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I'm so confused and I don't even know where all this is heading anymore. I really think it's leading to a coming out but I don't get why it's so silent on the babygate end or why gross ass Xarry is being pushed so much. It's annoying and confusing. What do you think, personally, is coming from all this?

I’m actually ranting and raving to Beth right now about Xander. He annoys me, but not because of his actual presence, just because I think it’s being inflated so much.

Babygate caught literally everyone in this fandom off guard. Not one of us saw that Sun cover and didn’t sit back in our chairs and say, “Oh, what the actual fuck?!” I think it’s okay to not want to be caught off guard again.

Another thing I’ll say is the problem this fandom has with disagreement. If I express an opinion that’s in direct enough contradiction to the opinion of another blogger, then I must be “calling them out” in some way. Sometimes that’s true– call out culture on tumblr is a very real thing, a thing I’m not a fan of. But sometimes it’s just expressing an opposing point of view.

My opinion is that Xander is a distraction. My opinion on BG is that they’re waiting for a reason, and I won’t pretend to know what that reason is. All I’m saying is that June -the wild, audacious, blatant month of June- has easily been ditched and forgotten with the onset of Babygate and now with Xander. They’re doing a fabulous job of controlling their narrative and bringing the reigns in tighter than ever before. Push and pull. 

I still think a CO is imminent. I do not think Xander serves a romantic purpose. I do not think Louis impregnated Briana. I -do- however, think that Harry and Louis are very much in love and are prepared to come out. Seeing a timeline that’s usually hidden from public view before the big drop being played out in front of our eyes is nothing short of amazing and amazingly frustrating. But it’s still happening. They’re still together and they’re still coming out.

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I don't think it's a coincidence they met Louis, but don't think the girls knew how staged the night would be tbh. I've read a post saying that a promoter tweeted one of them and told them where to find Liam and Louis. They went there, met Louis and he did his job, allowed them to have a photoshoot, because he or 1DHQ wanted us to see where he was and what he was doing. The girl on Twitter probably lied about 90% of the night, we know how these things work.

The fact that he was supposedly the one who said they should take pics combined with one of the girls being the one to leak the very staged FOUR vines and no pics of Liam who was there as well makes this all transparent as usual. These pics are boring though. If they want to get attention, then post vines of Lilo’s clubbing moves. That’s what I want to see.

Thank you for sharing that with me, ‘cause that was probably the highlight of the whole experience for me, 'cause it felt like, just me. Vulnerable. And terrified. And that could’ve really failed. That whole idea could’ve failed. And everyone told me it was going to. Emma [Stone] told me it was not a good idea. The studio said, “What the f*** are you thinking?!” And I was, “Just let me do one thing! Just one thing!” And to their credit they allowed it, and they saw that it worked. They trusted me a lot more after that, to their credit. So thank you for saying that. That was a gift you just gave me. Really
—  Andrew Garfield on “I show that to my students four times a year. I teach speech and one of my assignments is a tribute speech. I say, “I want you to pay tribute to somebody who’s important to you. Here’s Andrew Garfield paying tribute to Spider-Man [at comic-con]”

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Question! Do you think Dan and Phil wants their whole fandom to hate on a friend for making videos similar to them? Why not hate on Pewdiepie and Marzia or anyone else who's done it? The whole thing is fucking stupid. It's started because of the 7sc video bullshit claiming he didn't credit Phil when he did in the video at the start (Joeys loud so I guess people don't hear it). It's fucking bullshit, stop using the Phan name to attack and BULLY one of Dan and Phils friends.

saying alfie is unoriginal is not bullying–it’s a fact.
he literally said “you beat me at my own challenge!” when playing the seven second challenge and didn’t even bother to correct himself??? I don’t think he said anywhere that it was phil’s challenge smh
I am against bullying alfie and I don’t hate him, but I am not afraid to say he is unoriginal. I’m sure he has a lovely heart outside of YouTube and even to his viewers, but his content just isn’t that great, which is why I personally don’t like him.
he seems to do things for the money side of things and not give his actual opinions which imo is kind of gross :/// it’s not like he needs it and is desperate either like u would think he’d give honest opinions lmao
I don’t think people should hate alfie but I also think it’s okay to dislike him, especially for taking credit for things he hasn’t created without crediting the other person (i.e. the 7 second challenge, a beanie from a fan, etc)
he didn’t even try to cover up his mistake of “you beat me at my own challenge!” he could have added annotations or paused it and added in a voice over saying it was a slip and it was Phil’s

this is all over the place but I hope u catch my drift???? plus idek where this came from smh did u just decide to open up alfie defense squad on me for no reason or

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What's your biggest pet peeve?

