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⇁ gumdrops & lollipops (m)

pairing Hoseok x Reader (ft. oompa loompa! yoongi & jimin)

genre smut, crack, willy wonka!au
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a visit to jung hoseok’s chocolate factory does not turn out the way you expected it to

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I drive with silence.

It’s a lonely road, and one I never thought I’d travel. I never would have imagined this to be my path of life. It’s been an uphill struggle, with sharp bends and sudden dips—sometimes I lost sight of the top of that hill.

But it’s the hill I chose to climb, and now… here I am, at its peak, looking back into my past. My perspective has changed. Here I am, at its peak, and I’m not looking up anymore.

(Have I left you behind? I reach out, can you take my hand? But everyone is still climbing their hill—I’ve reached the top of mine.) Here I am.

Where do I go now? There’s no more path, no more road to travel, not like the one I had. Will I ever get that back, that path towards something?

Where do I go now?

I’m wandering. I’m lost.

Can you see me, from the top of this hill? Can you see who I am?

See who I am. I am what I love.

And I love you. I love what you do; I love who you are. Each and every one of you—a unique and individual human, climbing their own hill. So take my hand, and we’ll walk this next path together.

—thoughts and feelings from @markiplier’s “I Feel Lost

All I’m saying is that the “Power to the Girls” sweatshirt wearing Kara Danvers I know and love would be offended at someone saying something as possessive as “she’s with me” and then trying to punch someone. That’s all I’m saying

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I don't understand, Trump supporters are telling us all that we're overreacting

But he’s literally put a gag order on fucking NASA. He’s suspended RESEARCH. ON OUR FUCKING ENVIRONMENT.

Even if you don’t believe in climate change, do you really want to shut down an organization researching environmental problems???

And he’s arresting journalists for doing their fucking job.

Silencing people who dared claim his inauguration ceremony was smaller in attendance than Obama’s.

Is he editing all photos to make them look like his was larger?

Has he begun that yet?

You told us we were overreacting when he was in the primaries.

You told us we were overreacting when he was running against Hillary.

And you tell us we’re overreacting now, as he begins to purge any opinion, scientific or not, that goes against his own fucking beliefs.

I don’t care if he doesn’t believe in it, he has no fucking right to quash scientific study that “defies” his own beliefs.

His job as a politician is to trust the system HE’S IN CHARGE OF and not discredit and attack them, a la the CIA.

Science organizations actually felt the need to go fucking underground.

Alternative facts are being spread.

People are telling us that lies are “the truth” if told by the right person.

This is happening.

If you still think we’re overreacting at this point, I get the feeling that you won’t fight, won’t care about your rights, even if Donald trump personally comes to your house to install your first telescreen, so forgive me if I take your whining with a grain of salt.

So go ahead and pretend Trump is just going to improve this country by removing immigrants and any failsafes we have against tyranny.

You won’t be remembered by history.

And we won’t have a history, soon, if trump continues to blatantly erase any history he disagrees with.

Accidental Kissing

Hi there! I’ve really wanted to start incorporating writing into my blog and this is my first real attempt. I wrote this on my own, and it’s just some phan fluff, but I’d love to write more if you guys want to send prompts or anything like that <3

Summary: Phil has a crush on Dan and during a gaming video Phil might accidentally kiss him.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything in this writing other than the writing itself

Please don't repost this anywhere or claim it as your own <3


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I don't know why but I wanted to
  • Ereri tag: full of fanart and moaning about how much it sucks having a ship that doesn't interact much
  • Eremin tag: full of in-text canonical interactions and meta that's not even meta cuz it's ACTUALLY IN THE FUCKING MANGA
  • Snk fandom: *still claims ereri is more canon than eremin
  • Me: *just tired

Lost Eden Order Special Bonus Badges - Sakamaki

These badges took time for me to find actually ones that are HQ enough to use, and even then some parts had to be edited/cleaned. I’m not claiming credit for them, but I ask that anyone who renders these or uses them for cursors, to please link back to this post and include my url. If not, then please go look for another source to render.

