but i do think this season has been really well constructed

An alternative view on Will not being ‘canonly’ gay: an analysis

Yo everyone. This has spoilers so I’m gonna do the line break thingo majig BUT I think it’s super important that we remember a few things about the context of ST before we start to get mad that Will isn’t ‘canonly’ gay. PLEASE READ. Spoilers below the link.

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Supergirl AU

Cat Grant knows her assistants are cheating, she just doesn’t know how yet.

She even knows the exact date it started almost two years ago, when suddenly her constant stream of incompetent aides began to improve, to last longer. All her life her assistants have been barely adequate, but for some reason the last handful have gotten sharper and sharper. 

It’s been three weeks with this new one and, while his performance within CatCo is lackluster at best, he has yet to make a single mistake with her coffee or food orders. And if there is one thing Cat values more than all else its what she consumes; she spends all day creating media for the consumption of millions so what she herself takes in is of the highest priority.

This week she had a stress headache and she sent him off with a screech to get her some sustenance. Now she had very low expectations for this, so imagine her surprise when he comes back with a perfectly made bacon wrapped hamburger (her headache guilty pleasure) and a medium latte with just a dash of cinnamon. 

There is no way on Earth that this Witt fellow should know about that. Her guilty pleasures are closely guarded secrets, and Cat Grant has never explicitly told anyone about her infatuation with bacon and cinnamon (both separate and together). And yet when she needed it the most, he just happens to get it exactly right. This assistant hasn’t even made it a month yet; there’s no way he knows this is a weakness of hers.

Which means there’s a snitch somewhere feeding answers to her assistants.

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elliesfics Phan!Masterlist

Pull Over Please 

- Dan wakes up with a stubborn problem. The solution unattainable because unfortunate for Dan, he’s riding in a car next to his best friend. 

Party: for Good Boys Only (daddy!kink)

- Dan and Phil are reluctant stepbrothers soon to be strangers. When Dan’s father decided to marry Phil’s mother, no one could have predicted the marriage ending in flames only a few weeks later. The two boys who avoided each other at all costs during the marriage are brought together one last time before they part ways forever. Phil hates Dan. Dan can’t stand Phil. But what happens when a house party goes terribly wrong and they end up needing each other more than their parents ever did?  

Make it 3, Just for Daddy (daddy!kink)

- Dan has just moved into Phil’s apartment and at 18 years old he’s certain that he’s found the friend of a lifetime! Phil couldn’t agree more with that statement. Unfortunately, ever since Dan moved in, Dan developed a habit of ‘getting off’ at least twice a day. The problem: he didn’t think Phil knew. Phil of course, has reached the point of being able to predict exactly when Dan would reach his high, though doesn’t have the heart to let Dan know that he can hear every last moan. But what happens when one night Dan, in what he thinks is private, lets out a filthy secret.

Daddy’s Punk Princess (daddy!kink)

- When Dan is out late at night trespassing at his local park, it really is no surprise when the nearest officer interrupts his plans. What those plans entailed? Well that might explain the massive problem Dan has to deal with when he gets stuck in the back of a cop-car. Not to mention a fucking gorgeous cop’s car. 

Sunday Night Sippy Cups, SNSC: P2, P3, P4 (little!space)

- Dan finds a sippy cup and becomes a little too attached to it for Phil’s liking. As the week goes on, Phil watches a drastic change in Dan’s behaviour and can’t help but wonder what’s going on? Dan grows awfully quiet, drags a blanket everywhere he goes and insists on only drinking milk from his sippy cup.

Love Me With Your Hands Around My Neck 

- Freshman Dan isn’t going to let the caution tape stop him from sneaking into the under-construction high school bathroom. With the hottest senior waiting on the other side, and an agreement between them, Dan will get there no matter what. Even if they sort of hate each other.

Water Boy

- Dan’s high school football season is coming to a close. The only thing worse than having his archenemy Phil Lester on the same team is the fact that he can’t even play this season. But that’s just the surface problem… the secret Dan is keeping behind closed doors is only getting harder to deal with and he worries he can’t take very much more.

Just a Little Tummy Ache, JALTA: P2 (slight/daddy!kink)

- Phil meets Dan in probably the most unconventional way. And despite being polar opposites, maybe they’re more alike than they ever thought. The biggest difference? Dan can’t tell a tummy ache apart from a different kind of ‘ache’. Perhaps too innocent for his own good, until he meets Phil that is.

Pale Green Paci (little!space)

- Dan has a secret pacifier. And it’s not weird because he only uses it when he reaaally has to.

Sinner’s Prayer (slight/daddy!kink)

- Dan is just a freshman in high school. He follows all the rules and even goes to Mass every Sunday because that’s what good boys do. But Dan’s nature to do everything that he is told, seems to attract a certain kind of ruthless older boy; one who’s only desire is to spoil Dan’s innocence.

Pillow Princess  (slight/daddy!kink)

- After living together for seven years, it was bound to happen. Inevitably, Phil walks in on Dan touching himself.

You First 

- Just two straight bro pals helping each other jerk off. 

Daddy’s Little Actor (daddy!kink)

- Dan finally decides to take his camboy status to the next level by applying to an underground porn agency in town. Although, things don’t go quite as planned… 

Pushing Limits (daddy!kink)

Every week, camboy Dan, sits down to his fairly large group of viewers to put on a show. But what happens when the audience he gets, isn’t the one he expected?

Picking Daisies, Picking People 

- Dan has an obsessions with flowers. Phil can’t understand it. And so, Dan plans to explain in only the best way possible.

All Yours Only (slight/daddy!kink)

- In simplest terms, Phil and Dan are friends with benefits. That is until… Dan gets a boyfriend. One who is not Phil to be exact.

Too Pure To Party

When Dan agrees to join his friend at a University Frat party, he didn’t expect to lose his friend so early on. And now, lost in the crowds of drunken partygoers, a far too innocent Dan is in for more than he bargained for… Unless a certain someone saves him first. 

Crybaby (little!space)

- Dan cries, a lot. And Phil really can’t understand anything other than in the days past, Dan’s been nothing but whiny, sad and unpredictable. Quickly, predictability is soon thrown out the window all together, when Dan makes an odd request for something he sees in the supermarket. Then it’s only interesting from there. 

But… I Want It (daddy!kink)

- Dan has always gotten everything he ever wanted from Phil which is no surprise as he’s got the man wrapped around his finger. Though, maybe Dan’s underestimated Phil’s authority this time around.

The Laundry Fic 

- So we all know from Dan’s latest video that he spent his early years of Uni travelling down to Phil’s flat to do ‘laundry’. Here’s that fic. (Despite the title, I promise it’s not one of those fics). 

To Believe in Ghosts 

- Dan is not the partying type. So when he is dragged against his will to a friend’s Halloween bash, it really is no surprise that things quickly go astray. But Halloween night is only just the beginning. Sometimes it takes an entire lifetime to learn a lesson…sometimes even a death. 

Danny Phantom concept

Sooooo, guess who fell back into the proverbial hole known as 2000’s cartoons? Yeaaaah… Danny Phantom is my main obsession right now. (I can hear some of my followers groaning right now. Haaaaails pick a different obsessiooooon… it’s not happening)

But anyway, just listen- you don’t understand, just- *notecards flutter everywhere helplessly* I- jus- LISTEN.

What if, you know, despite there being an obvious hero to villain relationship in Amity Park, Danny Phantom became the little brother of everyone in the Ghost Zone. Hear me out:

All the ghosts that go to Amity Park are trying to take it over and hunt things or gain attention etc, etc.

But let’s say, every once and a while, Danny will visit the Ghost Zone. If it’s to check on all the ghosts or something else, no one really knows what motivated him. But he’s there one day and suddenly, in the span of 6 hours, he’s raced Johnny 13 on his motorcycle down one of the most dangerous roads in the Ghost Zone, cheered and whooped and whistled for Ember at one of her mini concerts, much to her absolute confusion, let Walker hold onto him in the prison before going human to phase out, and entertains Skulker for something to hunt.

None in the Ghost Zone speaks of this day, it’s a socially unspoken taboo.

Then on another day, Danny pays a visit, he claims he’s getting his friends and sister off his tail for a bit–they are nagging and nagging and nagging. Klemper decides to be all “friendly” and Danny thinks, ‘why not? What bad could come of being his friend for a day?’ And so he does, in the form of dodging icicles and playing with a mix between trucks and doll houses (all made of ice) but for the most part, it’s okay.

The next week he comes back it’s mostly by force when Young Blood’s parents want him to babysit… again (see: the comics). He chases YB around the Ghost Zone, playing pirates and cowboys vs Indians and construction builders, when finally Danny resorts to Skulker: “can I have one of your nets?” He makes it to sanctuary, Young Blood tied in a net while the Savior of the Ghost Zone is exhausted beyond belief, so when it’s nap time, all YB’s parents see when they come home is Danny just kind of… floating in midair, while their son rests on Danny’s chest–he’s actually calm for once and they wanna pay him triple. Danny declines, GZ money is kind of void in the real world.

Next week he encounters the Box Ghost (“Beware!”) but they don’t really do anything aside from speak about boxes. It’s a boring conversation but Danny let’s the Box Ghost indulge himself. In that process, BG accidentally mentions he’s got a thing for the Lunch Lady (“Eew,” Danny gags off to the side where no one can see him.) He considers Box Lunch, their daughter many years into the future, the girl only he’ll remember, and is suddenly, “well maybe I can set them up.” If BG or LL knew anything about Danny helping with their lunch date, they don’t mention it.

Every week he visits and he gets roped into something. Be it Johnny owing him a solid after Danny fills in for a shopping spree with Kitty, stopping a couple bullies from picking on Sidney Poindexter, playing DOOMED with Nicolai Technus, which inevitably leads to a conversation–an embarrassing one–about Valerie, Danny entertains them, decides to help them out.

No one says anything, they think maybe it’s just a fluke. But with how nice he’s been, nobody knows what to think. They wonder if something awful has been happening, but according to Spectra and her most recent attempt at creating misery (she failed, by the way, Danny is just too good) Amity Park is just the same as it’s always been.

One week, as Danny enters the Ghost Zone, not three seconds in he encounters Skulker, who has the little whelp come with him. Skulker drags him off to a river in the GZ (so cleverly named Styx) and he witnesses hundreds and hundreds of sharks, ones that had been killed because they’re commonly hunted. Danny can only stare in awe, everything is so beautiful.

An unspoken truce happens in the Ghost Zone, so while Danny has been nice, they pay back the favor. Technus gives Danny some cheat codes to DOOMED, Ghost Writer helps Danny with his English homework because Lancer has been busy lately, Ember teaches Danny some lullabies which is a godsend blessing whenever he babysits Young Blood. Skulker keeps a look out for test days and stressful study weeks, dates which the denizens of the GZ avoid attacking Amity Park. Kitty helps toughen up Danny’s costume with armor and “Honestly, Phantom, that jumpsuit is SO 2 seasons ago. Try this instead.” Sometimes she’ll even slip him a binder to wear, everyone knows all his somehow end up ripped or torn due to his fights with them. The Lunch Lady, shockingly enough, has some healthy recipes whereas everything is balanced and works well, she’s not all MEAT EVERYTHING, Desirèe teaches Danny how to tell when someone is lying, grants a few small wishes of his, and well, Danny learns some skills that no one else would have taught him. Slowly, everyone grows accustomed to having Danny being sweet and kind, and they watch him grow older because he’s a Halfa. “Look at our little baby, going off to the destroy things.”

