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The Chiam Baby

So. Louis and Harry have effectively taken all attention from the Chiam baby announcement today, but I wanted to make a couple of things clear because I expect some OTT fame [seeking] Sunday from the new mom which may result in some asks that I want to head off now:

1.  I still don’t 100% believe that Liam is really the father, but he has said that he is in enough words, so I’m going to roll with that until he says differently. 

2.  I also do not believe that Chiam is or ever was a real relationship, and I’m probably not going to ever treat it like one.

3.  I don’t like Cheryl and while I hope she and the baby are healthy and well taken care of, I have no interest in either of them and except for occasionally making fun of Cheryl’s thirst for fame, I intend to ignore both of them and focus on Liam and his career, here and on my main blog.

4.  Accepting Liam’s word on this situation is not being a hypocrite as some folks have suggested, it’s self preservation. 

5.  I will not now or nor will I ever on my blogs say a single word against Ziams or anyone else that refuses to accept that this child is his. THAT, my Larrie friends, would be blatant hypocrisy. But I reserve the future right to disagree politely. 

And that’s essentially all I have to say about that.

BTS reaction to you having relationship issues

A/N: I guess this is the easiest thing for me to write since I do have relationship issues (the biggest reason why I avoid getting into a relationship even though I want one but I’m too scared to say ‘yes’) because of my parents’ divorce. Hah, it’s gonna be a miracle when I’ll get in a relationship.


He would laugh at first, taking it as a joke and making a lame one of his own. When you told him you were serious about your trust issues he would try to have a serious and long conversation with you to find out what made you reach that conclusion and generalize all relationships. But he would be more careful around you and start acting more loving, surprising you with romantic dinner dates more often.

“My feeling for your are real, regardless of the way you see relationships and that’s not gonna stop me from loving you.“

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I feel like Yoongi would look past that if his feeling for you were strong enough because he knows he’s not perfect either. He would, however, check in on you more often and try to spend more time with you. Even on his busiest days, he’d take a minute to text you a quick message to let you know he was thinking about you, maybe inviting you over to his studio for lunch while showing you his new songs to get your opinion because that’s what matters the most to him.

“I love you in spite of that, Jagi.”

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Just like Jin, I think he would take it as a joke at first as well but when he’d see your serious face, he’d try to convince you that every relationship is different and that his feelings for you are true. Every day he’d leave cute voice messages or videos of him acting cute and confession his love numerous times even though he knew you wouldn’t believe him but he wanted to make you believe. He’d find ways to make you laugh with everything he’d do and just start acting out the love he has for you in general instead of resuming it to just words.

“Jagiya, I know you are the one for me. I’m gonna show that I’m the one for you too.”

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As soon as he heard those words leaving your mouth, he would try to talk it out and find out the reason that made you reach that decision and doubt his feelings. I feel like after you tell him the whole story about the things that happened in your past that made you doubt relationships in general, he would come up with an explanation about why you think of it the way you do and somehow you’d get past that.

“You’ve just been looking at it the wrong way. Our relationship is a lot more different than your past ones.”

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When he heard those words coming out of your mouth, he didn’t know how to react. He was surprised at first but it didn’t bother him as much but he would pay more attention when it comes to you. This little mochi would do anything in his power to show you how much he cares about you and how meaningful his words are by spoiling you with whatever he can get his hands on that he knows you might love. Taking you on as many dates as he can when he has some free time on his hands.

“I do love you, no matter what you do or say.”

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He would try his best to show you how wrong you were about the misconception you lived by all these years. Preparing romantic dinners, taking you on long walks at sunset and confessing his love for you every single day he spends with you and even if he can’t be there physically, he would record video messages and send them to you every night before you go to sleep until he’ll change your mind and make you see how fun and healthy it is to be in a relationship with someone you love.

“Jagi, I’d never say those words if I didn’t mean them.”

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[btw Tae’s lips in this gif look so yummy and puffy. I love ToT ]


I feel like he would get offended at first because it took a lot of courage for him to confess in the first place only to have you doubting his feelings. He would probably give you the cold treatment for a few hours until he spoke with his hyungs and ask for advice. Once they explain to him how hard it must be for you to trust people, he’d come back home to talk it out and try to find out what made you lose faith in finding ‘the one’.

“Whatever it is, I’ll show you how wrong you are about it.”