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Hey Chloe! It's Kaitlyn. Just wanted to send a thank you for verifying that post. That's all I needed to go off of. Totally up to you, but I think it's probably best if you remove the update just for the PR person's sake (and I really don't think we want anyone going after her- even if intentions are good), and I will continue to fight the good fight. :) I really appreciate all that you've done in bringing this to light.

I’ve been so conflicted about how to be believed without making it seem like I am inviting people to troll or spam someone, but you’re right about removing the post. I appreciate you believing me from the start and politely and responsibly informing your supporters that previously my claims hadn’t been 100% backed up. You’re amazing, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♡

I hope you guys all understand why I am taking down that most recent update, I do want to be believed but more than anything I want safety for everyone in this situation and Kaitlyn has a great point. 

Thank you for believing in me and in the gravity of this situation.

i’m going to be that person and say it… i don’t give two shits about the iron throne lmao i don’t care if is jon or dany who has a better claim. if i’m being honest, i’d love nothing more than not having them rulling anything bc i don’t believe that is something either wants. jon gives even less fucks about the iron throne than me, and dany… i believe that what she truly wants is a peaceful life and a family and with jon she could have that. idk if they will survive but i’d love to have them together and just… happy and doing shit like travelling or having a chill life. they both went through enough. let them rest. 

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I'm not a fan of Tyrion Targaryen (too many secret Targaryens as it is) but I've never understood the reasoning behind it justifying Tywin's treatment of him. Treating a kid badly because of the circumstances of their birth is shitty no matter how you slice it. It may justify it from Tywin's POV, but the reader knows that Tywin is a monster with bad opinions anyway. Jon not being Ned's son doesn't invalidate their relationship. I don't see how Tyrion not being Tywin's would invalidate theirs.

For this blunt reason: Tyrion being Aerys’ son and not Tywin’s gives him, Tywin, one of his very dearest dreams. And I’m not about giving Lord Tywin his dreams, nor do I think is the story.

What has Tywin always wanted from the moment Tyrion was born? To deny him, specifically to deny him as something of himself. It bothers him deeply that he cannot prove Tyrion is not his trueborn son. It bothers him even more greatly that Tyrion has even a mote of a claim to Casterly Rock, much less the actually very strong legal argument he has behind him. It bothers him to an extreme degree that his beloved wife had to die and what he got in return was this ugly dwarf. Tyrion makes him, and House Lannister, a laughingstock - look at proud Lord Tywin now, saddled with this abomination, maybe now he’ll learn a bit of humility. From his son’s earliest years, Tywin has denied Tyrion time and again to what would be expected of the son of the Lord of Casterly Rock, instead trying to shame and humiliate him. What few compliments he grants Tyrion are cruel and undermining at best, and he’s never slow to cut Tyrion down when he sees fit. Tywin wants to reject Tyrion, but knows he cannot - hence why the greatest insult he can think to hurl at Tyrion while he is dying is to say “You are no son of mine”. Tywin’s last breaths are spent trying to dehumanize and de-Lannister Tyrion, which amount to about the same thing in Tywin’s mind.

That’s the total opposite of Jon’s relationship with Ned. As I’ve said before, Ned went above and beyond - indeed, beyond what might have been considered socially acceptable - to underline that Jon was his son, and was reluctant to draw distinctions between Jon and his “other” children. Jon not being Ned’s son doesn’t invalidate their relationship because Ned took pains to emphasize that Jon was his son, while knowing full well internally that Jon was not his own child. Tyrion not being Tywin’s son does invalidate their relationship because Tywin has time and again tried to himself reject that relationship.