Everyone just decides that from now on, Danny is their little brother. You screw with him, you screw with all his big brothers and sisters.

Bonus: Danny already has some big, scary friends. So if it’s to give Danny a break, sometimes Frostbite will allow Danny to come and watch the games his people play, Pandora teaches Danny some power control techniques, Clockwork will drink tea and listen to Danny ramble on about space and being an astronaut and 'did you know that there’s a planet made entirely of diamond and it rains sideways?’ In those moments, Clockwork discovers that despite having Sam and Tucker and Jazz, Danny is kind of lonely. No one really wants to talk about space with him, so it’s always so endearing and heartfelt when Danny gets excited, when his eyes light up and he becomes passionate and he gives fun facts about space and tells puns about space, and Danny is just so innocent. He could never turn into a monster.

Eldritch Monstrosities

@grey2510 made the mistake of tagging me with a vague request for thoughts on Eldritch Monstrosities right after the episode aired.  I have too many thoughts.  My friends have been putting up with me begging, whining, and pleading for some form of Eldritch monster for months — and not just the Eldritch Bunker, as much as I enjoy that headcanon.

One of the problems that SPN has is reduction of scope.  Everyone likes to comment on this in the form of “demons used to be so scary and now…”  One of the basic tenants of the show is that humans are the real monsters; therefore all monsters are human, on some level or another.  This is great for themes, but there’s a certain point where clinging to that tenant starts to mess with the sense of scope/scale to the universe and the overall tone of the show.

We’ve gotten to the point where even God and his Sister are people, and that’s a problem for a show that relies upon escalation in its Big Bad mytharcs.  You can’t go bigger than the being that created everything and the being that was there before even him.

Originally posted by hellsbells91

Unless you go back further.

One of the basic formula for creation myths is “in the beginning there was Chaos; and then there was a division between opposites.”  Light and dark, fire and ice, earth and sky, yin and yang.  Sometimes the gods create the division, and sometimes it’s just there before the gods are.

The Empty is our Chaos.  It’s the answer to the riddle of “what came before eternity?”

Back up, what the heck do you mean when you say Eldritch Monstrosity?

The definition of eldritch is something eerie, weird, spooky, otherworldly; (also “oblong” in certain dictionaries).  There are theories that tie the origin of the word back to the Fae Folk and Faerieland.  Where most people know it from is H.P. Lovecraft, though I am not going to delve into him.

When it’s used in a fictional setting, it’s shorthand for something otherworldly, but more than that it’s something that we can’t properly understand.  It’s beyond the scope of human reality, something so big and so powerful and so far above the world that we can’t even begin to get a hold on it.

I also need to expand my definition a little bit here; because of the genre we’re operating in, creature and being does not just mean humanoid, or tentacle god-thing, or morphic smoke or goo.  It’s also buildings and locations (see The House of Leaves, The Haunting of Hill House, and Demonreach in The Dresden Files for good examples of location and building entities).

For characters, look at beings like Discworld’s Death; Dream and the other Endless from Sandman; Tom Bombadil from The Lord of the Rings; any of Lovecraft’s Elder Gods; or creatures like the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth.  In Supernatural, Death has been our key example for years, and he’s really the best example for scope.

Death: “You have an inflated sense of your own importance.  To a thing like me, a thing like you, well.  Think how you’d feel if a bacterium sat at your table and started to get snarky.  This is one little planet, in one tiny solar system, in a galaxy that’s barely out of its diapers.  I’m old, Dean, very old.  So I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you.”  

Dean: “How old are you?”  

Death: “As old as God.  Maybe even older, neither of us can remember any more.  Life, death, chicken, egg; regardless, at the end I’ll reap Him too.”

Amara is a similar creature, though we get to see less of her Otherness because of how season 11 is constructed and out of sheer necessity.  It’s fairly easy to anthropomorphize Death (we’ve been doing it for centuries), but a being that’s essence is Nothingness has to be seriously scaled down for human characters to interact with it.  Amara was also trying to understand Creation, which isn’t something Death wanted to do.  Still, there are scenes like human!Amara talking to mirror!Amara that make me jump up and down and point frantically at Sandman and Dream’s gem analogy: that this massive Being’s existence in our realm, what we perceive as Dream (or Amara) in physical form, is basically the light reflecting off of one facet of a jewel.  It’s only part of the whole; only a partial perspective and view of the deeper reality.

And now we have the creature from the Empty, something older than God, or the Darkness.  A location with a personality who really wants to sleep.

Originally posted by crispychrissy

Okay but why should I care?

Outside of the fact that the Empty being a creature reintroduces scope to the universe?  There are older things out there than God, Monster, or Man and they’re awake.  This is why I also frequently clamor for the show to re-do the Fae Folk; again, Supernatural has sacrificed scope for theme over the years.  The monsters are all people, so the only way to get real monsters back is to go full on Eldritch.

But that’s not why they’re important.  Eldritch Beings, as far as SPN is concerned, are mirrors.

When we’re talking in terms of writing and storytelling, eldritch creatures reflect the characters and world around them.  If it’s a location, the set is designed, lit, and decorated so that it reflects someone or something; if it’s a character, they mirror themes or arcs.

This is why @floralmotif and I lovingly call two of the recurring sets Eldritch Monstrosities (the Bunker and one particular Diner).  The Bunker has internal illogical inconsistencies, and the diner has showed up at least from s4 to s12; most of the time the sets are identical, but the ways that they are altered/redecorated/relit act as emotional mirrors for the characters present, to an even greater extent than normal sets.  (This kind of mirroring does not happen in the ‘Hell’ set, ever, or Bobby’s house, or any of the other handful of recurring sets we visit).  It’s an extension of how the show naturally uses set design (like the ever-popular beer signs), they just spill over into this category because at some point their use/reuse passed the realm of logic and went full “okay how the hell does this even work in-universe.”

Originally posted by tributeofasgard

Amara was a mirror for Dean; a being consumed by rage because of loss, fighting to reconcile disparate parts of themself into one cohesive whole, who was searching for emotional completion (in all the wrong places).

Jack fully qualifies as an Eldritch Monstrosity, both in power scope and in how he functions in the story.  He’s the ultimate mirror right now; whenever he’s with a character he ends up reflecting their emotions, and he’s also mirroring a bunch of individual arcs all at once.  His powers and true nature are outside of everyone’s understanding right now; only the fact that he’s limited (and adorable) keeps him from appearing ridiculously terrifying.

And now, again, we have the Empty.  We have a being/location that automatically qualifies as an Eldritch Monstrosity by its nature (the anthropomorphic personification of the Void wants to have a nap), that is reflecting and mirroring the emotions of a character.  Only this time it’s explicit: the Empty is an actual dark pit of despair, beating Cas over the head with his failures and fears and all the reasons he blames himself; telling him to give in to the darkness, to sleep, to stop fighting.  It’s the physical manifestation of his depression.

I don’t know if the Empty will return: I hope it will, in some form or fashion.  I hope there are other things out there in the dark.  I really really hope my other crazy theory is right, and that Amara, Death, Billie, and the Empty are all aspects of the same Dark Being.  But for now, it’s served its purpose.  We’ve gained another layer of scope, which is crucial for a soft reboot like s13 is, and the Anthropomorphic Personification of Cas’ depression tried to beat him into submission and failed.

yoongi; i don’t like you(r cooking)

❝to say yoongi was excited or at the least interested in you was an understatement. on the other hand, do you know what is undercooked? your chicken pie.
►3341 words // scenario, post-based

Yoongi wakes up to a shit ton of noise outside his door and already he can foresee this is going to be a terrible day. Out of all the days he gets a break and it’s going to be one where the management decides to play a game of ‘what noise does Min Yoongi hate the most on a peaceful and quiet day?’ Oh yeah, Yoongi dreads for when they carry out a renovation or quote services to improving your stay here unquote bullshit.

So what does he do?

He, apparently, walks out of his bedroom with a disheveled appearance that paints him to be a caveman hibernating for god knows how long and yanks his front door open in irritation. With eyes barely able to open and mouth still full of cotton, he only registers what’s going on when his conscious saves him the guessing and reveals the answer in a form of a person with… a pie?

He gives himself a wakeup call to rub his eyes and shake off the sleepiness heavy in his system, willing to a couple of seconds before he confirms that he’s not seeing things. Blinking two consecutive times, he still sees a pie. Okay, it is a pie. No doubt about it there.

His eyes direct him to the owner of the pie and it’s a face he’s never seen before. Admittedly, he isn’t good with faces but if he saw this one… let’s say chances were high he’d recall.

Yoongi decides to be polite… first.

“Can I help you?”

Nervousness shows in your smile, anxiety trembling at your fingertips as they drum the bottom of aluminium casing. Shifting your weight from left to right, the will to man up and say something dipping in your eyes before you find the words to speak, he only waits patiently (not bad, Min Yoongi).

“H-Hi. I live next door and I wanted to come down to-”

“That old lady finally decided to sell her place?”

Look, Yoongi can only try to be polite.

“I’m sorry?”

“…oh shit. Okay, what I meant was-”

“Yes, she did,” You cut him off before he can try to explain himself and if that wasn’t the definition of being saved by the bell, Yoongi doesn’t know what is. He sighs in relief and shakes his head, eyes clenched shut with a soft how do I say this and he does say it as: “I’m kinda… how you call it…”

“…direct? Honest?”

“Woah, one assumption at a time,” He holds a hand up, the other resting by his hip and when your smile drops from the slight hospitality, he breaks out into a grin, “Both right, by the way,”

“Good to know the few times I decide to be a smart ass it works out,”

He puts his hand out, “I’m Yoongi,”

You juggle the pie on your forearm, a free hand inching out to place in his for a small shake, “I’m Y/N, as I would’ve introduced before,”

“Ah, right,” Yoongi retracts his hand, as to how yours return to hold onto the pie, “You new here?”

“Have you seen me before?” Your head tilts a little at the end of your question, and Yoongi finds it easy to smile in the early of the day when he should be asleep. In other words, he’s one hell of a grump if he’s interrupted in his sleep so to be smiling at this hour where he’d murder anyone who dares threaten his rest… it speaks miles of Yoongi’s patience here.

“If I did, I would’ve remembered that face,”

There’s an indirect wink when your face scrunches up at the answer but it’s not necessarily… bad? It’s just - well - however you try to put it, ah, whatever.

“I made you a pie. You know, since we’re going to be neighbours,”

And you can cook?” After the implication you’re pretty, it’s more or less a little too much for two compliments in a row so you hand him the pie regardless whether he was ready to hold onto three hours of dedication and time. He snorts at the lack of your response but at the spark in his eyes as you back away, you wave and give a reply of: “I try sometimes. See you around,”

Yoongi only clicks his tongue and backs into his apartment, watching you enter yours with a hint of red cheeks. As he closes the door behind him, padding his feet to the kitchen is where he takes a spoon to whip a generous bite. With a mouthful of the taste of chicken that’s… undercooked. He forces it down his system before setting the whole pan aside with a cough.

