to Places, and that’s fine. Right now, I’m working on a book that I’ve wanted to write forever and did not feel ready for—a lot of days I still don’t feel ready for it—but it’s never a slog and it’s never boring. I love it a lot. I might not do it right. I definitely won’t do it perfectly. But that’s fine. And I don’t mean that in the everything-is-on-fire way. I just mean it in the art-is-never-exactly-what-you-wanted-it-to-be-but-some-days-you-get-really-close way. And that? That feeling? That’s just pretty damn fine.

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Hi um.. so I see requests are open, and since I just read your hc on the nb mc (which was so so so good) I was wondering if I could request a Genderfluid MC, maybe one that isn't exactly comfortable with theirselves yet. Like they get frustrated when they feel more masculine but can't seem to look it or feel comfortable in it, or when they feel more feminine but still can't look it or feel comfortable, and they just kinda feel stuck and frustrated. You don't have to tho 😅😓 -M.

hi there, hun( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thanks for liking the other thing wowie. and of course! i’d be glad to do this request and i hope i do it justice💛 i hope you like it~

oh, i put the rfa +v for this one since i did +saeran for pride!


  • mc was making a mess of the closet trying to find something to wear
  • they had no idea what to wear today.
  • like, they literally tried 4 outfits on already and none of them made mc feel alright
  • they put on a dress, jeans and a button up, shorts and a t-shirt, a skirt 
  • nothing felt right 
  • they knew what they wanted to wear, but that dress wasn’t working out with them right now
  • mc just didn’t feel…feminine enough. which frustrated them to no end
  • “hey hon~” zen’s voice called. he opened the door, seeing mc look at themselves in the mirror with the dress still on
  • “ooh, you look amazing, sweetheart” mc turned over to zen, frowning.
  • “i know that face..what’s wrong?” “i’m not comfortable..” mc mumbles
  • zen tilts his head, “is there something wrong with the dress? should i iron it?” “no no no i just..it’s me”
  • now zen frowns and he walks over to them, wrapping his arms around their waist. “hmm…not feeling like a princess today?” 
  • “do you ever stick to one nickname?” @ myself “no, but that’s not the point. the point is, you don’t think you look good in this dress. and you know what i mean by that.” 
  • they sigh, closing their eyes and leaning back against him. “it’s so frustrating..” 
  • he kisses their cheek. “look at you for a second” mc looks into the mirror
  • zen starts tracing their figure. “i think you look perfect in anything. if you want to wear this dress today, please do. you look amazing in it. you look amazing in the shirts i lend you. you look amazing in anything. and whether your my princess, my prince, or just my little piece of royalty, you are enough” 
  • …mc wears the dress when they go out 


  • the cashier at the checkout lane called them ‘sir’
  • the person they accidentally bumped into called them ‘miss’
  • all in the same day
  • as if mc wasn’t confused already
  • they just didn’t…know. and it was frustrating
  • yeah, they were genderfluid, but they didn’t think they could fit into what they wanted to
  • when they felt masculine, they always thought they looked too feminine
  • and vice versa
  • mc got home, honestly holding back tears
  • yoosung met them at the door and noticed automatically
  • “mc! what happened? are you hurt?”
  • “no…yoosung?” “yes, honey?” “do you think…i’m a valid genderfluid?”
  • “…what?” “i’m just..so frustrated! not even I know if i feel more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ or whatever! I got misgendered more than twice today! both ways!”
  • yoosung pulled them into a hug
  • “shh, honey. you’ll figure it out. it’ll take time, but you will. and of course i think you’re a valid genderfluid! you’re an amazing person who’s figuring this all out..it’s alright.” 


