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'Arrow' Boss Teases Big Reveals in Winter Finale
After their brief hiatus fighting aliens and reliving their past during the Invasion crossover, the heroes of Star City must face off with big bad...

Ooooh. The finale sounds GOOD. I’m excited. Especially over this part:

I want to say that I’m mature and this “new boyfriend meets ex fiancée” thing has gotten old, but…. NOPE!!!! I never get tired of this stuff on television. Every person has their growth limitations and this is mine.

I’m really glad Guggie found a way to do his original idea for the 100th episode. Looking forward to seeing all the S1 flashbacks! Especially the Olicity one he teased!!!

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I see many posts saying that Emma woke up because Regina was in danger but then Emma says that she didn't want Henry to kill someone and that's what woke her. What do you believe is true ?

That scene was a complicated one and really intense. So many things were going on. It was Swan Queen + Swan Believer + Regal Believer. I actually don’t believe that Emma woke up because Regina was in danger. I think Emma woke up because she saw Regina’s love for Henry AND because of her own love for Henry.

The actual dialogue is:

Regina: “You…remember?”

Emma: “Yea. I remember. When you couldn’t hurt Henry, he was about to actually kill and become everything I never wanted him to be- that’s when I knew.”

This sentence, to me, suggests that Emma snapped out of it both because Regina couldn’t hurt Henry AND because Henry was about to become a killer and she didn’t want that for him. You can even see it in the visuals. When Regina refuses to hurt Henry, you can see Emma’s eyes widen, and she starts to shake her head as if she’s coming out of a trance. 

And then Emma has the big reaction shot once Henry says that he will hurt the EQ and throws his sword.

I’ve always maintained that the first reason why Emma fell in love with Regina was because she saw Regina’s true love for Henry. That’s what gets her every time. That’s why she gives Regina the benefit of the doubt a lot in season 1 even though she thinks she’s a bitch. That’s why she always rushes to her aid and loves her-because she adores how Regina took care of and loved her son. As she got to know her better, there were other reasons of course-they literally complete each other and understand each other like no one else can.  So basically I saw this moment as a metaphor for the Swan Mills Family dynamic as a whole. Initially, Emma is saving Regina because of Henry- because she sees Regina’s pure love for Henry, but it becomes something else later. But their love story has always started with Henry.

I wills say also that regardless of the why Emma snapped out of it, the writers chose for Emma’s act of saving Regina’s life to be the thing that signified that she was back to herself. And that’s significant. They could have made Henry be the one in danger from death. They could have made her remember when her parents were about to die. They didn’t.

There’s also more dialogue that makes it Swan Queen as well to me:

Regina: “Emma…? You saved me.”

Emma: “Yea, well, you came to this crazy world to save me so it’s only fair, right?”

The whole “you saved me” “well you saved me too” exchange is very loaded and romantic in the context of the show. The other true love couples- Snowing, Rumbelle have done that. So we’re supposed to be reminded of those moments and compare it to Emma and Regina and think of them as romantic.


Regina: “They’re not real. I didn’t actually kill anyone.”

Emma: “Yea I know. You just needed to wake me. Thank you.”

So there’s another true love parallel in the same scene. They really piled them on! Regina “woke Emma” from her curse, just like Charming woke Snow.

Not to mention all the other romantic tropes they put them through in this one episode alone (hand holding, sleeping beauty references, Jaladdin parallels, snowing engagement costuming etc.). A&E are easing the GA into the idea of SQ. They have been for a while now.

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How do you think saeran and Yoosung would react to an MC that just had a really bad nightmare? I just did and my body feels like dead weight but my heart is still beating fast and I have to go to school today but I feel like I can sleep until the next century and im still freaked out ugh


  • This poor nugget would be soooooooo worried.
  • His heart will race and his words will stumble.
  • It’s almost as if he’s the one who had the bad dream.
  • He wouldn’t even care that he’s tired, he just wants to know if you’re okay.
  • Yoosung’ll offer everything and anything—more blankets? A hot drink? Water?
  • “N-No, Yoosung…I just want you…”
  • “O-Oh! O-okay! I can definitely do that for you!”
  • He’ll ask if you’re comfortable enough sharing it, and if you do, he’ll do his best to interpret it in the best way possible.
  • However, sometimes his inability say the right thing makes it worse sometimes, LOL.
  • But hey, he’s a cutie for trying, you know?
  • Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles.
  • He just wants to wrap you up in his arms and caress your head.
  • If it’s possible, your forehead would be bruised because he’s covering you in kisses.
  • During times like this, he’ll be the big spoon.
  • Okay but if you, cry, he’ll cry, and you both will be a crying mess.