“She wasn’t kidding when she said she was trying.”

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“Fear Rules” in Polyamory

Some of my thoughts on:

Using “fear rules” as steppingstones for letting go of socially constructed thinking about control in a relationship…

What is a fear rule? 

“Fear Rules” (as I call them) are those knit picky little rules that we demand or require (usually) at the beginning of our journey into polyamory… It is often something along the lines of, “OK you can have sex with anybody you want but not on the third Wednesday of the month when it’s a full moon and never ever in OUR marital bed!”

Okay, okay… so maybe not that first part, but in my experience personally… my “ fear rule” was: “No sex in the marital bed!

I had decided that my partner could have sex anywhere else in the entire world, just NOT in that one super special sacred space.

There wasn’t anything special about my Target bought mattress and moderately price sheets. What this was really about was me needing to establish some sort of control over what was happening because that element of control, however tedious, made me feel like I was involved in what my partner was off doing without me… it was a tool to help ME feel like I still was in charge. It was as if, through this “fear rule” nothing could be truly taken away from me.

 Queen Lolita has made her demands known and god help anyone who would dare break this rule…

But what that rule really was, was me scared out of my goddamn mind.

 I was scared I was gonna lose control, I was scared I was going to lose my partner, I was scared everything was going to crash and burn in a fiery death of hell flames…

Of course I didn’t know that at the time!

I actually thought I was advanced! I thought I had grasped polyamory! I was happy and experienced and doing everything right…look at me I’m a progressive poly person letting my partner go of and be with someone else!

But really, at the root of everything, I wasn’t ready yet.

I had to SEE what this “fear rule” really was at the root. And identify my very valid fear and express it to my partner so we could work past it as a team. And realizing that, took some time.

Eventually my partner and I realized the rule wasn’t something we could easily work around. We honestly needed to use the bed when we had partners over out of sheer comfort, for goodness sake, and so though a bit of struggle, we finally agreed to let the rule go… We didn’t get to that place of “letting go” until we were both able to talk about what we were really afraid of - If someone else sleeps in “OUR” bed will it take away from how special the bed is to us as a couple since it’s only ever been us too?! – Well certainly not. My partner and I were not represented by some silly bed. What WE had was special regardless of this material thing we were holding on to… and that discovery, that was the first step in letting go of the “fear rule” because we grew together by discussing the root fear and getting past it together.

And don’t think just because you’re a “seasoned” polyamorist, that you’re out of the woods: 

When new deeper relationships or different relationships are established, even the most seasoned polyamorous individuals will find themselves taking steps backwards into those “fear rules” in order to re-establish a sense of comfort.

I’ve learned however, that the further into polyamorous experience you get the quicker you return to not using “fear rules” as a crutch because we learn through these experiences just how beneficial it is to say “Stop! I’m feeling scared… I’m feeling uncomfortable… I need to sit down with you and work on this as a team”

Fear Rules are helpful in that they give us some of those very first clues that we need to investigate what we are feeling and communicate them to our partner(s) so that, together, we can move forward with everyone truly feeling okay!

I’m not saying some rules (or even “fear rules”) are not needed in a poly dynamic, each of your own unique relationships will have different needs. What I’m saying is, perhaps make sure you’re all taking the time to investigate where the rules are rooting from to make sure there isn’t an underline fear or insecurity that the rules are coming from.

What are/were some of your “fear rules”?!

 I’d love to hear what others have experienced!

<3 Lolita

anonymous asked:

If you find the energy and willingness to do so, I'm super interested in why you don't agree with Dean being a closeted queer person. (Not trying to start anything, I'm genuinely interested.)

Sure! Well, “closeted” is a word that I don’t find particularly fecund in an analysis, or in general, because “being closeted” has meaning in relation to something - like, for instance, you’re closeted to your parents, you’re closeted in your workplace, you’re closeted to everyone outside of the internet, you’re closeted to people you’re not very close to, etc. And sure, you can be closeted to everyone on the planet, but if you exclude people who haven’t told a single soul, there is no such thing as “being in the closet” in an absolute sense. You can come out to one person and you’re not in the closet in relation to them, but still in the closet in relation to everyone else. You can come out to literally everyone you have ever had a conversation with, but technically, unless you’re going around with a t-shirt that says “I’m queer”, you are “in the closet”, as in “not out”, to a person you’re meeting or getting to know for the first time.

This said, I have seen people using that word to mean - if I’ve interpreted it correctly - that Dean is either a) in the closet in relation to everyone; b) closeted to himself, so to speak, as in, he doesn’t realize and/or acknowledge and/or accept that he’s not heterosexual.

I don’t agree with either. Now, I’m gonna put here the disclaimer that this is my interpretation since Dean’s bisexuality/queerness is not stated textually in the show thus we’re talking on a level of signs and attribution of meanings (*insert something smart about semiotics*) and blah blah blah.

Allow me not to be specific with, like, references to lines spoken in the show in this post, maybe when I am done with my thesis and all will get the time to make a thorough analysis with specific references.

Now, do I think that Dean went up to his dad and told him “I like girls and guys lol”? … Nope. At all. (But being closeted in relation to someone doesn’t really mean anything. Being out isn’t an all or nothing thing. You can go to pride parades wearing feathers and still keep it hidden from your dad. There are people who wait for their parents or grandparents to die before publicly coming out or transition. It’s complex.) Do I think Dean went up to Sam or Bobby and told them “I like girls and guys”? I don’t think so, as in, I don’t think he gave them a speech about being bisexual, but I think that both Sam and Bobby have at least a partial sense of Dean’s not-heterosexuality. Has Dean let his queerness known to people outside his family? Sure he has. On the top of my head, I can think of: Ash, Frank, Charlie (all hackers and queer or queer-coded, there is a pattern of association between hacking and queerness, but this is a thought for another day); Crowley was exchanging innuendo with him after 0.2 seconds of meeting and, well, Crowley has gotten to know Dean pretty intimately; and let’s be real there are characters who just looked at him and caught up because of reasons (Gunner Lawless comes to mind, I guess Aaron Bass, pretty sure Max Banes) and people who assumed and used it against him (the Campbells come to mind, no wonder the poor guy built 5739 walls around himself in season 6 and at some point was like “I was busy having sex with women”). It’s also implied that both he and Garth knew what the Purgatory in Miami was and that Dean expected Garth to get the joke, and Garth is another character that knows Dean beyond the façades. And then there’s a constellation of tiny moments that don’t mean anything on their own but in the context of what we know about Dean fit in the picture, like Jenna Nickerson feeling comfortable mentioning the first girl she’d kissed after knowing Dean for a short while.

At this point we’re left with “does Dean know he’s not straight” and, well, at this point it’s obvious but the thing is: Dean takes pride in his being anti-normative. Unlike Sam, he embraces his underclass identity, his not-normal identity. He acknowledges he’s a freak ever since day 1, and while he has heavy issues with the loneliness that comes with it, he uses it as an important brick in the construction of his identity. May I refer you to this conversation I had with @aslightsgoflashing and @f-ckyeahfutbol that touches this very topic.

Now, Dean’s relationship with his sexuality is extremely complex - we need, for instance, to count his experiences with sexual assault into it (I mentioned season 6 before, which also happens to be where he gets assaulted by a man in a sexually charged context, while I believe the other instances of sexual assault on him are carried out by women). Dean lives a life where is body is a) a commodity for the job, b) always at risk of being violated (in multiple ways, from wounds to possession). He’s always walking on a line between protecting his body and weaponizing it (it’s not a coincidence his body has been used as bait so often) and he that goes with sexuality too. He’s vocal in expressing knowledge of obscure kinky sexual practices, talking about how he’ll “try everything once” or whatever (but enjoying wearing pink panties is a secret…).

He builds his identity is a complex, ambiguous, ever-changing relationship with his body and his sexuality, and there’s nothing about him that suggests to me that he lives in a bubble where he doesn’t know he’s queer. Maybe he didn’t always (or ever) had the correct terminology for it or really conceptualized it, but in his twenties the guy knew his Pink Flamingos references (and Sam didn’t).

I think that among the reasons why Dean isn’t throwing himself at Cas’ feet and declaring his undying love for him, the fact that Cas has a dude body is, like, the last one on the list. I mean, I’m not saying he does not perceive men and women differently - he has different ways of relating to men and women due to the overwhelmingly homosocial context he’s lived pretty much his entire life, although he’s clearly developed a less sexist way of relating to women through the years - but his reluctance in opening himself to Cas is not due to some “gay panic” thing. I mean, it would be pretty diminishing to read it as just that.

So… well, these are my two cents on the topic :)

But why?

Dark!Dany in season 7 (part 1 of ~4). 

I was almost finished writing down my dark!dany-impressions from episodes 1 and two, but then episode 3 aired and I decided to completely change the structure of this little essay and start anew. So of course, this took way longer than anticipated. I decided to finish the first part now, hopefully post the second part later today or tomorrow and complete the third and fourth after Dany went Dracarys in ep 4 (because she will, I just know that she will)

A couple of disclaimers before I get started :

First: D&D are playing loose (very loose) with the social rules and norms established in the books. I will try to keep any “that doesn’t make any sense, in the books xyz would happen” out of this. For example if the show tells me that besieging a city from all sites, thereby cutting its supply lines, will cost the least civilian life, I will take that as a fact. If the show claims that Cersei’s claim to the Iron Throne is “secure” enough to be seen fucking her own brother, at least within Kings Landing and in the mind of several Reach Lords who answered her summon, I will accept that as well. In short: If D&D say that’s how it is, then that’s how it is.

Second: I do not believe that primarily judging characters and their actions from a westerosi point of view really makes sense anymore. The world in which this story takes place should be taken into consideration, yes, but watsonian consistency and accuracy have really taken a backseat to the doylist intentions the show is trying to express. D&D are clearly changing and constructing plot lines, characterizations, decisions and reactions with a modern audience in mind and, most importantly, to accommodate their modern moral and ethical views. This is not to say that modern audiences lack the capacity to put themselves into alien positions and worldviews. This ability simply seems to be very inconsistent and sometimes even contradictory. For example: Even though decapitation has mostly vanished as a form of punishment, it’s fairly easy to recognise the supposed “justice” in such an act. If we are presented with a culprit guilty of a capital crime. As the show has displayed many times, chopping off someone else’s head for breaking a vow, does not turn you into a blood-thirsty murderer or ruthless tyrant, even though we all agree, that it’s good we don’t do that anymore. But on the other hand (pun intended) if one of our good guys were to cut of a thief’s hand on screen -a widespread punishment for theft over many continents and centuries, including the setting of asoiaf* - we would probably have a harder time to “forgive” them for it. I know I would. Humans and their perception of “moral” are weird. I’m sure there are some theories out there on why that is and what influences this, imo, rather weird phenomena, but I hope you understand what I mean when I say: We can accept different realities and their rules, but only when we can. In my opinion, that’s a framework D&D are carefully working with.