  • mc was visibly frustrated, running a hand through their hair while the other was on their hip
  • “sweetie, what’s wrong?” jaehee voice’s came
  • they sighed, turning around to face jaehee 
  • “i just…don’t know what to do.”
  • jaehee looks at them for a second, getting a feel for the situation
  • “you know that clothes don’t define you, right?”
  • mc frowned, “i know, but…it would be nice if i felt comfortable wearing something..”
  • “what do you feel today, sweetie?” “…i want to be more ‘feminine’ today.” they mumble
  • “then let’s see what we have.” “but jaehee, love, i’ve been through all of my clothes”
  • “who says i was going to look through your clothes?”
  • that’s right, jaehee’s gonna give mc her clothes
  • they try on one of jaehee’s skirts and a blouse
  • when they turn to the mirror, mc is kind of surprised
  • “does this help at all?…i don’t think so, but” “no..it actually does..”
  • mc how that’s kind of weird
  • even jaehee questions it
  • “your clothes make me feel powerful” jaehee laughs. “then you can wear them whenever you’d like, my heart”


  • ….
  • there’s no way they could pull this off
  • even though jumin said it was fine 
  • heck, he bought the thing for them
  • but..this was such a public place and right now, they weren’t feeling it
  • they couldn’t pull it off
  • mc stood in front of the mirror, wearing the tux jumin gave them to wear to the rfa party
  • it seemed like a good idea at the time
  • they even matched jumin
  • but right now..mc didn’t feel right
  • it was totally what they were feeling at the moment, but…they felt like they couldn’t do it
  • they weren’t masculine enough
  • “love?” jumin’s voice
  • mc turned around, putting on a smile, “yes, my bunny?”
  • “are you ready?” “um..yes?” jumin raises an eyebrow
  • “what’s wrong, darling?” mc sighs and starts fidgeting, moving their hands behind their back
  • “…do you think i can pull this off, juju?” 
  • jumin blinks before walking over and leaning down, kissing their forehead
  • “of course. I think you can pull anything off. if you’re really not comfortable, you can change” “no, i want to wear it, i just-”
  • “then wear it, dear. i want you to express yourself the way you want to. and i won’t let anyone stop you”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • “saeyoungggggg” mc whines 
  • he looks over at them, seeing them lying on the bed in their robe 
  • “yessssssssssss?” he fake whines back
  • “can we not go anywhere today?” they ask
  • he walks over, jumping onto the spot next to them. “sure. but why?”
  • mc pouts. “i don’t want to go anywhere…” 
  • saeyoung turns his head and stays silent for a moment before rolling on top of them 
  • “saeyoung-” “you’re having one of your moments” “what does it matter-”
  • “it matters a lot. you know i know how you feel mc…and you always make me do a runway show whenever i feel this way.” 
  • “do i have to?” “yes.”
  • so they have a fashion show, just featuring mc
  • saeyoung makes them wear everything from just a pair of boxers and his jacket to the maid outfit
  • he claps and whoops at every outfit, his enthusiasm never fading
  • mc laughs halfway through and starts having fun with it now 
  • at the end of the “fashion show”, saeyoung pulls them onto his lap and smiles up at them. 
  • “it helped?” “yeah..it did.” “that’s why i made you do it…like you make me do it.” 
  • they both laugh for a bit
  • “but really, mc. i want you to feel comfortable being you. whatever you wear is enough”

v / jihyun

  • they didn’t know, honestly
  • about…anything
  • mc has literally been in nothing but sweatpants for a week 
  • nothing they try on feels comfortable enough to them that they could pull it off 
  • and honestly, sweatpants were the only thing that didn’t make mc feel like they were missing something
  • jihyun took notice when they even went to the studio like that
  • he didn’t mind, of course, but he could see them sulking 
  • so he pulls them to the side when things slow down 
  • “angel, what’s wrong?” “what do you mean, jihyun?”
  • “you’ve been sulking for days, my love.”
  • oh. he wasn’t supposed to notice that 
  • “oh, um…just-” “you can tell me anything, angel”
  • “i don’t feel comfortable in anything. i don’t feel like…i’m enough”
  • jihyun actually gasps
  • “angel! you should’ve told me earlier!” 
  • they look at him, confused
  • “come on, angel. we’re going shopping.” “jihyun-” “we’re going to find something you’re comfortable in, even if we have to buy you a whole new wardrobe!” “jihyun, not a whole-” 
  • he turns to them and kisses their nose. “you’re amazing in anything, but i really want you to feel confident. no matter what clothes you decide to wear. you’re more than enough. but if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, you need new ones”
  • someone spare him omg hes so precious

this one’s for queerdiggory, my sun and stars (credit to the fabulous apalapucian, as always, for the inspiration):