Okk, I get this question all the time and I never answer it because I HAVE WAY TOO MANY and I never know which one to say….but illl tell you a few:
1.When someone says Literally and do not literally mean it
2.Hand dryers…dot. lol they drive me insane…
3.People who talk on a cell phone while at the store counter…like bitch calll them in 2mins
4.When people say things were awkward that were NOT awkwardddd
5. Litter
6.People who laugh at inappropriate moments during a movie, i just wanna punch them in the face
7. People who wait in line to order food, then dont know what they want when theyre up to order….I have no words to expresss clearly how this one makes me feel
8.Tangled earbuds…most of the time I just say fuck it and do not listen to music
9. Loud cell phone conversations in public places….Im just gonna stare at you and listen to you the whole time if you dont shut the fuck up
10. Over use of the word “like”…likeeee stop
11. bad parking…taking two spaces, if youre car cost lesss than 200 000$ then park in only 1 parking spot like everyone else fuck
12. People who cut in line…no just no, get the fuck out
13. Couples who sit on the same side of the booth….yooooo wtf
14. Students who prolong class by asking fck stupid questions….if you have time to waste, go talk to the teacher after
15. annnnd finallyyy uhm people who never say thank you, or ask how you doing when you ask them first…

there you goooo, these are just a few ones, but I could go on and on…

just a small spill

I mostly hold my tongue during I Am Cait. It’s not clear how much of my feelings are wounded ego & vanity (I was surgically cut out of many scenes…for reasons), righteous indignation (some choices they make are genuinely hurtful to the community, my friends, and the truth), naiveté (I’m not the audience for the show, or E!, so who am I to say what they show? and these are people who are very good at their job), respect and affection (I genuinely adore everyone on cast and crew), or opportune cowardice (part of the reason I chose to do the show is because it timed out to overlap with Her Story, buying us publicity we could never have gotten on our own), and without such clarity, I err on the side of caution.

There were many things that upset me about last night’s episode, and I want to talk about just one specific point.

In a scene from E6, Caitlyn is speaking with Jenny Boylan about dating and says “It would be very attractive, to me, to have a guy treat me like a woman.” Jenny replies indignantly, "What does that mean?” landing hard on each word as if Caitlyn’s feelings are as misinformed as they are personally offensive.


I’m here to tell you what that means.

First, a bit of backstory. In Episode 3, during a dinner at the end of our road trip, we see Caitlyn say “Being with a man would make you feel more like a woman.” E6′s moment is a reprisal of this earlier introduced theme, with Jenny objecting to Cait’s statement and pointing out that she herself is no less of a woman because she’s only attracted to women. It’s an odd objection given that no one ever impugns Jenny in such a way, nor was the conversation about Jenny. In fact, that particular conversation was about me.

What immediately preceded Cait’s quote was me talking about my dating life. I’ve always been bisexual, before and after transition, which puts me in the unique position of having dated straight and gay men, and straight and lesbian women, as well as both trans men and women. I primarily dated women before transition, but then primarily dated men after. Part of the reason was an anxiety around how my body and experiences compared to those of cis women. In those situations, I would be hyper-aware of how big my hands were, how deep my voice was, my past, etc. By contrast, when I was with men, particularly taller, bigger men, I felt more feminine by contrast. Given the early tenuousness of my own womanhood, and such heightened sensitivity to gender markers, it was understandable that I’d feel more comfortable dating masculine, straight men. It was affirmative and that which I desperately needed affirmed. (By the way, there’s a scene in Her Story, shot before I met Cait, where I talk about these issues, and it’s shown in the trailer.)

It was in my response to this complicated and nuanced point that Cait replied, and I believe it’s what was underlying her admittedly clumsy conversation with Jenny. I’ve just had more time to examine and articulate my own thoughts and feelings on this topic. Of course, there isn’t much space for complexity and nuance in reality television, particularly when it’s not in service of an accessible story line.

It’s certainly not that Jenny doesn’t have a point. Letting men define one’s womanhood would be problematic. And I suspect that Caitlyn, like myself, has internalized heteronormative ideas that should, in due time, be interrogated and addressed. That’s not what’s happening here though, as is revealed in many of the essays and recaps about the episode, which focus on Jenny’s “tough talk” with Caitlyn.