  • At first, he’ll be very whatever about it.
  • “It’s just a dream, go back to bed.”
  • He’s kind of irritated that you woke him up, but when he sees how upset you are, he’ll snap out of it.
  • He instantly feels bad. He’s had his fair share of night terrors. A lot of them, in fact.
  • You were always there to calm him down and hold him to sleep.
  • The least he could do was return the favor.
  • Saeran tries to repeat what you did for him. Literally. In a very robotic manner.
  • “Uh…there, there. It’s…okay. I’m here.”
  • He better at physical affection than words of affirmation. He’ll make you rest your head on his chest as he gently runs his fingers through your hair.
  • It’s almost comedic, the way he’s really trying his best. That alone is enough to calm your senses.
  • Before you fall asleep you hear him say, “It’s just a dream. I’m never going to let anyone or anything hurt you. I promise.”
Mini-Milestone Celebration!

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I reached the mini-milestone I was waiting for, which means I can announce my challenge! You all know I can get wordy, but hang in there with me. 

The theme, I guess you could call it, of this challenge is – dun, dun, dun – self-insert fics. 

That’s right, I said it! There’s been so much negativity around here lately, I say we just do the thing that makes us happy. Pair yourself with your favorite SPN character or actor, be someone’s sibling, whatever you want. Make it fluffy, make it smutty, make it funny, just do you

The YouAU Challenge is just designed for fun. Let’s take off the pressure from hateful anons and feeling like we have to update that series or putting out something everybody will love. This is just about you

Uh, and me because guess what – I’m participating in this one too! 

Details and tags for signal boosting or possible interest under the cut!

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How many times a day do you suppose Phichit Chulanont looks at Instagram and sighs out of sheer frustration? Ballpark figure.

I mean obviously all the time but I have to tell you dude that we have created this entire thing where Phichit has tried to kidnap Yuri K to Thailand to be fed up by his mother like five times and counting. One time he almost got him on the airplane. “ma says you’re not eating enough” “okay firstly I’m sure that that’s YOU saying that and not your mother” “she saw you on youtube and she’s worried” “secondly I want a new roommate”

WHAT SHE SAW ON YOUTUBE: Phichit and the YouTube series of Yuri k practicing all the time

  • “help my baby won’t go to sleep”
  • “a stubborn asshole tries a new jump twenty times what happens next will not surprise you”
  • “best of Yuri Katsuki practicing snapchats set to ‘tubthumping’”
  • “[in universe equivalent of that skater doing a quad on ice and then falling like a newborn baby fawn on solid ground]”

ALSO she lowkey was planning the wedding and when the naked Russian koala picture came out she was like “did I raise u to let ur son let a naked white guy hang all over him” “no ma”

If I was a better, funnier person, and I knew anything about Detroit, I would definitely write the shenanigans fic where they do things like go to Walmart at one am and decide it’s probably a hell portal and cling to each other and also there is a lot of platonic cuddling


Claire in every episode of Outlander → 1x01 Sassenach

But I can still recall every detail of the day when I saw the life I wanted sitting in a window. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I’d bought that vase and made a home for it. Would that have changed things? Would I have been happy? Who can say? I do know this. Even now, after all the pain and death and heartbreak that followed, I still would make the same choice.

@luizvandp says, “I’m 16 years old and have always wanted to build a cafe racer. I wanted To start with a moped that meant a lot to me, a 1978 Honda SS50 that’s pretty hard to find. It’s a moped that handles as a racebike, but is just a 50! I love the motorcycle looks and all the things you can do with it. It was the moped my dad had when he was 16, so obviously we both were pretty happy when we found one we could restore! I didn’t want something built that I wouldn’t be happy with so I took my time with the thing. Most of the time was spent on design with some work on the engine. After 10 months I was pretty pleased with the result. I present it with the biggest pride I can imagine! My next thing is to restore a CB175 if I can find one.”
Thanks for sharing your build, you be your father have done a great job!
#croig #caferacersofinstagram #caferacer

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Rant Time

Hey everyone Bee Queen here and today I’m gonna be doing something I don’t ever do and it’s gonna be weird coming from me since a lot of you like that I dont do this but I just couldn’t keep quite anymore especially since this topic has been going on since Saturday and I just wanna put my 2 cent in so lets begin