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Someone give me a fic where Lena just keeps teasing Kara every time they see each other, like she’ll whisper in Kara’s ear as she passes her, how she looks very cute in her dress that day, or “your lipstick suits you today, makes them pop” she winks and sashays off. Or Lena would intentionally keep dropping things in front of Kara and Kara just losing her fucking mind and saying fuck it one day before leaving Lena’s office and just “this has been going on for too long, rao I can’t take this do you want me to kiss you?!” And Lena just slowly closes the gap between them, stare at Kara’s eyes, smirks and says, “yes” kind of like daring her but what she doesn’t anticipate is Kara actually doing it and now Lena’s office is a mess, the things on her table are now on the floor and she’s pretty sure Kara’s the reason why there’s a huge chunk of the table gone where Kara had grab hold.

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My I ask why do you always paint Hope to be bad? I mean I understand Rage gets a bad rep but Hope isn't dellutional or is it weak! I just want to understand why you say these things. Yes Rage is good and better and strong and faulty but Hope players are not dellutional weaklings that can't except things 😯 please do tell me why you believe so negtivly about Hope it can't be that bad of an aspect.

the only reason I feel the need to showcase where Hope can be bad and where Rage can be good is because overwhelmingly in fandom I see people who really believe that Hope can’t be bad, or Rage can’t be good, they get stereotyped in a very bad way where one is truly pure and one is truly evil 

or even if they can be good or bad, it’s a rarely if ever at all, when it’s really not, for both Rage and Hope they can be good or bad 50/50, equally. but nobody really sees that

so whenever people bring it up I focus on the other side, because I feel like the places where Hope is obviously good and Rage is obviously bad has been done to death, I dont really have anything new to add and also because I want to try to balance out this black and white view for these aspects

the thing you should focus on here is that both Aspects are equally Good and Bad, but because people have trouble seeing the not so obvious connections of RageGood and HopeBad, that’s usually the one I end up explaining

talking where Hope is Good and Rage is Bad I feel like is much more obvious, and needs less explaining/focus

Actually! In a few days, I’m going on vacation for two weeks!!

I can’t update any flowers during that time because I’ll be doing vacation-like things, but I’d feel bad leaving the blogs totally inactive for all that time. So! Does anyone want to help out by drawing a couple posts as a guest artist? The posts will be clearly credited, of course!

It’ll just be normal Flowey asks, no plot-relevant things. I’ll collect a bunch of asks in a list and you’ll be able to pick one (or more) that seem neat, then I’ll tell you what Flowey would say for that specific question, and then you just send in the art as a submission or link or whatever!

The style’s just like in the normal blog. That is, background is optional, and everything’s in black and white aside from things like blood, souls, (sometimes) blushing and crayons. Other than that, it’s up to you! Contact me through either an ask or a chat thingamajig!

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hi could you do an ethan x reader one where the reader is asexual but they're scared of telling ethan because they don't want him to think they're weird or break up with them

I sure can!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- Pacing back and forth, being as it was a hard thing to talk about

- You still love him, but you don’t know how he’ll feel

- Hands shaking, replaying what you’ll say in your head before you talk to him

- Crying cause you’re stressing out so hard

- Eventually calling him in and sitting him down

- Telling him that you’re asexual but you don’t want to break up

- ‘So what’s the problem?’

- Totally unfazed, he doesn’t judge you

- Choir music

- Hugging him and just thanking him repeatedly

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I'm probably not the only one who's wondering about this, but where is Mymble in your "The Young Gardener" comic? It's just that she is mentioned in one scene by Snufkin/Pipo but doesn't feature in it anywhere else. So I'm a little confused by the plot line, and I do apologise for that. Is it possible you could like give us the plot line so then the story makes a bit more sense? That would be a big help.

Oh, so you want more information about the Mymble? I am glad because the pages I work on will talk about the Mymble actually. It’s normal that you don’t understand all the plot for now. I have so much things to say about the Joxter, the Mymble and Snufkin/Pipo and how they ended like this.

Anyways, I am sorry if it’s confusing for now, but I swear it will be more clear. (And pssst, I didn’t even start publishing my comic in the right order, you are actually in the middle of the story) IT WILL BE MORE CLEAR I SWEAR!! :’^D

To the human being nature is anonymous. Its scattered elements exist, potentially defined by their own names. True rapport between nature and human beings begins when we name things. It is then that the real exchange between things and man begins. When one sees a humanized tree, that tree truly exists. In other words, I strive to create an unnatural environment in my world. That is really a natural thing to do. For me, the naturalizing through allegory and metaphor that one finds in Japanese folk songs is completely unnatural. On numerous occasions I have written about the reconciliation of the Japanese people and nature. But now, by turning away from such thinking, I want to try to understand it in a new way.