And to really emphasize that point - look at how Tywin’s dreams are turning out for him. His daughter is a queen - a queen who made a spectacular series of blunders in her first opportunity for real power and whose idea of being like him involves murder and painfully inept intrigue. His son is a knight - one who gladly participated in a wildly illegal affair with his twin and whose idea of being like him is threatening to kill an unborn child and wishing that one side would destroy the other in the Bracken-Blackwood feud. Tywin had Elia and her children murdered to guarantee that his queen-daughter would be able to bear the Baratheon heirs in peace (apart from his personal motivations), and almost two decades later Dornishmen have not forgiven or forgotten it, and indeed are still willing to shed blood over it. Tywin organized the Red Wedding to ensure that his line could continue on the Iron Throne, and where has that gotten the Lannisters and their allies? What I gather from the narrative is that Tywin’s legacy is a rotten one, as rotten as his own putrefying corpse, and it’s not one that can or will last. So why give him even a posthumous idea of rightness? Why would the story validate any part of Tywin’s dreams? 

There are many other reasons not to like “Tyrion is a secret Targaryen”, and I would direct anyone to @joannalannister on that. But I’ve never understood the idea that “Jon isn’t really Ned’s son and that’s ok, so therefore it’ll be ok if Tyrion isn’t really Tywin’s son”. Because to me, that equates two relationships that are so fundamentally different and far away from one another that they might as well be on different planets.

whenever they’re rejected by the others, the guys go to Dee. After deciding to spend time apart from Mac, Dennis goes to watch a movie with her. After Dennis marries Maureen and kicks him out, Mac tells Dee he’s moving in with her. After Schmidtty replaces Charlie in the gang, he goes to the school to find Dee and decides to get a job there so they can be best friends. Even after being fired as Dennis’ campaign manager, Frank decides to use Dee to solicit a bribe.

They can all claim that she just noses into their group but they need her. Someone who will always be there even as a backup choice. And she gets the chance to act inconvenienced, but still gets the satisfaction of knowing that she is actually wanted.
Holby city got 99 problems but “shippers boycotting” ain’t one of them..... high tea/high shade ahead>

Okay so the news that Holby city has currently lost roughly 2 million viewers is hardly surprising. The lack of coherency in the story lines, attention to detail, characterisation, story line progression and follow up is a huge problem for the show right now. Across the board, for every single character EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER AND SHIP!! THE SHOW HAS PROBLEMS AND IT ISN’T BERENA FANS TUNING OFF PUTTING IT IN JEOPARDY M’KAY…

I don’t have twitter but I have just read the most ridiculous and wildly misinformed comments and I wanted to address them a little. For anyone who thinks that the loss in viewership is down to Berena fans suddenly switching off, then I’m sorry but I fail to see the logic in that. The influx of berena fans will in no way match the deficit..BECAUSE 2 MILLION SHIPPERS DIDN’T JUST DECIDE TO SWITCH OFF IN SALTY BITTERNESS,  it’s a general loss of interest because the show has lot the plot. Literally. Plot lines being picked up and dropped at will. No nuance or attention to detail, just a heavy handed mess of contrived “shock” moments that do not lend themselves to further character development. Things happen, then they’re dropped and all but forgotten. This is the shows biggest problem, and “loyal, long time” viewer or not surely that’s plain to see. Blaming “short stay” fans who are purely in it for any one ship/character in easy, and deluded. 

I’m a hardcore Jemma Redgrave fan (who knew??) and I’ve tuned in for fucking months of literally nothing but filler scenes. Remember when Bernie Wolfe was a fully-realised character with her own story lines? me neither. But I’ve stuck in there, losing my shit over two minutes of screen time and practically having a hernia over things like The Redgrave speaking french and straddling a bar stool. I watched Serena’s character descend into a shell of herself, through a conceited and extremely heavy handed story line. I watched Catherine Russell do masterful work with pitiful material. So don’t come at any of us for being the problem. Because I think we should get a fucking award for hanging in there at all..the minute our ship became canon it all fell to hell. We stuck with it and rejoiced over things like hand holds and hugs which is pretty fucking sad when you think about all the kissing and validation of affection we see the hetero ships share. So no, not for a minute will I listen to any fucking argument that points the finger at berena fans being a problem in the ratings drop. I’ve seen the argument “no one character or ship is bigger than the show” well yes that works both ways and you can’t suddenly attribute the failures of something on any one character/ship, when you attribute none of the successes to it either. 