You can disagree with me on that, but that is how I am going to approach the show from now on, this little post included. I will focus on what the show-runners are trying to convey to a modern audience. How do they want us to react to what happens on screen and what tools do they use to influence and guide our reaction. Many of my estimations will be intuitive and not necessarily fully objective, so everyone is free to disagree with me in that perspective. But if you want to refute one of my arguments here, solely based on “but it is based on the medieval !!!”, you will have to present a very compelling case for me to care. Because the show mostly doesn’t care on what time period Westeros is vaguely based on, so why should I? 

Third: These are only my opinions, blah blah. I do not claim to have an insider in HBO who tells me what they were trying to do. These are only my thoughts, my analysis, my interpretations. 

Fourth: I don’t “hate” Dany, I don’t think she is the most evilest person on the show, I simply believe that she is moving into a darker direction. Honestly, that would be the exact twist the series could need right now. It’s starting to get a bit boring and predictable.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started with the first big question:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Why even conquer Westeros ?

I believe that both intentions and consequences are important. As a rule of thumb I always judge an action by its consequences, the character of a person by their intentions. This is often intertwined, an “evil” person will often do “evil” things, “good” people can sometimes do “evil” things for “good” reasons, and if a “good” person keeps doing “evil” shit you will sooner or later question how “good” they really are. It’s useless to say that all of this is indeed very subjective and it’s pretty unlikely that two people will always be on the same page. No one has to agree with me on that (after all the entire field of philosophy has been arguing about this for centuries), but I found it to be a fair and meaningful way to assess “ethical positioning”, at least for fictional fictional characters and my own opinion. 

So in this first section, I will focus on the question Why does Dany even want to conquer Westeros? Rather than her qualities as a queen or the consequences of her actions I will try to focus on her intentions, on what drives her to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. I will end this section on whether those intentions justify or warrant the price she is willing to pay for the Iron Throne and talk more thoroughly about it in later parts.

Season 7 has had a number of interesting hints and revelations about this issue.


I honestly didn’t pay much attention to the single short scene Dany had in episode one. (I was preoccupied with the case umber & karstark vs the north). But some comments made by Dany-fans caught my attention and made me take another look at her behaviour. What I’m talking about is Dany entering the Throne Room in Dragonstone, walking towards the throne (a symbol for “ruling”) but moving to the next room, rejecting it for the carved table Aegon planned his conquest on 300 years ago (a symbol for just that - “conquest”). 

I read comments along the lines “This was such a great character moment! It really shows where her priorities lie” or “She doesn’t just want to rule, she wants to win!”. After giving it some thought I fully agree with these statements, but … I do not think that’s … a good thing? This reminds me very much of something Dario said in season 6: 

You weren’t made to sit on some chair in a palace. […] You are a conqueror, D Stormborn. 

I think he is spot on with this. It has been shown again and again that what Dany is good at, what she thrives at, is conquest. Fighting and defeating your enemy. My question is: does this make her a good candidate for the Iron Throne? Shouldn’t her conquest simply be the means through which she accomplishes her real goal - ruling - instead of her true vocation? I don’t believe that Dany actually wants to sit on a throne, she simply wants to win it. Robert showed that good soldiers don’t make good kings, I do not believe that good conquerors make good queens neither.


This episode tackles and subtly undermines two motivations behind this conquest, that made it an relatable, righteous venture in both our and Danys mind. 

First, Dany admits that Dragonstone “doesn’t feel like home”. 

Dany to Viserys in Pentos [s1]:
I don’t want to be his queen. I want to go home

Dany to Tyrion in Meereen [s5]:
I fought so that no child born into Slaver’s Bay would ever know what it meant to be sold or bought. I will continue that fight here and beyond. But this is not my home. 

Dany to Tyrion in Dragonstone [s7]:
I always thought this would be a homecoming. Doesn’t feel like home.

Longing for one’s home is an outmost humane desire. We can empathize and sympathize with this. We can’t begrudge her for this wish or the actions she takes to fulfill it. She might have never spend a day of her adult life in westeros before, but it has always been “home” in her mind. Now she is faced with the ugly reality that it isn’t. That Dragonstone, and I would deduce the Seven Kingdoms as a whole, are a strange, foreign place to her. If the castle she was born in, her family’s ancestral seat doesn’t feel “like home”, what will? The Red Keep? The Iron Throne? It is quite tragic, but the only real home Dany ever knew was the House with the red door in Braavos she lived in as a child. And that is not the home she will find at the end of her conquest. 

Second, Dany realizes that the common folk is not praying for her return, sewing dragon banners and drinking secret toasts to her health.

The wine seller and Dany [s1]:
You know there are many in your homeland who pray for your return princess. –  I hope to repay your kindness someday.

Tyrion and Dany [s5]:
When you get back to you home, who supports you? – “The common people”

Dany to Varys [s7]:
They call out for their true queen? They drink secret toasts to my health? People used to tell my brother that sort of thing and he was stupid enough to believe it. 

Acknowledging that Viserys was a fool to believe this, certainly shows maturity and that she’s come to understand “how the world works”, but this notion, that she would return the rightful ruler to her people also gave her conquest a “moral backbone”. After all Dany has always depicted herself as a champion for the common people (at least as long as she was in essos, more on that later). If she believes that “her people are crying out for their true queen”, even if it isn’t true, simply if she believes it, her conquest is to some extent meant to fulfill the wishes of her subjects. Whether that is an important factor for the legitimacy of a feudalistic ruler, is another question, but it definitely is a quality we admire and look for in a good ruler. What makes the King in the North scenes so powerful and engaging, is the fact, that both Robb and Jon are chosen by their people. This has always played an important part in Dany’s self-image as a ruler. She was always shown to be loved by the essosi commoners (ie former slaves), she herself has stated that “the common folk” is who supports her in westeros. But quite frankly the show hasn’t addressed yet what the westerosi small folk is thinking about the dragon queen’s return. Neither has Dany. It is only brought up once, when Varys starts to recount how unpopular Cersei is and Dany shuts him down immediately.

I noticed that “the good” Dany could do for the small folk in Westeros is mostly addressed by her supporters, not herself. Varys claims to back her because he believes “she is the best chance the common folk has”, Tyrion is the one to tell Jon that she “protects people from monsters”. In her time in slaver’s bay she brought this up numerous times herself: What SHE could do to better their lives. But since she landed in Westeros, she only talks about bringing peace and prosperity to the people twice. Once when talking to Onella, who immediately shits all over warfare-the-nice-way and tells her to be “a dragon” (more on that in part 3) and a second time when talking to Jon. But this sentiment was brought up in the context of how “a targaryen on the Iron Throne and a Stark as warden in northhave been good for the realm. It isn’t directly linked to Dany herself, rather her conception of her family’s legacy and it’s influence in the past.


This episode has done nothing to paint Danys motivation in a, let’s say “humanitarian”, light. Quite contrary, Dany freely admits in her own words that this conquest is most and foremost about her. Her wishes, her desires, what she thinks she deserves. She is approaching her “negotiation” with Jon with two key arguments in mind. First, her hereditary claim as a Targaryen and secondly, her personal claim based on her life experiences

The last King in the North was Torrhen Stark, who bend the knee to my ancestor, Aegon Targaryen. In exchange for his life and the life of the Northmen, Torrhen Stark swore fealty to House Targaryen in perpetuity. […] You’ve travelled all this way to break faith with House Targaryen? …

I’ve already talked about my problems with Dany calling herself the “rightful” ruler. Though she admits that her father was an “evil man”, she doesn’t acknowledge Robert’s Rebellion as a justified uprising against a tyrant. She simply sees her father as the bad apple of the family. As a single outlier in the otherwise “consistent” history of “righteous” Targaryen rule. Not only showing an unwillingness to accept any wrongdoings done by her house, her father gets outsourced as an exception, but also the consequences his downfall has for her “birthright”. Notice how she is specifically introduced as the “rightful” ruler (which is a little node at Jon heritage as well). She insists that the oaths Torrhen Stark made to Aegon are valid for eternity. She accuses Jon of “breaking faith” and “being in open rebellion”.  She is not trying to re-establish House Targaryen post-rebellion, she is refusing to acknowledge the rebellions significance, as if it doesn’t even matter. Her goal is to keep the Targaryen rule going, because in her mind, it never was rightfully “interrupted” in the first place. This is a mind-set that hasn’t changed since season 1.

While this argument seems to be prepared, her “outburst” that follows, reveals her most honest thoughts and opinions.

I was born in Dragonstone. Not that I can remember it. We fled before Robert’s assassins could find us. Robert was your father’s best friend, no? I wonder if your father knew that his best friends sent assassins to murder a baby girl in her crib. Not that it matters now, of course. I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me, I don’t remember all their names. I have been sold like a broodmare. I’ve been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all these years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself. In D Targaryen. 

 Don’t get me wrong, she deserves sympathy for all this. She was victimized for most her life, breaking free of this role, taking agency and even drawing strength from her abuse is indeed inspiring. I don’t know if that was the purpose of her speech, but I’m sure that many people perceived it that way. I don’t want to badmouth those who took just that away from it. 

But somehow … it also raised some “tragic-villain-backstory” alarms in my head. You know, traditionally at the end of the movie, when our heroes are chained up somewhere in the bad dudes lair and ask “Why are you doing this?” and the villain responds with all the bad shit that happened to them. Talking about how the world wronged them, often how our heroes wronged them.  “All my life the laughed at me, look who’s laughing now?”

This is not a sentiment directly expressed by her, but I feel like it’s so heavily implied that it’s fair to list it here. She has endured many, many hardships and now she feels that the world “owes” her big time. I feel like her ambition of conquering an entire kingdom has crossed the line of “not letting all your traumas stop you” and entered the realm of “I deserve everything I want, no matter the cost because life was unfair to me.” And that really is a text-book villain motive. 

I really do not like to compare female characters, and I’m not trying to say that one of them “had it worse than the other”, but all of these things also apply to Sansa, some of them even to Cersei. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that in an episode titled “The Queen’s justice”, we see one Queen using her sufferings to support her claim, one taking revenge on those who wronged her and another taking care of her people’s needs. All of these three women have suffered in similar ways and while two of them use it to justify their rather selfish behaviour, one of them is shown to spend her time working for others. This “parallel” is only amplified by Bran mentioning Sansa’s wedding night in the same episode. The only reason I can see for Bran bringing up this specific incident (there were many other options to proof his three-eyed-raven powers), is to draw a connection to Danys speech. Again, I am not necessarily trying to set them against each other, but Danys approach to coping with her abuse, at least resembles the one Cersei chose to take. Compare Danys speech to this book quote from Cersei and tell me you don’t get similar vibes:

I waited, and so can he. I waited half my life. She had played the dutiful daughter, the blushing bride, the pliant wife. She had suffered Robert’s drunken groping, Jaime’s jealousy, Renly’s mockery, Varys with his titters, Stannis endlessly grinding his teeth. She had contended with Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, and her vile, treacherous, murderous dwarf brother, all the while promising herself that one day it would be her turn. If Margaery Tyrell thinks to cheat me of my hour in the sun, she had bloody well think again.

This makes me believe that Dany is more or will be more like Cersei than she would like to think. If we all believe that Cersei is power hungry, isn’t Dany as well? For very similar reasons? 

The ending of her little speech also makes her seem a bit megalomaniac. 