In context, it serves a specific function. Producers want the audience to invest in the possibilty of a relationship between Caityln and Candis Cayne. Cait’s own protestations that dating is the furthest thing from her mind, and Candis’ own declarations that she’s entirely straight, mean nothing here. E! has decided that even the hope of such a pairing is what audiences want, and through careful editing and out of context quotes, they’ve managed to make it the only continuous, multi-episode story arc. Several group outings are cut to create the sense that Cait & Candis are on dates. Events and meetings are no longer about Caitlyn, and by extension the world, learning about trans people and issues, but rather opportunities for Cait & Candis to spend time together.

To be clear, I understand and accept that it’s the nature of reality television to carefully craft a blend of “reality” and “television”. I’ve had enough brushes with the medium over the years, and read enough accounts, to be disabused of any illusions otherwise. Further, and perhaps naively, I trust the producers and network to create the product their audience wants. No one has ever thought I Am Cait was made for trans people. I’m nonetheless disappointed that the most poignant and powerful moments of the show, such as Candis’ recounting of the abuse she suffered, and a life changing trip to a camp for trans kids, are made to serve a faux love story. Earlier episodes revealed a higher ambition, and I dared to hope for more.

The scene between the professor and the star ends with Jenny telling Caitlyn, “Don’t be a stupid woman.” The only reason such an insult could be applauded, as it was in several articles, is because the show has treated us like we’re the stupid ones.

honestly i think the best thing i want to do in a relationship is give gifts, little things, whenever i can. my boy/girlfriend loves strawberries? get em a fucking strawberry plushie. favorite candy? you bet i picked that up for you on my way home. oh look, here’s some flowers in your favorite color, just because. did you see the note i left in your lunch? here, i know you love pretty lipstick, i got you one. i love gifts.

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Why would Azoff want Harry portrayed as separate from his bandmates though? Xander is closely connected to the Azoff's, so by using him for this purpose it seems that they are giving it their approval.

Well, okay, I haven’t really done a lot of ~analysis~ here lately, but two things:

  1. I’m not assuming that Azoff is actually involved or calling any shots. He might be, but I haven’t adopted that as an assumption.
  2. Evn IF Azoff is involved in any official capacity, he’s not the only one who gets a say – in either what the boys do OR how the press reports it. That’s even more true if he’s involved in an unofficial capacity (like advising the boys, which would probably be grounds for a lawsuit, but that’s another story). There are other individuals/entities involved, like their label.

I feel so bad.

Ashton is getting hate every three fucking seconds, telling him the nastiest things which I am not going to repeat.

That’s not okay.

There’s a video on Twitter where a girl practically begs him for a picture. He refuses, and that’s okay because he doesn’t need to do anything. He owes you nothing. He was just walking around with his girlfriend.

Leave him alone if he doesn’t want to take a picture.

I felt sick to my stomach when I heard the things she says in the video after he refuses. Karma is going to bite her in the ass someday.


This is mainly about Ashton, but I want to say if for Luke, Michael and Calum, too.

Don’t send hate. What does it give you? A feeling of satisfaction? You can get that feeling by eating ice-cream, too.

So, if you have Twitter, tweet #AshtonIsBeautiful or #AshtonIsWorthIt because he is.

Thank you if you read this rant, this just needs to be out there.

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I love that you, just like me, appreciate the small moments between Niall and Harry. It seems like a lot of people don't pay attention to Narry (or say they are "dead") unless they have a huge interaction between them. I'm just glad that someone else loves all Narry moments, whether big or small. Because sometimes those small moments are the most intimate. :)

I loveeeee the small moments. Like, I adore the shit of those. Because you have a point in them being more “intimate”. It’s like, you know that saying that “actions speak louder than words”? I think that in a lot of ways it’s the smaller gestures/moments that sometimes mean the most, you know? Like the big moments are the things they kind of want you to see – things like dick grabs on stage, serenading each other, “I’d do Niall”. But the smaller moments are the ones they don’t really think about; they’re the ones they just do because it’s comfortable and it’s natural and they’re just used to it. Those are the moments that, I think, truly show how close they are (and have always been). I love them and I’m glad you appreciate them too. :)

On dating a trans man

It’s difficult. You put on your best face because it’s your job to remind them that they are not allowed to give up on life. That they will reach their happiness. You have to relearn a name and pronouns. You provide solutions for the in between phase.

It’s difficult, because people will ask you, and not them, about their life. They ask how you feel, but they never ask how your partner feels. Why do you assume it’s harder for me? I know what I am getting myself into and I want to be here for this. I am not the one trapped in the wrong body. I’m here to support them and love them based on who they are and not what they are.