What I have been saying is that we must give meaning to sound by returning it to its original state as a naked being. Sounds themselves, their movement as personalized beings—that is what we must discover and continue to discover anew. Organized sound is merely a subjective creation of the human being and is not the personalized sound I am discussing. My phrase “give meaning to sound” refers to something other than mere naming and differentiating. It concerns a total image. Both my acceptance and my suspicion of “chance music” stem from this point of view.

I want to carve away the excess to expose the single real existence. I must continue to work, striving always for precision and clarity.

from Confronting Silence: Selected Writings, Toru Takemitsu.

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I'm sick of the fans who are already making Harry's solo career about a ship. Haylors are saying his announcement yesterday was 13 days before his single drops so that's a haylor reference (her favourite number is 13). Haylors/Hendalls and I'm sure larries too (I don't pay attention to them) are already saying his album/songs are about their OTP. Can't they just let harry have this for himself??? He's worked so hard for it to be reduced to merely that!!

Jesus Christ, honestly… what does he have to do to get himself ONE THING that’s not tied to ships and his dating life? That’s what bothers me so much: anything he does is reduced to this stupid little thing and it’s so frustrating! Why can’t people just let him have his music and do what he wants to do without it meaning anything else? Grrr

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What happened to the saturday stream?

Well two things~

One, Mark was doing a charity livestream yesterday, and I wanted to watch it. And I knew all my friends were going to want to watch it, so I didn’t want to make them choose. :)

The second reason being, my pupper Venus had a tumor erupt on her spleen yesterday, so I was with her all afternoon yesterday. She pulled through, but from 3:00 am to 8:00 pm, I thought my dog was going to die. 

Besides, after getting news your dog is going to die, you don’t really want to do anything~

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I want it so the only way humans can get to the menu is by saying C out loud XD

* Unfortunately, that’s not how things work here, but the mod thinks that is a hilariously awesome idea and someone should absolutely do it. :D

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Poor Frisk has no clue on what they are doing :(

@anonymous said:

Oh child, no wonder you resorted to violence, you probably hold only one healing item without your inventory and that would barely help you last long in a fight. Heck, I doubt you even know that those are actual healing items and not just foods. You must’ve found yourself stuck in a corner many times, can’t really blame ya for defending yourself. You seem to have not really found or put on anything either…

*They don’t have a clue as to how things work around here, no.

*This is all very strange to them.

Family Friend || Joe Sugg Imagine

Joe x Jana(reader)
Word count: 1000
Request: I had a dream similar to this story and I decided to write similar to it. You can change the name if you want.  