Before I start on this shipping rant I just wanna say I’m not attacking any of the 2 ships I’m gonna be talking bout especially since one of them is my otp and I just dont wanna talk bad just bla*ksun shippers the same thing I’m gonna be talking bout can be bout bumbleby shippers too

But the biggest problem I have with episode 5 is that bumbleby shippers is they are complaining their ship isnt getting that much development at all and everyone is saying that bla*ksun is

Dont get me wrong I love bumbleby with all my heart and I want it to be canon as much as you guys do and heck I’m even the bumbleby queen but it started to get very annoying when on Sunday when I got on the bumbleby tag and seen complaining bout bumbleby not getting any development

Guys its only the 5th episode of volume 4 either ship has got any development at all its honestly to early in the series to tell which ship is gonna be canon we have years and years for rwby to go

As much as I want bumbleby to be canon right now I want their relationship to be development perfect its how it should be and not rushed and runied so shippers can complain

I just got one more thing to say before I go and its this:we just gotta give it time guys and down the line when bumbleby does become canon we all will be happy that we did all this waiting for this bumbleby ship and I’ll be the happiest Bee Queen ever

SQ is more than a ship to me...

For me personally, swan queen was a beacon of hope. I am a 26 year old female who is still in the closet. I am gay and yes I am afraid. Swan queen was a symbol of hope that one day I too can live happily ever after. The key word is was. At the end all I see is the traditional hetero couples getting what they want. This past episode was amazing until the end. I got my hope back. For about 45 minutes I had that small light saying one day I will be happy……

 Then Robin shows up. Thanks a lot writers. That was cruel thing to do. If you aren’t going to make swan queen happen, then don’t taunt us with it. That was a new low and just plain mean.


Vivienne: “We have been through so much and mean too much to each other to let this break us up. At least, I don’t want it to. I still want us to be together, even after everything. I really do think we are good together. We’re a family and I always want us to be.”

Luca: *smiles* “I’m glad to hear you say that.”

Vivienne: “I love you, Luca. That’s never changed, not for one moment.”

Luca: “I love you, too. And I don’t want to spend any more time apart or fighting with you over things that don’t matter. I’ve missed too much time with you already. Years, in fact. I just want to spend the rest of my days loving you, Vivienne. I’m really sorry. For everything.”

Vivienne: “Me, too.”

Luca: “So, what do you say, sweetheart…..fight over?”

Vivienne: *smiles* “Fight over.”

Imagine Lucifer trying to ask Sam to marry him but not knowing how to say it.

“Sam..um..I got a question..I love you..you know that I mean your the only one I’m nice to most days so that has to count for something at least right?..well you see the thing is we’ve been dating for a while..oh man I really don’t want to sound cheesy right now but I’m afraid no matter what I do I’ll sound cheesy” Lucifer rambled sighing. —– “Lucifer it’s okay keep going” sam encouraged giving a small smile as he kind of got the hint on what the other was going to ask. —– “Well I love you, we have dated for a while….y-you are the moon to my sun..you make me happy when life has fucked me over so many times you always find away to cheer me up to make me happy..I love you to the moon and back maybe even more then that…and what I’m trying to say is..sam will you marry me?” Lucifer asked giving sam puppy dog eyes. —– “Of course I will you dork” sam said chuckling a bit smiling as he kissed the other hugging him close.

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Here and there I read people are dropping the Owari manga because they are disappointed in certain aspects of the story? For me, the manga became super interesting again lately, and to be honest I only have one thing to say. If you are reading or planning to read the Owari manga, please, please, PLEASE read the Guren novels as well!!! Because everything makes so much more sense if you do, and most of the things that could disappoint you are turned up side down. The novels and manga are connected in an amazing way, and I honestly think you should read both if you want to understand the story of Owari no Seraph. And trust me, it’s a very good story okay. ;w; But yes, if you’ve been feeling disappointed in the manga lately and you haven’t read the novels, please consider reading them! 

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You mentioned a while ago that Percy Jackson was your first fandom (me too) do you have an Shinee aus? Like imagine if one of them gets a quest and the one of the ot5 has to choose two people to leave behind. And the two they pick to go might not make it back.

