but i don't apologise for it bc look at that face

easy company + flirting
  • luz: definitely either a movie quote or shitty pun that will get you laughing,, mainly to take your mind off of the war but as soon as he realises what he's said, he'll give you that smile that could cure cancer.
  • guarnere: his mama raised no fool so he will treat you with the utmost respect but obviously a little innuendo hurt nobody.
  • liebgott: he says something that's originally meant to be snarky,, probably along the lines of "i'm gonna punch you in the mouth.. softly.. with mine."
  • webster: now he would be the type to romance you, no doubt about it, but before all the initial romancing he would want to find out what makes you tick just so he can have an in depth discussion with you and listen to your every thought.
  • shifty: are you kidding me? this man could just shoot a smile your way and you would be a literal puddle.
  • toye: he loves his brass knuckles - we all know this - but this little shit would probably come up to you in the mess hall and say "my knuckles aren't the only things that are brass." and my god he will give you the biggest shit eating grin and wink at you like nobody else is in the room.
  • lipton: he's the mama hen so he's gotta look out for all his company but he'll stick his neck out for you the most and once the guys tell you what he's doing you'll go off because you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself but he'll just blush and apologise while confessing why he was mothering you most.
  • speirs: does he even know how ?? like maybe he'll be a little nicer to you than everyone else, not that you'd notice since nobody knows what speirs is like when he's nice. would probs offer you a smoke or something shiny if he's feeling up to having his affections being exposed.
  • perconte: shares all of his tips for having pearly whites and would let you in on where to get a hot bath even if all the buildings are blown up,, one day he'll come up to you and say "i like you more than i like good hygiene."
  • nixon: he'll offer you some of his alcohol and if you don't drink then, perfect, more for him but if you do then he would be more than willing to share.
  • winters: he's not a huge flirt,, really all he will do is pull you to the side away from the others and tell you what a great job you're doing and that easy are lucky to have you on board,, he'll also have a slight smile tugging at his lips - after he compliments you - that he tries to hide,, not from you but the rest of the company.
  • babe: he would (in the nicest way) turn into a bumbling idiot whenever he's around you and he'd get teased by all the guys since he would confide in guarnere and initially that isn't the best thing he could've done since whenever he tries to talk to you, one of the other guys will say something that gets him blushing so furiously his cheeks and hair are a perfect match.
  • roe: he's essentially the backbone of the company so he needs to pay attention to detail although, like lipton, he probably pays more attention to you than he needs to,, not that you mind since he gets you everything you need / haven't asked for / didn't even know you needed yet. got a cold? he'll hit you up with meds. a little chilly? here he comes with blankets.
  • buck: shit man this guy is shameless and doesn't have the time to waste on flirting so he just outright tells you that he likes you but makes sure he has eye contact because his eyes are so pretty that no one can resist them.
  • malarkey: you always offer him company after muck and penkala die because before he would always make sure to give you an extra hand whenever you needed it, he respected that you didn't need him there all the time but the two of you would often be found together helping the other with whatever punishment sobel had to bestow on you,, muck and penkala would notice that the two of you had a connection and would always give an excuse to leave the two of you alone together to which the both of you would roll your eyes at them.
  • muck: muck ?? flirt ??? mans doesn't need to,, he has two of the best wingmen on the planet to do all the work for him,, not that he would admit his actual feelings and what most of malarkey and penkala do is tease him endlessly in front of you but that suits him just fine to see the smile and slight blush on your face at whatever they have to say.

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u know what I'm like weirdly kinda into?? The AU that enjolras and cosette are siblings bc ???? idek why but I just do?? And if u feel the same way could u pretty please write some HCs or smth about this AU?? Hehe ❤️ only if you are tho!! If u aren't really into this you don't have to!!❤️

Enjolras was born a few years before Cosette, and Tholomyès had a nurse look after him in some out of the way garret to avoid… embarrassment.

But then when he leaves Fantine, she’s left to take care of both children on her own.