sirius black. maverick. wicked, shit-eating, holy-mother-of-god-what-the-fuck-has-he-done-now grins. dangerous. a bit of an arse. mysterious, but only at first glance. charcoal bomber jackets of leather. fancies himself a chef. non-believer in coincidences. living breathing embodiment of the kill him/fuck him/be him dilemma. he knows it, of course. stubborn as hell, self-righteous and infuriatingly vain – sometimes all three at once. modesty is not his forte. pronounces long as. fluid compound-word swears. unapologetic. preferred mode of transport is motorcycle, obviously; the roof of the vehicle (weather permitting), otherwise. the actual worst at keeping secrets. challenges remus to headstand competitions. loses. struts when in a good mood. struts when in a bad mood. casual, full-bodied shrugs. ironic for the sake of being ironic. self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur — yes, i’ll take a flat white and a slice of human decency, if you will — and alternates between working in the village bookshop and the auto-repair store on weekends. he doesn’t need the money, but they offer him opportunities to do two of his favourite things: read sci-fi novels and tinker his bike. besides, it’s not like he studies. naturally adept at languages, but chooses to learn philosophy instead. he prefers the challenge. quotes poetry – fumbles it. helmet hair? who are you kidding? he’s sirius fucking black. owns a pet tortoise that is the unfortunate recipient of many a one-sided musing. his banter with james is of the dorkiest kind. climbs the stairs two at a time. dances in hailstorms. drives as if he’s in a game of mario kart. responsible for coining nicknames. champion inquirer of why?. reckless, but that goes without saying. fragile. handle with care.

lily evans | james potter | remus lupin |

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I have a prompt based on my own insecurities. I've never related more to a character than I have with Maggie. I have depression and I deal with feeling like I'm not good enough or I'm always a burden to talk to.. maybe one where Maggie feels that way and Alex being amazing? It's okay if you don't wanna write it?

First of all I’m so sorry you deal with this kind of pain. I get it, and it’s definitely not fun. I hope I did this a little bit of justice.


Maggie Sawyer had a dark side.

A sad side.

A side Alex had yet to see.

They had been dating for 4 months, and Maggie hadn’t had one episode. She was just so happy. She was blissfully happy. But that 4 month mark is where things usually start to change in her head. Because after 4 months she either finds a reason to leave, or they find a reason to leave her. All of her most recent relationships hadn’t made it much past 4 months, and the ones that had were just unhealthy.

But 4 months in and Maggie couldn’t find a flaw in Alex Danvers system. The flaws Alex had were manageable. They were things Maggie understood and could deal with. But, for the most part, Alex Danvers was an untouchable angel. She was perfect. And that was when Maggie began to find her out. Nothing was wrong with Alex, and everything was wrong with her, and she didn’t deserve a woman like her. She didn’t deserve her kindness, and her warmth, and her joy.

Because if she knew, if she really knew how Maggie got, Alex would run. They all ran.

She was having one of her bad days. Her really bad days where the only thoughts in her head were negative. She tried the exercises her therapist taught her, she tried her happy music playlist, she tried running, she tried distractions, but none of it worked. Nothing worked, so she dug herself into her hole and let herself get buried by the negativity, the sadness, the anxiety. The depression.

But Alex still existed. And Alex called. And called. And kept calling. And Maggie kept not answering because she couldn’t hide this. She knew Alex would hear it in her voice. Maggie couldn’t even bother to lift her hand to send a text. What would she even say? So she let it ring. And she blocked out Alex, because soon enough Alex would block her out.

But that’s not Alex. When Maggie heard the knock on the door she knew who it was. She knew it was her girlfriend. Her perfect. Compassionate. Loving as hell, girlfriend. She stayed quiet.

“Maggie, babe I know you’re in there.” Alex spoke through the door. “I can hear your music.”

Maggie didn’t reply. She stayed still. She stayed silent. But her heart beat a bit faster than it had at all that day, and that was something.

“Baby please open up.”


“Maggie Sawyer open this goddamn door, you’re scaring me.”

Maggie heard the sound of the knob jingling. She still didn’t move. She was molded to the couch. She wanted to yell at Alex to leave, to never come back, to save herself from the pitfall that is Maggie’s fucked up head. But something stopped her. A small small part of her wanted Alex to bust through the door and hold her.