I actually haven’t thought of it but !!!!!!!!!!

like wow to think which godly parent they’d have like

Kibum would be Athena for me, Taemin would be Hermes, which is ironic with how many things he loses. Minho.. mm aphrodite because of all the love he has. And Jonghyun… Apollo. Jinki.. I want to say Poseidon because he loves water and swimming and it fits. 

I could see Taemin getting a quest and he has to choose between his 4 hyungs who would do anything to protect him. He chooses Jinki, though Jinki almost wants to refuse because he’d attract more monsters. And he chooses Kibum. Jonghyun and Minho, with all the love they have, are worried little beings when the three go out. Jinki steps back, lets Taemin lead. He’s there with a soft smile and encouraging eyes, but he lets him decide what they’re to do. Kibum is witty and cunning, he has a sharp tongue and will advise Taemin in his plans, but he doesn’t push his ideas on him. It’s Taemin’s quest. They’re just there to help him succeed in it. 

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for the love asks thing, do all of them >:DD

y do u make me do this ;;

Blush : What do you do when you have a crush on someone?

- like all their posts and stalk their blog until they do an ask meme and then try to work up the courage to talk to them

Kiss : What’s the sweetest thing someone has done for you?

ummmm draw a picture of me 

Cuddle : Which one of your mutuals do you really want to hug right now?

dam i would say all of them but rn i wanna hug @trappedangel @iraichi @paperb1rd @comorbid-chara @achillesboy @baby6 @jadinas @babiebreath @shxnji-01 and @godscum 

Heartbeat : What fictional character do you love?

i luv Ken Kaneki, Craig, Marik, and Takumi

Romance : Perfect date?

movies at the drive in until 4AM with lots of snacks and drinks

Joy : What truly makes you happy?

attention and lots of friends

Happiness : Who are your kin?

my kin? im kin with Juuzou Suzuya, Chara, Frisk, Touka, Tweek, Bakura, n Edward Elric. 

Love : Are you, or have you been, in love before?


Beloved : What do you love the most about yourself?


Sweet: Favorite love song?

paper scars by love drug, and kiss it all better by he is we

Cute : What’s your aesthetic?

i don’t know, but i really like my old fp’s (ch-a-ra) aesthetic. smth neon dark, city with stars, storms, knives, and i also like the whole isolation and desolation of the game impressive world. i also really like spooky’s house of jumpscares, and just kind of a horror game feel

Thoughtful : If you could change your name, what would you call yourself?

Chara or Alphonse
Charming : Who helps motivate you?

my beautiful big sister @paperb1rd

Beautiful : Who is your ideal significant other?

like if i could choose? strong, supportive, the adult in the relationship, patient, and kind

Affection : Who do you ship?

no one really

Kind : What Pokemon would you be?

shaymin sky form or alola vulpix

Heart Beat : You’re getting coffee with a celebrity, who is it?


Giggle : Do you believe in love at first sight?


Laughter : Who can always make you laugh?


Smile : What do you find attractive?


Warmth : What is your happy place?

i don’t know…

Huggable : What are your favorite flowers?


Soul Mate : Who is your best friend?

all of my mutuals

Unique : What qualities do you look for in other people?

kind, patient, mature, accepting,

Trust : Do you trust people easily?


Dearest : What item is most dear to you?

my ipod touch (which my parents took away 6 months ago i haven’t seen it since and i miss it so much)

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Why can't I be involved in a binder giveaway the same as anyone else? I bind for cosplay and Im broke, I cant afford a new one. Almost all the giveaway's I see say they are only for trans people and its really hard for me to get one... I dont want to resort to bandages under my costumes.

Dont ever bind with bandages buddy thats a fast track way to a broken rib. Look your situation isnt fun, theres a thing you want to do and you’ve hit a snag that hinders your ability to do it well - but you can live with it.

The reason a lot of giveaways are for transpeople only is because we remember what its like. We know what it is to go out every day in clothes a few sizes too big and in lots of layers to try and hide your chest. We know how much it hurts. We know some trans kids have no means of income and unsupportive family members. We know that a giveaway is some trans kids Only Chance at getting a binder which could up their self confidence and self image and help with dysphoria. 

I’m sorry but what you want a binder for is trivial. You cant always afford a hobby, sometimes you have to save up for it. I’m really into prosthetic making and special effects and oftentimes I cant afford parts of it that make certain projects possible. But thats not going to make it difficult for me to go outside or function as a human being. You are not entitled to your hobby and nobody has to give you a handout in order to make your hobby possible.

It’s about the need of it. When you take a binder from a give away, you take it from someone that actually needs it, rather than just wants it.