Holby’s fuck ups/plot drops in a brief summary..

  • Fletch almost died. Then nothing until he almost died again and miraculously recovered.
  • Sacha was so depressed/ kleptomania. Nothing since? how the fuck is he?
  • Jasmine introduced only to have literally nothing to do with her sister. Such an opportunity to explore both characters and their relationship wasted. Until the end ofc when they killed Jasmine off after pummelling her with crap after crap for a year. Nice one. 
  • Zosia killed that ceo dude who was so loathsome I can’t even remember his name..how was she after that? 
  • Zosia had literally nothing to do with the engagement story line
  • Cameron and Morven are they even a thing?
  • Why does Cameron hardly share a scene with his mum?
  • Does Bernie remember she’s madly in love with Serena?
  • Bernie being ignored through practically all of Serena’s grief storyline even though she’s her “partner”
  • Essie and Raf, what’s happening? I mean what.is.happening.
  • Influx of new characters when they’re barely providing material for the ones they have. 
  • Serena’s daughter died off screen and the official twitter account had to literally tweet to confirm her death.
  • No crossover or carry over of characters. The wards could basically be kindgoms in westoros for how apart we’re expected to believe they are. Mo’s leaving do is like one of the only exceptions of them having cross-ward socialising. 

THEY RELY ON THE “BIG MOMENTS/SHOCK SHOCK VALUE” THEN DROP IT. But they need to create story lines that’ll run for long enough for the viewers to be invested and actually care.

The list in endless and I’ll hold my hands up and say there’s so much i don’t know/remember long-term wise, so I’m sure people could add to this list but let’s just accept THAT THE SHOW GOT PROBLEMS ACROSS THE FUCKING BOARD and to suggest it’s down to one group of fans/shippers isn’t only misinformed, it’s pretty fucking hurtful. 


* these are all my opinions and I’m not claiming to be the voice for anyone but honestly as a berena fan I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and comment on something I wildly disagree with. Now I’m off for a cornetto in the sun, I’ve earned the calories. Happy Saturday. *

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I need to vent to someone but like.. Just ignore me?? I really love the Preds. They're like my second favorite team. But then there's this person that I strongly dislike that claims they love the Preds... Even though they don't watch any hockey. This person used to be my friend until she got kinda borderline psychotic. But like, she loves to copy me and my every move. Has been for 4 years. And I just.. This just makes me not want to like the Preds or hockey in general and I hate this so much

I totally understand that. That’s me with football teams. It took this one guy who was an ass for me to absolutely despise the Colts and Denver and basically any team Peyton Manning is on ever. I’m sorry that this person is ruining the Preds for you. If it helps, think of all the awesome people (especially on here who like the preds @filipf0rsberg, @sheaweebs, @itsyourboykent, @scoresberg, @jufros, @cheerbaitromanjosi59, @gnashville33, @coltonsisson, and @juicysaros). Think of how great and precious the players are. 

My best advice is don’t let someone else ruin your happiness and don’t let someone make you dislike something that makes you happy. If it’s possible, I would just ignore her. There was a girl like this to me a few years ago (she for real moved to the town next to mine in the summer) and I stopped following her on social media and tried my best to avoid her and now I barely see her anymore, and I still like what I did despite her trying to wiggle her way into my life like that. Try not engage with her if possible. 