There are many thing we do for our friends, one of them is keep them company when they need it. Today Joe was accompanying Caspar to a family event. It’s not that Caspar needed someone to keep him company but the fact that he knew that Joe would procrastinate throughout the whole day. But of course he didn’t say that to Joe. It was easier to ask him to keep him company than to show him that he’s being lazy lately and Joe hated when people noticed how lazy and unmotivated to go outside the house, he was. 
“So who am I meeting today?” Joe asked as they walked into Uber.
“I’m not sure actually, since it’s Matt’s birthday probably family and family friends.” 
Matt is Caspar’s cousin. He is ten years old and looks at Caspar as his older brother. Joe knew pretty much every member of his family. He was one of his best mates so it was normal.
“Caspar, Joe you came!” Yelled Matt when they walked in the room.
“Of course we came, it’s your tenth birthday! We couldn’t miss it!” Caspar said and hugged him. “Happy birthday Matt.” Said Joe and gave him his gift. They were chatting when two unknown females walked in the room. One was tall, almost tall as Caspar. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was pretty, Joe thought. Next to her was a shorter girl. With blond hair and petite figure, she caught his attention. Matt run to her and hugged her. She smiled at him. For some reason, Joe followed her every move. She wasn’t the hottest girl Joe has ever seen, far from that, but he simply couldn’t keep his eyes of her. Caspar noticed and smiled at him. He knew that his friend doesn’t do this often. When Joe noticed the smirk that appeared on his face he tried to keep his attention back on his phone, but it was harder than he hope it would be.
“Caspar!” Smaller woman who Joe was watching for few minutes, walked to them and hugged Caspar.
“Jana! You have grown so much.” He teased her.
“Caspar you know that I haven’t grown since ninth grade!” She said and punched him to which Caspar just laughed.
“Hi I’m Jana.” Said a blond girl and smiled at Joe. ‘What a cute smile’ Joe thought.
“Joe. Nice to meet you.” He said and smirked at her. Their staring contest was interrupted when Matt called her from the other room. When she left Caspar just laughed at Joe and went to the bathroom. Somehow Joe found himself in the other room where his new friend was. He watched her and Matt play FIFA and somehow FIFA became the most exciting game ever. Joe wasn’t sure how long was since he came into the room and sat behind them all he knew was that this was the best thing he could be doing right now.
“I don’t want to play anymore! You’re cheating!” Yelled a blond girl from her seat. From her tone, you could tell that she was joking.
“Am not! I’ve been practicing!” To which she simply laughed. Turning her head to Joe’s direction she smiled and sat next to him on the couch.
“What are you doing here all on your own? Where is you buddy?”
“Apparently watching you lose.” Joe said with a smirk on his face.
“Is that so?” She smiled at him “just so you know I could beat you with my eyes closed.” “Oh it’s on.” And that’s how the night began. They’ve been talking and laughing when Caspar walked into the room.
“There you are.” He said to Joe. “It took you long enough.” Teased Joe.
“I had a feeling you were in good hands.” He said and looked at Jana.
“So what are you two up to?” “We’re just discussing his terrible FIFA skills.”
“I demand a rematch!” He said half joking.
“So how do you two know each other?” Joe asked Caspar when they sat at the dinner table.
“Our families are old friends.”
“She used to babysit him.” Said the tall girl Joe saw at the start of this evening.
“Babysit?” Joe asked surprised.
“Yeah, you see, since I’m two years older than him our parents knew I was more mature so they always made me babysit him.” Jana said and laugh at Caspar who made a sad face remembering how their parents always said that he had to stay with her because they knew that he would otherwise burn the house to the ground.
“How old are you?” Joe asked watching the girl in from of him.
“Oh Joseph you never ask a lady for her age. ” She said making Joe a bit embarrassed.
“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.. I really..” He talked without looking at her.
“Relax. I’m only joking. I’m 23.” She said placing her hand on his leg which for some reason made him nervous.  
For the rest of the night four of them talked. Exchanging funny stories about Caspar and embarrassing stories from their childhood. While she was talking Joe couldn’t talk his eyes of her. For reason unknown to him he found her extremely interesting. And while he was talking about his thatching job she couldn’t help but smile. She found him intriguing. At the end of the evening they ended up being alone, talking and laughing about life.

“I know this might be soon but I would like to take you out sometime.” Joe said when he and Caspar had to go home. “It might be stupid I don’t even know if you have a boyfriend, you haven’t motioned anyone so I assumed you were single which now seems crazy because you seem like a great girl and I’m not even sure if..” Jana placed her hand over his mouth. This was the only way to make him stop talking
“Will you be quiet for a second and let me talk?” She said a smiled at him. He simply nodded.
“I would love to go out with you.” Joe just smiled. They exchanged numbers and Joe said that he will call her tomorrow. 
If only they knew that this night would change their lives.

Dear Emily Grace,

The Internet truly is an amazing thing, and I’m so glad I met you through it. I hope our friendship continues for a long time, and I’m able to see how time helps you to grow into the person you’re meant to be.

There is one thing I have learned in my two decades: genuine support isn’t something commonplace, but I give a lot of it. Sometimes it’s for little things like breathing, eating. Other times it’s gender or sexuality, but most often, it’s somebody’s endeavours. The things a person likes to do and wants to do.

When I say I support you, or anyone else, I genuinely mean it. I mean I’ll be your cheerleader whenever it’s needed, I’ll remind you to take your meds, drink water, take care of yourself. I’ll help you study, I’ll help you relax and remember you’re loved regardless of your grades. I’ll read your writing and provide genuine responses.

You have given me the highest compliment I think I’ve ever received. I’m glad you think I’m inspirational. I learn more every day, and it helps me be a better person. Knowledge is power, and power is the ability to help more people from more diverse backgrounds and situations.