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(16 year old trans girl again) sorry I forgot two question. if I'm In a relationship and I want to also be with another, should I ask for my current partner's permission to pursue a new love interest? what if two of my partners don't get along?? thank you!!

There are several different ways to do polyamory, and none of them are wrong per se. So long as your partners are all okay with the setup then you can decide how to do it.

One of my relationships works on a ‘sapphic council’ type thing where we ask permission, but the other is just “I have a girlfriend she is cute here she is say hi”. None of those are bad.

Your partners don’t necessarily have to get along too well, they just have to both be able to accept you are with the other. I they can’t, that’s a serious lack of respect for you, that they should work on. <3

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Do you have any Leverage headcanons?

Oooh I’ve never been asked about headcanons before, thanks!

• Hardison wants to have cute little nicknames in his relationship with Parker, but she just doesn’t get it and keeps calling him weird things. But one day while he’s asleep, she whispers “my little pretzel.” For the next couple years, she only ever calls him that when he can’t hear her… until the day of their wedding when she says it in front of everybody. Hardison nearly faints. <3

• Speaking of their wedding, Hardison plans everything because Parker’s only idea is this:

(photo credit: Red Andal Photography)

• Nate and Sophie get pulled back into doing “one last job.” A seven-year-old girl is involved, and at the end of the con this girl has nowhere to go and is gonna wind up in the foster system. Sophie has grown really attached, so she is NOT gonna let that happen. Nate and Sophie adopt the girl. It’s hard for Nate because he feels like he’s replacing his son, but Sophie tells him that he’s simply giving his son a new sister. They tell this girl all about her brother Sam, and by keeping the good memories of his son alive, Nate is finally able to move on.

• Sophie teaches their new daughter how to act, and she’s actually really good! She becomes a somewhat well-known actress when she grows up and takes Sophie to all the awards shows. :)

• Parker teaches Nate and Sophie’s new daughter how to get past lasers to steal ice cream, just like Archie taught her.

And finally, some Eliot headcanons…

• This isn’t really my headcanon, but I love it so much I figured I would share. THIS HAPPENED AND NOBODY CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE.

I’ll tell you, the Stargate, I wish you had it because there’s a lost shot, one we could not do. When we bring the team back together at the beginning of Season Two, we had little moments of what everybody said what they did during the break and Eliot’s was going to be “What did you do?” and we were gonna flash to the Stargate with him in the gear: “All right, but this is the last time.” And then flash back and him going No- but the Stargate was broken! It was thrown away.

– John Rogers, “The Last Dam Job” commentary track

• Eliot and Mikel meet again multiple times over the years. They have a friends with benefits sort of relationship until a loooooong time later when Eliot admits he has feelings for her. They have an unconventional relationship, but it works. He eventually proposes while they’re in the middle of a sword fight against a bunch of samurais. Obviously.

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I hate birthdays. I mean, it’s better than the alternative and cake’s nice. But I always get really depressed. 

I think it started when I was very little. I remember back then McDonalds, or at least the one near us, refused to sell Happy Meals to kids over the age of 12. I had been bothered by the rules of things like getting “too old to trick or treat” where you didn’t have a specific cut of, but this announced an age. And I noticed lots of things saying under 12 too. So 12 became the dreaded age for me.**

Most kids see getting older as a great. They think in terms of what it will let them do, like drive or stay up late or get into movies. But I didn’t. For me it was all about endings, the cutting off of potential. It was like each milestone trimmed away opportunities and limited your future.

Geez, that’s the mindset of a mid-life crisis! I’ve been having a midlife crisis since I was a preteen!!!! LOL

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I'm salty bc my father REFUSES to recognize my sexuality !!! he continues to say thing like "your future husband" and it bugs me !! he also says things like "I don't support ur lifestyle but i still love you" like OBVIOUSLY HE DOESN'T!! I'm one Pissed Off Gay™ bc of this like its so infuriating. he won't even let me call girls pretty around him. but my brothers can say gross crude things about women whenever they want! like. wtf. wtfwtfwtf. im gonna explode with frustration

GOD I seriously feel your anger about that and I don’t know what to say except ENDLESS SCREAMING seriously like RELEASE THE SCREAMS. also parents who do shit like that are shitty parents and they’ll always refuse to acknowledge it. they think they’re being paragons of reason about it. i literally hate this kind of thing and i’m sorry and you deserve better