[…] Do you know what kept me standing through all these years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself. In D Targaryen. The world hasn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born. The Dothraki haven’t crossed the sea, any sea. They did for me. I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms and I will. 

It’s no surprise really. She is the Mother of Dragons, the Unburnt, the Khal of Khals. It’s no wonder all of this goes to her head. This also ties into her conversation with Melisandre in episode two. She immediately assumes that the prophecy is about her, or at least, seems rather pleased at the possibility. She seems to be taken aback when Mel said she (only) “has a part to play”. (At least that’s how I interpreted it, it’s not really easy to know what EC is trying to convey with her … “acting”. Sry, not sry.) She has fully accepted herself as a chosen one, a prophesied savior, an über-mensch. Whether because of her lineage or her own achievements, this attitude hinges on plain arrogance and is way more often found in “villains” than “heroes”. 

Please notice that her speech is not triggered by Jon refusing her claim, but by his insistence that the white walkers are real and coming for all them. Having her react like this at that point off the argument seems a bit out of place. It could boil down to shitty writing, but it could also be meant to emphasize an apparent contrast between Jon and Dany. Jon embraces leadership to protect his people, Dany seeks it to satisfy her need for self-importance. 

While episode two subtly degrades her relatable and philanthropic motivations, episode three highlights those who are ultimately self-centered. Those rooted in ideas of superiority and entitlement. Whether she feels entitled because of everything she had to endure or her birthright as the last (lol) Targaryen, isn’t important. The point is that she feels she deserves to rule. She feels entitled to the seven kingdoms because of external circumstances, not because of her own qualities or competence. 

I would also like to point out one more thing: Dany could have very well stayed in Essos. She could have chosen to remain in “the Bay of Dragons”, rule as it’s queen, bringing real stability to the region. The show swept that under the rug, and yes, I promised to just take the bullshit D&D feed me at face value, but it she just left Slaver’s Bay behind when it was time to conquer Westeros. I don’t see any reason why the region shouldn’t return to chaos after she, her armies and her dragons are gone. After all, it was “D Stormborn and her dragons coming to Meereen”, as Tyrion put it, that finally brought the former Masters to obey. Now that she’s busy somewhere else, what’s going to keep them in check? Daario and his 2000 Second Sons? 

She could have stayed there, leading a comfortable life as it’s queen, caring for the people who worship her as the breaker of chains. Instead she decided to lead a war of invasion on Westeros. She decided to leave as soon as a fragile peace took hold, to wage war again. For what? If Dany isn’t fighting for “home” or “the will of her people”, what is she fighting for? What is left? She said it herself: D Targaryen. She is fighting for herself. This all is primarily about her and no one else. Honestly, I have a hard time rooting for someone who starts an invasion for selfish reasons.

This was part 1 of this long-ass post. I really hope I can finish “Tyrion Cricket starring in Danoccio” today or tomorrow. The sections “Fire and Blood and Burning Shit” will follow most likely after episode 4 has aired and my favourite topic right now (Targ!Cest vs Targ!Bowl) will come shortly after that. Stay tuned and thank you for your attention. 

RIP Petyr...

Well? I finally watched it. To be frank, I’m not really heartbroken or as upset as I thought I would be. Partly, I think it’s because I was prepared for what would happen. I’m very glad I read the spoilers ahead of time.

One thing I do want to say about that scene and Aidan’s brilliant acting chops…

LIttlefinger did not die… Petyr did. That was Petyr, the boy from the Fingers, the boy who was cut down by Brandon Stark for the girl he loved, Petyr that felt that final sting of humiliation from his past to be the moment of his death. Petyr died and Aidan was magnificent. It’s a testament to HOW WELL he knew this character. You saw him change from LF to Petyr and that was heartbreaking. Yes, he did horrible things. I’m not excusing that. I never have. Petyr was never a good man. But you have to look deeper than that. D&D refused to explore this side to his character WHICH would have given this scene more depth and meaning. During the meeting with Bran, that would have been a perfect opportunity to flashback to Petyr as a child when he was cut down. To see him as he was before he became LF. To see Petyr turn back into that boy before his death would have give that scene such gravitas. That’s what his character deserved after 7 damn seasons. But of course D&D are fucking horrible writers and are all about fan service.

I really must applaud Aidan for that scene. He IS a fantastic and gifted actor. I am actually grateful that some viewers/fans at least recognize and appreciate him for his talent. As I’ve said before, if everyone hated LF so much, I’d say Aidan did a great job as an actor. So bravo, my Irish prince! You were able to take absolute crap and turn it into something worth talking about.

That said, was the plot was still crap? Of course. The entire Winterfell/Stark storyline this season was a joke and so poorly constructed, but I’ve said that many times before now and won’t re-hash it. It was a disservice not only to Baelish but Sansa and Arya as well. It was pointless and stupid and not worthy of ANY of these characters. It was basically the show-runners being shit and writing themselves into a corner and now had to dig their arses out so late in the series.

I do want to add… Bran Stark’s visions has to be one of the biggest cop outs in story writing. It’s so lazy to give a character these supernatural powers when the story has been almost exclusively political game playing. Yeah, there’s dragons, the dead…but Bran can see current events from anywhere/whomever, the past… what was the point of anything if he can see what Cersei is up to? Dany? Iron born? Essos? It’s lazy writing. Instead of giving the character the growth they need to overcome their protagonists, etc… why bother? Brother Bran can see all! It takes away all element of surprise and drama in my opinion.

We see nothing that would convey Sansa and Arya had a meeting of the minds. All their scenes play out with natural tension and suspicion. No one was in Arya’s room but them. Then to have the viewer assume they naturally turned the tables and were in league with each other all along? It’s stupid. If people would set aside their blind hatred of Littlefinger for a second, they might see that this whole plot was a half baked hack job? When did Bran reveal his knowledge? Why BOTHER with a charade on Petyr when they could just have him killed at any time and place for any reason?

Season 5, Petyr stood there and said “Then I will die”. He told he would beg for his life if that’s what she wanted. BUT he wasn’t begging on his knees then even when she threatened to have Brienne cut him down. I don’t think he would have if Sansa gave the order WHICH would be natural considering she just escaped Ramsay. It would have been rational to kill him last season. I was certain he was going to die last season. And you know what? It would have made more sense. Why did she let him live? She said she didn’t need his army. She should have killed him and it would have been more understandable. She could have killed him right after the Vale came to save their arses but she keeps him around and treats him like rubbish…for what? That’s what I don’t get.

Why keep him around this season at all just to kill him off? If Sansa was so irritated by him and didn’t need him, she could have killed him at any time and obviously Royce wouldn’t have cared. She would have still had the Vale if she told him Petyr killed Lysa. This whole plot was stupid and senseless. Reducing a major character, and YES Baelish was a major and important character, a mastermind, the most dangerous man in Westeros… to a lovesick creeper who hasn’t the sense of his former characterization. This season Sansa basically told him to fuck off at every turn. Why the hell was he staying? Why try to plot the sisters against each other? Baelish is not a stupid man. Old Baelish would have been sitting back and plotting like he did with the Lannisters. Quiet and in the shadows waiting for the right moment.

So to have him breakdown this season just screams OCC and unnatural. His whole character was already dead from Episode 1. He only partially resurfaced as he ‘tricked’ Arya and the conversations in the last two episodes.

It doesn’t make any sense. Not for the Stark sisters or Baelish. I think most LF fans knew he was going to die as some point, but we all believed he deserved a death worthy of his character. His character started EVERYTHING since Season 1 began. You don’t show how cunning and smart a character is only to dumb him down because the ‘good/hero’ characters aren’t developed enough. That’s just poor writing and character development. I know I’ve hammered that home before too but it’s true. I like Sansa but to believe she and Arya outsmarted him on their own merits? Nope. They needed Bran to do that and that’s a cop out. Especially, when Bran said in a previous episode that Arya’s revenge didn’t matter, Sansa’s issues didn’t matter, all the political bs didn’t matter because the war with the Night King was more important (all after he met with LF). He treated the girl that saved his life as nothing. Boy, he sure changed his tune quick didn’t he? As well, as someone who says the politics don’t matter, he’s all bent on making sure Jon knows he’s a Targaryen, the true heir to the throne as soon as possible. Jon being the rightful heir isn’t going to give him magical powers to defeat the dead.

Ugh… there’s just no other word for it except lazy. Jon and Dany is so forced it’s cringeworthy. They have zero chemistry which makes it worse and frankly, it’s not Kit’s fault. I’ll give Kit credit. He’s actually been good this season. Emilia is just….omg. She is so wooden it’s actually quite sad. Every scene is the same facial expression. Her fucking dragon died and her face was just ….durrrrrrrr. She was good in Season 1-2 and it’s been downhill ever since. I really cannot believe how bad she is.

I actually want to give kudos to Peter Dinklage! The Tyrion I used to like returned for one damn scene. The scene with him and Cersei was great. Peter is another actor that is just being wasted with shitty writing. It was nice to see him in a good scene.

And I can’t believe I’m going to say it, but I like Sandor now. Honestly, he’s the only character other than Tormund that I can stand this season.

As I said before, Baelish’s character died at the end of Season 4. What Aidan was forced to swallow for three years was a waste of his time and talent. You can see it in his interviews. He’s too professional to say otherwise but you can feel he was not happy with how this ended up, the lack of scenes/screen time over the last few seasons, and he’s trying to make the best of it.

He gave a great performance. Poured his heart out. That alone made that scene bearable to watch.

I’m not longer angry about it. I feel sad because I was very invested in a character I liked. I still like the ship, I don’t care what anyone else says. I love the character still and even if he meets a grisly end in GRRM’s books, then so be it. I’m grateful to be introduced to an interesting character that captured my attention to the point of writing fiction. I thank Aidan for an amazing portrayal and bringing him to life. Both are sorely underappreciated.

If other creepyshippers and Baelish fans are upset and heartbroken, I understand. I fully expect many to jump ship and move on to other things. It’s to be expected and I don’t fault them. We were robbed of good storytelling and I think the bulk of the anger resided in there somewhere. It’s a cheapening of the story and shows just bad D&D are. It’s not just Baelish that has been ruined. Much of the story has too. Other interesting characters were ruined just the same and they were trying to cram too much in too little time. Wasting time on characters/scenes that went nowhere. Creating plots and stories that were pointless other than shock. They hired some great actors and wasted them. Hired some horrible actors and gave them long winded repetitive dialogue and scenes for years.

I think I’m not as upset or sad as I thought I was going to be because we all know this show was shitty but we were HOPING for better. There were some great actors and characters and we just HOPED it wasn’t going to go the way we thought it might. That there had to be something, a twist, something no one was expecting… anything original perhaps that kept us coming back each season. There has to be more to it than Jon/Dany defeats the Night King, they hook up, Jon is the rightful heir and everyone live happily ever after?

Obviously, that is a no. The story is full steam ahead to the dullest, most predictable ending possible with remaining characters that are either anticlimactic and you don’t really care what happens to them now or they are sad shells of their former selves. Even Cersei is turning into a pathetic caricature of herself. Others, you don’t give two shits about.

Littlefinger was really the first and sadly the last of the great protagonists of the story (even though I’m rooting for him and his new pet dragon, the Night King doesn’t count). Now it’s literally good vs evil. It’s been done to death. It’s been done better.