It’s difficult. I want to take them out of their own skin. I want everyone to stop saying feminine things to them and remember to stop calling them by their cis name.

It’s difficult because I want to love them without anyone else ruining their day.

It’s not difficult for me, but for them… but when you hurt them you’re hurting me too.

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I just wanted to say that I love the Pocket Mirror demo (I played it early this year? I can't remember well haha) and the whole project in general! I'd love to do something like this someday too (except I can't draw ;;) so what other roles do people play in making a game like this? :)

Well we have lots of team members with all kinds of tasks! As you know:

  •  KirameKirai is one of the artists, he’s the one who makes all the maps, a few resources and things like the CGs, portraits, etc! He also plays a big part in planning the game’s events and generally directing it along with me, the writer!
  • Then we have Draxicor who programs the game and comes up with puzzle/mechanic ideas from time to time as well.
  • Then there’s me! I’m the writer EvilHairBrush, I normally write everything that needs to be written in the game such as the dialogues, short stories, object descriptions, etc! I also plan the game’s events with KirameKirai, and generally direct it along with him!
  • We have our special artist Jes who illustrates various resources for the game such as illustrations for short stories!
  • Then we have our lovely composers Trass, Azureflux, McMangos, and Yuzuki! They generally compose and master the soundtrack for the game!
  • We have our voice actresses who give voice to our characters, aruH, Lin, Waraia, Nuei and Shima!
  • Then we have our pixel artist Terrainakka who makes any kind of pixel resources we need such as sprites and even some tilesets!
  • Finally we have our animator Accha who makes some stunning animations! 

I hope that was specific enough for you to get a grasp on everyone’s roles in this project! Thank you for your support anon!  ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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Im late to the party but damicolin is cute as heckie okay pls write it in the wings au if u want. Its adorable

They’re early 20s, I’ll say. Colin’s nightmare was a reoccurring one he always has, about Damian’s death, (which had already happened by this point.)

I’m still not really doing the anon request thing right now, but dextra2​ had also asked, so. Ye.


Colin had been asleep, or at least he was at last check, slumped back in their bed, calves loosely hooked around Damian’s hips as Damian worked the case, spread the crime scene photos and evidence files across the quilt, wrote down details and equations in the notebook perched on his knee. 

And somehow, Damian missed the shifting behind him, missed the tail slithering possessively along his thigh. 

He didn’t miss the hands though. The trembling fingers brushing across his torso as they encased him in an embrace, locking around him at the same time those pale ankles did. The sweaty weight burrowing against his spine, the dry lips pressing tenderly at the seam of his left wing.

“Beloved?” Damian whispered as he glanced over his shoulder, gently clung to Colin’s clasped hands. It was another nightmare, Damian knew, so the question was stupid, but he asked anyway. “Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah.” Colin breathed, grip tightening against Damian’s stomach. Damian leaned back into his hold, stroking his thumb across Colin’s hands. “I-I’m just…really glad you’re here.”

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who likes to play splatoon?

Acacia: Okay, we tried to look that up but couldn’t find anything, and Hank thinks you meant Squidoon. Uncle Dipper says that sometimes things change across dimensions - guessing that’s one of them. So, yeah, we play, but only five and six. They’re the most recent ones. Squids in Space, baby!

Hank: It’s not very realistic, but the black ink ‘wormhole’ mechanic does add an extra challenge in versus battles, not to mention the zero-gravity blob chambers. You do not want to run out of ink to swim through in those. It’s almost worse than getting stuck in enemy colors.

Willow: Sometimes I play, though it’s not my most favorite game. Mostly I let mom take my controller for this one.


Lately I’ve been totally bummed out because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I hate that I’ve been taught since birth that if I go to college I can do whatever I want when I grow up. I’ve always been taught to not accept an ordinary life. Well, not everyone can live an extraordinary life. The majority of people have to suck it up and work a job they don’t really like, in a field they aren’t passionate about, with a benefits package that is subpar, because that’s life and life sucks. We can’t always get what we want. 

I have no ambitions and no goals. I have no desire to work my whole life. I know everyone says that but I really have nothing I’m passionate about. I don’t care about anything. The one thing I could kinda see myself doing is totally unattainable because I’m poor, and my parents are poor, and my entire family is poor, and I have no connections and networking is probably my worst skill and the thought of doing it makes me want to throw up and die. I’m not even exaggerating. So what I’m trying to say is my future is feeling pretty hopeless and I feel stuck and it sucks.