And that’s exactly what Alex did.

She picked the lock. She threw open the door. She found Maggie on the couch. And she held her.

Maggie was numb. She wasn’t crying like she did sometimes. Those times were usually good because it meant she was feeling something. But no, this time she just felt numb and cold, but Alex’s arms warmed her up.

After god knows how long, Maggie finally spoke, for the first time in almost 24 hours. “Alex you should go.”

“No.” Alex replied.

“You should leave.”

“No Maggie, I don’t know what this is but I’m not leaving.”

Maggie sat up and looked at Alex. She felt tired, like you would if you took a sleeping pill but never fell asleep. “This is me Alex, and you deserve better than this.”

“Maggie talk to me.” Maggie felt the emotion seeping out of Alex’s eyes and her mouth. “Please talk to me.”

“They’re called depressive episodes.” Maggie sighed. “It started at 16. They were frequent and so horrible I couldn’t move sometimes. I was put on medication at 17 for depression. It helped sometimes but I still have my days. My really bad days.”

“Mags.” Alex grabbed her hand. “I’m here fo-”

“You need to leave Alex.”

“Maggie, nothing you say is going to get me to leave.”

“Please, I don’t want you to see me like this.” Maggie could feel it, the emotion entering back into her body. It felt like shame, disappointment, sadness, but it was feeling nonetheless. She felt the tears prick her eyes.

“Maggie this is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have something.” Alex squeezed her hand.

Maggie felt the tears begin to fall from her eyes. “But this is a bad something Alex. This is a dark, sad, depressing something that I don’t want to pull you into. You’re too good for this Alex.”

“Maggie look at me.” Alex said lifting Maggie’s head with her finger. “I am not to good for this. I have my things too.”

“Not like this.”

“I’ve been on medication for PTSD and extreme anxiety for the past 8 years.” Alex admitted. “And I mean crippling anxiety Maggie. Can’t move my body, panic attacks that feel like heart attacks, kind of anxiety. I get it Maggie.”

“But this is different-”

“It’s not Maggie. I get the shame, and I get the loneliness, but I’m here for you.” Alex said holding Maggie’s face in her hands. “I’m going to sit here with you until you feel better. Until you’re bad thoughts so away. Until you understand that I’m never leaving you, especially not like this, because that’s what I’d want you to do for me.”

“And if they don’t…go away?” Maggie asked, because most of the time they did pass but every time these episodes came her biggest fear was that it would just be an episode this time. That it would last, and it wouldn’t just go away.

“Than I guess I should make myself pretty comfortable on this couch huh?” Alex smiled a bit. “They will go away Maggie. They will.”

She hugged Maggie into her chest. Maggie’s ear rested right where Alex’s heart was changed behind her breast. She could hear it’s beating, steady and rhythmic. Maggie focused on that sound. She forced herself to listen to that heartbeat until it drowned all her bad thoughts. This was something she had never tried before, but it seemed to work. She had never tried it because no one ever held her like this, when she was like this. No one stayed. They all just called her crazy. They all just got freaked out, or ran. But Alex held her, and stroked her hair.

Soon Maggie was sitting up and hugging Alex back. Maggie kissed her, and thanked her, and cried on her shoulder. Not exactly a sad or shameful cry, but a thankful, grateful cry. Alex made her coffee and cuddled up with her on the couch where they watched dumb movies. It didn’t fix Maggie but it helped.

Alex helped.

For the first time someone helped.

And she still felt like this woman was too good for her, but this time Maggie refused to push this one away. She refused to push Alex away.