They’re left with the Thénardiers, who mistreat Enjolras just as badly. He’s something of an errand boy to them, but he’s far more defiant than Cosette, and stands up for his little sister most of the time. She can remember so many nights when her brother pushed her behind him and shouted at Madame Thénardier to leave her alone, red in the face and going toe to toe with the giant of a woman.

And so many nights when Enjolras holds her and strokes her hair and promises that their Mama will come back for them, someday.

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So I’ve been tagged to do the following ages ago

I’m retagging you guys bc I want to blessed again and I’m tagging @hobiini @jimintensify @ilyparkjiminie @overthemoonjoon @yoonblebells @smartnamjoon @peachychimu @cutiepiebts @bangtans-snail @bangtan-tan @hobibliophile @roodseok @flowerchildchim @mnanvg @goldentaehyung @kstopping @cylnia @taeteeth @sonrisadelsol @dorkytaehyung @mytaeddy @chimchimshi @teenage-sihlouettes @rosejimin @park-jimizzle @parkjiminbiased @parkjiminer @kimtahyung @barefacedv @soosjungs @jeonbia @la-petite-schu @gothic-hobi @femme–almighty @turtlenecktaetae

i also donut know what to think of this and i still want a donut

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oh can you do a prompt where like ali and never met before and like one day at school emily accidentaly bumps and spills whatever drink she has on ali and ali being all mad until she sees emilys beautiful face then you can take from there:)

She never expected high school to be quite so…big.

Sure, she’d been there already to check the place out before she started on an open day, but that was nothing compared to it now, bustling with life as kids rush to catch up with friends after the summer break, and it just kind of… takes her aback.

But it’s kind of cool, she supposes – maybe she’ll fit in here better than she did at her elementary school.


She yanks the strap of her bag higher up on her shoulder and heads to find her locker (or towards where she hopes she’ll find her locker), before her first period, math (where people seriously cruel enough to make math the first class of the year for freshmen?).

She’s too busy looking all around her, taking everything in, to be paying much attention to what’s going on in-front of her – so when she slams into something solid the air in her lungs leaves her lips as a startled gasp, and she nearly tumbles to the floor.

She’s mortified when she realizes what she’s done – she sees a gorgeous blonde standing in-front of her (she can barely form a coherent thought, when she looks in her in the eye – which are a breath-taking shade of ocean blue), the front of her shift soaked through from the bottle of water she was holding.

“Watch where the fuck you’re going!” The blonde snaps, looking down at her shirt – Emily quickly averts her gaze when she realizes that it’s white and quickly going see-through, and she rushes to apologise because god she feels awful and this is not the good start to her high school life that she’d wanted.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to - ” She cuts herself when the blonde’s head lifts to glare at her, stunned into silence both by the anger on her face (terrified she’s going to get yelled at), and just the sheer feeling of having those eyes on her. “S-sorry.”

The girl doesn’t say anything, just looks at her with an unreadable expression on her face, and Emily nearly quails under her gaze, wants to turn and run away with her tail tucked between her legs but there’s just something about this girl that makes her think that she wouldn’t be able to walk away even if she tried.

“It’s okay,” the blonde says eventually, her voice softer now her earlier anger has apparently dissipated. “I have a jacket,” she shrugs, and Emily can only nod, not trusting herself to speak. “You a freshman?”

“Y-yeah.” She hates the fact that her voice shakes, wonders what it is about this girl that makes her so nervous.

“Me, too.” She’s surprised, for a moment – something about the girl made her seem much older than fourteen. “I’m Alison.”

“Emily.” She shakes the hand that the blonde stretches towards her and tries to ignore the way that her skin feels charged wherever it’s touched Alison’s, and when she pulls away her heart beats fast in her chest. “I’m really sorry.”

“I said it was okay, don’t worry about it,” Alison says with a wave of her hand, and before Emily can do so much as blink the blonde has looped her arm through Emily’s and has started to drag her away, and the smile that the blonde throws her over her shoulder makes the brunette dizzy. “I have a feeling you and I are going to become really great friends…”