Thank you but no thank you HBO and GOT. I’m done with the series. It’s not sour grapes because my favorite character is gone. It’s merely because you’ve killed off all the interesting characters that made me want to watch in the first place, only to replace them with ones that would have had me switching the channel years ago.

Camp Camp All Grown Up

Just how I think the Camp Campbell characters will be in 10-15 years. I just set their ages around like 22-25. Counselors are in their mid thirties. 

Max - Max went to Sleepy Peak community college to get his general education. During the summer he works at Camp Campbell (not his decision) and does some handy work around the camp. Max has a passion for guitar, woodworking, and secretly knitting, which comes in handy during the chilly season at Sleepy Peak. Max decided he wanted to become a teacher after realizing he can make a difference in kids life like David did with him. Not like he’d ever admit it though.

Nikki- Nikki worked year round at Camp Campbell and helped preserve the natural beauty of Sleepy Peak. After battling with Cameron Campbell, who wanted to make the camp into a four star resort, Nikki now owns the land and has turned into National Forest. She also takes kids at the local schools on adventure field trips. She is very popular around the town and does not plan to leave anytime soon.

Neil - Neil obviously did not stay anywhere near Camp Campbell, but he does visit his friends whenever he is free. Neil graduated from Northeastern College with a degree in computers and mechanical engineering. Neil started his own business by creating hyper-real simulations for the gaming industry, but ultimately started working with Space Kid (now Space Man) for NASA.

David- Nothing in the entire world would ever tear David away from Camp Campbell. David now works with Nikki to make sure the Camp is top notch, and to preserve the Sleepy Peak platypus. David also spends his time taking care of his kids, who of course love Camp Campbell as much as he does (not really they just want him to stop singing).

Gwen - Miraculously, Gwen’s degree did come in handy! She went back to school and became a psychiatrist. Gwen stays around Camp Camp just in case one of the kids get traumatized by Max or Nikki, or if some of the kids need a little something to make them chill out.

Space Kid- Space Kid/Man, or as he claims “Neil Armstrong II”, actually achieved his dream of entering space! Kind of. He works at NASA as a janitor at first, but now they use him to test space-like conditions. He did achieve to leave the atmosphere and go onto a burning satellite, but that’s because no one else wanted to do it. Space Kid also relies on Neil as being his best friend/brother figure. He also has matching coffee mugs for them that say Neil #1 and Neil #2.

Nerf - Nerf did not attend college after graduating, but instead tried to make a living doing blue collar jobs. He was a cook, construction worker, and delivery man. After a quick stint in jail for assault, he cleaned up his act and became a mechanic and owns a successful shop. Also after exploring his sexuality for many years, Nerf settled with his longtime partner Chris. They have two kids together and they seem to be very happy together.  

Nerris - Nerris has not changed a bit since she left Camp Campbell. She still plays magic games and even cosplays for a living. Nerris is very famous in the cosplay community and is a headliner at many convention across the world. She even created a tournaments for young girls that like to compete in magic games. Also after a long love/hate relationship, she began dating Harrison, but nothing is set in stone with them yet.

Harrison - Alongside Nerris being a famous cosplayer, Harrison became a great illusionist. Harrison upgraded his amatuer magic tricks to spectacular illusions and events that capture many fans. Harrison has made buildings disappear, escape a death maze, and even faked his death a couple times. Harrison has also thought of proposing to Nerris, but he lost the ring in an illusion he was practicing. Oh well.

Ered- Ered sadly did not make it that far in her extreme sport career. She won a few titles in local competitions, but did not qualify for any of the national events. Ered didn’t mind though, as she found a love for cars and worked with Nerf. Ered goes racing a couple times a week and hopes to get good enough to compete. Ered also has an on again off again relationship with Erin, the Flower Scouts, but keeps her options open.

Preston - Preston has appeared in all the productions he could get his thespian hands on. Whether it is Romeo and Juliet, or something student written, Preston will produce or act in anything just to get his name out there. After years of trying, Preston is now part of a traveling thespian group that performs improv and miniature plays. He is truly content with his life as he is surrounded by people that share his passion.

Dolph- Dolph was a struggling artist, even at time felt like he being scrutinized by a regime of oppression (okay no holocaust jokes). Dolph actually made it into art school and has been featured in many galleries with his symbolic masterpieces. Dolph will sometimes drop in and visit his friends, almost with no warning, and check out how their lives are doing. Mainly Dolph stays to himself, but is content with his fulfilling life of art, and juice. He loves juice.

Got this question from @seimeiyuzu​:

Massimiliano Ambesi‏ (https://twitter.com/max_ambesi) said:  - “In my opinion, 4 Lutz will be the first jump in #yuzuruhanyu ’s free skate.Then 4Lo, 3F, 4S, 4T/3T, 4T/Lo/3S, 3A/3Lo(in my dream) or 2T, 3A.” You think he’s right? Yuzu planned 4Lo, 4S, 4S3T, 4TLo3S, 4T. Can Yuzu add 4Lz yet? I’m full of concern, because Javi adds 4Lo, Shoma is practicing 4Lz (I think he wants to add?). And how many quads will Nathan and Boyang have? Do you think Yuzu needs 4Lz in this season? 

It’s a topic I love to talk about so, with permission, I’m answering this through a post :) 

Yes, I agree with most of Max’s prediction (bless his soul). My own forecast of Yuzuru’s FS jump layout this season is only slightly different from what Max said: 4Lz / 4Lo / 3F || 4S+3T / 4T / 4T+1Lo+3S / 3A+2T / 3A. Yuzu’s trajectory in the last couple of seasons has been to gradually upgrade triple jumps to their quad version (from 11-12 to 12-13: traded 3S for 4S, from 15-16 to 16-17: traded 3Lo for 4Lo). From what I saw in the news about Seimei 2.0, he did a 3A at the same music passage where he used to do a 3Lz in Seimei 1.0, complete with the same exit even, so yes, I’m pretty convinced #yolo3A as final jumping pass is a thing, and the 3Lz will be upgraded to a quad.

Can Yuzu add a 4Lz yet? Oh yes he can. That 4Lz has been in the making for longer than I can remember, going back at least as far as the 4Lo and likely even further. He has been quite reticent about showing off his 4Lz so we’ve ever had one official glimpse of it thus far (*sob*), but I think the reason why he’s much more willing to display the 4Lo is because, for a long time, he was the only person in the world who can routinely land it. The 4Lz doesn’t get the spotlight because there are already other skaters landing it in competition. Going by Yuzu’s usual attitude, he doesn’t like to show off a jump unless he is reasonably sure it’s going to impress (which, by Yuzu’s standard, is something along the line of “watch me land this jump nobody else can land, and make it so fine I can follow it up with a 3A”). 

(did I absolutely have to gif this magical sequence and shove it in your face, no I didn’t have to, but I needed to, because it’s magical that’s why)

Yet, he did go out of his way to show us that one precious glimpse of his 4Lz at the WTT practice, so I’m sure he’s reached a point where he’s confident enough about the quality of that jump.

(perfect takeoff, amazing height, but try harder on the landing next time please, Yuzu *smh*)

Regarding the rest of our top 6, yes I heard Javi is going to add a 4Lo, and Shoma is considering a 4Lz (I might’ve read somewhere that he’s going for 5 quads regardless of whether the 4Lz is included or not - he doesn’t need the 4Lz to go to 5 anyway, he can do 2x4F, 2x4T, plus one 4Lo). I think Nathan will stick to a 6-quad layout (7 quads will be borderline suicidal, even for him) and Boyang will likely add one more to make it 5 quads total. Wait, did we both just casually leave out Patrick? I guess he will be aiming for 4 quads at least to stay in contention. Don’t know how reliable the rumor of him working the 4F is, but as it is right now, to make it to 4, he can add another 4S to his layout.  

As to whether Yuzu needs a 4Lz this season, yes he absolutely does. I mean, c’mon, he’s recycling both his short and long programs so the choreography is pretty much taken care of, if he doesn’t work on more difficult jumps, what’s he gonna do from now until the Olympics? Either he adds the 4Lz, or he somehow shows me a fully rotated back counter quad Axel by the end of this season, I’m not settling for anything less! 

Joking aside, well, in theory, Yuzu doesn’t really need a 4Lz. He can totally construct a 5-quad layout using the 3 types he currently has in his official repertoire (4Lo, 2x4S, 2x4T for example). Using a 4Lz instead of a 4S or a 4T will give him about 3 extra points in BV, but we all know BV isn’t everything. Yuzu didn’t have the highest BV last season and he’s not going to have that this season either, but it hasn’t prevented him from winning events and setting records. In fact, even with the general inflation in scoring last season, we still haven’t seen anyone except Yuzu himself topping the score of 3-quad Seimei at GPF 2015. 

Considering all that, I’d advise that you need not be concerned with how other competitors’ strategy and layout might affect Yuzu’s chance of winning, because most likely, they won’t. This might come out sounding obnoxious, but I believe whether or not Yuzu wins any event is entirely up to him and him alone. If he delivers 2 flawless programs, he wins, and I think Yuzu himself is very much aware of that. I, for once in my life, am not (pardon my French) shitting bricks when I think about him. According to all recent interviews and public appearances, he’s healthy, well-rested, well-prepared, happy with his choices of programs, and is eager to win. As I recall all the ups and downs of last season, I also realize that Yuzuru is in this perfect mental state because he has learned a lot during 2016-2017, including but not limited to: how to cope with disappointment, how to overcome pressure internal and external, how to structure a program on the fly (*cough* 4CC *cough*), and how to, once again, be on top of the world. I read that he told Brian, before the season started last year, to please allow him to make all the mistakes he could make before the Olympic season - a piece of wisdom worthy of the ages, I’d say :)        

I have a few thoughts about the sneak peeks and this most recent CS drama.

I get being disappointed and annoyed. I’m not here to tell anyone not to be. That said, I’m not. At first I did think it seemed very out of character, given that she literally went to hell for him last season, but thinking about it… Emma’s reaction makes sense to me, for a few reasons. It’s her initial, and emotional, reaction and it seems very “you don’t want me? Fine! I don’t want you!” to me. (We also don’t know the whole context, whether she’s assuming he’s gone or whether she’s been told in some way, etc.)

Emma is in a situation here where she is not in control. Killian left. She can’t bring him back, she can’t do anything, the ball is in his court - partly because she put it there. She’s left with a “maybe”, and Emma Swan is not good with “maybes”. She needs control, and she doesn’t have any right now. The only thing she can do is try to close the chapter herself, by putting his things away and basically saying “screw you, I am making this decision for myself”.

It’s an emotional reaction and I think it’s one she’ll probably reconsider, maybe even feel bad about later, and they’ll sort things out in the end anyway. But it doesn’t feel that out of character for me. It’s not about Killian, it’s about Emma.

Should she know that he’d never leave her? Maybe. Then again… why? Emma knows her pirate and his tendency to angst, she knows that he would totally leave if he thought it was for the best. And lest we forget, he was fully intending to leave. If not for Snow’s sudden inadvertent interference, he would have. So Emma isn’t very far off in her assessment of him there. She was almost right. And as long as that’s the case, she couldn’t trust him not to leave, because given the right circumstances and his stubborn notions of honour and self-sacrifice, he would leave. I can’t really blame her for that (especially since unlike me she’s neither seen any of his Emma-less scenes, nor can she know, whether because of narrative logic or filming spoilers, that of course he’s coming back).