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Ok I don't really know if you take requests/suggestions and it's TOTALLY fine if you ignore this but!! I thought I'd give it a shot lmao. Consider this: baseball!bangtan. Like, In the format of your college au. I just feel like each of the members would fit in a certain position and I just can't think of anyone else's bulleted au's that could do it justice!! But anyway, if it's not your cup of tea, just know I'm weak for college!bangtan. Very weak. Luv u

i dont think i know enough about just baseball, so i kind of took this request and did a mini sports!bangtan au……if that’s ok ^^

Namjoon: cycling~

  • cyclist!namjoon loves doing super long races without mountains just long long road races where he can just buckle down on his bike and go as fast as possible 
  • like he has the long legs for it so you know
  • likes cycling because no one is talking to him, its a one man thing and like when he’s in the zone like he feels free
  • you meet him because you’re at the bike shop to fix your brakes and you see this tall lanky guy come in holding this beautiful sleek bike over his shoulder and you’re like wow,,,,,,,so pretty @ the bike
  • and namjoon’s like ???? im sorry but did you just call me pretty?? and you’re like wHA no i meant your bike it’s so pretty and slender 
  • and he’s like why thank you,,, and gets proud because complimenting his bike = complimenting him basically in his head
  • and you two talk about bikes and good places to go out for a ride in your city and like your brakes get fixed and namjoons like wow your bikes nice too
  • and you’re like ahh thank you 
  • and somehow you two bond over your love for bikes and namjoon’s like ,,,,,,,, if you want do you wanna,,,,,,,,,have a date.,,,,,,,with out bikes like go out for a ride i can show you this long road near this river it doesn’t have to be a daTE dATE if that’s weird it’s up to you um you should bring a helmet though you know safety first
  • he blabbers because he’s shy but it’s cute hehe

Jimin: baseball~ 

  • is a pitcher on his league and it’s cute because like everyones like,,,,,,arent you kinda small dude
  • and jimin’s like what? small? excuse me? say that to my face? come here? say it to my f-
  • and like his height doesn’t matter his pitches are all like high speed and like no one can ever even hit them it’s alway strikes and he’s known as 
  • park ‘fastball’ jimin
  • you meet him because you work at the stadium where his team practices and you just sell hotdogs and drinks at this lil stand but jimin has had a crush on you for aGES and everyone on the league knows and keeps trying to get him to talk to you
  • and he’s only managed to like go over and stutter out an order for some hotdogs and then run away red in the face
  • until you’re like “hey!! i know you, you’re …..fastball right?”
  • and jimin’s like oh my god you said my name…..well my nickname…..my name……….
  • and he’s like ,,,,, “Y-yeaH it’s ,,,, a name the guys gave me it’s nothing special.”
  • and you’re like jokingly like “you should let me see if i can hit one of your famous pitches hehe” and jimin like perks up like “if you want!!!!! it can……it can be …..a………….da- dat- dateeeeee DANG This HOT DOG IS HOT GOTTA GO”

Taehyung & Hoseok: beach volleyball ~ 

  • literally spend 70% of their time on the court being Memes 
  • as in they don’t even play with a strategy, they’re just having fun digging their toes into the sand and taehyung wearing his eyeglasses on the back of his head while hoseok tries to balance the volleyball on his head
  • the team they’re facing is just like …….what is going on 
  • have a handshake before playing a match that takes like 5 min the ref is like oh my GOD stOP
  • turns out you’re the referee for one of their games and literally instead of i dont know playing and paying attention taehyung thinks you’re so cute he like tries to spike the ball and turns to you like “iM cool right, how many points for coolness ref (-;” and you’re like “one. it’s one point.”
  • hoseok thinks you’re cute too and he just gets distracted trying to sneak peeks at you that the ball bounces off his head but makes it over the net anyway and taehyung’s like holy Shit 
  • both of them use corny volleyball pick up lines on you
  • taehyung: “you’ve really SPIKED up my heartbeat with your cute face….”
  • hoseok: “wow you really make my heart do a DIVE if you know what i mean……”

Jungkook: wrestling ~

  • looks tall and sorta skinny from far away but upon closer inspection that. is. Wrong
  • he can body slam someone but he also enjoys watching naruto while drinking capri sun and eating chicken nuggets so
  • is actually really sweet before competitions like he’s all smiley and greets the other wrestlers with his childish smile but then in the ring he’s DEATHKOOK
  • you know jungkook because you go to the same gym but you’re always just like “oh he’s that kid that runs like 5032 miles on the treadmill”  but then one day you see him benchpressing like 250 pounds and you’re like Wait
  • and jungkook is like looking for someone to spot him and he asks you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,i can but if you drop that thing i can’t actually help you and he’s like it’s fine!!! 250 is nothing and you’re like oh my god how
  • and while you’re like spotting him jungkook is like whistling along to the theme song of some anime and you’re like …….. he’s twelve but he has the power of a horse
  • and jungkooks like smiling at you, sweaty and looking all cute like “hey, i did like ten sets isn’t that cool!!!!!” and you’re like this kid has the power to Destroy yet he is…….Soft? 