The world is always offering more to learn. For example, did you know that the wooly mammoth was approximately the height of Hagrid (book, not movie)? Or that vampire bat saliva thins the blood? Or that in India, the Hanuman Langur (a sort of monkey creature) is considered sacred and fed as much as they can eat, and because of that, in the cities, they have double the amount of offspring than outside of the city?

And it’s always better to get more information. You always don’t know something, and if you ask questions, not only will you get more information, but you’re also engaging the speaker - they know you’re listening and interested, and they’re thinking themselves of the answer, exercising their brain, and potentially learning, as well as feeling genuinely listened to. Because you were.

I love talking with you and learning from you. You’re so fun to talk with, and it almost always leaves me smiling. Whenever I get a notification that you posted, I grin. And I open it, and if I’m lucky enough for you to have posted your face, my smile gets bigger.

I love seeing you roleplay (you’re really good at it), and I love your face, and I really enjoy your existence. I am grateful we exist at the same time, because you’re such a rad person.

Keep being you, and remember to take care of yourself the way you would take care of others.


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can i have a ship? my names charley, i'm 5'7 with light brown hair and brown eyes. i have a pretty curvy body but i'm athletic so i'm in shape? i'm very talkative, but i'm a good listener and i can give some good advice. i'm outgoing and i'm always doing something, but i do love just staying in and writing, reading, and just listening to music. i'm pretty smart (or i've been told). oh and i'm bi. i hope this is enough. thank you!!

I ship you with Lafayette!!!

Lafayette and you are perfect for each other. He is also very athletic, and always wants to do something. He is prepared to listen to you talk for hours since your voice is one of his favorite sounds in the whole world. On the other side of things, whenever he has a bad day, you are there waiting with open arms, listening to whatever he as to say.

A lot of times you and him will be out doing whatever you can. Going to sporting events, museums, musicals, walking together in the park. The times you do decided to stay in you and Lafayette will cuddle up on the couch together and read your books, just enjoying each others company. Sometimes after dinner, he will turn on some music and hold you close as you sway around your living room, surronded by the love you share. ♥

(P.S. I love your username!!)

Still on my posting hiatus, but!!! I’ve been working on a thing for a while now, and I think it’s finally ready to be public. And before anyone says anything - yeah I know it has been made before, by several people, but I wanted one of my one I could update and conform to *my* game, ya know?

So anyway, here it is: my pose database.

I struggle A LOT with keeping up with pose codes and such, and specially, finding them, so I’m taking full advantage of the tagging system here so I can make my life easier.

This was going to be a private blog, but I don’t see why I can’t share. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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hey you're one of my favorite studyblrs and i wanted to ask you a question. i've been feeling really stressed out, anxious, and just in a funk in general (i don't even know why i just started spring break) and i was wondering if you had any tips on how to relieve stress and just be happier in general. thanks in advance if you answer this!!

hello cutie!! thank u so much for saying that omg i’m honoured!!! is it possible for u to just take a break from ur studies + relax doing things u enjoy - for example, watching ur fave tv series, baking, meeting up with friends, journalling, etc etc?? do whatever u usually want to do but can’t bc u have school work in the way. also take some time to rly take care of urself, do a face mask, drink some tea, have a nap!! hopefully that’ll work to make u feel a little less stressed 💓  take care bub~

God, I can’t help but keep thinking “those poor girls!” as I’m rewatching the third episode. I know that they ultimately made the choice to stay and fight, but my god they were just kids. If they were adults, I would’ve been chanting “die bitch!” but it just really hurts to see that this had to happen. They never knew anything else other than what their mother forced down their throats and they were isolated and turned into killing machines. They didn’t even know a fucking deer was or what affection was. They didn’t know that their sister’s death was more then just “she failed” and didn’t know how to properly say goodbye to her. That was honestly one of the saddest most fucking thing I’ve seen in a while.

They all deserved so much better. I’m fearful for Jack, too. Several times during the fight he looked devastated over what he had to do. He doesn’t want to kill anyone, especially not teenagers. He hated every moment of it and he looked pretty disturbed after he dropped Ashi. He’s starting to slip into that guy he’s scared of becoming and that’s really terrifying. He crossed a line, and he won’t be coming back.

Even though I hate the whole “Gee, does killing these guys make me as bad as them even though they have bad intentions and want to kill me?” trope, this just feels so… different. These girls were raised to believe that Aku is pretty much their god and is all that’s good in the world while they think Jack is some evil person trying to destroy the world. They don’t know the truth and they honestly thought they were doing good. The girls were robbed of all individual thought and emotions through intimidation and all sorts of abuse.