Anyway here are some cute Preds to show you how wonderful they are and that you shouldn’t let someone like that make you dislike these precious guys

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and never forget the iconic win against the San Jose Sharks last year in playoffs in triple OT

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Just know that the Preds fam loves and supports you 💛💙

“ummm we’re calling it discourse so it’s a discussion, you have to want to discuss it with all of us if you say anything on the subject and don’t u dare block anyone for disagreeing with you on something that’s pathetic”

Sorry I don’t have ‘discussions’ with people who treat me without basic respect and decency but I’m still gonna speak out against ppl throwing vile shit at me and others and literally hating us for our orientations, which a lot of ppl in this mess very obviously do no matter what you may claim like.

I’ll talk to ppl when I want to but I’m under no obligation to do so lol you’re not entitled to my time and energy and if you treat me like shit I won’t consider it anything near a “debate” even if I reply

I’ve said this a lot, but I can’t emphasize how much I want Whitley to NOT be a piece of shit by the end of the series! We already have a one-dimensional piece of shit in Cardin, and I honestly feel that there’s more to Whitley’s situation. His sisters are fighters, but he isn’t, so he essentially had to pull a Tyrion Lannister and learn how to “play the game.”

I want to see him experience the real world and be forced to change into a better person! I want to see him reconcile with Weiss. Most of all, I want to see him tear people apart with the endless stash of sass I know he has.

Jacques: “Whitley, if you do not obey me this instant, I will-”

Whitley: “What? Disown me? I guess that means you’ll have to leave the company to- Oh, wait! I’m the only heir you have left.”

Also, imagine Whitley offering Weiss her position as heiress back, claiming that he doesn’t deserve it, even though he’s proven himself multiple times by this point, and Weiss decides to pursue being a Huntress full-time and lets Whitley remain heir.

When he asks why, she simply responds: “The Schnee family name is in good hands.” and means it!

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Hi Sandwich! I have a recolors question regarding kids/toddlers hair. I've been playing the NSB challenge and when I try to change the hair colors as toddlers or kids, the recolors of the hairs don't seem to stick? Like the game automatically changes it back to EA defaults. I'm not sure what's going on but I hope you might be able to help! Thank you so much, and I really want you to know that you're one of my favorite creators!

Hi! Unfortunately that’s a known bug that’s existed since the release of the game, it’s not any CC in particular that does it but rather all CC and for some people (like myself) it even happens without any CC installed. So far there’s been no fix from EA because they claim it’s a CC issue and they don’t offer support for that and no modders have come up with a way to actually fix it permanently.

There are a few “workarounds” (they don’t fix the problem permanently) but I’ve found the best way to deal with it so far is to create a single recolour of the hair in the colour I want to use for my toddler/child, because if the hair only has one swatch the game can’t change it on you!

Hope that helps somewhat =D

honestly i don’t think bioware would have to do as substantial amount of work as they claim it’d take for the warden to appear in da4. i get there are different origins/outcomes/companions alive or dead etc, but the da4 protag is obviously going to be a new peep, so a warden cameo would be possible without fucking up previous choices. you brought fucking leliana from the goshdarndiggitydoodlydoo dead despite some world slates having her killed and nobody batted an eyelash because we want older characters to be included in newer games…….. just do it i’m out here dying

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To me, it seems really arrogant for Mark to say he's never going to do anything with the Host and then make claims that he is one thing. He said that whatever isn't on screen is in the air for the fandom. A part of me thinks that he has his canon version of the Host but since it's not his character he doesn't feel right using him. Honestly I'm just gonna keep writing him the way I want and you should too, don't worry about it friendo

Well, Host was never his character to begin with. Host was thought up by Cyndago, and even though Cyndago won’t be making anymore videos for obvious reasons, the character and concept of the character is still theirs. So Mark was probably just trying to set the record straight out of respect.

However his timing and delivery was a bit of a low blow, and it’s not like I’m going to rewrite this character or anything. But I’d also like to implement the idea of him being a radio host some more as well. My little outburst yesterday was just for goofs because I felt like jabbing back at Mark even though he won’t ever see it. Mark just is who is he is, and sometimes who he is makes me want to yell a little bit XD