Yoongi: surfing ~

  • wears the shark tooth necklace ok for the aesthetic 
  • got into surfing because he was like “it’s just standing on a board in the middle of the ocean. it’s perfect.” and hoseok was like “yoongi,,,,it’s more than just th-” and yoongi was like shh
  • is actually super good and can even do tricks on the board and everyone’s pretty impressed considering that yoongi is impatient with anything that deals w physical strength
  • yoongi in hawaiian print board shorts
  • you’re on beach one day and you see this person sleeping and like slowly they’re turning red and you’re like ……. this person didn’t put on sunscreen did they
  • so you shake yoongi’s shoulder and he groggily gets up and is like what huh and you’re like my dude you can’t sleep on the beach without sunscreen on here use mine
  • and yoongi is like oh,,,thank you,,,,
  • and it’s cute he’s kind of caught of guard and clams up around you because you’re cute and whatnot and he’s like “thanks for saving me from becoming a fried lobster” and you’re like “you can thank me by taking me out for lobster, how does that sound?” and yoongi is like oH i mean YES cowabunga 

Jin: archery ~ 

  • “it’s a royal sport. ive got the face of a prince, so like duh.”
  • jin won’t admit he actually got into archery after dressing up as robin hood for halloween for like three years straight as a kid
  • is always the best dressed one at archery competitions like other people show up in casual clothes but jin puts on like a princely looking top with ruffles on the collar and the rest of bts watching him is like he’s so Extra
  • but like he looks like a real regal from back in the day so like 
  • you run a little shop in town that makes hand-made wooden toys and one day jin stops by and asks if you could possibly carve and paint arrows just for him
  • and like he doesn’t really tell you much about the style he wants but you make them very pretty and paint like beautiful flowers on them and jin falls in love with them when you present them to him
  • and he’s like you’re so talented wow and you’re like me?? no!!! you’re the talented one archery is such a ,,,, hard and precise sport,,
  • you two playfully bicker over whose talent is more amazing
  • and jin is like,,,,,,,,,listen you should come watch me,,,,,,ill be using these arrows so if you want ,,,,it’d be nice if you were also there to bring me good luck
  • an you shyly agree and it’s cute you’re there with the rest of bts and jungkooks like “sOOOO you’re hyungs significant other aren’t you?” and hoseok’s like “oh yeah, jin doesn’t invite just anyone to see him compete. you’re totally dating him.”
  • lmao jin doesn’t even have to ask you out, bangtan just unanimously agrees you and jin are thing LOL 

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I don't think you did it already so could you do the description thingy with the Justice League's Big 7 (minus Bruce since you already did him)?

Hal- Average height yet people always seem to think he’s shorter than he is. A bit handsome in that ruggedly, goofy way that would make him charming if he wasn’t such an obnoxious ass half the time. Bright green/grey that twinkle with or without a mask, a truly glittering smile on a broad chin . I feel like Hal would have kind of a big nose, slightly out of proportion with his face. Very messy mousy brown hair, constantly in a windswept state. Muscled but not overly so, just that he can fly with ease but not enough to truly impress any girls at the bar.

Barry- Tall, just shy of being too tall but skinny. His muscles are tight and ropy and ready to speed into action at a moment, there’s nothing for showing off with but Barry isn’t one to brag anyway. He’s gangly but surprisingly graceful. A bit of a baby face even as an adult, picturesque lidded sky blue eyes with a tiny nose and wide mouth for smiles and jokes and food. Cropped short sandy blond hair, carefully cut to ensure it doesn’t bother him while running. He is pretty pale too, it looks even lighter with his light hair and eyes. Large hands that can move quicker than light but always take those extra seconds to be gentle.