Of course, Jack doesn’t know this, and NONE of this is his fault. He probably hated this a shit ton more than a lot of us hated to see it. I just hope we’ll see this and he won’t force himself to get over it as quickly as possibly. When you make a hard choice, it’s okay to think about it afterwards and have regrets and feel sorry. It’s not healthy to keep it all inside.

Anyway, we all know Jack and Ashi will be (most likely) drawn together at some point or another. It may not be like in the movie, “Leon: The Professional” but it’ll happen. It’ll be interesting to see how it happens given their individual situations. I hope we’ll see Ashi feel the affects of losing all of her sisters. Even robbed of her emotions, it would be tough to go from having all your sisters alive one day, having one die the next day, then to have the rest of them die like 3-5 days later or however long it was until they found Jack again. That’s really rough, guys. Especially considering they were the only people she grew up with that WEREN’T her abusers.

I just, uggggh, I really need my two favs in this show to get to know each other better, to reach some kind of reconciliation including apologies from both sides over what had happened. I want them to be friends. I want them to develop a familial relationship. I want them to Ashi’s mom’s ass straight to hell. I want then to kick Aku’s ass straight to hell. Or, er, well, you know what I mean.

Lmao, I love hearing the thoughts of others, so I you wanna say something or add something to this, go ahead!

Oh joy, one video into MaGMML and I already get an anon accusing me of faking a blind run, saying I’m a “terrible actor,” the refreshing pauses are “due to recording in advance” whatever that means, and that my talking over it “makes it obvious.”  …….wut?

Always funny how it’s a single anon that makes the accusations when I do blind runs, and provides basically no evidence on their claims.  Like at best, they made one claim on the Rock Force Blind Run that was more just an experience thing on my end, saying I couldn’t have known to hold inward during a blind fall to get rewarded with items. 

Except the “series experience” thing comes into play there.  Especially in fortress stages, you generally don’t want to just fall straight down a blind fall.  More often than not, that leads to a spikey death.  So since the pit was on the far right of the screen, I held left as a precaution, and got rewarded for it.

This of course isn’t enough for them.  I point out knowledge and experience I have with the series in general, they claim it’s only because I’ve played the game before and am faking it.  I point out where I’ve died multiple times, they claim I fake the deaths to try to make it look more real.  Riiiiiiight.

With MaGMML so far, I…. fail to see what would give the impression that I’ve played it before?  I mean, Project : Vain Space, a) I admitted I’d played before to test the recording, and b) it’s a straight drop down, no action or anything.  Not exactly a hard stage.  With City War, after seeing that you can’t trust the land, I was basically encouraged to Rush Jet the entire stage.  Again, that doesn’t exactly make for a difficult stage, and it’s not like I did so unscathed, either.  Any jumps to items were basically because I thought that would be a safe place to stand, since it has an item sitting on it.

Basically, they can say what they want, I know what I am capable of, and what I am accomplishing, and that this is indeed a blind run project.  It all comes down to that phrase I’ve often quoted : For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.  For those who do not, none shall suffice.

Essentially, yay internet drama.  Just what I need in my life ;P

can we please have historic series that don’t give women those fucking “as if” arcs that only play on the fact that they COULD do everything they want to if they were men and instead give them arcs where they do it despite not being men because plot twist

history is not as one sided

women have been studying for a fucking while

women have partaken in warfare ruling and revolutions

don’t come at me with your bullshit

I would rather see 20 movies about women struggling to do these things in a male centered society then saying oh whoopsie she could do it if she was a man LOL

Your very dirty comments make me feel sexy and get me very wet and horny!

Please say humiliating things, what you want to do to me if you have me for one weekend, how you want to submit me, if you want to lend me or rent me out to your friends or to strangers, what kind of crazy sex requests you’ll force me to do.

I like it rough, and I prefer when you don’t wear a condom. I like to tell you to cum outside, but that you force me at the end and block my body, so that I can’t push you out and you end up cumming deep into me. My cunt, my ass or my throat. You choose.

What’s your plan? Where are you driving me for our weekend? You are my Master, you decide. I’ll do my best to satisfy you entirely.

Please keep my comment as you reply or reblog with your additional dirty, very dirty comment…