The other thing is, last season, she made him stay against his will, turned him into the Dark One over it. It didn’t go well. He was furious, and rightly so. She’s learned that lesson.

This is the first time Killian has voluntarily (she thinks) left. It’s the first time Emma has dealt with a situation like this. And instead of falling apart, broken-hearted, she’s being proactive - not in a constructive way, but still. And honestly, I think this is healthier than “must get him to stay no matter the cost”. It’s Emma saying, and realising, that she doesn’t need Killian. She wants him, she chose him… but she doesn’t need him. It hurts, but she can handle it. That’s good. For both of them.

So now, when he comes back, their relationship will take another step forward. They’re learning to trust each other on a new level here. Killian has already realised that he can trust Emma with anything, that she’s not better off without him. That’s new. So when he comes back and they work this out, Emma will realise and know, from now on, that he won’t leave her voluntarily out of some misguided ideas of honour or whatever. But up until this, neither of them knew those things, because they hadn’t come up.

Their relationship is still a work in progress and they are both still learning and growing as people. They don’t always react perfectly or sensibly and they don’t always know what we know. But they’re working on it and they’re getting ever closer to a point where they’re together because they choose to be, with love and trust and honesty, and none of the insecurities and co-dependency and fears and needs that have plagued them in the past.

Little Sour Hearts

this would be the Holster/Esther Shapiro 6k Valentine’s Fic literally no one asked for. enjoy <3

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Freshman Year

Holster doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s some Hallmark Holiday based on a Christian saint of some sort, and it’s an excuse to be sickeningly sweet with someone you love, and a good day to have just dumped your significant other the night before so you can go to the single’s bars and get wasted. For Holster, it’s always been a day to gorge on chocolate. It always was in Juniors and he doesn’t see any reason to change now that he’s in college.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, bro?” Ransom asks, buttoning one of his nice shirts and holding up a couple different ties to judge their relative colour.

“Being bitter,” Holster says. “What are you doing?”

“Girl from my bio class,” Ransom replies.

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anonymous asked:

The idea of Jon and Dany having a kid aren't Jonerys wishful thinking- it was in the leaked season 8 scripts that Dany is pregnant. Also from the pointed directions in the S7 scripts to have Dany come back to her ability to have kids and talk about it with both Jon and Tyrion. Also the director of the episode said that GRRM told him the entire point of the story was Jon/Dany and that he was trying to convey to the audience that them having sex was "inevitable."

I guess my post really struck a nerve because anytime a nonny gives me disproven S8 leaks as a rebuttal, they are engaging in wishful thinking as well. Especially when they involve pregnancy plots: I mean, don’t start picking out the colors for the baby’s room just because Reddit says that Dany is expecting (ppssstt: Dany you should really wait to announce until after the miscarriage window).

Anyway, I assume you are citing this interview with Taylor. Did you happen to read what he said at the end of it? 

Interviewer: So we’re just hoping everybody’s cool with the incest thing?Taylor: Oh, you know, it’s worked for Cersei and Jaime. [Laughs.] Nothing went wrong there

Ouch…not good foreshadowing for the good ship J0nerys. Especially in light of where Jaime and Cersei are now.

Moreover, he doesn’t say that them having sex was inevitable. You are paraphrasing incorrectly. If you were my student I would mark 20 points off your Tumblr paper. 

Let’s break down his interview:

  • On a romance, he says “it’s hard to see that not happening” - He sounds like one of us, speculating about the future of this ship. Hard to see? Why not just say “Yes they are in love and I was happy to direct the scene where they consummated that love.” 
  • Next, on that “GRRM thing everyone cites,” he said that GRRM said (sentence construction is a RED FLAG for second hand knowledge) that in a visit 7 years ago that “it” is all about Dany and Jon. Human recall error is one issue I see with this evidence. Another is that it is recounted by a director who doesn’t really understand the story (see next bullet below). Oh and before we get too lost in his ramblings, how does this prove anything about a Targ baby again? We know the story is about Dany and Jon. Did GRRM say “it’s about Dany and Jon and their incestuous Targaryen love child”? No he’s just like - I WROTE CHARACTERS, THEY WILL MEET.
  • Then Taylor says he was surprised because he thought Robb would be the next king - WELL ALAN YOU ARE UNDERMINING YOUR OWN VERACITY AS A SOURCE TO MAKE STORY PREDICTIONS BECAUSE THAT IS FUCKING STUPID
  • “And that it was clear to him that the whole story was coming down to this partnership” - no one is discounting that, and how does this relate back to Targ baby again? A story coming down to a partnership could be about ANYTHING. Also a partnership is something that lawyers engage in, not people who are passionately in love.
  • And then he says it was a great job by Emelia but he says nothing about Kit. He says it was nice to see her “feeling it into it and drawing back from it” - wow, “it.”: That’s an interesting way to describe this “partnership.” Why didn’t he use a pronouns like “him” and “her” like a regular person if this was such a deeply felt romance. 
  • Finally we should consider that directors of their episodes cannot be trusted as objective sources on the future of the show or books, let alone Taylor’s credibility on the subject of a romance or a Targ baby. He’s not going to admit that their love scene was unconvincing or part of a larger plot by Jon, b/c…major spoiler if that’s the case. 

Instead of paraphrasing some director who happens to have the honorable distinction of directing the most nonsensical season finale in the show’s history (not just my opinion it is universally panned) would you like to actually engage with what is happening in the narrative? 

I’m looking at this “couple” as a story arc and I see how an author would write them in a way that would be too good to pass up. The dramatic “twist” so to speak. The metaphorical KNIFE in the character’s (and readers) gut. Let’s examine that knife for Dany and Jon. Remember: sharp knives are best for this exercise since they are, after all, used effectively by GRRM who has said he likes to do terrible things to his characters and even has his characters realize this in the story. (In AFFC, Sam comes to the conclusion that there are no happy endings after he realizes that Jon manipulated Gilly).

So, I am assuming the worst here. NO. HAPPY. ENDINGS. I am a Jonsa shipper who is prepared for Sansa to be Jon’s Nissa Nissa. Got that?

Jon’s knife if baby is coming: Jon, who always wants a child–but not a bastard child–fathers a bastard child. But wait–he’s a king twice over. Couldn’t he could just legitimize him/her lickety split? And would he grow to hate this child? No, he would love it just as he was loved by Ned. Uhh…this knife looks like a butter knife now. Targ baby gives him a way out of his dilemma. Speaking of, will this baby be raised by two monarchs who are a happy couple? Or will it be dropped off at the doorstep of another couple after Jon and Dany are dead, absolving them of any responsibility? Okay, this knife has all the sharpness of a feather. I can’t even poke the characters with it.

Jon’s knife without baby: Now, what about the realization that he wooed this woman to hold his alliance together only to find it all falling apart because he didn’t know he was fucking his aunt. Ouch. That’s really fucking sharp. Jon would realize that the work he’s done all season was for nothing–in fact he may have actively been working against himself by having sex with her. He ruined any chance he had to keep the alliance platonic and civil. Now its messy and gives Dany cause to act even MORE reckless and impulsive when she finds out who he is. Now he has two enemies to contend with: dragons and ice zombies. I wrote about the dramatic impact of this realization here for Jon. In my view, Jon doesn’t need to also have a baby with her to feel extra horrified about sexing it up with his aunt. And, if he’s manipulating her that’s just the extra twist the blade needs to painfully wound our character. He did it to himself with imperfect knowledge. “If only I had known…” 

#regrets #Jon has them #wouldnt really regret having a kid though

Dany’s knife with baby: Dany wants a future. She wants children who can not only further her empire (and make her war less pointless) but also to find love with a family. And her being pregnant means - SURPRISE! She gets an heir. Yet, dying in childbirth (this…again?) is the most boring knife twist in the world. Sure, there is hope we’ll see a darling little snow haired baby with brown eyes stumbling around the dragon pit. Which side of the coin will it land on though? Yes, this could be a twist, but we’ll never have time to see in the story.

Dany’s knife without baby: Hey! You already have a family and a future! It’s right there! But you will make the disastrous choice to destroy it. A baby robs her story of this situational irony. It also robs Jon of being the super special Targaryen heir who is always being set up to make a choice between duty and love (this dilemma is the REAL “point” of the story). Also consider the Littlefinger angle: the “worst possible reason” for why he’s having sex with her. For me, it’s that he’s giving Dany false hope that she can procreate and have a future with him so that he can more easily sway/advise her. Damn Jon that’s ice cold. That knife you’re stabbing Dany with is almost as sharp as your own. So, while Jon risked Dany’s chances for a family because he got “too involved,” Dany orchestrates her own downfall because she will choose to react to his claim in a way that ruins her own future.

#regrets #Dany has them #wouldnt regret having a kid though

Many people refuse to believe a woman when she says she’s infertile. The finality of it disturbs them so they try to come up with creative alternatives like: “she’s not really infertile.” (did you see my eyes rotate 360 degrees around my sockets?) That is a bias on the audience’s part. Audiences need to work through this, especially on Game of Thrones when there isn’t a happy ending for shippers.

What people really need to analyze is the characters’ arcs and the way tragedies are set up. Cersei and Jaime are set up for tragedy. So are Dany and Jon. Here’s a homework assignment: read MacBeth and get back to me on this Targ baby thing.

TL;DR The HOPE for a baby serves a purpose to the narrative. An actual baby does not.

@incandescentlysilver said:

I’m so glad you wrote that defense of evgenia because the hate she gets has been insane and makes me very uncomfortable. I’ll admit I didn’t like her very much at first, but her skating’s really grown on me, so now whenever I see unnecessary evgenia hate, I’m indignant on her behalf, and I make gifs of her to spite the haters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t get them: don’t like the skater, blacklist/don’t enter the tag. It’s not that hard, esp since a constructive discussion clearly isn’t gonna happen.

oh and I wanted to add that I like your evgenia edits and I know she doesn’t really have a consistent Tumblr “fanbase” and I appreciate you taking up the mantle (unofficially)??? your blog’s been so great: I came for yuzu and I stayed for your sincere appreciation of skaters. Keep fighting the good fight my pal! 🤙🤙

Thank you! And I am so glad I’m not the only weird one who likes to make gifs as a way to annoy anti fans and haters. I do love to be contradictory, me. So, sure, bring it on, I will gif at least one performance from every competition Janny does this season. Her programs are, blessedly, quite easy to gif, as they’re full of transitions and jumps done properly out of steps, unlike some other sad crossover-filled stuffs we see on the circuit these days. As you so rightly pointed out, anyone who doesn’t want to see her can easily blacklist the tag, no big deal.

P.S. I love your Janny edits too!

Anonymous said:

Whoa. I came on your blog (which has recently very quickly become one of my favs btw) and was like, what’s with the sudden onslaught of Evgenia hate!? O.o Then I finished reading the post and I gotta congratulate you on that mic drop. Whether one likes her skating or not, she deserves the highest respect because she works incredibly hard (as Eteri pointed out in a new interview - nobody works harder than her apparently) and as a result she’s pushing boundaries. People just gotta deal with it.