J'onn- As a Martian he is inhumanly tall, taller than Diana. His proportions don’t quite meet human standards which kind of makes people uncomfortable when they look at him. Thin, gangly, too long limbs, a chest cavity that’s too sharp in the wrong it makes him look gaunt. His skull is longer than a human, pulling back into almost a point. But no matter how inhuman he can appear (and he can appear more human, but among his friend he chooses to just be himself) his eyes are warm and red and terribly compassionate. A small mouth that conveys so much with the smallest smiles. His skin is green, but not a solid green. Like a chameleon, he shimmers between colors, unconsciously reacting to his environment and emotions. He is a kaleidoscope of every green imaginable and a few that aren’t.

Arthur- A contradiction. He is of reasonable height but the set of his shoulders and the tilt of his chin make him look taller. He radiates a feeling of authority and those who meet him get the sense that he is a leader of some sort. And yet he is not intimidating, he is conscientious and aware of everyone around him. Rounded cheeks but a square jaw, thick sun blond hair curling at his shoulders. He is broad, with powerful rolling muscles from swimming. Even he underestimates his own strength but an apology is always the first thing on his lips. Deep sea foam green eyes, a perfect mix of sea and shore on warm suntanned skin.

Diana- Taller by far than everyone save J'onn in his Martian form, like I’m talking 6.8-7’ tall. She is built like a warrior too, broad shoulder and muscles that look like they’d been sculpted from marble. In fact there’s this feeling you get when looking at her that she’s too perfect, she has this solid appearance to her like a statue. A long face with big, almost pouty lips. A Grecian nose, thick black eyebrows and dark, dark brown eyes that go on forever. The most luscious black hair, the color of raven’s wings that fall gracefully behind her buff back that never seems a hair out of place. She is well-built all over, an ample chest yes but with a broad base to support it. Bruce would have a difficult trying to lift her but she can easily hold up her male friends.

Clark- Clark is a big man who, miraculously, appears as a small man and no one knows how he does it. Even at his full height, shoulders back with all the power in the world, he seems just like everyone else. He’s broad too but not as wide as Arthur, and also unlike Arthur, every one of Clark’s movements are carefully measured and calculated. Caution is written in his feature, every flinch. His eyes are an electric, unearthly blue that are so inhuman looking people look at superman and believe him from another world. But behind slightly tinted glasses with Clark’s eyes pointed at the ground they seem perfectly ordinary. Slick black hair, carefully kept like Barry’s to avoid it becoming a problem. A good American square-jawed boy, dimples when he smiles and a cute button nose. He exudes an easy charm that settles down most everyone he meets.

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Prompt! Domestic chanbaek fluff, them just doing daily things - like cooking together or watching tv while cuddling, some smut if you’re up to it, but sweet and slow (one of them crying from pleasure and how loved they feel?)

I’m sorry this took so long but here are links! I hope you like it! <3


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I don't think I'll ever see Draco Malfoy in particular as a Healer, but gosh how I love the way you do Healer uniforms! They are so gorgeous and that extends to all your costume design :) Have a lovely day!

aaaaah thank you!! i love thinking about wizarding clothing and coming up with possible designs for it. however i think the credit for this particular version of healer uniform should be given to the fic’s author who made a very neat description of it. i merely illustrated it. though from your words it seems like i did it justice, i’m glad ♥

(i feel like your dislike for healer!malfoy is akin to my dislike for auror!harry, that’s why i can’t judge you even though healer is probably my favourite career choice for malfoy)

deancas + spring

When spring makes it’s gentle return, Dean finds it increasingly difficult to usher Castiel back into the bunker every evening. When they’re not on a case, the latter prefers to explore the brushwood surrounding the property, filling up the birdhouses Dean helped him build with pellets from the local pet store and watching plants blossom and return to life. He even manages to stumble across an empty patch of land a little ways behind the bunker, which he eagerly decides would make a good garden (Sam’s nearly overjoyed at the prospect of entirely organic, self-harvested fruits and vegetables). 

Dean complies, thinking it amusing and a little odd for a former soldier of Heaven, Angel of the Lord, to be planting tulips and strawberries. The rain boots Cas wears in the dirt are endearing though, and Dean would be lying if he said he isn’t looking forward to one day having home-grown cherries and apples for baking into his kick-ass pies.