I’m making this a post on its own because I don’t want to derail an interesting and important discussion about cultural appropriation with a terminology dispute.  But I do have to say this:

Using “Columbusing” as shorthand for “cultural appropriation” is some UScentric and US exceptionalist bullshit.  It’s cute how it implies that cultural appropriation is somehow unique to the United States, but erases the fact that it happens all over the world and especially in white Anglophone countries that aren’t the United States.

One thing we rant about a lot at No Award is how the US dominance of social justice discourse erases discussions that take place in other countries, because the language comes from America, but isn’t always appropriate or used in the same way.  (See That Time Roxane Gay Asked If There Were Black People In Australia, Then Compounded The Offence By Clarifying That She Only Meant African-Australians.  Or That Time A Bunch Of Americans On Twitter Ganged Up On A Light Skinned Indigenous Woman Because She Identifies As Black.)

“Columbusing” is that erasure in action.  It’s not cool.  Don’t do it. 

09.01.2015 - I’m Hurt and Need my TCC Support...

It was supposed to be a simple question. “Do either of you know the group “Frightened Rabbit”? But I walked out feeling hurt and numb. Loser lied and claimed not to know them but I have been on his Spotify and know that he loves that group.

Now I am realizing where I stand with him and it hurts. He will always favorite Konner, the girl who is so pretty she could be a model. She is smart and funny and perfect and amazing at the video stuff. I am still learning to use the cameras. I am not as good as her and I don’t know how to get close to him.

Things were so easy over the Summer when I saw him with it being just us because no one else was around to judge. But now I feel like I can’t stand myself. I want to crawl out of my skin when I see him because everything I say and do is wrong around him. I am stuck.

Please help me. Help me get close to him because I want to please him and want to get close to him and I am doing neither. Help help help help heeeelp.

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Can you do a long one? Please? Regina leaves Emma for Robin, after a few years together, she says nasty things to Emma. Emma stays in Storybrooke but hardly leaves her house. She drinks, doesn't eat. Regina realises her mistake after almost a year and she tries to get back with Emma. But she broke her when she left and Emma can't find it in herself to forgive her.

I’m so sorry this too so long! It’s also probably not quite as long as you want it to be. I’m going to be honest, it was hard to write for me, but I hope I did it some sort of justice. If you want more added onto it, you can also send another prompt with specifics as to what you want it to look like. :)

“You’re not enough. I guess you’ve never been enough,” Regina spat, her words fueled by anger and fear. Emma sucked in a breath.

“So this whole time has been what? Some game?” Emma retorted.

“I don’t know what it was, but it definitely isn’t permanent,” Regina growled.

“Oh, he’s free of Zelena now, so you’re just going to go running back to him? That’s pathetic and low, even for you,” Emma snipped, “I can see how much I’m worth.”

“Nothing!” Regina shouted. Emma stood in frozen silence. Even through her rage Regina could see the hurt she had caused the blonde. “Emma, I-” Emma raised her hand and walked away. Regina didn’t follow. That’s when Emma knew it was over. She didn’t even bother going back to the mansion to get her things. She merely started over as she was so used to doing.

That was almost a year ago. Emma laid in her bed staring up at the ceiling. She idly picked at a piece of lint on her cheap bedspread. She had been doing this for about an hour an a half. Her stomach growled, but she ignored it. She was trying to sleep some more, but there was only so much sleep her body could handle. She grumbled as she sat up and made her way to the kitchen. She pulled out a beer and a piece of bread and chewed on the bread for a bit as she sat on the countertop. She took a swig of beer as she looked around at her small, dusty apartment and sighed. She needed to clean it before Henry came over otherwise she’d get scolded by Regina again for raising their son in an unlivable, bug infested rat’s nest. The kid saw one bug. She didn’t blame him though, not really. She knew that Henry told Regina about it hoping Regina would come over and fix everything. She was his first mother; his hero. However, it had only earned Emma a heated phone call. Emma hadn’t even fought back.

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Some days I can feel my heart ripping at the seams reliving every smile and promise the fell from your lips,
And some days all I can feel is the temperature rise within me of all the anger I should have towards you for doing what you did.
Some days I wish I could go back and give you your space,
And some days I want to speed up time just to get you out of my head already.
One minute I’m finally doing okay and the next I remember how empty I am.
Why did it become like this?
Why did you have to do that to me?
Why couldn’t I have just been exactly what you wanted and not say the wrong things all the time?
Why do I miss you?
Some days I wish I never met you because I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to let go all I had with you.
I guess I was right that I knew you’d break me but I never knew it was going to be in this way.