Thank you, I am very glad you like my blog and I apologize for the sudden drama - it was partially my fault to begin with, I was practically begging for it, as you can see :)) Yes, I totally agree with you, whether or not to like a skater is up to each’s personal taste, and freedom of speech means anyone can criticize any skater they dislike, but it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mean that we have to put up with blatant disrespect and unreasonable hatred.

Anonymous said:

I just read your post on Evgenia and to anon who asks why everyone hates her and not Yuzuru … lbr, there’s also some sexism and jealousy involved. Evgenia is a pretty girl and a super consistent skater who seems to get along with pretty much everyone - that also includes Yuzuru. And *many* of her haters are also hardcore Yuzuru stans so .. you do the math :) and to you: keep up the good work, your posts are always a joy to read, especially for those of us who aren’t so technique-savvy! ♥   

Anonymous said:

Conspiracy theory: People are hating on Evgenia cause she’s so consistent (but seriously though, what’s her secret???), she’s breaking all those records set by Yuna and Mao (okay I’m a bit bitter about this), and she’s Yuzuru’s friend?!? (as in she tends to be around him a lot when they meet) 😱😱😱

I’ve vented my thought on the pointless practice of comparing Janny against Yuna/Mao here so I won’t do it again. As for the other points, on sexism and jealousy, yes, I have to admit, those are things (1) I am aware of but (2) I hate and (3) I try to deny because I don’t want to even begin to think that people can be so small-minded and ignorant. 

On the first point, let’s just say I truly believe if Janny had been a guy, or if the demographic of the skating fandom had been more gender-neutral, she wouldn’t have received nearly a quarter of the criticism and animosity she’s getting now.

On the second point, about people hating Janny because she gets along well with Yuzu, let us for one moment try to be rational about it. It’s no secret that Yuzu is a skater Janny admires. I don’t see how, in any universe, there can be anything remotely wrong with her trying to be friendly with him or talking to him or giving him presents, especially when Yuzu himself doesn’t seem to be the tiniest bit bothered by it. Also, it’s Yuzuru Hanyu, people, aside from Extra, Sunny Disposition is his other middle name. Have you seen him at galas or some such? He gets along well with literally everybody and he enjoys it. If you by default develop a sense of hostility for anyone who manages to be the target of Yuzu’s affection, that’d mean almost any human or animal who has ever been within a 1-meter radius around him. If by chance Yuzu has ever shown to be a tiny little bit nicer to Janny, isn’t it also quite understandable? She’s a good skater and I bet Yuzu does know good skating when he sees it, bless his taste. She seems such a sweet girl off ice and of freaking course she’s so damn pretty. Why on this good face of Earth would a 22-year-old healthy non-psychotic dude be anything less than perfectly happy about getting the attention of such a lady?

But, oh well, as said, that’s what you’d see if you’re being rational. What you’d see if you are not, I don’t know and I really don’t want to know.

Here’s Janny and Yuzu hugging because why ever the hell not?

(and I’d like to point out the very important technical detail of the Yuzuru Hanyu initiating the hug in the first place)

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Many critical blogs often mention SU's unsatisfactory and inadequate representation in comparison to how the show is presented as being super progressive and having good representation. I would like to know then, how should representation be properly done? I'm not trying to attack any opinions or start an argument, I am just interested in this because I'm currently writing a story and I want to do proper representation in my story without messing it up and overhyping it like in SU's case.

First off I’ll start by saying I’m white, able-bodied, and not trans (I’m possibly genderqueer but I wouldn’t id myself as trans) so I’m not the Expert in all representation for all groups ever, BUT

I think SU’s problem comes from quantity over quality. They have all these different characters so they can point and say ‘hey look at all this representation’ but then the characters themselves are just a bit shit. I’ll try and break it down into groups


  • Pearl - Predatory/jealous lesbian trope who is pretty abusive and gets away with everything she does ever
  • Ruby and Sapphire - Fairytale relationship where they fell in love immidiately. They’re the best out of all the LGBT rep in SU imo but still not great
  • Mystery Girl - Used as a prop so that Pearl could get her number and the show could be all ‘LOOK HOW GAY WE ARE’
  • Mr Smiley - Nothing in canon to state he’s gay, only been confirmed from outside sources, and therefore they may aswell have just not said anything becuase it doesn’t make a difference
  • Amethyst - Only stated that she’s experiemented with gender from an outside source (Guide To The Crystal Gems). After coming to terms with herself and becoming more self-confident she seems to have dropped her “male” alter-ego Purple Puma entirely.
  • Stevonnie - Debatably over sexualised fusion of two children. Only NB becuase they’re a fusion of a boy and girl. There are no NB humans at all other than them
  • Smoky Quartz - Hates themselves. That’s it. That’s their whole character.

Characters of colour:

  • Connie - At this point she pretty much exists for fusion fodder and to team up with Steven. She has no friends other than Steven, she’s stuck in the ‘Asian kid with super strict parents’ stereotype, and she’s been oh so helpless until Steven comes along.
  • Lars - All we knew up until season 5 was that he was “not white” and that was it. They never explored his culture or heritage at all, and the only reason we know his race is becuase he made a cake. If you don’t know where an Ube Roll comes from, you’re still not gonna know what his race is.
  • Connie’s Parents - Same as Lars
  • Kofi Pizza - Angry black man stereotype
  • Garnet - ‘Wise black lady’ trope. She has no character any more, they’ve devolved her into a dumbass cardboard cutout of what she used to be, and she only ever talks about fusion now
  • Amethyst - portrayed as a slob at all times in contrast with the thin white woman who hates food, PLUS the racist drawing from the artbook
  • Concrete - Not canon but like COME ON
  • Bismuth - We all know this story. Revolutionary black woman who gets shunned and hated for wanting to take revenge on her oppressers. Locked away by some dumbass white kid who has no clue what he’s talking about.
  • EDIT: I forgot the Rubies: Always portrayed as stupid and incompetent. Get treated like shit for no reason at all (IE: Lapis dropping Navy on the floor, them being left in space to die, etc)

I was gonna include more groups but honestly there’s not enough to talk about with things like disabilities and gender. All I can say is that Connie’s eyesight was ‘healed’, and that a race made up entirel of women somehow can never get stuff done without the intervention of Steven The Magical Boy.

While the show has a lot of characters that people can point at and say ‘look, representation’, the show in actuality doesn’t know what its doing with them. It cares more about quantity over quality.

How do I think it should be done? My way of doing it is that I write the character as a character first and foremost before assigning anything to them. For example, if you wanna write a lesbian character. Then you write a lesbian CHARACTER not a LESBIAN character. Just write every character as a genuine person, avoid any negative stereotypes (you can always google things if you’re not sure), and if you’re super not sure then ask people for constructive criticism. I know I’m not perfect with this stuff, and I’ve had people give me constructive criticism on my characters, which has allowed me to make them better.

Another common piece of advice is to not make the characters traits a BIG DEAL, but that really depends on the story youre writing. For example, I’m writing a fantasy story, so I dont make the characters sexalities, disabilities, gender, race, etc a BIG DEAL because that’s not what the story is about; it just has these things included. But if you wanted to write a story like In A Heartbeat for example, then yes, focussing on the characters’ sexualities and making them a big deal will work well for that.

Basically just make sure that your character is an actual cahracter and not just “EVERYONE LOOK, ITS THE GAY ONE” and all they are is just GAY and nothing else. Don’t make them exist just so you can say you’ve got representation.

I probably rambled a lot, sorry, I’m terrible at writing out stuff like this but yeah. Just remember quality > quantity, avoid stereotypes, accept criticism, and write the characters as people and you’ll be fine.

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You probably getting tons of messages. But when you have time can you speak about Clarke giving Roan the Flame? I mean she stood there thinking about it; Eliza acted that scene out so well! Even while she was offering it you can see she really didn't want to. Then the tear & the face of realizing what she just gave up. The "I loved her mom" Got me in the feels; but her giving him the Flame was just another a "god Clarke. why do yo suffer so much" moment for me.

honestly, i was touched by both scenes simply because clarke and lexa’s relationship was actually in the foreground in both interactions, which is something i felt was needed, because if the writers want clarke to move on they need to give her the moments in which she can face her own emotions and share them with someone else - thank you abby. damn if the scene with roan didn’t hurt me more though. everything clarke and lexa have been through in s3 was re-called in that moment and you felt their history in every single corner.

there is a great personal alchemy at play during the entire scene, because clarke’s goals, hopes, memories and priorities are also greatly tied to what she wanted to achieve with lexa, but ultimately couldn’t. the way she shares her experiences/knowledge helps her with her otherwise sentimental state and overall pain, because it is (as eliza said) not destructive, but constructive.

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Two Liars in an Impala: Deconstructing The Brologue from 11x23

I know there must be meta about this particular exchange up the tumblr wazoo, but not on this particular wazoo blog and not written by me and - honestly - I need to get these impressions out of my head or my poor melon is set to explode. And soon. Thusly, I ask you, please, to bear with me and I thank you most sincerely. And here goes.

Let’s begin straight off with a transcript of the dialogue in question, taking place between Dean and Cas in the Impala as they go for a beer run after they’ve had their last confrontation with Amara in 11x22. That confrontation resulted in Amara exorcising Lucifer from Cas’ body before she, you know, mortally wounded God. Anyway, overarching plot aside, this is all about the Destiel subplot and how it’s been built into a crescendo with every single season. They came so close here and it’s pretty damn glorious to read how cleverly simplistic they are about it. It’s also painful and rather heartbreaking to read between the lines and see how fucking in love these two guys are with each other and neither believes the other feels the same. But more of that in a moment.

Here’s the exchange:

Dean: How you doin’? You good? I mean, you know, the whole Lucifer thing.
Cas: That was just so stupid.
Dean: No, no, no, it wasn’t stupid. You were right. You were right to let Lucifer ride shotgun. Me and Sam wouldn’t ‘ve done that.
Cas: Well, it didn’t work.
Dean: No, but it was our best shot. And you stepped up.
Cas: I was just trying to help.
Dean: Yeah, and you do help, Cas, you know, I… Sometimes, me and Sam, we’ve got so much going on that we forget about everyone else.
Cas: Well, you do live exciting lives.
Dean: Yeah, that’s one word for it. …But you’re always there, you know. You’re the best friend we’ve ever had. You’re our brother, Cas, and I want you to know that.
Cas: Thank you.

If you surface-read this quickly it’s very basic dialogue between two friends, one reassuring the other that his choice was a good choice, that he does help and that he’s appreciated for it. If this was the only scene you ever watched with these two characters, perhaps this is all you’d take from it. You wouldn’t notice that first glance of affection from Dean before he even starts speaking, and you wouldn’t notice the quiet devastation on Cas’ face at being called a “brother”. You wouldn’t feel the pauses Dean takes and you wouldn’t think there’s any more to Cas’ rather short, but at-first-glance earnest, statements. Truth is, I don’t think I could even blame you for not noticing, because you’re not aware of their backstory, you don’t know what those looks and pauses actually signal or where they have their root. So, let’s go root-digging, shall we?

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